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"Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for a--"

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for some cheap knockoff Balenciaga purse?” Heather Chandler asked, disgusted. “As if Veronica would even consider wearing that. Actually? I take that back. That girl has just as much style as you.”
JD rolled his eyes at his stepsister.
“Fine, if you’re such a gift master, you tell me what to get her. Perfume? Candy? Some crap like that?”
Heather scoffed. “Please. Do you really think I’ll help you win her over? Not that you really stand a chance anyway.”
JD huffed. “Fine. I’ll just get her a slushie or take her on a date to the parking lot behind 7-eleven or something.”
Heather gave him an appalled look before groaning in irritation.
“Move, she said, shoving him aside and starting to go through the clothing rack in search of something nice. “As much as I hate you, Veronica is in desperate need of something wearable, and I don’t want you making her birthday more miserable than it has to be.”
JD sighed and tossed the purse he was holding to the side as Heather carefully examined every article of clothing on the rack.
“Here,” she sang, pulling a sleeveless, knee length blue dress with a tight waist and flared skirt. “This is more decent than anything she has in her closet right now.” She shoved it unceremoniously in JD’s hands.
“Wow,” he drawled sarcastically. “What would I do without your feminine fashion wisdom?”
“You better thank me later,” she said harshly, ignoring him. “Of course, my gift to her will make whatever you get her like a Starbucks gift card.” She smirked and tossed her hair over her shoulder.
“Get her whatever fru-fru crap you like,” he said. “I’ll find her something meaningful that she won’t just throw into the back of her closet.” Still, he held onto the dress. He was sure he’d figure out the perfect gift, and he’d return the dress then. In the meantime, however, he figured it was best to have a back up gift, just to be safe.
“Your idea of ‘meaningful’ is a normal persons idea of ‘bullshit’,” Heather bit back. “Just be grateful that I’m helping you, alright? Maybe now Veronica will find you to be slightly less repulsive than you actually are.”
JD resisted the urge to make a comeback as Heather continued shopping for her own gift to Veronica. He’d still beat her - if not at this battle, then the next one. He was sure of it.

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Mori Ougai


  • I can see Mori being attracted to someone because they get along with Elise. If you’re in the Mafia, maybe you play with her sometimes, or always compliment her and listen to what she has to say. If you’re not in the Mafia, you might begin as a kind stranger that just so happens to frequent the park or stores that Elise likes to go to.
  • What keeps him interested is that after your gentle and calm first impression, he also finds that you’re interested in what he has to say. As he begins to reveal more and more of his logical mind and his thoughts, you show that you can keep up with him, or that you’re attentive to what he teaches and that you want to learn.

Important moment(s):

  • This is when he tells you that he’s the head of the Port Mafia.
  • He invites you to his office, and doesn’t mince words. There’s no beating around the bush; he makes sure you understand what he does so that you can make a choice.
  • He loves you, so his door is wide open, and whether you want to stay or leave is up to you. He won’t force you into a life you don’t want, just as he also doesn’t want to be with a person who doesn’t trust him or respect that this is the road he’s taken.
  • He’s watching you with a stern expression the entire time this is happening, but when you say you aren’t leaving and you accept all of this, he gives a small sigh a relief, the breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding.
  • He gives you this small smile, takes you into his arms, and kisses your forehead.

Relationship things:

  • He loves having tea breaks with you, or a little bit of wine in the evening.
  • Some of his favourite moments are when you guys are winding down in the evening on a chilly autumn night. He’ll be sitting in a big armchair near the fireplace, and you’ll be sitting on his lap with his arms around you. You’ll both have warm drinks, and you’ll spend the evening talking about what’s been going on in your life, or he’ll be telling you about something interesting he just read.
  • Mori is an excellent listener, and also gives great advice. His intuition is amazing; if you’re feeling down, he can tell immediately. He tells you what you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear it. If you get annoyed because of that and walk off for a little while, he’ll let you cool down because he knows you’re smart enough to think things through once you’ve considered what he said.
  • I think Mori would like it if you brought your own paperwork to his office and you guys did your work in silence together. On rare occasions though, he’ll get bored and he’ll want your attention, so he’ll do things like not-so-subtly clearing his throat and sighing, and that’s when you decide to take a break. 
  • His possessiveness shows when he buys things for you to wear. These can be outfits that he thinks looks nice on you, or a piece of jewelry that reminded him of you (or will remind you of him). He’ll compliment you if you wear it. If it’s something like a ring, I can see him lifting your hand to place a kiss on it.
  • Keeping up with each other is important to him. He’ll try to see you at least once every week, but if things get busy, he’s one to do things like send flowers or handwritten notes to your house or workplace.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke


  • He’s attracted to the kind person that looks past his scary first impression. Whether you’re in the Port Mafia or are a random bystander, you push past your uncertainty and softly ask him if he’s alright when he’s having a coughing fit.
  • The person who keeps him interested is the one that treats him like a human being. He’s so used to being the dog of the Port Mafia, so when you ask him how he’s feeling or how his day has been whenever you bump into each other, he can’t help but think of you more often. The warm smile you always give him before you go on your way gives him some kind of weird, warm feeling that he doesn’t know how to describe.

Important moment(s):

  • Revealing what he does is one of the scariest things he’s ever done. Even though he does it with a straight face, managing to deliver the news calmly, he’s aware that this moment could potentially shatter this happiness he’s been feeling. After he says it, if you’re in shock and don’t know what to say, he assumes the worst and turns to leave.
  • When you find your voice and ask him to wait, a hope that he’s never felt before blooms in him and he can hardly breathe.
  • When he asks if you’re scared of him and you say no, it’s all he can do to stop himself from running to you. Instead, he walks very quickly, with more purpose in his steps than there ever was before, and crushes you in a very tight hug. No words are needed.

Relationship things:

  • I can see Akutagawa being kind of awkward after his confession, because he’s…lost? What is a relationship? He feels so weird every time he sees you…how is he supposed to react?
  • So you guys start off slow. He doesn’t show much affection at first, but eventually starts doing things like subtly brushing his hand against yours, or playing with the back of your shirt or a little bit of your hair when he thinks you aren’t looking. (You notice, and it’s amazingly adorable.)
  • He doesn’t mind holding hands, but you’ll have to be the one to take his hand in yours first. When you do that, he’ll look away from you, but give your hand a little squeeze to show you he likes it.
  • This is also the same with sleeping beside each other. He doesn’t cuddle, not because he doesn’t like it, but because it’s so alien to him. He doesn’t mind linking hands. It’s so important to him, because that means you’re close, you’re not leaving, and you’re safe. Somehow though, he finds himself much closer to you in the morning than he was when he drifted off to sleep (he moved towards you unconsciously at night).
  • When he’s more comfortable with everything, I can see him coming to you when he’s tired, wrapping his arms around your waist and plopping his head on your shoulder. He likes it when you stroke his hair.
  • He learns so much from you, small things that he’s never experienced, like how great your favourite ice cream flavour tastes.
  • Gifts! If he sees something you’ll like on a mission, he’ll get it for you. Giving it to you is the harder part. When he sees you next, he’ll walk quickly past you, ignoring you when you try to say hi to him. You’re confused, but suddenly realize that there’s a pendant or a sparkly rock in your hands now.
  • Akutagawa is very, very protective. If someone picks on you, you can feel his rage from a mile away. He wants to keep your relationship and his job separate though, so he won’t hurt them…but imagine him having just rescued you from someone who was harassing you. Rashomon is giving the perpetrator the scariest look in the world as you walk away, unaware that the person will be having nightmares for years.
  • A favourite fluff headcanon of mine: You’ve only seen Akutagawa blush once so far, and this is when you discovered one of his shirts so frilly and nice to touch and decided to try it on. He walks into the room where you’re kind of dancing around in his shirt, trying to judge how you look. You see him and give him a smile, but before you can say anything, he’s kind of…zooming away, having a coughing fit and trying to hide his red cheeks.
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words: 505 (drabble)

pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

warning: cliche fluffy stuff!!

summary: Jogging with this super soldier has always been fun


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Wow, I go shopping and come back to a huge bag of negativity

I understand that Sam banters with WS.and yes because of the old coot some people here have been hurt. I feel it was wrong, but I do feel that Sam makes decisions not just for his fans or himself. I do think he has people advising and telling him what to do constantly. His publicist gets paid lots for doing this. Even from this fandom, he has mums telling him what to do.

Those of you who have never fucked up at some time in your life, please stand up. No I don’t like his decisions, but I do like his acting and I do think sometimes he does do things right. Nobody is perfect. Also, sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes. Having an 80 year old, wannabe famous again person, parking out in your fandom is a huge mistake for everyone involved. How do you get rid of him? Standing up for your fans might seem right for some, but will it solve the problem? I personally think, if it wasn’t Sam it would just be someone else. WS still picks on George Takei after all these years. Talk about hanging on to shit forever. Does anyone think he will let go of this fandom without an ugly fight, I don’t. We used to have Purv, I think she left because she couldn’t compete with WS. He is a piece of work by himself.

I think since we don’t know all the facts involved from Sam’s side of the fence we can’t judge honestly or fairly. I’m not saying whose right or wrong here, I’m just saying, we need to not judge without more information as to why Sam does what he does with WS.

For myself, well I have had enough baggage in my life and I don’t need more. I’ve spent years cleaning out my closets of shit. If my hands can take it, I have arthritis, I will be voting. It’s about Sam the actor, Cait the actress and Outlander the show. I love them all. WS can go back to the Enterprise and go to another planet. I do believe what you give out into the world comes back to you. Love brings love and all the rest is just extras. Karma will bring to you what you give out.

By the way. I think the reason WS is still around and kicking is because he hasn’t learned anything from life. Looks like he may be here for a long time to come.

All of this is just my opinion and my point of view. If it were up to me, everyone would get a big hug everyday from Sam and Cait.

I can dream.