just the contrasting personalities of

  • Shallan: I shouldn't lightweave for my date with Adolin, what if he falls in love with the enhanced face and not the unmagicked one?
  • Adolin, sweeping on shimmer highlighter to complete his contour: hey ren do you think i should do a color lip with this eyeshadow or stick to a light gloss
I got stuck in my head for much too long / so now all I hear is an exhausted song / dark and faded like the sky before rain / except now every word is replaced with your name
—  To K.E. IV Pt. 3: 1:38 p.m. | Sarah Z.

a bloodborne-ified percy derolo bc i imagined whitestone under the briarwoods to be all corrupted like yharnam

Anti & Dark

Anti– animal, born and bred to be evil, natural hunter, hides away in shadows, moves quickly and abrupt, hardly seen but heard, filled with unstoppable adrenaline from his ‘chase’ causing uncontainable pleasure=laughing and giggling when making tricks and japes, ‘kill or be killed’, goes for the kill, no suffering for his prey= ‘gets the job done’, puerile= no logic or reason to his tactics and likely to blame others for his actions (e.g. “It’s all your fault!”)  

Dark– human, twisted into evil by past experiences, stalks his prey, illusions and manipulation, luring victims into a trap, takes his time (e.g. “I’ve been waiting patiently.”), slow and careful movements, stable mined= able to contain excitement, two-faced, callous and sadistic, likes to watch his prey struggle, logical= sees himself as the alpha and a genius, likes to give options to trick and tease his victims (e.g. “I’ll give you a choice.”) just extending their suffering. 

I walk on by, cheeks blushing red / you cough a little, bending your head / I wonder what you’re thinking as I walk past you / (I wonder if you wonder what I’m thinking, too)
—  To K.E. IV Pt. 1: 11:46 a.m. | Sarah Z.

more proof of 2CT (spoilers):

1) we know that the real!ciel is rather healthy while our!ciel was sick, right? obviously, lizzy would know that and thus it explains why ciel didn’t want sebastian mentioning it at this moment.

2) So in the past, its shown that the reason lizzy hides her sword skills because she doesn’t want to be the strong wife real!ciel fears, right?

But in this panel…. our!ciel doesn’t remember this:

3) in this scene:

our!ciel mentions another ciel…. and in this context, it wouldn’t be correct to say he was simply referring to himself in third person (it just doesn’t make sense either way). this contrasts to this panel, where we can at least excuse that behavior for shock or smth:


This isn’t ship hate or anything, but can someone explain why everyone ships these two?? Like where did it come from and why the hell does everyone love it

Okay, I know this question wasn’t specifically directed at me, but I’m gonna try and answer it anyways!

So obviously Max/Preston is completely a crack ship (meaning there’s little to no canon basis for its existence), and in the show, Max and Preston almost never interact (and when they do interact, it’s never positively). 

I really have no idea how it started at all! Some people say it branched off of the interactions from @aceouma‘s CampBook series, though. 

When I first saw Maxpres, I didn’t get it- like, at all. I pretty much went along with the typical non-shipper consensus of “Max hardly even interacts with Preston” or “It makes no sense”. Frankly, though, I’m a sucker for fan-art, and after seeing a lot of really awesome ship content by artists like @justcallmesabby, @breaddiscourseblog, and @impulsivekiddo, I sort of just got hooked? I guess it helps that I’m a habitual lover of crack-ships. 

What a lot of people like about it is just the contrast in personality. Preston is very dramatic, and emotional, and a helpless-romantic, and Max is cynical, emotionally-repressive, and really tries not to make a scene about himself. And they’re both ambitious and self-centered assholes for little regard for others’ feelings or well-being. There’s a lot of potential for enemies-to-lovers and such.

So I guess what I enjoy about it is the idea of two opposite and extreme personalities working together to keep one another in check. I also like the concept of two self-involved assholes learning to take care of someone else before themselves. 

But yes, I totally understand why a lot of people are confused by the ship. It’s very fan-driven and obscure, but I like this tiny little group of shippers! 

Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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Monsta X - Steel on the Outside, Fluff on the Inside (Wonho, Kihyun, Jooheon, I.M)

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Wonho - Legit fanboying because he sees how cute you really are and he’d tease you about it. From going to carnivals to visiting an anime store, Wonho couldn’t help but ask you if you wanted to add a little Rilakkuma doll to your collection. When he comes over to your place to sleepover, he’d tease you and say, “What are you talking about? I’m sleeping in your bed and you can be on the couch. Pssht. I want to sleep with little Kimi tonight.” But anyway, he’d want to see this side of you more often because he wants to know more about you and your little habits of collecting these little stuffed animals.

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Kihyun - He’d chuckle and shake his head in a joking manner when he sees you engulfed in your pile of stuffed animals. He wouldn’t think much of it until you told him not to touch Jerry, your stuffed dolphin who wears glasses. Knowing that they each have their own names, Kihyun wouldn’t really care that much and like the other members, he’d get you another plushie if you really wanted it. He considers your childish collection to be new and refreshing since he’s learning about this side of you. Kihyun wouldn’t judge or anything and just find it funny how your adorable habits and personality contrast each other. 

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Jooheon - He’d be a bit taken aback, but what else does he expect from you? Jooheon would ask you how you came to like plushies, why you bought so many (in a nice way of course), and which ones are your favorites. He saw how you slept with that stuffed cat you got from a friend, and that’s how he came up with his next mission: Buy you a plushie that outshines the others so that you only sleep with his. But since you already have so many, he probably won’t buy you anymore because it’d get too much. All in all, it’s a nice plus for him that you enjoy cute things despite your first-glance appearance and how badass you can be.

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I.M - He’d be surprised, yes, but it’s nice to know that they have a softer side. Knowing that you have a little “gallery” of stuffed plushies ranging from size, color, heck even names, I.M would just slam his whole body on your bed and drown himself in plushies. I mean, as long as you’re not obsessed with having things in (like) mint condition and cleaning them daily, he wouldn’t have much of a problem. It’s cool to know and coming from a guy who’s around the same age, he’s got stuffed animals from fans and aren’t ashamed with sleeping with them. He’d probably give you another plushie for when he’s away. “You better sleep with this one. It’s from me. Plus, it smells like me so that’s the best, right?” 

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In contrast (musical edition)

What could go wrong after a night of karaoke?

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uh-oh…well, guess that’s what friends are for. 

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Maybe he just needs the right person to sing to

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Imagine demanding Ryan be able to cry to validate his acting as if crying is the ONLY way to express sadness. “It’s crying everyone does it” except everyone DOESN’T do it.

To use a personal example my aunt went missing at 14 [Google Angie Meeker, that’s her] and my dad was 12 and it fucked him up emotionally let me tell you My dad is now 51 and I have NEVER seen him cry. I’ve been to funerals with him and while he’s clearly heartbroken hes never so much as shed 1 single tear. He doesn’t emote that way. Not everyone cries. Not everyone HAS to cry doe their sadness to be valid and it’s the same for on screen.

Robert as a character feels similar to me in that while he’ll get angry and upset hes not really a crier, thats an emotional vulnerability hes not gonna show just anyone. I personally enjoy that about him, I think it’s good contrast to Aaron.

And I can not believe that with my own two eyes I just read a point saying the BEST time recently for Robert to sob would be in the middle of a hospital surrounded by strangers. Robert is a character that defines himself by appearance and that people see him as strong and respected and you think it’s not #enough because he didn’t cry.

Idk man it’s fucking mind boggling to harp on the fact that hes apparently incapable of good acting because he doesn’t produce water works as if there aren’t actors who can cry on command but are otherwise poor actors. As if every “good” actor can cry on command and it’s not well documented as difficult. As if people haven’t been given awards and praise for subtle quiet sadness because crying does not fucking dictate if someone is upset or sad.

Just say you blindly hate Ryan and dump on his acting because you hate Robert and us like we know that’s what it is?

You demand people do the same about Emily - and many of us are vocally against the shit she gets and can’t control our “thousands” but youd think y'all could control your “ten”- but you literally act like you’re above what us dirty robert stans do.

Guess what? You’re not. Youre not actually morally superior because you gleefully trash a dude out of spite for his character and hatred for that characters fandom.

You’re actually just dicks.

in your arms

◇ In which you should never tell Chanwoo anything.

◇ Bobby x reader

◇ gang!au

◇ some gang!booboboobooboobooby also ezcuse the fac t thT this is really short like the rest of my writing i promise i try to makr them long but it never works out ;-;


“You’ll never be hurt,” he promises, his voice a mere whisper to match the quiet atmosphere. His words have love blossoming in your chest, and you have to snuggle deeper into his embrace to prevent yourself from squealing out.

“I already know that,” you remind him teasingly, though you like the occasional reassurance. Bobby scoffs gently, making you laugh at his reaction, and then he’s rolling you both over umtil he lays on top of youl

“Well, I want to keep telling you,” he smiles gently. He’s always so uncharacteristically gentle when you’re together, just the two of you, no worries and no responsibilities. “I want to make sure you feel safe.”

“I always do,” you shrug softly, reaching a hand up to play with the hair that had flopped forward, brushing it back carefully, his eyes watching you lovingly. A grin grows on your face, “Besides, with your temper, any person who even thinks about hurting me is too dumb.”

“And that’s the way it should be,” Bobby finishes off pridefully, a laugh rising from your chest as he nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck.


You knew you shouldn’t have told Chanwoo anything. As sweet and kind as the boy was, he was much too eager to please and loyal to your boyfriend and the rest of his members. Which meant that when you told him to keep the bruises and cuts forming on your wrist a secret, and he said, “Of course”, it really meant that he was planning to call your boyfriend as soon as possible to tell him of your run in with Bangtan.

It had been a normal summer day. Business was bustling, the hot weather calling people to buy beautiful flowers to match the blistering heat. The AC had been turned on high in the florists, but you were careful to not disturb the flowers or even the compost that you sold in the shop with the contrasting temperature. An occasional person would enter just to stand out of the hot air and into the cool shop, and you pretended not to see them just because you were that nice of a person.

One particular man who had entered the shop, not bothering to actually buy something but was browsing the flower choices leisurely, as if he was actually going to buy something - though you knew better, but you didn’t try to push him out into boiling weather.

If you looked closer, maybe you’d see how he was constantly scanning the store to see how many customers were still in the shop, or how he was always situated near the register, where you almost always were unless somebody needed your help with something. If you looked closer, maybe you could’ve seen the letter B tattooed behind his ear. If you looked closely, maybe you would’ve seen him approach you once there was nobody else in the store, all of the customers striding out of the shop at random intervals with their arms full of bright flowers.

Unfortunately, you didn’t look closely, and you only noticed the man had approached you once his hand clasped tightly around your wrist, making you instinctively turn around frightfully, backing up a few steps from the man towering above you.

The man’s demeanor has you shivering, fear pooling in your stomach as you try to pull your wrist from his painfully tight grasp. Your phone was under the register’s desk - you wouldn’t be able to access it without him noticing.

“D-do you need help with something?” You curse yourself internally for the stutter in your voice, breathing bated and waiting anxiously for what was going to happen next.

He smirks, tilting his head to the side in an almost patronizing way that makes you want run out of store. “Not much, sweetheart. I just need you to deliver a little message for me. My name’s V.”>

You don’t know why he’s telling you his name - especially with the fact that you’re Bobby’s girl, and Bobby is famous for having a bad temper. The man - V - tightens his grip on you, making you whimper out, your other hand desperately clawing at his hand to get him to release you. He was extremely strong, and he was obviously taking it out on your poor wrist.

“I want you to tell B.I - oh, and Bobby too, for that matter,” he starts, stopping for a second and humming, as if thinking out his next words. “That Bangtan don’t take too kindly to being messed with. Tell them to think of this as a little warning.” He digs his nails into the soft skin of your wrist, making tears pricks at your eyes and the fear in your stomach plummet deeper and deeper.

He releases you roughly, pushing you away and watching with some sort of sick satisfaction as you fall back onto the wall behind you, knocking down a few trinkets and clutching your wrist to your chest, tears flowing down your face not only from the throbbing pain but from the sheer fright coursing through your veins.

A smile lights up his face, and you watch as he gives a mocking little wave before he’s traipsing out of the store happily, whistling a merry little tune that ends shivers down your spine. You’re silent for a second, the seriousness of the situation settling into you, and then you’re quick to scrabble for your phone, whipping your tears away quickly and turning the open sign to closed.

It takes a few minutes to lock up, but you’re glad to be out of the store. The streets are bustling and much more public, so nothing can possibly happen without being seen. You take a seat at the bench you had outside of the flower shop and pull your knees to your chest, still incredibly shaken at the incident as you swipe through your contacts with shaky fingers.

Junhoe, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong… Bobby and B.I were definitely off of the imaginary list you’d made, for the simple reason that you didn’t want Bobby to find out, and B.I would tell him without a second thought. The second Bobby found out, the second he would be out for blood and his temper tended to be unstoppable once it reached certain heights.

You couldn’t call Junhoe, Donghyuk or Yunhyeong because you were pretty sure they were in Japan on business. The only option was Chanwoo. You wait with shaky breaths as the phone dials, shutting your eyes and hoping to calm yourself down.

“_____?” You hear the familiar tone of Chanwoo’s voice, sighing in relief just from hearing the voice of somebody you knew. “Why are you calling me? Are you okay?”

“There - there was a bit of a complication,” you bite your lip nervously, wanting nothing more than to be home and in Bobby’s arms - thoigh you knew he was busy today. “Can you, maybe, pick me up?”

“Uh, okay,” his voice is confused but he doesn’t question you, “I’ll just go tell hyung-”

“No!” You exclaim before you can stop yourself, eyes snapping open as you hear his words. “No, it’s fine, really. Don’t say anything to him, please, Chanwoo.”

“O-okay, then.”

Chanwoo is there within twenty minutes, most of which you kept yourself busy by tapping your foot rhythmically against the wood of the bench. Your nerves have calmed just a bit, but you still jump at every person with red hair who passes, or somebody who’s wearing all black.

You get up from your seat as you see him approaching, not even bothering to let him park the car properly before you’re slipping into the cool interior, your heart calming more in these few seconds that in the past twenty minutes.

He seems to be waiting for you to speak, but with how you’re curled up, wrist clutched close to yourself and breathing still slightly uneven, he realizes that you’re not planning to say anything - at least, without his help.

“So,” he starts with a sigh as he stops the car at a red light. “Are you gonna tell me what happened?”


He raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I guess I’ll just have to call Bobby hyung and ask him what’s going on-”

“No!” You object. He shoots you an incredulous look and you realise just how strange you must seem at the moment. With a sound of reluctance, you setlle back into your seat. “I - someone came into the flower shop.”

He gestures for you to continue.

“He was from Bangtan. He - he roughed me up a little, that’s it. Nothing major-”

Before you can register it, he’s grasped your wrist and pulled it away from where you were clutching it close, making you wince. His eyes are widening as he zeroes in on the swollen skin and the bloody red nail marks.

“_____….” He breathes worriedly. He’s not worried about your injury, and rightfully so. It would fade and eventually disappear in a few days. No - he’s worried about what will happen when Bobby inevitably finds out about how you got hurt - and then hid it from him - and gets angry. You’re sure another one of Bangtan’s goons is still recovering from the last time Bobby got mildly angry.

“You’re not going to tell Bobby, right? This needs to be kept a secret,” you insist. Seeing his uncertain look, you frown, turning fully to him. Your eyebrows furrow as you stare at him unnervingly. “Right?

“O-of course.”


As soon as you got home, you made sure that all the doors and windows were locked. Call you paranoid, but if Bangtan wanted to deliver a warning, they would deliver a warning, no matter where you were.

Chanwoo offered to stay with you after he saw how scared you were, but you quickly brushed him off - Bobby would get suspicious if Chanwoo was staying at your house for no reason, and the plan was to act as of nothing happened for as long as possible.

You decided to take a shower next, figuring that the steam and warmth would calm you down - but your heart still pounded everytime you thought you heard something outside of the bathroom. You carefully washed over yourself, making sure to not strain your sore wrist - you groan when you see finger-shaped bruises on your wrist, the finger nail marks still embedded in your skin. It would be hard to hide, but nothing a long sleeved shirt couldn’t fix.

It’s only when you’ve slipped a shirt over your head that you hear the door slam open. Eyes widening, you scamper to the top of the staircase to take a peek of the door, and who’s standing in the doorway.

“O-oppa?” You ask in confusion, tilting your head. The first thing that comes to mind is that he knows, somehow - but you try and keep a positive outlook and think about other things that could’ve made him angry. “What’s - what’s wrong?”

Your heart speeds up as he storms up the stairs to meet you, snapback placed over his dark hair, eyes stormy as he finally reaches you, reaching for your arm. Instinctively, you pull your hand away, taking a step back. Bobby clenches his jaw, shaking his head as he grips your arm in his hand, “Don’t start this, _____ .”

You continue to struggle against his hold, desperately trying to free yourself from him, but it’s no use - he yanks up the t-shirt roughly, revealing your injured wrist. He inhales sharply, and you whimper as his grip begins to tighten. “B-Bobby, you’re hurting me…”

That seems to snap him out of his reverie, because he’s gently running his thumb over you now, stepping up onto the same step as you so that he can fully wrap his arms around you. Sighing, you gladly bury yourself into his embrace. This is what you’ve wanted ever since the incident happened.

“Who did this to you, baby?” You hear him say angrily, teeth gritted together as he pulls away to stare at you. You shake your head, avoiding his eyes, but he’s quick to grasp your face gently, turning you to meet his gaze.

“I - it’s not important,” you murmur, watching as he only grows more frustrated and angry - not at you, but at Bangtan.

“It’s completely important,” he insists, reluctantly releasing his hold on you. He watches as you sit on the stairs, resting your head on your hands. “Nobody hurts my girl and gets away with it, you hear?”

“Please,” you beg, “I know what you’re like when you get like this… You - you could get hurt…”

He sighs, and then he’s stepping down so that he’s kneeled on the step below you, bowing his head to meet your own shielded eyes. “I promise, baby girl. I won’t get hurt.”

It’s silent for a moment as you relay your choices, trying to ignore the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your arms comfortingly in an attempt to not give in to his persuasive ways - but it’s no use, of course.

“He…” You start nervously, biting your lip, “He said his name was V.”

Bobby releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, feeling the sweltering hot anger well up in his body. He knew exactly who you were talking about. But he pushes it down, for your sake, and nods.

“Thank you,” he says quietly, cupping your face gently. You nod, and Bobby almost grits his teeth at how scared and small V has made you look - all from a few minutes in your flower shop. “Come on, you look like you could use some sleep.”

You look surprised, and relieved, watching with wary eyes as he stands. “T - that’s it? You’re not going to go after him?”

Bobby shakes his head, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Not now. My princess doesn’t feel safe - it’s my job to make you feel safe.”

And with a relieved sigh and a tiny smile, you bury yourself back in his arms, and it feels as if it’s the safest place on earth. All thoughts of danger and anger have completely escaped your mind, especially as you’re led to your bedroom, slipping under the warm covers and falling asleep in the arms of the love of your life.

Nothing can touch you, now.


                                They think that this will break my pride,
                                            that   it   will  make   an     
end      to  me,
                                                     but    they    are     

                   ( independent roleplay blog for cersei lannister of asoiaf. book-based. )

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Have any of the girls ever met each other? :) :)

omg yeah i think so heheh :b in the texts i kind of make them each other’s friends (w/ their face claim’s real names instead of stage names n stuff) and like i think they all get along pretty well like there’s no super contrasting personalities but some would just click more than others like i always pair yoongi’s + guk’s + jimin’s bc they’re like the mischievous ones n they always mention each other (yoongi’s mentions sooyoung (fc for guk)+ guk’s mentions yerin (fc for jimin)) !!!! n i really see them hanging out w/o the boys !!! and like in the backstory i mentioned guk’s y/n goes to uni away from home n is by herself & that’s why like one of them is always hanging out w/ her when guk isn’t there ! and then i see the more mellow girls being rly good friends – namjoon’s + seokjin’s + taehyung’s + hoseok’s (bc when she’s not being feisty she’s rly soft) namjoon’s y/n mentions hanging out w seungwan (hoseok’s fc) & joohyun (seokjin’s fc) !!!! n taehyung’s y/n has mentioned joohyun as well~ !!

omg i could write so much abt this n what it says abt their personalities n stuff but i’ll stop 😥

also 1 mutual friend all of them have is mr. jeon jeongguk lmao !!!!! i linked all the times he’s done it in the backstory for taehyung’s y/n !!! but if any of them ever find out something abt their respective boy that they didn’t know abt before……………99% of the time it’s bc guk texted them the tea the 차 the☕️ probably w/ that eye emoji 👀 attached & a “you didn’t hear this from me but……..”

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Can you do some height difference prompts??? Thanks!!!

Sorry this took me so long to answer, I got a bit carried away…

-Imagine person A as a very short person trying to get something out of a tall cupboard too high to reach. Person B, who is considerably taller walks in, and instead of just reaching and obtaining the object for person A, they pick person A up so that they can teach it themselves.

-Imagine person A sitting on person B’s shoulders when they go to a concert; if they don’t they can barely see. (Bonus!! Person A tries to reciprocate and let person B sit on their shoulders, but they’re so much bigger than person A is literally crushed under their weight.)

-Imagine person B looking for person A in a crowd. They scan their eyes over the top of the crowd and can’t see them. Suddenly they look down and realise person A was right in front of them the whole time and they were looking right per their heads. Person A is very annoyed at this.

-Imagine your OTP playing hide and seek. Person B is terrible , being just far too large to hide anywhere effectively. Person A by contrast is fantastic, being small enough to hide in tiny nooks and crannies. Person B loses them for hours. When person A turns up, it turns out that they were asleep inside a cupboard.

-Imagine a very sort person A having a designated footstool to use around the house, such as washing dishes, making food and reaching high places. Imagine your OTP as they’re about to kiss, when person A demands “WAIT” as they run into another room to retrieve their footstool so that person b doesn’t have to lean down so far.

-Imagine your OTP attending the theatre, and they buy one adult and one child ticket because person A is so little that they can pass for a child.

-Imagine Person b being so tall that they constantly hit their head on doorframes, especially in person A’s apartment with very low ceilings. To compensate, person A buys tonnes of sponges and tapes them to the top of the doorframes so that when person b hits their head it won’t hurt.

-Imagine person a being forced to wear a balloon around their wrist when they go out in public so that person b can easily find them in the crowd.

Thank you for your request!!

Pearl and Lapis fuse and make Turquoise. Turquoise combines Pearl stress and freak outs with Lapis’s apathy to make a fusion with a personality that is boarder line college student. Though she can get a bit irritable with gems like Peridot or Amethyst, she has an undying love and devotion to Steven. This love is so obsessive that she can and will purposely bubble Steven and keep him contained just so he’s “safe”. Besides the obsessive controlling side of her personality, she is actually quite smart and tactful. She also has a very caring and sweet side that she shows occasionally. It is rather easy for her to split up just because of how Pearl and Lapis’s personalities contrast. Basically Turquoise can be stable but can become rather unstable very quickly when it comes down to it.

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"If you want to use a hero or role model as a source of inspiration for your personal growth, you should NOT do so by trying to imitate them." By imitate do you mean e.g. watching your role model attempting something courageously and you finding the courage to overcome problems in your life as well?

No. Inspiration usually involves seeing someone do something you believed was unlikely or not within the realm of possibility and then that can catalyze you to do something in your life that you previously thought was impossible or unimportant. Reflecting on your feeling of being inspired teaches you about how you see yourself, it can reveal the unnecessary limitations in your thinking so that you can improve and become a better person - this process has little to do with the role model, that person was just the spark that opened your eyes to look at yourself more carefully and honestly.

By contrast, “imitation” means just mindlessly aping another person because you want to be them and possess the “glory” or “admiration” that they achieved. Imitation is often driven by unconscious issues like envy or self-loathing, where you want to be something else because you feel that you are nothing, deficient, or inadequate, so you try to fill that inner void with something foreign and external, thus denying the true self. For some, imitation can manifest as constant social comparison, where your self-image and self-esteem are largely determined by your status in relation to the people around you, either feeling inferior or superior depending on the comparison, so everything you do is about being better or not worse than someone else, which means you are likely to be wasting time, energy, and resources that could otherwise be directed to fruitful self-development. For some, imitation can manifest as constructing an “ideal” that you try to live up to based on the qualities that you believe can get approval, admiration, or recognition, but that ideal is not who you really are, rather, you are only forcing yourself into that image so that you can get a comforting ego “reward” to compensate for the lack of real self-knowledge. This is like admiring someone else’s shoes so much that you steal them and force them onto your feet even though they don’t fit, it will result in lifelong pain and deformed feet but you take solace in people occasionally commenting on how nice your shoes look.