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I feel like overall Korra was pretty disappointing. It definitely didn't even come close to the impact that TLA had. I mean, it had some good moments, but overall it felt kinda hollow and not as interesting.

That’s how I felt and it might be an unpopular opinion but I really didn’t like Korra. She acted like a spoiled brat through so much of it and I just couldn’t see anything likable or interesting about her.

I think Asami might have been my favorite character but I didn’t really like her either lol! She was just the best in a bad bunch

Aang was so complex and the character growth in ATLAB in general was really outstanding. 

do you ever just think about how glenn rhee is the best character on the walking dead despite the writers treating him awfully compared to the other members of atlanta 5 and how his impact on the show far transcends any sort of shitty death the writers may deal out for him?and do you ever just think about after all the shit he’s been through he went all that time without killing a human being and having to finally kill someone was very hard on him and how he believes in always giving people a chance and sometimes second chances even if they may not deserve it? and do you ever just think about how much he cares about maggie and rick and the rest of team family and the lengths he would go to protect them and ensure their wellbeing? man sure do i love glenn rhee


I want Mags”


—But you will definitely regret it later. Just remember… you know nothing about Joker’s past! That will cost you your life!