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170320 Wale & BTS' Rap Monster Team Up for Politically Tinged 'Change': Watch

Months after connecting over Twitter, Wale and BTS’ Rap Monster teamed up to release “Change” on Sunday. The track is an East-meets-West, politically fraught banger filled with the pair’s hopes for a better world.

“Change” features Rap Monster, dubbed “RM” for the release, and Wale trading off verses about societal ills, primarily those currently causing divisiveness in the U.S. With the duo criticizing the “alt-right,” Twitter’s ability to “kill,” “racist police” and declaring “no faith in the government,” the unrestrained hip-hop track is one of the most progressive songs yet from the socially aware boy band BTS.

Though most K-pop acts shy away from politicizing their music, or even touching on seemingly controversial topics, the Rap Monster-led K-pop act has addressed politics and cultural issues in their songs on multiple occasions, with a particular focus on youth-related issues such as mental health, bullying and suicide. The atypical approach has made BTS fan favorites in the U.S., leading to them becoming the highest-ranked K-pop act ever on the Billboard 200.

The song also features a variety of puns and plays on words, including references to ARMY, BTS’ fandom, and Wale’s chart-topping “Folarin Like,” which itself had a nod to the Korean boy band.

The English-language collaborative track was released several months after Wale tweeted at Rap Monster in November, asking if he wanted to work together after discovering through a fan’s tweet that Rap Monster had previously freestyled over Wale’s “Illest Bitch.”

The two rappers got together in South Korea in March to record the track and film the accompanying music video. The video for “Change” features the pair washed-out by DayGlo hues as they drop their rhymes over depictions of people from different social strata, some actively changing their lives while others are, literally, strangled by technology.

Wale and Rap Monster made the mixtape available for free through links tweeted out by BTS’ agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

“Change” was released just days before BTS begins the North American leg of their Wings tour at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on Thursday night. One of the few K-pop acts to hold concerts in U.S. stadium venues, the group’s popularity was proved when they were forced to add additional dates after initially selling out.

Watch the music video for “Change” here.

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Ayumi Hamasaki New Single “Just the beginning (feat. BTS)“ Out 07.06.2017!

Ayu has announced that she will release a new single! It will include two new songs. The A-side “Just the beginning“ will feature a popular kpop group BTS. They will promote the single together while BTS are on their “WINGS” tour in Japan in June and Ayumi is on her “Just the beginning -20-” tour. The B-side is titled “Hate“.

The single will be released in 2 versions: CD-only and CD+DVD.

CD Tracklist:

  1. Just the beginning (feat. BTS) (Original mix)
  2. HATE (Original mix)
  3. Just the beginning (feat. BTS) (Instrumental)
  4. HATE (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist:

  1. Just the beginning (feat. BTS) (video clip)
  2. Just the beginning (feat. BTS) (making clip)

More details and preorder links to follow later, so stay tuned!


My work schedule is going to be so fucked once I start at the tattoo shop. Its going to be 11am to 2:30 there M-Thr. Then 3pm-6pm at my other job M-Thr. Then 9-1 at the other job on Friday, 1:30-8pm at the tattoo shop, then 11am to 8pm on Saturday and 11am to 6pm Sunday. @___@

Edit: I’m going to stop complaining now. I worked 12hrs a day for free at my last internship, and would have to do so if I’d stayed in costume. So this really isn’t too much worse. It’ll suck for a bit, but it seems like the artists do get days off. It’ll be worth it eventually.  

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Isnt it just going to get worse for Larries? This is just the beginning. How will it be when Harry starts touring? I think it was kind of Harry to start preparing them now. What do the Bears say about all this?

And there’s the movie promo tour where he’s gonna be with his costars.

Which’ll lead to young Larries stressing about how much he seems to enjoy hanging out with dudes who aren’t Louis.

Then there’s Freddie and Louis, and we’re gonna see them together sometime this year, and Louis may start getting comfortable sharing more about him.

Long, long life the Larries have left.

Sk8r Boi // j.d.

(the only way this fic is related to the song is by the title okay)

(also i hate the ending but it was getting too long so i just kinda went with it. also i haven’t written anything fluffy in a long time so sorry if it’s cringy)


It’s your dream job, and you have it. Sound technician on tour with one of the biggest bands in the country. It’s everything you want and more, especially when you love the band in the first place.

“So we’re going to transition from car radio into goner, make sure to have Tyler’s mic up afterwards for his speech and then it’s trees and then the ending,” Your boss says, nodding.

You and the rest of your coworkers nod back.

“Alright, we’ve got about two hours until the doors open, take a while and have some free time, about ten minutes before we’ll do last minute checks and run trough’s.”

Everyone splits off, heading in different directions as you head to the back of the arena, straight towards one of the back rooms.

“Hey Y/N! Whatcha up to?” Y/F/N asks, falling into step next to you.

“Nothing, going to grab my board,” You reply, shrugging.

“What is it with that?” She asks with a smile. “Every show you always skate around the arena before show time.”

“Dunno it’s just…freeing I guess. I love the wind and the sound and everything. Hard to explain,” You reply. “plus it’s good exercise.”

“Oh, well have fun, I’ll see you later,” She waved to you, splitting off as you grab your board out of the storage room where you left it.

You retrace your path, entering the main part of the arena with a small smile on your face. You take a running start, hopping on the board and letting the wind blow through your already messy hair.

Your phone dings, indicating a message alert. You dig into your pocket, pulling it out as you lean slightly to the left to arc around the arena.

The next thing you know, you’re on the ground. Well, sort of.  Actually, you’re halfway on top of someone else, something you only realize once your head stops spinning.

“Oh god I’m so sorry,” You say, another voice accompanying yours.

“I was on my phone, I wasn’t paying attention at all,” He says, your eyes widening a bit.

“Y-yeah I was too,” You reply, swallowing anxiously as you moved off of his lap, trying to calm yourself. “sorry.”

“Are you okay?” Josh asks, holding out a hand after he stands.

You stare at his hand for too long, blinking a few times before finally taking it, letting him pull you up off of the ground.

“Yeah I’m fine,” You reply, dusting off your pants. “are you?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m good,” He say, smiling. “I’m Josh by the way.”

“Yeah I…I know who you are,” You blush. “I uh…I mean you’re Josh Dun.”

“Oh, right, right of course,” He says, laughing again.

“I’m Y/N,” You say. “I’m a sound tech, just got hired the beginning of this tour.”

“That’s a nice name,” He says, picking his board and yours off of the concrete. “and that’s a sweet board,” He compliments, admiring the designs on the bottom of it.

“Thanks,” You smile, because holy crap Josh freaking Dun just complimented the designs on your skate board.

“I uh…I feel really bad about the whole thing do you…do you maybe wanna get coffee or something real quick? I’ve still got like an hour and a half before I have to be back for last minute checks and stuff…” Josh trails off, his eyebrows raised slightly.

“I…yeah. Yeah that be really great.” You answer, nodding.

Josh’s face brightens, a smile overcoming it.

“Awesome! Let’s go,” He says, still smiling as the two of you headed towards the exit of the arena.

The journey to the coffee house is a blur, the time goes by fast due to the extensive amount of talking the two of you are doing.

Once you receive your orders, Josh leads you over to a booth by a window.
“So a sound tech,” He says, smiling. “what’s that like?”

“It’s…it’s amazing. Everything I’ve ever wanted. I love music and I love the whole production aspect,” You explain. “there’s something about music and just fills me with adrenaline and makes me happy.”

“But what do you want to do?” Josh asks. “Don’t get me wrong, sound tech is a great career choice but there’s got to be something more, is there?”

“I uh…it’s embarrassing. I don’t want it to seem like I’m looking for handouts,” You reply, your cheeks heating up.

“Nah come on,” Josh says. “tell me, I’m curious.”

“I want to produce music, like professionally,” You say, smiling. “I don’t really know why but…yeah.”

“No that’s…that’s really cool,” He replies. “that’s super cool, Y/N. If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.”

“No you don’t have to I mean you just met me I ca-”

“Y/N, I’m serious. I believe that everyone deserves to live out their dream and if I can help you anyway that I can, I want to,” He says, nodding.

“Thanks, Josh,” You smile, taking a sip of your coffee.

He smiles back, drinking some of his coffee as well.

“You don’t strike me as a skater boy,” You say.

“Really?” He smirks. “You don’t strike me as a skater girl.”

“Guess we’re made for each other,” You joke without thinking.

“Guess so,” Josh agrees, smiling widely.

Your heart flutters slightly, a blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I really hate to cut this short,” He says, glancing at his phone quickly. “but Tyler just texted and said he needs me back.”

“No, it’s okay,” You reply. “I should be getting back to, last minute checks and everything.”

“We should do this again,” Josh says as the two of you make your way back towards the arena.

“I agree,”

“D'you…would you maybe wanna skate with me next show?” He asks shyly. “It’s a lot more fun with someone I can talk to,”

“Yeah, yeah I’d like that a lot,”


“Y/N!” His voice echoes through the empty arena, which also makes all of your coworkers’ heads turn towards the boy. “Hey, I grabbed your board for you,”

He stops in front of you, a smile on his face. You smile back, ignoring the snickers from behind you as you accepted the board.

“Thanks, skater boy,” You smile back, looking over your shoulder at Y/F/N. “am I good to go?” You ask.

“Yeah yeah, go on. We got you covered.” She says.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, go on,” She says, nodding. “have fun.”

You smile at her, mouthing a ‘thank you’ and then turning back to Josh.

“Let’s do it,”

“So this is what,” Josh says a few minutes later as the two of you make your way around the arena. “the twelfth time we’ve done this?”

“I think so, somewhere around there,” You smile.

“You’re a really cool person, Y/N,” He says. “like I don’t mean that in a cliché way or anything you’re just…I’ve never met someone I’ve gotten along with as well as you besides Tyler.”

You slow down, stopping the board as you smile even more.

“That…that means a lot, Josh,” You say. “really, it does.”

Josh blushes, you can see his hands shaking a bit as he rubs his neck. He steps off of his board, somehow still taller than you who is still standing on yours. His other hand grabs your own, a smile still on his face.

“Look Y/N I…I was wonderin’…” He trails off, swallowing. “d'ya maybe…wanna be mine?”

The wide smile on your face grows even more at his words. You can’t nod fast enough, your head shaking up and down vigorously as you jump off of the skate board into his arms. He hugs you tightly, your face buried in his shoulder.

“Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes,” You whisper, though it’s redundant.

Josh laughs, making your stomach fill with butterflies at the sound.

“God I was hoping you’d say that,” He says. “Tyler told me I should make a huge deal about it but I knew that something subtle like this would be better.”

“You talk to Tyler about me?” You ask, stepping back and looking at him.

“Well I…yeah,” He blushes again. “a coupl'a times.”

“God he never shut up about you,” A new voice chimes in. “always on about Y/N this and Y/N that, it was a bit ridiculous honestly.”

“Ty,” Josh groans. “can you not embarrass me for once.”

Tyler smiles.

“Sorry J., just happy for you s'all,” He says, nodding. “it’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” You reply, smiling back at him.

“We got about an hour until show time, I’ll see you later J.,”

“See ya Ty,” Josh says, turning back to you. “sorry about him.”

“Guess I’ll have to get used to it, huh?” You ask rhetorically. “Seeing as I’m going to be hanging out with you and him a lot now.”

Josh smiles again, his eyes lighting up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy,” He says.

“Really?” You ask. “Even when you’re performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people?”

“Doesn’t even come close.”

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yoooooooo what are you fav ziam moments from the biggining of the wwat?

heyHEY i got a few of these currently in my inbox, so instead of replying single-handedly, i’ll just reply them back into this one :-) *these are just a few STANDOUT faves throughout the tour so far, not just the beginning* OK here we GO <3

1: THE kill-your-whole-family-and-neighbours ZIAM HUG

OBVIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steam is emitting from my ears rn i can’t believe how sappy they are, like they’re always showing affection but sometimes they randomly do things like THIS and i’m in two minds whether to HATE THEM for it or cry w. joy :-( look at liam :-( so happy :-(

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I moved to a new school and met some amazing friends  who kinda just loved me for who I was. I think that’s the key: just surround yourself with people who  love you for who you are, whether you’re weird or you’re nerdy or whatever.


The Sadowsky / Prince Connection

“I was brought in just as they were beginning rehearsals for the Purple Rain tour and personally delivered every guitar to Minneapolis.

First, I made two copies of his Hohner Tele as Hohner had discontinued the guitar at that time.

Second, I made two more Hohner copies that ejaculated! In the Purple Rain movie, there is a scene where he climbs to the top of a huge mountain of speakers, grabs a guitar and masturbates the neck until the guitar ejaculates onto the audience. The guitar was a prop and connected to a tank of Ivory Liquid off stage. Prince wanted a fully playable guitar that could also ejaculate. I ran copper tubing along the side of the truss rod and it terminated at the tip of the headstock. On the body side, it terminated in a compartment we routed in the back so they could install their solenoid valve that connected to the tank of Ivory Liquid. I called these two guitars the Ejacucasters!

The final two were two differnent T-style guitars, both purple with flowers.”

A Little Something About Distance

This is a little different than the last one shot I posted. Music has always played a significant part in my life and when I decided to write more regularly, it was something I knew straight away that I wanted to include. Here is the song that inspired this story.


Maps stretched out- 
Too many miles to count. 
Let’s just say we’re inches apart, 
Even closer at heart, 
And we’ll be just fine.

5,440. That was the number of miles that separated you from your best friend. Not even forty-eight hours ago you were holding each other like you’d never have to let go, tangled, sweaty, and needy, your bodies unable to pull away. But like all sacred moments, it had to come to an end.

They said that distance makes the heart grow fonder but what they didn’t say was that the ache in your chest would reach its epitome. You thought this would get easier as your relationship with Harry progressed. This wasn’t the first tour that One Direction has done since you and Harry have been together and you both knew that it wouldn’t be easy, it never was, but at the end of it all you’d end up right back where you belonged. You’d be side-by-side, living life with your best friend.

That ache had reared its ugly head in, though, and no matter where you went, whether it was to the market down the street or the drugstore on the corner, there was a void. There was a constant reminder in the back of your head that you wouldn’t be coming home to him, you wouldn’t have to buy groceries for two for a while, movie nights would be spent by yourself and you’d probably end up falling asleep halfway through.  This was the longest tour they had done so far and the first show hadn’t even happened yet.

Harry You

Miss you already, mister. x

I miss you too, love. You would love Los Angeles this time of year xx

That’s really not helping

Did you have a good flight?

It was as good as it could’ve been, I guess. Wasn’t the same without you falling asleep on my shoulder for ten hours though

Again! Not. Helping. You make a very nice pillow, you know

I tried to take a nap earlier but I couldn’t because the pillow was too squishy

Remind me how that’s a problem exactly…?

Well you see, you’re soft and firm, not squishy. Plus you smell good and keep me warm

I see. What else of mine do you like that’s soft yet firm?

You’re naughty. Cheekiness will get you nowhere. It was a good try though

Am not! You’re the one whose mind is in the gutter

Enlighten me Styles, what could you possibly be referring to that’s soft yet firm? I know how your brain works…

Okay you caught me.

But in my defense it misses you…

You’re gross. I’m leaving

You can deny it all you want, love, but I know you miss it too

Maybe just a bit…

Just a bit. Ha! That’s a good joke, love

I mean, it’s a better joke than most of yours, wouldn’t you say

Oi! No I would not say!

As much as I’m enjoying taking the piss out of you, I think it’s time I bid you farewell for now

You’re so sassy. Why do I put up with you?

Because you love me and if you know what’s best for you, you’ll continue to let me make jokes about you so I don’t think about how much I miss you. Got it, mister?

You got it, babe.

You need to get some sleep and I need to go to soundcheck. I’ll call you after the show yeah? I love you. x

Sounds like a plan. I love you xx

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Documentary of ayumi hamasaki『Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017』ver.1

How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye (Chmergess)

How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye

Val & Sharna had gone to get some food after one of the shows on tour. They were waiting in line to place their order as Sharna’s phone rang.

“It’s mum.” She mouthed. “You know what I want.”

“Yup.” He motioned that he got it and she walked away from him over to a small table along the wall.

“Hey mum. It’s early for you.” She said realizing it was about 8 am there.

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With EXO’s North American tour just beginning, it’s imperative that people know what they’re getting into if they have pit tickets. This is for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the tour. I had already made this into a thread on twitter, but per request, it has now been tweaked and made into a masterpost here for convenience.

[UPDATED 160213 with the events in Vancouver]

[UPDATED 160215 with the events in LA]

Please reblog this to spread the word and keep people safe!

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harry has sooo much going on in the future, the single and music video is just a beginning. then comes the album, promo, movie, tour, movie awards shows. we are blessed for the next 12+ months

blessings on blessings

All Tour//Josh Dun

Requested: i love ur blog so much, u are amazing at writing!! could u possibly write one where the reader is the lead singer to tøp’s opening band and josh slowly falls in love with her?? sorry if it’s too vague, do whatever u want with it!! thank u :)


Josh’s POV

              I loved watching our opening act play, the energy they brought to the stage reminded me a lot of when Tyler and I first started. Night after night playing our hearts out, hoping to make it big one day. Which is exactly what this band was doing, putting everything they had into their music and working on growing their small fanbase.

              “You know, its more gentlemanly to take her on a date before you start undressing her with your eyes.” Tyler joked from behind me, causing my face to burn brighter than a shooting star. “It’s no secret that you’ve been falling for Y/N. We all see the way you’ve been watching her from the beginning of tour. Just ask her out already.” Tyler made it sound so easy, like dating someone from a band you were touring with was all flowers and rainbows. It wasn’t, it was stress and pressure and what happens if we were to date and break up? It would be awkward encounters on future tours.

              I sighed, pulling my gaze away from her. Though I loved watching her sing, dancing around the stage; hair flying everywhere as she did. I couldn’t help but dwell on what Tyler said, and everything I found wrong with it. I couldn’t even kid with anyone, I fell hard for her. I just wish I could have her as my own.



              You were so full of energy as you left the stage, sweat dripping off your face. You and your band mates were immediately met by Tyler, but no Josh this time. You secretly loved coming off stage to see him and listen to what he thought.

              “That was sick!” You heard Tyler yell, jumping up and down with your guitarist. You smiled, excusing yourself to go find where Josh was hiding. Nobody besides Tyler really knew that you had a diehard crush on the drummer. You weren’t ashamed of it, you just had no idea how he would react. You two were essentially co-workers on this tour. It would be beyond unprofessional to start dating him now, assuming he even felt the same way.

              “Josh?” You called, peeking into the Twenty One Pilots dressing room. Holding back a smile when you saw him facing away from you, no shirt covering his torso.

              “Y/N, hi. I was just changing actually.” He laughed, as your face turned bright red. You mumbled something about leaving until he was done before turning to leave. “No, please stay. How was the show? I started to get pre-show anxiety hearing all the fans loving you guys. Needed a bit of time to recollect myself before Tyler and I go on.” You smiled, walking in and leaning against the counter.

              “I loved it. This was the biggest crowd we’ve played for yet. Some of them even knew our songs off by heart.” You raved, smiling at the ground as you reminisced about the crowd screaming your lyrics back. “Thank you guys so much for letting us join you as the opening act.” You smiled, looking up at him to see him smiling just as widely back at you. “I just miss my post-show high five from my second favorite drummer.” You fake pouted, getting a faux offended look in response.

              “Second favorite? I was going to give you a hug to make up for it, but not anymore.” He turned away, holding back a laugh as you walked across the room, wrapping your arms around his middle. Resting your head against his back.

              “Just for that you get a gross sweaty back hug.” You giggled, “If you want any revenge you’re going to have to catch me later.” You kept laughing, leaving him in the room as you walked out to join your bandmates.

              “Someone is giddy.” Your bassist commented, raising an eyebrow at you. “What were you two doing in there?” Your face turned red at the question.

              “Nothing. I was talking to him about how the show went and gave him a sweaty hug. Nothing really special.” You shrugged, grabbing a change of clothes from your bag in the corner as you prepared to go shower. Before anyone could make any comments about you giving him a hug, you scurried off to the bathroom. Taking a quick shower before the Twenty One Pilots set started. You loved watching them up on stage and would never want to miss even a second of it.


              “You guys did great!” You squealed as Josh and Tyler walked off stage, smiles on their faces as they met up with your band. “Oh no.” You whispered as you noticed Josh was giving you a devious look.

              “If you want any revenge you’re going to have to catch me later.” Your words echoed in your head as you took off down the hallway, giggling as you ran. You knew Josh was probably only steps behind you; waiting to engulf you in a hug.

              “No.” You laughed, taking a peek over your shoulder as you ran, seeing the drummer laughing as he chased you. “I showered, this isn’t fair,” You laughed, feeling your legs begin to fatigue as you started slowing down.

              “I want revenge so I’m going to catch you.” Josh laughed, your legs burning as you felt a pair of strong arms hook around your waist, lifting you up and against his chest. “Gotcha.” He whispered in your ear, setting you down. You turned to face him, still giggling from earlier as you found yourself looking up into his energy filled brown eyes. You hadn’t realized the two of you were backing up until you felt your back hit the wall, and Josh’s arms outstretched on either side of your face.

              “I know I shouldn’t, but I kind of want to kiss you right now.” You whispered, biting your lip. Your brain to mouth filter shut off as you knew you would regret your words later.

              “I know I shouldn’t, but I kind of want to as well.” Josh whispered, slowly leaning down to your face, very gently brushing his lips to yours. He treated you so gently, lips softly moving against yours as he took a step closer. Hands falling to sit at your hips as yours found themselves along the back of his neck. When the two of you finally managed to pull away, you felt his forehead rest against yours. “So what does this make us?” Josh smiled down at you.

              “I don’t know about you, but you’re now my number one favorite drummer.” This earned a laugh and an eyeroll from Josh.

              “I’d love to be your favorite drummer, but I’d especially love to be your boyfriend. What do you say Y/N?” You smiled at Josh, pulling your lips up to meet his one last time.

              “I’d say I’ve been waiting for this moment almost all tour”