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EXO Reaction To You Trying To Dance To Dancing King

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Anonymous said:

EXO scenario to finding you trying to Dancing King please! Sorry, I just listened to the song and tried doing the dance break and oml it so hard.

Xiumin: So I get the feeling you might need some help with that?

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Luhan: Hey I don’t know what you expect me to do but since I wasn’t around for that shit I cannot help you. 

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Kris: I give up. I have no idea what she’s doing anymore.

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Suho: *corny mom mode? Yes.* Don’t worry baby, you can do it! I’ll cheer for you!

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Lay: *got some second hand embarrassment as you fell on your butt but he helped you up and offered to teach it to you.*

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Baekhyun: *baekhyun is the type to laugh at his friend falling on their face for a solid five minutes before he offered any kind of help, and that’s exactly what he’ll do*. He will definitely help, just when he finishes laughing

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Chen: *gives her this smile* Oh yeah, you know I am never letting you forget about this as long as I live.*

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Chanyeol: *tries to hold in his laugh but then can’t help but let it burst out. At that point he’d be a lot like Baekhyun - helping only when he finished laughing*

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DO: *Lets out a cute little laugh, remembering his days of learning the choreo and helping you up, offering to teach you to sing it.*

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Tao: You know I cannot help you with that. Not my choreo, now, which selca should I post to insta?

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Kai: *pops up almost immediately* You know who can ask for help with that, right jagi?

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Sehun: *He is holding a laugh while he watches her but when she finishes he’d be going up all smooth and asking her if she wants his professional help, possibly hinting at more than just dancing ;)*

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A/N: This is dedicated to a certain someone who needs cheering up because her bias is just ruining her life with the things he says! It took me two sleepless nights and my brain breaking in half to write my very first smut but it was all for you !

Inspired by the quote:

Rap Mon, “If i ever have a girlfriend who isn’t an Idol, i want to write a song that apologizes for being an idol.”

Reader x Rapmon (one-shot)

Masterlist here

Warning Smut 

Enjoy :) 

How did it come to this?

We’ll speak later.
His harsh words rang in your ears over and over again following the click of the dial tone. He’d speak to you later, but what he never seemed to realize was that you had spoken many times about everything but you remained on this road that kept going in circles. His promises always came meaningless followed by excuses of why he couldn’t make it this time. His phone calls of concern came even less then that. And his apologies, they just didn’t seem to come at all anymore, reflecting his feelings for you it seemed. But this was it.
After three months of tour and only getting one phone call from him you had been frustrated and angry but held on. However, tonight his apartment felt more empty then usual after you heard those words from him. You had called him to confirm your planned date. Today was the date you had first met. 
I can’t make it. We’ll speak later.
You grabbed your bags and packed your belongings. Without a second thought you got on the bus and headed over to your old apartment that you had intended on renting out before. It wasn’t often that you were so willing to give up on people in your life. It took a lot for you to make that cut, but this was the last straw with Rapmon.

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16 favourite songs (not in any order)

1 - mama//bts (jhope)
2 - morning in america//jon bellion
3 - kimono beat//matsuda seiko
4 - mr. ambiguous//mamamoo
5 - the less i know the better//tame impala
6 - telescope//cage the elephant
7 - rainy days//take
8 - save me//bts
9 - wiing wiing//hyukoh
10 - gooey//glass animals
11 - just what i needed//the cars
12 - cheer up//twice
13 - lets just chill//oneway
14 - eat//zion.t
15 - pretty u//seventeen
16 - talk//10cm

6 favourite girl groups

1 - mamamoo
2 - red velvet
3 - twice
4 - orange caramel
5 - blackpink
6 - exid

6 favourite boy groups

1 - seventeen
2 - bts
3 - astro
4 - exo
5 - bap
6 - got7

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1. girls generation- bump it
2. wonder girls- i feel you
3. twice- cheer up
4. hyuna- ice cream
5. lay- what u need
6. 4minute- personal taste
7. exo- love me right
8. f(x)- beautiful stranger
9. cbx- the one
10. oh my girl- windy day

I really have to say a few words about these guys. 

Muse is my favourite band, and Uno was the first song I ever heard of them. It was actually like a shock for an 11 years old girl, the emotions of it where overwhelming, but here we go, 9 years passed and this is still the song that went with me through thick and thin, just like many others. Muse is the only band I can just put a shuffle of all the albums on my phone and listen to them without getting bored. Their music cheers me up when I’m down, brings me to tears when I need to cry and calms me when I’m stressed out. I think that there is no other band where the singer puts so much of his soul in every note and in ever word in his lyrics. Matt is a real genius of our generation, pity that so many people just can’t see it. I bet that one day, Muse if going to be taught in music schools, unlike One Direction, Justin Bieber and the rest of that untalented, super famous utter shit. 

I have seen Muse live only once and I can surely say that it was one of the happiest moments of my life, their concerts put hearts on fire


 “Oh, love, let me see inside your heart.
 All the cracks and broken parts.
 The shadows in the light.
 There’s no need to hide..”

If you need something to cheer you up

Here are Gifs that will hopefully help

(I do not own this one. I just found it on Google)

And here are some funny videos that always cheer me up!

Dance Recess with Shane Dawson (x)

Thomas Sanders Vines (x)

Always keep fighting-Fight song (x)

Sabriel- Moose song (Trust me its funny) (x)

And this video has helped me a lot. Please watch this one at least! It is uper important. Just a heads up, it is Shane Dawson so expect some dirty jokes but, the message overall is so important!

Why was i born (x)

Feel free to add more to the list!


oh, i think that i found myself a cheerleader, she is always right there when i need her…

for sarahpaulsonsfuckinglisp who’s made it impossible for me to listen to this song without thinking about SQ

I won’t promise anything to you. But i want you to know that i’ll always be there for you. I’ll be there for you when you can’t sleep at 3Am and you need someone to talk to. I’ll answer your call at the middle of the night and I’ll stay up late with you when you can’t sleep. I’ll take care of you, especially when you’re sick and when you’re tired from work and you can’t even dress yourself or even eat. I’ll cheer you up whenever you’re upset, sing a song whenever you’re sad, lift you up whenever you feel like giving up, be your support when you feel like you’re alone. I’ll be your pillow when you’re tired and you need a comfort, i’ll be your favorite sweater just to keep you warm, your favorite shoes and take you to the place you love. I’ll play silly games with you just to keep you from boredom. You can always count on me, because i would love to be there by your side and be with you. That’s how much i love you.

I like screamy music it cheers me up when im down 

its like sometimes you just need to listen to someone screaming!!!!!! and maybe scream a little yourself??? 

i love screamy music can you guys recommend some to me if you have a favorite screamy song??? idc about specific genre or whatever so long as the vocals are at least 70% someone hollerin

Trees is featured on every single one of my playlists. I can relate to it no matter what mood I’m in. Whether I need to cry, need cheering up, or just an upbeat song, I can always count on Trees. I’ve analyzed the lyrics countless times but the message always stays the same. It’ll always have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see where the courage I get from this song takes me in the future.

Forget is lovely and adorable and I’m all about siblings cheering each other up and I’m so happy that Balth has Rosa and I’ve never wanted to hug a fictional character more than I want to hug Balthazar Jones.


Poor Peter.

I get why Balth is in a “fuck you” place right now, but it’s entirely because of his own misunderstanding. Peter doesn’t deserve that. And doesn’t deserve yet another passive aggressive song uploaded to the internet.
Just. I need the next video to confirm for me that Peter is okay. Please and thank you.