just this one orz

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I have this Wacom bamboo tablet that I don’t use anymore it comes with the pen and everything. I’m not sure my mum would let me send it to ya though :(

Q__Q aww thats so thoughtful!! i was planning on returning my friend’s tablet back to them after i got my hands on a display tablet, but at this point i should just buy them a new one….. “orz


My first attempt at trying to draw an actual background/room/thing that has furniture inside.

psssst dirty laundry



I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…



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do you know why yuuri wears his face mask everywhere he goes?? i know japanese people wear them a lot when they're sick and they go out but yuuri seems to wear it an awful lot. do you think he has like the worlds longest perpetual cold or something

It is definitely a cultural thing. Japanese people (and if what I’ve seen in pop culture is any indication, quite a few other Asian countries as well) LOVE face masks and wear them ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. I didn’t even notice Yuuri was wearing one bc it seemed so natural to me ^ ^;


Waiter Jumin here to serve you, in all ways possible. 

 Jumin needed to know what hamburgers, fried chicken and donuts were, and what was that commoners thing called ‘Fast Food’.

 Instead, here is Fancy Food, delicacies created by the finest chefs with the best ingredients, desguised as junk food, for the most delicate palates that want to eat like commoners…Except it’s not fast at all it takes a good hour to make these..also it’s expensive as hell… But it’s cat themed !!!

It’s one of those things again that started as something very simple and ended up out of my control, I swear. Context : I got invited once by my friend @achloe98, the spammer, and her sibling made us hamburgers for lunch, also she is big fan of Jumin. So I told @achloe98 ‘Oh..OH she made HANburgers ??’

Hahahahahaha she wanted to throw me out the window I’M USED TO IT !

@achloe98 here’s her gift ! …Now give me that Hanburger recipe.