just the harmonies

There’s a lot of voices in the world that sort of make you feel like you’re not good enough, that’s a societal thing that happens a lot, and I think the best advice that I can give is to sort of silence those voices, and to only listen to your own and listen to your heart. And if this is what you want and this is what you’re passionate about, and this is important to you, you need to go for it for yourself. Because at the end of your life you’re just gonna be like, “why didn’t I do that? I could have done it.“
—  Lauren Jauregui

Anybody else appreciating what the Normani tag is turning into?

About this Playlist thing

Sorry for my english.
I know it’s not good or perfect, but I’m trying.

This whole jimin playlist thing is so … dumb . I mean of course sometimes non - Americans translate the lyrics to their favorite songs, or just carefully listen, so that they can understand them.
However the majority of time we only like/ or listen to the sound, the harmonies, just how the song in general works and how those things makes us feel like. It’s a very different way of listening to music itself. Not it’s lyrics.
People need to understand that it’s not always about the lyrics of a song.
Sometimes we just don’t concentrate on things like that.
All the more if English is NOT your mothertounge.
I really don’t want to offend anyone.
I’m just concerned, because many of us tend to seriously overinterpret those kind of things.

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When you meet someone that ships all your ships

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Without Big Time Rush, there would be no One Direction or 5 seconds of Summer.

Without The Cheetah Girls, there would be no 5th Harmony or Little Mix.

These 2 iconic groups ushered in the modern boyband/girl group era and their impact & legacy in both the music AND television industries is the reason that these other “groups” have even had a chance to succeed. Know your history and put some respect on their names.Without their contributions these groups would be NOTHING