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Also like I just want to say a thing about TMP. I know I make fun of it for being a little long and a little tedious, and it kind of is, but at the same time historical context: This was the first chance in so many years people had been able to see the Enterprise. It was the first time they’d seen it on the big screen. The first chance to see it with these amazing new effects. Goddamn, if I’d been making that movie I’d be like “Okay, so one hour of the Enterprise zooming through space and a half hour of gay space husbands getting back together. That sounds like the best movie ever.” And, really, they didn’t miss the mark. TMP is a great film, and it’s fun to rag on (like all my favorite movies are), but I also adore it with all my heart.

@audible-smiles replied to your post: “they get together after tmp” is just a really…

I mean the kolinahr thing for sure involved Kirk feelings but

i mean YEAH OF COURSE but it was spock going “i have to get rid of these Unrequited Feelings!!”, not ditching his boyfriend. this is what i feel

In Girls Fighting episode 1, when a group of 3 girls were introducing themselves in Chinese, Seungri didn’t understand so Huang Xiaoming translated for him in English. When he understood the meaning, he said ‘naruho…’ but then cut himself before saying ‘naruhodo’ (成程) which is a Japanese word meaning ‘I see’ or ‘I understand’.

That moment went viral amongst Jvips. They shared the video and commented on it with things like:

  • I knew it, Seunchan is actually Japanese.
  • The fact that he didn’t turn to his mother tongue but to Japanese proves that Seunchan is a Japanese person.
  • *sigh* We were barely taking Seunchan from Korea and now we have to fight China too.
  • Give him back China, Seunchan is Japanese.
  • Seunchan, I love you. Even if we can’t keep up with you anymore with the number of languages you speak.
  • Ah, remember those days when Seunchan was on our TV not the Chinese one?
  • So, when will he come back to our TV instead?

You know…*clears throat* it’s not like BigBang will disappear forever *adjusts coat* it’s ONLY Top first…*wipes sweat*…we still have MADE album…*clench fists*…There will be solos and such *shifts*…We can do this…We can WAIT like we waited before…*wipes tears* WE ARE STRONG…the boys will eventually come back *sobs uncontrollably* *falls to the floor* WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US CRUEL WORLD??!!?!!