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Dinner ♡ Ethan

Summary:Imagine: Bad boy Ethan inviting you to dinner to meet his family and you sit next to him (cause you’re his girlfriend so why not) and he fingers you while you try and act as normal as possible while his parents talk to you

Word Count: 817

Warnings: Smut?

A/N: Not requested, but I was just drawn to this. I answered another thing about it, and then had an idea to write a small little Ethan thing about it!! This might be horrible but It might be great, I don’t know, but this is my first time writing “smut”, but i’m not even sure if this counts, but go easy, please. enjoy, xoxo. (and i’m not sure now the gif goes with it, but I think he looks bad ass he looks in it.)

“Dolan. Party of 6,” Ethan smiled, squeezing your hand. “Yes Sir, right this way” The waiter mumbled, grabbing 6 menu’s and leading you to a table. “Can I get you some drinks?” He questioned, grabbing a pad and pen out of his apron. “Yes, thank you. I’ll have a Dr. Pepper, and you’ll have..” Ethan questioned, looking towards you. “The same, please” You smiled, glancing away from your menu. “Those will be right up” He smiled, walking away.

“Baby, It’ll all be just fine,” Ethan smiled, grabbing your hand from under the table, and giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Ah. This is the girl I’ve heard so much about,” Sean smiled, as The Dolan family walked up to the table. You took a deep breath, and stood up, fixing the bottom of your dress. “You must be y/n. I’ve heard so much about you” Lisa smiled, giving you a small hug, then walking to her seat. “Nice to see you again,” Grayson smiled, as he gave you a kiss on the cheek, before going to his seat. As everyone went around, introducing themselves, you calmed down. Ethan was reassuring you, placing his hand on your thigh. The conversation went on, talking about how everything in L.A was, how their youtube channel was coming, if they had any new friends. “-and what about you, miss y/n?” Sean asked, facing his attention towards you. Ethan slowly inched his hand up your thighs, you trying to not make a big deal about it.

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The writing prompt meme- #50 "I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.” The Starklings. It's such a sibling prompt!

“What? It’s a great idea!”

“Robb, it’s a terrible idea! Mom doesn’t even like hockey,” Sansa protested.

Her older brother looked at her as if she’d lost her mind. “Of course she likes hockey! She has never missed a single game any one of us has played in unless two of us were playing at the same time in different rinks! She’s been to more games than Dad, Sansa!”

Sansa rolled her eyes. “OK. She doesn’t like hockey unless one or more of you idiots are playing. This isn’t just Dad’s anniversary! Stanley Cup playoff tickets are a terrible anniversary gift.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re the only person in this family who never played, Sansa! You probably want to send them to the dumb old ballet!” nine year old Rickon protested.

“No, I don’t,” Sansa said, in a voice alarmingly like their mother’s when her patience was nearly at an end. “I’m perfectly well aware that Dad has no interest in the ballet unless I’m dancing.”

“Well, ballet’s boring,” Rickon pronounced, making a face that had Robb, Jon, and Bran all laughing in spite of Sansa’s glaring at them.

“I hate all of you!” Sansa exclaimed as she dramatically turned causing her hair to swish around her shoulders and flounce out of the room. 

From her perch on the back of the couch by the window, Arya sighed. She’d never admit it to a living soul, but she did envy her sister’s ability to do that kind of stuff with her hair, even if Sansa was acting like a baby.

They were all acting like babies. Stupid babies.

Before she could mention that to them, however, Robb turned on Rickon. “Nice going, kid!” he said sarcastically. “Now she’d bailed on us!”

“You laughed!” Rickon protested, throwing his empty Coke can at Robb’s head.

Robb ducked of course, and the can, which apparently wasn’t entirely empty, hit the wall behind him, splattering Coke on a portrait of their family taken on a vacation to the beach about seven years ago. Their mother loved that picture.

“Nice,” Arya said, swinging her legs over the back of the couch and standing up. “You all are just brilliant. We’ve all been saving money for a damn year, and now that it’s time to actually plan this thing, we’ve talked for an hour, decided nothing, chased off Sansa, and gotten coke all over Mom’s favorite picture.

As Robb and Rickon both started to protest, Arya spoke over them. “Robb, go get Sansa back here. I know she’s bossy, but she listens to you more than the rest of us, and does anybody think we can actually plan this without her?”

She looked around the room at her siblings and cousin. Nobody actually disputed that statement. “Go on, Robb!” she said when he didn’t move. “Grovel if you have to, but get her back here.”

“Rickon’s the one who pissed her off!” Robb protested. 

Arya loved her oldest brother, she truly did. He was a wonderful guy. But sometimes when he felt angry or unjustly accused, he could be the biggest baby of all of them. “Yeah. And he’s NINE. Your twenty. Suck it up, Robb. You all laughed, and it was your dumb suggestion that we send Mom and Dad to the playoffs as our gift which got Sansa riled up in the first place. Besides,” she turned to glare at her youngest brother, and the smirk he’d been directing at Robb disappeared immediately. “Rickon has to go get a rag and clean his damn mess. None of us will be alive to give Mom and Dad anything if Mom sees that picture that like that!”

Rickon, fully aware that he couldn’t escape responsibility for the Coke can incident and with no desire to end up on the receiving end of the wrath of Catelyn Stark (in spite of the fact that Mom tended to let him skate more often than anyone because he was the BABY), scampered toward the kitchen in search of cleaning supplies immediately. 

Robb made a face at her that caused him to look alarmingly like Rickon, but he then agreed to go in search of their sister, muttering under his breath as he went. “And she calls SANSA bossy!”

“Well?” Arya asked as Bran and Jon stared at her in silence. 

“Well what?” Bran asked.

“Well where do you two think we should send them?” she asked in exasperation. These two had contributed very little to the discussion so far, although to be fair, neither had she–except to give them an update on their general budget. 

Even the older kids agreed that fifteen year old Arya was the best of all of them at math, so while Robb had opened the bank account last year because only he and Jon were over eighteen and could do it without their parents’ knowledge, Arya had managed it. The others had given her their contributions and she’d made deposits with Robb’s permission and kept track of the balance. Considering that only Jon, Robb, and Sansa had jobs–and they weren’t exactly full time or well-paying, they’d managed to collect quite a sum over the past year. Arya herself had done some math tutoring to raise money. She’d even babysat a few times, which was torture. Of course, she’d never tell the others that the primary way she’d managed to make her contributions almost as big as those of the older three was by giving Gendry money to bet on various sports events. First of all, she wasn’t supposed to still be seeing him and she didn’t want Dad to murder him, and second of all, Dad would likely murder HER if he found out she was gambling. Even for a good cause.

“They’re not really my parents, Arya,” Jon mumbled. “I really think you five should …”

“And THAT has got to be the stupidest thing of all the stupid things said in here so far today!” she exclaimed, rolling her eyes. “You’ve practically lived here your whole life, Jon, and you gave the most money out of anybody! You get a vote!”

“I didn’t put money in to get a vote,” Jon said almost sullenly. “I did it because Uncle Ned and Aunt Cat have given me pretty much everything I have.”

“They love you, Jon,” Bran insisted. “You’re as much their kid as any of us.”

Jon nodded a bit, but he didn’t smile, and under his breath he muttered something like “But they never had to do that” which caused Arya to roll her eyes again.

She adored Jon. It was almost funny because even though he wasn’t technically her brother, his was the face that came first to her mind if anyone asked if she had a favorite sibling. After all, he’d been the one who convinced her mother to not only allow her to play hockey, but to let her play on the boys’ team. But if Robb could drive her crazy sometimes with his belief that things were always supposed to go his way, Jon could make her equally nuts with his insistence on martyrdom at times.

“Seriously, boys, we’ve got enough to give them a really nice vacation somewhere. Not airfare, but Grandpa Hoster said he’d kick that in so we need to come up with something great.”

“What about Disney World?” Bran asked. “They both said that was a great trip when we all went three years ago.”

“Because we were all there,” Jon said. “It was a great family trip, but neither of your parents cared much about most of the rides. I think for just the two of them, maybe someplace else will be better.”

Bran frowned. “But what will they do anywhere without all of us there? I mean … they never go anywhere without us–except for Dad’s work trips. Won’t they get bored?”

Arya met Jon’s eyes and both of them tried mightily not to laugh. Bran was thirteen, old enough and smart enough to understand what went on between men and women, but still young enough to be completely oblivious to the idea of their parents as anything other than just their parents. Heck, she was fifteen and had a not-so-secret much older not-a-boyfriend and still didn’t like to think too closely about what went on in Mom’s and Dad’s bedroom when the door was locked, but she had no doubts they wouldn’t get bored on a kid-free vacation!

“They won’t get bored, Bran,” Jon said. “They do like each other, you know.” He laughed just a bit and reached over to ruffle Bran’s hair. 

Bran blushed then. “I know that!” he sputtered. “I just meant … I just …”

“Don’t worry, Bran,” Arya laughed. “It wasn’t even close to the stupidest suggestion we’ve had.”

“What about you, Bossy?” Robb asked as he came back into the family room, followed by a still pouting Sansa. “What brilliant ideas do you have?”

“I don’t know,” Arya said. “But it should be someplace they would both like. So no hockey. And no ballet.”

“I never said …” Sansa started.

“I know you never said ballet,” Arya interrupted quickly. “I’m just trying to make a point. Nothing that just Dad loves or just Mom loves. It has to be something they love together. What do they both love?”

“Me!” Rickon offered with a grin as he walked back in with glass cleaner and a rag. 

Everyone laughed. “Well, yes, Rickon,” Bran said. “We’ve already established that Mom and Dad love all of us, but this trip is just for the two of them.”

Before Arya and Jon could even cover their smiles at Bran’s about-face on couples trips, Rickon grinned more widely. “I didn’t say us,” he said, sticking a tongue out at Bran. “I said me. They only had all you losers trying to get a kid as awesome as me! That’s why they stopped once they got perfection!”

“You wish!” Bran told him, pulling the little cushion he kept behind his back in his wheelchair out and flinging at at the youngest Stark. Of course, he hit a vase which fell to the floor and broke instead.

“I’m not cleaning that!” Rickon announced.

“Could everyone refrain from doing anything stupid for longer than five minutes?” Arya asked in frustration.

Jon, who’d been standing closest to the vase, bent to start picking up the pieces.

“They both like the country as opposed to big cities,” Sansa said. “I mean, Mom likes the city, but Dad hates it. And even Mom is happier surrounded by green.”

That was actually a useful observation. Sansa really was good at this stuff. Even if she was constantly in other people’s business and wasn’t as perfect as everybody thought. “That’s good, Sans,” Arya said. “What else?”

“Water,” Robb offered. “Mom loves being on the water. And Dad does, too, as long as it’s not too hot. No place tropical.” 

“But warm enough to swim,” Jon put in, having somehow dispatched Rickon to fetch a broom and dustpan without making a fuss or raising a protest from the kid. “Aunt Cat loves to swim, and Uncle Ned loves watching her do it.”

“Eww!” Robb protested. “That’s my mother you’re talking about Jon.”

“Yeah, I know. And it’s obvious your dad thinks she’s the hottest woman around every time he looks at her, and this IS an anniversary trip.”

“Just shut up already, Jon,” Robb said, getting a bit red in the face.

One look at Jon told Arya that wasn’t going to happen. Jon and Robb were almost exactly the same age and had been closer than any real twins their whole lives, but they did love to aggravate each other. With a wicked gleam in his grey eyes, he said, “We definitely need to make sure the hotel room is really nice–in case they never leave it.”

Robb flew at Jon and tackled him. Thankfully, nothing fell to the floor except the two of them, and neither of them was truly angry so they just wrestled for a moment with Jon laughing so hard the whole time that Robb finally couldn’t help laughing as well. “Idiot,” he muttered, as he stood up to let Jon off the floor. “Just shut up about my parents’ sex lives, okay? Five times. That’s all I’ve got to acknowledge, man. Five times.”

Of course, that comment caused Sansa, Arya, and even Bran to dissolve into laughter until Rickon finally asked, “Five times what? And you’re not supposed to talk about sex. Big Walder Frey got sent to the principal’s office for talking about sex to some girl on the playground. She called him a dirty liar and told the teacher!”

That stopped the laughter pretty quickly. 

“Hey, bud,” Robb said, going to put an arm around Rickon. “Whatever that Frey kid says about anything is probably wrong.” Arya was honestly quite impressed at how quickly he’d gone from total dork into mature responsible big brother mode.

Rickon looked up at Robb a moment, as if considering his words. “Yeah. He lies a lot,” he said finally. “Is it true that …”

“Later, Rickon,” Robb interrupted with only the slightest hint of red returning to his cheeks. “Ask me later. Or better yet, ask Dad.”

“Please,” Arya said. “We need to stick to the topic at hand. Mom and Dad will be home soon, and who knows when we’ll get everybody here at once and them gone again. So no more acting like idiots. Are we all good with finding someplace in the country–on a lake maybe?”

“With a great big bed …” Jon mumbled, before bursting into laughter again.

Normally, Arya loved seeing Jon’s playful, teasing side, but as Robb punched him hard in the arm, and Rickon looked as if he were trying very hard to puzzle something out, she’d had enough. “That’s it! I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

“Hear, hear!” said Sansa. She turned and pulled a little basket down off one of the shelves. “This will do for now,” she said. “We can get an official jar later. Now, let’s get this trip planned.”

All the boys adopted serious expressions, and everyone who’d been standing found places to sit. Arya looked gratefully at her sister. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d wanted so much to just hug Sansa.

“The mountains,” Robb said. “Dad likes mountains, and it doesn’t get too warm there ever. But as long as it gets sunny and warm at all during the day, Mom will swim. You know her.”

“Yes!” Sansa nearly squealed. “And there are places with warm springs. I bet I could find someplace like that! And they could take long walks and go hiking and watch sunsets and have breakfast in bed and …”

Arya smiled as Sansa waxed poetic about the ideal vacation spot for Mom and Dad. The others actually all looked pretty excited now as she talked about it, and Arya had every confidence that their sister would get on-line and find a real-life place that wasn’t too far from the image in her head now that it seemed they’d agreed on a general idea. 

Maybe she’d keep the idiot jar (or basket), though. With this bunch, she could likely raise enough to do a vacation for the entire family next in no time at all. 

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Klance, "I miss Earth"

I maybe sort of definitely went overboard with this but dear God this is everything I love so thank you so much for sending this prompt. I hope you enjoy it too -_-

           “I miss Earth.”

           The sound startled Keith after nearly two hours of total silence. He looked up from the computer screen in front of him – Allura had dug out some old books on Altea from the basement of the castle and Pidge had managed to rig up a text translator, so Keith had spent the last few days scanning through the history of the lions and the outbreak of the war with the Galra – to see Lance, curled up at the other side of the library, his own screen abandoned in front of him, staring wistfully out of the window and into the stars. He realized with a start that Pidge and Hunk, who had both been there when he started reading, had slipped out at some point, leaving him alone with Lance. He cleared his throat.

           “I’m… sorry?” he said. Lance didn’t look at him, just sighed and absently traced the edge of the window with his finger. Keith shifted uncomfortably, glancing back down and reading the next line of his book, but Lance had his attention now. He looked awfully small, legs drawn up to his chest and his jacket wrapped around his shoulder, sleeves hanging loose. Behind him, the stars were distant pinpricks, lonely in the dark. Keith realized that he was staring.

           “It’s the stupidest little things,” he said, laughing just slightly. “I mean, I miss my parents and the Garrison and food that isn’t space goo as well but… for some reason it’s the little things that keep getting to me. Like the other day I was just… there’s this old cat, frumpiest, angriest thing you ever saw, missing an ear, will bite your fingers off if you try to pet him, but he used to really like this one spot along a wall at the end of my street back home, and I used to see him every afternoon, walking back from school, sunning himself on this wall, and sometimes I’d leave him a little treat. I’m not even sure what made me think of it, but the other day I just suddenly… I wanted to cry about this awful, dumb cat, because he’s probably still sunning himself on that wall and…” Lance trailed off, shaking his head, his eyes still fixed out the window. “He’s just so far away. It doesn’t make any sense, I know, but…”

           Keith quietly closed the computer screen, and sat still, gripping the edge of his chair, watching. There were days when he yearned for the comfortable familiarity of Earth, when he thought fondly of his little hut in the desert, but they were passing thoughts, easily dismissed. He hadn’t missed anything since his father had died. He remembered it only distantly, the shattering ache in his eight-year-old heart, the nights spent eyes wide open, clutching a pillow, unable to escape the crashing and burning wrongness that was his life even into sleep. He had spent those nights closing his heart off, learning how to hold back the tears that came stinging to his eyes until they no longer came at all, walling himself off until he was in total control, until nothing could hurt him like that ever again. There was nothing worth missing after that.

           Lance wore his heart and his love for his family and friends on his sleeve, open and bleeding and practically begging to be hurt.

           “Do you really miss the Garrison?” Keith blurted out. He cussed internally at what a dumb choice of question that was – but it did get Lance to finally look at him, a crease of confusion on his pensive face.

           “Well, yeah. I mean I don’t miss getting yelled at by Iverson every time I forget to clean my nails, but the Garrison was home too. Hunk and Pidge and I had a good time there.” He shrugged, turning back to the window. “I always wanted you to…” He trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished.

           “You always… what?” Lance waved a hand.

           “Forget it, it’s not important,” he said. He stared out the window and sighed again. “Yeah, I miss the Garrison. I miss everything. God, Keith, don’t you miss it too?” Keith bit his lip, and then made an abrupt decision to stand, cross the room, and plop down at the other side of the window seat, directly across from Lance, who watched him in surprise.

           “Not the way you do,” he said. “Nothing’s waiting for me if I go back to Earth except bad history.” Lance seemed to droop, turning back to the window, and Keith reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. “But it doesn’t matter how I feel,” he said. “We’ll get you back to your family, Lance. I promise.” Lance was still for a long moment, and then sagged into Keith, dropping onto his shoulders and wrapping him in a hug. Keith returned it awkwardly, patting him on the back in a jerky, staccato rhythm.

           “I always wanted you to be my friend,” he murmured. “That’s why I… Jesus, Keith, you only ever seemed to notice anyone if they tried to fight you. That’s why I decided I was your rival, even though you were at the top of the class and I was just a cargo pilot. I thought it was the only way to get you to pay any goddamn attention to me.” Keith tasted guilt and confusion swelling in his throat. Lance had barely been a blip on his radar screen in the Garriosn, just another student to distract him, certain to discover he didn’t really like Keith as soon as he got to know him. It had happened too often, until he stopped letting anyone get close. He had stonewalled Shiro for almost a year before the guy’s patience broke down his defenses.

           “Why would you want to be my friend? You don’t even like me now,” he pointed out dubiously. Lance’s laugh, muffled by Keith’s shoulder, sounded pained.

           “You were the most talented pilot I’d ever seen. You were – you are – good at everything. Everyone wanted to be you. But you seemed like the loneliest person on the entire planet. And I’m the idiot who thought, hey, I’m good with lonely.” Lance finally sat back up, breaking the hug and wiping at his eyes with the heel of his hand. “Which makes this,” he gestured between them, “pretty backward.” Keith’s arms dropped stiffly into his lap. “I’m sorry,” Lance muttered. “You don’t need to hear about– I’ll leave you alone.” He started to stand, but Keith’s hand shot out and snagged his jacket sleeve.

           “Don’t,” he said. Lance stared at the hand, and then at his face, and slowly sat back down. “Lance, I…” He trailed off, his hand still clenched on Lance’s jacket sleeve. “Tell me about Earth,” he said. Lance’s eyebrows raised.

           “But you lived there.”

           “I want to hear about it from you,” Keith said, feeling an odd sense of urgency in his chest. He scooted an inch closer on the window seat. “Tell me what you miss about it. I want to hear.”

           “O…kay…” Lance said uncertainly. He turned away from Keith and looked out the window again. “There’s a café down the street from my house that has these little sofas in the corners where you can sit for hours…”

           Keith lost track of how long he sat there, listening to Lance talk endlessly about everything he could remember, painting the picture of his life for Keith to see. Lance continued the whole time to stare out the window, into the dark and the stars, but Keith never moved his eyes from the face of the boy across from him, watching peaceful joy drift slowly across it, smoothing away the homesickness, if only for a little while.

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Kara is not sure if Lena is into girls. Maggie offers help.


In which Maggie says way too many lesbian references and Lena answers with just as much.

Also on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9955643

“Spit it out, Little Danvers. What has got you all worked up?”

“Why do I need a reason to spend time with my sister’s girlfriend?” It’s somehow slurred and it makes Maggie wonder how much she already had drank before Maggie even got there.

Maggie stares at Kara, eyes narrowing while the young girl blushes and ducks her head down, fingers rapidly coming to push her glasses back, and she knows there’s something Kara wants.

She takes a look down; at the three empty glasses of a drink she’s sure Kara shouldn’t be drinking on her own, especially on a Wednesday night. Then back at red cheeks and adverting gaze.

The crinkle appears in between her eyebrows when all Maggie does is tilt her head to the side, waiting for an answer. Not so long ago, Alex had told her, her sister has a weakness: not being able to endure the silence. So Maggie takes a long swing of her beer and waits, because she knows it won’t take long.

And Kara honest to God starts squirming under her gaze. She groans, plays with the glass in her hand and finally drops her shoulders, loud sigh leaving her lips.

“How did you know?”


“That something is bothering me.”


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How bout some Tythan rainy day HCs

-they just like to lay together and watch the raindrops hit the window

-probably board games, they would just sit and laugh over the stupidest things

-ethan drags tyler out into the rain, just to feel the cold against his face

-kisses in the rain

- “it’s freezing out here, this isn’t a movie”

- “shut up tyler”

-they also love to be alone together, just sit in the same room and read to themselves

- once they get tired of that they would play video games

Super Stupid Weeb daydream

god stupidest daydream that just had me laughing like hell, cause it was a situation where adriens super weeb powers saved the day. A huuuge anime fan got akumaized because like, it was a pretty genuine reason she was so angry that people where making fun of her and telling her that attachments to fictional characters were meaningless and there were no lessons to be learned from cartoons or anime or any kind of animated materiel and she just wanted to show that they had depth and mattered to people cause sometimes cartoons and anime help people deal with stuff.

i digress

so, surprise surprise, she uses famous attacks from various animes and uses anime/cartoon characters as her lackeys. imagine the heroes surprise when they show up at the scene to a very strangely dressed akuma and then like out of nowhere she’s like “my friends will teach you a lesson” and freaking like Goku pops the fuck out of nowhere and adrien is like “what thE FUCK OH MY GOD” and has to dodge this super OP attack. and as hes running hes like “NO FUCKING WAY THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW” 

he is simultaneously extremely entertained and scared as hell cause each character seems to be true to form, so like they are just as strong but also COMPLETELY in character. So as him and ladybug are running like hell he is trying to remember every anime he’s ever watched and figure a way out of it. he’s shouting shit like “thats saitama DONT LET HIM HIT YOU. THROW SOME FUCKING COUPONS AT HIM, THROW GOOD COUPONS TO DISTRACT HIM AND RUN” Their plan is mostly freaking run because crazy ass attacks are wrecking everything and if they get hit they are screwed. Luckily the akuma is mostly summoning good guys, since as a fan thats who she favors and they arent hurting civilians and in some cases actually save civilians from falling buildings and stuff. in one fantastic encounter LB and cat noir get separated and Cat gets backed into a corner when he hears “now I’ve got a fire in my belly!” and he goes freaking pale cause fuck he can NOT beat Natsu Dragneel in a straight fight he had a stick FML, but he loves Fairy Tail, he knows loads of shit about Fairytail and he can see Lucy trailing along behind him so he’s like “if they really are in character maybe i can fix this shit” and starts talking to them

“I’m not the bad guy!” he begs, “and i dont think that girl is either she doesnt want to do this shes being controlled by an enemy named Hawkmoth, he is manipulating her and her emotions thats how he hurts people! He waits until they are suffering and in pain them offers them a twisted messed up deal so he can use them like puppets! Thats WRONG and I know you agree with me!” he looks past Natsu to Lucy, “manipulating people is wrong, hurting people is wrong, and summoning people with real genuine emotions and using them to potentially hurt thousands of people in the crossfire of a gigantic battle no one wanted to have is WRONG”

he plays straight to their characters and they both look angry. Natsu looks at him and says “All those people, while they were running away. They were calling out to you right?”

he nods

“You’re their hero, and if an entire city like this trusts a kid like you then im thinking maybe you’re not the bad guy” Natsu grins, “so if you’re not the guy I should be hitting then who are we going for?”

and just like that Adrien starts making allies through the power of weeb knowledge and he gets to live out an absolute fan boy dream as he fights alongside all of his favorite freaking heroes to win the day and save the city

The End

Alec and Magnus couple of days after THE kiss: 

He was never a man of words. He was never good at it, and it never bothered him before. When he needed something, he worked hard to get it. He truly believed that the world would be off much better if people would stop using so much words that only complicate things, that are creating good-for-nothing -theoretical worlds, which only hurt the actual world they all are living in. Their world have written rules, Accords, they had a very specific law about anything, so why to try and ruin the balance by using unnecessary words and useless feelings?

He was a hunter. He was born with a purpose, with an aim, and he was happy about this little fact. Wake up in the morning knowing that that day would be the same as the previous one, made him in peace. Having a checklist of the things he had to do and those to never do, made his life in order. Kept him out of trouble, as much as his profession let him. As long as everyone followed the law and did what they were supposed to, without trying to ignore their responsibility with stupid conversation which lead them to nowhere, they all could live in a perfect harmonic world.

As much as he loved the balanced life with others, he was fond with closed circles. The people he knew were more than enough for him. He needed no new friends, no other new factors in an acquisition that worked perfectly well without them. He needed no distractions and hated when people didn’t let go. He was just fine surrounded only by his family. He needed no one.

Oh, he was so sure that he had his whole life figured together at a such young age. Growing up in  a family of six, when all of them are mighty shadow-hunters, known to all and respected by all, he knew that he had to be the same. Marrying a woman who would bore him children, taking over the Institute when the right time would come and tutore the next generation to follow the rules he loved so much. Everything was settled in his mind, decided till the last most insignificant detail. He had the perfect life plan.

However, despite all of his plans, little by little his world started to shatter, and he couldn’t blame anyone but himself. His first mistake was to accept Jace - His brother, his best friend - to bring a stranger  into their home, give them a place inside of their world. Clary was a know-it-all little girl, so nosey and such a troublemaker. She came into the Institute and ruined the harmonic life they lead.

Jace was gone and only the Lord could possibly know what he was thinking when he decided to join Valentine all of a sudden and without any fight. His beloved younger sister was under attack for befriending Downworlders and there was a massive trial going on against her even though they had nothing real against her. Magnus got into their life, and he himself, who, by all means ruined every single plan he had with his own bare hands.

There was so much going on lately, so much that made him question everything he ever stood for. He found himself admitting his true self to himself in front of everybody else, after years of self battling and denying his own feelings, only because they didn’t fit his little plan. Magnus, that man, came into his life and turned it upside-down in no time. He didn’t even had to say or do much, his only existence was enough for a mighty hunter like himself to lose it.

Putting a mirror in front of him, Magnus made him recognize his own feelings. First there was scare, that sent shivers down his spine by the mere thought of him ignoring the plan and doing what he’d like. Then, there were confusion and conflict of not wanting to give up on either of the world’s, belong both - where is his heart and where are the expectation from him. At the end he had to accept his whole self, learn to love himself.

Was it bad? No, not at all. On the contrary. For the first time in forever he went up and did what he truly wanted for his own happiness - not for their world, not for the cause, but for only himself. However, as he knew too well, theory and practice were totally different. Numerous questions bugged him and made him restless.

What know?  What if this kind of relationship does nothing but hurting Magnus? What if Camille was right and he’d cease be good enough for Magnus? He couldn’t think clearly, thousandths of thoughts playing n hs mind. Since the kiss he tried to meet the warlock the less he could, to think, so he occupied his days by work and training - nothing more. Not that it helped him too much.

“I thought I’d find you here”.

He heard Magnus’ voice paying softly behind him, when the warlock sneaked into his hiding place - a small field, not too far from the Institute. Not surprised at all that he found him, Alec put down his bow and  turned to meet his eyes. The older man was smiling, not his usual flirting smile, but mild one, almost broken. Alec wanted to say something, assuming the expression was his fault, but decided not to at the moment.

“I thought to come and see how’s the thinking is working out. Can I stay?” Magnus asked so not like him - hesitating. He could do nothing but nod and the warlock made himself comfortable on the ground. “I,” He said, his hands looking for a dash of grass to play with, “thought of something myself, I’d like to share with you”.

“Yes, of course” Alec said confused. He wasn’t sure what to do; sit down beside the other man? Keep on standing like a fool? Get back to his training while the other is talking? At least he decided on keep on standing like a fool. It suited him the most anyway, and Magnus didn’t seem to care much at the moment, which was unusual as well as the older always were looking for a chance to be close.

“You know, your mother is right - and I usually try not to agree with her. I am a warlock, a half demon, I’m up to no good, a Downworlder. I really would get why you’d regret all of what had happen, right now. Sure, at first it was all exciting and new, you wanted to explore, I get it. But now, that it became real, you don’t know what to do with it. You don’t understand what you got yourself into. So, I thought about it a lot, about how to make it easy for you… I…. You can end it anytime you want, it’s up only to you. Do whatever you - Alec - want to do. I’d be completely fine with anything you’d decide to do. If anything, we are friends, right? I want you, as your friend, to live the life that would make you a whole person and not just a mere shadow of wonders and ‘what if’s. You deserve it.” Magnus said rapidly, barely breathing between sentences. “I just want to you to know that I expect nothing, you are free to decide on your own.”

“Who are you and where did the confident, cocky, warlock I know have gone?” Alec muttered, looking down on Magnus, who seemed at the moment like a little kid being scolded. “As an old wise man, you really came up just now with the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” He laughed shortly, somewhat bitterly, “My mother was right? You mean the woman who was part of the circle and didn’t left Valentine till the very end? You mean a shadowhunter who was too scared to stand up against a massive killer? How is that you are the one who is up to no good, while all you did was good? You’re using our skills to help others, taking risks that many hunters  know won’t ever make.”

“You know it is not what I meant…”

“Then what? The fact that you’re a downworlder? Please… it never bothered you before, why now? No, no, don’t give me that look.” Alec put his finger between the sitting man’s eyebrows and flatted the frown, “It doesn’t bother the people who matter to me, so why does it have to bother us?”

“Alexander, you-”

“Let me ask you a question, do I look like someone who does experiments like that? Trying new things, and moreover, in front of everyone I know? I know what I want. I regret nothing. I just don’t know what to do with us now. I never have been… you know…”

“With a man?” Joked Magnus, the color is slowly returning back to his face.

“No.” Alec blushed madly, “That too… but that’s not what I meant… I never have been in any kind of relationship. And I’m afraid that Camille was right the other day… I don’t want my ignorance to hurt you more than I already have”. He said honestly and took Magnus’ hand, helping him up. “I would never regret this. It felt just too good to let go of it just now”.

“So… You didn’t want to end things?”

“Do I need to spell it out for you?”

“I think I’d understand it more accurately with demonstration” Magnus teased, there was left nothing in his voice that indicated the insecurity he was showing just a few moment earlier. Closing his eyes, he waited for Alec to get the hint. However, that kissed he waited for never came, but instead Alec grabbed his arm and lead him silently to where he had dropped his bow earlier.

“I’m not good with expressing myself… so I think that you are right, the best way is to demonstrate it to you.” Alec said and got a doubt confused doubt grumpy look from the shorter man. “When you returned me my bow and arrows, you asked me to keep them for you. And that night before the wedding…” He said and Magnus cocked up an eyebrow as if asking him to proceed, “You asked me to teach you how to use it. Let me teach you. These,” He pointed to the equipment laying on the ground, “Are my arms and legs, they are part of who I am… I want to let you in.” He said shorty and then something in his eyes flicked. “Stand here. Legs spread shoulder-wide.”

“Weirdly I like the tone of that…”

“Weirdly to whom?” Alec winked and right after reddish color adorned his face, “Now,” He cleared his throat and picked up the bow, “hold this…” He lead Magnus’ arms to hold the bow properly, “You need to relax to make it work.” Alec said as he place an arrow on the string and put his hand on Magnus’. “Just breath…”

Standing close behind him, Alec could feel magnus’ chest going up and down slowly, following his orders. He was beautiful. Everything about him was completely mesmerizing; the way he held himself, the way he was talking… He loved his face, he thought as he learned the other man’s profile, and he had the most interesting eyes that he had ever seen. Eyes that told a story that Alec wanted to be part of.

Distracted from what they were doing, Alec turned surprised Magnus to face him. His hands reaching to hold his face. There was so much more to what they had but to finding himself, he thought as he leaned his head down a little until his breath could stroke the older’s lips. They were so close that it hurt. The lessons could wait a little, Alec decided, getting lost in the other man’s eyes. In no time his lips found Magnus’, meeting in a hot rush of adrenaline, leaving bot restless and waiting for more. That was what he wanted for himself, that kind of  happiness. And right at that moment no one could take it away from them.  

The oneshot is written by me @naomibisthenextme 

The GIF is not mine. 

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yahoo~ may I ask for headcanons about how they act around their crush for Shirabu, Semi, Taichi and Tendou?;p

Aaah sorry for the long wait. I was caught up with my angsty life just when I had the request almost done ;-;

Admin Nooooo


  • At the realization that he likes someone he would be thrown off for a moment. However he will quickly compose himself and act like he usually does. He surely will blush more if his crush talks to him a lot.
  • Every time, he would ask them if they want to study together for exams, especially if they are in the same class. If they are in the same year, then he would more than happily join the group where they would be in. If they are older or younger, he would just keep his distance and sit somewhere near. He wouldn’t like to make them think he is obsessing over them or something.
  • Surprisingly he gets jealous very easily. If he sees someone touching their cheek, making them laugh or blush, he would be very dissatisfied. And dissatisfied Shirabu means annoyed Shirabu, who gets hot-headed just by hearing someone breathing the same air as him. He is very dangerous at such times and everyone just avoids him. They don’t want to be met with annoyed Shirabu, who could behead anyone just with his look.
  • If his crush liked the books and spent more time in the library searching for new one, that is the one way of him getting closer. He would recommend some books he read and knew they would like them as well. Slowly he would start talking to them during breaks as well to get to know them better and of course to be closer.
  • I believe he is the type to somehow manipulate people. Now don’t get me wrong, sure he wouldn’t be the yandere type or the one to cause harm to others. But since he is very studious I think he likes to read psychological books to learn more about people. He could be very cunning.


  • He would act completely normal around them. No change in his actions or whatsoever so it would be really hard to see who his crush really is and if he has any at all. But if a close friend of his, or someone like Tendou, knows those really small changes when he is by their side oh boy is he getting teased along with his crush.
  • But then again I also believe he would spend more time with them, like helping them with school or projects they need help with. Anything as long as he’s with them.
  • He would pay attention to small changes. Like if his crush was feeling down, he would either do the stupidest thing to make them laugh or just be himself and be straightforward with “who do I need to pay a visit?” Despite all that, he would be very considerate to anything.
  • He would try to hide his crush from his team, especially from Tendou, because he knows if Tendou finds out there would be no end to his teasing. Sure Ushijima would be passive with the news, others excited and wouldn’t mind at all, but Tendou is really the one he is most concerned about.
  • I think that once Semi realizes he has a crush, he would be stunned at first, like he never expected it, but then slowly he would become close to them, trying to get to know them better. With that, he would also ask them if they want to come to watch games, sometimes even practice games and whenever he sees them, he would get so excited though he wouldn’t clearly show it.


  • “Taichi has a crush? Yeah right where do you live? Under a stone?” “But really, didn’t you see the way he smiled?” “What? Do you have a fever Tendou?”
  • As much as I hate to say it, no one would believe it at first. Not that Kawanishi would mind. The less people believe it, happier he is. It would be really hard to see any change because he would use his emotionless composition to its fullest.
  • But okay, the only moment anyone would actually believe it is when he is spending more time with his crush. Like during lunch breaks where he somehow wants to hide, because he hates being teased, or like after club activities because he asked them to come and watch like it would be almost to impossible to believe it, but everyone would be pretty cool with it.
  • Like I mentioned before, he would spend more time with them and also look after them. If he sees or hears they were being mistreated or bullied, oh boy will he be pissed. He would definitely help them with anything they need help with and ho and behold sm i le.
  • He would smile only around them and when he knows no one is watching. Like his smiles are the sweetest thing his crush could see and if that isn’t the reason for them to fall for him they’re blind. Kawanishi’s smile is the cutest and could cheer up anyone just by seeing it for a moment fight me for saying otherwise


  • He would be such a tease no matter what. Whatever his crush does, even if nothing, could end up making them being teased, it never fails for Tendou.
  • He would still act the same around them. Maybe a bit more serious, but still the same cheerful and playful Tendou he is.
  • If another guy or someone his crush definitely feels uncomfortable around, he would go full “intimidating” and that is the moment you need to run. Run for your life like seriously. He won’t hesitate to bring down anyone that just even thinks of harming or making his crush uncomfortable.
  • I believe his crush would be either in a sport club or a complete opposite of Tendou. He doesn’t really have any preference of the type as it would happen just…out of nowhere. He would definitely be very bold around them and ask them if they want to come watch their practice and games.
  • He is such a show-off during games. I believe everyone would just be annoyed by his teasing that they just want to end as soon as possible so he can stop. It is really embarrassing to be standing next to him at such times.
Your Love Story

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,592
Warnings: None. Cheesy 
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: ( @fayemenelmir) Hey. I have a request for the Mark Pellegrino day. What about the Reader and Mark knew each other before he became successful and both had a crush on each other but never told each other. Then they haven’t seen for 6 years and both had a few relationships, stuff like that and when they meet again (both successful actors?) on a con or on a new set, they “remember” their feelings and after MONTHS being Friends they finally kiss thanks to Mark’s SPN Cast Members (R2M).
Authors Note: I really wanted this one to turn out better than it did. I had it planned out in my mind but I don’t think it executed right.

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Headcanons for Traffs, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji finding out their S/O has the most carefree, bubbly, adorable and ridiculous giggle/smile, please! P.S. I love your blog!

D’aww, thanks! <3

Well, my laugh is carefree AND ridiculous. And loud. xD
I’ve been told once by a friend that my laugh was scary. *shrugs* I don’t hold back/hold in my laughter.

S/O having the most awesome/adorable laugh ever headcanons:


  • Dancing and hearts/compliments EVERYWHERE.
  • Hell, he’d probably squeal in his excitement/happiness.
  • Latches onto his s/o, a ridiculous smile on his face.
  • Incoherent babbling at this point because he’s just so stupidly happy.
  • Someone please help this poor dork before he dies from happiness.


  • Omg, literal ball of sunshine would smile so big and bright. My eyes! They burn!
  • His eyes would literally twinkle.
  • Join his s/o in laughing hysterically.
  • Either wrap his rubbery limbs around them, or start doing the most random/dangerous/stupidest shenanigans ever. Just to hear them laugh again.
  • Someone stop this moron before he hurts himself.

Law and Zoro:

  • Outwardly, they’d be somewhat shocked/caught off guard. Slightly.
  • On the inside, however…. INTERNALLY SQUEALING.
  • Mental monologue on how adorable/cute their s/o (and their laugh) is.
  • Might become a little flustered.
  • Their tsundere TOTALLY comes out. Loud, proud, and full force.
  • These freaking dweebs are already pretty sarcastic and have a dry sense of humour. So they’ll be a hell of a lot more of that.
  • Just to get their s/o to laugh, of course.
  • They will NEVER admit to it. EVER.
  • They’ll even go out of their way to make it as indirectly done as possible. Omg, stahp. You are WAY too obvious, you fucking walnuts!

It’s not always about sex. Sometimes the best type of intimacy is where you just lay back, laugh together at the stupidest things, hold each other, and enjoy ech others’ company.

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Your blog is so wonderful & I love your sense of humour!

Omg thank you!! I find that my sense of humor is so lame tho. The stupidest things make me laugh and I just?? Like the snail meme, mr sandman (man me a sand), shooting stars, and crazy cryptid boyfriends. Sometimes I find a dumb thing and just laugh about it for weeks, if not years. It makes me so happy to hear this though! I’m glad some of you guys like my humor 😊

5Sos Bsm #25: Your Youngish And Not a Virgin

Luke (14): You we’re terribly sad, for numerous reason’s when you we’re hanging out with you’re boyfriend. You were crying in his arms, while he comforted you. But only after you two did the dirty, you realized that he was taking advantage of you’re weak state. This wasn’t what you wanted, but at the time, you were sad, and didn’t really put up a fight to say no. It was consensual, you just now we’re really sad about it. You ran home right after, realizing what he did. You ran in the house, looking for mom. You ran around and you saw Luke, you just turned around so he couldn’t see your tear-stained face and you said “Is mom here?” “No, she’s not. Just me and Ben here.” You sighed, you could either run to your brother hug him, and tell him what was wrong. Or you could run to you’re room and deny anything was wrong until your mom got home. “Luke?” “What?” You turned around, biting your lip, you ran to him wrapping your arms around his stomach. You we’re much shorter than him (or not) and he hugged you back and said “You never hug me? What’s up?” “I did something really stupid. I was super sad and went over to my boyfriend’s, and he didn’t really want to comfort me he just wanted too…. do bad things. And I didn’t realize that until after I did those bad things. I was just super sad-” He pulled away from the hug and said “It’s fine, it’s you’re life. If you wanted it….” “But I didn’t, and I only realized that after.” He hugged you again, holding you to his chest while light tears fell from your eyes. He hummed in your hair and said “Are you going to be okay?” “Probably not.” He chuckled a little and said “Well we can head up to my room and I’ll make you feel better, or you can cry or whatever, just lets hurry so Ben doesn’t see. You know how he gets with you.” “Why would she need to go cry Luke?” You both turned your heads and you saw Ben. He was much more protective them Luke, less understanding, and would either terrify me and lecture me till I cried, or he’d go kill my boyfriend.

Ashton (15): You weren’t like a lot of girls who lost there virginity at 15. You loved your best friend, you had started dating, and you were both awkward first timers. But the mistake was, Ashton obviously didn’t want that to happen. But of course, the one night he had to watch you, Harry and Lauren while his mom was gone for the night, you asked him if your best friend could come over. He said sure, whatever. And went back to what he was doing. Biggest mistake ever. Because here you we’re, in your room, completely naked curled up on your best friends chest. And Ashton had let this happen. He walked in your room to see what had happened. Expecting more junk food and pop cans laying around, and not his little sister laying in bed. What was he going to tell mom? Was he going to tell her? How did he let this happen? Why had he agreed to let come over here and spend the night? Even with all these thoughts being mashed around in his head, he still wanted to do one thing. Punch your best friend. So he just yelled “Get up and get some clothes on!” Both of you were scared shitless. Your older brother just found you to after doing the dirty. He was protective and your best friend knew that. When you both fully clothes, walked downstairs to see Ashton pacing back and fourth looking ready to punch something, you both were screwed. You sat on the couch and said “Ashton-” He stopped you, not giving you time to say anything. He just walked up to your best friend and said “Get the hell out of the house.”

Calum (14): It was a mistake, I mean you’re boyfriend and you weren’t even together anymore. You NEVER told Calum any of this. You told your brother everything but this is where it drew the line. He would murder that boy if he found out that you weren’t pure anymore, and that you’re boyfriend broke up with you because you weren’t good enough in bed. Like your 14, I’m sorry I’m not some amazing strip-tease artist. Today Calum was coming home from one of the boy’s, and it so happened that it was today that you’re boyfriend broke up with you because you weren’t good enough in bed. You we’re in your room crying, knowing nobody was home, and thinking no one was going to be back anytime soon. But Calum had quietly snuck in the house, just to hear his baby-sister sobbing her eyes out. He immediately ran in your room. You felt the bed dip and you continued to sob. Disney channel never taught you about not being good enough in bed. Calum looked down at you, your face was splotchy, and your light mascara was stained on the white pillow, and ran down your face. It broke his heart to see you like this. And he just wrapped you in a hug. You tried to stop crying, it didn’t help much. And he said “What happened?” “He-e broke up-p with me.” “What? Why.” Your didn’t answer, what we’re you going to say. You we’re a terrible liar, but what would happen if you told the truth. You just let out a shakey sigh and said “I wasn’t good enough in bed.” He chuckled and said “What. Of course you haven’t even had-” He stopped. And pulled away from the hug, his face in utter shock. And he said “Are you okay? Did he make you, did anything bad happen. We’re you being safe? If he made you I’ll-” You shock you’re head and said “No. And yes. It’s just he said I wasn’t good enough-” “Y/N, just calm down. Maybe we can talk about this later.” He said, unwrapping you from his arms, storming out of the house.

Michael (15): You had an older boyfriend you thought you we’re in love with. He hadn’t pressured you into anything, just edged it along. He told you that if you didn’t want to you didn’t have to. But now you were put on the spot and didn’t want him to think badly about you. So you agreed. Things happened, now here you we’re, crying outside your house, thinking badly about yourself because you agreed. You didn’t plan on being a virgin until you got married, if that happened then great, but you didn’t plan on not being a virgin at 15. You felt a pair of hands on your shoulders, you looked up and saw Mikey. You stood up and Michael hugged you and said “What’s up?” You sighed, not saying anything. Michael pulled out of the hug and said “Tell me.” You we’re a screw up, you didn’t want your brother to know that. You just shook your head, and put a smile on your face “Nothing, I’m just being weird.” He nodded, not believing you one bit, but not willing to edge you on any more. You walked in the house, and to you’re room. And you texted your best friend “I just did the stupidest thing….” “What did you do gurlly?” You laughed at her horrid typing skills and texted back “Um you know my older boyfriend Will??” “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH WILL!” “How do you know I did anything..” “You said you just did the stupidest thing and then brought up Will….” “Oh ya…” “So what happened?” “We were on his bed, you know kissing, and he started taking it further. And he said ‘You don’t have to do this’ But I felt pressured to do it. Like what if I didn’t? Would he think bad of me, so I said yes… And now I’m realizing slowly I was so stupid, I wish that hadn’t happened. Now I’m crying, wonderful." You wiped your tears from your eyes, and your door swung open, Luke and Michael stood there wide eyed. You threw your phone on the bed, turning to the boys. Michael wrapped you in a hug and said "It’s okay.” “What?” You pulled away, turning to Luke who had his phone in his hand and he said “You sent it to the wrong person. You sent it to Luke.”


getting in one of those Stupid moods where i want a boyfriend… who’s just my best friend… and we laugh about the Stupidest things… and hang out… and hold hands… maybe kiss… idk man just homo stuff like that :/

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Man the anons sure don't like your opinion huh? Want some popcorn to watch their shitshow?

Yeah hand me the popcorn…what part of “I don’t like Cordelia all that much” is so hard to grasp it’s really…not that deep…I’m just laughing because this is the stupidest reason I’ve gotten anon hate, ever, and I’ve gotten a lot of stupid anon hate before. I just don’t like her…let it go.

RusAme Headcanons?

  • Ivan’s extremely affectionate but at the most random times, at times he would randomly hug Alfred from behind during world meeting’s or kiss him on the forehead in the morning.
  • Alfred loves surprises, loves being surprised and surprising others - Ivan especially. He’s pretty spontaneous when it comes to romance which the Russian can find annoying at times but adorable at all times.
  • Alfred loves Ivan’s scent - He loves the aftershave he uses and just how he smells in general, as a result of this, he’s been caught several times red-handed wearing the other’s clothes when he stays over.
  • Ivan probably buys his boyfriend Marvel themed stuff all the time and gets a thousand kisses and more in the bedroom as a silence ‘thank you’.
  • When they first started dating, Ivan told Alfred he could start calling him Vanya. Ivan obviously expected him to immediately start calling him it, what he didn’t expect was for Al to start calling him it in front of everyone. 
  • Alfred also would of started to try a lot more Russian dishes and food when they started dating. [Which actually really made Ivan happy, Not that he’d admit it].
  • Alfred loves Ivan’s laugh and does the stupidest things just to even hear him chuckle.
  • They go stargazing all the time - They spent more time staring at each other than the star’s on their first date.
  • Ivan tries to get into certain video games for Al because it makes the American happy when they can play together.

I could add on but I feel this is enough space gayness for now.