just they have many things in common

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i don't understand why you are scared/surprised to have so many followers angy, you should be happy! your art is amazing!!! ù.ù

I’m not scared … maybe surprised yes … because let’s face it, what I do is not the big thing, I only do common things I put nice colors and that’s it. There’s no more. I like getting to inspire people, not with my drawings, but with my words. My drawings don’t have anything special, they are just “photos” of how I feel at the moment…

if you’re a woman who’s attracted to women but you can’t see yourself marrying one, know that that feeling is so common and very often temporary. this is not to say that i know you better than you know yourself; maybe you just don’t want to get married and that’s ok. but very few women have grown up with the idea that they could marry another woman, and it’s hard to picture something for yourself that you’ve so rarely seen!

i couldn’t see myself marrying a woman for a long time, but i did and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done and the many messages i get telling me my blog has helped people picture themselves marrying other women tell me i’m not alone. know that whatever you end up wanting is okay, but don’t stress if there’s some aspect of loving women that doesn’t come to you with perfect ease. in a way we’re forging new cultural territory here. it’s only natural to feel a little lost without a map.

  • Shipper type 1: I ship them because they have a history together, something in common. They just seem happy about with each others company! SLAY ME! CANON!
  • Shipper type 2: They give us many signals and make each other happy! I ship it!
  • Shipper type 3: They stand next to each other! Just 30 cm away! They breath the same air! OMG IT IS CANON, YOU-!!

Do you have any idea how many attempts it took me to get kageyama just so i could draw this stupid comic¿¿¿

Here’s the test in case you want it :-)

I’ve already said why the common desire of protection Gray and Juvia share is my favourite key of their relationship, and since I finally have the time I am going to explore it a bit…

Juvia swore to protect Gray when they first encountered, in chapter 56. She just met the love of her life and the first thing she thinks about is to protect him, not even protect herself and they are in a war in which she must win. And she did protect him.

Gray protected Juvia many times as well (Tenrou, GMG, Tartaros etc) and we found out he really did swear to himself to protect her no matter what the cost in chapter 499, confirming one of the headcanons written by fans in these years. He thinks he failed and you can clearly see his anger through his eyes.

If someone is still salty at the “lack” of Gray confessing by words, remember this. Swearing / vowing to protect someone is a big deal in Japan, it is an act of love and it’s crystal clear that in Gruvia case it’s romantic love, as Gray himself said that he could never hurt a comrade, no! He would never hurt Juvia.

Protection is just another of the endless parallels we had in the chapters from 498 to 500 and onwards, starting from Gray and Juvia being “enemies” again.

We well know why Juvia swore to protect Gray. She loves him.

Gray is mirroring her actions, her words and… her love. He loves her just like she does.

- - - -

This is the development of a healthy and well-built relationship, guys. Words aren’t even enough to say how beautiful the message Gruvia sends is, despite what other people say.

New Beginnings - Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)

Pairings: singledad! bucky x singlemom!reader

word count: 1.7+k

tagging list (the person that inspired me to write again): @bovaria

You were rushing as you took your six year old son, Isaac, to school. You and Isaac had woken up a bit late, and were rushing to make sure that he got to school on time since this week you were most likely going to have to walk him to school, since your car was in repair. You quickly fixed him up a breakfast to take with him, just to make sure that he will make it and although the school wasn’t far, you weren’t taking any chances on him being late again. Isaac was your pride and joy, sharing many physical similarities with you, such as your hair color, skin color, and many more, the only thing that he had in common with his biological father was his hazel eye color.

You were fine providing for the two of you, already used to the idea of being a single mother since the moment you told his father that you were pregnant. But you would be lying to yourself if you said that it wasn’t difficult at times, but it was well worth it if Isaac was happy. There wasn’t more that you could ask, since at least his father agreed for child support, but still it wasn’t easy, especially with time. You looked down at your son, seeing him munch on his peanut butter sandwich, as he bounced and kicked every leaf he could, being on the more energetic side of the spectrum. You really did question your parenting skills at times, but maybe you weren’t as bad as you thought. Isaac looked up, his hazel eyes meeting yours, as he smiled at you and offered you a bite of his sandwich, which you laughed and told him that you were fine.

You were holding onto Isaac’s hand, relieved that you weren’t as late as you thought, since parents were still dropping off their kids as you approached the school. For once Isaac was going to make it on time to school to spare. Just as you crossed the street Isaac quickly pulled away from you to run on ahead.

“Isaac, don’t run,” worried that he would end up falling, since although he was very wild he wasn’t the most careful of children.

You hurried your own pace trying to catch up to your six year old son, only to see him quickly embrace (more like tackle) a small brunette girl, almost sending her off balance. Isaac was so outgoing, never shy of doing anything once he sets his mind to it. It honestly makes you wonder where he got it from, because even if you weren’t too shy, you never had the valor to be outgoing like him. The little girl had a startled face as Isaac embraced her, making you worry that her parents were going to scold Isaac for almost tackling their child to the ground. You were opening your mouth to tell him to let go of her, but were interrupted.

“Brooke, you don’t have to be so shy” you heard a male voice say.

You looked up and were met with two beautiful icy blue eyes. You were taken back by the man in front of you; he had a warm smile on his face as he looked down at Isaac and what you guessed was his daughter. Your eyes were immediately drawn his left arm covered with tattoos forming a beautiful sleeve that complimented his strong arms. Dark brown hair that almost reached his shoulders was tucked behind his ears, but you could honestly say that his blue eyes were the most beautiful thing you have seen.

“I’m sorry for my son,” you said apologizing to the father that your little girl was hugging like there was no tomorrow.

“It’s no worries, although it’s a bit sad when Brooklyn more luck with people than her own father…and she’s only five,” he said jokingly, making you smile as well.

“Mommy, this is my best friend Brooke,” Isaac smiled as he let go of brunette who had eyes just as blue as her father.  

Brooke…the name was familiar to you; you smiled knowing that this was the Brooke that your son would talk your ear off when you picked him up from school. His only friend since he started this year and would always mention about inviting her over, but the timing was never right. Isaac had a bright smile as he presented you to her, the same one he had on when he talked to you about her. You looked down, your eyes meeting Brooke’s blue ones, and could already tell that she was beyond shy, complete opposite from Isaac. She was too shy to even return his hug, as her hands tightly held onto the straps of her Spiderman backpack. Brooke slowly looked up to her dad, a small tint of pink tinted on her cheeks.  

“Dad, this is my best friend Isaac,” she introduced her voice coming out so low that you could barely hear it. But her father heard it loud and clear, his smile getting brighter as he realized who your little boy was.

“So you’re the famous Isaac,” he said squatting down to be at eye level with your son. You don’t know why you found it nice that he got down to his height, unable to hide the small smile forming on your lips.  

Isaac nodded, not shying away at all, typical of him.

“well,” he said with a bright smile, “thank you for taking good care of Brooke, I know that she’s really shy and can’t make many friends, so I’m glad she has you by her side,” he said ruffling his hair, “Brooke talks about you all the time, saying that she’s glad you’re her best friend,” he said with a smile, earning him a small playful smack from his daughter, “ok she doesn’t talk about you all the time,” hoping to not embarrass his little girl any more. He brought his hands to his knees to help him stand back up. “Sorry for messing up his hair,” he said as he softly smiled and scratched the back of his neck, making you guess that maybe some of Brooke’s shyness stemmed partially from his father.  

“It’s no problem, by the time I pick him up from school, his hair is a lot messier than this,” you said with a reassuring smile, as you smoothed out his hair.

“Bucky,” he said with a smile.

“Pardon?” you said, wondering if you misheard something.

“Name’s James, but I like Bucky instead,” he said extending his hand to yours, seeing the look of confusion from what he prefers to be called, “James Buchanan Barnes,” he said with a bright smile, “this here’s Brooklyn Sarah Barnes”

“(full name),” you responded as you shook his hand, instantly feeling how warm and calloused it was, “and he’s Isaac Nathaniel (l/n),” Isaac already holding out his hand for Bucky, always the eager one to meet new people, “Buchanan? Don’t think I’ve ever heard that name before”

“I know, not the most common name, reason I go by Bucky instead,” he said with a smile.

“Isaac talks about Brooke all the time, it’s good to know that she has a patient kind friend, since I was told from the teachers that he is a bit too loud and energetic for the other students,” you said.

“Other kindergarteners find him loud?” he said with an uncertain tone, almost not believing it.

“Yeah I know, weird,” you said with an odd look, you looked over to your child seeing how he was talking to Brooke about who knows what, his hands moving everywhere as he told his story to her, and the shy girl keeping up with his fast speech. .

The bell rang, letting you both know that it was time for your children to get to school, you reached for your son, hoisting him up, to give him a kiss and tell him that you will be here to pick him up and told him to wait here for you if you were a bit late. You looked over at Bucky, and noticed that he was at eye level with his girl, bringing her in for a hug as he tickled her, loud giggles filling the air around you both, which made you smile too, as he explained that he’ll be right on time to pick her up.

Both children ran into school, seeing how comfortable they both were around each other, leaving you and Bucky smiling as they walked into class.

“Your son’s is adorable, he’s such a ball of sunshine, dad must be happy to have a son like him,” he said with a smile.

“His father isn’t really in the picture, haven’t seen him, since he found out I was pregnant,” you answered.

“Oh he left…I’m really sorry,” he said hoping that he didn’t offend you.

“Don’t, I spend a long time feeling bad about it, it was a better choice for everyone, he didn’t want kids and why would I make both our lives miserable if I forced him to stay. Besides we are doing fine by ourselves,” you said with a smile, hoping you weren’t coming off as rude “Brooke’s really shy, does she get that from you or her mom,” you asked.

“Most likely from me, since her mother isn’t in the picture either,” he said with a soft smile.

“She left you too,” you said not understanding how anyone could leave him like that.

“Uhh…sort of” he said scratching the back of his head seeing his eyes sadden for a brief second making you wonder if they had recently divorced.

You looked down on you watch seeing that you were going to be late if you didn’t start moving. You much like Isaac couldn’t be late either.

“Are you alright?” Bucky as most likely picking up on your small distress.

“Don’t want to be rude, but really better start walking to work before I’m late,” hoping he didn’t think that you just wanted to stop talking to him.

“Do you need a lift? I’m more than happy to take you there.”

“No I don’t want to be a burden, you most likely have somewhere to go as well,” he really was a kind man.

“Trust me, I don’t mind besides if Brooke finds out I let you walk, I’ll hear about it later. I can afford to be late, come on,” he said gesturing you over to his car.

You thought it over looking down at your watch, knowing even at your best pace you may not make it in time, and followed him to his car.  


Got inspired by the Greek Gods family tree that’s been circulating around lately. I realize a few gods are missing, but there’s just so MANY.

The thing about Jotuns is that even though they have males and females, their idea of what makes someone one or the other seems to be different from ours. Male Jotuns give birth several times in the stories, so I like to think female Jotuns are somehow able to impregnate others too. My personal headcanon is Skadi as Ull’s other parent just because they have so many things in common.

Jaspar Livestream Summary

- they did the livestream at that time so the US people can watch it

- “I saw UK! Go to bed!”

- everyone wants Joe for president (#Jaspar2016)

- Joe mentioned that banning zoos would be good (animal rights fuck I love him)

- “fudge cake” (”no swears!”)

- “imagine like really drunk elderly people just “BINGO!” I’d love that” “Love old people”

- “turnt and loose, great things to be”

- Joe wants to take the Buttercream boys to a bingo game for a video

- Joe hogs video ideas lol

- “this is like a really high tech live stream”

- “look how many different countries, and you’re all watching this because you have one thing in common and that’s watching our videos”


- “Joe you’re the funniest salesman in the whole world”

- “It’s better than Tinder. The new dating app, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road”

- Joe lies about smelly bathrooms after Caspar uses it to embarrass him in front of people

- they said Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA is a long title for a movie (obviously lol)


- Joe yelled at Caspar for talking with his mouth full

- Caspar kept trying to keep the stream on track and Joe kept distracting him


- “How do I end this? This is gonna take a while”

Come With Me Now

‘Come With Me Now’- Kongos

Fandom: The Avengers
Warning/s: Umm, lots of smut? Primarily smut. Wee bit of plot if you squint
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Pietro x (Gender Neutral) Reader

Summary: Things get heated between you and the speedster, in Avengers Tower (smutty smutty smut smut)

Words: 1750

“It’s been an hour,” Tony growled, slumping back into the sofa. “You think they’d have given it up by now.”

The couple in referral- Pietro and yourself- were currently shouting at each other across the room. Something that had become too common an occurrence in the Avengers Tower of late.

“-THIS IS THE LAST STRAW, Y/N!” Pietro yelled at you, pointing accusingly at you. “JUST HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU TO PUT MILK BACK INTO FRIDGE?!”


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I’m always so surprised whenever people say Hanzo and McCree have nothing in common. Let’s just consider: 

Both are former illegal arms dealers who left their respective families/organizations - Overwatch totally functioned as McCree’s  family - when they realized things had gone really bad. Both are currently wanderers trying to atone for their pasts. As Hanzo hints at in the Junkenstein brawl, they’re both goddamn walking talking anachronisms. In a meta sense they are partly based on two different versions of the same character. (Go google ‘Yojimbo and Fistful of Dollars’, please.)

What… what do you want from me.

Tips on Flirting

1. Make eye contact. Throw small glances and catch the eye of the person you’re interested in. Hold their gaze briefly, then smile and look away.

2. Smile at the person. To be most effective, smile slowly (rather than grinning widely), and crinkle your eyes. That kind of smile is more genuine and appealing.

3. Talk to them. You don’t have to commit to a full conversation but at least say “hello” and acknowledge their existence!

4. Initiate a conversation with them (one step on from point 3). Think of easy ways to get a conversation going. In many ways the topic isn’t so significant. You just want to talk to them, and try and pique their interest. General guidelines are … ask a neutral question; try and find some areas of common interest; gauge their response before showing more interest; and keep things light and impersonal.

5. Make use of body language. Non-verbal cues can say a lot more than the actual words you speak. Some pointers to remember include: maintain an open stance (don’t cross your arms or legs); turn your body toward them; casually touch them (for example, hold their hand to help you balance when you’re getting up from your seat.)

6. Compliment them (but don’t get too personal yet).

7. Keep your interactions brief. Scarcity creates demand. If you’re not always available it makes you more mysterious and more desirable.

ok i talk about meihem all the time, i defend it and write stuff for it but i never explained why i like it,so here we go:

1.i love hero/villain ships a lot, and junkrat is a villain who blows shit up and causes destruction and canonically has killed people. mei on the other hand is a heroine who wants to protect and save the earth and is a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure

2.i also love opposites attract ships and their dynamic is wonderful. they got the whole fire/ice thing going on,their viewpoints on the world are drastically different from each other as well. but they are not so different they are just not compatible, leading to my next point.

3.they do have things in common as well,they love puns(mei’s ice puns and junkrat’s many puns,usually explosive related),they both like boba tea and they both have tragic pasts. mei lost her whole team in ecopoint:antartica and junkrat lost his home,family and any chance of a normal life. their pasts are similar to each other in the fact that everything they knew had changed and people close to them were gone forever. also i want to mention their ‘yay’ and ‘can’t deal’ emotes are very similar as well.

4.i really love beauty and the beast type ships,both in personality and looks and meihem covers both. junkrat isn’t really attractive(depending on who i ask i guess??) and he is very dusty,dirty and has sharp features. like i said before,he also does kill people and can be pretty crude. mei on the other hand can,and is considered by people to be very beautiful(also her name does mean ‘beauty’ so bonus points there). and she is a kind and sweet person who deserves no hate.

like overall i find them really compatible with each other and they are my current otp and i love them. i’m gonna loving and defending this ship and you can’t stop me.

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like how hard is it for ace folk to understand that non-ace people DON’T typically just look at someone they’re interested in and think “yeah, i wanna fuck that! and if their personality’s good that’s a plus!”

no, it’s the other way around? like typically, sexual interest is built after developing a relationship of sorts with the other person? like “yeah, i like this person’s personality and we have a lot in common. that makes them attractive to me, and them fitting my aesthetic tastes is a plus!”

like they think we’re all obsessed with sex, which ignores the fact that MANY folk who have one night stands and such are hypersexual due to trauma and other circumstance? either that, or they just enjoy it? but that’s not a thing that’s PROMOTED unless you’re literally a cis, able bodied white guy? and when it IS promoted for THEM, it’s a symptom of toxic masculinity?

Headcanon that Ravenclaw Tower was originally super inconveniently designed. Little things, like too many stairs, or doors that open weirdly, or weird little crevices that don’t seem to have any function. It just felt irritating and inefficient, and Rowena Ravenclaw totally designed it that way.

Because this is the crazy woman who came up with the idea for moving staircases. She clearly doesn’t mind inconveniencing people, and she clearly wants to see how they handle really weird shit that doesn’t seem to be useful. And centuries of Ravenclaws make alterations to their dorms and their common room, and they come up with solutions for the annoying things like having to walk up eleven flights of stairs to get to their room. They use creativity and magical prowess to make their tower the coolest thing ever.

So many sides to Karamel, tho...

Here we have two…

…Adorable dorks being cute af every chance they get.

…Puppy-eyed frenemies seeing things differently.

Allies working together for a common goal.

…Drunk buddies having fun at the bar.

…Lonely friends with a shared past.

…Training partners fighting for the city.

…Planet-wise neighbors.

…Planet-wise rivals.

…Alien refugees.

And I could go on all night.

gaze vs ur period

reita: makes u tea, rubs ur tummy, cuddles u 
ruki: reads wikipedia article about PMS, asks u many detailed questions about the sensations, asks to see ur tampons
uruha: “you know, you can’t just be rude to everyone just because of your hormones. you still have common sense, don’t you? stop crying.”
kai: “can we still….”
aoi: “lmao k see u in a week”

I can cry, too (sometimes)

Many people seem to think that INTPs don’t have emotions, which is weird ‘cause I sometimes fool myself into thinking that I don’t, either.

I think it isn’t that INTPs don’t have emotions, we just don’t get emotional over the same things as most people. I can manage to look at things rationally instead of emotionally, but that doesn’t qualify with everything because, well, I’m human and humans aren’t robots (contrary to the common belief that INTPs are, in fact, robots).

Because small “emotional” things can be easily handled through rational thinking, I don’t waste my time getting butt hurt over small things, unless there’s a specific reason for me to do so. I tend to get emotional over religion, family, and sometimes friends, but each for various reasons. Talk about petty drama, I get bored easily; talk about that animal ad for adopting abandoned pets, I understand the emotional triggers they try to pull, but because I know the marketing factor, I detach my attention from the emotional appeal and tend to get bored by the slow music and camera movements.

I won’t get upset just because you’re upset, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings or that I don’t particularly care (but sometimes that rings true). I bottle up what does stir my emotions because emotions aren’t rational. They’re fleeting and impulsive, so I don’t want to deal with the aftermath of having a breakdown about something stupid like a friend ignoring me or someone eating the last slice of pizza. Shit happens and I get over it.

However, when I do get emotional, it hits me like a hurricane and I’m not sure how to make it stop. I can sit in my room for hours feeling angry or sad or irritated, and then I’ll sit for another couple of hours trying to get over that feeling. Emotions are work and it’s exhausting ‘cause I don’t know how to manage my emotions well.

So to think that INTPs don’t feel is complete bullshit. Even though I won’t be genuinely upset if I hear my friend talk about this rude customer they encountered, or if my mom complains about work and I get bored midway her rant, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel. I just feel deeply about very specific things that I care deeply about. 

I don’t know if I explained this clearly or well, but I wanted to express this after hearing a lot lately that I’m heartless and cold. It made me think a lot about why I’m seen that way when I think (based on how I get emotionally) that I’m an emotional person (though I’m consistently proven wrong). Ugh, I can go on about this matter so I’ll just stop here.

Some Unexpected Top Surgery Realizations

I’m now three weeks post-op and wanted to make a post addressing some of the unexpected things that I’ve come to realize over the course of my recovery. These are certainly not universal, but I think they are necessary to point out because other folks may go through similar experiences. 

  • Recovery is hard. This is a given with any surgery, but seriously guys it’s really really hard. After three weeks I still do not have full range of motion, I’m still sore, and I still can’t do many of the things I was able to do three weeks ago. You need to realize this beforehand. You are not a superhero and you are not going to get better automatically. It’s a slow (and painful) process and that can be very discouraging at times.
  • Results (and happiness) aren’t instant. I think the most common misconception is that once you have surgery you will automatically and instantly feel better about yourself and your body. That just isn’t the case. I am just as guilty as anyone; I fully expected that I would go to my surgery reveal and every negative thing I felt about myself would go away. While there is obviously a great sense of relief and joy at seeing a flat chest when you look down, chances are good that you still are not going to look exactly the way you desire. Particularly because you’re healing–you will have bruises and scabs and swelling. Between a week and a half and two weeks after my surgery I was very depressed and disappointed in my results because I still didn’t look or feel the way I wanted. This is not something I expected and I feel like it’s an important issue to address. After any surgery, there is a chance that you will experience a phase of depression/disappointment. It’s normal, but it’s difficult and you just have to have a strong support system to help you through it. 
  • You need a support system. Not only to support you physically, but to support you mentally as well. I would be in a much worse place if @gaydogdad and my girlfriend weren’t around to tell me how much better I’m looking everyday. 
  • This is a day by day progression. Some days you will notice more progress than others. Some days you will feel like you aren’t getting any better at all. Just keep moving forward and taking things one day at a time!
  • Take care of yourself! You have a flat chest now and you’re going to want to run around with your shirt off and go swimming and do things that you’ve been waiting for probably for years. Unfortunately, you can’t do them all right away. Follow your doctor’s instructions so that you can avoid complications and you have a speedy recovery. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise. 

For those of you hoping to have surgery, I hope this post helps you to develop some realistic expectations. Surgery has done amazing things for my self-esteem and happiness, but it took time and effort from myself and the people around me. I wanted to make this post now because I’m only three weeks post-op so I’m still facing some of the negative surgery consequences (soreness, restricted motion, etc.); soon I will feel better physically and mentally and probably forget these bouts of sadness and disappointment. Just know that if you go through something similar (and maybe/hopefully you don’t!) you aren’t alone. 

This isn’t a post to scare or intimidate you! It’s only meant to provide you with some insight of the mental battle that can come following any surgery–particularly one that is meant to change your physical appearance. As always, feel free to drop by if you have any questions! Also, feel free to check out my post on top surgery advice!

Percival Graves

I have so many questions. 

1. His wandless magic. Is this something Real!Percival could do? Was it something that Grindelwald could do and just kept it up? But if it was just something Grindelwald could only do then why didn’t anyone freak out about it? Wandless magic isn’t a common thing, right? Shouldn’t they be freaking out about him suddenly being able to do it? 

2. Credence. Did Real!Percival have a healthy/appropriate relationship with each other before Grindelwald replaced him or was it something that Grindelwald built himself? I like to think that Real!Percival had been looking out for Credence and that’s why Grindelwald targeted him, because why else would the most wanted wizard in the world risk being the right hand man to the President of MACUSA?

3. Tina. When Grindelwal replaced Real!Percival he had to have kept up his mannerisms and quirks, which leads me to wonder if Tina noticed something was off with him. I get that she thought she had disappointed him and that he didn’t owe her anything, but I doubt that alone would be enough to keep her from noticing something was off with him. 

4. Madame Fucking President. How the fuck did she not notice that something was off with her right hand man? Did Grindelwald really do that good of a job being Real!Percival that the woman who spends the most time with him didn’t notice? She’s the most powerful woman on the damn planet, how was there not charms or wards that revealed something like that? Newt did one simple spell and it destroyed the whole illusion. 


anonymous asked:

How Papyrus and Sans would react if they learn that Frisk has a skeleton in their body? ((They would probably freak up if Frisk brokes their arm for exemple XD))

I haven’t decided yet if I think animal-based monsters have something like a skeleton in their bodies. Obviously there aren’t bones left when they die and turn to dust. But while they’re alive? Is there some kind of scaffolding? Or does the magic just know where to be firm and where to be soft and where to be furry, etc? (And for that matter, how can they shed fur? Shouldn’t the fur turn to dust? AND ONE MORE THING–)

I only bring that up because it would likely change how Sans reacts to it. If there are monsters who have skeletons, then I think Sans would know about that from his studies, and have enough sense to apply it to humans too. Bones in certain monsters are probably not common knowledge (the same way, say, cows having many stomach chambers is not common knowledge to humans), but he’s a smart cookie who would probably be into factoids like that.

But lets suppose they don’t have bones. 

They are told. Sans thinks Frisk is just screwing with him and laughs. Pap does this: ಠ_ಠ

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