just the dead look in his eyes

GOT7 Reaction To Seeing a Black Girl at Their Fanmeet

jaebum: “hey what’s your name?” grabs her hand and looks into her soul. he’s smiling like really hard the whole time really.

bambam: he’s gonna try to act out lowkey. he might turnip (turn up, get lit) just a little bit. he’ll let her know that he think she’s pretty and basically treat her as a long time friend. touching her if she lets him which she most definitely will.

mark: his deep voice…lord. pray for her cause he’s gonna sound so sweet talking to her. he’s flirting ofc. “i like your hair” “can i..?” he’ll ask before touching it. when he touches her hair, he bites his lip while looking into her eyes. she dead.

youngjae: this sunshine apple face pie heart warmer will make her smile and laugh (because of his randomness) so much. holding onto her hand. doing random shit cause why not?

jackson: “hey girl”. he’s biting his lips at her. being a fucking freaky flirt level up 2.0. that is all.

jinyoung: cutie. that engrish tho. he’s using that..well duh. she’s gonna die making it obvious that she’s…dying. he’ll be a blushing and cheery mess. “you are so pretty!”

yugyeom: shy as fuck. lowkey lost for words. choking. shookt. staring. “you’re so…oaahhh” he’ll accidentally say to her. face palms cause his engrish. cuteness overload.

i just want to make it clear that, from the lich twins’ point of view, taako looked them dead in the eye & shouted, “I GOT A FUCKIN’ IDEA FOR YA,” and then immediately his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor, comatose. i mean we got to see his dramatic ethereal rescue mission but to everyone else he just threw down that dramatic-as-fuck action hero line and promptly fainted

maggie is finally meeting alex’s family for dinner, which means sitting across from alex’s mother, who is trying her hardest to make up for years of neglect. and alex’s father, who has essentially just returned from the dead. she’ll be in the middle of this family built on love and support, despite their secrets. maggie knows the danvers don’t care that alex is gay, so her nerves will come from a place of inadequacy. she’ll wonder if eliza will look at her with wary eyes, scrutinizing every little detail of this woman she’s heard so much about. and she’ll wonder if jeremiah will see the way she looks at his daughter, and realize that maggie is in this for the long haul. she’ll wonder if they look at her and see someone worthy of alex, because even she isn’t sure how she got so lucky. but she shouldn’t worry, because every flare of nerves alex will meet with an encouraging smile, a quick squeeze of her hand, a bump of her shoulder….just to remind her that she’s there. to remind her that there’s a reason why maggie is at this family dinner, a reason why kara hugged her so tight she almost broke a rib…maggie is more than enough, maggie is loved, and she’s already family.

tight spaces.

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steve x reader 

warnings: swearing, basically pure fucking smut, choking.

prompt: getting stuck in a closet with steve rogers and his tight pants while on a mission.

A/N: once again, this is just pure unedited smut so here you go. feel free to send in requests. :-)

“you better not fucking leave me!” you hissed, gripping steve by the arm and looking him dead in the eyes.

“i wasn’t leaving, i was just going to check if the coast is clear.” he grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“of course it’s not fucking clear, there’s hydra agents all over the fucking place, you dumb fuck!” your heart beat was erratic as you dug your nails into his arm, glaring at him.

“there’s no need for that!” steve announced, just to be shushed by you.

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you’re walking in the woods. there’s no one around and your blaster’s dead. out of the corner of your eye you spot him: kylo ren.

Mad: Part 6

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7

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when luke skywalker looked upon his father’s physical face for the first time ever, he smiled. his father smiled back despite nearing death after the insistence to see his fulfilled jedi son with his OWN eyes. even with the sight of anakin’s disfigurement, luke just looked at him and begged him to live.

anakin skywalker was a man that luke skywalker never knew, only somebody he was told about. somebody that he probably always looked up to as he was raised on owen and beru’s farm with the belief that his parents were dead. luke is beyond standards of normalcy. he is kind, gentle, and forgiving. luke skywalker is everything and he deserves the world in the sequel trilogy.


I can bring tears to your eyes and resurrect the dead. I form in an instant and last a lifetime. What am I?
                                                                      A memory.

(a.k.a. the scene in which Oswald is an adorable little sad snuggle-bug)

Sangwoo and the guy from the gay bar

I still keep thinking about why Sangwoo picked up that guy from the gay bar. It can’t be simple blood lust that has driven him.

I’ve seen people say that he did it to check his sexuality and maybe prove himself that he’s not really attracted to men (like a bisexual in denial). That’s why first he went out to flirt with girls and have sex with one of them eventually. He was still able to get it up. Then he visited the gay bar and hooked up with that married guy, but didn’t seem much interested. His faked his smile and his eyes looked pretty dead to me when they were kissing. But maybe that’s just because Sangwoo picked a middle aged man. I wonder if Sangwoo decided to take him home just after the guy tried to force him into oral sex or if he has planned it from the beginning. (I mean, if he just wanted to check whether he’s attracted to men wouldn’t he have chosen a guy his age that is more attractive? Or even a guy similar to Bum, just in case that he has a type?) So what if Sangwoo also wanted to teach Bum a lesson? Because physical punishment doesn’t seem to be enough. What if he wanted to tell Bum that he is replacable? Sangwoo could simply go out and pick up another guy to fool around with. That’s why he picked a particular man at the bar. One that is cheating on his wife. One that is quite old and lusting after much younger guys. (Even though he said that he never had a guy as young as Sangwoo. But this could be pretty much a lie because he doesn’t want to come across as someone who’s frequently hooking up with young men. That might make Sangwoo wary.) So Sangwoo would have a good excuse to justify killing him. He was a nasty old man after all, right? I mean it didn’t really work out in the end because Bum still thought he’s special to Sangwoo (jokes on you). But Sangwoo never really planned to kill Bum anyway, he just tried to scare him and fuck with his mind. Maybe that’s the reason why he picked that particular guy at the bar.

tome asked teru if he knew of any telepaths and hes like “yeah i know 2″ and shes SO EXCITED until she meets them and its like…..they can only communicate with each other. so tome asks teru if he can learn telepathy and they spend like 5 minutes meditating in terus room together trying to get telepathy to work but then tome gets bored and they watch one punch man together and tomes like “look that alien can use telepathy why cant u??” and teru just cant hold it in anymore he just as to ask “tome do you want to fuck an alien?” and without skipping a beat like immediately right after teru ends his sentence there is not a moment of silence tome just says “yes.” there are. a good fifteen seconds of silence. tome is looking teru dead in the eyes. she hasnt blinked. teru is sweating

Meaningful Lyrics from Self-Titled
  • Implicit Demand for Proof: Rain down and destroy me
  • Fall Away: I don't know if I am dying or living
  • The Pantaloon: Your bones are held together by your nightmares and your frights
  • Addict With a Pen: My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case
  • Friend, Please: I know you want to leave but friend, please don't take your life away from me
  • March to the Sea: No one looks up anymore 'cause you might get a raindrop in your eye
  • Johnny Boy: No one really knows his mind and no one knows behind his eyes
  • Oh Ms. Believer: Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder inside your head than the winter of dead
  • Air Catcher: I'm not sure I want to give you tools that can destroy my heart
  • Trapdoor: He used to see dreams at night but now he's just watching the backs of his eyes
  • A Car, a Torch, a Death: And then I said I'll take the grave, please just send them all my way
  • Taxi Cab: We're driving toward the morning sun where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone
  • Before You Start Your Day: Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright, put out the glitter that your soul hides behind
  • Isle of Flightless Birds: And it's time you pick your battle, and I promise you this is mine
  • Griffin: you just barely beat him in a strength contest, which means you very, very slowly tear his arms off
  • *Justin and Clint and Travis laughing*
  • Travis: while looking him in his cold, dead robit [sic] eyes
  • Griffin: what're you gonna do with his arms?
  • Justin: *voice squeaky with laughter* what ARE you gonna do with his arms, you monster?!
  • Clint: you bastard!
  • Travis: put them in my pocket? i don't know!
“The Wrong One” (M)


Member: Chanyeol from EXO (ft. Baekhyun and Sehun)

Genre: Smut (M), A little bit of angst and fluff

Request: Chanyeol is in love with his best friend’s little sister but she’s taken.

“Sehun I think that’s enough with the tequila shots” you said as he was well off his 6th shot of the night. “look, Sehun you’re the one that dragged me, Chanyeol and Baek to this frat party so we’re not the ones who are going to drag your half dead body back home ok?” he scoffed and ignored you as he took another shot. “Can’t you just let loose for once?” he rolled his eyes as he walked upstairs.

“Hey where’s your boyfriend?” Chanyeol wrapped his arm around your waist and laughed. “Erasing his brain cells what else?” you rolled your eyes. “You know I always wondered why you started dating Sehun…..I mean he is mine and Baek’s best friend but……. You did always know he was the biggest fuckboy in our school” he raised his eyebrow at you.

“I did but I also know he’s more than that Chanyeol” you kicked his arm off your waist. You walked off to the living room when you saw your brother, Baekhyun trying his luck on an older popular girl you’ve seen around your neighborhood before. You rolled your eyes and you felt your headache coming when you realized just how much you weren’t in the mood for this party tonight. Movies and Nutella in bed sounded so much better than drunk people who can’t keep it in their pants.

You decided to go upstairs and look in the dorm bathroom for some aspirin or something else that might help your headache although you knew you’d probably only find condoms in a boy’s frat college dorm but might as well try? You walked up to the bathroom door and you could hear moans coming from the inside. “Oh man there are 10 bedrooms in this place can’t they just go and fuck in one of those?” you whined as you lost every care you had and decided to go in anyways.

“LOOK I’M ONLY HERE TO LOOK FOR MEDS YOU CAN CONTINUE SINNING IN LIKE 5 SECONDS OK” you shouted as you covered your eyes and looked for the cabin above the sink but when you looked down at the floor you saw something familiar. Black ripped jeans and long skinny legs? Something seemed off. You removed your hand and your mouth instantly dropped, spreading a shocked look on your face. “Sehun……?” he looked back at you as he held some girl you didn’t know above his hips, legs wrapped around him and his mouth biting on her chest.  “Sorry?” he shrugged and continued doing what he was doing as if you weren’t standing right there beside him. You slammed the cabin shut and ran downstairs still shocked and tears threatening to drop on your cheeks.

“HEY HEY Y/N WHAT HAPPENED” Chanyeol grabbed you as you tried running away. He shot you a confused and worried look and his face softened more than usual. “Are you crying?” He cupped your cheek, looking concerned. “It’s…it’s…uh….I saw……I…its Sehun….” You mumbled through your words as you stared at the ground. “He didn’t go upstairs to pee did he” he said, his face stiffening again. “Come on, I’ll call Baekhyun and we can go back home” grabbing your hand and interlacing his fingers with yours.

You didn’t think you could handle your angry brother tonight too so you and Chanyeol kept your mouths shut for the rest of the ride home. Chanyeol was staying the night so he drove the three of you back home.

You were long into your movie and you nearly finished the Nutella jar when you heard a knock on your door. “Y/N……can I come in?” Chanyeol’s voice was deep and sweet.  You sighed and slammed your laptop shut as fast as you could and pretended to be asleep. You weren’t dealing with this now too. He came into your room and went out as soon as he saw your eyes closed, sighing sweetly.

Right after you were done watching your third movie you glanced at your phone. “3 am” you read on your screen thinking no one should be awake by now so you thought it would be safe to go get something to drink in the kitchen. You got up from your bed, wearing an oversized white t shirt that showed your cleavage a little more than Baek thought was appropriate and your favorite red Victoria secretes underwear that were only covered slightly by your shirt.

You liked the silence of the night. It was peaceful like nothing else in the world mattered. It made you calm. You opened the water bottle as you sighed and closed your eyes, breathing the cold night air from the open window. “Forget about him Y/N. He’s not worth it.” You whispered to yourself as you took another sip. “He isn’t.” you jumped at the sudden deep voice and spit some of the water you were drinking. It was Chanyeol. He was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed above his chest and an angry frown on his face. He was wearing that black tank top that showed his biceps and you would be lying if you said it didn’t made you feel some type of way.

“Why are you awake?” you shot him a look as you closed the bottle. “I can’t fall asleep” he said walking over to you. “Why are you awake?” he scoffed at you. “I’m watching a movie” you looked right into his eyes with a condescending look. “Dork. Staying up until 3 am watching movies with your Nutella jar” he mocked you letting a laugh out, his hands still wrapped above his chest standing a bit too close to you. “Yeah I can do whatever I want” you took one step closer to him, narrowing your eyes. “Anymore mocking you wanna do Park Chanyeol?” the room was silent and the only light coming in was from the street lamps outside. “Mocking? Why would I ever mock you….piggy tails girl? He laughed. “I WAS 5 OK? I TOLD BAEKHYUN NOT TO GET THAT STUPID ALBUM OUT” you raised your voice all frustrated. “Shhhhhh” he shushed you holding his mouth from laughing too hard. “You’re cute when you’re mad” he took another step closer to you, no space left between you anymore. “Can I join you?” he kept his gaze on your lips. “Come on slinky cheese it’s not like you have anything better to do” you grabbed his hand leading him to your room as he let out a giggle.

He jumped down on your bed as you crawled up under your blanket, sitting up and pressing play on a new movie. Ten minutes into it and Chanyeol was starting to get bored. He started sighing from time to time, playing with your hand dropping it on the blanket from different heights, blowing your hair in your face and humming. “CHANYEOL” you tried not to shout too loud. “CAN’T YOU STAY STILL FOR ONE SECOND?” you closed your eyes trying to keep your cool. “Not when you’re in the room” he winked at you. You rolled your eyes and shifted your look back on the screen. “Y/N?” he sat up and stared at you. “Yes?” you shot him a done look. “You know…I don’t think Baek would be too thrilled about you wearing that in bed with me” he flashed you with his white wicked smile. “Well, Baek doesn’t control me.” You smirked at him. “Don’t do that” his smile wiped completely off his face. “Do what?” you smirked again noticing his gaze shift down to your lips again. “That.” He looked up into your eyes, his eyes all dark and filled with a look you’ve never seen before. He looked hungry.

The only sound in your dark room was Chanyeol’s heavy warm breathing as you could feel it on the side of your neck. He grabbed your waist and pressed his fingers on your hip, pulling you slowly closer to his body. Keeping his gaze on your lips, you blacked out everything else that was going on in your life for a second. “I’m pretty sure Baek wouldn’t be too thrilled about this too” he whispered against your lips right before he pressed his wet lips on yours. He deepened the kiss as he pulled you even closer to him. Your lips moving in a perfect rhythm, it was passionate, wet and warm. He licked your bottom lip trying to get access past them. You lost your control over your body completely and let him take the lead. Breathlessly he worked his tongue on yours, making you moan in his mouth. He groaned and pulled away from the kiss. Breathing heavily on your lips, stare locked on your now red lips. He bit your bottom lip right before he slammed your laptop shut and dropped it on the floor.

“Wait my laptop….” You let out a breathless sentence between the touches. He cupped your cheeks, kissing your lips into oblivion. “I’ll buy you a new one.” he smirked right before he climbed on top of you, pinning your wrists above your head. He traced a trail of kisses from your ear to your jawline, to your neck and finally reaching your lips again. He grabbed the seam of your shirt and pulled it above your head roughly. Revealing your breasts, he was sitting on top of your hips panting heavily staring at your body and taking his top off, throwing it across the room. He dived down your chest and sucked on one of your nipples, making you arch your back and running your fingers through his hair, grabbing it. “Easy baby girl…..I’ve only just started” he smirked against your other nipple. Taking it in his mouth and licking it, he bit it and closed his eyes as you felt his errection growing in his sweats.

You wrapped your legs around his hips and ran your point against his sides, making your way to the band of his pants, you slipped it between your toes and pulled them down his legs with your legs, moaning from Chanyeol’s actions on your breasts, tracing hickies all over your body. He stopped and looked up at you, letting your nipple slip out of his mouth. “Where did you learn that piggy tails girl?” he scoffed smirking. “Just fuck me already” you whined, arching your back. “As you wish.” 

He kept his stare at you, licking his tongue around your nipple one last time before pulling your damp underwear past your legs. He reached his rough fingers on your burning core, smirking. He stretched out to your ear, kissing it slightly. “You’re so wet and it’s all for me” you felt his mouth corners curve again your ear. He pressed his thumb against your clit and rubbed rough circles around it as he inserted 2 fingers into you. Pumping back and forth in the rhythm of your moans. “Shhh baby girl we don’t wanna wake Baek up, now do we?” he entered your mouth with his warm tongue. Working synchronized circles with your clit and tongue. You felt a heat go through your body and reach your lower stomach. You were so close.

He removed his hands off you completely and you looked at him with a confused expression all over your face. He lifted your legs up and settled them on his shoulders, grabbing tightly at your thighs. You arched your back again as you felt the touch of his wet tongue against your heat. He worked against your clit, sucking on your juices. You covered your mouth and moaned into your hand to keep yourself from screaming Chanyeol’s name across your entire house. He bit slightly on your clit and kissed it right before you finally came. You rode off your orgasm as Chanyeol didn’t waste any time with his lips off your body. Moving from your pussy to the side of your thigh, he left his marks all over it, sucking as hard as you screamed earlier. 

Your fingers through his hair, he got up and took off his tight black boxers, revealing his long hard cock. He looked as thirsty for you as you did for him. Rubbing his shaft against your opening, he grabbed the sides of your hips and the moonlight from outside the window reflected off his tanned biceps as he stared at your eyes, inches from your lips. “I hate you” you let out breathlessly against his lips. “I know” he smirked against yours and without any other warning he entered you. You moaned loudly and he shut you up with a kiss. He began to thrust hard and rough as he pressed his fingers on your hips, grabbing for dear life. He moved your hips against his cock, moving it slowly and deep at first but increasing his speed with every moan of his name. He dropped his head at the crook of your neck and groaned as he felt his peak reaching his body. Slowly moving his lips to yours he finally felt your walls clench around him and he came, growling the word “fuck” against your shuddering body. 

He stayed hovering above you for a bit, looking into your eyes before rolling off of you and to the other side of the bed. You both laid there panting hard and staring at the ceiling. He pulled you by your waist towards him and you threw your leg between his and kissed his neck. “So I may have a little crush on my best friend’s little sister” he mumbled smiling right before you fell asleep on him.

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Oh! Oh! I know we're both on the LanceLot ship now, but what if Lotor starts out wanting to use Lance, but ends up LEGIT FALLING FOR THE BLUE BOY!!!

Oh god like, I love the idea of Lotor coming to the interrogation room after they capture Lance, and Lance is like all beat up and shit, and Lotor tells the guards he’ll handle it from here and cooly begins to threaten Lance with a laser. 

And Lance just looks him dead in the eye and with the most sultry voice ever whispers, “Be careful baby, it’s my first time.”

And Lance means it as a taunt but Lotor just burst out laughing because not only was that hot, but also funny? Which soon devolves them to just taunting each other and laughing at the ridiculous shit it devolves into, torture forgotten.
Lotor has never had this much fun before in his life, 

BUT then a druid comes in and is like WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU DISGRACE? which prompts Lotor to straight up gut the druid with his sword before turning to Lance with smile.

And Lance is like oh shit, but Lotor just laughs it off and drags Lance up to his room, takes care of his wounds, and is like dude, you’re tagging along with me forever. 

So Lance is collared so he won’t escape but at the same time is Lotor’s right hand man, which confuses the shit outta him?

Okay I gotta make a separate post about this before it becomes too long! lol

A Very Merry Malfoy Christmas

Scorpius: Me
Albus: CC (@huffledoge / @w-a-d-a)
Astoria : EG (@egdramaqueen)
Draco: Arin (@space-marauder)
Narcissa : also me
Lucius: A (@youvegotenoughnerve)
Andromeda: Katie (@girlswillbeboys11)
Teddy: AK (@asktheslytherpuff / @ak-is-an-alien)
Harry: Jules (@hogwarts-tower)

((I sincerely apologize for the 79 gifs that are about to take up your entire dash. I didn’t add the extras just for this reason, and also, my arm is dead. Merry Christmas, AND A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO COLLABORATED ON THIS THREAD!!!! IT WAS SO FUN AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!))

Scorpius rings the doorbell

Astoria answers the door

She kisses Albus on the cheek, then greet her son

Albus grins smugly at Scorpius

They walk inside and into the dining room

Scorpius freezes

Scorpius sits next to Lucius, cowering

Lucius looks majestic af, sipping from his goblet

Draco’s eyes are narrowed as he looks across the table at Albus

Astoria kicks Draco under the table

Albus tries to make conversation

Andromeda reaches for Lucius’s goblet

Andromeda, Narcissa, and Astoria all share knowing glances

Long, awkward pause

Scorpius interjects

Astoria: “You talk about Albus as much as your father did about Harry when he was your age.”

Lucius sighs in defeat


Harry and teddy arrive at the Malfoy Manor

They enter the mansion


Coup de Foudre, by angelwarm 

Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.

It should stop him. It doesn’t.

Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud.

Harry/Louis | 15k | Smut (kind of share that)

“They stand looking at each other.

Harry feels the boy’s hands on his skin which makes little sense since the boy hasn’t touched him and isn’t looking at him either. Sometimes eyes can be heavy like hands.

Humidity has gathered in the room and makes their skin dewey. Harry expects a thunder clap to send their bodies falling together. This could be another mythology where the world floods just from them touching each other.

He tries to get his thoughts together and be level-headed but the air smells like pennies and the sight of the boy across from him has only persisted in curling hot around his gut.”

(read on AO3)


This actually fucking happened today

I was shopping with some family friends and there was me, my mom, two other kids, and their parents. I was wearing casual clothes. Jeans, a shirt and my hair was tied up in a messy bun. I was bored, hands in my pockets and shit. Only, i was wearing  A RAINBOW SHIRT BC IM BI IN HIDING AND ONE KID SAID “why are you wearig a shirt like that haha you’re not gay” and I just looked at him dead straight in the eyes and asked “how would you know?” and his dad is a pastor and he gave me a startled look. i screamed internally. IT GOT WORSE. A CUTE GIRLS WALKED BY AND WAS WEARING A LGBT SHIRT AND SHE WAS CUTE SO I MADE A BIG SHOW BY WINKING AT HER AND SHE GOT SO FLUSTERED IT WAS CUTE AS FUCK AND SUDDENLY I REMEMBERED. I WHIRLED AROUND TO LOOK AT THE OTHERS AND THEY ALL LOOKED MORTIFIED WHILE MY MOM WAS LIKE “GOD DAMMINT DIMITRA”

Seijoh’s responses to “ooo who’s got u smiling at ur phone like that?”

Oikawa: [winks] It’s a secret!

Iwaizumi: [raises one eyebrow] None of your business

Hanamaki: ur mum

Matsukawa: [grins and waggles eyebrows violently]

Watari: oh its [looks them dead in the eye] just somebody that u used to know

Yahaba: ur bf

Kyoutani: [goes red] phone what phone i dont have a phone the fuck is a phone fuck you

Kindaichi: oh its just my mom shes letting me know that my mom called ur mom and ur uninvited from my teen queen sweet sixteen summer beach bash birthday party

Kunimi: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office] [whispers under his breath] fucks sake

Imagine Negan taking a liking to you

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“Oh My Goodness! Look at what we have here.” Negan said as he stopped in front of you, your eyes just looking at the boots he wore on his feet, as the crunched on the pebbled ground. You felt his hand go under your chin, and slowly lift it until your eyes met his, “I think you would make a wonderful addition to my collection.”

“Go to Hell.” you hissed, glaring at him, as he chuckled before pushing your bangs aside.

“Now this one has a fire in her, bet she would be a freak in the sheets, Don’t ya think boys?” 

“Leave her alone!” You heard Carl yell, Negan’s hand instantly leaving your chin as he slowly straightened up, the smile vanishing from his face.

“What did you say boy?” 

“I said leave her the fuck alone.” He growled as Negan advanced towards you.

“And why would I do that, when I just so badly wanna get a slice of that cherry pie.” He replied as he leaned in front of Carl, smiling as he popped the P of the word pie. You looked and saw Carl glaring him down, knowing at any moment he would try to kill Negan.

“Oh.” Negan said, as he stood up quickly and leaned back slightly, “You already had a slice didn’t ya? Let me guess…” He bounced on the balls of his feet quickly before looking at you, and then back to him, “You and her are a thing, is it serious or are you both just fuck buddies? She seems like more of a night time fling kind of girl to me.” Carl’s face reddened as you clenched your fists.

“None of your business asshole.” he growled as Negan started back towards ya, “Well ya see, it is. Because you all now work for me, and I expect ya to listen to me, unless you wanna end up like these two. Meaning…” He grabbed your underarm and violently pulled you up, “If I say I wanna make a wife of one of your woman you will let me, and if I say I wanna fuck the holy shit out of one of your woman, you are gonna let me. Now if you excuse me….” He threw you over his shoulder, kicking and screaming, before slapping your ass as hard as he could, “I am going to go break in my new toy, and y’all are going to listen, especially you.” He pointed at Carl, before turning away, as you looked at Carl, and then back at the RV as Negan quickly turned back towards the group, “Oh and boys, point your guns at their heads, case any one decides to move, or try to save this little whore.” He smiled before taking you inside, and Carl was left outside to listen to you scream.

Part two

neil + allison headcanons

i firmly believe that one day, neil and allison get to be pretty good friends. like there’s always that iffy bit to their friendship but they learn to work around it. anyway-

  • neil and allison start to hang out a lot 
  • allison likes to dress neil
  • and he doesn’t really care
  • neil “fuck gender stereotypes” josten
  • so they have “treat yo self” days maybe once a month
  • or after really awful days
  • allison teaches neil how to do his make up
  • so on really bad days, he can semi hide his scars
  • neil learns conturing
  • his cheekbones get sharper, his eyes get bluer, his jaw is more obvious
  • andrew = dead boy walking
  • anyway, one day, neil and allison are sitting on the couch in sweats
  • watching chick flicks and shit talking classmates
  • allison has a wide assortment of nail polish on the coffee table
  • she’s painting her nails vibrant pink, aight

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