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I’m busy for a few weeks, and I miss a whole hurricane of dir en grey drama over motherfucking eyebrows. It’s like everyone got on a time machine and went back to 2008 and now I feel incredibly left out @_____@


So the trailer is here.  I truly am hoping they can do a better movie than what we got before but if I am honest this is not really how I wanted the FIRST Justice League movie on screen to assemble. The guy in blue should have been in that line up from the start. He was always a founding member. Them killing him prematurely and unnecessarily so Batman could have development still rankles. The Justice League is about every member and their development within the team. Not one man’s redemption. The idea Superman might just , if he is lucky, be in the last  10-20 minutes of a lengthy movie where the League would have bonded feels sad. Part of the fun of the League is seeing these characters interact and create their dynamics within the team as the movie progresses. Be it they get on or piss each other off. The stranger, out  in the cold, coming in the end is Superman. That just feels so bizarre. I mean what development can he really have? He’s usually the glue of the League. Snyder singing his praises but not allowing Superman to truly earn his place by giving him sparse development is kinda poor treatment of the character. 

 I guess we shall see will it really be Justice League or Batman and his Justice League because no matter how good a trailer looks, it is the movie itself that matters. 

am i the only one who loves the kh characters for how they are more than how they look. like for real. i like gino, a character who most people dislike, because he’s funny to watch and i think it’s great when he was haply for those lil slivers of time. pent is a character i love mainly because of how he acts. he’s just a stressed man who grieves for the loss of a loved one. hes not someone who is rude to everyone he meets. he is just someone who needs the love of shelby for him to be truly happy.


Song for Cleomenes 

Seventy-three years before the advent of the Christian era
As Rome was taking over any land within reach
Setting up proxy governmnents in the conquered lands
There lived one such man given just such a job
Gaius Verres, go

A praetor held a position which operated on trust
He was to govern in the stead of the emperor himself
It was an easy, easy privilege to abuse
And Verres did so

He was the governor of Agrigentum, which we now know as Sicily
And he stole everything that wasn’t nailed down
Took improper advantage of other men’s wives
The list goes on, trust me
Cicero wrote it all down

At Syracuse, Verres welcomed a band of pirates
They all drank and danced and sang on the shore
And when the husband of one of Verres’s paramours came
Bringing a fleet of boats with him
Verres, clever if diabolical, gave him a job
And enlisted the pirates to burn the whole fleet down

The boats burned in the Sicilian harbor
The flames rose hundreds of feet into the air
We stood on the shore, watching them burn
we stood on the shore, we heard the old songs

from Beautiful Rat Sunset (1994)

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jungkook has been so cute lately. i've been feeling so soft for him. he's such an angel and the cutest little baby and wow i just love him and love that's he's been so happy lately. (also that picture with him and the halo on and the staff member. his shy smile is the cutest thing to ever bless this earth) (anD HIM WITH THE FLAG,,saved america)


he’s so cute :((( he put the huskie plushie in his pocket :((((
and he just kept holding onto the iron man one and the smile on his face when he had it giVE HIM ALL THE PLUSHIES

jeon jeongguk: cutest person on this universe™

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((fun fact, one of my sonas is a tiny sentient silver mug. not like mug man, just a mug with legs a face and ONE arm. I can send u her ref if ya like! And her name is muggy!))

//HECKING YES fancharacters and sonas and fandomless ocs and characters and aaaa,, i love you guys’ creations i cant,, aaa,, feel free to send it here or pm me about it,, they sound like a precious bean,,

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What's your favorite thing about Nack?

Oh man I have to pick just one thing?????

I have to say it’s how… goofy he is. 

I know some folks like to portray him a bit more seriously but like… even in his debut game, he was a doofus.

He’s not stupid - he just makes dumb choices because his ego gets the better of him. As he himself pointed out in the comics, he’s caught Sonic at least twice, by himself. He kidnapped Sally (and got his nuts cronched but still). Post-reboot, he had a clear shot at both Sonic and Knuckles and very likely would have gotten the job done if Metal Sonic hadn’t appeared. 

He’s clever, but he’s also a very fun character to watch because even when he’s being the universe’s chew toy, he’s still a very real threat to Sonic and the others. 

Like, he’s just a really fun character. And I love how different people will balance his personality differently - some writers like to write him a bit more seriously, while others exaggerate the goofiness. It’s all good.

I mean, I also could go on about how I love how “>:D” he gets when things are going his way and his odd temper, his ego, or his relationship with the rest of Team Hooligan.

… Can I just answer this by saying everything? My favorite thing about Nack the weasel is everything.


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything