just these specific lyrics

I just want people to understand that Taylor’s lyrics are originally often written about her own life but you shouldn’t try to interpret their meaning in relation to her life??? The great thing about Taylor’s lyrics is their deeper meaning. For example, in getaway car, I’ve seen people speculating about the “think about the place where you first met me” line and relating it to the met gala but the song…is about a rebound and I think that line is referring to the emotional place Taylor, like many of us, found herself in: she was in a relationship she wanted out of, searching for a companion to jump ship with and there he was…THAT’S the actual meaning of that line, imo. Basically, if you just try to relate Taylor’s lyrics to her specific life details, you’re really trivializing her work and that’s not cool so maybe cut that shit out

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The walking fashion disaster himself for the song thing

I hate this. Why? Why this? Do you all just hate me?


  • Britney Spears - Toxic
    Specific Lyric: Actually, frankly, I just want this to play every time he walks into a room every.
  • Jimmy James - Fashionista
    Specific Lyric: No one. Ugly. Allowed.
  • Lady Gaga - Born This Way
    Specific Lyric: I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.

Request: If your doing requests I have a Steve thing that came into mind. It’s pretty much just smut, inspired by lyrics from the song ‘tied down - James young’. Specifically “So please can I be selfish with your body, cause I don’t think I can share you with nobody” and “When I have you, I’m gonna brand you with my lips, so all of the world will know that your mine now”. -however you want it is fine with me :) -also sorry for bothering you :E I just couldn’t resist 

Words: 3,973

A/N: Smut warning. I also haven’t had the chance to edit I’m sorry

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“Y/N!” You ignored Steve yelling at you through the earpiece. Grabbing the gun off one of the Hydra agents, you checked to make sure there were enough bullets to get through the next hallway. Four bullets.

“Y/N there are too many agents in that room, forget the extra intel we got what we needed,” Steve spoke through sternly again. You ignored him once again, holding the gun up, finger on the trigger, ready to fire at any given moment.

“Sorry Cap, we can’t just walk away when we know there’s more information that we could use.” You whispered through the earpiece. You rounded the corner, gun aimed high, shooting once, effectively taking out two Hydra agents that were rounding the corner together. One would think not to walk right behind the other.

“Y/N. Get out of there and start heading for the Quinjet. Now.” You rolled your eyes. You continued making turned until you found the door that led to the information you were looking for. You jiggled the doorknob, hoping that there was a small chance that it wasn’t going to be locked. You backed away from the door, contemplating whether or not you were going to shoot the lock and fight however many people were in there with two bullets or walk away like you were told. You raised your gun, thinking to hell with it, before shooting the lock once and kicking the door open, gun still raised. To your surprise, the room was empty. You rushed to one of the computers, inserting a flash drive before hurriedly tapping away on the computer.

“I thought I told you to go to the Quinjet.” You turned around, holding the gun up out of instinct, caught off guard by how quiet Steve had been. There were deep frown lines on the edges of his mouth, his usual bright baby blues that typically reminded you of the sky on a sunny day were now a dark navy blue that reminded you of the deepest edges of the ocean. You swallowed, the tension in the room growing thick. Your heartbeat rose, waiting for him to yell at you. You watched as he tightened and untightened his jaw, something you know he did when he was annoyed. His broad chest rose and fell so lightly that if you hadn’t been studying him so closely you would think that he wasn’t breathing. His hands were in fists, knuckles white that you could only imagine were from how hard he was digging his nails into his palm. You didn’t know what to say.

You heard the computer beeping, you turned your attention from the very angry looking super soldier to the Hydra computer. You read the big green letters that popped on the screen.

Transfer complete

You let yourself smile a little bit, ejecting the flash drive before turning around to face Steve again. His eyes kept burning holes into you.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are we going to head back to the Quinjet?” You asked, praying to whoever was listening that didn’t sound as snappy as it sounded. He turned around stalking out of the room cautiously.

You trailed behind him, looking behind you to see one agent rounding the corner. You raised your gun and shot them in the arms, not lethal but definitely enough to knock them out. You looked forward again, hearing grunts and punches landing. You rounded the corner, hoping that it wasn’t Steve who was receiving such painful sounding punches. You felt your body relax when he saw that he had taken out six agents. He may have been a good fighter but he wasn’t perfect. When he turned around he avoided eye contact, but you saw the gash on his right shoulder. He kicked his foot down, causing the shield to fly up and allowing his arm to grab it before ordering you to follow him.

You started to move but one of the agents that were lying on the ground cocked his gun and aimed it at you. You froze, staring at his bloodied mouth curl up, watching his finger move slowly towards the trigger before hearing him fire. You closed your eyes and flinched, waiting to feel the bullet pierce through your skin. You opened one eye, looking at the wall to your right and seeing a very familiar shield wedged into the wall. You looked over to where the agent was lying, seeing him shot dead. Steve was at the other end of the hallway, eyes trained on the agent, a gun pointed at the dead body. You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding, tears pricking your eyes. You swallowed again, blinking away the tears. You grabbed the shield, following him out of the building.

You raced to get on the plane, feeling it begin to take off once the both of you were on it. Steve had his back to you. You looked down to see the shield in your hands. Your fingers traced over the scratch marks and a fresh bullet mark on it. The black spot was warm, it caused a cold shiver to travel up your spine, thinking about what could have happened if the shield wasn’t there. If Steve wasn’t there. You turned and started walking deeper into the plane, looking for Steve. You saw Natasha and Agent Hill by Tony who was flying the plane. You kept walking towards the emergency medical wing, spotting Steve going through the cabinets in the room. You knocked gently on the door, catching his attention. He opened the door, looking at you silently before his eyes trailed to his shield. You handed him his beloved armor.

“Thank you.” You said quietly. You looked up at him again and saw that his fingers were tracing the same bullet mark that you were minutes ago.

“You’re not coming on our next mission.”  He said harshly, catching you by surprise. You blinked a few times, processing the words that just came out of his mouth.

“What?” You asked, more to yourself than him.

“You’re off the next mission.” He turned around again, setting the shield down by the door, looking through the drawers.

“You can’t do that!” You argued, angry that he thought he could control you and tell you what to do. He ignored your protest, eyes scanning the labels on the many bottles he had taken out.

“I’m going on the next mission whether you liked it or not. There is no reason for me to be taken off of it.” At your words Steve snapped his head towards you, standing up to his full height.

“You’re off the next three missions.”

“You can’t do that!” You exclaimed again, throwing your hands up in anger.

“I just did.” He muttered, pushing past you. You followed behind him, refusing to let this go by.

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Song Analysis: What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?

I’ve been mulling this song over since I’d first heard it. For one, it confirms a lot of things about Homeworld and the Diamonds that I’ve been harping on for a while now. But this post isn’t a sermon about how to sympathise with the Diamonds better. I’m not too big a fan of that perspective. Rather, it’s the power that we receive when we empathise with them.

The thing about the Diamonds is that they’re all powerful, huge, and “human.” They err and have feelings, not necessarily in that order. So when they irrationally do something that hurts a lot of individuals and even entire planets, the answer isn’t to excuse them because “they’re sad.” The answer is to reach out to them in a way they understand so that they don’t do it again, and more appropriate to our context, make amends

Because the two very polar sides of “forgive” and “punish” aren’t constructive. To side with either doesn’t do justice to the people and gems who’ve already been lost or still are losing. It doesn’t make things better for anyone. 

This post will analyse the perspective Homeworld has of Earth and human beings. At the same time, the song reveals a lot about how gems view themselves and one another. I’ll round it up with how PD’s death impacted both Blue and Yellow Diamond and how their respective coping strategies led to the way things are now. And I’ll speculate on the immediate future of Earth in that regard.

So let’s get to it!

1. The song implies a falling-out among the Diamonds before PD’s shattering

Why would you want to be here? What do you ever see here
That doesn’t make you feel worse than you do? And tell me, what’s the use of feeling, Blue?

When the Steven Bomb opens in Steven’s Dream, we get a rare moment of hearing Blue’s thoughts. Bent over PD’s palanquin, she expresses deep regret. She says, “If only I had done more.” 

We know that Blue is sad over PD’s death. And we know from the first verse that visiting anything related to PD makes both surviving Diamonds uncomfortable. But we can find, within the lyrics, something specific about why instead of just sad, regret is interspersed in their mourning of PD.

In sharp contrast to Blue’s lament of wanting to do more, later on in the song, YD says, “Now there’s nothing we can do.” That implies at one point in time, the Diamonds were in a position to do something that could have prevented PD’s shattering. And they didn’t do it.

I want to bring back one of my older posts regarding the circumstances of PD’s shattering. In it, I mention that there’s been some sort of historical scrubbing of PD’s memory from Homeworld, such that only older gems are aware of her or feel any affinity for her. The Great Diamond Authority Logo, colour schemes, and even gem factions show no sign of PD’s ever existing, when this wasn’t the case for older structures on Earth. 

But in a slightly contradictory manner, we know the truth to be the opposite. The Diamonds didn’t take PD out of Homeworld’s memory because of the fight. Rather, they erased her because it hurt them personally to be reminded of her existence. 

When we look at the circumstances of their argument, there are a few theories I can posit. The main one being this: PD had an unconventional relationship with her Earth gems. I say this because now we have two Homeworld “subordinates” as examples in contrast.

I brought up before that Jasper felt a deep personal affinity for PD. And this may be even without having met her personally, even with the possibility of her being created after PD was shattered. On the other hand, Peridot and Holly Blue talk about their Diamonds with a sense of detachment. There is a great divide that Peridot puts between herself and YD. YD is perfect; she is not. YD is the most objective; that is what she aims to be. YD is a great decider; she was there to reaffirm the logic of the former’s decisions.

It’s much the same for Holly Blue. BD decides to maintain the zoo; she is grateful for the opportunity to serve. BD is arriving; she wants to assure a pleasant visit for her.

In both these cases the gems don’t feel like they’re coerced into serving their Diamonds. They openly acknowledge that because their Diamonds are superior in different (and at times all) aspects, they’re worth following. It’s very similar to idolising someone and hoping they’d mentor you, or even that you could contribute to their cause in some way. This cause being the betterment of Homeworld. 

2. PD’s close relationship with her gems

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for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

(You can get this on redbubble!)

and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

honestly, for me personally, sign of the times getting nominated for ‘song of the year’ of the big 4 for the grammy’s would mean the most to me like that song is amazing and harry getting an award or just being nominated for it for his songwriting specifically? for those lyrics? the music behind it? the meaning? like idk how to explain how incredible that could be for him. even the fact he’s being considered for it is… beautiful. it’s what he and that song deserve

feel it still [p.p.]

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Based on ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man. Specifically the lyrics “Oh, I’m a rebel just for kicks now”.

Summary: You’re a superhuman with slightly crooked morals who was on Team Cap during the ‘civil war’. Now, after avoiding capture by Tony Stark, you’ve gone back to your ‘normal’ life in Queens, occasionally running into your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Superhuman capabilities: cat-like reflexes, flexibility, & agility.

The second time you met Spider-Man was during a jewelry heist, the first being during the event that had been dubbed ‘The Avengers’ Civil War’.

You had found yourself creeping behind a group of guys, all dressed in black. Unbeknownst to you, Spider-Man was hidden in the shadows, observing you as he waited for trouble.

As soon as the first robber had disarmed the alarm and had begun stuffing his (stereotypical) duffel bag with jewels, you had lept into action, going after all three robbers and taking them down with skills that could have rivaled Natasha’s.

As Peter stood, slack-jawed in awe, you proceeded to grab the duffel bag and place everything back in it’s orginal place. Behind you, Peter dropped down from his hiding place, still observing you.

His expression quickly changed however, when you held up a small red diamond up to the light and proceeded to place it in your pocket (where did they even come from?) before making your way up to a window.

Trailing after you, Peter noticed the way you extended your finger, allowing your sharp-as-nails claw to cut through the glass before gently removing it and setting it down next to you.

Without looking back, you proceeded to jump out the window, Peter gasping as he swung out after you.

You could feel the ground aproaching rapidly, and you smiled as you readied yourself for the landing, making sure that you would land on your feet. Your landing was cut short when you felt an arm curl around your waist and the wind rushing through your hair.

Your smile faded as you and your mysterious companion landed in an alley. You turned around immediately, recognizing the red and black (?) mask as the one that belonged to Spider-Man.

“So what was that back there?” Peter asked, gesturing towards the jewelry store.

You shrugged slightly. “Typical robbery gone wrong?”

Spider-Man chuckled before stepping forwards and pulling the red diamond out of your pocket. “Then what is this?”

You sighed deeply before answering. “I stopped the robbery Spider-Man. No one will notice that a tiny little diamond is missing.”

“You know,” Peter began. “I don’t understand. You fought with Cap. Why are you going around the city helping out and fighting crime if you’re just going to turn around and participate in said crime?“

You stepped forwards and looped your arms around his waist, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “Because…sometimes being a rebel is pretty fun.”

With that, you stepped back and sprung up onto the fire escape, making your way towards the rooftops as you bounded away, leaving Peter a blushing mess.

It would be five minutes later when Peter realized that you had stolen back the red diamond.

The third time you met Spider-Man was at a bank robbery gone wrong.

Once again, you had been following the robbers, and had proceeded to take them down when they were about to make their getaway.

Unfortunately, you had been overpowered and Peter had swooped in to save you.

It had been after the fight, when you had picked up a wad of money, that Peter noticed your necklace and scoffed in disbelief.

Around your neck hung the red diamond, wrapped in twisted wire and attached to a sturdy leather cord to make sure that it stayed on your person at all times.

Feeling Spider-Man’s gaze on you, you smirked, raising an eyebrow as you observed him. “See something you like Spidey?”

Spider-Man shook his head. “I can’t believe you kept that.”

Your smirk only got wider. “What can I say? It’s pretty, no? And I’ll be keeping this as well.”

You were gone in the blink of an eye, taking the wad of cash and leaving Peter alone in the bank as the police approached.


“I’m telling you Ned! She helps out and stops the crime and then she turns around and takes something for herself!”

Ned Leeds rolled his eyes as Peter ranted about the mystery girl. “Dude, chill. You’re beginning to sound obsessed.”

“Who’s obsessed with who?” You asked, plopping down on the seat across from them and setting down your lunch tray.

It was the morning after and Peter has gotten to school ranting about the mystery hero.

“Peter is obsessed with some girl that makes him all flustered when he’s on duty,” Ned interjected, eliciting a groan from Peter.

Peter quickly relayed the events to you and you smirked slightly, secretly pleased with the way you seemed to get him all bothered.

When he finished complaining, you leaned in a bit. “I dunno Pete. Maybe she just likes having fun. It’s good to rebel once in a while.”

Peter’s eyes widened slightly at your words before a glint caught their attention and they wandered down to your neck. Dangling around your throat was a necklace, made with a familiar red gem that seemed to mock Peter.

Following his gaze, your own eyes widened as you hurriedly tucked the necklace into your shirt, trying to avoid his piercing gaze.

“(Y/N), what the f-”

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Better Off Now

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This is a oneshot set at the Homecoming dance. The reader dances with Jughead. The song they dance to is Better Off Now by Trent Dabbs (for the ~full experience~ listen to the song to get the feel and then read) (this isn’t about the lyrics specifically, the song just has sad vibes)

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Words: 1180

Warnings: it’s not happy lol read if you want to hurt

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Hamburr Songs™
  • miss missing you by fall out boy (the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger)
  • bulletproof love by pierce the veil (my love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me)
  • you give love a bad name by bon jovi (shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give love a bad name)
  • sugar we’re goin down by fall out boy (i’ll be your number one with a bullet)
  • doubt by twenty one pilots (even when i doubt you i’m no good without you)
  • i bet my life by imagine dragons (i know i took the path that you would never want for me, i gave you hell through all the years)

Here is the most fluffiest scenario of Yoongi that I can conjure up! I cried with how cute and soft this shit is!!! It’s not too long, but it’s enough to make you happy (and possibly asking me to make a Pt. 2) ENJOY!!!

Genre: Fluff/Slight Smut??? (Just a little but it doesn’t go into detail)

Member: Yoongi (BTS)/Reader (I tried to keep this gender neutral.)

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Caring would be the word to describe your relationship.

But another one would be soft.

You know he’s been through a lot and needs a partner to care for him in a way that only he would understand. He needed you to keep him motivated. To keep him in tacked with his emotions so that he doesn’t become a stone-cold person.

In other words…to keep him sane.

You love him and in return, he loves you. He tries to remind you of that whenever he has time to come home.

You were sitting on the couch with Yoongi laying his head in your lap with his arms wrapped around your waist. You were brushing his hair with your fingers as you both watch a show with the television close to mute but loud enough to pick up the dialogue. 

You felt him rub your waist gently and moved his head to give your clothed thigh a kiss. He then situated himself to face your stomach and lifted your shirt a little to place soft and gentle kisses to the soft skin. It wasn’t sexual at all. Just his way of showing you his love in a gentle way. He looked at you from the corner of his eye and smiled at you. He loved the way you looked at him. Soft and gentle eyes and a kind smile. He reached up to cup your cheek. “I love you.”

His heart skipped a beat when he heard you hum and softly replied with “I love you too.”

Even though he tends to be away for work, Yoongi still manages to show you he’s still thinking about you and that he still loves you. Yes, you may still miss his hugs and all the cuddling but the phone calls and the small trinkets he sends you and the best one is when he sends you little audio files to you with him gently singing some lyrics that he specifically wrote just for your ears only.

Sure some people say he can’t sing, but that’s not true. He is indeed a good singer despite his on-camera persona. 

You were getting ready for bed when your phone started to ring. You picked it up and saw Yoongi’s name on the screen and quickly picked it up. 

“Hey babe.”

“How’s my baby doing? Getting ready for bed right?”

“I’m doing fine but, I am missing you.”

“I know. I miss you too. How about I sing you a lullaby that I just finished writing for you?”

You took his offer and laid down in bed as you heard a few clicks from his mouse and then soft music started to play. You closed your eyes as his soft voice started to sing along with the tune, lulling you to feel tired and almost fell asleep. 

After the lullaby ended he knew you were finally sleepy. “Sleep well. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Yoongi is no exception to happiness either. He appreciates you. He relies on you. He…loves you. 

When he’s away, he likes to lay in bed and go to his gallery on his phone where an album just for his eyes only is saved. He likes to go through all the happy memories and look over your features to keep them burned in his mind. He never wants to forget you.

He loves holding you. Likes the feelings of having you secured in his arms and so close to him that your hair tickles his nose. Your shampoo scent was sweet and he loved it. He also likes the beat of your heart on his chest. 

His second most favorite moment is when he comes home after a long while. Missing you so much that he can’t stand it. He shuts the door and is greeted with a smile that warms his heart. He would pull you in and place his lips over yours in such a sweet kiss. 

I love you and I miss you is exchanged between you both as you make your way to the bedroom for a sweet night.

When morning comes, he loves to just watch your peaceful look. His marks visible as one of the signs of his love for you but his neck was no exception either.

“Good morning.” Your shining eyes slowly opens up and his stomach does that weird thing tickling feeling that no one can ever explain. He smiles at you and pecks your forehead.

You brought light into his world and he loves you for that. He never wants to let you go because you both care too much to do that to each other. 

The sun was shining over you both and he moved your bangs out of your eyes. He shifted and moved over on top of you and gently layed himself down on you and buried his face into your neck and placed a few kisses but was gentle since you had bruising marks on your neck. 

“I love you so much.” He felt you wrap your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair and placed a kiss on top of his head. 

“Stay with me Yoongi.”


Lost in Reality (Luke Hemmings)

this is kinda like my miniseries where i write the agt auditions except this is the voice and u and luke are judges and also dating okokokokok

i dont want to make this a series pls dont make me


“This is gonna be the one, guys,” you stated as the lights dimmed while the last contestant of the day was coming onstage, “I can feel it.” The three other men looked at you and chuckled as the music started.

You all listened intently, wanting to be sure you wanted the girl on your team – and she’d picked such a demanding song that you wanted to hear her get through a few more notes before you made your own decision. And when she hit the note that brought everyone to their feet, you immediately hit your button. The girl’s voice wavered slightly in shock but she kept going, happy she’d made it onto the show. However, you noticed out of the corner of your eye that Luke’s arm had moved slightly, making your head snap over.

Don’t you do it, Hemmings!” you threatened. Luke simply laughed, leaning back in his chair.

You turned back to the stage, putting your elbow on the front of your chair and resting your chin in it. You couldn’t see Luke, so when the song came to an end, you thought for sure you had this performer on your team. Unfortunately, you heard a chair turn at the last second, making your head snap up as the girl onstage honestly looked like she was going to pass out.

No!” you screamed at Luke, jumping up from your seat, “You can’t do that!”

“I think I can though,” he smirked, not looking at you, “Because I did.”

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  • Taylor Swift: I'm making a decision to pull my music from Spotify as a business move to support lesser known artists
  • People: You're just greedy and a cold calculating corporate devil!!
  • Taylor Swift: I'm trademarking specific lyrics written in certain designs that my graphic designers made so fake companies can't steal them and take advantage of my fans or take money away from my staff also I literally own these designs so I can do that and literally everyone does this
  • People: See!! Money hungry business devil!!
  • Taylor Swift: *dates anyone, tweets about her cats, doesn't tweet for a few weeks, wears a red shirt instead of a blue shirt*
  • Taylor Swift: Katy Perry tried to sabotage my Red Tour by messing with my dancers' contracts
  • People: ur just stupid and and have no business experience

Here’s a Ninja Ship Party thing, commissioned by @delicatelyfantasticninja! Hope you like it!

(and hey, maybe you guys could consider commissioning me?)

Brian was sat at the piano inside of their studio, mindlessly pressing away at keys, while Dan scribbled away on a notepad, attempting to write a song. They’d been there for at least half an hour now, sitting in a pleasant silence that they’d grown accustomed to years ago. 

For some reason, Dan’s thought process was dwindling; his mind becoming a whir of fuzz. His eyes fell closed and he could feel the tense muscles in his body slacken as his mind was filled with the melodic tones emitting from the nearby piano. The notes ended abruptly and Dan was snapped back into reality.

Brian’s back faced him yet he noticed a slight rippling of his muscles through his shirt; maybe his fists were clenching? 

“Babe?” Dan’s voice was hesitant. “You okay?” 

The other man nodded and shifted so his blue gaze was focused on Dan. Brian’s expression softened as did his resolve. “This doesn’t sound right to me,” he admitted with a sigh of resignation. “The notes just…I don’t know, Dan. They just don’t sound right.”

Dan placed his notepad to the side of him and furrowed his eyebrows.The slight purse of his lips made Brian smile inwardly; Dan always looked cute when he was confused.

“I think it sounds awesome, Bri!” he chimed enthusiastically and the validation made Brian’s heart soar. “You have such a way with music, you can’t possibly think that something is wrong!”

The older gentleman shook his head, a faint smile appearing on the thinness of his lips. “Artists are more critical of their art than most people,” he reminded, drawing his attention to the lively brown eyes of his partner.

“And you’re overly critical,” Dan ushered, moving to a stand. He stretched his long limbs above his head and exhaled slowly. “I’m totally in love with your music, almost as much as I’m totally in love with you. Honestly Wecht, your music is giving you a run for your money.” Brian’s lips twitched at the sides, but he just shrugged.

“You can say what you want, Daniel,” Brian pushed away from the piano and turned to give Danny his full attention, “But what I think stands: it sounds like garbage.”

Dan shook his head, clicking his tongue and sliding next to Brian on the seat. 

“Listen, Brian,” Dan began, throwing an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulder, “The notes sound fine. Hell, they sound amazing. Sometimes I get a little jealous because shit, dude, I’d love to play as well as you do.” Dan felt that he was rambling now.

“I can teach you to play, Dan.” Brian said.

“I thought you sounded like garbage?” Dan smacked himself in the forehead and corrected himself, “I mean! You said your music sounds terrible, so wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of teaching me?”

“I said the notes sound wrong, mainly because I was making them up on the spot,” Brian shrugged, pulling back up to the piano, “However that doesn’t mean that I think all my music is awful.”

“Well, fuck.” Dan slid closer to Brian.

“If I remember, I write all the music for this band while you do lyrics,” Brian said as he began to play a song Dan didn’t recognize, “If it weren’t for me, you’d just have X-rated Slam Poetry.”

“Oh, haha, very funny, Bri.” Dan pat his knee to the melody of Brian’s playing. He began to hum along, not thinking of specific lyrics, just following the flow and letting his mind wander. 

Brian looked over at Dan, whose eyes were closed as he hummed with the music. He looked calm, content. Brian couldn’t resist from leaning over and planting a soft kiss onto Dan’s cheek. This action caused Dan to stop his humming, a blush evident on his face.

“That’s…really fuckin’ gay, Brian.” He laughed, earning a shove from Brian, who eventually joined him in his giggle fit.

STOP!!!! SLEEPING!!! ON!!!! SO!!!! IT!!!! GOES!!!! AND!!!! DANCING!!!!! WITH!!!! OUR!!!HANDS!!!! TIED!!!!

Also guys, I know there are certain lyrics in the other songs that are brought up a lot bc they are amazing and note-worthy, but can we acknowledge all of the other phenomenal lyrics in each song except just one particular one? There’s so many lyrics that deserve appreciation that I feel that not just one should be talked about. I know we all have our fav lyrics, but Taylor worked hard on all of the lyrics written on the album, not just one specific one in each song.




Relationships: Keith x Allura

Warnings: Angst and slightly intense making out.

Summary: A songfic about Kallura based off of the song Unconditionally by Katy Perry. Keith faces Allura after his attempt at sacrificing himself, and it’s in that moment that Allura realizes he truly doesn’t believe that anyone cares about him, that it’s impossible for anyone to love him. And given how close she was to losing him, she decides to tell him everything before it’s too late.

A/N: There’s a heck of a lot of feels in this one folks!

Keith knew why he was heading to Allura’s room before meeting with the others. They all knew that he had tried to kill himself to save them. And although that was a bold sacrifice to attempt to make, he wasn’t sure if he should feel glad or upset by the fact that Lotor saved him. Before he knew it he had reached her doors and they slid open to let him in. He held his head down, staring at the floor. Suddenly he was slammed against the wall and Allura was sobbing into his shoulder. 

“Keith! Oh Keith thank goodness you’re alright! I was so scared I thought I would never see you again!” She wailed and Keith was in complete shock. 

He had never seen the princess in such distraught. Was she really that upset over almost losing him? She couldn’t say anything. She just stared at him and hugged him again, sobbing even harder. Tears started to form in Keith’s eyes as well. He buried his face into her shoulder and relished in the soft feeling of her hair and her slender figure in his arms. And he started to cry himself when he realized how close he was to never being able to hold her again. 

“Why?” She asks after calming down. “Why would you try to do something like that?” 

“Because I’m not needed.” Keith says. “We have five paladins, I’m just an ordinary foot soldier in the eyes of the blades. Besides, it’s not like I have anyone that loves me or something like that.” Allura pulled back to look at him. Her dazzling blue eyes had some emotion he couldn’t put his finger on in them. “Allura? What is it?” 

He almost died…Allura thinks to herself. This was her wake up call. Keith could have died without her telling him…

Oh Keith…” She says and kisses him. 

Keith pulls back from her and looks away. 

“Allura please.” He says, tears streaming down his face. “Don’t just do that because you think I’m going to try to kill myself again. Knowing that you don’t really mean it would just make me feel worse than if you did.” 

“What do you mean? Do you not want me to love you?” Allura asks and takes his hands. “Because Keith I do. I love you.” 

“I love you too.” Keith admits, his bottom lip trembling and tears streamed down his face. “But we can’t be together. You can’t possibly love someone like me. I just tried to kill myself for nothing Allura I’m a freaking mess! You deserve someone who doesn’t have anger issues, or issues in general. I’m just carrying too much baggage.” 

Allura stayed silent, then very quietly started to sing.

Oh no, did I get too close oh?
Oh, did I almost see what’s really on the inside?

It was an old song that she had heard her mother sing to her father when he was feeling stressed and feeling worthless. And right now Keith needed that more than ever. 

All your insecurities
All the dirty laundry
Never made me blink one time
Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally

She looked into Keith’s eyes and he started to cry again and he closed his eyes and looked away from her but he was gripping her hands tightly. 

There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally

Then he tried to turn away and leave but Allura held him firm.

Come just as you are to me
Don’t need apologies
Know that you are all worthy

He came closer to her and rested his forehead on hers, crossing their noses. His hand gently cupped her cheek.

I’ll take your bad days with your good
Walk through this storm I would
I’d do it all because I love you, I love you

“I love you.” Keith says and then kisses her passionately. 

She holds onto him tight and kisses him back, singing in-between the breaths they take. As they both let go of their fears about this war and their feelings and just accepted each other’s love. 

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally

Keith pinned her against the wall and let his tongue invade her mouth. (Allura has stopped singing btw these are just lyrics I wanted to add for specific moments)

So open up your heart and just let it begin 

Keith gripped her hips and pressed his body flushed against hers as he devoured her mouth.

Open up your heart, and just let it begin

She ran her hands through his dark locks and gripped them tightly, making him moan into her and dig into her waist with his calloused hands and allowed them to trace her smooth, perfect figure. 

Open up your heart, and just let it begin
Open up your heart

They both finally pulled away from each other out of exhaustion and Keith rested his forehead against Allura’s. His bangs tickling her dark skin and she smiled softly at the feeling. Then she sang again softly.

Acceptance is the key to be
To be truly free
Will you do the same for me?

“For you, I will love you unconditionally.” Keith says and the two of them share another passionate kiss. (Again Allura isn’t singing these next parts).

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
And there is no fear now
Let go and just be free
‘Cause I will love you unconditionally (oh yeah)

Keith left the blades of Marmora and rejoined Voltron. 

I will love you

They won the fight against the Galra Empire.

I will love you

And the wedding bells rang as Keith and Allura exchanged vows to each other, and they lived happily ever after.

 I will love you unconditionally

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