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How to sound more natural in French

1) For questions, use “est-ce que”, or just the plain affirmative form with a question mark/rising tone.

 Où vas-tu ? (correct, but nobody actually speaks like that)

 Où est-ce que tu vas ? (much better) Tu vas où ? (most common) Partez-vous en vacances cet été ? (hello, I’m a robot)

 Est-ce que vous partez en vacances cet été ? (natural)

 Vous partez en vacances cet été ? (what I would probably say) => Note that even though I used the formal “vous” in this last example (could also be that I’m addressing multiple people, but let’s say it’s just one person), it’s still completely ok/common/natural to use these more “informal” question forms. Same goes for all the other tips below. This is how people actually speak, even in slightly more formal situations. 

2) Drop “ne” in “ne pas”

E.x. Je ne sais pas. => Je sais pas.

E.x.  Je n'ai pas faim. => J'ai pas faim.

3) Use “on” (conjugates like the third person) instead of “nous”

E.x. Nous habitons à Paris. => On habite à Paris. 

4) Shorten “tu” to t’ when the verb starts with a vowel of a “silent” H 

E.g. Tu habites où ? => T'habites où ?

5) Drop “il” in “il y a”. It turns into “y'a”

E.x.  Il y a un chat dans le jardin. => Y'a un chat dans le jardin.

E.x. Il n'y a pas de soucis. => Y'a pas de soucis. 

 These are the most important I think. Then there’s obviously vocab, with some words/contractions being more informal to varying degrees (“bouquin” for “livre”, “aprem” for “après-midi”…). 

And then, there’s pronunciation. There are a lot of sounds that can get slurred together, but I couldn’t really tell you the rules. As an example though, “je” followed by “sais” or “suis” will turn into j’, then ch if you’re really slurring.

 "Je sais pas" => “J'sais pas” => “Chaipas” (this last one is not usually written, but you will hear it) 

Some people will tell you that all these things are “incorrect” and “not proper French”, but I think that’s bullshit. You *need* to do all these things if you want to sound like a real person, and not like a textbook. Good luck!

 - with the help of a user from the HiNative App. When you have doubts about anything in particular, using HiNative is a great way to get the answers you’re looking for in a language you’re studying. 

 These were just some helpful tips I got from him/her about sounding more natural and gaining a better understanding of the language.

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Honestly, Riot needs an option to turn off auto fill. I don’t care if I get ten or fifteen minute queue times. The time it takes will be less than me going through a shit match where I or someone on my team got filled into a position they don’t know. At least with a longer queue time I won’t lose LP.

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My friend and I couldn’t agree whether Matt, Laura, Sam, and Taliesin meant five names as in five kids or five names as in five names for each kid they have, so we decided it meant both. They have five kids with five names each, not counting von Mussel Klossowski de Rolo (and not counting their youngest boy, Percy IV)

Status Inglês

• Promise me you will never forget all the times we spent together.
(Prometa que você nunca vai esquecer todos os momentos que passamos juntos.)

• Treat your girl right or someone else will.
(Tratar a sua garota bem ou alguém o fará.)

• I am perfectly imperfect.
(Estou perfeitamente imperfeita.)

• Love and kindness are the very basis of society. If we lose these positive emotions, society will face tremendous difficulties.
(Amor e bondade são a base da sociedade. Se nós perdermos essas emoções positivas, sociedade enfrentará dificuldades tremendas.)

• Imagine all we could accomplish if we just used our imagination.
(Imagine tudo o que poderíamos realizar se usamos nossa imaginação.)

• There will always be a lesson behind every pain.
(Sempre haverá uma lição por trás de cada dor.)

• Sometimes music is all you need.
(Às vezes a música é tudo que você precisa.)

• Don’t ruin today by worrying about yesterday’s problem.
(Não estrague hoje por se preocupar com o problema de ontem)

• Keep your head high gorgeous, there are people who would kill to see you fall.
(Mantenha a cabeça erguida, lindo, há pessoas que matariam para vê-lo cair.)

• I never changed. I just learned.
(Eu nunca mudei. Eu aprendi.)

• The best medicine in the world is a mother’s hug.
(O melhor remédio do mundo é um abraço de mães.)

• The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.
(A coisa mais difícil não é falar de alguém costumava falar para todos os dias)

• Sometimes i keep my feelings to myself, because it’s hard for someone to understand
(Às vezes guardo meus sentimentos para mim, porque é difícil para alguém entender.)

• The only thing worse than not finding happiness is finding it and throwing it away.
(A única coisa pior do que não encontrar a felicidade é descobri-lo e jogá-la fora.)

• Sometimes, I’m afraid to tell you how I feel.
(Às vezes, tenho medo de lhe dizer como me sinto.)

• Be crazy. Be weird. Don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks.
(Ser louco. Ser estranho. Não tenha medo do que os outros pensam)

• somewhere between emotional and emotionless
(em algum lugar entre o emocional e as emoções)

• The older I get, the more I realize what really matters in life.
(Quanto mais velho fico, mais eu percebo o que realmente importa na vida.)

• Good people go through the most bullshit.
(Boas pessoas passam pela maior merda.)

• Do what is right, not what is easy.
(Fazer o que é certo, não o que é fácil.)

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the soft smiles,, the background music,, the shoulder touches and the comfort scenes .. how is this not canon yet jw

Major Cuddler

A/N: I’m starting a bunch of Imagines for Rafael x reader and would love some ideas! I hope you enjoy this one and please request, I would love some ideas!!

Warnings: None 

Pairing: Barba x read

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Imagine getting Barba to admit he likes cuddling in front of the SVU squad…

Rafael Barba was a big bad ADA, no one messed with him and he was always enticed in his work. At least that’s what everyone on the SVU squad thought. A cold ADA, but dedicated to his work.

However, you knew otherwise. He would put up this front to get the job done and cover up the pain and sorrow he felt dealing with the kind of people he prosecuted.

“No Liv, I need you to send me the files you have on him so I can build the case,” he said over the phone, “you know this is my night off and I don’t want to spend it down there.”

You and Barba were having some dinner at his place and planning on watching a movie and spending a night in, but you knew after he hung up the phone that it would not be possible.

“I’m sorry mi amor,” he said looking at you apologetically.

“It’s okay. I can go with you, I have some extra cookies from my stress baking session,” she said smiling and taking their empty plates to the sink.

“That isn’t necessary, it’s going to be a long night and I doubt you want to spend it there,” he said.

“We’ll grab some coffee for everyone and then head over. Are we going to the precinct or your office?” she asked getting the cookies into a Tupperware container.

“The precinct…but I-,” he started, but before he could finish you softly put a finger over his lips.

“But nada. I’m going to get my coat and my purse, we are going to the coffeehouse down the street, and then we are going to the precinct. I promise I will stay out of your way, I have a few cases to go over myself,” she said. Y/N was a doctor at Presbyterian New York in lower Manhattan and she often consulted or reviewed cases considered ‘hard-to-diagnose.’

Rafael knew that she was not going to stop so he grabbed his briefcase and waited for Y/N at the door. They walked over to the coffeeshop and then hailed a cab to the precinct.

“Hey Barba,” Liv said, “Y/N it’s good to see you, I haven’t seen you in a while.” They hugged one another and then Y/N proceeded to give her the coffee from the tray Rafael was holding.

“Thank you, but what are you doing here? Did Barba need a medical consultant for a case or something?” she asked.

“No. I just thought I could catch up on some of my work and not be away from Rafi for too long,” Y/N responded looking over at Rafael who was handing everyone their coffee.  

“Thanks Y/N” Carisi half-yelled from his desk, in the middle of eating one of the cookies.

“My pleasure,” she said.

The SVU team and Barba were doing their work in the squad room and Y/N had set up her files in the conference room. After about an hour or so they all decided to take a small break, eat some cookies and refill the coffees.

Carisi entered the conference room to get Y/N.

“Hey Y/N, we’re all taking a break and Barba wanted you to come and join us,” he said.

“Thank you, Sonny, I’ll be right there,” she responded.

“Actually,” he said entering and closing the door, “I have a question for you.”

“Yeah, shoot,” she said.

“I was just curious as to what Rafael Barba, hot shot ADA is like outside of the workforce…” he asked.

“He’s not going to like you knowing any of this, but he’s a sweetheart. He is the sweetest man that I know,” she responded with a big grin on her face.

“No way,” he looked at her incredulously, “he’s not always working and a hardass?”

“He has his days whenever he has to bring his work home with him, but I do it too. Now come on before they start asking where you went,” she said leading him to the breakroom where everyone was refilling on coffee and making conversation. Unknowing to Y/N and Rafael, Carisi was telling the rest of the squad about what a sweetheart Barba is.

Fin spoke up after laughing, “Barba, you never told us what a sweety pie you were.” The rest of the squad was in a fit of laughter, Y/N shot Carisi a stink eye and Barba had confusion etched all over his face.

Barba turned and looked at Y/N, “what is he talking about?”

“Nada mi amor,” she smiled.

“Come on Y/N, just tell us what you told Carisi,” Fin said.

“Que! What did you say to him?” Barba asked.

“Nada! He asked how you were outside of work and all I said was that you are the sweetest man I know. I said nothing else,” she responds.

“What do you mean by sweetest man?” Liv asked taking amusement in this entire situation. Rafael was shaking his head and wishing he was never a part of that conversation.

“He always sends me flowers and chocolates at work, he gives me foot massages whenever I have long shifts at work, and he’s a major cu-,” she was cut off by Barba.

“Mi amor, can you not do that?” he asked.

“What?” she asked innocently and playfully.

“He’s a major what? Come on counselor, we won’t judge you,” Carisi said.

“Yeah come on Barba,” Liv interjected.

“Fine, fine, if you all shut up,” Rafael started, “she was going to say that I’m a major… cu- cuddler.”

The squad tried their best to keep their mouths shut, but failed miserably and began to laugh uncontrollably.

“Wow,” Fin laughed, “I never thought you were the mushy type.”

The rest of the night went by fairly quickly, Y/N and Barba had left the precinct hand in hand and hailed a cab. By the time they had gotten home, it was close to 3 in the morning and both were beyond exhausted and headed straight for bed.

“You know they’re not going to stop giving me grief about this for at least 6 months,” Rafael commented as he was spooning her.

“My advice to you, is to embrace the title as major cuddler. Te amo Rafi, goodnight,” she said snuggling into his embrace a little more.

“Goodnight, mi amor.” 

Você me curou. Me curou de todas as pessoas que me fizeram mal, que queriam meu mal. Me fez crescer, me fez sorrir, me fez entender que nada é eterno, tudo tem seu fim. Mas no meio disso tudo, você me fez te amar também. Te amar da forma mais pura possível. Amar cada detalhe teu. Amar seu sorriso de lado, seu cabelo desgrenhado, tua boca que já é tão minha e sua risada gostosa e rouca no pé da meu ouvido. Enfim, eu amo você. Amo tudo em você, e amo mais ainda saber que você também me ama.
—  Just us.
zelink week //semana zelink


  • Date: October 23th - 29th.
  • Extra days: Octuber 30, 31 and November 1st

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  • Fecha: 23 al 29 de Octubre 2017.
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July 14

Pairing: poly!hamilsquad

Premise: modern au - Lafayette is feeling homesick on Bastille Day, and it’s up to John, Alexander, and Hercules to cheer him up.

Word Count: 1496

a/n: fluffy fluff… enjoy <3 (p.s. i’m sorry it’s up later than i hoped… but you can expect marliza pt. 1 tomorrow night!)

“Guys can you please shut up?” John moaned as Hercules and Alexander animatedly discussed the latter’s newest legal case. “The movie’s starting!”

Indeed, the artsy opening credits had stopped and given way to the first scene of Amélie. Alexander shut up, pouting, and Hercules quickly kissed him and promised that they would finish talking later.

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[ now you’re just somebody that i used to know ]

Te prometi que não iria sumir de uma hora para outra. Foi numa noite quente de verão, quando minhas esperanças estavam morrendo e você foi a única pessoa que veio tentar reanimá-las. Talvez, se não fosse por sua presença naquela noite, eu me perderia por completo. Estaria vagando tão cabisbaixo que teria torcicolo sete dias por semana. Mas, aqui estou, sem dores musculares e meio animadinho para prosseguir vivendo. Só que acabei descumprindo a promessa que te fiz. Já fazem quase cinco dias que não trocamos palavras e que as nossas coisas começaram a tender em direções diferentes. Ao contrário do que tentei fazer diversas vezes durante esse ano, me afastei devagar, quase naturalmente. Fui deixando de puxar assunto, de falar as besteiras de sempre e começando a preferir o silêncio. De inicio foi muito difícil me acostumar com a barra de notificações do meu celular vazia durante a maior parte do dia. Mas, acabou se tornando algo normal. Me sinto um pouco em paz, sabe? Depois de toda aquela turbulência, é muito bom finalmente conseguir ouvir minha mente falando coisas sanas e racionais. Acabou o meu desespero. Por isso, percebi que meus desabafos ficaram meio sem-sentido tanto para mim, quanto para você. Encheu seu saco e perdeu o significado para mim, então resolvi parar. O problema é que acabei me afastando e, talvez, isso esteja te machucando. Me sinto mal por isso, mas não quero voltar atrás. Ultimamente, tenho me dito que só posso continuar levando as coisas à frente na minha vida enquanto elas fizerem sentido. E, aparentemente, sou uma parte descartável no seu castelinho de areia, então espero que uma onda me puxe de volta para o mar, onde posso me misturar com a multidão de grãos e continuar vivendo como se nada tivesse acontecido.

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Joke aside, qu'est-ce qui va pas dans le tag sur Jupiter, j'ai pas toit suivi (et c'est pas un tag que je suis activement ahah)

Le tag de Jupiter est devenu un lieu un peu étrange où certaines personnes qui débarquent d’autres planètes semblent ne pas trop comprendre les degrés de l'humour. 

Ils voient EM comme ça:

alors qu’EM sur tumblr c’est censé être ça:

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Donc il semble y avoir des fans d'EM, des vrais, comme on pourrait être fan de Harry Potter (amour dévoué, amour infini, une volonté de faire le boom boom boom avec lui parce qu'il est *beau*)(which is fine as long as the person you’re stanning isn’t problematic pour la société) (et là on ne peut pas mettre les politiques dans le même bateau, sorry MV, not even you, angel face).

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Voilà, c’est tout subtil et juste weird, c'est juste que there is a fine line that I believe really shouldn’t be crossed parce que… politics… they’re just like us… mais actually influential and their decisions can hurt (mais aussi aider!) so many people donc les gens qui aiment EM parce qu'il est pretty et *progressive* sans avoir même suivi l'épisode du goddamn programme qui ne voulait pas sortir et qui ne voient pas ses mauvais côtés (dont tu es spécialiste en la matière, probablement) m'énervent. Le handshake avec tr*mp était sympa 2 minutes, mais bon… pas de quoi le canonifier…(je veux bien que sa com’ puisse être agréable mais enfin! au moins qu’ils réalisent qu’il s’agit de com’. Il faut apprendre les codes des politiques français avant de venir les vénérer…)

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(@ tous ceux qui distinguent les vrais personnes des personnages tumblr merci et ça ne vous concerne pas, ne me lancez pas de farine)

Mais enfin, tout ceci ne semble que toucher le prez depuis qu'il est puissant (et MV en dommage collatéral, parce que this ship will beat on, a boat against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.) Le copé side of tumblr est donc encore à l'abri de l'invasion, and that’s honestly all that matters.

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