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Aaaand I’m sick today. If I’m not recovered by tomorrow morning my training program is thrown out of whack, and I can’t even take the day off work to hide at home playing Andromeda till I feel better.



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Only between brothers
  • Ayato: Read my thoughts.
  • Laito: I don't know how to do that.
  • Ayato: Yes, you do. Ready?
  • Laito: Fine
  • Ayato: *intense staring*
  • Laito: *intense staring*
  • Laito: Pancakes
  • Ayato: That's crazy. That was exactly what I was thinking. Okay, this was just a test. Now let's do it for real. Here we go. Ready?
  • Laito: Yes
  • Ayato: *intense staring*
  • Laito: *intense staring*
  • Laito: ......still pancakes

steven has pretty cool aunties dontcha think?


Test Tube Suspicion

ok so i have a few things about test tube and the next episode part considering they said she would have a bigger role they also said that about knife but this post isn’t about him happy knife day so thats my ticket to talk about this before the episode comes out i would talk about this on test tube day but that seems to be after the release date so i’ll just reblog this on test tube day happy test tube day to the people reading this on test tube day

i think test tube is not who she says she is.test tube is a beloved character as well as most other characters in the fandom but these are the reasons why i don’t trust her

she doesn’t talk much ,ill start with the weakest reason first now this is could be do to introversion or some anxiety disorder but having it in an animated series is kind of weird


this is a video of test tube singing ‘Still Alive’ from Portal as she murders other contestants now this could also be do to joking around because ha ha glados is science who murders people we also have a science character lets make her sing a song from portal but i still count this as a reason because murder is,you know bad. i’d probably see this as a reason even if it wasn’t titled..

TEST TUBES BIG SOLO you know a solo in music a solo is when only one person plays. in a situation where only test tube is in the scene which sounds awesome and could also reveal a side of test tube we haven’t seen before maybe in the next part, maybe later but as the video was it will be most likely shown in

HER LAB you know how many times we have seen her lab in the show? Once. You know how many times its been mentioned after that? None. You know how many people were in there other then her the one time it was seen? Two or one however you see yin-yang.I don’t know about you but that raises some suspicion flags for me. Especially sense the person who could tell people about her lab is eliminated. AND GUESS WHAT SHE DID TO THE ONE(?) PERSON WHO GOT INTO HER LAB



TESTING ON A NOTHER LIVING BEING WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION THE ONE TIME SHE IS VEIWD IN HER LABORATORY also kind of suspicious she was working on something for yin yang before she even showed any one the lab.. and speaking of tests you know what also seems to be very interesting to be tested on


we have no idea what the egg is,how it got on mars,what its gonna be when it hatches if it hatches which is why it should be tested

this happens on screen btw 

but every time egg is on screen fan is normally with it because he is a good loving dad and in mazed and confused she isn’t really in her right mind

we still don’t have enough info on her and the egg to say anything for certain

but you know another reason i don’t think she’s who she says she is?


the thing everyone saw coming in this post at ^this time^ in the inanimate insanity livestream the question is asked “will there be a ‘new taco’ in season two? basically someone who is secretly not who they seem.” adams confused response was “Definitely not in the way taco was” now what did taco do to not be seen as a threat? she acted unintelligent ‘half witted’ in her own words and also made a bond with another contestant who was loyal enough to stick by her side 

now test tube is different yet similar with that she’s definitely not pretending to be half witted quite the opposite in facts flourishes in her vast knowledge and doesn’t hide it but if she is the new taco lets look at some comparisons of how they got the friends to interact with them for the first time 

with taco how she got pickle to side with her balloon was being mean to taco and then pickle stood up for her and then spent the rest of the season smack talking balloon and other things

with test tube she was admiring astrology and fan just..showed up if they both were planning something i don’t think friendship was part of the plan until later

now if test tube is the new taco she definitely fits the bill for not in the way taco was but has the same circumstances on friendship 

and ALL OF THOSE REASONS are the reason i don’t think test tube is who she says she is.

YEAH hence why there has been no left hand challenge stuff or crossember items…

I have a final which requires me to write a 3000-3500 word essay on an ethical hot topic in the tech field… Just finished two other finals (WHICH HOLY COW YAY) within the last week and this last one is due on the 11th. So yeah I am gonna put things on hold till then… Or when this gets done - which ever is sooner.

So yeah this is gonna be fun. Luckily I have all day Friday to also work on this due to having work on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 

But yeah just wanted to update just so then people knew why no crossember things have come out…

  • me: *has to write a big ass test tomorrow*
  • me: *is stressed about it*
  • me: *reads fanfiction to forget about the test*
  • me: *succeeds at forgetting about the test*
  • *the next day*
  • me: well shit