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What stuff you do like to do other than writing? :) And do you have any secret talents?

Anonymous said: Omg u need to show us ur anime drawings!!!

other than writing, i like to draw. usually it’s just characters from animes. they aren’t the best, but it actually helps me relax when i’m stressed and just don’t want to think about anything

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Ummmm. H A R D C A S E.

H: What is their deadly sin?

…This was really hard.

I have to go with hubris. Over-confidence. Inflated self-perception. It isn’t exactly awful with Hardcase, but it’s there. The dude goes into every battle ready to die. It’s a very odd type of over-confidence. It’s hard to describe. It’s like… he’s confident that everything the clones do has meaning. If he sacrifices himself, it has meaning. He’s doing the right thing as long as he thinks it’s the right thing, and everyone else who says otherwise is just overthinking it.

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

He really didn’t have any. He isn’t the institutionalized learning type of guy. If left to his own devices and not forced to learn everything every other clone was, he could become an expert on something.

For example, he could take apart the engine of a gunship and put it back together in half an hour. He knows how to swear in 1,200 different languages. He knows six different encryption codes. This dude figured out how to fly Umbaran ships in less than a day. He’s extremely smart. But plop him in a classroom and demand that he learn something, and he’ll find every reason not to.

(He still passed through Kamino training. He had flying colors in battle sims. That counts for a lot with clones.)

R: What are their hands like?

Hardcase has calluses across the ball of his thumb and his palm thanks to lugging that chaingun around. His left trigger finger is the worst. It’s almost double the size of his other fingers. 

They’re rough, they sweat, and he chews his nails when he goes too long with nothing to do. The only time he gets actually pissed is when he has a hangnail  underneath his glove.

D: How they react to being flirted with? 

No nuance whatsover. He’ll usually be thrilled, and go right up to whomever it is regardless of who else is around, and ask them about it.

C: Can they swim well?

He can swim as well as any other clone. His chaingun makes it hell on occasion, but he gets through it.

S: How stealthy are they?

Pfft hahaha.

E: How are they with children?

Hardcase is hyper even for kids. He tires them out. Ahsoka wonders how Anakin keeps up with him. Anakin just smiles does another corkscrew in his starfighter with Hardcase in the backseat.

I realized I hadn’t drawn an actual picture of my tiny frog son yet, especially as someone who seconds him! Like yeesh. 

Aaaaaah I also just love Synaesthesia~ it’s my favorite skin. I like to go with that copper/teal look to match McCree for all my characters and this skin is just THE BEST on Lucio!

so like.. they just sorta throw the settlement system at you in fallout 4. it’s just sorta there. why does your cryofreezed main character decide the best course of action is to build little pockets of civilization scattered across the wasteland? how? don’t ask too many questions, don’t think too deeply, it doesn’t matter. anyway, it’s there. it doesn’t do much and it’s very loosely tied to the plot/story but it’s there, and bethesda makes it a big focus of the game. makes it an even bigger focus for the DLC! 

then nuka world is like.. okay, it’s like the anti-settlement system. if you want to do all the quests and get all the loot from nuka world, you have to give your settlements to raiders. if a settlement is under raider control, the raiders won’t farm the land, so you’ll have to bully a nearby settlement into giving it food. a settlement under raider control also can’t be in supply lines which makes sense but whatever.

it’s not some optional thing, either - if you want to see all that nuka world has to offer, you gotta mess around with this settlement nonsense, taking constant trips back to the commonwealth. did you have fun talking to preson and having him send you to another settlement that has a hostage situation or whatever? well NOW you get to do the exact same thing except with a raider coat of paint, breaking up the pace of this DLC adventure. doing any of this makes you hostile to preston/the minutemen and there’s no way to regain his favor

i mean, hey. it’s an evil DLC, and choices are choices, right? that’s fair enough i suppose. and you do have a “good” option… which is to just slaughter everyone at nuka world. if you do this, you’re locked out of the nuka world quests -  can’t check out all the locations, get the gear, etc etc etc. whaaaaaaaatever

anyways its 2am i should not be posting this but,,,

please,, let bloodstain and tater have a book club session this is too pure and good.


Imagine making love to your best friend Just Friends Pt. 3

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 1,100

A/N: This is the 3rd installment of my Imagine Mini Series: Just friends. Here are Parts 1 & 2 in case you missed them! It’s looking like this is going to go for AT LEAST one more part. You’ll understand once you read to the end. :) This is also for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. The line this week was Shut up! That was one time! I took a little liberty with the line and it is now, It was just one time.  Not as intense, but mostly the same. :D Hope you guys like this part as much as you have liked the first two. Look for part four later this week!

Dean’s POV

My lips found hers once more, my tongue darting into her mouth, no longer needing permission to have its way with her. I was growing hard in anticipation as her hips rose up to meet mine.

As I reached for her shorts and started to pull them down her legs, I knew everything was about to change and there would be no turning back from this decision. My hands hesitated at the waistband of her shorts as my eyes flitted up to her beautiful face. Her chest was heaving, eyes shut tightly, as she ran her hands through her hair, pulling gently at it as if she was trying to hold herself together.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Y/N?” I asked. Her eyes shot open and locked with mine. Slowly she reached down for my face, and pulled me up her body. I kissed her firmly.

She pulled away and answered breathlessly, her hands now resting on the waistband of my pants. “Dean, I want this more than anything. Especially now that I know you want it too,” she reassured me. I helped her slide off my pants, my hard cock springing free. She gasped at the sight of me, her chest heaving uncontrollably once more.

I dipped my fingers into the waistband of her shorts, leaving a trail of hot kisses in my wake. My breath caught in my throat when she was finally bare before me. I kissed up her body, lavishing her nipples with my tongue. When I sucked the sensitive bud into my mouth, she ran her fingers through the hair at the top of my head, gently tugging and pulled me closer to her. I moaned in satisfaction at the gesture, my fingers digging into her sides, no doubt leaving evidence as to where they had been.

“Dean,” she cried desperately, out of breath, as she pulled me roughly up to her once again into a bruising kiss. As our lips met, I felt my cock slid through her wet folds and her hips cant forward as a result of the contact.

I rolled my hips as we kissed, relishing in the feeling of her body underneath mine. If she felt this good now, I couldn’t imagine what she would feel like once I was buried deep inside her. My cock jumped at the thought.

As if reading my thoughts, her hand slid between the two of us, grabbing my dick and aligning it with her slick entrance. She rubbed the head through her folds a few times before settling it at the opening of her wet core.

Then her hands moved to my ass and gently urged me forward. “Please!” she begged.

So I gave her what she wanted. Slowly, inch by inch, I sank into her. She moaned obscenely at the drag of my cock against the walls of her tight pussy. I could feel her clamp around me the further I buried my cock inside of her, and I had to will myself not to come right then.

When my hips met hers, I kissed her slowly. My hand cupped her cheek as I expressed all the love I had for her with that kiss. I felt more connected to her in that moment than I ever had before and not just because I was buried to the hilt inside her warm heat.

I gently pulled away, brushing the hair from her sweaty face. I looked into her eyes and whispered, “I love you, Y/N.”

Her arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders, pulling me close to her. I pulled out of her almost completely, my hard member dragging tortuously slowly inside of her before sliding back into her hot, wet heat. With each thrust, I connected with that sweet spot deep inside her, eliciting a moan of satisfaction each time.

I buried my face in her neck, peppering it with kisses as I slowly and methodically plunged into her pussy over and over again. With each thrust she kept repeating the same phrase over and over again. I love you. I love you. I love.

As if fueled by the words I had wanted to hear for over two years fall from her gorgeous lips, my thrusts became erratic as I felt her walls start to flutter around my engorged cock.

“Dean, I’m close,” she managed, pulling me into a kiss once more. My tongue darting into her mouth matched the frantic pace of my cock as if they were in direct competition with each other. Her fingernails scraped along my back, and I moaned into her mouth. That was the breaking point as her walls clamped down on my needy cock, fluttering wildly.

It was enough to pull me under as she pulled from me the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel thick, hot ropes spurt deep into her as my thigh muscles clenched with the pleasure of release. I filled her so completely that I could feel my come leaking out of her. I wondered briefly if she was on the pill, both of us too wrapped up in the moment to have thought about protection.

As my hips slowed, and my lips found hers once more, I realized we had never once stopped at a pharmacy or a doctor. I’d know if she was on the pill, I would have seen evidence, and I never had.

As I softened inside of her, that thought should have scared the shit out of me, but it didn’t. I’d just made love to my best friend. If the result of that love was a baby, I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would rather be the mother of my child.

I rolled onto my side and pulled her to my chest. She nuzzled into me just as she had before as if nothing had changed and at the same time as if everything had changed. “I love you,” she whispered against my chest.

She sighed contentedly as she fell asleep. I couldn’t help but lie awake and wonder. I couldn’t believe what I was hoping for. Had we just gone from best friends to possibly starting a family? It was just one time, I thought, but one time is sometimes all it takes.

I smiled at the possibility as I fell asleep with my arms wrapped firmly around my girl. My best friend. The love of my life.

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...What about time-travel AUs...I mean there are many ways to take that but whatever ya think is best I just like time-travel

  • Character A’s life isn’t special, but when they accidentally save Character B’s life – from walking in front of a car/stopping a mugging/driving Character B to the hospital/etc. – Character B says that Character A is exactly the type of goodhearted person that Character B has been looking for to take on as an apprentice…a time traveler’s apprentice
  • While visiting the past, Character A is arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit, Character A finds themself in jail with Character B, a thief. Character B offers to break Character A out of jail, if Character A does something in return for Character B.
  • “I’m sorry, but who are you? Where am I? The last thing I remember was my ship crashing and– oh my carriage, I meant my carriage crashed. Of course.” AU
  • Character A is Character B’s sidekick, and Character B had finally admitted that it’s time for Character A to learn how to pilot the time machine. Character A is ecstatic. Character B is terrified.
  • After being saved by a mysterious stranger, Character A tries to thank their savior, but Character B has vanished. Character A sees Character B  around town – sometimes changing their appearance radically, sometimes recognizing Character A and sometimes not – and Character A can’t help but wonder what Character B really is.
  • “Oh goodness, what’s the proper greeting for this time period. Uh…Top of the mornin’ to ya’!”
Chris Kelly makes history as first openly gay head SNL writer
The promotion of the Other People director and co-lead writer Sarah Schneider could mark a new era for Saturday Night Live.

The new co-lead writer at NBC’s iconic Saturday Night Live is Chris Kelly, the first openly gay man to hold the title. The other co-lead writer is Sarah Schneider, the first woman to serve as head writer since Tina Fey left in 2008.

In an interview with the U.K.’s Gay Times, Kelly stressed the importance of LGBT representation in film and television, such as the three-dimensional portraits of gay people that are featured in Other People.

“I think there’s no mystery to writing gay characters. You can just write them!” he said, adding, “There’s all sorts of them! And they eat food and hang out with friends and their mothers die just like all the best straight characters.”

The promotion of Kelly and Schneider could make a new era of pro-LGBT comedy for SNL.Vanity Fair noted that their ascendance — as well as the recent firing of cast members Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam, and Jon Rudnitsky — marks “a huge step away from toxic bro humor” that marred some of its recent seasons. The show has received criticism in the past year for Rudnitsky’s “queened-up” portrayal of out anchor Anderson Cooper and Killam’s repeated use of gay stereotypes and mannerisms.

SNL definitely had some off years, but I’m excited to see where it goes next.

Worldbuilding Dumps

Something I’ve noted recently in reading amateur work is that while dumping in a paragraph about why the castle is old or whatever can really make a scene drag, having a character mention it generally doesn’t. The best way to drop worldbuilding information is casually, a little at a time, but the next best way is to have a character just say it.

“It’s weird working in like, the oldest castle in Bloodmire, but you get used to it.” 

“Well, not elves because none of them live around here anymore. Not for a hundred years at least.”

The Brenda Goodmile? That wrote the Baking Magic Bible?”

Having a character straight up say a piece of exposition runs you into the danger zone of telling rather than showing, but for stuff that must be told, like little historical facts or whatever, see if you can find a way to say it out loud, rather than pausing the story to give us more background on the ancient staircase.

And if your characters have no way of knowing something (like the architect of the building they’re standing in or the history of the stone arch they’re looking at) then we probably don’t need to know either.

Ruki Mukami: A Sacrifice

You saw him every day. You knew who he was. He knew that you knew. Yet, you felt ignored by him and his brothers. As if none of them cared about your knowledge. Even more bothering - the fact that you didn’t know anything about them - what was true? Monsters from legends, was it how it really looked like? Were they scared of light, did they sleep in coffins…? You were curious. But there was only way to convince him to talk to you.

You had to sacrifice a part of yourself.

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Something I really love about Preacher is that the main three are really not good people, though they are not completely bad either. They are all selfish, they lash out, and they hurt each other, but they also have their own code of ethics that they stick too. Tulip is a short-tempered career criminal, but she still stands up for and cares about people. Cassidy is a drug addict with a long and pretty disturbing criminal record, but his friends clearly mean everything to him, and he would do anything for them. Jesse has a dark past of his own, he’s violent, arrogant, but he still tries to help people. Their morality gets so blurry at times, but that is what makes them feel relatable. Though maybe not to those extremes, that is what real people are like. We have better and worse moments, things we regret, things we did and would do again.

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do you have any tips for writing James? I'm working on a fanfic and I've never even attempted to write him before so I'm??? kinda worried I'm messing him up.

If you haven’t watched Mass Effect: Paragon Lost the Mass Effect movie, I’d probably watch it. It’s pretty bad but it’s worth watching for the background it gives you on James’ past. I’d also read the James Vega Homeworld comic about how he joins the Alliance, and the digital comic they put out about him on Omega right before he is given the job of guarding Shepard.

You get a lot of background on him and get to see what kind of a guy he is (spoiler alert: he’s a total sweetheart!).

Other than that: he’s a totally fun character to write. He’s a flirt and he’s fun. He always wants other people to be okay - and he’s caring and nice. I mean look at how much he cares about Anne Bryson. But he’s also much smarter than people give him credit for, and he’s amazing on the battlefield - very clever at coming up with plans of attack. He’s a muscle head, yeah, but he’s got a brain in there. 

He’s loyal and committed, funny, totally at ease with himself too. Aliens are totally cool by him. Oh, and he’s not the kind of guy who I think gets violent easily. Despite his job and his size he’s a total teddy bear - he can be your Shep’s best friend, or their lover, and he’s great with kids too. He’s just a cool guy.

So, once again I shall post my ocs to you peeps

It’s based off the newest episode of SU, and oh boy DID I LOVE IT. The song hit my heart, but my cousin who owns the fire one, told me to draw it since she did one. But, I love how this came out!! 

So, the blue(water) one is Hydro, the red(fire) one is Pyro, and the purple one is Igneous, their fusion. But, it works out perfectly cause they both have things they regret n stuff. I hope you guys like it, I don’t normally draw my ocs haha 

“At BlizzCon’s 2007 Q&A, it was stated that she might indeed return to the orcish race when Chris Metzen strongly implied that he would like to introduce Garona as a possible love interest for Thrall. However, this is just an idea that was randomly thrown out there it would seem.”


And then what happened? The comic books and the movie contradict each other, the ingame Garona still haven’t any lovers and children. And something important about Garona in the comic books. She was only 8 years old! Do you know what I mean? Yes, she was looked like a woman, because she was a little aged by Gul'dan. But she was only eight years old.

when you want to make a cool essay about ‘why these characters are so well done’ but then remember that you cant write for shit

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Hi, i just wantes to tell you that I'm so grateful for you. NO matter how many animes i watch, snk always stays my number one and yeah, hanji levi and erwin are my fav ones but i won't interfere, if you feel like killing one, i trust you, that (pt1)

Pt 2) has to be what you think is the best for anime. Characters, story, art everything is just epic itself, no matter my ships, i dont want any of them to become canon, cause it just doesnt fit in the story, sorry for the long massege, I love you!

Don’t apologize for such a beautiful message! I love you too!