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Humans are space orc/ are the weird ones/ space Australians. So, I wanted to add my two cents to this tag, mostly because I love the ideas and partly because I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet.

We all know this, but I’m not sure anyone really mentioned this. Humans are violent. Really, really violent. What if we’re the only species that is like this, cause growing up on a death world called Earth is very kill or be killed.

Humans are a tribal, endurance hunter-gatherer race who have historically selected mates based off of certain criteria but has anyone given thought to the fact “human procreation is also kinda violent”? Yeah, sure humans have sex for the pleasure of it but thinking of the logistics and terminology of it procreation is weird. Especially if there are kinks involved or if a partner is a biter. “Rough sex” is kinda normal for humans (insofar as we don’t blanch at the thought of it, the whole thing is kinda ‘whatever makes you both happy, have at it’)

Then we have Contact Sports like Hokey, American Football, Boxing and the MMA, Fencing (where you are literally fighting people with scaled-down/ safety controlled deadly weapons), Football, Rugby, Hunting (GUNS! ‘MURICA!), etc. Humans get enjoyment from bursts of activity, bonus points if there is blood involved but not necessarily death, through injury and death is not wholly uncommon. 

And for those who are less physically engaged and might say, “well what about chess?” You’re enacting a game of tactics based of war. Most video games have some kind of violence to them. Even the innocuous ones for children have some type of voilence, like the Cartoon Violence parental advisory for content. And sure, we have puzzle gamess, but look through the top 100 best selling games on all platforms and take a percentage of them that don’t even meantion anything violent or realated to death.

We humans just accept these features as normal, but what if we’re the only species that does this? Humanity is an imperially-inclined, warrior-hunter race that is from a planet actively trying to kill us. Even if an alien race invaids, I’d bet that they’d get swarmed by humans and killed off pretty quickly, just because how unhinged and dangerous humans are, especially in large numbers. (Mob mentality). We also might be the most, animal-like of all the sentient anlien races just because of how intune we are with our instincts.

“A Person is smart; people are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals” –Agent K, MIB

can we think for a second.

the “hey Connor love the new hair length, very school shooter chic” was essentially written for mike faist.

when mlb went on for connor he still had longer hair.

today is the first day that we’ve had a connor with short hair. and now that line is confusing me.

How it could've happened
  • (How Marinette met Adrien)
  • Marinette: *hurrying to school because she’s already late*
  • Marinette: *Trips into somebody and lands on the floor*
  • Marinette: *angrily* Hey!
  • Adrien: I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?
  • Marinette: *looks up* Heey eh um, no no. I’m..i’m okay.
  • Adrien: Are you sure?
  • Marinette: Yeah... I just wasn’t looking where I was going. Buut I am great...actually.
  • Adrien: Oh thank goodness.
  • Adrien *holds out his hand*
  • Marinette: *slowly reaches for it*
  • *They stare at each other*
  • Marinette: *still holds his hands, slowly stands up*
  • Marinette: *sigh* This is awkward. *embarassed laugh* Not you're awkward but just cause we’re...I’m awkward. Your gorgeous...wait what
  • I think it fits lol