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“I see something else now.”

“See what?” Finn asked

“I see the eyes of a warrior

  • Yoongi: know what I wanna do on this fine day
  • Namjoon: ignore the hate comments and the fake fans who don't love all of us equally?
  • Yoongi: hell yeah

Sam is the only one who ever showed Jack compassion, love and understanding and actually wanted to protect him, but people still call him “uncle Sam” while giving the role of Jack’s father to Dean, who threatened to kill him, who called him evil to his face, who made him cry and think he’s worthless, who made him try hurt himself - just so it could fit destiel. This infuriates me. Give Sam the credit he deserves.

A surprising and amazing thing has happened. My parents peacefully agreed not to move in with me. 0 aggression. 0 guilting. They decided that as long as I pay back the money they gave me for the down payment they’re gonna let it go. So my friends can move in with me. I’m just waiting for something really really bad to happen. Because my life can not be looking up this much. I’m kinda in shock. I might actually be happy? Like, I’m gonna live in a big beautiful house. With people I really like and enjoy being around? And it’s gonna be super cheap because we’re splitting all the bills between the four of us? That’s too good to be true, something is gonna go very wrong soon.



i made a video about…boys. 

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One of the many things I like in P5 is how they have little details! Like when Sojiro was complaining about traffic he was tapping away on the steering wheel, then there was the Yusuke animation when Ann yoinked him down the hall (stumbling I think)

Agreed, the little things make it more believable! Like when Joker mashes buttons in dungeons even after they don’t work the first time. it kills me every time I’m pretty sure we’ve all done that at some point. I also love how Makoto’s and Sae’s hair flow behind them when they walk. Then Morgana’s tail poofs whenever you run into a wall in Mementos. Anyway, I didn’t notice the Sojiro thing, but I did notice poor Yusuke stumble down the hall. I don’t remember if his keys jingled at that part, but it would be really cool if they did. This game has a lot of thought put into it regardless.

I wish they woulda touched more on how Varimorphs work, like all we really got a handle on is Orendi is one. Okay cool but like how does the morphing part work? Is it instant? Does it work over time? What are the limits? I feel like there’s so much more to ask than well ever have answered now but idk I have a few personal ideas on how it might work I just don’t have the energy to type it out rn.

a quick sketch of one of my favorite moments in sh4

when ur symptoms happen…… No Thanks

Im so stressed out rn and i think after honeybee i wanna give up fishkeeping like this isn’t okay and i keep crying and i just needed a peaceful hobby and its a mess even when i do everything right

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*slides u $20* update how darwinian

hahahaha *sweats*

I actually have an entire chapter written but like

I dunno I’m just not suuuuuure about it

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damn saba back at it again after months of no activity………………. so i’m a total noob and i just got into death note but i really like L so here he is! drop a ♥ or a reblog if you want to write with a quirky detective boy who loves sweets and i’ll come check out your blog! 

thanks a bunch!