just the size got too big to fit it all


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Soooo I finally got a Depop(username: ammeb)!! As I mentioned before, I’m going on a road trip to CA for my birthday in a few weeks and I need to make some $$$ so I can spend it all on food on my trip haha😊🍉 I’m selling a lot of amazing things mainly because they don’t fit me but I still love them! Two brand new @bonnechancecollections dresses I JUST bought and love dearly but are too big on me 😓 most items are size xs-medium🌸 if you don’t have a Depop it is seriously so easy to join and it’s so much easier than the mess of trying to sell through Instagram!! I promise! If you have a Depop and think I would like your stuff, comment your name on there and I will check you out! I’m already getting sucked into buying new things haha ahhh! Anyways, check out my stuff! Lots of girly/vintage/worn once items!!!🌸🌸🌸 #Depop #girly #dress #floral #forsale #cute #kawaii #dreamy #babydoll

@ did–you-find-your-bitch-in-me: ahh kandace ;u; but idk idk i think the ones i have are like for ppl that actually have hips and curves??? cuz like idk idk they don’t rly fit very well and idk maybe i just got the wrong size?!? like they can fit my waist area and they don’t fall at all but idk i just want to be able to wear pants that fit (like the ones i get from the philippines cuz the jeans i buy here in tx are all too big for me cuz im like a twig)

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hey, ive been feeling super dysphoric lately so im trying to figure out what kind of binder to get, my chest is p big (D, DD). ive been researching like crazy but im still super unsure of what to get. i was wondering if you could give me some advice. thank you

Wow I’m completely honored to get this question! First of all thanks! Secondly, I have a pretty big chest too. I haven’t worn a real bra in so long so I’m not entirely sure of my size but I’m in the full C range and the binder my girlfriend just bought me is called gc2b and I got an XL and it fits perfect.

Since you said you’re in the D area you might be bigger. But it fits amazing and it’s so comfy I wear it all day! This binder has seriously made my dysphoria decrease immensely because it gets me pretty flat. Hope this helps! Please come to me for any more advice you need.