just those fancy pants

Inspired by this prompt, since it is actually a headcanon of mine that Bucky prefers tea over coffee, :)


It was one of the first things he’d remembered. It was a tiny, almost insignificant memory, but Steve reassured him that any memory recovered, no matter how small, was a step in the right direction. It had happened during one of the first nights after he’d stopped running. The exhaustion, hunger and overall pain had become excruciatingly overwhelming and he’d turn to the only thing that still remained and made sense: Steve. He’d passed out at his door and was out cold for days. When he’d finally woken up he had been so disoriented and confused that it had taken Steve and Sam several minutes to calm him down and get him to stop struggling. Once he had managed to, a deep chill set over him and he began to violently shiver… the cold that had plagued him for decades, even out of the damn cryo tank just wouldn’t go away.

“Want me to get you some coffee, kid?” Sam offered as he set up a space heater next to him and Steve placed blanket number six over his shoulders. Before he could answer, something clicked. Coffee. He didn’t care much for it; he could almost say he didn’t like it. He had grudgingly swallowed Dugan’s no-better-than-dirt-water excuse for coffee back in the day because hell, it was something hot, but even on a good day, he really didn’t like coffee at all. He’d always preferred tea.

“Could I have some tea instead?” He managed to whisper between shivers. He looked up between a serious case of messy bed hair only to catch Steve’s surprised stare. He immediately shrunk down like a scolded child thinking he’d overstepped his boundaries.Only pain could come from such a stupid, careless mistake. “I’m sorry… I… I mean… if you don’t want…” He was shaking so violently now Steve began to worry he’d snap a bone in half or something.

“No, no, easy there Buck. There is nothing to be sorry about!” Steve tried calmly as he placed the hood of one of his oversized sweaters over Bucky’s head. In between his cold-addled and confused mind Bucky managed to detect a hint of… emotion? in Steve’s voice and were those tears welling up in his eyes? What was going on? “I’d be more than happy to get you some tea… it’s just that…I used to make fun of you for that… for liking tea, I mean. I used to always joke that you just wanted to be like one of those…”

“Fancy pants English men overseas….” They both finished.

Bucky’s breath caught. He’d remembered that! He actually remembered that! His surprise quickly turned to almost bashful contentment at that small victory. Steve couldn’t help but smile proudly. Maybe just maybe, he’d actually be able to get his friend, his brotherback from the winter.

“We’ll get you some tea, Buck, just how you used to like it.”