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The guy you see in this picture,is named Šarūnas,he was bullied because he was homosexual,and that lead him to killing himself last year.Šarūnas was talented young photographer,and this is one of the last pictures he shared with the internet,called “drowning rat”

The best thing about Dan and Phil’s Christmas presents to each other is that they are things for their house together. The random box of crap where Phil can put things away cause Dan doesn’t like mess, or the coasters for around the flat. They’re giving each other presents that build up their home together and I think that’s adorable

Imagine Soccer Dad!Jason Todd
  • Jason:Kids, I will turn this car around!
  • Jason:I don't care if you're late for ta kwon do, sweetie. It your peas.
  • Jason:Eat my ass, Carol
  • Jason:If the coach doesn't like the snacks I brought to practice, he can buy them with his money next time!
  • Jason:Tell that to you're husband, Pam.
  • Jason:Goddammit, Marsha. SOME OF OUR KIDS ARE ALLERGIC TO NUTS
  • Jason:I may be single, Linda, but I still got standards
  • Jason:Yeah, Principal Johnson. My kid started it and not the football player you can't afford to take out of the game.