just the whole damn package


“You threatened to sell our dog to the weird guy? Luca look at his little face how could you do that to him.” She pleaded as she fluffed the puppies ears with a small chuckle. “We would never do that baby don’t you worry your cute little head mommy would kill daddy if he tried.” Emily joked with the dog. Having Luca home made her heart feel whole, it was strange how she couldn’t do two weeks without him now. “Yea you better not I got moves you ain’t seen baby.” Emily lent over pressing a slow and almost lazy kiss to Luca’s lips. “I love you for a whole damn lot baby, your package is just one of them.” She smirked teasingly. She scrunched up her nose slightly and nodded. “Good boy, besides all you go to Vegas for is sex and weddings and you got all that hear…we can even play a little strip poker if you want.” Emily scrunched her brow together as he said that he couldn’t tell them. “Fine…but you need to get Ben dressed whilst I quickly shower…alone. Or we will never be out of the house.” 

lukesheartbreak Follow Forever

Alright so this is just a little mini follow forever that I wanted to do since I got to 1.2K today

SarahI did it for the vine. Jk I love you so so so so so much. You’re my best friend on here and irl and I don’t know what I’m gonna do when you move. You’ve helped me in every way possible and we’ve built such a good friendship over the past few years. Even when I didn’t know your name, we still talked. And then now… wow. We planned our weddings haha, freaked out over seeing 5sos (hopefully we will still), and you left me a voicemail on my phone singing Happy Birthday on my birthday. Plus you named my blog, so I owe you big time.

Maizey May: Maizey I love you soooooo much. I haven’t known you for very long, pretty much a month, I’m not sure. But we’ve become such good friends and you are seriously one of the nicest and sweetest people in the world. For one, you made this edit for me sooooo long ago but I’m using it now. And then there was our failed attempt to watch Harry Potter at the same time. And I’m just so glad that we became friends, you helped me realize that I wanted to be a therapist (weird thought I know) and you helped get me out of some really bad places, so thank you with all of my heart.

Mocca: Mocca I love you to infinity, you can’t beat me on this. You’re the nicest person ever and you also have a super nice mom js. Plus you’re a Kiwi, what could be better? hahah I love you thank you so much for everything. I’m just happy that we became friends and I’m also super happy that I can say I have friends in other countries haha. You’re absolute perfection, you’re beautiful, and ily most

Bella: Bella I met you a little after Maizey and Mocca and Alexa and everyone, but I speak to you probably the most out of everyone, besides Maizey and Sarah. I wish that we could meet, cause we all live in California and it’d just be great. ily sooooo much and you’re so damn nice and we always have interesting conversations that make me laugh without fail. And for real, if we all lived together (minus Alexa bc she wouldn’t like all of the crying/group crying sessions, especially ours over Luke with Sarah observing. But she’d visit), it’d be insane but awesome. We’d be the therapists of the house haha

Alexa: ALEXA MY MAIN JEW I MISS YOU! I remember seeing your little icon on Kik and thinking oh my god that picture is awesome. And then you sent pictures of you in sunglasses and my life was made. You and me don’t talk as much as before but when we do, it’s the most randomest and hilarious conversations and they’re perfect, just like you. You’re funny, you’re beautiful, you’re sweet, you’re the whole damn package!


(Also some blogs I follow and are friends with/I admire from afar bc I’m awkward. Bolded are my favorites.)


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You’ve Got Mail (She Loves Me) Pt. 23

Re: rere: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re:

The next two weeks pass in a blur, winter storms and cold frost descend on the city like they were waiting for the holidays to pass. Icy grip takes hold and doesn’t let go, wind howling through the tunneled streets and into cracks in apartment windows.

It causes Arkadia to take another hit.

The business slowing to a crawl in the cold. In the aftermath of Fox Books.

Clarke thinks about her decision more and more, waiting to see if something will change. If the shine of the big store will wear off.

But something grips at her, too.


The big open nothing that lays beyond Arkadia’s walls. A forest waiting to be navigated.

Since she woke up on New Year’s Day safely tucked on the couch under extra blankets with water and cough drops next to her everything changed.

It took her a minute to remember why she didn’t crawl into bed.


A fondness creeps through her.

A fondness she doesn’t really want to fight anymore, but one that still feels foreign. Still new. Too early to be fully tested, accepted.

They haven’t seen each other since.

Lexa hasn’t come into the store. Hasn’t sent any boxes of pastries.

Clarke hasn’t run into her on the street or at the dry cleaners.


She doesn’t really quite know what to do about it. Hoping Lexa wasn’t scared off by her sick state or the way they eased into each other in the warm apartment.

For the first time she wishes she had Lexa’s number. If only she’d asked drugged up and half asleep.

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Skin-Tight, High, And Tight!

Chris Hogan Is One OF The Hottest Players To Ever Don The Skin-Tight White Uniform Of The Buffalo Bills!

He Must Spray-Paint That Kit On Him!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

anonymous asked:

Wow. I can't help thinking about how much I want to sit down to a deancas au movie. Make some tea or popcorn or have a bowl of ice cream and sit down for a couple of hours and watch those two faces slowly fall in love. With a beautiful soundtrack and great cinematography. Just the whole damn package. I think I'd legit sell my soul to live a world with a netflix-load of deancas au movies.

Could you imagine if something like this was possible though. 

instead of written fanfiction. 

it’s movie fiction. 3250983409568 different au’s of dean and cas in movie form.

of course i know it’s impossible. BUT STILL. EVERY AU EVER.