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Long Way Home.

Spencer Reid x Reader

“Take the long way around.” (requested)

In which Spencer wants to spend some more time with you but doesn’t know how to ask you out on a proper date, so he uses being in the same car as you for a long amount of time to his advantage and just enjoys being in your presence for a while.

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It was a simple, kind gesture, just you being your normal self but as per usual Spencer was overthinking it.

You had offered to drive him home since you didn’t need to get back to your place for a while, you had nothing else to do and there was no reason for him to take the metro when you were perfectly capable of driving him. 

So here the two of you were in your car. You had just hopped in and turned the key in the ignition, fiddling around with the radio and choosing a station you were content with before pulling out of your parking spot and beginning to drive in the general direction of Spencer’s apartment building. Spencer fidgeted in his seat as he looked at the passing buildings through the window, his pretty brown eyes reflecting everything he was taking in.

“Where do I turn?” you asked while at the light, you weren’t sure whether to turn right or left. 

A blush colored Spencer’s cheeks as he replied with a stutter, “Uh, go left, we’ll take the long way around.”

You turned to him with a small smile gracing your lips, then noticed that the light had turned green. You turned left as he’d said and decided to just drive wherever, the city streets weren’t very crowded since it was nearly midnight on a weekday.

“So, Spence,” You said, “what’s going on in your life, huh? Anything new?”

You hadn’t talked to him and had a good conversation in quite a while since you were both so immersed in work. Recently it seemed as though it was just case after case after case. Spencer smiled at your question and thought for a moment before replying.

“Well, I started a new book an hour ago and I’m almost done. It’s about a man who collects butterflies. He’s in his mid 20s and he becomes obsessed with this girl named Miranda who is an art student he wants to kidnap, so he buys a house in the countryside and readies a small basement room as an unescapable cell. He also buys a van so that he can snatch her while she’s walking along the streets of London and go unnoticed. The first-”

“Oh my god, The Collector? I read that!” you said excitedly, feeling very smart to have read the same book as a genius. Spencer blushed and smiled shyly, but still looked at you as you drove. “Yeah,” he mumbled fondly, “it easily holds your attention.”

“I agree,” you said, still smiling. You were sad upon realizing that you were just about at his apartment building, you were having fun spending time with him. You pulled up to the front of the place with a small frown.

Spencer took a deep breath, unbuckling his seatbelt and gathering his things. Just as his hand touched the door to open it, you stopped him by placing your hand on his arm.

“Spence, wait.” he turned to you curiously. You mustered up all of your courage and attempted to remain calm, “Why don’t we go get something to eat?”

It was 11:48 pm on a Wednesday night and Spencer was tired, but if it meant he could spend more time with you he’d do so in a heartbeat. “Yeah,” he muttered in reply, “I’d love that, actually.”


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I just love how hard Daryl is trying here. Richard pretty much towers over him, is clearly stronger, and is capable of overpowering Daryl… but Daryl is so fueled by his need to protect Carol, that he actually manages to pin Richard to the ground. Later, Richard does push him off, but Daryl, in that moment, was so powered by the fear of anyone trying to hurt Carol, that he actually managed to defeat someone who is stronger than he is. 

That is one-hundred percent because Carol and protecting Carol and preventing anyone from harming Carol were the only things on Daryl’s mind. It was completely because of Carol and because he loves Carol, that he was able to do this. 

That’s how much Carol means to him. 


Pairing: Thor x Reader.

Warnings: A lot of fluff.

Summary: Stars are your thing, and what a better companion than a man who lives up in space? Well, him and a group of not-so-sneaky avengers.

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“Do you need a sparring companion?” Thor startled you as he let the gym doors close with a loud thud. “Sorry, I should’ve announced myself.”

“Don’t worry,” you breathily smiled, “I was just finishing anyway, but thank you.” You held on to the punching bag and leaned your head onto it. “Uhh… what’s up?”

“I was just passing by and…” he suddenly became nervous and you saw how he scratched his head and forehead, “and I thought that… I could keep you company! But I see you’re… just about to leave, so uhh—I might—”

“You can walk me to my room?” You offered with a smile. “I mean, if you still wanna keep me company.”

“Yes!” He replied gleefully. “I’d love to do that!” He pointed the way out. “After you.” You bowed your head and led the way out of the training room.

You two barely spoke on the way there and god knows it was a long one. What you did do was sharing furtive looks and silly giggles as you walked together. You had some sort of notion about Thor’s feelings towards you; you were not a blind idiot, and the Asgardian wasn’t a quiet lover, so to speak.

You “accidentally” overheard a conversation he was having as he sparred with Captain; his movements were sloppy and Rogers almost had him against the ropes, but Natasha urged you to turn on the volume of the security cameras of the training room and that’s when the news hit you like a snowball right in the middle of the face. Thor was confessing Cap about his feelings for you, while the super-soldier only tried to kick his ass.

You too were very fond of him; he was a great sparing companion –though not the fairest one— and not to mention how much of a great team you were in battle. You had some sort of natural ability with all things related to the soil and ground, so moving boulders and creating great barriers of stone were a good way of keeping each other safe and having some sort of fun.

More than once, one of you got injured and there you were, cleaning each other wounds and just being a ball of fluff with each other. About five months went by from the accidental overhearing, and as much as everyone teased the two of you, no move was made. Until that day.

“So, did you have an enriching training?” He dared to ask. “You looked really good.”

“You mean all sweaty and shit?” You cocked an eyebrow.

“I thought you looked pretty—invincible.” He blushed. “Yes, pretty invincible.” You laughed nervously, not sure of what to do or say next, but luckily he was eager to erase from your mind that awful attempt of flirting. “Uhh… you know, I heard on the TV there was some huge star happening tonight.” You looked up at him, with a glimpse of a too obvious excitement in your eyes. “I believe you’re a bit interested.”

“Uh—yeah.” You tried to play it cool, and failed miserably at it. “I might be a bit interested… I mean, astronomy is my favorite topic and all that… and yeah—I was aware of the cosmic happening tonight.”

“I know a thing or two about stars so… may I keep you company tonight?”

“Like a mere companion or…?” Your voice faded in perfect timing, because Thor began to speak almost cutting you off.

“Would you prefer a date?” You were startled by the same man two times in just one day, and it was a bit obnoxious. “Or not?”

“A date would be just fine.” You nodded. “So, this is my room, I gotta get changed…” You said, still a bit reluctant to let go of him and his company. “So, this is my room… thank you for the company… I’ll see you tonight.” You bit your bottom lip and stepped on the tip of your toes to kiss his cheek.

“Did you do this all by yourself?” You asked, still a bit shocked by how neatly prepared the picnic was. There were sandwiches covered with paper towels and he had a bottle of wine and glasses for the two of you perfectly set. “Thor, this is gorgeous.” You looked at him and smiled widely. “Oh lord… uhh—I just don’t know what to say man,” you covered your mouth with your hand, “I love it, all of this.”

“I’m glad.” He smiled and invited you to sit down on a blanket.

He had made sure there was no storm that night, not even a bit of rain and no cloud up in the sky, and thanks to his great imagination, he headed to a hidden spot of the compound. Anyone would’ve thought he was trying to get in your pants, but actually the spot was great for stargazing. The cosmic ballet was about to go on.

You took out your camera and made the special arrangements to capture each little star in the night sky that you’d later post on social media. Thor looked at you with fascination, and as he smiled to himself he grew fonder of you. He already was, and he already loved you, but seeing you enjoy so much with such a little thing was what he liked the most about you.

“How did you guess that I liked to do this?” You asked, not even daring to face Thor. It was dark enough to hide the redness of your cheeks, but your voice gave you away. “I mean… I’m not good at telling.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, chuckling with you, “but I’ve seen you watch that TV show about the universe and the stars and all that, and remember I told you I saw on the news this event. It’s fascinating to see how you humans want to know so much but still get so little.”

“Dude, you’re fascinating.” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder and letting him cross his arm behind your back. It was cold, and you could use the warmth of his huge body. “Thank you, this has been a great night.”

“You deserve it, princess.” Thor squeezed you closer and placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are you cold?”

“Just a bit.” You shrugged. But he immediately took out a blanket from the basket and extended it over your back, you were a stargazing double burrito and you loved it. “Thanks.” You looked up and only saw a pair of eyes shining and getting smaller as he smiled.

Out of a sudden, you two hear something like a twig breaking, or more than one twig. Following that, indistinct murmuring and some heavy steps that turned into clear whining. The steps came closer only to reveal a pair of mischievous avengers that hid behind the bushes.

“Enjoying the lightshow, stargirl?” Tony teased. “It was about damn time you two snapped out of it and decided to go on a date together.”

“What?” You squealed. “What are you guys doing here? Get the hell out!”

“Stop pestering us with your childish nonsense.” Thor rolled his eyes. “(Y/N) and I were having the time of our lives before you two came in.”

“Yeah, no shit you were.” Clint teased. “You’re gonna make her see other kind of stars later on?”

“Barton!” You scolded him, thanking the night for being so dark that no one would see the furious blush on your cheeks. “That is none of your business!” You inhaled sharply, trying to keep yourself together. “You better get going, Odinson and I were on a date.”

Clint and Tony reluctantly left, slapping each other for their lack of spying abilities. Thor scratched the back of his head and stuttered for a while before he could finally say something.

“Thor, calm down.” You tried to sooth him down by placing your hands over his. Worked perfectly.

“Uhh… do you prefer lying down?” He sheepishly asked. “I mean, I’m not trying to take advantage of you, but I believe the warmth of the blanket would be better that way…”

“Only if I can rest my head on your chest…” You set the condition. He let out a breathy chuckle, feeling the relief that your words gave him and nodding.

He was the one to lay down on the cloth first, and then you snuggled over him, and then Thor placed the blanket over the two of you, paying special attention to your coverage. He crossed an arm behind your back and pulled you close enough to kiss the top of your head again. You tilted your head upwards and found his eyes looking at you with such love that you’d probably melt right there. It was now or never, and you were ready to give your all. You sneaked your way closer to his face and pressed your lips against his, regretting having taken so long to do that.

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I wonder if perhaps Colombia/Harry's team felt as if they didn't need to worry about the existing 1D fans, and thought their efforts would be better used focusing on bringing in new fans, and that the old ones would be there regardless. If so, they obviously underestimated, and just a cursory glance into the current fandom dynamic would have led them to that conclusion. Perhaps Jeff was too busy just existing to notice.

“Perhaps Jeff was too busy just existing to notice.”

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What is this meme thing? I haven't been on in a few days and I'm confused lol

lol I can understand where that would be confusing it’s pretty much all tumblr is rn…

basically a video resurfaced (here) and it basically just shows liz and daniella saying how much ariana sings and then victoria is like “i think we ALL sing” because she is very clearly bitter that victorious was supposed to be her breakout moment but ariana was destined to be a pop superstar and she is just pretty mediocre.

then, the memes came. examples here and here they’re insane and if you look up “ariana victoria” on twitter you will find hundreds more and they are my life line and everything I didn’t realize I needed but now I can’t imagine life without

then, I found another video and gif-ed it and I’m assuming that’s how you found my blog lol

p.s. also ariana liked one of matt’s tweets about it which means they’ve definitely seen the memes and I’m crying i wonder which one is her favorite


Moonlight Audio Commentary by Barry Jenkins: “Chiron doesn’t make many choices or he doesn’t make obvious choices. […] I wanted there to be a moment where the door is there or if he wanted to he could choose to decide “this is enough, I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel right.” And I feel like in my mind Kevin has gone back into that kitchen and he’s standing there and he wants to give him again, that space to make a choice. Depending the surround sound you have, the world starts to swirl a little bit and his ear gets closer to that door because he could choose to go or he could choose to stay. I feel like he chooses to stay.”