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ok so I'm just wondering something... you're the one who got me into TAZ and my Taako design has always been really inspired by yours, but lately there's been a lot of hate for people who draw their Taako's green, and I don't exactly know what to do 'cause I'm white so I have nothing really to say on the matter since it isn't in my place to do so, but what do you think about all this? as a latina who draws a green Taako? Should I just change mine? I'm so confused by all this...

i personally draw taako green and pointy and bug-eyed bc i have a deep-seated love for monster-boys and unconventional interpretations of traditional fantasy races, like elves. therefore, i really like drawing my elves as alien and non-human looking as i can! and i like seeing other interpretations of taako that mirror that. i just like the idea of taako being really gay and goofy and also really weird and inhuman looking.
(while still personally acknowledging that taako’s character is p heavily based around mexican-american culture, which i adore. my taako is a green fantasy-mexican elf and i love him and affectionately refer to him as taako verde. anyway!)

i actually had no idea this was a Thing… i’m defs not deeply involved in the fandom, lol. there is absolutely a race problem with (mostly white) people defaulting to making a gay elf character to look like a boring pasty legolas-link clone, i’m having a hard time saying the same for an inhuman green interpretation. it seems like pointless infighting to start getting pissy at people for wanting a non-human character like taako to look, well, non-human. if even in subtle ways like an unnatural skin color. (especially if the artist already draws human/more humanoid characters like mags and ango as non-white. if all their humans are white and then they got a green taako like some kind of token LOOK HE’S NOT WHITE HES GREEN!!! then that’s def sus, but i’ve never seen that. usually someone with all white humans has a white taako too lol.)

anyway maybe i’m biased because i draw green taako, but it seems a little like because the source material is like 99% chill, the fanbase has to like, come up with things to fight about. as long as a taako’s tex-mex origins are appreciated and he doesn’t look like legolas i’m cool, and if that means he ends up looking like a green man from mars i’m way cool with that. draw green taako, nonny, make him super weird and creepy looking, spooky inhuman elves 5ever.

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97chae hi everyone. i celebrated my birthday today, i turned twenty years old ( or twenty one in korea ). i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who send me kind & loving birthday wishes, i’m am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life giving me lots of love, strength and support. i have so many great people in my life who constantly inspire me, and because of them, i want to work hard and be positive. i have been reminiscing a lot about my past, i came to seoul when i was fifteen on an exchange program. never did i ever think i’d be where i am now. i have been feeling empty of late, feeling as though i have lost sight of my dreams and the things i aspired to have and become. these past months have given me lots of wonderful opportunities that i want to take opportunity of, so now; i think i’m ready. i think i’m ready to finally grow up, and put the past behind me and face my fears and dreams. i want to work hard this year and keep inspiring others ( & also myself! ); thank you everyone, once again. i love you. #goodnight 💕

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For anyone going through hard times, keep going. For anyone who, for whatever reason, looks up to me thank you and just know I am still learning about myself. I will try to be honest and stay as true to myself as possible. I try to be here for as many people as possible because I genuinely enjoy it. I also am trying to work on myself right now, which I hope you all understand. Thank you to everyone who shows love or claims I inspire them, because trust me when I say you all inspire me more than anything. I’ve just been thinking about this lately and wanted to get it out because there are some big steps I’ve been thinking about taking in life here recently that I hope I have as much support as possible for and am excited/scared/thrilled/terrified about taking but idk life is so unpredictable you know it’s so weird. But yeah just thank you ok let me leave before I start crying love you all GOODNIGHT 💗💗💗😘😘😘😅😅😅