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In 5x16, Dean says that prayer is the last act of a desperate man and I just... Screw you Dabb.

SAM: “Last time I checked you wanted to break God’s nose, now you think he can help?”
DEAN: “He’s the only one who can. I mean, come on, Sam. We are royally boned. So prayer? The last hope of a desperate man.”

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Dabb & co definitely don’t refer to past canon to make a point, definitely, nu uh, never ever, especially not Dabb’s own episodes. Totally not a thing.

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I'm pretty sure the last letter was being sarcastic and implying your dancing has none of the grace one would expect of Celestia's student.

Seemed earnest enough to me. But now you have me wondering how many of my compliments are actually legitimate and not sarcastic. Am I being mocked and insulted on a regular basis but I just don’t know it? I think I should go do something else for a while, I suddenly don’t feel like reading letters.

Who else can just see Dany abandoning the fight against the Others to attack Kings Landing. She’s losing everyone. Varys has sided with Sansa. Tyrion sees her growth and wants to be by her side. Jon proclaiming he will not threaten The Starks claims to the North to marry Dany. Even her own child Rhagel has bonded with Jon. Cersei has retaken the South. The golden company now holds Drangstone. Everything seems to be closing in on her. She has no one. Expect for Drogon. Drogon, and a last desperate attempt for her to be Queen. By hell or high water, Daenerys Targayen will be queen. Even if it is queen of the ashes.

She runs out of the castle. Everyone is trying to talk her out of her. Jon, Tyrion, Missendi. But she won’t listen. They can’t understand. She’s sacrificed so much. She’s fought so hard. She was born for this!

She climbs onto Drogon is back. One last time. She looks back. Her love, her friends. “I’m sorry.” She whispers. Drogon takes into the air. One thing on her mind “burn them all”

The shadow of a dragon is cast upon the capital.

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I'm sorry, I know I'm being annoying but bare with me please. The GP assume who the songs are about when she ENCOURAGES THEM TO, remember she talked about writing songs about people in every interview, that's why the GP were like "she'll write a song about you" then she stopped doing that (because it backfired) so now the GP doesn't even pay atenttion to the lyrics, the only ones who do are her fans (Swifties, Kaylors, etc). I still respect your opinion though. I'm just tryng to find an answer.

Ok, but as someone who has mainly non-fan friends, even the people who don’t like her music talk about who it is about. I can absolutely assure you. They were all convinced that 1989 was about Harry, because he was essentially the last guy that was linked to her in the media prior to 1989. Taylor and her team know this. They know that the GP needs someone to link the album to. Whether or not they are swifties, people are interested in celebrities’ lives. She has always encouraged the public to guess, or know who her songs are about, so it’s become the status quo to “know” who her songs are about. She is pushing her current “relationship” on the public before the release so that Toe is fresh in their minds and they won’t have to even think about who it’s about because they will already “know” the happy songs are about him, and move on without questioning why she is singing happy songs about her last two “boyfriends” that she broke up with/got dumped by. 

I respect the Tiffany’s Sooyoungs and Seohyuns decisions on not re signin Contracts and focusing on what they really want to persuie but at the same time i felt like i have been hit very hard, it was such a tragedy for fans when Jessica left and now not one but 3 members left the group, this is the group that did so much for kpop and seeing it slowly falling apart just breaks my heart, i don’t even want to imagine what will happen to F(x) Or esp SHINee, the last remaining 2nd gen groups in the company, if one of them will disband or a member will leave, it will be very hard for me to stay in kpop, no matter how good the new gen groups are, i will never have that same connection with them as much as i did with the 2nd gen.

I told myself I would take an hour to myself this AM to try and get myself in a headspace for work. I had a cup of coffee but the hour was also spent doing chores.

Now it is up and I am just miserable. I have to get on my way but it is hard. I was made to feel guilty for missing a meeting last night to take kids somewhere, but that’s BS. I don’t need to work every evening, I have a family. The kids need to have lives outside of my job. A (well meaning? Maybe?) person also told me at work yesterday that I will likely never get married, no one would want to marry me. That was super helpful and supportive.

Then two couples got engaged on the tv shows I watched to unwind before bed, of course 🙄 which was kind of funny.

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I work in an ENT office and there is a little girl who is the most adorable chubster that I've ever seen. She's so cheerful and energetic and she loves her mom (who's pretty swell as well) and I got hit with Alex feels when I met her. Last time she came, I asked her a bunch of questions to which I only got "yep"'s bc she's shy and for the last one she just gave me a thumbs up with her tiny chubby hand and I died. This is my ghost raving about a chubster who I now envision as Alex

I love her I hope she’s okay 


This black hole is among you now,

Crossed the event horizon, barely made a sound.

Dipped a toe into the shallow pool,

Now you’re nothing but my beautiful fool.

He destroyed me inside out.

So I’m going to wreak havoc, and show you all what I could be about.

A pull so great, your light can’t escape.

Thinking it’s just innocent fun,

but oh, you wait.

Spiraling out in comet hail storm,

Beauty and emptiness is what I adorn.

Hand me my crown,

Prepare the throne.

I will be the one to throw the last stone.

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Im really confused about the anon stuff? What happened?

-One anon told me that she/he was 17 and was planning to kill her/himself last night, I didn’t reply because I saw it just this morning

-Some anons and other people told me that I was insensible, that I could have save her/him, that I had to try etc

-Now there’s a wonderful person that wrote me in chat to tell that I’m a bitch, a cunt, and that I should kill myself and other nice things

This so wild lol

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thank you for your amazing compliments on the heart meme last night! I re-read them just now and they most certainly made me feel a little better!

Gaiden: Lightning Sword

((From now on I’ll start to focus on a different type of story, a Gaiden, a short tale about Shintaro or his companions. There will still be some long chapters, but only sometimes))
((Soundtrack: Farewell ))

Last night I had a dream.

No, not a dream about Zantetsuken like the ones I used to have. I saw my father. I’ve never dreamed about my father. The times we spent together were so few and so focused on a training that I thought it was for naught. I never seen him as a parental figure. Just as a master, Kentaro of the Tenryuu Tradition of Bushido. Now I understand why he did that. Some memories buried are now unearthed and I can see that he loved me. Maybe that’s why I’m dreaming with him. I am regretting. To not have more time with him. To not being at his side when he died.


A bell echoes through the dream. I can see a card flying to my hand. It has the word my father said in it. “An astrologian card?”. Eight ghosts of myself surround me. My father is at my side.

“Vision.” The first Shintaro is wearing a kimono. He is happy. He smiles and then look at me. He fades. “Smell.” The second Shintaro is wearing a cotton shirt and pants. Carrying a saber. He smells a flower and shed a tear. He looks to me and fades. “Taste”. The next Shintaro is wearing a gladiator’s armor. He eats a roasted fish and sighs. Then he looks at me and fades. “Touch”. This Shintaro is naked. He is bleeding and angry. He looks at me, lowers the head and fades. “Hearing”. This ‘me’ is wearing a tracker attire. He kneels and focus. His look now directs to me and then fades. “Instinct”. A Samurai self. He positions his hand on the blade guard, looks at me and fades. “Soul”. The Bushi. He opens his arms and shine bright, then extinguishes. Only one is left. My father puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Do you know who is the last one?”

“Yes. You taught me that. Arayashiki.” I answer him, smiling. “The way to a sense that is not limited by the body. It’s our own… essence.”

“Then you know what to do.” The last Shintaro handles me a sword. “Raijin-no-tsurugi” Those were the last words that my father said before him and the last Shintaro vanish. This is when I woke up.

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When a creepy ass dude msgs you and you tell him about 15 times to stop talking to you (keeps making new blogs smh) and so the one time you tell him off he asks YOU to stop talking to HIM (Im honestly screaming rn wtf)

Just let him have the last word, and ignore him from now on. I had someone do this to me for like 4 years, it took him 2 to figure out i wasn’t going to respond. Don’t be like me, nip this in the bud, hes completely insignificant

…All it takes…

I actually get some of my learned wisdom from stand-up comics - Yeah, yeah, laugh if you will, but when you think about the message some of them tell, or a phrase they live by, they are, in essence, modern-day philosophers.

And in keeping with this, there is a bit by Craig Ferguson that I learned and it COULD save the face of many that just HAVE to have the last word.

When faced with a situation that you disagree with and wish to offer your opinion, answer these three questions to yourself before you open you mouth:

1. Does this need to be said?

2. Does this need to be said by me?

3. Does this need to be said by me right now?

9 times out of 10, you will answer NO to one or all three. That means keep yer trap shut.

But, in the terms of sexual assault, police brutality, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, our freedoms as Americans, our government - bypass those questions and speak up.

We may not agree with everyone on the matter, but we can talk about them. And in talking about them we can raise awareness. And in raising awareness we can form an understanding. And in forming an understand we can start a movement. And in starting a movement we can become a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine if the 99% actually practiced what they preached to overthrow the 1%. All it takes to get the ball rolling, is a conversation.

May karma be will you today.

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So first off, I’d like to apologize for my lack of content this weekend ☹️ I wasn’t planning on going to Houston after the Stars game, but I didn’t want to tell my friend no, because she had spent time in Dallas with me more than once already instead of getting to go home. I know I had told y'all there would be more content this weekend, and there was actually less content, so again, I’m really sorry. But I’m back at school now, and I will try my best to get two one shots up this weekend to make up for it! Also, I thought I’d share some of my pics and videos from the game on Saturday! Enjoy! And excuse my face in the last pic, I was just super excited to get a pic with my boys 😂

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So Macon is gonna be in the fic now, and so I've got a question... What are your thoughts on Reader Inserts? (not with the style of y/n 'cause I think that disrupts the flow of things and I don't do it for my work) Good? bad? meh?

lol Nice.
It’s meh. I usually don’t use it. The last time I did was probably years ago tbh, for one-shot stuff . But that’s just me.

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Hello! Do you think fansite made season's greetings are worth the money? I'm intending to buy from one of the8's fansites

hello!! hmm honestly I think it depends? I bought mildxwild’s from last year and I haven’t regretted it! if u can afford it and it’ll make you happy I don’t see why not? it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to spend on bc it’s something you can save up for if you really want it!! which one were u thinking of getting? ö

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I lauged way to hard at the "writing blowjobs is hard" tag and now people are staring confusedly at me. But thanks for the laugh in an otherwise very boring night at work.

LMAO it is so true tho. 

The amount of times I say cock in this damn one shot is just ridiculous. There’s also an excessive amount of swearing but then again that is just how I write hahaha.

Like in chapter 13 of DLB when I wrote the drunken blowjob it was pretty short cos Rhys lasted like 10 seconds. But this oneshot oh my god, there is a lot of detail and I am completely unashamed.

but yo I’m glad I provided you momentary joy!