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Forts And Chocolate Caramels//H.S. Imagine//

Hii! I just wanted to drop in and supply you guys with some best friend Harry, enjoy!

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You looked down at the grocery list in your cart with your lip in between your teeth. Popcorn, you thought to yourself, where is the popcorn? You were trying your best to shop for you and Harry’s movie night, but he was being absolutely no help. He always got bored in grocery stores, something you had grown to live with. You glanced down at Harry, sitting cross legged in the shopping cart, and couldn’t help but laugh. He was touching both ends of the cart and you imagined he must be uncomfortable.

“Harry? Do you see popcorn?” You questioned him.

“No, Rosebud, I don’t,” Harry replied absent mindedly.

“Well, first you would have to look, Harry. I mean maybe if you stopped making me push you and helped me this would go a bit faster.”

“Fine, fine. Stop the cart.” Harry stood up and stumbled his way out of the cart, banging his knee in the process, “Happy now?”

“Yes.” You smiled at Harry and playfully rolled your eyes.

“Hey! We had a deal, if I let you pick the movie this time you wouldn’t make me shop!”

“Yes, then I remembered that required pushing you and plans changed! Can you reach that soda, H?” You pointed to the diet coke on the top shelf and watched Harry reach up and grab it. He placed it in the cart and looked at you expectantly.

“What next? We have, soda, paper plates, twizzlers, sour patch kids, and chips. What else do we need?”

“Well we need popcorn, that I for some reason can’t find, and caramels.”

“Ahh, right, can’t forget your caramels!”

“Shush, do you want me to get you some too?” You started to roll the cart down the aisle and look around for your favorite chocolates.

“Nope, I prefer gummy bears.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am positive.”

An hour later you and Harry had left the store and made your way back to your apartment. You unlocked your cherry red door and walked inside with your hands full of groceries. Harry closed the door behind you and grabbed two bags from your grasp. Setting them on the kitchen table, he started to look at your walls. Harry loved the walls of your apartment, they were absolutely covered in art. Most of it you had done yourself, you had just sold some to a gallery local to you and Harry was extremely excited. You had a few paintings on the wall of your bedroom inspired by Harry, some of them were based on candid photos you had taken of him. Some were him laughing, others were him cooking (or burning water) but some of your favorites were him smiling, putting his dimples on display.

“Wanna come pick out a movie, Haz?” You asked, going back and forth between standing on your tippy toes and standing flat.

“Sure,” Harry answered, his dimples popping out, “Would you be mad if I suggested The Notebook again?”

You playfully rolled your eyes, “As an artist, your lack of creativity while picking movies insults me.”

“Oh, I see, you only love me when I help you make a fort.”

“Right, I’m glad you’ve caught on.”  This time, it was Harry’s turn to roll his eyes, “Now come on, I wanna pick a movie as early as possible. You take forever to decide, and we don’t want to be here all night.” 

You grab Harry’s hand and tugged him along with you to your living room. Your apartment was small, but full of life, the color’s yellow and white made many appearances in your living space. Harry’s eyes fell on the huge book case that went from the floor to the ceiling. He remembered making it with you last spring. You had insisted you needed three bookshelves, but you absolutely couldn’t pay for them already put together. So, you and Harry had arranged the wood yourselves and painted it. One was yellow and stood in your bedroom, the other still had its original appearance and was in your living room. The last one had a place in your art room, it happened to be splatter painted. The bottom two rows were filled with movies, you had arranged them in order of your least favorite to favorite. You always said, ‘Always save the best for last, so if the worst upsets you, the best will make it all better again.’

You soon broke Harry out of his little memory, “I’m thinking Disney movies! How about Beauty and The Beast? I know how much you love the music in that one!” It was no surprise that Harry loved music, although he owned a bakery, he would always sing on his free time. You worked at a local café within walking distance from your house, so sometimes Harry would walk you home. You would paint, keeping what it was a surprise until its finished, and Harry would sing to you. If there was one thing that helped you fall asleep, or stop crying, or just break into a smile, it was Harrys voice.

“Whatever you want, petal. But, just so you know, I wouldn’t mind watching The Notebook after,” Harry cheekily mentioned.

You crouched down to grab the movies with a smile on your face, “Okay, goober, sounds like a plan. Go to the closet and grab a bunch of pillows and blankets please! We’re gonna make the best fort in the history of all forts.” Every time you and Harry had a movie night, you two would work together to make a comfy fort. And today was absolutely no exception.

Harry came back with his arms full of pillows and blankets and stumbled into the living room, placing them down on the couch.

“Perfect,” You exclaimed, “Now that’s get to work!” The next hour was filled with you and Harry strategically stacking pillows and draping blankets where they seemed to fit. With the aid of some chairs and the couch of course, you finished the fort. It looked sort of like patchwork from a bird’s eye view, but you have always loved things that didn’t make sense. You gave Harry a triumphant high five and admired your work.

“Snack time!” You said in a sing-songy voice, shaking your hips a little bit.

“Right,” Harry laughed, “I’ll pop the popcorn if you pour the soda.”

“Deal.” You gave Harry a fist bump and jumped into action, trying to avoid knocking the fort at all costs. Once you reached the kitchen, you strategically poured the soda, so it didn’t bubble over, and carried the cups to the coffee table. You went back to grab the bags of snacks you had bought earlier, and skillfully placed them into the fort. Behind you came Harry carrying a bowl of buttery popcorn. You witnessed him steal a few pieces and gently slapped his hand away from the bowl.

“I was just tasting it, love. Had to make sure it was safe for you to eat!” He mumbled in attempt to excuse himself.

“Excuses, excuses,” You whispered, shaking your head back and forth, “Can you be a spectacular best friend and put the movie in?”

“Well, considering you won’t let me get an early start on the popcorn, I guess I have nothing else to do.” You and Harry’s relationship consisted mostly of cheeky comments and sarcastic responses. Harry slid the circular movie disk into the slot and waited for it to begin working. Using the remote, he messed with the settings a bit and pressed play. The sun was setting, so Harry closed the curtains so make it as dark and possible. He crawled beside you in the fort, which was quite difficult due to his lanky arms and legs, and shuffled around to get comfortable. He obnoxiously opened a bag of chips, earning an amused look from you, and a quick ‘Sorry!’ made its way to you through the dark.

About ten minutes into the movie, your legs were draped across Harry’s and you were leaning back into a chair you had used to set things up. The light from the movie would illuminate your face every once and awhile, causing Harry’s heart to speed up a bit. He noticed you were eating those caramels you love so much, he could smell the chocolate from where he sat. His ring covered fingers appeared in front of you, shuffling into your bag of caramels.

“Harry Edward Styles! Get your hands out of my chocolate!” You shouted at your best friend.

“Just one!” He announced, feeling a sharp sting on his hand, most likely from you swatting it.

“You said you didn’t want any!”

“But, Rosebud, that was before I smelled them! Just one, I only want one!”

“Absolutely not Mr ‘I prefer gummy bears’,” You mocked in a deep British accent.

“Fine, fine. I have accepted defeat.”

Three hours later, you had finished watching both movies and were raiding your fridge looking for dinner. You turned to Harry with a depleted look on your face, “Yeah, um, I have no food, H.”

“How bout’ we call something in?” Harry suggested.

“Great Idea! I’m gonna go grab my phone, I’ll be right back!” Harry sat down in one of your kitchen chairs and let his eyes wonder around your apartment once more. He noticed your bag of caramels sitting about a foot away from him. Just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. Praying you wouldn’t notice later and cause a fuss, he slowly reached his hand in the bag, plucking one out. He popped it into his mouth a savored the combination of sweet and salty on his taste buds.

Harry felt a light tap on his shoulder, “I saw that Harold.”


Sometimes All We Need Is A Little Touch (Trixya) - Thomo

( A/N: Hey y'all, am back with a new request for m/m trixya. It’s a teacher/student fic, and i know it was just recently requested but I needed to write it, sorry bout it. It’s 2.9k words of slight angst, smut, and just overall rushed lust. Probably not my best work, but if you guys like it I could probably turn it into a little chaptered thing. If not, I hope you enjoy what’s here! Thanks for reading x -Thomo)

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Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything

It’s okay to enjoy someone’s presence without having a “label” on what you two “are”. 

Let everything fall in place how it’s supposed to. 

anonymous asked:

How do open snoot??? I have so many problems when it comes to drawing open mouthed critters/expressions!! I just can't wrap my mind around how open snouts work with the skull or the circles I use for the skull anyhow.. Do you have any advice on this??

 I’M GONNA TRY MY BEST TO EXPLAIN THIS because, man i feel u but at the same time I know very little about the technical anatomy when it comes to skulls ;;

Let’s do a sorta above ¾ view for this rlly quick, when I start out, I always like to establish one part of the snout at a time, instead of trying to just DIVE RIGHT IN. So I start by putting vague upper muzzle shapes here, just to get the direction goin’

NOW WE GOTTA GIVE THIS THING A LOWER JAW to help keep it symmetrical, I like to pull the lines from the corners of the upper lips. DON’T BE AFRAID TO OVERLAP, OVERLAPPING IS IMPORTANT IN GENERAL BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN DRAWING OPEN MUZZLES LIKE THIS!! See that line that goes from the upper right corner of the lip and through the top half of the muzzle? I basically use that as my guide to keep from pulling the jaw too far out, or too far in. Don’t worry if it looks a bit like they have an underbite either, depending on the angle, perspective will do that..it likes to fuk with ur brain a bit

OKAY NOW we’re bringing back the overlapping line because chins are still hard for me to draw and I change how i do it constantly but this is a good method to get a chin that doesn’t thrust too much outwards or inwards (unless that’s the specific jaw shape you were going for with ur character, then by all means do so!!! ) bring the line from the further corner of the eye, form the cheek, and bring it down (overlapping over the top jaw as we are wont to do) and bring it AROUND TOWN. You see here that it’s kinda boxy and I could probably curve that line some more to give a more slender look but w/e IT WORKS WITH MOST SHAPES

if you’re referring to something like the BND draw I posted recently, it’s pretty much a similar course of action, so let’s use this  asshole as an example because his mouth is obnoxiously wide when it’s open 

Start off with the upper jaw, again, it’s easier to piece these things together vs trying to shove all the shapes together at once (for me it is anyways) 

i’m doing this from profile view this time but you can see the overlapping lines still work!! I roughly places where the otherside of the upper corner of the lip would be on the side we don’t see and used that to help me get an idea of how far down the lower jaw is gonna go~! Don’t worry, it’s gonna look awkward most of the time  and it’s a perfect chance to go in and fix the length of the upper/lower jaw before you start adding in deets like the tongue and teeth! <:

there we go!!!! looks a lot less awkward LOL

you can also do something like this if ur feeling kinda toony (it’s really fun, simple yet effective!)

It can work for a lot of different styles, from realism to toony to my stupid doodles i do a lot when being a Serious Artist ™ is just 2 much for me :^)



I….I finally did it after a along ass time scrapping scenes

The lyric comic is based on a comment in the music video which was this: “This version sounds like she’s mourning the potential.”

The idea began from that, where a different color on your skin represents the love and affection you have for the person. If you don’t see your color on them, then your love is unrequited.

There is some elements of my GTA 5 AU in this comic hence the guns and stuff. Also fun fact: Wildcat’s convo with Vanoss hints to my Minicat comic that I made before. Wildcat knows what Vanoss is going through and he didn’t want his friend to suffer the same heartbreak like he did.

Anyway hope you enjoy it!

Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!

This week, just so you guys know, I’m overwhelmed in the best sense. It’s all because of you and all of the amazing, insane, wonderful, loyal acts and feelings you’ve expressed not only this week but the past year, the past 10 years. I’m not trying to get up here and bore you with my feelings but I’m about to be 28 and there are so many of you here tonight that have been hanging out with me online, or listening to my music for 10 years, 12 years, 6 years, whatever it is. I am trying so hard to process the way that I feel about what we’ve done this week. It’s just different this time, it just is. I used to feel happy and just jump around. This time I’m so happy and I’m so proud of us. It’s a different kind of happiness. It’s like a contentment and a pride that I have for you and how close we are and that you guys would come here and went to the pop-up show yesterday. That was crazy. It’s all just so much to take and I am so happy to see you. I just hope you had a good time tonight so far. I’m going to say hi to you guys, I’m going to take pictures, and that’s what’s gonna happen next. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so happy that you like me, thank you for being here. I’ll see you in a minute!
—  Taylor at the Taylor Swift Now reputation celebration (x)

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

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Do you ever watch tv? Which are better, modern tv shows or old time radio dramas?

they’re very different things. modern tv–or at least a good chunk of it–is focused around scandal, which isnt something i really care about. also theres lots of dramatic background noises to increase how dramatic things are, but mostly i really cant take it seriously. i like to watch fantasy or scifi stuff, though. and steve and i like to watch sports. (we’ve been very carefully keeping him away from any extreme sports and the xgames. the last thing we need is steve trying to use the Deathbike to do stunts).

i like to watch cutthroat kitchen. it’s basically exactly what happens when more than one avenger tries to use the kitchen at the same time, except i dont have to help clean up afterwards. 

the old radio dramas were fun. campy by modern standards, but we used to really enjoy them. tony was nice enough to get old recordings for stevie and i, so we could hear how things ended for our favorite characters. be warned: tony is terrible to listen to radio with. he gets easily distracted and starts talking. 

steve and i used to have HUGE arguments about what certain characters looked like as kids. he would draw what he thought they looked like, and i would draw what i thought they looked like, and steve would always win because nobody ever looks like what i draw. humans dont work like that. 

i am not good at drawing.

Here’s a cute baby Taehyung cheering you guys on as you vote for them on AAA and Mwave 🌻

You’re doing great lovelies 🌻

Stay hydrated 💓


the tenth doctor by the numbers (info)

900 Nifflers
  • Harry: Draco, there are about 900 Nifflers in our garden.
  • Draco: That is... oddly specific.
  • Harry: Draco, why are there so many Nifflers in our garden?
  • Draco: I lost something.
  • Harry: Oh?
  • Draco: Something shiny.
  • Harry: Oh??
  • Draco: And round.
  • Harry: Oh???
  • Draco: Something I wanted to give to you.
  • Harry: OH!
  • Draco: I've been holding on to it for quite some time now.
  • Harry: OH!!
  • Draco: I was waiting for the right moment.
  • Harry: OH!!!
  • Draco: Yes, because I suspected you would throw a fit.
  • Harry: What? Why would I throw a fit over an engagement ring?
  • Draco: Engagement ring? I was talking about your sunglasses!
  • Harry:
  • Harry: What?
  • Draco: Um... also, I broke them.

And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

Practicing painting with Error boy :’)