just the way her face looks

Spoilery Question

Did anyone did anyone else notice how Rey changed her clothes and got dressed up a bit more, let down her hair right before she got inside that escape pod on the falcon. Her hopeful nervous look? The look she had on her face the moment she saw Ben? This nervous and excited school girl look? The way he looks at her when she arrives. Idk just wondering if anyone else noticed those things.

Jerome Valeska

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I walked into the morgue, my eyes instantly fell onto the new body. Lee instantly ran over to me, blocking my view.

“(y/n)! You shouldn’t look–”

“Is that him? Is that Jerome?” I was only 19, but I was her assistant. Lee slowly stepped out of the way, revealing a faceless Jerome Valeska.  “Where’s his face?” Lee gave him a small shrug of her shoulders.

“We’re not sure, but we suspect that Dwight took it…Do you need a few minutes?” I sunk to my knees, resting my head on the edge of the gurney.

“Yes, please…” A pair of footsteps slowly receded, the door opened and closed. “Why would you do this, Jerome? We could’ve just–We should’ve just ran away from the circus…But you got yourself,” My shoulders tensed as I felt a hand grab a fistful of my hair.

“I’m sorry, Doll. I really am,” Tears fell from my eyelashes as I locked eyes with a faceless Jerome.

“J-Jerome?” His hand slipped from my hair to cup one side of my face, I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand.

“(y/n), I need you to tell me what happened, I’m having difficulty even remembering you…What are we exactly?” I grabbed the hand that held my face as I answered.

“We’re together…We’ve been together since we were 15…Any–any other questions?” Jerome removed his grip on my face to place his gun in front of his Cock.

“Did we ever–” Jerome made a clicking sound with his tongue as he moved his gun slightly.

“O-Oh, that…Well, you never really liked that kind of thing. It’s just one of the many things your mother ruined for you…But we did,  once. And it was…Nice,” Jerome grabbed me by my hands and pulled me to my full height.

“(y/n), I need you to go home and WAIT for me. Can you do that? It’ll be a few hours, but I will be there. I promise,” I squinted my eyes, confused on what my ginger-hair boyfriend was trying to tell me.

“Jerome, what the hell are you talking about?” He gestured toward the tv, which was broadcasting the news.

“I’m going to get my face…And then we’re leaving gotham.” I let out a soft gasp as the dots all connected. “Go to your apartment, pack your things…And WAIT for me.”


I just turned in my last final for the semester 🎉 and wanted to do something mindless (instead of cry as a way to decompress) so I’m taking @imhavingyourbaby up on her offer to do the 9 selfies of 2017 thing and annoy everyone with my face 😘
These are in order, so enjoy seeing how I… have not changed at all except for my hair color rip.
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Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!


You want me to make a wish? I just wanna know that he’s alive. That’s it, that’s my wish.
And that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I’m going to live it as best I can, for as long as I can.

Speaking of misconceptions about Dean (specifically about him being some kind of lothario), have you ever noticed how very not smooth Dean is when a woman propositions him? How surprised and flustered he gets? After Ellie asks him if he wants to go back to her room and have sex, this inarticulate babe comes out: 

Or this woman who has this in reply to Dean telling her (as FBI and not meant as innuendo) he has ways to compel her to talk: 

Or Suzy, he was not expecting that: 

He can’t even remember he’s supposed to be kissing Anna back he’s so confused: 

Or when Pamela said it might be his lucky day, just look at the wonder on this man’s face: 

He had to give himself a freaking sex pep talk after it had been awhile (since Lisa, presumably, and wow that was a like a year): 

I mean, in the second episode, he can’t even believe he’s getting a kiss on the cheek from a woman: 

Flustered and frequently confused by a woman’s interest in him? Yes. Guy who takes advantage of women and does anything to get them into bed? No. 

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When do you think Shiro caught feels for Allura and vice versa?

OH BOY okay when did Shiro catch feels for Allura?

…right about here.

When did Allura catch feels for Shiro? that’s a bit more up in the air, but personally i think she’s gonna catch them now that he’s gone. i mean she already likes him a lot, that much is clear - and it’s clear that he is her favourite Paladin, that she likes him more than the others - that she relies on him and trusts him and is comfortable around him… but as for catching feels? i think she’s maybe a bit in denial about it, and maybe she won’t fully acknowledge how much she cares about him until she realises how hard it is to keep going without him.

that said, i think there’s one moment when Allura was definitely like “gosh he’s so sweet, why do i always feel so soft and mushy when he’s around” and it was this:

that is the face of a woman who’s suddenly feeling all kinds of things and isn’t quite sure she wants to admit them to herself yet.

OK y’all I was gonna wait until the artist posted it but I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT THIS IS SO GOOD I HAVE TO SHARE IT! (I got permission to do so of course)

I commissioned the lovely @nanumn to do a pic of Neptune and AAAAAHHHHH SHE’S SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT

(I’d put 12 rows of heart-eyes emoji but I’m on desktop and also that would be obnoxious)

Anyway if you want a lovely piece of art done for yourself, check out this post (super reasonable prices for the quality, wink wink nudge nudge)!



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A small piece where Y/N can’t get Harry’s attention, so she pouts and decides exactly how to grab his attention

Y/N rarely begs Harry for anything. He’s usually one step ahead of her, always making sure she had everything she needed. Cuddles, hugs, good morning texts. But sometimes he can get caught up in his own work, Y/N has no problems with it obviously. Yet it only gets in the way when Y/N really wants something. And not just anything. But something only Harry could satisfy.

The first time Y/N acted out like a brat, Harry was answering emails.

He was lied out on the bed, back propped up by the headboard with the MacBook in his lap. His ankles crosses and hair slightly fluffed over his forehead due to just waking up. His glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, scratched at his stubble dusted jaw letting his eyes dart on the screen at the multiple emails sent by his manager. It was barely 8am on a Saturday, Y/N usually slept in on the weekends, it was her escape from the hectic schedule of work and schooling. Something was keeping her up though. She lied in bed with her back facing Harry, stretching her arms over her head once she became aware. Y/N peaked up at him sleepily, seeing his bright green eyes looking down at her.

“Up this early in the mornin’? Tha’s a record.” Harry teases letting his right hand lightly scratch over Y/N scalp making her hum out in delight.

“Heyyy don’t be rude… I can be up early if I put my mind to it.” Y/N quipped in. The only thing on her mind right now was for Harry to put his mouth on her.

She’d never ask him for it though. She would always think she’s got it all in her head, pep talking herself in the mirror to get the confidence to just come straight out and tell him exactly what she wants. But she can never get past the first sentence. Harry always can read her before she can even mention what she wants from him. He says it’s all due to his “impeccable reading of people” but Y/N just thinks her flushed cheeks are a dead giveaway.

After sharing a few kisses and daily questions they went through every morning that he asked. “Did you sleep well,” “what should we make for breakfast,” she could usually answer them with no problem. But she was getting too distracted on the way his mouth spoke certain syllabas, the way he used his knuckles to push the glasses further up his nose. Everything that should seem normal, but was just making her body even warmer. Harry caught on to her spacing out, brushing the tip of her nose with his finger.

“Did you even hear a word o’ what I just said?” He rose an eyebrow looking down at her. Y/N moved her eyes back to him immediately dropping them back down when her eyes met his. She meaked out an embarrassed ‘no’ before he smirked softly leaning over kissing under her ear.

“Go brush your teeth an’ we’ll make some breakfast yeah?” Harry tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before rubbing his thumb across her jaw. Y/N blinked a few times before getting up and heading over to the bathroom to freshen up. She brushed her teeth, combed through her hair, she even splashed cold water on her face to just snap her out of it.

But nothing worked.


And now she was left to fluster her way through to get Harry to do something to her. Y/N opened the door after drying her face with a towel, he was still lied there in the same position, ruffling his hand through his hair yawning out. She stood by the end of the bed just watching his, fiddling with the sleeves of the sweater of his she wore. Harry trailed his eyes back to her smiling sweetly.

“Look a’ you… all fresh an’ ready to go.” Y/N smiled slightly nodding before gnawing on her lip.

“Yeah! Yeah yeah I just….” Just like that she was at a loss for words. Anytime she started a sentence in a certain way, Harry’s eyes would immediately dart over to hers, his eyebrows scrunching in concern. She hated when she worried him, it was never her intention to, I mean how were you supposed to ask your boyfriend to just eat you out. It should be easy, but with someone like Harry, it’s more tedious than it should be.

I just really want your mo-“ She’s suddenly cut off by Harry’s ringtone blaring, making his eyes move to the phone left on the nightstand. “Jus’ give me a minute love…” Harry mumbled before answering the call.

Just like that he answered the phone. Y/N looked at him, dropping her hands by her sides letting her lower lip jut out in a pout. She didn’t mean to be someone who wanted a lot of attention, but she wants attention. Especially when she’s needy for him. Something in the way he answered the phone made Y/N reset her words in her brain. She knew a way to get to Harry.

It was risky, but she knew she had to take it if she wanted him to do something now.

Harry has his phone held between his shoulder and ear, typing away on his laptop letting out noises of responses to whoever was on the other line. Y/N crawled over to his side, resting her hand over his forearm. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, moving his hand for a minute to brush his thumb over her knuckles. She moved to lean her chin to rest on his shoulder, pressing her lips against his ear, tugging his hand that was over hers, to her thigh. Harry let his hand rest on the outside of her thigh, suddenly glancing down at it. He moved his head up to sit straight, using his other hand to pressing the phone against his ear.

“H….. really need you right now…” She murmured quietly in his ear, slipping her fingers between the open spaces of his on her thigh. Harry looked at her moving the phone away from his mouth.

“Sweetheart.. ‘m on a call jus’ give me 5 minutes..” He mumbled moving his phone back to his mouth before resuming the conversation with what sounded like his manager.

Y/N frowned pulling just her head back to look at him, his eyes not even bothering to look back at her, too focused on the screen in front of him. Her own patience was wearing thin, deciding to shove the computer off his thighs and crawling in between them. Harry looked at her with furrowed eyebrows glancing back at the screen and then her. Y/N just shrugged tapping her fingers against his thighs casually keeping her eyes on him. He looked down at her hands before grabbing one of her wrist and sending a warning glance before setting her wrist down in her lap. Y/N pouted moving her hands back to the waistnand of his boxers, slipping her fingertips in. Harry widened his eyes quickly grabbing her wrist and moving to press the phone against his shoulder to muffle the speaker.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Harry hissed keeping his hold on her wrist.

“You aren’t paying attention to me, have to figure out ways to do it obviously.” Y/N bluntly stated rolling her eyes.

Harry narrowed them before murmuring our a low ‘quit it’ before returning back to his call, now making sure his eyes were focused on hers the whole time. At this point she would’ve stopped, realizing whoever was on the other line is important and whatever they were talking about was obviously something that Harry would have to pay attention too.

But she wasn’t going to stop.

Y/N moved to lie on her stomach between his legs, pulling out his cock from his boxers. Before he could let out another scolding, she immediately wrapped her lips around the tip, lolling her tongue around. Harry let out a choked breath moving his free hand into her hair. She let her eyes trail up to his raising her eyebrows up before pulling back, letting her hand slowly work over his shaft. Harry shook his head gritting his teeth together.

“Yeah ‘m fine mate don’t worry about it… I can’t believe what the fuck are you doin’…” Harry spoke through clenched teeth at the last part. Y/N bit her lip shaking her head innocently, acting like she had no clue what she was doing. She let her tongue lay flat on the underside of his prick, letting it drag up lazily before flicking her tongue against the bead of pre-cum that had escaped. She was fully now wrapping her mouth around his cock and letting her head do the work. Her hand pumping over his shaft ever time she moved her mouth up making his head slam back against the headboard squeezing his eyes shut. He had more self control than this, but something about the way her mouth was hot around his dick was making his mind go in circle. He couldn’t think straight with her doe eyes looking up at him like she isn’t choking on his cock.

“I go-got it yes-fuck I’ll talk to you later ‘m busy.” Harry quickled rambled out before slamming his hand down on the bed with the phone. His hand quickly tangled in her hair tugging her head back toughly. A line of spit connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock, breathing out heavily against the warm skin.

“You are jus’ not listenin’ today are you petal…” Harry clicked his tongue shaking his head as he looked down at her with dark eyes. “Know ‘m on an important call… still disobeyed..?” Y/N licked over her lips dropping her eyes down.

“I’m sorry daddy… just wanted something…” Y/N meekly whimpered out, his hand tugging at her roots to have her eyes move back to is.

“Well if you jus’ would ask… daddy wouldn’t be so rough with his baby now would he…” Y/N nodded biting over her lip pouting out as she looked at him.

“I tried saying something! You didn’t listen though!” Harry raised his eyebrows at her tone making her shrink back slightly.

“I said I’d be with you in a minute didn’ I..? You weren’t being patient…” Y/N huffed out moving her eyes away from his face.

“I know I know….. sorry daddy…” She mumbled out looking back at him, tilting his head to the side.

“‘M letting you off with a warning this time… next time it won’t be pretty do you understand?” Harry lowly mumbles leaning his head down slightly to make his point clear. Y/N nodded glancing over his face biting over her lip.

“Good girl…. now.. go ‘head…. finish what you started…” Harry leaned back against the headboard again watching her with raised eyebrows, his lips quirking up into a smirk once he saw her eyes light up again.

The second time Y/N acted like a brat, both of them were at a restaurant with a group of friends.

They were both sat together in a booth, Y/N was pressed against the wall, sitting on the inside of Harry’s side. His hand rested comfortably on her thigh as he talked to one of his friends about a story she’s heard a million times before. She hasn’t had much to drink this time coming out. She would’ve been nursing a couple margaritas by this time but something was once again taking her focus off of anything. Her eyes turned to watch Harry animatedly explain his story using his free hand to gesticulate every word. Her mind flashed back to that morning he tugged at her hair she could feel her scalp prick with pain. The way he just looked down at her with a harsh stare that would make her want to crawl into a hole and never come out, but at the same time just completely soak her panties. She liked the way he was asserting his position in their relationship.

She loved he way he just dominated her.

Her hand moved to rest over his, using her fingertips to trace over the rings that adorned his fingers. Harry turned his head to look st her adoringly, squeezing her thigh in response. Y/N smiles leaning over to press her lips over his ear, tightening her grip on his hand. “Daddy….”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly turning his head to look at her properly, blinking a few time to understand what she said. She looked at him sinking her teeth in her lower lip sliding his hand up her thigh slowly. “‘M soaking for you… want you to take me home right now.”

Harry shook his head grabbing his glass of water raising his eyebrows over the rim of the glass. “Stop it…..”

Y/N pouted before pressing his fingertips over that spot over her underwear, specifically wearing a skirt of this occasion. Harry swallowed thicker looking down at her lap where his fingers were now pressing against her warm heat. He sucked the air through his teeth glancing at her through his eyelashes.

“You are so in fo’ it when we get home I swear…” Y/N looked at him with excited eyes trying to hide the way her thigh clenched even more hearing the way he spoke. Harry pulled his hand back before looking back at the table and explaining their sudden plans to leave. “Missus has a bit of a stomach flu happening, gonna take care of her now” he murmured helping Y/N get out of the booth alongside him. Both saying farewell to their friends, some of them wishing Y/N a full recovery as they headed out back to his car. The way Harry had his fingers tightly locked with her own, was making Y/N anticipate what was waiting at home.

The minute Y/N stepped into the door, Harry had her shoved against the nearest wall. She let out a gasp of shock pressing her hands against the wall to turn around. Harry came around quickly to press his body up against hers, wrapping his fingers around her waist.

“You jus’ don’t know when to behave do you…” Harry whispers hotly against the crook of her neck, baring his teeth against her skin, letting her head fall back on his shoulder. Y/N’s eyes shut feeling his mouth work on her neck, licking over her dry lips trying to move her wrists away from his grip. Harry squeezes over them pressing pressing his mouth against her ear.

“If you move those hands an inch… I won’t let you cum once tonight… understood…?” Y/N swallowed thickly nodding quickly before being turned around looking up at him. Harry moves her hands to rest on the wall by her hips before sinking down on his knees. He leaned forwards nipping up the skin of her inner thigh, holding the back of her knees as he looked up at her. Y/N’s hands were clenched into fists twisting slightly every time he sunk his teeth into the supple skin of her thigh. Harry moved his head under her skirt, it being flowy enough for his head to disappear completely under the fabric. His tongue pressed flat against her clit letting it nudge around over her underwear. Y/N dropped her head back whining slightly as her hands itched to just slip into his hair. Harry pulled back finally and slipped off both her skirt and panties, pressing kisses all over the apex of her thighs. He could see in the corner of his eyes, her fingers flexing and un-flexing each time his mouth would brush against her clit. He couldn’t help but let a smirk spread across his lips, knowing that whatever he was doing, she was trying her absolute hardest to stay still.

Harry licked over his lips before wrapping them snugly around her clit, letting the tip of his tongue roll the bundle around in his mouth. Y/N jaw dropped open looking down at him feeling her knees buckle. Harry quickly grabbed her thigh before throwing one of them over her shoulder, giving him more access to lick into her. His tongue moved back to lap up everything that had come out, letting out a growl against her clit when lifted her hips up into his mouth.

“Taste so fucking sweet… could spend the rest o’ my life here…” Harry mumbled against her inner thighs nipping roughly at thr tender skin making her cry out, slamming her hands down onto the wall.

“Oh my… fuck me… right there H.. oh my god…” Y/N squeaked out whining as he pulled back with raised eyebrow. “What did you just call me?”

Y/N quickly shook her head desperately moving her hands to her thighs to clutch into something. “Nothing daddy please.. please please please just come back… please!” Y/N begged, before nearly crying in relief when he returned his mouth back onto her swollen clit, letting his jaw work feverishly to pull her to her high. She looked down at him with her jaw dropped feeling her tummy coils, digging her nails into the skin of her thigh. She was so close. So so so close.

And then he pulled away.

Harry stood up to his feet as she looked up at him blinking through some tears, feeling her high escape her slowly. “Why did you do that! I was so close.” She cried out sniffling slightly. Harry shook his head turning her around pressing her chest back against the wall.

“You think this was gon’ be easy…?” Harry tutted shaking his head as he grabbed her hips and pressed his aching bulge against the swell of her bum. She purposely pushes back against him, resting her fists against the wall beside her head whining.

“I’m sorry daddy… I’ll never do it again I promise.. just.. j-just let me cum… please…” Y/N whimpered hearing the ruffling of his clothes coming of. She glanced over her shoulder before he pressed his lips lightly across her cheek.

Oh baby… baby baby baby… relax… ‘m comin’ ‘m comin….” Harry coos out against her cheek, holding her hips, letting his thumb rub across her heated skin. She shut her eyes slightly relaxing into his movements. Her eyes quickly shot open letting out a choked cry once he got in one smooth thrust. Harry growled against her shoulder grinding his hips down immediately.

“‘M going to fucking ruin you…” His hips moved to a rhythmical pace, her forehead pressed against the wall, letting out choked whined and moans every time he reached that spot. Harry’s forehead pressed against the back of her neck slamming his hind into her perky bum, making him want to cum on the spot.

“You feel me… right.. here.” He emphasized when he lightly squirmed his hips to nudge that spot, pressing his hand against her tummy. Y/N gasped dropping her hand to rest over his before nodding desperately.

“I-it feels… so good fuck…” Y/N cried feeling his free hand move to wrap his hand around her throat.

“Are you ever going to act like a brat like that ever again..?” Harry asks pressing his nose against her temple squeezing down on her throat ever so slightly. Y/N gasps out shaking her head, the pressure on her throat intensifying the bubbling in her tummy.

“Are you ever going to disobey daddy every again..?” Harry takes her lobe in between his teeth pressing his hips flush against hers, just staying there. Y/N shook her head once again trying to move her hips against his, but it was no use.

“N-no I’ll never disobey you ever again daddy.. never never never I-I promise just.. let me cum please, ‘m so close..” Y/N chokes out a sob dropping her head down. Harry looked at her moving his hand down from her throat and rubbing quick circles over her clit, keeping his hips still against hers.

“Wan’ you cummin’ jus’ like this….” Harry murmurs nudging his nose against her cheek maid her head turn to lock eyes with his. His other hand moves to slip in between her fingers, tightly intertwining their hands as he worked his fingers against her. Y/N pressed her cheek against the wall looking at him through hooded eyes trembling slightly under him. Harry tilts his head to press his mouth against hers, letting his tongue lick into every inch of her mouth as she chased her release. Y/N dropped her jaw against her mouth letting out a string of whines and his name as she finally came. The clenching around his cock making him cum just behind her, letting out a low groan, burying his face in her neck utterly exhausted.

Y/N turned her head to press her lips over his forehead smiling sleepily rubbing over his knuckles.

Baby…. baby come on….” Y/N cooed out softly to Harry who just let out a tired moan against her neck, lifting it up lazily. His sweaty fringe draped over her forehead, eyes tired but gleaming with excitement, lips puffy with his constant gnawing. Y/N wishes she could engrave this picture in her head for the rest of her life.

If this is what being a brat brought, then she won’t hesitate next time to push his buttons.

I feel like I’ve chewed on these thoughts long enough, so let’s go ahead and just tackle them: Steve Harrington.

Tbh? I fucking hated him.

So. Fucking. Much.

He would steal Nancy’s book bag and keep her from class and get in the way of her studies, which were all obviously so important to her. He pressured her for more intimate acts when Nancy resisted (my feelings on this topic are more complicated when considering Nancy’s perspective, but right now I’m just talking about Steve and the face-value of his interactions with her, where she repeatedly told him no). He allowed his friends to mock and belittle her. To slander her in the most public and damaging way possible for a small town like Hawkins.

By the end of Act 2 for the first season, I was very much hoping the demogorgon would fucking eat his face clean off.

But then he did something remarkable. He realized “I shouldn’t have done that.” He looked at his “friends” and realized their influence was toxic. He cut them off and sought forgiveness from Jonathan, whom he’d also harmed. His concern for seeing Nancy at Jonathan’s house wasn’t rooted in his suspicion that she was cheating on him—in fact, his first reaction upon seeing her answer the door was apologetic, even desperate. It’s only after he sees her injury that his protectiveness kicks in. And it’s not that he wants to protect Nancy from a romantic rival. He just wants to protect Nancy from an abuser. (And in a town like Hawkins, I think it’s reasonable for people to know about the nature of Lonnie and Joyce Byers’s relationship, even if they don’t vocalize their acknowledgement of it. It’s not an unreasonable to expect Jonathan to be the same.)

By the end of the first season, I was well into “well, he’s not as bad as I thought” territory, and I was willing to concede that his arc had been a profound and commendable one.

And then season two happened.

His first scene is with Nancy, relying on and trusting her judgment as a better writer. He’s recentered their relationship. It’s not just about getting what he can out of her (or even just seeming to). He treats her as an equal. He really, genuinely loves and respects her—possibly because he now appreciates what it’s like to lose her. However! His reaction to losing Nancy more permanently doesn’t trigger a regression into his douchier origins.

He’s actually changed.

His growth is challenged and he chooses to continue being the better person he’s become.

He’s upset and hurt. Naturally. But never once does he hurl any of the calumnies he allowed his friends to spray paint across the marquee for all the town/world to see. He’s heartbroken over Nancy, but he can still be a damn good babysitter for the kids. They need him, and he sets aside his own troubles to take care of them.

But the thing I respect the most about Steve The Character is how believable he is. He was a dick, he had a moment of clarity about being a dick, he made an active effort to not be a dick, and with practice, he was able to resist the easy invitation to be a dick once more, absent what’s typically the reason for men in stories to not be a dick (i.e., the love of a woman who expects more from him).

Steve Harrington has experienced heartbreak and not used it as an excuse to be a worse person. He’s been given the opportunity to be petty and accusatory and chosen not to indulge it. Instead, he’s taken a flock of fledglings under his wing and protected them. In the case of Dustin, he’s even accepted the role of Big Brother and offered advice on how to Adult.

Steve Harrington has gone from “I hope a demogorgon eats his face” to “he’s a gift and a treasure and must be protected” in such a short time. And more than that, the change has been believable.

Steve Harrington is a gift and a treasure. He must be protected.

“Why didn’t she just leave?”

I’ve seen way too many posts of people asking why didn’t Timothy Heller “walk away/leave” the uncomfortable situation Melanie Martinez put her in before she raped her. It is SO easy for people who haven’t experienced these moments to say what should have been done when they have no idea what these traumas do to our brains.

People know the “fight or flight” survival mode the brain switches into when faced with a dangerous situation. Flight mode is what these posters are referring to when they ask why didn’t Timothy walk away. But what people don’t know is that it’s not just fight or flight, there are 5 F’s in this survival mode: Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faint, and Fawn.

When a robber approaches you, your brain does one of five possible things (REMEMBER: majority of the time, you cannot control your initial feeling).

You fight off the robber (fight), you take your chances and run (flight), you stiffen up and feel paralyzed (freeze), you get overwhelmed and pass out (faint), or you try to persuade the person not to rob you (fawn).

Sometimes our bodies go into shock when things happen to us and that’s exactly what happened to Timothy during her unwanted sexual advances from Melanie. Please educate yourselves more on things like this before you make yourself look like an uncultured clown by saying “why didn’t she just get up and leave?”

In For It

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(A/N: this is a bit of a part two maybe? Of my recent blurb about being a brat and calling him daddy but you in no way have to read the last one to understand this one! Ignore the typos since this was written at 2:30am but I hope you guys enjoy!)

A continuation of Y/N making Harry channel his inner ‘daddy’ more

Since their hot encounter against the wall in the corridor, Y/N hadn’t stopped thinking about how Harry shoved her against the wall and just took her.

She couldn’t help to think of all the others things she could try and get Harry to do. Yeah he wrapped his hand around her throat, but she wanted more than that. She wanted to see how far she could push him till she was crying and begging him for more.

The next time she’d brought out his daddy kink, she unknowingly brought it out upon him.

Mid afternoon they lied in bed, legs tangled together while the duvet was draped over the both of them. Y/N’s leg was thrown over his hip, his hand resting against the exposed skin of her lower back. She had her eyes shut, completely relaxed into the warmth that enveloped her body. Harry’s hand moving up and down her side slowly, inching lower down the outside of her thigh every time. She didn’t think much of it though, but Harry was getting proper hard in his basketball shorts. His eyes danced across every spot on her face, the way her eyebrows furrowed a bit in her light sleep. She just looked so peaceful and innocent, trying to enjoy a mid day nap.

But Harry was a pest.

Her legs on full display under the boxers of his she wore, always telling him how much more comfier and free she felt, the hem of his Rolling Stones shirt scrunched up on her torso, letting a sliver of her skin peak out through the white background of the shirt. Harry leaned over pressing his lips lightly against the skin under her ear, letting them stay there for a few seconds before trailing his lips down her jawbone. Y/N’s head subconsciously tilted her head up to expose the smooth skin of her neck, making Harry’s mouth just water at the sight of her empty neck. Wanting to fill the space with marks left behind from his lips. He wanted to ruin her. His hand, bare from his rings were moving slowly across the swell of her bum, squeezing over the flesh. Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed, blindly moving her hand to rest over his peaking her eyes open.

“What the hell are you doing…..” Y/N murmured sleepily, craning her neck to see his fingerprints digging into the flesh of her bum.


Harry moved his eyes to look into her tired ones, her eyes suddenly widened gripping onto his wrist. Her lips parted blinking a few times to try and process what just happened. The side of Harry’s mouth quirked up a bit, digging his teeth into his lower lip once more, letting his palm come down against the skin just under the swell of her bum. A yelp finally escaped her mouth, quickly moving her hand to hold the side of his neck.

“Harry what are you-“

Y/N widened her eyes swallowing thickly once she felt his calloused fingertips press against her clit.

“Nu uh” Harry shakes his head looking at her, slipping his fingers underneath the waistband of the boxers she wore. His fingers plunging into her with ease before rubbing her clit with his thumb.

“Tha’s not my name petal….” Harry murmured lowly shaking his head disappointedly.

“S-sorry daddy….” Y/N whined out holding onto his wrist as his hand worked her. His fingertips curled up to press against that spongy part that made her cry out, moving to dig her nails into his forearm. Harry pulled his fingers back, nudging them between her lips and letting her tongue loll around every inch of his fingers. Both their eyes were locked in a silent stare down, Y/N clenching her thighs at the sudden loss of his fingers. Harry gritted his teeth before pulling his fingers back and pressing his mouth roughly against hers. Y/N’s hand moved to tangle her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging at the curls as his lips sucked and nipped her lips swollen. He rolled them over till his hips were flushed against hers. Both his hands cradling her jaw as he pressed his cock against her aching head. Y/N dropped her mouth against against his, looking down between them and watching his hips move against hers. Harry moved his hand to tangle in her hair at the back of her head, tugging it back till their eyes meant.

“Beg fo’ it..” Harry whispered against her spit coated mouth, using his other hand to push down both their undergarments, not even letting his cock brush against her clit. Y/N swallowed thickly looking up at him trying to push her hips up into his, just to get a touch. Harry’s hand was quick to pin them back down into the bed glaring at her.

Behave…. o’ else ‘m not lettin’ you cum….” Y/N whined flopping her hands back on the bed.

“That’s not fair! Want your cock so bad…” Harry shook his head, holding the base with his fingers looking at her. “‘ave to try harder than tha’ baby…”

Y/N huffed looking up at him knowing she wasn’t going to get her way like last time. She moved her hands to cup either side of his jaw, pressing her lips sweetly against the apples of his cheeks.

Daddy… I want it so bad…. I’m dripping for you… it’s all you… just for your cock… no one else..” Y/N murmured against his skin innocently biting her lip once she pulled back. His eyes reopened looking down at her for a minute before slamming his hips down into hers. Y/N choked out a gasp scrambling to find a stable area to dig her nails into. She settled for his shoulders, scratching his shoulder blades each time his hips pulled back and pounded against her thighs. Harry’s jaw was clenched, looking down between them two. His hand was pressing bruises into her hips, catching the sheen the sunlight caught, that covered his cock in her warmth. His other hand was still tight around her hair, tugging it back till the supple skin of her neck was taut and stretched. His mouth coming down to sink his teeth into her throat, sucking a bruise until it blossomed purple. Y/N hands holding onto both of his biceps, mouth dropped into a soundless moan squeezing her eyes shut. Everything was becoming too much. His lips moved up to her jaw, sucking at the space af the hinge of her jaw.

Good girl.... you’re my good girl aren’t you…. clenching around daddy’s cock jus’ like I taught you…” Harry praised through gritted teeth, pressing his mouth against her ear. Her mewls filling his ears each time he nudged his hips just a little further every time he sunk his cock into her. Y/N dug her head back into the pillow letting her mouth fall open with nonsense blubbering out.

“Always your good girl… y-your cock is the only one daddy… no one else can make me feel like this.” Y/N breathed out looking up at him with tears starting to blur her vision. Harry’s eyes looking back into hers, moving his hand to hold her jaw to keep their eyes locked. Four fingers pressed on one side of her cheek while his thumb pressed on the other side.

“None o’ those little boys who could barely ge’ you wet huh…? You’re soaking me righ’ now.. beggin’ me to fuck the living daylights out of you aren’t you…” Harry emphasized, sitting up on his knees to grip either side of her hips firmly. Y/N shook her head quickly leaning down to hold his forearms.

“No one else… just you daddy..” Harry looked down at her, moving her right leg over his shoulder before kneeling over her and pounding his hips even harder into hers. Y/N cried out squirming under his body tugging relentlessly at the bedsheets.

Both their tummies coiling as a warning of their release. Harry turns his head to press his mouth against the inside of her thigh, sinking his teeth into the plushy skin, fluttering his eyes shut. Y/N mouth was opened looking up at him letting his hands roam up we thighs and slip under her shirt to squeeze her breasts.

“Haven’ given these much love ‘ave I…” Harry mumbled against her thigh before leaning down and pushing her shirt up over her chest, wrapping his lips around her nipple. Y/N’s hand cradle the back of his head resting her head on his mouth yelping slightly when his teeth softly sunk into the bud.

Harry pulled back kissing all over the tops of each breast before nipping up the valley and meeting her lips sloppily with his. Her hands held either side of his face, Harry’s hand moving both her legs so they were wrapped around his waist. Harry pulled back, seeing a line of spit connect both their bottom lips together, letting his index and middle finger hook into her mouth, sucking his lower lip into his. Y/N grabbed his wrist sucking greedily at his fingers like she would to his cock, before he pulled back and rubbing lazily over her clit pumping his hips into hers. Y/N’s legs tightened around his waist trying to move her hips faster against his, feeling her high fact approach. Harry’s eyebrows were furrowed in concentration keeping his eyes down on where his cock was rolling into her hips, holding the side of neck to help give leverage. Y/N held his forearm tightly arching her back, letting out a choked gasp when she finally came. Harry dropped down to rest his forearms on either side of her head, pressing his nose against the side of her own as his cock twitched and let him cum. Y/N’s hand gripped the back of his neck before hugging her arms around his neck as he slowly moved their hips to ride out their highs. Harry’s eyes shut in bliss turning to flop his head on the pillow she had lied her head on. Y/N giggles turning her head to look at him scratching up and down his back.

“What happened bub…. too intense for you?” Y/N teased smiling as he lifted her head up to rest his forehead against hers, narrowing his eyes playfully.

“Scuse me miss…. ‘s still daddy to you..” He nipped at her lower lip playfully smirking as she held his jaw, whining out.

“You’ve already had me once! What more can you even do?” Y/N knew he could do more, but she wanted him to show her what.

Harry raised his eyebrows looking down at her before looking in between their bodies, seeing both of their releases slowly seeping out, his eyes lighting up once he figured out. Sitting back on his heels, Harry slowly moved to slip himself out, letting his hands to rest on her inner thighs to keep them open. Licking over his lips, he glances up at her one more time before leaning down and slowly dragging his tongue over her outer lips. Y/N gasped looking down grabbing the top of his head feeling his tongue graze ever so slightly around her clit. Harry peaked up at her through his eyelashes before digging his tongue right into her cunt and licking up every single drop them them two mixed together. She threw her head whining softly as she tugged at the longer parts of his hair. Her legs trembling from the overstimulation, making her push his head away lightly pouting.

“S-stop it’s sensitive!” She giggled through a moan before he placed one last kiss over her clit pulling back.

Harry sat back up licking over his lips slowly looking down at her, crawling back up her body.

“We taste so fucking good together pet….” He murmured before pressing his lips against hers, letting her get in on the fun. Both their tongue mingling, the bitterness of him and sweetness of her dancing across both their tongues. Once they pulled back, strings of spit and cum pulled from both of their lips. Harry licked over his lips before brushing his thumb over hers, and letting her mouth freedom take it.

“What more can you even do?” Harry mocked her earlier words chuckling when she hit over his chest lightly.

“Oh shut up.” Y/N grinned once he grabbed both her wrists in one hand.

“Gettin’ a bit mouthy with daddy now aren’t you…” He tutted letting go of her wrists sitting back. Her smirk spreading over her lips making his own quirk up before flipping her over on her stomach. Y/N propped herself up on her elbows glancing at him over her shoulder biting her lip smiling cheekily wiggling her bum on purpose.

“Oh… daddy’s gonna spank me isn’t he?” Y/N teased once his glossy eyes looked back at hers. She’s suddenly cut off with a yelp tugging the pillow close to her. Harry’s mouth wrapped around the fleshy skin of her left cheek, letting his teeth sink in. Y/N dropped her head forwards biting harshly on her lip she felt his plan come into contact with the spot he sunk his teeth into.

“Daddy’s gonna do more than jus’ spanking you sweetheart….”

Sundays (Part 3)

Sorry if you guys were angry over part two. I guess my cliffhanger made some of you believe things would be just fine between Harry and the reader- but hopefully this throws you all for a loop. Remember to spread love and positivity. xx - L

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,202


He began to walk towards the car, placing you down and pushing your back into it. His lips traveled to your neck and chest for a moment before he looked up at you with tearful eyes, his lips now red and puffy. 

“Please come home.”

The words made you freeze. As if the air wasn’t cold enough, your body felt chilled, as if you were moments from falling to your knees. 

“Come home?” You questioned, pulling back from him slightly. In no way was that house your home anymore. It’d only been a month since you left, but you knew walking back into it would bring back the pain of the last day you’d been there.

“Yeah. I miss yeh.” He spoke softly, his eyes droopy and his lips pouty, the look of pure desperation on his face more than you’d ever seen from him. 

“Tonight?” You felt the panic settle in your body. Harry actually wanted you back? He realized he was wrong this entire time? You were confused, unsure.

“Well, uh… not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, I can come help yeh get y-“

“Why?” You interrupted, the quick word jumping out unexpectedly and hitting him like a brick.

“Why what?”

“Why not tonight? Why couldn’t I just come back tonight?”

“Well, love… haven’t, uh- haven’t told Elizabeth yet.”

It hit you. Elizabeth. The person you’d almost forgotten about. The girl Harry had been living with. The girl Harry had been singing and dancing with, going to dinner dates with, sleeping in the same bed with. The girl Harry had been making love to. Elizabeth.

You felt your body sink back into the pit of sadness it had been in for the past month. 

“You haven’t told her…. Told her what, Harry?”

“That I miss yeh, Y/N.”

“Miss me? Are you gonna tell her that you love me?”

Silence. Harry’s eyes fell to the floor. His foot anxiously tapped as he trapped his lip between his teeth. You felt your body begin to shake.

“Answer me.” You spoke, your eyes squinting as your fists balled up.

No response.

“Answer me, Harry!” You pushed him backwards, his body tumbling and struggling to keep balance. He landed against a random car, his hand traveling up to run through his brown locks.

“Can’t say that.” He spoke monotone, almost deadly. The look on his face was the exact same as it had been the day he told you everything.

As his eyes glanced up, you lifted your hand to his face, slapping harshly, the clapping sound echoing into the night. He reached his hand up press to the stinging red mark. Unlike the last time you slapped him in the face, he didn’t respond with a harsh yelp or obscene phrase- his eyes just dripped cold, wet tears.

You grabbed your purse from atop the car, wiggling grabbing your car keys out of the bag and wiping a tear from underneath your eye. You began to walk away, finding your way to your car before turning around. 

“Harry,” you spoke loudly. He glanced up, palm still pressed to his face, jaw hung open and strands of hair falling into his eyes. 

“Fuck you.”

“You did not!” Ashley exclaimed, a slight smile creeping onto her face. You couldn’t help the one that curled onto your lips, either. 

“I did. Right on his face. You should’ve seen the look he gave me. He looked like a lost puppy dog.” 

“Have you heard from him since?”

“Only happened last night, Ash. But… don’t think I’ll be hearing from him. I said ‘fuck you’. If that doesn’t make him realize I’m done, I don’t know what will.”

“Don’t you think he might’ve meant it, though? He really does miss you? Wants you back?”

“Besides the point, Ashley. Listen to me- he’s still with Elizabeth. He went home to her last night. He couldn’t even tell me he loves me.”

“You’re right… if he really cared, he would’ve told her by now.”

You let out a chuckle, making your way to the kitchen to top off your coffee. “No, if he cared, he would’ve never fucked another woman.”

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

“Who’s callin’ you at 7 AM?” Ashley questioned, reaching towards your phone and picking it up nonchalantly. Her tired eyes turned wide, her hand reaching up to her forehead and her neck snapping backwards. 

“It’s Harry.”

You both froze, a feeling of shock flooding your veins as you rushed back to the living room, practically spilling your coffee along the way. You plopped down next to her, your eyes locked in silent conversation. You went to press the green answer button, but Ashley slapped the phone out of your hand.

“Uh-uh! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Answering! Just wanna know what he’s gonna say, not like I’m-“

“Y/N. He cheated on you. He called you a stubborn bitch. He hasn’t spoken a word to you for a month, and now you’re just gonna-“

“Ashley, I’m not. Don’t even say it. I’m not. Just wanted to hear what he was gonna say to me.”

“Then let him leave a voicemail. Let him text you. But don’t answer that fucking phone, or I’ll slap you in the face.”

Phone call after phone call, your phone screen lit up with a picture of Harry, the curiosity driving you insane. You knew what the other night was- he wanted to fuck you in the car, then ghost you for another month. Regardless of what Ashley said, the bride and groom, or even Harry- you knew that he would’ve gone back to Elizabeth.

Speaking of- you go to Elizabeth’s profile, curious to see what video or picture she’s posted of Harry this morning. Your mouth falls open to the sight of her profiles, anything and everything to do with Harry deleted.

“Uh-oh. What did he say?” Ashley rushes over towards you, her eyes glued to your phone screen. 

“Not him. It’s Elizabeth. She deleted… everything.”

“He must’ve told her.” You felt your heart stop for what felt like the millionth time. Was Harry serious? Did he really want to work this out?


The first text from Harry.

Please talk to me. Call me.

An hour passes, and seven more texts from Harry.

-Need to talk to you. 
Please, love. I can’t live without you.                 
-It’s over between me and Elizabeth. Done.                 
-Miss your smile. Miss your laugh. Miss your body.                                                           
-Miss your lips, too. Been thinkin’ about how much I love them.                             -Love, I miss our Sundays. So much. I need to talk to you.                                 -Fuck. I love you. So much. 

He seriously told you he loved you again. Through text message. Like a fucking coward. 

You glance to see if Ashley is looking at you. She’s not.

Leave me alone, Harry.

You threw your phone onto the couch, hands making their way into your hair, an exasperated breath leaving your lips. Before Ashley could even ask what was wrong, you heard your phone ring. 

And it rang again.

And again.

Harry was calling you a ridiculous amount of times. Should you answer? Was something wrong? 

You’re moments from pressing the green button, moments away from speaking to Harry, when you hear a loud knock at the door. You rush up, practically running to the door, startled and worried. You open the door, eyes growing wide, jaw to the floor, complete and utter shock running through your veins.

It was Elizabeth.