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some of yall have got to understand that liking one former member of 1d and disliking another one and talking about your dislike at times for this or that member is not pitting them against each other lmfao….. ppl talk about shit they don’t like, deal with it. that doesn’t make it a tear one down to lift the other moment lmfao ppl just don’t like ppl and bitch about it on their blog sometimes, shocker

Voltron officials: Shiro and Adam are exes and grew apart before they broke up. Don’t expect Adam to be waiting for Shiro anymore

Voltron fandom:

I am never going to believe that Tyrion ends this series as a villain, especially while Jaime gets to redeem himself and become the hero. honestly this is almost as implausible to me as Mad Queen Dany.


1. On the way she acts and moves. It really, REALLY reminds me of the more darker, twisted ways people used to write Pearls in fanfics, especially when we just started to learn that Pearls were servants on Homeworld, but we hadn’t gotten a chance to see Blue Pearl or Yellow Pearl. (If I’m correct, that’s the right timeline.) 

Remember how everyone wrote and characterized Pearls in those darker lights? They used to dub them as “sentient I-Phones,” considered to be mindless drones capable of only serving their owners, just going to task to task endlessly. Perhaps, if we go by the most likely assumption White Diamond is the first Diamond/oldest/one of the oldest gems in existence, Pearls did start out as that. Pearls were created to be brainless gems, basically robots, fitted to serve their owners. But, as technology improved, they changed. Perhaps to be more helpful? Of course, this is not very based on canonical evidence, but that’s the way I view her. I do think it’s likely.

2. Her lack of an eye is VERY interesting, but a lot of people are tossing out the theory she could be cracked simply that her gemstone doesn’t seem to be cracked. However, there’s always the possibility that her gem IS cracked, just not on the visible surface. I’m basically saying, I don’t think we can throw away that possibility just yet. I don’t have many other ideas to how her eye is like that, other then she decided to choose her form to appear that way. 

Some people have been theorizing that, perhaps, White Diamond is dying, which is why she is made up of such strong light on her face; unable to control it anymore. Perhaps gems, despite their seeming immortality, CAN die from old age, simply out of the inability to conjure up a form anymore? I don’t find that likely, but if that’s the case? White Pearl, who is perhaps the oldest Pearl in existence if we go with the previous assumption WD is, is also on the verge of dying, losing control of her form. 

This is SO cute, omg. There’s nothing about this image I don’t like. I love that Toko’s there. I see you Hori, I fucking see you. Follow your heart man!

storybookwolf  asked:

Do you think they deliberately sidelined Jonathan's photography in season 2 to get away from the whole 'he's a creepy stalker' thing so many people in the fandom got fixated on? I think the only times we saw him with a camera, he was taking pics of Will on Halloween and at the dance.

hey @storybookwolf :) i think it was more like they just sidelined him, but i guess they could have been reinforcing it, idk; it’s consistent with the scene of him photographing his family in s1 once he gets the camera back. there’s already a clear arc around this in s1: from having the camera broken and being without it for the rest of the season –> to apologizing genuinely to nancy –> to three episodes that show him being a really good friend who is incredibly aware of her boundaries and feelings and a real trust growing between them –> and then only after that growth is he allowed by the show to get his camera back. so i think it’s clear at the end of s1 that we are supposed to trust him with that camera. however, fans not only ignore the three episodes of development he has in s1, but after two seasons, surprisingly many seem to not even remember that there was an apology scene. i’m not sure why that is, other than people seem to think the only growth a character can have is a dramatic transformation (like steve in s1ep8) as opposed to slow, steady development.

it will be interesting to see how all this stuff comes into play, however, as a photojournalist, where in theory he’ll be taking lots of pictures that are candids, etc. i mean if they are smart, the show should try to highlight the difference between taking non-consensual pics in the woods, and a photojournalist taking pics without always having a subjects knowledge. 

I will never understand why Hermione never packed a few bulk bags of dry pasta and some canned soup from Tesco’s while she was sorting everything else out for their quest

There’s only one Light of Creation, even if it’s collected multiple times. It’s called “the” Light of Creation, and the IPRE doesn’t end up with a cargo hold filled with incredibly powerful orbs of light. It’s always the same single piece of creation that slipped out of the creator’s hands fell out of place.

So what removes the Light from the IPRE or the Hunger when they get to a new world? Why is it always falling at the beginning of the year?

The story is linear. The IPRE’s perspective is linear. From the outside, it seems like one year in each world, happening one after the other and resetting the physical forms of the crew each time. But since each of these years happens in a separate dimension, consider: they’re happening simultaneously, in the same year.

The “reset” at the beginning of each year is not really a reset - the IPRE is returning to the beginning of the same year, at a different physical location. The Light always falls at the beginning of the year because it’s only just been misplaced; it’s gone when they reach a new location because it has to fall again, because the year is at the beginning again. The “one after the other” perspective of the crew isn’t wrong, it’s just a different way of ordering the experiences that is easier for the mind to understand. Seeing all of that happening at once would be devastating - it was devastating for Maureen, who saw all of those worlds at once and the one consistency between them.

There is still a century of experiences, but in a layered whole that’s only broken when the IPRE moves past that one year. They only had to restore the Light and defeat the Hunger on a single world to save them all, because all of these dimensions are connected: if there’s only one Light and only one Hunger, only one victory is needed.

D e s t r o y the idea that Bakugou wouldn’t wanna be called bro

E n c o u r a g e the idea of Kirishima using slang like “bro” and “lit” and “fam” so much around Bakugou to the point that he accidentally osmosis’s them into his own speech patterns

Just think about Bakugou using these phrases mid-battle. Telling villains to “fuck off, bro” or firing up his gauntlets and saying something like “it’s about to get LIT”

The Signs as how I know them
  • Aries: there’s no reasoning with you. you care for others so deeply, but you’re stubborn as all hell. that doesn’t stop you from giving your all to every situation you’re in. you’re a hard worker with a hard head but I still adore you. you can be a little irrational without knowing it and “I’m sorry” is not a favorable phrase for you.
  • Taurus: you’re incredibly smart. you know things that’s most people don’t and I truly don’t know where you get it. you love being the center of attention and being praised, but you’re very humble about it. you aren’t afraid of confrontation, and when you’re hurt, you show it in a quiet way. you feel guilty, but sometimes that guilt translates into anger. you’re stubborn and sometimes selfish, but you also have a sense to you that begs for attention.
  • Gemini: you are night and day. we get along for the most part, but when you’re mad, you go for the jugular. you don’t talk about your feelings a lot unless they’re the brunt of a joke. you’re unmotivated, especially when you’re deep in your sadness. but you still try to feel valid, yet have trouble getting there. it’s as if you’re at a constant conflict with yourself.
  • Cancer: you are a snake in sheep’s clothing, but it’s only because you’ve been hurt. despite that, you care so much. you would give everything, even the shirt off your back, if it meant helping the ones your care about. you have a small circle of people in your life sine you can’t trust many. you’re more judgmental than you realize. you will do anything you have to to get through your struggle, but you often lose yourself in your sadness.
  • Leo: you are hilarious. you don’t care what anyone thinks, at least on the outside. I never got close to who you are the inside. you never calmed down, you were always laughing and lightening the mood no matter how early or late. you are extremely loyal and a friend to anyone who needs it. you have a big heart and bug personality. family is important to you, and you have family everywhere whether blood or not. you could conquer the world if you wanted to, but you’re so chill I don’t think you ever would.
  • Virgo: everyone I’ve been closest to ever has been a Virgo. virgo..my wild crazy people. I have a bias for loving you all the most. you Virgos are crazy smart, so talented and gifted yet so unaware of your own power. you are such giving individuals, both practical and material, but special nonetheless. you can learn anything you want and you can excel at it so quickly it never ceases to impress me. you Virgos can sometimes be selfish, but without knowing really. sometimes you guys just get too caught up in your heads that the rest of the world stops.
  • Libra: ahhh so sweet just absolute sunshine. you care so much and you’re honestly such a cutie. you, however, don’t really know your identity quite yet, but you constantly search for it. even through your trials in life, you have this contagious and constant love to you. you always were ambitious and I always got excited planning things with you (even if those plans didn’t exactly come true)
  • Scorpio: you’re a hot mess. I truly don’t even know who you are. you were sometimes fun then sometimes a complete asshole. you confused me a lot and made me feel uneasy at times while also feeling super comfortable? you have this energy to you like everything has meaning to you while at the same time everything means nothing to you.
  • Sagittarius: two faced. you aren’t a bad person, you’re just not the person you acted like you actually are. you are loyal and easily hurt, but that hurt projects onto others. you can be insanely petty and hold on to things for super long. it’s as if your mentality can’t change, but it can grow. It always seemed there was just one version of you and that’s where it begins and ends.
  • Capricorn: I adore you. you are so you and so shameless about it. everything about you is hilariously poised. I love it. you were an amazing friend and we could talk for hours and hours. you kept things real and radiated confidence. you were super into your appearance and upkeep (especially your hair and nails) and everyone adored you like you were a magnet for happiness. you didn’t talk about you as much as you did others. I feel like you had a lot of emotions but didn’t know how to talk about them so you made a lot of jokes. I know you struggled a lot with figuring out your path but you eventually found it and I’m so happy for you.
  • Aquarius: you were my best friend. you were wild and addicted to life. sometimes you didn’t know what you wanted but you got stuff done. You’re a confrontational one, and you get easily offended, and you can certainly hold a grudge. still, you’re so fun and there was never a dull moment with you. you made life feel special and like something to look forward to. you, however, can be conniving, and I think that was because you were trying to figure yourself out. eventually you sought me out and apologized for what you did be it years later that you did LOL but I admire you for doing that after all the shit we went through
  • Pisces: BITcH!!! Well I’m a Pisces so it’s hard not to go in on how stunning and horrible I am all at once, so I’ll speak on other Pisces I’ve known seeing as that’s the point. Pisces have no in between. It’s either WAY UP HERE or way down here. Pisces are unique in it that they know how to use their words to snake out of situations, they can be very manipulative. but, they’re some of the most compassionate and loving people even when they do fuck up. Pisces are massively indecisive and can often play the victim even when they’re at fault. despite that, they wield a certain creative love that boils over into something very compelling.

A bunch of fans told Felix that they love his freckles during the hi touch, so afterwards when the boys came back to the audience, Felix started aggressively wiping his makeup away to show his freckles and uwu

He’s the most precious angel ever