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Your blog makes me wish I could find some good bot/oc fics, but a lot of them are written by... beginners (which isn't bad per se, everyone's got to start somewhere, and perhaps I'm too picky). I try writing myself, or I give a fic a chance, but it never seems to work out 😞

Hmmm, well if you like the nsfw stuff, may I suggest @k1tcaliber and @rocksinmuffin

Also I just read this http://archiveofourown.org/works/10391769, which is MTMTE Megs/reader

anyone else got recs for this anon?

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OmG Nessian sex dungeon!! Ugh, I really hope the Acotar Anon Kink Meme becomes a thing so I can read stuff like that *sprays myself with holy water* And one day Nesta and Cassian invite Mor over cause Cassian wants to see Mesta irl (he's a thirsty Mesta shipper ok) and have the threesome of his life after that.


I can’t believe no one’s written that Nessian + Mor smut tbh ??? I feel like that’s just such an almost obvious one. here’s hoping that absence is rectified soon.

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There are so many lines from the novelization of Suicide Squad that I wish had made it into the movie. Mostly the Jarley-related stuff, of course. Hell, I think a lot of them could have worked in the movie without any real issues.

There are some parts of the novelization that I think are really badly written. Especially some inner monologue from the Joker’s perspective were cringy to me because they made him less complex, with more human goals. As if he could be negotiated with, as if he reasoned and thought through his decisions regarding Harley like a more functional person would.
 (I believe he’s just doing it,  acting on deeply buried instincts. I can’t stand these horrible clichés about love and pain in the heart etc, and referring to Harley as tiny and sexy before anything else, as if her body is the only reason he keeps her around - the ‘author’ shines through so blatantly. Since when does the Joker think with his dick?). To me that was both out of character and sloppy; I see it in fanfiction but I didn’t expect it from a paid person with insight.

But I fully agree with you that many of the spoken/thought/texted lines were good. Especially the “Come for me - I will” (oh my heart!!), and “my boyfriend’s going to kill you” would have been funny.  I’m glad that the extended cut gave J more lines, they really gave some insight to the situation and I loved the novel’s version of the ECT. I also liked the alternate club version.

blegh I’m working on a fic and idk how I’m liking it so far, so I had to remind myself that not everything I write is going to be super intricate and long and detailed and my pride and joy. sometimes a fic will just be a little piece that maybe someone somewhere will enjoy, but it won’t be something I’m super proud of and that’s okay. this isn’t like the publishing industry where a creation will go through countless of edits and people and processes in order to get out into the world. this is just me practicing for something that I hope I will make a living off one day. this is me brainstorming ideas with other people and trying out different styles and putting my stuff out there for people to consume and for me to just get ideas out of my head. sometimes it’s written purely so that the person who requested it can read it. it’s not always going to be something I want to shove in everyone’s faces because I love it so much. writing nowadays is so different from how it used to be, because no one has to give me an okay for me to post something on the internet for everyone to see, and that makes writing so much more fun because writers are evolving and switching things up and sometimes they will write something they don’t necessarily like and it’s their choice if they’re gonna post it or not because there will be both pros and cons with either option. someone might adore something I post that I personally dislike. someone might hate something I’ve worked my ass off on and love with all my heart. you never know.

what I’m trying to say is: writing on the internet is wonderful and heartbreaking simultaneously, but it can be so so worth it, and it doesn’t matter if one piece isn’t as good as another. you’re creating and that’s the important part, and you need to remind yourself to keep going no matter what.

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Hi Alice, odd question but: Do you believe asexuals belong in the LGBT community? I have a friend who identifies this way, but as a trans girl, I'm struggling to understand how she has to go through the same things as an LGBT person by being asexual. And struggle aside, I don't even see how asexuality is THAT different from heterosexuality, just with more... hesitation!? Maybe this sounds rude, but I know you've written about asexual people etc, and I wondered what you thought. No shade intended

Hi there. I’m glad you reached out to me about this because you must have really upset your friend by saying stuff like this to them.

It’s easy to see why not only cishet people, but also LGBT+ people, think that asexuality is fake. The world is awash with sex and sexual attraction. It’s everywhere. And everyone is supposed to want it and feel it. It’s so extremely normalised that the idea that someone could be literally UNABLE to feel sexual attraction is, to many people, absolutely bizarre and a joke.

Even if you acknowledge that asexuality is real, it’s also easy to see why you would be so quick to reject and get angry at asexual people who call themselves LGBT+. Because asexual people are not like you, are they. Unless they are trans, asexuals don’t have gender troubles, and unless they experience same-gender romantic attraction, asexuals don’t experience same-gender attraction! Lesbian, bi, gay etc people can all be joined together in their experience of same gender attraction, and all trans folks, binary and non binary, can be joined together in their experience of feeing a disconnect from their assigned birth gender.

The result? No one wants asexuals near them. People can’t relate. No one else feels the way asexuals do and people don’t think they should be part of the group. They’re not the same as you.

But oh god, they are not allowed in the cishet club either.

The first thing you need to try and unlearn is that asexuality is in any way similar to heterosexuality. It’s not. It’s so, so fucking not. It’s painful how different it feels to be asexual compared to being heterosexual. Telling an ace person that asexuality isn’t ‘THAT different from heterosexuality’ is about as accurate as saying being gay isn’t ‘THAT different from heterosexuality’. Being asexual means you do not experience sexual attraction, ever. EVER. And while that might seem easy to you, it’s an extremely painful and terrifying thing to learn about yourself, in a world where everyone is expected to have an array of sexual experiences, fall in love, get married, and anyone who doesn’t do that is strange and a freak.

Learning you are asexual can be terrifying. When you realise you’ve never had a crush, when all your friends have had ten each, you are terrified. When you pass the age where people have started dating and having sex and you still feel nothing - NOTHING - you are terrified. When you think about ever falling in love and the idea disgusts you, or you think about falling in love and you crave it, god you CRAVE it, but you know you can’t ever feel that, you are terrified. When you realise you will never be able to enjoy a normal romantic/sexual relationship, the ones full of passion like you see in the movies, and people will reject you because you can’t fancy them in that way, and there’s a higher chance for you than anyone else that you will simply die alone, without love, without children - you are terrified.

You think being ace is the same as heterosexuality? You think it’s an easy thing to learn about yourself? Explain the terror, then. I’m all ears.

The fact you see asexuality as 'hesitation’ is really horrifying to me. Asexuals aren’t attracted to the opposite gender but 'hesitant’ to act on it. Asexuals DO NOT feel attraction. To anyone. It’s not a choice. It’s not a way of life. It’s not the same as celibacy out of choice, or being a 'prude’, or waiting till marriage. It is ingrained in you, just like being gay is, just like being trans is. It is a part of you that no matter how hard you try to will it away, no matter how hard you try to persuade yourself otherwise, you cannot help it. You DO NOT feel attracted to ANYONE.

And in saying all this, I fully acknowledge that asexuals do not experience the extent of oppression that other LGBT+ folks do. There are no laws regarding asexuality. Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and other LGBT+ folks no doubt experience a higher level and intensity of systematic oppression to asexuals, more frequently go through hard experiences due to their orientation or gender. But since when did being LGBT+ become a competition for 'who’s the most oppressed’? Is that what LGBT+ is? You’re only allowed in the club if you’re 'oppressed enough’? If you’re 'gay enough’? If you’re 'trans enough’?

If you need persuading that asexuals do experience their own form of oppression, though, consider the number of asexuals who are coerced into sex in order to 'fix’ them. Consider the emotional pain that I have already discussed, of feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong and gross about you because you feel attracted to no one. Consider the number of asexuals who are hounded or emotionally abused by their families for failing to find partners. Consider the number of asexuals who force themselves to have sexual experiences, because it is the norm, because they don’t even know what asexuality is, because THEY think that they are just 'hesitant’, despite finding sex disgusting and feeling no desire to do it. Do you really think asexuals are just running around, free and happy and content in who they are? They aren’t. I’m not.

So go ahead. Cast aside asexuals if you want. Call them attention-seeking, call them special snowflakes. Ignore the pain they feel. Make them go through it alone, in pain, terrified of what they are. Why on earth would the LGBT+ community be a place to support people like that!?

Messages like the one you have just sent me gives me further reason to never talk about that part of myself. To just sit and cry about it at home day after day because I do not like myself. Because I feel that nobody will accept me or understand who I am. I could list the number of things people have said to me to discredit and laugh at this part of myself, but it’s people like you who make me embarrassed to talk about it, too scared to own a label and talk about it freely and openly.

I thought, going into this, that the LGBT+ community was one of total respect, understanding, and empathy. I learnt pretty quickly that it is not.

I send love to your asexual friend. I really, really do.

Disclaimer: I am very aware of the nuances of asexuality, of the differences between romantic/aesthetic/sexual attraction, but sadly it seems that many people can’t even grasp the basic concept of asexuality, so I don’t quite think they’re ready for that yet.

So this is a light little Sterek drabble I’d ALMOST finished ages ago and then forgotten about until tonight, in which Derek and Stiles are neighbors.

Word count: a little under 2k

EDIT: just posted this to AO3 as well.

Laura tells him it’s cowardly and unromantic to confess feelings over text, but too bad. Derek can’t think of anything more terrifying than showing up on Stiles’ doorstep (conveniently, the apartment right below Derek’s) to tell him to his face. And Derek wants to know, okay? Has to know. He needs closure. He can’t keep second-guessing every microsecond of every interaction with Stiles, trying to guess how he’s feeling, and he can’t keep hoping like this. He’ll go insane. Stiles has been his neighbor/friend/hopeless crush for almost six months already, and Derek definitely can’t take another six.

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Writing daily-life stuff in Japan: Food

Considering how much fanfiction gets written set in Japan. I thought I might just share some daily life details that may or may not be useful. 

This comes from my own experiences of living in a bicultural household and living in the country for about a month every year of my life. Admittedly, I’ve only lived in a deep rural area and visited cities, but some of the pointers will still be relevant.

The first thing that come to mind when you’re trying to describe another place is to get to grips with the food culture.You know the saying, ‘To know a people, know the food that they’d willingly consume’? So, for this post, I’m going to talk about food details.

1. Food that you might have in the fridge: Old rice if you made rice in bulk + various rice toppings. Think of rice as the bread, and the fridge being full of the spreads you could put on it. 

Pickles: Might not be so popular with the younger generation, but if they live with their parents, there will bound to be at least one kind of pickle in the fridge, because there are speciality pickles for almost every prefecture and you cannot escape them. In the same way as spreads, they usually taste very strong and its rare to eat them as they are, unless they’re just that tasty and you like pickles that much (think of somebody eating peanut butter with a spoon straight out of the jar). You would eat pickles with white rice. Here are three examples: Umeboshi - pickled plum, and it is sour and very salty! You can suck on stone for minutes afterwards, just savouring the salt taste. Usually one plum is sufficient for one bowl of rice. Takuwan - a smelly, giant horseradish pickle, which might look a bit yellow with age. When you see giant horseradishes drying in the sun around the back of the house, this is probably what they’re going to be made into. Rakkyo - little pickled onions. 

Other toppings: Shirasu - tiny little white fish, each fish is about two centimetres long, and you sprinkle (or heap them, if you really like them) over rice. Delicious. Again, may not be popular with the younger generations who have grown up accustomed to more Western flavours.  Gohandesuyo - seaweed paste in a jar. It’s salty like Marmite and like Marmite the name of the food is the name of the brand. You put a tablespoon or so on one bowl of rice. 

Spring onions. We are never out of spring onions. Ever. Chopped up fine.

Sauces: Soy sauce, mirin, su (rice wine vinegar), yakiniku sauce (sauce specifically for yakiniku), mayonnaise, yakisoba sauce, ketchup, mustard in a tube, wasabi in a tube.

A tub of miso: of which there are red and white variants, and there is constant family clash over which tastes better!

If the household eats bread, you’re more likely to get a vegetable oil spread than butter. I think a few years ago there was a butter shortage. It was just too expensive to buy or not on the shelves, but there were so many different brands of vegetable spread made from different flower seeds! 

Egg is a fridge staple. If you’re in doubt and you need a quick breakfast or lunch, you could crack an egg raw over hot rice, spritz a dash of soy sauce on top, shovel it down and go.

Natto - fermented beans, its sticky and when you pull it apart it stretches with sticky web-like strands just like melted cheese. It’s famously an acquired taste but I love it on rice, in curry and in miso soup. Sold in wee cups, with sachets of sauce and mustard.

Also in the pantry: Katsuobushi - tuna flakes, often used to make tuna stock; Stick dashi - powdered stock, usually seaweed or tuna; wakame - seaweed; ginger; taka no tsume - dried hot chilli peppers, prettily named ‘hawk talons’; sesame seeds; sesame oil. Furikake - literally, ‘sprinkles’ for rice, when you have no other option. Maybe tofu. Panko for frying things. Golden curry roux blocks. Cream stew insta-kits.

Instant foods: Cup ramen, cup noodles, instant ramen, instant yakisoba, freeze-dried instant soups, instant corn soup.

The primary oil used for cooking is so-called ‘salad oil’: I don’t actually know what it’s made of, but it’s a vegetable oil of some kind.

2. Where I might buy food: Supermarkets for the fruit, veg, meat and fish, but for the best read-made fare, drinks and snack foods (kashi pan, onigiri, yoghurt, and depending on where you go there might be salads and bentos), you would head to a 24/7 open convenience store (e.g. Seven-Eleven, Lawsons’), where they also might do hot steamed pork buns and, lately, really good coffee to go. If you want to buy somebody a nice cake or box of tea-time sweets as an omiyage you might go to the basement floor of a department store. 

Vending machines - there is a vending machine everywhere. I am not kidding. Even in the deep countryside, I found a couple of vending machines up a mountain which smelled as if they had been scent-marked by raccoon dogs and bears. And at these vending machines, you can not only buy cold juice, but several different kinds of hot and cold Japanese teas, a very sweet milk tea, several different brands of hot and cold coffees, corn soup, potato chowder, hot shiruko (a sweet azuki drink), hot chocolate, hot and cold lemon…You’d honestly never go thirsty.

For sushi, we’d call up a sushi restaurant. The same goes for ramen. Unless you’re using an instant ramen kit, making ramen broth is hard. The tonkotsu variant is pretty much impossible at home. Likewise, you just can’t make good sushi at home. It’s not really a family meal or something that can be casually made. Typically sushi is brought out for celebrations or special occasions as it can be quite pricey but conveyor belt sushi places are more accessible.  

3. Bread: You will find white bread (fluffy, gorgeous, pillowy white bread, that’s basically like cake) but it’s really difficult to find brown bread. In the rural supermarket, it was non-existent and for bread with a crust, you’d have to go to the little street-corner artisan bakeries.

On the topic of bread and kashipan, I’ve often seen references in fanfiction of characters baking kashipan for each other, or kashipan just like their grandmother made it (e.g. anpan, melonpan, creampan). As much I like the sentiment behind these scenes, I’m not saying they’re impossible, but in most cases they are a little jarring. 

Our grandmother’s generation were not bakers. Most of the houses that our grandmothers grew up in did not have ovens, since Japan doesn’t have a tradition of domestic baking, and even now, a lot of houses still don’t have ovens aside from a nifty little oven toaster, Cakes and kashipan were seen as Western and trendy luxuries to be eaten at cafes (a Western import in itself) or bought from specialist shops which had the equipment to make them. They weren’t ‘casual home-cooking’ so to speak, even if the history of the anpan and the castella date pretty far back into the past now. 

Even now, unless you are a massive kashipan fanatic and dessert-making enthusiast, you probably wouldn’t bake a tray of kashipan at home when you could buy them perfectly made from a nearby convenience store. 

Having said that, I have tried making anpan in an oven toaster. I made six, since that was all that could fit on the little toaster tray. They were each about 6cm in diameters, and my grandmother complained that it was a waste of perfectly good azuki. 

You can, if you’re really into dessert making, make lots of things in an oven toaster, but if you’re looking to make something sentimental just like your grandmother made them, mochi might be a better option (e.g. warabimochi or ohagi), or maybe since sweet things historically tended to be more often bought from a specialist than made at home, quote a favourite wagashi that grandmother might have enjoyed from a particular shop e.g. the anko dama and imo youkan from Funawa; the chestnut manju from the shop by the station.   

4. Omiyage: If you go away on a trip and you’re inconveniencing work colleagues with your absence (which you are), this is the souvenir that you buy to take back and share at your work place, often a food item, so boxes of sweets are often packaged in such a way that the sweets inside are individually wrapped for ease of splitting distribution. 

This is also the word used for the gifts you bring back for family, either when you’re visiting relatives and you know that you will be encroaching upon their hospitality, potentially inconveniencing them, or if you’re coming back to the family and, in a way, again, it’s to make up for any inconveniences that might have been caused by absence  -although largely for family, it’s also about the joy of giving to those you care about!

Likewise, students who go away on holiday on a trip might bring back omiyage for fellow members of their club, if they’re involved in club activities. If you think of club activities as training children up for work place social structure and customs, it makes some sense. 

Not omiyage but an example of gift-giving, but if you move into a new neighbourhood, it’s usually expected that you visit your neighbours and take round gifts, as a gesture of courtesy and goodwill. There is, again, an element of asking forgiveness for inconvenience, because moving into the new home would have made a lot of noise and possibly caused a disturbance. 

With omiyage in mind, each prefecture tends to advertise certain foods/sweets that are ‘unique’ to it that would make suitable omiyage. A famous example would be ‘Tokyo Banana’ and anything matcha from the Uji area in Kyoto. 

5. Food is seasonal: Japan is hyperconscious of its seasons, so the fridge will likely contain seasonal fruits and veg. In a lot of Japanese poems, it was traditional to include a ‘kigo’, a word that encodes a season to set the poem in without explicitly saying ‘It is winter’, and some fruits are kigo. The persimmon is a kigo for autumn, peaches and cherries and plums for spring, and more recently the watermelon is a definite kigo for summer! Seasonal fruits also make good gifts for visiting friends’ houses, especially if you’re bringing them back from the countryside after visiting relatives. 

Autumn’s a great time for food. Now is the time when all of the mushrooms are coming out - shiitake, matsutake, enoki, shimeji - and they’re dried and preserved for the year. People who cook might have dried shiitake in the pantry for rehydrating and eating or using in stock. 

Foreign brands, aware of the seasonal sensitivity of their Japanese, often produce Japan only seasonal limited products. My favourite example of this is the Haagen-Daaz flavours. One autumn there was a pumpkin and cinnamon, and I’m pretty sure I saw a cherry blossom latte at Starbucks.

6. Food you might see at festival stalls: Taiyaki - fish-shaped pastries made with a pancake-like batter and filled with custard or azuki. Yakisoba - fried noodles. Yakitori - chicken skewers. Takoyaki - octopus batter balls. Hot dogs…With a shout-out to very rare diversity my local festival had a Turkish kebab stall last year. Kakikoori for the summer festivals - sweet ice, with typical syrups being red, green and yellow (strawberry, melon and lemon flavours respectively).

 …..and that’s enough for now I think. (21/9/2016)

Let’s spill the tea, shall we?

When the news that Camila was leaving surfaced yesterday, I was devastated, because a band that I have grown to love since 2014 was starting to end. Now I’m not sad, I’m fucking RAGED – and I’m gonna explain why.

Yesterday Camila posted a letter, which I talked about on this post. It’s something that was clearly written by her, with a lot of feeling and truth (and tea too). Then we waited the whole day for the girls to say something, and when they do, they post a statement that can be resumed in a few words: it’s all Camila’s fault. I bet anyone that read those paragraphs would believe it, except that we, the fans, are practically CSI and we know our band too much to just buy that, so I’m just gonna point out some stuff I got from that letter:

  • First off, management wrote it. Simple as that;
  • Second, how could four girls that are in different states and time zones, spending time with their families and friends after not seeing them for weeks take time off to coordinately post something literally at the same minute?
  • Lastly, on the first statement they said they were just told by Camila’s “representatives” that she was leaving, next thing they say she let them know in November. Don’t you think that if they knew that was their last concert alongside Camila, it would’ve been way more emotional and meaningful?
  • They signed a contract that says that management have full access to all of their social network accounts (twitter, facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc.) and are free to post (or delete) whatever they want there.
  • Update: Ally just unfollowed the 5H account on instagram?

Now let’s make a few judgement calls:

  • A few weeks ago, Dinah posted on her Instagram story videos of them (Camila included) goofing around the car singing and laughing like a group of good friends would. For those who have watched the videos, they didn’t seem like the same people that where “informed via her manager that Camila was leaving the group”, did they?
  • Just this week, Dinah posted a picture of her and Camila goofing around and wrote “Don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do . I am so proud of you . I mean it . I love uuuu’s”, which Camila answered with “LMAOOOO this picture is classic us. thank u so much girl. this means more than u know”. Also this week, she posted multiple snapchats of her watching Camila perform with MGK with a proud mom smile on her face, followed by a snap of them hugging and she telling Camila how proud she was. Now, does this seems like the same Dinah that would agree to throw Camila under the bus so easily like they did?
  • Just yesterday an audio of Lauren venting about their management to Ally was leaked, in which she said “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing” Does that sound like the girl who would agree to post that letter as well?

It’s unlikely to all of them to throw Camila under the bus like that. A band that’s been together for almost four years and a half to treat one of their friends like a stranger they can blame? This is not the Fifth Harmony we have grown to love. This is not their doing. They have no choice but to just sit back and do nothing because they can’t simply break a contract.

In conclusion, what hurts me is not the fact that Camila left the band – in fact I’m glad she left after all this mess, or that the girls posted those notes – I didn’t believe for one second that they wrote it. What hurts me is knowing they’re stuck in an environment they can’t leave because of a contract that allows Maverick, Epic and Syco to do whatever they want regarding their public image.

They want to throw Camila under the bus because they know that if she wanted she could just tell us everything. They want to turn the fans against her because maybe she was the one that got tired of all the bullshit and didn’t sign next year’s contract. Say what you want about their relationship, that they don’t get along behind cameras, that they hate each other (which they clearly don’t), but the one thing we know is that they would never write something that would compromise their bandmate’s career like that.

I feel and fear for our girls. They are five young girls trying to live their dream and this is what they get. They don’t deserve any of this.

Someone please save my children.

My Writing

Even though everything I write is tagged, I decided to make a masterlist to make it easier to find stuff. Also, I don’t have actual titles for like any of these, so the “titles” are basically just what each one is about. Some of them might have the same names, but they’re different I promise! Also, my requests are always open, so if you want something written, feel free to send it in!


  • babysitting teddy
  • breaking up
  • before the wedding
  • post sectumsempra // Part Two (headcanons)
  • badass harry // Part Two
  • jealous!draco
  • jealous!draco (headcanon)
  • flustered!draco (headcanon)
  • werewolf!draco (headcanon)
  • draco learning to drive
  • coming out w/ their relationship
  • guilty!draco
  • injured!draco
  • scared of a storm
  • harry wears draco’s tie
  • looking at photos
  • nervous!harry
  • harry doesn’t make enough time for draco
  • instead of sectumsempra
  • jealous!draco
  • harry wants a dog
  • a surprise for harry
  • dragon
  • getting back together
  • jealous!draco
  • harry’s scar hurts again
  • fighting
  • birthday cake
  • safety
  • anniversary of the battle
  • draco wants a cat
  • how harry spends his afternoon
  • first kiss
  • drunk!draco
  • draco is not a morning person
  • draco is rude again
  • sick!harry
  • more fighting
  • harry’s having a bad day
  • harry won’t go out with draco and his friends
  • jealous!harry
  • flustered!harry
  • amortentia
  • you are my sunshine
  • anniversary
  • christmas
  • roommates
  • looking at stars
  • quidditch flirting
  • looking for an apartment
  • jealous!draco
  • stuck in an elevator
  • anxiety
  • the yule ball
  • breaking up and making up
  • scary movies
  • muggle doctor
  • injured!harry
  • cheering harry up
  • privet drive // Part Two
  • heads of houses
  • step-dad!draco
  • friends with the slytherins
  • harry is mean to draco
  • harry’s done trying
  • helping draco
  • weasley sweaters
  • sick!draco
  • draco hurts harry’s feelings
  • triwizard tournament
  • drunk!harry // Part Two // Part Three
  • public displays of affection
  • nightmare
  • grocery shopping
  • draco is a tease
  • christmas kisses
  • slytherin!harry
  • asking draco on a date
  • jealous!harry
  • ron finds out
  • snowing
  • drunk!draco // Part Two
  • comforting draco
  • tired
  • going to the weasleys
  • confessions
  • christmas presents
  • fixing a broken heart
  • draco gets a cell phone
  • cooking
  • kisses in the rain
  • dancing
  • ice skating
  • telling narcissa
  • the daily prophet
  • undesirable (multiple parts)
  • flustered!draco
  • potions partners
  • invisibility cloak
  • comfort
  • reading
  • jealous!draco
  • massage
  • birthday gift
  • drunk!draco
  • clingy!draco
  • crup-sitting
  • eavesdropping 
  • truth or dare
  • sad movies
  • a weird year
  • injured!harry
  • fights
  • mornings
  • bad days
  • skipping work
  • sleepy
  • couple things
  • jealous!draco
  • tutoring
  • overdramatic
  • interrupted by ron
  • fights
  • touch


  • going on a date
  • sick!scorpius
  • christmas time
  • can’t sleep
  • herbology
  • scorpius is upset
  • jealous!scorpius
  • telling their parents
  • fighting and fluff
  • the yule ball
  • jealous!albus (smut)
  • christmas at hogwarts
  • awkward first kiss
  • game night
  • stressed!albus
  • having a bad day
  • christmas party
  • albus is upset
  • scorpius has a nightmare
  • jealous!albus
  • secret relationship
  • double date
  • bullying
  • drunken kiss
  • mornings
  • admitting feelings
  • lunch with the potters (smut)
  • bratty!scorpius
  • hogsmeade
  • books


  • remus can’t get a job
  • sick!sirius
  • after the full moon
  • remus hates potions
  • insecure!remus
  • hogsmeade date (headcanon)
  • remus is acting different
  • new year’s eve
  • jealous!sirius
  • insecure!remus
  • detention
  • remus wants to be more than friends
  • sirius wants to take care of remus
  • azkaban
  • post azkaban
  • christmas
  • harry’s first day at hogwarts
  • awkward first kiss
  • talking about the future
  • injured!remus
  • drunk!remus
  • forgiveness
  • protective!sirius
  • getting together
  • family problems
  • selfish!sirius
  • angry!remus
  • anniversary
  • admitting feelings
  • studying
  • jealous!remus
  • sick!remus
  • drunk!sirius
  • post full moon
  • flustered!remus
  • angry!remus
  • puns
  • pranks
  • sad!remus
  • amortentia
  • skipping detention
  • in the hospital wing
  • sick!harry
  • studying late
  • nervous


  • dean’s drawings
  • ginny and dean break up
  • detention
  • seamus watched football
  • seamus admits his feelings
  • bad day
  • keeping seamus out of trouble
  • embarrassed!dean
  • post-hookup
  • drawings
  • needing attention


  • james won’t talk to teddy
  • injured!james
  • insecure!james
  • sassy!james
  • admitting feelings
  • teddy’s interview goes wrong
  • sick!james
  • a perfect dinner
  • fighting
  • james hates his job


  • crumple-horned snorkacks
  • the yule ball (headcanon)
  • injured!ginny
  • christmas (headcanon)
  • flying


  • sneaking off
  • birthday
  • fights
  • getting back together
  • better than hogsmeade
  • meeting the parents
  • drunk!marcus
  • quidditch practice
  • decisions 
  • storms
  • sick!marcus
  • injured!marcus
  • drunk!oliver


  • scorpius’s nightmare
  • sick!scorpius
  • going to hogwarts
  • advice
  • flying lessons
  • patronus
  • a day off work

Drew some, colored some, so here’s some more sketchy stuff with the boys all modern-like. The top ones are just demonstrations of how bad of a roommate Genji can be (and how oblivious Jesse can be; his southern politeness tells him not to do anything because that would be unseemly, even as Genji is trying very hard to get his attention and incite a chase).

I might have more posted tonight. Depends on whether or not I decide to post this feelsy bit I’ve got written next or wait it out until I have something fluffy.

Drunk Crush Ramblings

In which Grantaire and Eponine whine about their crushes and Montparnasse keeps his silent

featuring: Jehanparnasse, Enjolras, & Eposette. Innuendoes, Sass & Pining

“So, that’s how threesomes happen, right? A no strings attached kind of thing? Though I could do with some ropes.”

Montparnasse snorted, pressing the neck of his beer bottle against his mouth. It wasn’t even the nice kind of beer; it was the first price piss Eponine kept in her fridge in case she had guests to entertain. Montparnasse was a classier guest than most, but the bottle of vodka they had nursed between the three of them―Grantaire, Eponine, and himself―lay empty on the coffee table, so the bottled urine would have to do.

“Oh Honey,” Montparnasse smirked, his head lolling dramatically towards Grantaire, “you couldn’t handle me in bed if you tried.”

“I have very large hands,” Grantaire retorted, wiggling his eyebrows.

Sprawled on the couch, his leg stadling the arm rest, Grantaire looked even more like a mess than he usually did. But he was a tolerable mess, and an entertaining one at that, so Montparnasse just played along and nudged his thigh from his end of the couch. Across from them, slumped on a moth-eaten armchair, Eponine was giggling at them.

“Didn’t think you’d be so eager to fuck Enjolras out of your head, R,” she said, whistling slightly in her beer bottle.

Montparnasse quirked an eyebrow in her direction. The name was familiar, but he had never been bothered to learn the names of all of Grantaire’s friends. The man was an IKEA kit who came which too many spare parts.

“Blondie,” Eponine explained.

Oh. A sly smile grew on Montparnasse’s lips, and he reached for the cigarettes he kept in his jacket.

“Blondie, eh?” he quipped, a cigarette locked at the corner of his lips. “Typical. I’m even slightly disappointed.”

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What I really love about it is that it could actually be a proposal. That’s how you traditionally propose in Japan - no falling on one knee and asking the other to marry you, just a casual thing like saying “I want to always come back home to you”. And that’s it.
In fact, I used to read a lot of stuff about Japan’s culture and language written by a woman from my country who is now studying at Waseda University. She also used to be engaged to a Japanese man. She’s talked to her followers about the engagement and said that it’d been no big deal; her boyfriend came home and while eating the soup his girlfriend had made for him, he said “I would like to come back home and eat dinner made by you every day for the rest of my life”. And she knew exactly what he meant. That was his proposal.

So yeah, the scene could in fact be a proposal, though it probably wouldn’t really go like this in their case. I’m not saying it was or wasn’t a proposal, just wanted to point out the whole engagement thing. :)

ok i’m ready to talk about the rogue one characters

i think there’s quite a divide between two halves of the 8 star wars movies released so far. the original trilogy and the force awakens have very… written characters, they’re perfectly constructed and you fall in love with them immediately because that’s what the filmmakers were trying to do. the prequel trilogy and rogue one have characters that just are, you’re watching them just do stuff and you fall in love with them by thinking about them more and more.

so it’s been 24 hours since rogue one and i’m ready to talk about the rogue one characters.

major spoilers for rogue one

(not a spoiler: i love them a lot)

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Ruby Rose’s Letter

“Hey, sis.

I hope my letters have been reaching you and Dad. I know written stuff has never been super reliable, but… I guess it’s all we’ve got these days. Anyways, in case you haven’t been getting them, I want to say… I’m sorry for leaving the way I did. I know you told me it was a reckless idea, and after everything I’ve been through, I can definitely say you were right.

“It’s been hard, hard on all of us, and I’m not just talking about the monsters we’ve fought out here. Every step we made took us further and further away from the things we knew, and every morning, we woke up wondering if just over the next hill would be something good… or something terrible. It’s scary, not knowing what’s going to happen next. And the things we do know now - just how bad it can get - almost makes it all worse.

“You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn’t want to listen. But you were right; bad things do happen. They happen all the time… every day. Which is why I’m out here. To do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully, do some good.

“We’ve all lost something. I’ve seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we’d never be able to move forward. We’d never have a chance to see whatever beautiful things the future might have waiting for us. We’d never have the strength to change, whether it’s ourselves, or the world around us. And we’d never be there for other people, who one day, might be lost without us. This is what we were training for, Yang - to become Huntresses. To be the ones stand up, and do something about all the bad in the world… because there are plenty of people out there who are still lost, and even more who will try to gain everything they can from their sorrow.

“Believe me when I say I know it can feel impossible. Like every single day is a struggle against some unstoppable monster we can never hope to beat. But we have to try… if not for us, then for the people we’ve already… for the people we haven’t lost yet. 

“I miss you so much. I miss Weiss and Blake, too. But I think you’d all be proud to know I made it to Mistral. All of us did. And we even ran into Uncle Qrow along the way. He’s going to take us to see Professor Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven Academy. And he told us some things you’re going to want to hear - things I can’t trust will make it to you in this letter. But maybe if you joined us, he could tell you himself. With Beacon gone, they’ll need Dad at Signal more than ever. I know you need to focus on yourself before I can expect you to come out with me, but it sure would be great to get Team RWBY back together again.

“Until next time, your loving sister.” 

The writers and stuff try to explain Lena and Kara’s relationship as “friends,” like actual gal pals. But imagine if this happened if they start dating. CatCo and news outlets being like “Lena Luthor seen with reporter friend again!” and Lena gets so frustrated, but Maggie and Alex find it hilarious and frame a newspaper clipping with “gal pals” written across it

Prompt #42 “Sometimes, you fall for someone you didn’t expect but that doesn’t make it wrong”

Originally posted by nirnaetharnoediads

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with fluff. Just your usual fanfic stuff. 

Word Count: 2298

A/N: I had finals last week, so the stress was super high. Hope you all enjoy :) Feel free to message us with any feedback, requests, or comments. We love you all!

Loosely based off #42 fr this list 

Part 2 

You felt tears well in your eyes as you clenched your fists. An F. Again. And in your first class of the day! This math class was going to be the end of you. You pulled three all-nighters and spent every moment of spare time studying for the past week and a half preparing for this test. To fail was the worst feeling ever. Words couldn’t describe the anger, hurt, and disappointment that consumed every molecule of your being. You just wanted this class to end. You loathed it. The teacher sometimes tried to help you, but you were often pushed aside because “they were too busy at the moment”. You needed a tutor. And fast.

You glanced around the classroom, looking to see if anyone looked like they understood what was going on. The teacher was writing an example on the board for the class to complete. Some people were scribbling down the problem as the teacher wrote it. Some people sat back in their chairs and stared at the board, clearly lost. But there was one student with their hand raised. A boy. He sat two rows over and one seat back from you. The teacher turned around, saw the boy and called on him.

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