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Ugh yes. When will mangaka wake up and realize this isn’t funny or endearing?

It really isn’t, like at all.

And especially when you think about all the other routes you can take win terms of humor (like Reigen is fucking hilarious, and I will never not laugh my ass off at Dimple’s hopes and dreams being destroyed inadvertently by Mob), this shit is just lazy writing

I think about Brook from One Piece in regards to this, and how easy and how much more rewarding it would have been if they’d made his ‘comedy shtick’ literally ANYTHING but being a pervert and badgering girls about their panties.

Like, he’s an old ass man. Have him be overwhelmed with technology! Make his age a running gag! Like, the possibilities are endless.

So many characters would be so much more likable and hilarious (even the ones with vaguely scrappy-doo like attitudes, even!) if their creators would just remove that. I’d even like Sanji if that part of him was removed, and everyone on my blog knows how much I hate canon!Sanji.


Tumblr was just, like, me and seven other people standing around a table in a warehouse passing a few sheets of paper around as posts. Well, one paper finally got to me and it was that ’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ’ face. But in really small letters the entire Bee Movie script was written to make that face. I thought it was so funny that I laughed myself awake.

aww, that was a really sweet episode (perfect for the season too!). Its so nice to not only have a new SU ep, but for it to bring all the Gems together (and Greg + a newbie)

Lots of cool stuff from this ep, finally meeting a member of Steven’s human family (which the crew hinted at at SDCC this year), learning that Universe isn’t Greg’s original last name, confirmation that Greg and Rose were never traditionally married (which is so funny because just yesterday I was looking at some old posts where we were discussing it and I was thinking “I wonder if the show will ever actually state it” and then pow, they did)

I think “Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground” is one of my favorite lines, but Pearl’s “Since you love marriage so much, we thought ‘why don’t we all just marry each other!’” was pretty great. Also I love that birth, marriage, and death were the decorations they got because those are human things

Anyways, yes, really great episode! Very cute and sweet and just really what I needed right now. Thank you, SU <3

You know what I really really want to see?

Emma and Killian laughing.

Remember her giggles at magicking away his hook? Remember her giggles when he told her to keep the red leather jacket on? Remember his giggles at her smothering him in kisses post resurrection?

I want to see more stuff like that.

I want them to share whispers that make the other chuckle.

I want them to find something so funny that they can’t keep the laughter in and one of them ends up full on belly laughing.

I want them to be so wrapped up in their little inside jokes that Snow gives them a suspicious look and a “what are you two up to?”

I want them to share a knowing look that makes the other smirk or snort and everyone around them just rolls their eyes.

Because they’re not just true loves, they’re not just partners…

They’re also best friends.

Nurseydex & Acting Class

Eyoooooooooooooooo, the CP Resident Shakespeare Ho/Theater Major is back with more shamelessly using these characters as a means to talk about my major Nurseydex Antics!

As anyone who follows me knows by now, I’m a theater major. Dex and Nursey are comedy gold, and the thought of them working with any of the texts I’ve worked with is just DELIGHTFUL.

(Click here and here for my other Shakespeare Ho/theater major posts)

So without further ado!

  • Dex needs and art credit. Just one more fucking art credit. But his schedule is insane and there’s only one he can take this semester
  • it’s an acting class
  • He doesn’t want to do it. Mostly because his boyfriend will be I N S U F F E R A B L E
  • But he just wants to get this over with so he registers and just waits for Nursey to find out
  • Nursey is delighted. And registers for that class, too.
  • “YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER ART CREDIT, DEREK!” “Dude, you really think I’m gonna miss this?”
  • Dex doesn’t really know what to expect going in, but he definitely wasn’t expecting the prof (let’s call him Casey) to be this hot middle aged guy who dresses like Indiana Jones and lives in a cabin and recites Shakespeare to trees
  • (we’re talking Adventure Indy, not Professor Indy)
  • (what no I’m not basing him on my prof Kerry who is also currently directing me in Julius Caesar why would you think that)
  • Nursey and Casey hit it off because Casey is this great mix of Passionate and IDGAF and Nursey wants to be him when he grows up
  • Dex’s main reaction to him is “?????????” until he starts talking about his cabin in the woods and then they bond over Practical Shit like fixing window panes and Nature
  • (the rest under the cut because this always happens my posts are always long af)

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So I ship johnlock. & it’s making me mad, actually, that other johnlock shippers find it funny and amusing to post hate and anti-sherlolly stuff in the sherlolly tag??? Like stop? You’re the ones making us all look like assholes. Let people have their ship, k. Just cause people ship sherlolly doesn’t mean they are homophobic. I’m tired of seeing them being attacked by johnlock shippers for just being happy about their ship and talking about it. They’re not being rude or harming anyone. You’re ruining the fandom. Bye.

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I must ask this question... Have you ever felt like giving up on the comic?

Actually this is really funny because this is one of our inside jokes. Before we had Anna helping us with grammar/spelling, we usually spotted mistakes (and they were pretty big ones!) after posting a pageset. Which did cause some distress and a rush to fix it before it got too many reblogs with the mistakes on it. Our reactions were like this:

After the first two or so times, we started screaming “That’s it, we’re deleting the blog. I quit!” And it just became our joke for every time we made a big mistake.

We’ve had other inside jokes. But this one is probably my favorite just because of how stupidly dramatic we made it out to be.

((if you see a mistake on an old reblog, check the originals first. It might be one of those mistakes that weren’t found until it was far too late… but we fixed it anyway.))

But to answer your question, we never seriously considered quitting the comic. We want to see our stories through to the end. Or where ever we decide the end is!

Cheer Up Post #4720 - Dogs (Funny) Edition

hey-lets-get-l0st could use a post full of dogs being funny/goofy. I hope this helps!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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I saw your post about H&L doing the monitor thing ... what is that?

the monitor thing

basically they always look at each other on the screens

and make funny facial expressions 

sometimes there’s fonding involved

this one is my fav because they realised they mirrored and were both just like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and if you were wondering, yes they still do it :’)

in conclusion, the monitor thing is just another cute thing that harry and louis always do

You know, Midorima was probably always regarded as the weird kid in school. The one that had funny hair and wore glasses and always brought strange things with him from home and was really smart. Then, he joined Teiko, and met some friends. Specifically Akashi. As the team gradually became petty and was being torn apart, he maintained his dignity. Continued practicing. Played an honest game. Akashi changed, everyone drifted, and he was alone again. But still unapologetically himself. Then he meets Takao. A kid arguably as weird as he is, who loves basketball for what it is and knows he’s not as good as Midorima, but that’s okay, they’ll practice together and become stronger as a team. He genuinely wants to be Midorima’s friend, for whatever reason. Midorima finally has a friend.

Leading Suspects: Epilogue

Well, here we are. It’s been quite the journey, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, especially you, @peetabreadgirl! There’s a strong chance I’d be crying in the corner over something fic related without you in my life. Clearly, you’re my Johanna. ;-) The story will be up on AO3 and FF.net in its entirety by the end of the week. I’ve been posting chapters five at a time, so if you follow me over there, I apologize for the flood of notification e-mails. Will make one more post here once it’s complete on the other sites. Smutty MCSmutterson out!

“Do you think they’ll serve pie?”

“Don’t eat the strawberry if they do. Just to be safe.” I smother my laughter at this and lean back against the trunk of the apple tree I scaled half an hour ago, the speakers below me unaware of my presence.

The funny thing about gossip and scandal is that it’s a stupid, fickle thing. Two years after I returned to Twelve Willows to propose a joint Daily Fix and bakery franchise to Peeta and ask him out for real, so much has already changed, and yet so much remains the same.

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The whole culture of women acting like it’s funny to be psychotic/crazy/jealous/controlling - abusive in general - to their boyfriends is absolutely disgusting. I see posts on Instagram and twitter all the time that are always something along the lines of going through his phone (invading his privacy), acting mean and distrustful when he’s out with his friends, etc. and that shit is unacceptable. If you’re one of the women propelling a culture of honest to god abuse against your significant other, you need some serious mental help and I just pray that your boyfriends realize your toxicity and cut all ties with you. 


So this happened. It’s on wiki so it can be changed back. (It already is back to normal, thank god. Also thank god it’s on wiki cuz wiki can be edited by anyone. If this was changed on any other site, war would’ve broken loose). But can I just say, it’s really disrespectful and disgusting to see this even as a joke. Even if you’re obsessed with Yoi and Yuzuru Hanyu, it doesn’t give you any rights to do this. Don’t mix the world’s please. Get it right that YURI KATSUKI IS NOT YUZURU HANYU. STOP LIVING IN YOUR FANTASY. Shame on the person who had the nerves to change the information. The joke is not a funny one.

Screenshots by me. Posted on a facebook Yuzuru fanpage by Yuii D. Pharapraisan. The name of the fanpage is given within the Screenshots.

Fake Conversation Between the Signs

Scorpio: Let’s make nicknames for each other

Cancer: Ok..how about Weirdo….just kidding!!

Scorpio: I had one for you but never-mind…

Cancer: Noooo tell me!!

Scorpio: okay..How about girlfriend?

*requested by @hitzyy *

How to Adult: Cover Letter Edition

So I have several followers who are working on applying to jobs right now, and by far the most common concern is “what even is a cover letter??”  Now, while this post is funny and accurate, it’s not super helpful if you’re looking for specifics.  So I figured I should show you mine.  Now, without further ado, allow me to provide to you:

~*~ The Cover Letter of Destiny ~*~

[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2, etc]

[Right Justified - Date]  (This is just standard business letter stuff)

To Whom it May Concern, [Or Mr/Ms. Hiring Person’s name, if you can find it.] 

I’m delighted to submit an application for the [Job you’re applying to] position at [Company/Institution/etc].  After reading the job description I’m certain I would bring a solid combination of  [Skill 1], analytical thinking [or whatever Skill 2 is], and communication skills [This is always my Skill 3] to this position.  I’m particularly attracted to this position because I believe it will utilize the skills I have gained through my industry [or research or whatever] experience, and allow me to apply those skills in new areas. 

In my role with [Company] as a [Most Relevant Position Here], I managed a project [to do some stuff - flesh out your most important/relevant job responsibilities here].  I specifically focused on [a thing that is the most explicitly relevant to the job posting.  In fact, I creatively copy/pasted some of the job posting into this sentence, that’s how relevant it is.].  I was also responsible for [A couple of things that maybe were mentioned in the job posting, or at least show increased responsibility over time].  This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of different team members [to achieve a goal]. Through these and other job duties, I have gained excellent listening skills and the ability to carry out self-directed tasks in the context of a larger team. [i’m not joking. use this phrasing it’s so great just copy it idgaf]

 In my current role as a [Current Title] with [Company], I have continued to build strong skills in project management [or whatever] as well as clear oral and written communication. [Maybe this sentence describes the types of communication (or whatever skill) you do.]   [This sentence describes briefly the less-relevant work you do].  [This sentence ties in your less-relevant job to the job you are seeking].  These experiences have prepared me well to succeed in a role as [Name of Position you’re applying to].

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials and consider my application. I am excited at the prospect of applying my skills to a [Name or category of position] with [Company], and I feel that the knowledge and skills I have gained through my experience will be a great benefit to the team. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions as I would welcome a chance to discuss this opportunity more. [After all, they want to hire you after reading this]


 [First Name Last Name]

I hope you find this helpful in your job search!  Just remember to focus on skills you learned rather than specific experiences or titles you’ve had.  Don’t be afraid of inflating it too far, either.  There are real useful skills underlying every job task if you look hard & get creative with your phrasing. 

Feel free to send me an ask if you want any specific advice on how to spin your education/work history into the job you want, or if you want a proofreader or cheerleader or whatever.  Job hunting is a bad game designed by and for a certain type of person.  It’s dehumanizing and horrible even at the best of times, so I’m more than happy to help anyone find a way to beat the system.  <3 <3 

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What do you think are ichiruki's most iconic scenes

there’s too many…

jk i was gonna attempt to be funny and just upload all the volume covers for bleach but you know what? not today. this post will probably be very image heavy, sorry in advance. my favorite moments are the following.

what started it all. thanks to these two the bleach manga became as successful as it once was. i don’t think there is a more iconic introduction.

they understand each other even without needing words :’)

…do i need to explain this one… 



stopped crying immediately after he saw her and the rain was stopped once again #herimpact. aaaand the MOST iconic moment imo is

i know it’s a pretty generic answer BUT even though i was a shipper before this moment happened i still think it’s what sealed the deal w ichiruki for many. this scene alone can destroy any argument antis try to use. an absolutely beautiful chapter. kubo did a great job for once expressing emotions through eyes on this one!

Artwork by @cool-porygon for the Critical Role Reverse Big Bang! From Episode 56, “Hope”:

“As you look down at the stick figures you see one with antlers, two that are smaller than the others. One that is larger than the rest; burlier, thicker around the chest. One you can barely see and one that flies across them all on a broom. And at the very end, [he’s] just finishing one with funny glasses.”

My fic based on this drawing, entitled “Those Who Wait”, is posted on AO3. It’s the story of the young boy’s mother, and her struggle with the aftermath of the Chroma Conclave’s attack on Westruun. Spoilers through Episode 56.

Thanks to cool-porygon for the inspiring art, and to the mods of @critrolebang for all their hard work!