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WARNING! HARDEST QUESTION YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN APPROACHING: Out of all your fusions, which one would you want to appear on the show the most?

hhhhh this is a tough question but I’m gonna go with Unakite! Mostly just because I think she’d have the best interactions with the other characters.

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Do you know if Izumi can sing? I just think all the time that in Tango on the Campania he is almost the main role, he needs to get at least one solo song. But I'm not sure about his vocal. As Lycoris showed, he can't sing. Although I support myself with the thought that in Lyciris he was only deliberately sang in a distorted voice

I actually don’t know how well he can sing with his real Izumi Shuhei voice.

When he had to sing in Lycoris he used the Undertaker voice which is, as you noted, a deliberate and distorted one. Uehara Takuya has the same issue with Grell. His own singing voice is OK but when he has to sing in Grell’s voice it has always sounded a little off or just not his best. The character voice must be prioritized before their own even if it meant compromising the quality of the singing. In that sense you can’t really judge if he can sing or not.

From what I recall, AKANE LIV liked to harmonize with Izumi Shuhei(not sure if she meant just the two of them or as a group, probably as a group) so his voice can’t be too bad.

Also it’s always silly to worry about anything not going right in Kuromyu. Since when has any “worry” we had before hand ever became a major flaw of any particular Kuromyu production? So I don’t think you should think too much into it. From all my years watching Kuromyu and its fandom, no flaw has ever kept Kuromyu from becoming the best 2.5D stage production of the year. Even if Izumi Shuhei isn’t the best singer around, they’ll figure out other ways to maximize his stage impact, e.g. Undertaker’s confession can come in the form of a monologue which intense acting.

On an unrelated note, Elizabeth’s flashback will probably be featured in a heartfelt solo and everyone will cry in the theater.

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.


Jeremy: And despite all of their bitching they sung along to all the songs anyway.

Christine: Yeah and then you and Mike were making bedroom eyes at each other during “Love Will Find A Way”.

Rich: Not to mention you wouldn’t shut up about how much you loved Kovu for the entire movie lol

Jeremy: Wha? Hey!!

Michael: Yeah we know you’re a furry but do you have to make it so obvious?

Jeremy: I AM NOT–

Michael: Saying that you have a crush on Kovu immediately results in classifying you as a furry, Jer.

Jeremy: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now


Honestly the scene in “The Stork Job” where Parker’s first instinct is to shield the bus full of orphans from machine gun fire with her body, as in full on turns her body TOWARDS the gunfire and extends her arms and legs to take as many bullets as possible just….it gets me every time. And it comes on the heels of her telling Harrison she doesn’t want the kids to turn out like her? Because she thinks there’s something wrong with her?? And I just?? She was good long before Nate turned turned them into the ‘good guys’.


Don’t look back. Just look at me”

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

  • MLM content in Mass Effect: Ugh, fine you homos here's two MLM dudes. No squadmates, only one counts towards the achievement. One is down in the basement so we don't piss off the straights by making him even marginally visible and the bi romance is heavily skewed towards F!Ryder anyway. Now get out of my Caucasian home.
  • MLM content in Dragon Age: Here's two MLM squadmates. One is entirely, exclusively gay. You can romance both of them, and their romances received just as much care and attention as the straight romances. And the gay squadmate's backstory entirely revolves around empowering him for his queerness and touches on LGBT issues in real life. Oh and if you don't romance either of them they hook up and never shut up about all of the hot, sweaty man sex they keep having, because fuck heteronormativity and fuck The Love That None Dare Speak. Oh and we've been doing this sort of thing since 2009. Anyway, what's good Montreal?

Sanders Sides as things me & my two best friends have said in our group chat

Virgil: on an unrelated side note, what do u think would happen if they nuked mt everest? like would it leave a crater or just level that shit

Roman: Virgil what the fuck

Virgil: this is important

Roman: no go to sleep

Logan: Probably level it.

Virgil: Logan knows what’s up

Roman: Don’t encourage him

Virgil: encourage me

Logan: Might need two nukes to level it. Three to cater it.

Virgil: fair enough.


#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.



I still can’t believe that Flint’s entire character, his whole persona, his ambitions, his entire life, is canonically based on his romantic love for another man. Literally everything that drives him stems from that love. Everything he’s trying to accomplish, everything he is. Captain Flint is literally a character created by a man who loved another man. And it’s canon.

ok but….damian wayne is my grumpy bird son.

ive been experimenting with comic book styles and colouring! this is one of many doodles