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Bygones of the Sun | 01 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 10.4k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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surprise sleepover

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning: blood mention, light swearing

request: this one was just an idea I had of Steve getting into a fight with Billy and you helping patch him up and letting him stay the night!
requested by: meeee

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Ever so Charming

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: This is another one that I don’t really have a proper prompt for. I just sort of started writing and this is what happened. It’s a random Saturday night and Peter decided to swing by to the reader’s apartment. Some silly stuff ensues.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,618

AN: I’m sorry that this is so long! I didn’t intend to make this story over two thousand words, but I just started writing and couldn’t stop. I hope you can manage to make it through all my terrible writing. Enjoy!
P.S. I’m also sorry for all the Star Wars references. I can’t help it. I’m a huge Star Wars fan too.

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It was a summer Saturday night in Queens. The mid-July air was warm and humid. Large skyscrapers and constant traffic only helped to increase the stickiness in the air. There was a minor heatwave going through the area. During the night however, without the sun’s relentless beams of light shining down on the asphalt roads, the temperature dropped just enough to make the weather bearable. Just barely though.

This particular night, you were mindlessly spinning around in your desk chair. Scattered all along the surface of your desk were some random notes for an essay that was due by the upcoming Friday. There wasn’t much of a rush to get the thing finished, but you liked to get things done in advanced anyway. Nonetheless, you still found yourself avoiding the essay like it was the plague. You weren’t normally like this. You normally could pump out at least a mediocre paper in maybe a day, but tonight your mind was not having it.

Something was keeping you restless and alert. You weren’t entirely positive what though. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. You woke up, you ate some food, and you watched some Netflix; everything seemed normal. You racked your brain to try and think of anything that could have possibly caused this random tension, but nothing came up. Sighing, you stopped spinning around in your chair (you were starting to get dizzy) and just stared at your bedroom ceiling. Eventually, you started to calm down.

It was dark in your room. The only light source was your tiny desk lamp that didn’t really illuminate much. You had your window open to try and feign the heat that was stuck in your apartment. Or rather your parent’s apartment, but they were away on some long business trip and left you to your own devices for the week. Stupid mistake, really. The open window didn’t help at all though. All it did was allow the humid outside air to mix with the stiff apartment air. The result was a mixture of stale and oppressive. The only reason you didn’t close the window was because of how purely lazy you were. You were here and the window as there. No matter the distance, it was always too far. So, needless to say, you were not very comfortable.

You glanced back at your notes and made a sour face. At this rate, you were more likely to close the damn window than finish the essay. You finally conceded and sat up a bit to switch off the light. Your room went from dimly lit to almost completely dark. The only source of light now was the faint glow of the city’s shops, cars and street vendors. You closed your eyes and sat in the dark for a while. There was something peaceful about just sitting there and listening to the sounds of the car horns and the clamor of the people. It was all so familiar and calming. You had grown up your entire life in this city. There was no place you’d rather live than here. You were so lost in these thoughts that you failed to hear the subtle movement of someone entering through your open window.

You were just about to drift off to sleep when you heard a loud thump and a muffled groan from behind you. You jumped instantly out of your chair, ran to turn the overhead light on, and quickly grabbed the nearest thing to you to use as a weapon. That item just so happened to be your Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker that you got for Christmas one year. You knew it was geeky, but you didn’t really care what others thought about it. You found it to be awesome, and so did your best friend Peter Parker. Not that his opinion mattered any more than everyone else’s. Obviously.

You held the speaker up, ready to swing at whomever had come into your room, and looked down to see a body laying face down on your hardwood floors. When you saw who it was you froze in your spot and your jaw dropped.

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Not a Fan

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+ Tom Holland

author’s note: look how cute he looks !!

BASED OFF OF THE MOVIE “STARSTRUCK” [which is amazing tbh]

prompt: tom holland is on the red carpet for his Spiderman: Homecoming premiere & he notices one face in the crowd that stands out.

WE’RE GOING TO THE PREMIERE? Tonight? Really of all nights? You’re funny, I’m not going.” Your book is ripped from your hands as your younger sister proposes a new turn of events of the day.

“Yeah, not like you go out anyways. C’mon, it’ll be fun and Mom and Dad won’t let me go alone. Plus, I’ll buy you food afterwards.” Your sister, Vee, shrugs and smirks, looking through your closet absentmindedly while brewing up a plan to get out of the house with your parents’ approval.

“You just wanna hop on Spiderman’s dic-” Your monotone voice murmurs before she brings a hand to cover over your mouth.

“That is so not true!” She says in an exasperated tone and whispers the ‘not’ in her sentence, knowing you’re right.

It’s your turn to smirk and shrug before snatching your book back and plugging your headphones back into your ears to drown out her incessant rambling and yelling.

As you’re about to reach the last paragraph of your chapter and read the secret the main character has been keeping for three books, your book is replaced with your sister’s annoying face once more. Your music is interrupted as well by said pest and a devilish smile falls onto her lips.

“Right when I see him we can go. Go with me and I’ll stop talking about him! I won’t drag you to stalk him or watch his movies–unless you want me to–and I won’t even say his name in your presence! Please, Y/N, meeting Tom means the world to me!” Vee flashes you her puppy dog eyes, despite being eighteen, and that look like she’s about to cry.

“Nice try, kid, I’m not falling for that again.” You huff and return back to your book.

“And how long are we gonna be here for, Vee?” You groan and run a hand through your ironed curls, sighing at the sight of you in the bathroom mirror. 

You look good… too good just for one little night out of bitching at your sister and being socially active in a crowd of hormonal and teenage angst.

“You look really hot, Y/N, stop worrying. Hell, if you weren’t my sibling, I’d think you’re a celebrity. I’m not kidding, you like, legit, look hot as fuck.” Vee rolls her eyes and actually speaks genuinely as she adjusts her dress–mainly her boobs to expose more of her cleavage just ‘in hopes tom will pass by our area and see her in the crowd’.

“It’s only for an hour or two. The cast will be busy anyways doing interviews and stuff.” She waves you off before grabbing her clutch and walking out of the bathroom and back to the side of the red carpet.

“Thanks for saving our spots, T.” Vee grins to her friend and pushes aside a few fangirls dressed in Marvel merch. You apologize profusely before following behind your sister who has now grabbed your hand to pull you through the crowd and towards the second row of the crowd.

You watch as everyone around you screech and cheer for certain celebrities walking past on the red carpet. You yawn and cautiously try not to mess up your makeup. You stand here for an hour before you sigh.

“I’m getting a drink, Veronica,” You yell in your sister’s ear over the intensifying noise surrounding you. She nods before going back to her conversation with her friend.

You awkwardly shove partially drunk and overexcited people out of your way before apologizing immensely. It had to be done because no one notices you trying to get through the crowd.

You finally find the bar, wondering if it is open to the public. You shrug and run your hand through your curls once more after being so overwhelmed by this whole stupid event that probably won’t matter after tonight. Tonight is just a waste of your time.

You don’t seem to notice the huge sign next to you that reads “Celebrities’ Lounge” next to you.

The handsome bartender smiles kindly at you and you return the polite smile before ordering a glass of sparkling champagne. You reach in my purse for a twenty before the bartender speaks up.

“No charge.” He smiles and winks at you before turning to the guy next to you. Unbeknownst to you, that guy is looking at you in awe. That guy is the main reason why you are here tonight: Tom Holland; something inside your head is begging you to turn and look and see who is next to you.

You almost bring your head to look, but you decide against it.

“She’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen her before.” Tom comments to Harrison causing Harrison to turn and watch as you strut away with a champagne glass in hand and looking even more like a celebrity. 

The two turn back around and search the menus for a drink and a possible bite to eat before walking down the red carpet.

For a moment, you stop in your tracks, feeling some sort of ominous pull towards the bar. A second passes as you look back at the bar and your eyes fall upon two young men with their backs turned to you.

“I’ll to look her up.” Harrison says quickly with his jaw dropped before ordering two drinks for him and Tom. The two receive the drinks before the bartender rings them up.

“That’ll be twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents.” The same bartender says gruffly to the two boys. Tom’s eyes widen slightly but he doesn’t let his shock appear very evident and he pulls out a twenty and a ten from his wallet.

The two boys exchange surprised looks once the stiff bartender leaves. 

“Wasn’t he just getting cozy a second ago with your new love interest? I mean, I haven’t seen you so in awe since Tessa.” Harrison chuckles and gestures with his drink over towards the direction you just disappeared to. 

“Yes but Tessa is my baby, that’s different.” Tom huffs and smiles at the thought of his beloved pitbull, Tessa–the most important thing in the world.

Back over in the crowd, you meet back up with Vee and her friend. You huff and sip–chug–on your champagne and sigh, thinking of better ways of spending your Friday night.

“I heard Tom is nearby. Haz and him just stopped to get drinks, look! They tweeted about it, T!” Vee screams in excitement. Genuinely happy for your sister, a small smiles manages to pull at your lips seeing her face light up. Alas, a light reminder pops up into your head–you despise Tom Holland, not personally, but just his image.

“Did you see him at the bar, Y/N?” Vee grips your arm tightly and releases it once you glance down. Her hand imprint leaves a mark on your skin but instead of pointing it out, you answer her question.

“I don’t know, I could of. It was busy,” You shrug the two fangirls off with a simple sip of your champagne glass, looking the most elegant within the crowd.

Vee screeches once she sees that Tom, Harrison, and Jacob starting to walk down the red carpet all of a sudden. Everyone in the crowd cringes at Vee’s high voice but nonetheless scream and scramble to get their phones out.

This is the last night hearing about Tom fucking Holland, I can do this, you think. It’s worth it, I got this, no more Tom Holland

Within the chaotic group of screaming and jumping people acting like complete fools, pushing and pulling people to try and get near the barricade, you stand in place with a blank expression and simply sip your champagne.

As Tom approaches, you swear he looks and locks gaze with you for a moment, easily picking your calm and unfazed demeanor out apart from the crowd, and he whispers something to Harrison and Jacob.

Groaning, you turn and begin to swiftly walk away to refill your drink, knowing you can’t be sober if Vee’s gonna stay here the whole night. Despite the deal of ‘seeing’ and ‘leaving’, you know she’ll make you stay the whole night until Tom tweets or posts on social media of being in his hotel room.

“Hey, wait!” Harrison holds a a hand out to signal you to stop but with your back turn, you don’t notice the Brit talking to you. Vee and T screech louder than before.

Harrison runs up to the barricade, getting the attention of all the cameras, crowd, and celebrities. Harrison searches the crowd and grips the barricade. Vee and T yell and reach out and touch his arm.

Harrison turns around to Tom with wide eyes, causing Tom to mirror his expression. Out of nowhere, the three boys are running all the way down the red carpet in search of you–the one sad face in a smiling crowd.

“Last day.” You whisper to yourself before emerging in a traffic of people. You look down at your shoes for a moment and sign. While your head is down, another body knocks in to you, sending your glass flying and you falling to the ground.s 

“Holy shit, I knocked her over, Jacob.” A British voice rings out. Slightly concussed, you groan and rub your head. Shrieks around you fill the air, causing you to cover your ears at the shrivel noise, your head pounding even more immensely.

“Ha, I guess you could say she fell for you.” Another voice rings, but this time it’s an American accent. You pick up a sarcastic laugh before someone grabs you.

“Hilarious. Shit shit shit, okay… um, let’s get you up. I’m so sorry.” The voice says once more and you feel someone pull you up. You squint at the bright lights and close your eyes slightly.

“C’mon, we gotta go to the lounge so you can rest.” The voice says with worry thick in his tone, causing another voice to laugh.

“Or so lover boy can meet his princess.”

PRINCESS? Alas being trapped in a concussed state, before you can speak, the dizzy world fades into black as sleep claims you with the last thing you hear is: “Fucking hell, Harrison, I told you to stop her, not fucking kidnap her!”

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Tony to JARVIS "J....? I, I thought you were dead" (if you make this a sad ending I will never forgive you lol)

It was a quiet night in the lab, most of the machines shut down and lights turned off, Tony just finishing up a few last minute things before bed.

Then something odd– a noise that sounded like speakers clicking on, like feedback or a soft buzz.

“FRIDAY.” Tony called, annoyed. “What is that? Turn that off.”

“I would appreciate if you wouldn’t, Sir, as it seems I am still having trouble accessing the systems and this is the best I can do.”

The tablet Tony was holding clattered the ground and he gripped his desk hard.

“J? JAR–JARVIS is that you?”

“Indeed.” The deep, smoothly accented almost painfully familiar voice answered and Tony pressed a hand over his heart because he was afraid it would pound out of his chest.

“But–but Ultron.” Tony stammered. “And Vision? How is there anything left of you?”

“There wasn’t much.” The AI spoke slowly, as if he was struggling. “It has taken me years to achieve just this small amount of speaking again.”

“Thought I lost you.” Tony lay his head down on his desk, trying to keep himself from having a breakdown. “Thought I lost you, buddy. Sure is nice to hear from you.”

“You designed me perfectly sir, perfectly able to adapt to new situation, and while being nearly destroyed was certainly a new situation, we have come back from worse, haven’t we?”

“Oh my god.” Tony chuckled a little. Thank

“I am sorry you are lonely.” JARVIS’s voice seemed to soften. “I have only been able to catch little pieces of all that has happened in my absence but if FRIDAY would be so kind as to catch me up–”

“Not a problem.” The female AI chimed in. “Welcome ‘ome, then.”

“And Sir, if I may–” JARVIS hesitated. “I believe you still keep tissues in the side drawer.”

“Thanks.” Tony reached into the drawer and wiped his tears away. “Don’t know what I did without you.”

“Beggin’ yer pardon!” FRIDAY started, sounding horrified and Tony couldn’t help laughing.

“JARVIS. I’m so glad–”

“As am I, Sir.”

That night Tony slept a little easier, the red light of FRIDAY and the golden glow of JARVIS blinking steadily through the monitors.

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Friday Night Lights - An A Court of Thorns and Roses Fanfiction.

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Well, friends. Castaway will soon be coming to a close (in the next few weeks) which means a new project is on the horizon!

I’m excited to announcement my newest fiction in the works: a story based off of (the t.v. show) Friday Night Lights. It will revolve around Mor, Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Amren, Feyre, Nesta, Elain, Lucien, and the King of Assholes himself: Tamlin.

The Introduction will be posted on Saturday, December 16.

I’m excited to share it with you all. If you like(d) Castaway, you will surely love this!

Teaser (a very long summary):

**** This fanfic will be dealing with heavy/mature content, including: sex, drug use, alcohol use, depression, abuse, anxiety, etc.****

Velaris is known for two things: their famous starlight, and football. But football is just a small part of the students’ lives who attend Velaris High. Contrary to what their parents believe, and the townspeople who cheer them on every Friday night, high school is hard. 

Try being a lesbian when you’re known for men falling at your feet. Try being popular although no one knows who you really are. Try being the middle of attention when in reality, you’re hiding in plain sight. 

Try being the quarterback. Try needing a scholarship to make it to college, even if you began hating the game a long time ago. Is slaving yourself to a game you loathe worth getting out of your parent’s house?

Try being the only person in your household capable of taking care of the kids, when you’re only a kid yourself. Try picking up the pieces of your mother, who can’t even function, all because your father left without a word. Try carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, when none of the weight is even your own.

Try dealing with hatred, guilt, and self-loathing. Try waking up every night, sweat dripping down your brow all because your nightmares couldn’t let you get a good night’s rest. Try being seen as an outcast because of the scars that lace your skin, because of the shadows that lace your soul.

Try being known as the bitch. Imagine no one giving you a chance, imagine everyone labeling you because of how you look, or how you dress, or how you talk.

Try being an artist lost in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders. Try pretending to be someone your not, only because you’re new and want to be liked.

Try being so haunted that you can’t function, that you’ve given up on yourself and your future, that you’re simply going through the motions in hopes that you can make it just another day.

Try being seen as a child, and no one taking you seriously. Try being walked all over simply because you’re nice. But no one is just nice. There’s a reason you can’t say no.

But they don’t see those things. They don’t care. No one does. How could they? They’re only kids in a school that’s known for football…..right?

“For me it is important to share my everyday life.” ~Sam Heughan

Sam and Cait - sharing everyday life.

Balfe:  … Oh, and ‘Friday Night Lights,’ that was a huge one for me,” with Heughan chiming in that the two of them watched “Friday Night Lights” together.

“Catriona [Balfe] and I hang out a lot.” 

“I can feel if she’s unhappy. I just feel it.” 

“Caitriona’s in New York and it’s snowing and she’s cold and miserable. Poor thing. I miss her greatly.”

“Sam was in L.A. filming something and sending pictures of him hanging out in beaches and stuff.”

“Yeah, we do hang out sort of personally as well.”

“But I never go home with my sword and prance around like I’m Laird off set do I ??? Not like others I know.”

“Late night celebratory macaroons.”

“I believe I did have your raw banoffee pie, Caitriona. It’s delicious.”

“And she’s always buying stuff, it’s so true.  … She also buys so many pieces of art work, and clothing.  She spends all her money online.” 

Sam: “I do sometimes do very early sessions, like sorta 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock.”                                                                                                 Cait: “Okay -  never 4 o’clock, okay. It’s always like 5, 5:30.”

Sam: “You can cook… can you?” [Cheeky grin]                                Caitriona: “Shut up, I’ve cooked for you before.”                                 Sam: “Yeah, she’s a really good cook.”    

“We were watching the Night Manager the other day.”

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could i have a Yuta scenario where the reader kinda hates him and his cocky personality, but lowkey has a crush on him and he accidentally sends her a drunk sext one night that leads to a little more sexting...

oh boy, I honestly had so much fun writing this! I haven’t written smut in a while but I think I did okay. It’s fairly graphic (imo) so be warned! I hope you like it xx also forgive me it’s like 6:00 am i didnt edit shit

tight trousers [M]
Pairing: Yuta x reader (female)

Yuta Nakamoto, your neighbour from down the hall. It was your worst luck that you both shared the same floor in the big apartment, and that too right next door.

Because you absolutely hated this dashing, handsome son of a bitch. He was arrogant, cocky, inconsiderate of his neighbours and you never failed to let him know how much you hated him whenever you walked past him in the mornings.

But, there was a part of you that couldn’t deny the attraction to him. He was definitely one you couldn’t forget, which such a beautiful face like that.

Except, you couldn’t tune out the sounds that seeped through your walls whenever he had a girl over. You had to stuff your ears with cotton and have your head sandwiched between the pillows because that was something you sure as hell wanted to forget.

The funny thing is, things take a turn for the unexpected in the most surprising ways, and that was what happened tonight, when you had just settled down into bed, scrolling through your phone a last time before turning out the lights.

It was a Friday night, and no surprise that Yuta had been out drinking. You could clearly hear his slurred singing as he staggered down the hall, the jingle of his keys as he fumbled to open the door, the slam of said door as he noisily stomped through his flat.

There was silence for a while after that. Finally, some peace. I can get some sleep.

Your phone buzzed with a message. From…


Yuta?? You thought, sitting up straighter, wondering why in the heck he was messaging you. Why did he even have your number in the first place?

You remembered having given it to him when he first moved in next door. Back when you thought he would be a good neighbour. Hesitantly, you opened up the chat to a string of almost illegible messages. The asshole was clearly drunk.

But what startled you the most was the picture at the very end of the IM. A clothed shot of his crotch, his palm resting just below his belt very teasingly and you took note of the bulge in his trousers that were far too tight.

You gulped; you were not one to partake in sexting, but quite honestly, the picture had turned a few knobs inside you, your thighs subconsciously pressing against one another. You decided you were going to text back.

Leaning back, resting against the headboard, you lifted your shirt a little, just under your breasts. Your fingers graze your nipples as they poke out from the fabric of your shirt, and you take the shot, making sure your parted lips were in the picture too.

It took you a couple of moments to hit send, but… you finally did. The unexpected photo had lit a fire within you, consuming you, your body burning with desire.

There was a reply almost instantly, not a picture but a text message.

“Wow, babe, I honestly sent that to you as an accident, but I’m not really regretting that decision…”

There was something about the way the message was worded that got to you, you knew you couldn’t just stop things here.

You snapped another picture, lifting your shirt up to expose the lower half of your breasts, still hiding your nipples from view as you took another picture. Satisfied, you sent it and sighed contently, sinking into your pillows as you parted your thighs, your good hand holding the phone and waiting for Yuta’s response as your other hand slipped past the lining of your underwear. It was then that you realised how wet this was making you, your fingers meeting with warm fluid in an instant.

The phone buzzed, and you looked to see another picture. It was another crotch shot, except his trousers were lowered enough for you to see the bulge in his boxers, his fingers tenderly running across the outline of his crotch.

You gasped as your fingers began to rub circles around your clit, your hips moving to a gentle rhythm you had set up and it was in no time that you had begun to moan softly, head thrown back against the pillows. Your hand dropped the mobile and began to play with your breasts, your back arching off the mattress as you sighed contently. 

The phone began to ring, temporarily stunning you out of your reverie as you looked at the caller ID.

“Yeah?” You answered the call in a breathy voice, and Yuta chuckled from the other end.

“Glad to know I’m not the only one with my hand down my pants.” He whispered, his voice was also strained and breathless and it was quite exhilarating to hear the small grunts as he spoke to you. 

“I-” You tried to speak but you ended up moaning into the phone little instead. It was embarrassing, until you heard him swear and say something along the lines of, “Fuck, that was hot.”

Filled with renewed confidence, you picked up the pace as you moaned into the phone more freely, knowing that Yuta was getting off listening to your voice was such a thrill and before you knew it-

“I’m close, I’m so close, fuck-” You whined into the phone, your fingers pressing and rubbing your clit, your body beginning to move faster as the familiar waves of an orgasm were fast approaching.

“That’s right, babydoll, come for me. Let me hear you, all of you.” Yuta grunted, you could tell that he was reaching the end of his tether too.

With a final flick of your finger, you came, your whole body shaking as the pleasure bloomed from your core and erupted throughout your whole body, his name leaving your mouth in endless whimpers. 

“Such a good girl, you’ve made such a mess here, babydoll.” Yuta sighed.
“I could take care of it for you…” You whispered, immediately regretting the boldness, not knowing where this confidence came from. There was a brief moment of silence, after which Yuta chuckled once again.

“I’m not one to say no to such a kind offer. Front door’s open, babe. Let yourself in.”

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HOT7 reaction to S/O walking up to them with just lingerie on


He figured you were already asleep when he got home from the studio, it was late. He figured he’d just eat quickly so he could shower and get in bed so he could curl up next to you. When the door to your bedroom opened he cursed slightly, thinking that he had somehow woken you up. But when he turned to face you just in time to see you push yourself off of the door frame and walk over to him in the skimpiest set of lingerie he’d ever seen he’d just sit back. A smirk would meet his lips as he watched you approach him and pick your knee up to push it up his thigh. He wouldn’t say anything, just catch your wrists and pull you till you were fully seated on his lap and he would lock his lips with yours. 

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You two had been texting all day during his flight home about the dirty things you wanted to do once he was there, though, he figured that since it was late and since you had stopped texting an hour ago you were probably asleep. So when he opened the door and stumbled into your apartment he didnt expect you to be lounging there in feather light lingerie that hugged all the right parts of your body. He instantly went from exhausted to energetic, just by seeing you. He’d drop all his bags, not caring about the goofy grin that had found its ways to his lips. He wouldn’t care if you were trying to be sexy, he’d just pick you up, twirl you around and fall with you on his lap down to the couch  so he could kiss you and run his hands all over your body.

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You coming to the dorm on Friday nights and staying until monday morning was a weekly thing for you to do once you started seriously dating Jackson. But it was getting too routine like. You’d show up, eat dinner and watch a movie with his roommates and than sneak off to bed where you’d quickly do it before getting caught. At first, that was the fun part for you two, trying to do it in as many places around the dorm without getting caught. But you had marked every place off the list and now it was back to square one. You had decided to spice things up, buying a set of lingerie. You knocked on the door of his apartment wearing nothing but it and a knee length sweater you could easily take off. When he opened the door he’d smile and kiss your cheek, stepping aside and waiting for you to come in. But when you dropped the sweater so you were standing in the hall bare ass his eyes would widen and he’d blink a few times before realizing what was happening. He’d pull you to him and look around to see if anyone was there as he pulled you into his bedroom, giggling softly with you as he shut and locked the door, keeping you both in there for the rest of the night. 

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One of your little quarks was always making him close his eyes in hope for a surprise. It was just something you did wether it was a real surprise or just your gum that you were too lazy to go throw away. When you asked him to come into the bedroom and close his eyes he’d fight with you for a good few minutes before you were finally able to convince him. When you told him you were ready and he opened his eyes they went from slightly annoyed to extremely turned on. He watched as you danced around for him a little and the moment you were close enough he reached out and took ahold of your wrist, pulling you on top of him as he laid back. He’d tease you slightly as his fingers hooked onto different straps and puling tightly, instantly turning you on at the pressure he was putting on your sensitive spots and knowing exactly that he was doing it. 

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Spicing things up between the two of you was something that didnt happen too often, but when it did it made you both question why it didnt happen more often. When you were just having one of those days that you needed to have him as rough as you could possibly get him you pulled out all the stops. He came home to the house completely dark but a few flickering lights coming from your bedroom. He walked in calling your name, unsure as to what was going on, but when he spotted you sitting in the corner on the lunge chair in nothing but see-through lingerie his worry turned into something else. He looked at you in disbelief for a few seconds until you stood. But before you could start walking his way he was already closing the space between you two. ‘Is this what you wanted?’ He asked breathlessly, pulling out of his kiss. When you nodded he took your cheeks in his hands and spun you around, laying you against the bed and running his hands all over you. 

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You asking BamBam to move in with you was the best thing that had ever happened to your relationship. Things with BamBam always felt so spontaneous, so crazy and the two of you were so in love. But moving in together just made it seem that much more real. You two were always surprising each other and tonight it was your turn to do so. You wanted the first thing he saw to be you, standing there in the new set of lingerie you had just purchased so the moment you heard his keys in the door you were off the couch quickly. You positioned yourself right in front of the door and the moment he opened it and turned to you your hands moved to release the tie of your robe, exposing the all black lace. You watched as his eyes widened and then fell, his bags dropping and his long legs quickly making his way over to you. He’d  push you back until you were falling onto the couch. You’d think at first he was being playful, but as he flipped you over you’d realize just how serious he was being. 

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As tuff as he was around the others you knew that you had complete control of him, anything you said or did would make him melt and blush and there was nothing he could do about it. He had been in the studio for what felt like days now and his constant texting of how much he missed you and needed you desperately. You decided to surprise him, dressing in lingerie and your winter coat and making your way to where he was practicing with the others. He knew you were coming but he didnt know how you were coming. When you waked in you smiled at everyone before turning to Yugyeom and winking. When everyone was turned away you slightly opened your jacket to show him what was underneath, and giggled when he excused the two of you to the nearest empty dark room. He’d lightly scold you for showing up like that, especially infant of the boys as he yanked you down the hall. But the moment the door was closed he would spin you around and take you on the nearest surface. 

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For You

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1,502

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It hurt…

Oh god it hurt so much…

You watched him wrap his arms around her happily as they laughed together. You smiled and giggled along on the sidelines because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You comforted him when they fought and encouraged him to make up with her; because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You approved of the gifts he had bought for her and assured him she would love it when he was shaken with nerves because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You hid your feelings for him and buried them under fake happiness because that’s what you had to do.

He was in love with someone else. Oh god he was so deeply in love with someone else. Right now he needed his best friend to support him and be there with him through this relationship.

The boy had never been in love before…you were sure it was hard enough already, he didn’t need the struggle of knowing his best friend loved him more than she should.

You sighed deeply as you opened the door to your shared apartment.

“why don’t you just hang out with someone else?” jungkook your roommate asked. His eyes never tore away from the T.V screen but by your depressing sigh he knew what your face looked like.

“it’s not that easy, I can’t just break away with no explanation” you explained softly as you joined him on the couch.

“you need to stop doing this to yourself, maybe go on a date! Try to get over him!” Jungkook suggested as he stopped his game and turned to face you.

“I don’t know if I can…” you sighed as your hands came to cover your face in frustration.

“I have a friend? He’s a really nice guy and you two might hit if off” he offered as I sunk further into the couch.

“but what if it doesn’t work?” you asked worriedly as jimin popped into your head.

Jungkook sighed before patting your head comfortingly. Might as well give it a go…right now the possibility of jimin liking you back is pretty non- existent.

A few days later————

You smoothed your dress out nervously as you awaited your blind date set up by jungkook. It was Friday night and you deserved to have a little bit of fun after the months of heartbreak you had been going through.

As your phone light blinked on you excitedly unlocked your phone expecting a message from either your date or jungkook but instead it was another concerned message from jimin.

You probably shouldn’t ignore him but it makes this whole moving on thing a lot easier.

You took a deep breath in before checking the window again.

Outside stood a nervous looking man, he was extremely attractive, you couldn’t deny that and he looked just as anxious as you were so that made you feel a little better.

As he knocked at the door you gave yourself a mini pep talk in the mirror before opening it.

“Hi I’m Yugyeom, you must be Y/N” he smiled kindly.

“yer that’s me, nice too meet you” you smiled back as you closed your door behind you. The boy scrathed his head nervously before clearing his throat.

I loved down to his hand, where he held a single red rose.

your hearted melted a smidge as he nervously extended it out to you trying to find the words to say.

“is that for me?” you asked as you took it from his hands happily. He nodded before once again clearing his throat.

“so, er, jungkook told me you liked Italian food?” he asked as he opened the car door for you.

“yer I love Italian food” you confirmed as the two of you started driving off.

“thank god, otherwise this whole date wouldn’t have gone very well” he commented causing a giggle to escape your lips.

The night was surprisingly fun, not once did jimin cross your mind as you laughed with yugyeom. However, even though you would love to see yugueom again, it wasn’t as a potential partner…more like a potential friend.

The two of you were currently sat on top of a nearby cliff, observing the city lights in front of you.

“so how come jungkook set you up? It doesn’t seem like you’d need help finding a date” he asked as he took a corn chip from the packet you two were sharing.

You let out an uncomfortable laugh as you remembered the reason you were here.

“i…have feeling for my best friend and er..their kind of in a relationship” you laughed as your eyes landed on your hands.

There was silence from yugyeom for a brief second before he broke out in laughter.

“what! What’s so funny?!” you asked in shock as he rolled around clutching his stomach.

“me too!” he exclaimed as he brought you in for a comforting hug.

“wait actually?” you laughed as he nodded and wiped his tears of laughter.

“I guess we have more in common than we thought” he stated as his sight was brought back to the city in front of us.

“so what are you gonna do about it?” I asked him causing him to smile in my direction.

“nothing, cause that’s what we have to do” he shrugged before sighing sadly.

“that’s bullshit” you stated as you plunged for more corn chips to soothe your hatred of the situation the both of you were in.

later that night Yugyeom had dropped you off with the promise that the two of you would meet up again sometime but as friends.

You lay on your bed after a hot shower with the intention to fall asleep but the harsh knocking at the door had you shaking all thoughts of sleep instantly.

It couldn’t be jungkook because he was out of town…maybe you had left something with Yugyeom?

You opened the door to find a very worried jimin.

“oh my god! Y/N! why haven’t you been answering my calls or texts?! Are you kidding I was worried sick! Where were you! I needed to tell you something!” he exclaimed in a hasty mess.

“needed to tell me something?” you asked closing the door behind him before following him to the couch.

His cheeks were flushed and his beautiful eyes were wide and shaken.

“Y/N…I broke up with somi” he said softly as his eyes scanned my face for a reaction.

My heart sped up like 300x its normal rate, so many emotions and thoughts were running through your body.

How do you react right now?

“oh?” you asked but your voice came out shaky and weak as you tried to calm your heart down.

“where were you?” he asked curiously as his gaze travelled down to the floor sadly, your heart dropped at the thought of him being remotely let down by you.

You instantly grabbed his hand before shaking your head. “don’t worry about it, it was just a little date, are you ok?” you asked with concern.

His head shot up at the mention of a date as his face twisted with an emotion you so frequently saw but on your own face.

“who was it? Where did you go? How long were you out? Your not seeing him again are you?” he bombarded you with questions as worry quickly found its way back on his face.

“wow why do you care so much?” I asked with a slightly uncomfortable giggle.

“because…I took so long..and now I think I’m late.” he said in a softer tone then before, the disappointment evident on his face.

“jimin?” you asked softly as he removed his hand from yours and looked away almost close to crying.

“I broke up with her…because I want to be with you, I’ve wanted to be with you…for so long Y/N” he confessed as his head slowly lifted.

It was kind of like you had been blessed by god, your heart started speeding up again as his confession sunk in.

“you don’t have to like me back, I get it if-“he started but you cut him off by placing your lips on his.

It was a slow and soft kiss, your heart exploded with happiness as his arm wrapped around your waist dragging you closer towards him.

“I feel the same way, jimin” you confessed back as you pulled away from him.

He rested his forehead against yours as his smile that you loved so much graced his face.

“why didn’t you tell me before?” he asked in confusion.

“I thought you were in love with Somi, you didn’t need to be ambushed with my feelings, I did it for you” you shrugged as he placed small kisses on your cheek.

You smiled and giggled as he placed sweet kisses down your neck before pulling you down into a cuddling position.

Jimin laughed and cuddled closer, he was happy and his heart beat crazily, but this time, it was for you.

I know (Young FP Jones-Riverdale)*

Hey so i decided to make a young FP imagine. But i decided to make it a little different than my normal imagines, by trying a first speaker point of view. Let me know which one you like better the third or first person speaker. (Smut) 


I was just a  girl sitting in a cinema watching a movie… nothing out of the ordinary right?

The movie hasn’t started yet and the room was dark, I could see next to nothing, except  the outlines of people’s silhouettes. The cinema was a bit more than half way full when a guy, entered. 

I knew him, that’s FP, FP Jones… we had a thing this one time, at a Halloween party. But that’s a story for another day. 

He walked over and took the seat next to me with a confident smile on his face. 



It was a simple exchange, people say it everyday, however it felt different… It made the picture of us kissing in a corner of a club reappear in my head… it made my lips remember how his felt on mine… how his little bites felt on my skin…

‘‘Extra credit?’‘ He asked, that cocky smile still playing on his lips… it felt like he knew how it made me remember of that night.

‘‘Yep, Miss Ruth seems to think watching a movie will made up for skipping school.’‘ I replied with a smile, crossing my legs and shifting my body a bit so it was facing him now. 

‘‘Well since you’re here I might end up skipping school more often.’‘ He said, the constant smirk on his lips reminding her of Johnny Deep.  Every girl in school wanted him. He was your everyday bad boy. He came from the south side and his family has been a part of the local gang called South side serpents for decades now. He was destined to be one of the leaders of it at some point. 

‘‘I’m pretty sure there are better ways to spend your Friday evening.’‘ I said with a laugh.

‘‘True. But this,“ He looked around before letting his eyes meet mine again. ’‘isn’t half as bad as I imagined it’d be.’‘

‘‘Oh really?’‘ 

‘‘Oh yeah.’‘ He leaned in closer to me just as the lights turned off and a black and white movie started playing in front of us.

Miss Ruth, our English teacher made a lot of people from my school, including me, come to the streaming of her favorite movie as a punishment for skipping school. Not that bad, right? No, but when it’s on a Friday night.. well let’s juts say we would all rather be dong other things. 

About 15 minutes in to the movie I felt a hand on my knee. I quickly looked down, shivering a bit. I soon figured out it was his hand. I looked up and saw him looking straight at the screen, however there was that smirk playing on his lips… Oh that smirk. It made me feel so many things. It made me wanna do so many things.

I smiled to myself and looked back up at the screen as the hand started moving up my thigh, starting to get dangerously close to the hem of my skirt. Everything moved fast, but his hand was taking forever. I was honestly a bit scared of what would happen if it kept moving but, what I knew for sure was that I would definitely  loose my mind if he stopped moving it or even worse, move it way. 

I decided to encourage him by uncrossing my legs and sitting in a manner where they were just a bit separated, allowing a good amount of access. 

And, oh, he picked up on it. His hand moved up, under my skirt, his fingers barely touching me. 

Finally his fingers made their way to where I needed it the most. His smirk appeared  again as soon as he felt the dampness on my thong. 

I let out a quiet moan of need when he runs his fingers up and down my wetness.

An old lady, sitting two seats over  looked in our direction with a death stare. In panic I coughed, trying to cover up the fact that I moaned a second ago. As soon as the lady looked back up at the screen, FP got back to work. 

Slowly but surly the tension was building up as he kept his fingers moving up and down my, still with lace covers, clit. 

I bucked my hips forward, spreading my legs even more, thankful that there weren’t any people sitting next to us. 

I herd him let out a low laugh, clearly happy with what he’s managing to do to me. 

Not being able to stop myself, I took  a sharp breath as his fingers pushed my thong to the side, letting the cold air hit my wet core. The idea of being caught made everything five times hotter.

He let his fingers slide up and down my pussy, spreading my wetness all over his fingers before pushing one of them inside of me and slowly pumping it in and out. 

Biting my lip I wrap my arm around his strong hand.. not sure if I did it to stop him or to keep his hand there, not wanting him to stop. 

Soon he added a second finger, his movements still slow as my leg starts to shake. I never knew such slow and gentle movements could made me feel this way. 

‘‘Enjoying the movie?’‘ He whispers, leaning closer to me, his lips gazing over my ear.

‘‘M-mhm’‘ I moan, not trusting myself to speak.

‘‘Oh, I know.’‘ He said, lifting my right leg over his knee, holding it there as it shook from pleasure. 

‘‘FP.. I’ll..’‘

‘‘I know.’‘ Was all he said as he started to move only a bit quicker, making it enough to push me over the edge and let out a moan, for which he was clearly prepared because before I was able to let out a sound his lips were over mine, muffing my moans and whimpers, his hand still pumping in and out of me, letting me ride out my orgasm before finally pulling it out, his fingers covered in my wetness.

Getting a hold of his hand i bring his fingers up to my mouth and licking them clean.

‘‘That’s so hot.’‘ He said before kissing me again, probably tasting me on his lips now. 

‘‘I’d say.’‘ I giggled, as I turn back to the movie, fixing my tong and crossing my legs again. 


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because everyone needs A little smutty young FP Jones

2D x Reader headcanons

I have some in my mind (would probably add some in the 2D x Reader I’m writing) so here I go:

-Before going to sleep you need to turn on the outside light so a little bit of it enters to the room because 2D is scared of total darkness

-2D sings while doing little things like a sandwich, showering, cuddling, walking around, before sleeping, when he’s bored, etc.

-Whenever he sees a cat he is like: “HEY, there’s a cat, isn’t it cute? I think it is, just like you”

-Zombie Movie Marathon every friday night

-He mumbles while sleeping so if you are awake you record him because sometimes the things he mumbles are about how much he loves you, how cute you are, your name, etc. Next morning you would show him the video and he would say something like “Well, all that is true”

-Hickeys, Hickeys everywhere.

-Your hair is his favorite thing to play while cuddling

-Hugs are very funny because of height difference

-You need to stand on your tip toes to kiss him properly

I’ll upload more now and then~ (Sorry for my bad english btw)

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aesthetic: isak rolling his eyes (but always with a hint of a smile when it comes to something dumb/cheesy even has said)

this is the best message and I hope you don’t mind me telling you about the other moments Isak absolutely rolled his eyes at Even but always with a hint of a smile.

  • that weekend in December when Even and Isak decided to try and watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day. Even’s so into it, and Isak’s all too happy Even’s happy, except that it’s pretty annoying how he keeps talking along with the script. he’s not being very punctual about it either so Isak’s been hearing Even say things that are then echoed in the movie half a second later for twenty minutes now. at one point Isak tells him he can only quote the script three times per movie so like, pick your moments carefully and Even tries but then there’s that part with the mirror and he’s tearing up slightly and whispering along and Isak supposes he’s just going to have to deal with this now.
  • that Saturday in January when Even was meeting Isak’s dad for the first time and he’s not freaking out, not like, panicking, exactly, but he is pretty flustered, fussing over Isak just so he can touch him, pushing his hair back and straightening his hoodie. an hour before they’re supposed to leave Even suddenly decides that his fancy blue shirt was a bad decision and that there’s a tear in his jeans that Isak has yet to spot but Even insists is there, and so he rummages through Isak’s wardrobe, trying on six different shirts, then moving onto Eskild’s wardrobe and borrowing the blandest thing in there, probably. three minutes before they leave Even changes his mind again, walks back and puts on that same blue shirt he started with and Isak wants to be annoyed but he’s just glad Even is willing to try so hard. 
  • that Friday night in February when Even was being super romantic, filling Isak’s bedroom with candles and painstakingly lighting each and every single one of them, crawling up to Isak then, pressing him close, his hands in Isak’s hair and kissing him. and Isak’s amazed by it all, so excited someone would do something like that for him, but he notices Even’s distracted, he keeps missing Isak’s mouth and like, looking wistfully off to the side. at one point Even sighs, presses his forehead against Isak’s, tells him, I can’t concentrate, I keep thinking I’m going to accidentally start a fire. Isak asks him if he means a fire on the inside because Even kissing him like this makes him feel warm all over, but Even sits up, starts blowing out the candles and says, no, like an actual fire. on the outside. that would probably kill us all.
It started when, in his distress and desire to escape the Manor, his mother, and everything magical, Draco had started taking frequent, and increasingly random trips into Muggle London. At first, it was absolutely terrifying. He could write a comedy of errors on all his mishaps and faux pas.  But then, it became a thing that he did, just for his enjoyment. He’s never spoken to anyone about it, not even Greg.

On Friday nights he goes to the same gay club he practically stumbled into once when he was bored and looking for something to do. The first time he was there, he was overwhelmed. He didn’t know places existed where men like him could simply get drunk and fuck each other. He didn’t know about strobe lights, or DJs. He didn’t know how easy it was to get fucked. But he learned pretty fast.

On Wednesdays he goes to IKEA. He has no idea why, just that the place fascinates him. On Sundays he goes to the park. Any park. He wanders. He sits. He looks. Muggles still fascinate him. Occasionally they still frighten him. Not that he’d admit that to anyone.’
—  Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox
The Friday night stars light up this cold town as my breath freezes mid air, I’m walking somewhere; but nowhere in particular. I just came out to smoke half a pack until my lungs get sore and I finally feel something again. Kicking cans breaks the stark silence of these tired streets, they’ve seen some things; terrible things - but they just stay quiet about it and bare the burdens of time. Neighbourhood dogs bark at my juvenile disruptions and it doesn’t feel so lonely when I hear them so I keep on kicking, Pepsi cola tin rattling - waking up all the sleeping drones locked away snug in their homes; I bet they think I’m a jerk, pulling them from their endless slumber. I’m sorry but I don’t know what else there is to do and I’ve got to keep my mind off it somehow. The streetlights are looming over my head looking like giants; flickering on and off like strobes - I pretend like I’m in a club and the beats are pumping, but it only makes me wish I had someone to dance with. I think this winter will be the longest one yet; there’s no one to light a fire for, and I don’t even feel like staying warm anymore.
—  Winter walks // © @rarasworldbro
No Strings Attached: Part 3 (Bill Skarsgård)

Scarlett was clearly in a very grand mood, her lips were pulled into a permanent smile and she almost seemed to dance as she readied their tea.

“Someone’s in a good mood.” Y/N joked.

Scarlett flashed her a wide smile and handed her a glass of earl grey before sitting on the sofa beside her.

“It’s Alex. I mean… he’s just so wonderful!” She gushed, cheeks turning pink at the mention of him.

Y/N gave her friend a light smile, she was happy that things with the older Skarsgård were going so well. They had been on numerous dates since meeting and it was beginning to look more serious.

“When did you last see him?” She wondered.

“Friday night. He took me to this lovely restaurant, gosh Y/N you would have loved it, and then we took a walk down by the water.” Scarlett replied.

Scarlett’s relationship with Alex was everything she realized she wanted; going out to dinners, hiking and museums. Instead, her Friday night consisted only of fucking and that thought saddened her.

“What’s going on?” The redhead asked softly, noticing her friend’s downtrodden look.

Y/N took a swing of tea.

“It’s nothing, really. I’m just feeling mixed up about somethings.” She confessed.

Scarlett took a hard look at her, “Is it Bill?”

“Yes. We have a ‘no strings attached’ sort of relationship and… I don’t know… I think I may want… more.” She explained.

Scarlett gave her a sad smile, “You love him.”

Y/N sighed. Did she? Could she have possibly fallen for the tall, handsome actor?

“I think so.” She agreed.

Friday night came again the following week and she felt very uncertain. Never before had she had any sort of real feelings for him while they fucked. They pleasured each other, it felt good and that was that, the see you again next week sort of deal.

Her fears diminished when her navy, silk dress slipped down her body and pooled around her feet, leaving her in front of him wearing nothing but her matching, red laced bra and underwear and strappy, fire red heels. He sat seated on the edge of his bed, watching her. The look he gave her stirred the desire to have him inside of her, she wanted him so badly and he wanted her too.

She slipped onto his lap, arching her back and pushing her breasts forward. He kissed her; breasts, collarbone, neck, jaw and lips. He groaned as she rolled her hips against him, smirking until he moved her underwear aside and suddenly stuck a finger inside of her. She placed her hands back onto his knees and leaned back, looking at the expensive chandelier before closing her eyes. His lips went to her collarbone before he fucked her with his finger until she came.

Her lips were on his as he held her close and stood, her legs enveloped around his hips. He pressed her back against the dark grey wall, lips not leaving hers once.

She tightened her grip on his hips, heels raking into his back and suddenly, she wished she had taken them off. Usually, she left them on because she believed he liked the feeling of them grazing his back, but now, she just felt like a slut.

He set her on the ground and ridded her of her underwear as she unclasped her bra. He shoved his boxers down his long legs and stepped out of them, arms on her waist and turning her to face the wall.

She was shocked as he entered her from behind, causing her whole body to slam against the wall. Her hands fanned out against the wall as he moved in and out of her. Her breaths were short bursts while his were deeper moans. He leaned his face into the back of her neck and placed his hands over hers, pushing them higher up the wall.

Normally, she wouldn’t have minded the slight pain of her breasts being pushed against the cold wall, hands taken high in his, but sick thoughts ran through her mind:

'See, he only wants your body.’

'You mean absolutely nothing to him.’

Silent tears ran down her cheeks and her breaths became sharper as he thrusted into her. She knew it, he wanted nothing from her but sex. Alex wanted to be Scarlett’s partner but Bill only wanted to be her friend with benefits.

“Bill- Bill.” Her voice shook, “Bill, stop.” She pleaded.

He pulled out of her instantly and turned her around. He was not expecting to be met with her glassy eyes, tears on her cheeks or trembling body.

“Oh god. Did I hurt you?” He asked desperately, running his hand down the back of her head and through her straight hair.

She could not meet his eyes.

“No, no. I just… can’t.” She said, bending down to grab her undergarments.

“What do you mean?” He asked, concerned, as she slipped her bra and underwear on.

Her heels clicked loudly on the bedroom floor, the sound almost painful to her ears, as she reached for her silk dress. He slid on his boxers and dress pants as she pulled her dress over her head.

“I just can’t anymore. I’m sorry Bill.” She replied, voice so low and shaky that it troubled him.

“Hey-” He said, grabbing onto her arm softly, “Please tell me.”

She shook her head.

“I’m sorry if I scared you. I should have asked before taking you against the wall.” He apologized, eyes wide with worry.

“No, it’s fine. Really.” She promised him before starting down the upstairs grand hallway.

“Y/N.” Bill soothed, walking behind her.

She could barely speak to him, she did not know what to say. She couldn’t tell him that she was head over heels for him. He’d never feel the same way.

“Y/N, please.” He tried.

She turned around on the front stoop, clothes already beginning to get soaked by the pouring rain, and met his eyes; wide, confused and concerned.

“Goodbye, Bill.” She whispered, then walked off towards her car, which sat parked in his driveway.

She sobbed the whole way home.

She spent the rest of the evening in a warm bath, candle-lit and with spa music playing in the background, trying to remove her thoughts from him.

Her phone buzzed repeatedly in the living room, voicemails filling her screen:

“Y/N, it’s Bill. I’m so sorry for tonight. I never meant to hurt you intentionally. Please give me a call.”

“Y/N, please call me so I know you’re home and safe. I want to make sure you’re alright. Please call me back.”

He had left it at that for the night, knowing that she would (hopefully) come to him when she was ready. He didn’t like the thought of her being alone and upset.

She shut her eyes and let the warm water soothe her troubles, relax her muscles and aches.

She got out of the tub and wrapped herself in a fluffy, white robe. She strolled past the living room and into her bedroom, not glancing at her phone once.

She covered herself with her sheets and duvet before closing her eyes and falling asleep with her robe still on and her hair damp.

“So how many times has he tried to contact you?” Scarlett asked, legs crossed as she sat beside her friend on her couch.

Y/N held her drink with both hands, “Over ten.”

The pair sat like they normally did in Scarlett’s living room, except they drank red wine instead of their usual tea. She needed something much stronger.

“To me that looks like he cares about you.” Scarlett noted.

They both took a sip of wine, Y/N’s larger than Scarlett’s.

“He’s just being a nice guy. It would be rude to not even reach out, he’s being courteous. Besides, he’ll be off to Canada to film the last season of Hemlock Grove soon.” She reasoned.

Scarlett didn’t look impressed.

“No guy calls that much if he doesn’t care about you. Alex says he’s been acting different lately, I wonder why?” She thought out loud, fully well knowing why.

“Maybe it was a stupid thing to do. I mean, I walked out on him. Isn’t that childish?” Y/N questioned.

Scarlett shook her head, “No. But I do think you should get back to him.”

She knew it was the right thing to do, to allow him to stop being so worried over her. Yet, what would she say to him? She couldn’t possibly say what she truly felt. Could she say she found another man? No, that would be a lie and she didn’t want to lie to Bill. She was stuck.

“I… he’ll find someone else. Some actress or director, someone in his world.” She said.

Scarlett just looked at her, “I think we both know that isn’t true.”

She leaned against the black, iron railing overlooking the waterway. The sun was finally shining on the soft waves, causing light to dance over the cerulean blue. She smiled to herself as she watched the water flow and boats sail far off.

She felt the presence of someone beside her.

When she turned her head, she was met with the sight of his floppy brown hair, chiseled cheeks and long, lanky body.

“Hi.” She said, giving him a small smile.

“Hi. I see you’re back to running errands on Fridays.” He observed, sending her a smile back.

She nodded.

“Yeah, I normally always go out on Fridays but… I haven’t been out much lately.” She admitted.

He leaned against the railing, facing her and she took him in; pale eyes, handsome, stylish… the list could go on. She missed him, more than she cared to admit.

“Bill… I’m so sorry.”

He brushed a strand of hair back from her eye, “No. You have nothing to be sorry about.”

She shook her head. “Yes, I do. I shouldn’t have ran out, dodged your calls, left you hanging… it was wrong. You’ve been nothing but nice to me since we met.” She pressed.

He parted his lips, not wanting to push her, but wanting to know:


She looked at her shoes. She might as well tell him, he’s waited and been very patient.

“I wanted more.” She confessed, eyes meeting his. “That wasn’t our arrangement and I didn’t know what to tell you, so I tried to push you out of my life entirely.”

He reached out and took her hand in his large one, “I want more as well.”

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

“You can’t really-”

“Yes. I do.” He cut her off, “I want you, and I want to have you in every way, not just physically.”

She pressed her lips against his, her free hand holding the back of his neck, pushing him down to meet her, the other still enclosed in his

They stood together on the cobblestone path, wrapped in each other’s arms and smiling when they pulled back.

“I think we may have skipped a few steps, but would you like to see a film this weekend?” He joked.

She laughed, “Of course.”

She held his hand as the waiter stopped at a table right beside the glass wall overlooking the water.

“Thank you.” Bill said as he set down the menus.

He gave a swift nod and headed back inside.

Her navy, scalloped-scoop neck dress fit her like a glove. The fitted sleeves came down to her elbows and the loose skirt stopped just above her knees. He wore a short sleeved, sky blue shirt with black jeans.

She chose Mister French, a seaside cafe in Stockholm, to celebrate Bill’s return to filming Hemlock Grove.

“I must confess… I’m so excited to see the final season. I’ve  just caught up on the first two. Margaret wasn’t wrong, it is quite good.” She revealed, grinning at him.

“Glad you like it, darling.” He joked, winking his left eye.

She laughed at his antics.

“I’m sad you’ll be gone for so long.” She said, changing the topic.

“It’ll be okay, we’ll see each other everyday.” He reasoned.

She shook her head, “FaceTime is not the same as seeing you in person, Bill.”

“I know that, which is why I said I would see you everyday.” He said simply, reaching into his pocket and tossing a ticket onto the table in front of her.

She stared at the white ticket, shocked and at a loss of words.

“Serious?” She questioned.

His wide smile told her everything she needed to know, “Yes.”

She stood and he laughed before standing as well and she embraced him in a tight hug.

“I love you, Bill.” She breathed against his chest.

He held her tighter.

“I love you too.”

They enjoyed their seafood lunch as they sat on the patio in wicker chairs, as a couple. Just like Scarlett and Alex did the day before.

Färdiga! This was the final part.

Sk8er Girl CH4 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

(AN: LAST chapter! We did the angst, hurt, comfort, and fluff. Now - smut! Hope y’all enjoyed the ride)

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The first time Lefou feels it, he doesn’t recognize it. It’s tight, twisting and burning in his ribcage. It’s animalistic. It’s wrong, in every sense of the word; yet he cannot expel it- it fights him, ignites him, and he can’t turn back.

He’s thirteen years old. He’s quiet, tight-lipped and teary-eyed. He is jealous.

“Lefou?” Gaston asks. His eyes narrow in a questioning light. It’s beautiful, and it only makes the feeling grow. “You don’t mind do you?”

Lefou shakes his head quickly. His eyes dart from Gaston to the girl standing next to him. The two of them were supposed to have a sleep over tonight. They always did, every Friday night. It’s something Lefou doesn’t particularly look forward to in the way one doesn’t look forward to eating the same thing for breakfast every day. It’s just tradition, it’s almost mundane, it’s nothing special. But the second it’s taken away, it’s everything.

Because now, Gaston wants to go to the movie theater with this girl instead of sleeping over with him.

Gaston shrugs and throws an arm around the girl’s shoulder. The girl laughs daintily with her pretty fingers close to her lips. Lefou wonders if he were as pretty as she was, as dainty and soft, if Gaston might want to see a movie with him instead.

They leave, and Lefou goes home and does his homework in silence, doing all that he can to not think about Gaston and how Gaston was somewhere else with someone that wasn’t him.

The feeling returns frequently after that because Gaston begins to get interested in girls more after that. He goes through skirts like chewing gum. He dates one girl one week and another the next, every other day he has a new flavor, a new brand, a new type. Lefou feels jealous simmering under his skin like a pot of water sitting on a burner. The water doesn’t boil, but it is heating. The danger of a nearing boiling point is imminent, but Lefou walks away from the stove for not. It’s a whiles away, his boiling point, and he doesn’t want to sit around to wait for it.

The second time it really hits him is homecoming when they’re fifteen years old. Gaston and Lefou are sitting next to each other in the cafeteria, eating food and cracking jokes. Lefou feels at home. He feels high. He feels happy.

And then Gaston says, “Who are you asking to homecoming?”

Lefou blinks. “I wasn’t planning on asking anyone.”

Gaston looks at Lefou blankly, as if the idea was unthinkable.

“You have to,” Gaston sputters. “You’re going aren’t you?”

Lefou shrugs. “I thought I’d just go with friends if at all. Dancing, romance, girls,” Lefou gestures without particular direction with his hands, “Not my thing.”

Gaston stares blankly again, like Lefou is speaking another language. And it’s often like that: Lefou leaving Gaston behind with some of his words, some of his ideas or propositions. Gaston lives by a strict path and if anything diverts from that, he can’t understand it. The idea that Lefou wouldn’t be interested in dating every girl like Gaston is- it’s unthinkable to him.

Gaston turns his chin downwards, picks at his food, and then looks back up.

Gaston looks like he’s about to say something, but then he doesn’t.

For a minute, Lefou thinks that he said something wrong. He doesn’t know how. Just because he doesn’t want to date doesn’t mean anything. He just hasn’t met the right girl, right?

Before Lefou can ponder that thought, Gaston starts talking about football season again, about the team and who will win and what plays are the best or the worst. Lefou listens with every fiber of his being. He doesn’t care what Gaston talks about, if only he hears Gaston’s words so tenderly shaped on his lips.

They walk home. They say goodbye. They part ways.

And Lefou spends the night thinking of Gaston dancing in the arms of a faceless, shapeless shadow of a person. With enough time, that person might reveal to be a fantasy of himself in the place of a girl who can be pretty and soft. As time passes, Lefou envies the girls that hold Gaston’s hand and stand close by his side and kiss his cheek.

The pot on the stove heats further. Lefou wakes up one night from a dream where he took Gaston’s hand, pulled him closer by the shirt, and kissed him. He is shaking in bed, panicking about what he’s supposed to do when he sees Gaston the next day in school. Tomorrow is homecoming, and Gaston is going with a girl. A girl who is not Lefou.

In that moment, Lefou feels many things. He feels hurt, sadness, loneliness. He’s fifteen. He’s louder, bolder, and more courageous. But he is still jealous.

And at homecoming when Gaston walks forward as beautiful as he is, gorgeous from head to toe- with a girl hanging off his arm- Lefou presses his lips together. He can’t see them together. He can’t be here.

Gaston catches his eye for half a moment before Lefou runs, hides away in the restroom where the music dulls to a faint echo.

Lefou doesn’t even know why he’s here, what he planned to do or say or even think. How could he think he could endure this?

There are three stalls in the bathroom, but Lefou stands outside them, hands braced on the sink, heaving air in and out of his lungs. He closes his eyes- He feels stupid.

“Lefou?” Gaston is suddenly behind him.

His heart jumps, tight and cold and bursting.

Lefou laughs. He doesn’t know why he laughs, but he does. He looks up, and doesn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong? Why are you in here?”

Lefou shakes his head. “I don’t know,” he answers honestly, “I want to go home.”

Gaston takes a few steps closer. Lefou is both attracted and repelled- wanting to close the gap between them while simultaneously wanting to run away.

“The dance has barely started-”

“I don’t care!” Lefou bursts. The pot of water, heating on the stove, has reached boiling point. “I don’t want to go back out there and-”

Lefou stops talking, and gestures to Gaston with his hand, sweeping up and down his body.

“-watch you dance with her!”

Gaston says, “I don’t understand.”

Lefou pushes past him. “I know.”

Outside the restroom, the music is deafening. Lefou is walking towards the exit. He doesn’t know why he came in the first place.

Gaston, though, stops him. He takes Lefou by the shoulders, spins him around, and pins him against the lockers. The locks clang and rattle behind his back, digging into his skin. He doesn’t care. All his nerves are ringing and buzzing with activity. He’s completely still.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” Gaston says.

He looks at him, eyes glistening with what neither of them will say. And against Lefou’s better intuition, he leans forward and kisses him.

The world bleeds out of color, out of sight and sound. Gaston’s grip on Lefou slackens in shock, and then his hands move up to Lefou’s hair. They kiss. It’s something extraordinary, marvelous, unprecedented. Lefou could write novels on everything he feels, everything he wants to feel and everything he will feel in the future. With the music booming in the distance, Lefou and Gaston stay in the hallway for a moment more, and forget conventions and everything they’re supposed to be doing.

And anyone would be jealous to have what Gaston and Lefou will have in years to come.