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"does anyone remember any more specifics about that?" I got you boo! Here: teenwolfnews(.)com/single-post/2017/02/01/Jeff-Davis-Gives-Teen-Wolf-News-all-the-6b-Scoop it's almost at the bottom

Anonymous said: Jeff said- I wanted to do a whole storyline with Derek Hale’s character and the return of Jennifer Blake. I wanted it to be like Vertigo. Part of the idea was that the Darach couldn’t just create a face out of thin air. She had to take one. Derek finds this woman who looks exactly like Jennifer Blake, and sort of like Vertigo, it starts to drive him insane. I always thought that would be a fun idea. If Hoechlin had continued on, that would have been a storyline in Season 5

Oh, thank you both! <3 Second anon gave the exact quote from the article.

Ok, so I have a few thoughts on this. First off, I remember this now! I remember talking about it years ago, and how I think it’s a story that could have actually been done decently… if it was put together by someone other than Jeff Davis. (Can’t find the post where I talked about it, though… I really have to learn to tag better.)

That said, since this was a recent interview (taking place post-6A) I doubt Jeff would have talked about this idea if it was something he’d written into 6B. The Jennifer we saw in the 6B clip was also definitely evil Darach Jennifer, not some innocent person with her face. So I’m betting that whatever’s going on and however she’s there, it’s not going to be that plot.

And my third thought, completely unrelated but after skimming through the article is: Jeff is explaining basically everything about who the Ghost Riders in 6A were, what they were doing in BH, who fake!Claudia was, and why Stiles was kidnapped as though… none of it was explained in the show? Was seriously none of it explained in the show?? Because that’s just so painful to me.

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i recently reached 100 followers
first of all: thank you all! ur all cool!!
second of all: two questions. 

a) would anyone be interested if i streamed, and b) if so, what would be the optimal time, considering i’m p. sure most of you live in the states and i have quite the time zone difference lmao

and third of all, i just wanna say: if you have any requests, my inbox is always open! i’ll p much draw what you want unless it’s nsfw or something.

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Where do you hang out now? Or are you just not online as much??

I get online quite a bit still, I’m just not on SNS too much these days. I mostly watch youtube+tv shows and play CocoPPa Play when I am online ^^~.

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party