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my simmons x daisy fic

hey, I wrote an agents of shield bioquake fic, you can read it here if you want

ha ha ha ha you think they’re at least redeeming themselves with the last week being tied up and having a nice goodbye plot that revolves around Sana asking people to her party and being great but it’s actually just random things popping out of nowhere and yet more new subplots that have nothing to do with Sana?
did anyone hold Julie at gunpoint and obligated her to write a Sana season? it makes no sense???? if she wanted to tell Noora’s or Vilde’s or Eva’s and Jonas’ story she should’ve just done so…? in the proper way?

You And I - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 967
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: swearing, fighting
Requested by @lclb52
A/n: This is a song fic based off of the song You And I by PVRIS. It’s a great song and if you’d like to check it out, click here! (If a song fic is requested, know that the end up taking a bit longer especially if I haven’t heard the song because I want to understand it before writing about it :) ) AND, omg, i hit 400 followers! Wow…


“Bucky, hand me the remote.” You complained.

“No. I want to watch this.” He told you.

“You don’t even know what this is. Hand me the remote so I can change the channel to the news.” You started to get irritated.

“I’d rather watch this.” He didn’t take his attention away from the TV.

“Bucky, I’m going to slap you.” You said.

“Whatever.” He shrugged.

A few months being broken up with Bucky, you would have thought that things would be okay. You guys ended on mutual feelings and thought the awkwardness would eventually go away- but no. All it was, was bickering, twenty-four-seven.

You tried to be nice to Bucky, but it didn’t seem to be working.

Day in and day out, bickering back in forth between you two.

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the first morning together after he was away for a while (no smut just fluff pls)

You would have thought abou this exact moment since the morning he walked out the door to go touring
And now it was finally here, the love of your life is laying here, right next to you and all of sudden everything felt right again, you haven’t been that relaxed in a very long time, but now you were and even his snores (that you would normally hate) let you relax, because it meant that he was finally home again
He had one of his arms sprawled over your tummy and his legs interwined with yours
You were laying pretty much chest to chest next to him and since he was still sleeping you had a few minutes to really realise that you had him back again

“Stop staring at me, you weirdo” he suddenly mumbled, pulling you out of your thoughts
“I wasn’t staring, I just can’t really believe that you are here again with me” you whispered into his chest pulling him even closer to you
“Believe it or not but I’m here again and I really missed you” he said with his raspy morning voice after giving you several kisses on your forehead
“Should I get up and make us some breakfast, pancakes or something?” you asked even though you could sense that he was already half asleep again
“No, I’m not hungry yet, Let’s just cuddle for a few more. I didn’t get to do that for the last weeks” he now laid his hand on your neck to give you a light peck on your nose
“Didn’t want Niall to cuddle with you” you jokingly said
He let out a light laugh under his breath opening one eye and looking down on you
“He didn’t smell as good as you though”, now it was your time to giggle because of what he said
“You smell good too, if we let out that morning breath of yours” you were just trying to tease him now so he wouldn’t fall asleep again
“hey shush yours is worse than mine!”
Despite you two teasing each other about things like that you still loved those slow and intimate morning kisses, your favourites, especially when you had to wait for them so long

Hartbig and the ghost.

I have no idea guys.. SFW and for feels, roughly 600 words of pure (pretty awful) fiction. Let’s be real, they know eachother’s eye colour from these fics.. Loosely based on the last few seconds of the girlfriend tag video.

‘I swear Hannah if it opens again I’m gone..’ Grace muttered, sitting down infont of the camera once again.

‘I can’t stop it! I genuinely think this house might genuinely be haunted..’ Hannah frowned, taking a sip of her drink and sitting next to Grace.

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