just think about it

Everyone has heard of aliens learning about human culture and technology but what about humans going to alien planets and (for once) actually trying to learn about alien culture and technology and they end up fucking up just as badly as aliens do when their on our planet like….

“What do you mean thats not a microwave you said it heats up food”
“No Johnny I said it heats up Bood like our planet Bood”
“Well why would you make something like that”
“A fail safe in case of a risk of another Nitro age”
“A what age”
“*alien face chest equivalent of a human face palm*”
“*rolls eyes* Is that in case of a nitric age too”
“*alien sigh*”

What if Yami Bakura really can’t remember what he looked like when he was alive and so Ryou has to think up of a design for thief king bakura all on his own?

Pretty sure Ryou just abused his powers over it and used it to fulfill his shipping dreams because let’s be honest - Thief King Bakura looks far too much like Marik and Yami Bakura’s love-child

i ship klema brotp

i just want ema skye and klavier gavin to be 

  • buddies
  • friends
  • bros
  • gals
  • homies
  • amigos
  • nintendo
  • pizza
  • complaining abt each other
  • talking about boyfriends
  • light hearted teasing each other
  • unoffensive burnfests
  • yo mama
  • listening to music in the office with speakers up all the way
  • confidants
  • the person b that complains about winston and gaspen paine to the other’s person a that throws snackoos at the paynes when they aren’t looking
  • buddy convincing the other buddy to coordinate with her boyfriend for a social event
  • “lets get drunk because our boyfriends are going back to their country for the time being and they have jobs and we have jobs”
  • practical jokes
  • practical jokes on miles edgeworth on the entire prosecutor’s office 
  • house keys
  • water your plants while you’re on tour/investigating cases in khura’in?
  • i just 

i just



I was commissioned by @defractum to make an andreil Christmas drawing for a Christmas card, now that everyone received their card I’m finally posting it. Cass was kind enough to send me a printed card, it’s always strange seeing my work printed but the colors came out nicely so I’m glad! Thanks again for trusting me with drawing your Christmas card this year!  It was very fun to draw! :)

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