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スタジオ生出演、羽生に聞く by hana02015

Rudimentary Japanese translation of some interesting points from Yuzu’s recent interview because it’s quite comprehensive and I’m not sure if someone’s subbing it~~ (note: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome- this is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not word for word)

  • Said his season began with injury so he was essentially starting from behind the line, but also because of the hard times, he was able to grow
  • Re: Worlds - announcer praised his perfect FS and Yuzu said it was to the point where people were asking if he failed the short on purpose to trigger his fighting spirit lol but he admits that he probably wouldn’t have skated the FS with that sort of spirit if he had done well at the short so he needs to keep improving
  • Re: WTT Yuzu said doesn’t usually get the chance to watch other people’s performances from close by. Seeing the ladies skate so cleanly, he realised that the high level of this era of competition, where even the smallest mistake will cause you to drop in the rankings. In the Mens, it’s not simply that you have to jump quads, you also can’t miss. He said that was very instructive and he learned a lot
  • Re: New Quad Era’ and the 4A. Yuzu said he’s tried it during practice in the off-season but it’s difficult – says it’s a special jump (due to the entry method) with high risk and so he has to consider risk of injuries etc. when practising it
  • TV station made a hologram/projection of Yuzu landing a 4A. Yuzu: ‘whoaa this is cool, I want to jump with it’
  • They say he has to jump 17cm higher than for the 3A. Yuzu: ‘huh, it sounds quite high but it’s…kind of really just my hair isn’t it?’ He’d also need to land 1.1m further than 3A and rotate 10% faster. Yuzu fairly unfazed: ‘Looking at it now, I feel like I…can probably jump that?’ and thanks them because he feels like he can visualise it now, thanks to the hologram lol
  • Yuzu’s old (first?) skating teacher was all like: ‘I feel like conversation about quints is coming closer’ lololol
  • Yuzu doesn’t feel particularly unnerved/scared that the sQuad are younger than him. Said he knew Shoma since very young and though Shoma is a kouhai, after fighting through the competitions together, he also sees Shoma as a nakama ( ; u ; )
  • more discourse on quads: Yuzu says what helps you land the quads is not really young age/experience but ‘sense’ for the jumps
    • The next part was hard for me to understand since I didn’t pick up on all the words but I think the gist of it is that successful jumping comes down to each individual and if you have the instinct for it, a ‘challenger’ can come from anywhere
    • 最終的はそれぞれの個人の体((退学に合わせたもの)))??? idk guys soz lmao
  • They were like ‘can you…land the lutz in practice? should we put a circle or triangle?’ and yuzu laughed and was like ‘t-triangle….’, implying his Lutz isn’t perfect yet 
  • ‘It’s a hard jump but it’s fun! Since the season is finally over and we’re finally free from competitions, I wanted to try it.’
  • Says he’s not going to put the Lutz in the Olympic program - says having a lot of quad varieties does not mean you can win
  • they talked a bit about the 3/11 earthquake and Yuzu said bc he had the experience of losing his home-rink and still remembers the hard times that followed, he’s always quite happy and grateful to be able to practice in a rink
  • Has absolutely no plan for Pyeongchang at the moment LMAO
  • first plan for off season………wants to improve a lot of skating skills (#typical), esp 4Lz and the 3Lz because 3Lz went a bit weird (bc he’s practising 4Lz?) lmaooo
  • Goal for next season: ‘Towards perfection’ - 理想の先へ (literally: towards the ideal destination but he implies he means ‘beyond’ the ideal). He’d characterise this season (with the Loop) as a season of getting closer towards the ideal. Next season he wants to surpass the current ‘ideal’ he has. People say you shouldn’t have limits but Yuzu thinks it’s good to have limits, but if you set your own limits, you should set them higher than you’re able to achieve right now (I think? I’m not entirely confident I’m hearing it right)

note to self: Don’t read fanfiction while in class, you’ll make weird noises and then someone is going to read the sex scene behind your shoulder. 
I might have destroyed some innocence.. (he’s 3 years younger then me)

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It's bad enough when customers won't empty their baskets but just stick them on the belt. But it really pisses me off when I've started the transaction and taking their stuff out and they keep grabbing things from around the register(candy/gum/etc) and sticking it in the basket...when I'm taking things out. Like fucking stop and put it on the belt🙃🙃

I’m totally being done with subtle on the basket shit. I flip the basket on its side and start scanning out of it. I have broken items and had to get replacements. I have had customers yell at me for flipping their shit over. I don’t give a flying fuck. You put your basket down on my register that shit is getting flipped to its side and I am scanning out of it. I refuse to give myself carpal tunnel to make your lazy ass happy.


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Kon do you traditional art? If so do you just stick with pencil n paper or do you have some hidden painting skills you haven't revealed to us yet?

I do traditional but they’re always messy and stuff >.> and I’m not really good at traditional mediums 😭

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What kind of domestic dogs would the champions adopt? (And u can't say none for revali he is forced to get a dog there is no option)

Link- Husky. Closest to a wolf you can get. Takes it with him on adventures and it helps with hunting

Zelda- German Shepard. Loyal, fierce and obedient. The perfect guard dog.

Revali: Chihuahua because it’s the smallest, lightest dog he could find. Easy to fly with, just stick it in a bag and go.

Mipha: St. Bernard. Big, lovable, huggable and FLUFFY

Urbosa: Mastiff, the only breed big enough for her and an excellent companion in battle.

Darruk: Pugs, several of them. He can’t help but laugh every time he looks at them.

- Lonely Voe

Yet Another Reason To Hate Colored Pencils

they Do Not go back in the box

this is a callout post @ colored pencils what is ur beef

Witch tip

Write sigils on your body using water proof eyeliner. If it’s liquid or felt tipped you can usually get pretty fine lines. Plus if they’re water proof then they won’t rub off onto your clothes! Also you can find them in all sorts of pretty colors and glitters. (And they’re skin safe unlike many markers)
I recommend getting a stick just for this purpose but you can use the one you already have as long as you keep it clean.
Discrete places to put a sigil include:
The bottom of your foot and toes
The front of your hips below where pants cover
Inside of your ankle (only when you’re wearing socks)
A million other places your clothes cover but there are my favorite spots
Good luck lovelies ✨✨✨

Question: do people in the HTTYD fandom give their fan characters/dragons names that fit the canon like Buttcheek or Snotface or Gurbler or does everyone just stick to dignified names

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Quick question. But for your 4/20 post, how did you do the overlay colors behind the actual drawing. Like the pink and green layers. Is there a program you use for that or just how?????

1. Doodle a thing!  

2. Merge your layers so that everything is on one! 

3. Make a new layer and move it so that it is below everything.  

4. Choose a dark color (doesnt matter what) and fill the empty layer with it completely.  (I call this ‘making them a demon’ and it shows you where your transparent areas are!) 

5. Make a layer above the dark color layer and fill in the transparent areas with your desired color!  (I usually just stick with white.) 

6. Now merge everything BUT the dark color layer! (You can hide it at this point if you want.) 

7. Now your drawing should be solid~  move it around to check.  

8. Duplicate or copy your layer that has your drawing and move the duplicated layer under your original.  

9. Move the duplicated image to your desired area.  

10. Now create a new layer over your duplicated layer and fill it in either by using ‘clipping group’ or manually.  (should look like this)

11. Omg look at that!  You did it!  Now repeat it as much as you’d like!!

You can change the transparency as much as you want and get creative with it!
– go nuts!  Thank you so much for the ask!! <3 

no one preheats their oven. that’s a myth. no one has time for that. guests are coming in 40 minutes. i haven’t even started on the cake, spend like 5 minutes beating that cake forgetting i have to preheat the oven and just sticking her in like that

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well if someone tries to like touch yr undercarriage i think them dying is fine

Maybe just stick with pepper spray
And use a lot
get a fuckin taser

“Kassius coming back to NXT was an amazing moment, but then I took a second and realized Shinsuke wasn’t called up for the longest time. A lot of NXT stars don’t get the call, either. I just hope Kassius decides to stick around long enough to get the go-ahead to the main roster someday, because he is legitimately one of the best in-ring performers in the world right now.”