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it’s impossible to find anything mlp related in my country, this is why I flipped when I found some cute pony keychains

but of course, I didn’t find any of the main six, or even any background ponies
at least I can finally say that I have just one mlp related merchandise for once

Ghost merch ideas
  • Baseball-style ¾ length sleeve shirts, please.
  • Element symbols jewelry. Aether symbol. Aether symbol y’all.
  • Pet collars with the grucifix and/or symbols. You love cats, make it happen.
  • Papa’s robes bathrobes. 
  • One of those t-shirts that looks like a suit but it’s Papa’s suit with the grucifix patch. 
  • Pajama pants with little grucifixes all over them.
  • Those sweatshirts where it zippers over your face? with Papa’s face on it.
  • Blankets. There’s way too many ideas to choose from - but the backdrop from the Black to the Future tour / Meliora cover art / Popestar cover art are probably my top picks.
  • While we’re at it - sheets with grucifixes all over them.
  • Maybe they can just sell bolts of printed fabric and then we can just make pillows and blankets and shirts and pants and-
  • Official car decals would be real cool.
  • Incense that’s called Secular Haze. 
  • Where the fuck are the official Funko pops already.
  • Turntable mats! Could be the logo, or the grucifix, or the Popestar man. Or all three.

So, a new ereri official art is appearing on charaby tv magazine and I just can’t stop looking at it, and thinking…

…are they getting undressed? Or perhaps getting dressed? What were they doing before this scene???


The wackiest Star Wars merchandise ever has to be the Jar Jar Binks Monster Mouth lollipop. Yes, it was 100% real, and you might be able to find one on eBay this very moment. No, I have no idea what they were thinking. 1999 was a hell of a time, y’all. 


welcome to the rodeo

anonymous asked:

I just lifted $3,000 of merchandise and I do not have one drop of guilt. #sorrynotsorry

That would be because you’re a vile excuse for a human being.

But don’t worry. Criminals always get their comeuppance, so you might feel super smug right now, but it’ll come back to bite you. It’s just a matter of time, and I’ll be looking forward to it.


Hi! As I’ve mentioned last week about upcoming great news, here’s what I want to share with you all^^ I sincerely thank you with all my heart for making this come true. With your support and contribution on MM keychain project and Comifuro 8, I’ve visited one of our local orphanage and donated some foods and daily needs for the orphans this morning. Above picture is the official letter from the orphanage. So, surprise! We’ve made it guys!!!! But this is just a first small step to greater things we can do in the future!

This might be personal but I need to let you know that I’m planning something more than just artbook or various merchandise. I want my artworks give direct contribution to people around us. Yes, it feels great when people appreciate my artworks, I feel happy, blessed, thankful, and all those positive feelings. But I don’t want to stop it just there, not just for me.

So, for my future projects I’ll continue to share and visit those people in needs with all hopes that we can contribute more to them, not just to orphans but to homeless, kids with disabilities, and those in needs.

I’ll not only draw MM fanarts but I hope you will still support me to make this dream come true. I’m sorry if I’ve been less active lately;; Now you know the reason why x’D Especially for my beloved friends here and also in IG sorry for not replying or doing it mega slow;; I’ll poke all of you again this week!! *huggies* And also for the ask box!! Please bear with my slow response;;

Last but not least, thank you again for all your support! I’m gonna share something good for this Valentine which also related to my upcoming MM artbook ;) Don’t worry I’m still in MM hell guys LOLOL Have a great day!<3


“But Jessie, you don’t even like honey cereal!”
“…. Your point being?”

John, wearing a official GhostBusters tshirt: Dirk Its just really unfair to the company! just buy some merchandise !!

Dirk, wearing a homemade “bustin’ makes me feel good” shirt: This is a GhostBusters quote??

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Why does Karamatsu get an exclusive pillow? :/ it's slowly turning into Karamatsu-san and pierrot ignores the others to make money :(

short answer: karamatsu was in his robe in the last one, perhaps for the sake of consistency they designed another to fit in with his parka’d brothers. and also, because people will buy it (it’s a great illustration).

long answer: i get where you’re coming from, and i get that this has been the source of karamatsu resentment lately. staff’s decision to release exclusive karamatsu (and ichimatsu just as much!) merchandise isn’t meant to raise a middle finger to the other brothers and their fans. unfortunately, two of the brothers have the nickname “stockmatsu” for a reason, and popularity polls are ever-changing. i have my own hypotheses to what the current rankings are, but they change a little bit every few months.

if you don’t like the way things are, there are some things you can do to make a difference, or at least make you feel like you are:

  • buy merchandise. preferably straight from a source and not secondhand. staff sees certain brothers sell well, and that’s why they get additional ‘special’ merchandise. obviously this isn’t practical for everyone, but it’s the most effective. 
  • create!! if you can write, do that. if you can draw, do that. if you can only make shitposts (like me), DO THAT! the more content you create of your favorite, the more other fans will understand why you love them, and come to love them too. i’ve been an osomatsu girl since his dark unpopular episode 24 days, and received a lot of messages about how i changed people’s perceptions of him just by posting what i liked about him.

popularity is not static. the ranks will continue to change. but to be honest, it shouldn’t matter! you love your boy. other people love your boy, too. find those people that you can gush to and you won’t even realize that they’re “unpopular”. like, based on my dashboard, choromatsu is the king of the show. it’s all about what you surround yourself with.

i hope this wasn’t overkill for your question, but i hope it makes you feel better. ^_^

This artwork is gorgeous and I just had to share it!

Stunning personal outfits for their solo illustrations, all brothers wearing the infamous white dressing gown which is something I figured they’d never be caught dead in lmao, and some handsome black suits for the party they’re at!

Beautiful art, I’m in love~