just the ticket

… Jesus Christ is going to defeat Ghost, guys
i didn’t realize there was a conflict but i guess The Fight Is On. Papa E and Jesus are about to throw down
i’m just trying to sell concert tickets..why is this happening lmao

Sherlock just booked two tickets for a Chinese circus. Didn’t think John was into that kind of thing, but who am I to judge. Last time I had to come up with an idea for a date was…You know what? This isn’t about me. Let’s concentrate on Sherlock and John. *clears throat*

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For the hometown shows, make sure you look into that because I don't think you can transfer the tickets. They're being very particular with it, and you need an ID to get in. I think the tickets just go to waste if you try to cheat the system, so make sure this will actually work first (which I mean it might, but I really thought this wasn't allowed sorry ):

Yeah, you can’t transfer tickets so DO NOT BUY TICKETS UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO GO TO THE SHOW. because if you buy tickets they can’t be transferred & if you are not able to pick them up yourself, they’ll go to waste.

The code is different. It’s just a code & is not connected in anyway to a specific person so anyone can get a code & give it to anyone else. (Ticketmaster has already confirmed this)

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why is it so expensive to buy hamilton? not tickets, just the rights for the entire production, my /Canadian/ highschool wants do do it

I think it’s because the hype for it is still really prominent; trying to get rights to older musicals like Into the Woods or Cinderella wouldn’t be as hard bc they aren’t as popular now. Plus Hamilton is still running strong on Broadway, Chicago, and just started touring. It’s still so popular and making a lot of money. I could be wrong but that might be the reason why.



Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.