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Joavin fanfic

“I’m just a thrill to you, arent I?” he asked, his eyes moving between the other’s dark eyes. “A passing craze." 

A long drag from the smoke. Joaquin flicked the cigarette, the ash dropping to the floor by his feet, scattering in the air.

"Answer me.” Kevin demanded, the joyful edge that usually accompanied his voice replaced by something else.  "Answer me.“ he said again, perhaps this time a little less demanding, and a little more desperate.

Joaquin’s head titled down, refusing to look at the other’s face. He took another drag, chest heaving, and released the smoke slowly, still silent.

"You can’t just leave me hanging. I’m not some toy, you know? You used me, and I’m worthy of answers.” he said, stern. Serious. Hurt.

Joaquin wanted to say that no, he wasnt. He was worthy of so much more than answers. That he was worthy of nothing but honesty and genuine love. But he didn’t.  Instead, he tossed the smoke aside. It hit the wall and fell, slowly dying out on the ground.

“I-” he started, unsure of how to continue. It was true. He used Kevin for his dad. But he didn’t really have a choice, did he? He was part of a machine. He wasnt just himself. He wasnt just Joaquin, who would’ve given Kevin all his heart and more. He was a Serpent, whose hands are rough and his heart isn’t owned by him. Who is not a human being.

“You should go.” he finally said, lifting his conflicted eyes from his worn out boots and to Kevin’s soft eyes. What else was he supposed to say? The truth? His feelings? These privileges were left for other people.

Kevin stared at him for a moment, and then laughed. Joaquin wanted to cover his ears. “Youre joking.” Kevin said, taking a step forward, a bewildered, angry smile still on his face. 

Joaquin wanted to punch him. To knock sense into this gorgeous boy who should have never gotten into this mess of a life in the first place. “Go. Find yourself some straight As quarterback and live a normal life. I was just using you. Theres nothing for you here.” he said, taking a step back, and felt like he wanted to break his own teeth saying things like that to Kevin. Here he was again, just giving Kevin more lies. He really couldn’t be who Kevin wanted.

“I-” Kevin tried to speak. This time, it was his turn to find no words. “I don’t believe you.” he decided, pulling that determined face Joaquin liked so much. “You can’t fake that.” he said, taking another step forward and motioning at the space between them with his hand. “And I don’t want a straight As quarterback. I want you.” he added, as if it made all the difference.

Joaquin took a step back, unable being this close to Kevin.  "Well, we can’t get what we want, Kev, can we?!“ he finally said, his temper rising, his brows knitting over his narrowed eyes. "Not all of us get to do and feel what we want to do all the time.” he said, glaring up at the taller teen. He hoped Kevin would leave. That he’d go and get over Joaquin and be happy and safe. Because the word is harsh and cold and people don’t always do good things. 

Kevin seemed to understand something. His eyes searched for something in the Serpent’s eyes. Something Joaquin didn’t know, but Kevin seemed to find.

The silence between them was suddenly filled with a new feel. Kevin’s face hardened with a decision he made in his mind. 

Joaquin didn’t have time to think what could it possibly be, before the taller one closed the distance. His large hands gripped Joaquin’s face with a new force, and his own nose stopped an inch from Joaquin’s. His intense stare moved from one brown eye to the other and Joaquin found himself not wanting Kevin to go. His cold fingers somehow snuck to wrap around Kevin’s torso, and he didn’t know who moved first, but suddenly their mouths crushed together, their chests pressed, their eyes closed.

Their lips moved hungrily, expressing everything they wanted to say but couldn’t. Their tongues fought a battle between them and their breaths passed between their open mouths, mingled. Together.

Kevin pushed them back, against the wall. Joaquin took control again, turning them over and pressing Kevin’s back to the stone. He kissed and sucked and bit, trying to convey to Kevin everything. Trying to explain. To apologize. To beg. To get closer.

Maybe, Joaquin would think later, maybe their story wasnt doomed to end. Maybe love was enough to hold them together like that, after all.

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To the Beach!

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to watch episode 8 (I don’t have cable but I have canadian netflix) before I wrote this prompt. Thank you for the prompt, I always appreciate it! This is not entirely Jughead and Betty. I felt like I needed an interaction between Jughead and Joaquin because of that last episode.

It was a Thursday afternoon and four people sat in a circle in the student lounge of Riverdale High. Kevin Keller,  sat in a chair, staring at his phone and texting rapidly and giving his phone a goofy grin. In the chair next to him Archie Andrews, sat holding his guitar, but not playing, while staring at a wall on the other side of the room. Betty Cooper sat on the sofa, face buried in her Chemistry textbook, occasionally blowing loose strands of honey hair out of her face with frustration, while her boyfriend, Jughead Jones, sprawled with his long legs over her lap, reread To Kill a Mockingbird for probably the millionth time. Their silence was interrupted by a single loud clap. The sound came from a classy, perfectly coiffed, midnight haired girl in designer clothes. Veronica Lodge had arrived.

 Veronica placed a perfectly manicured hand on her slim hip, surveying each of her friends closely.

“We’re going to the beach on Saturday.” She declared. Archie looked at her and shrugged slightly.

“I don’t know if I’m up for it.” He sighed

“Well Archiekins, it was a statement not a choice. You’ve been brooding for so long you’re about to put Jughead out of business. You’re not going to get over Valerie by moping all the time.”

He winced slightly. Valerie had broken up with him two weeks ago, she had said she needed to focus on her music.

“V, I have to study, exams are next week!” Betty objected, Veronica turned to face her, rolling her dark eyes, in a way that was somehow still classy.

“B, you’ve been studying basically nonstop since September, you can take a day off. And that day off is going to be Saturday.” She turned her body to face the redhead who had started to pack up his guitar “Archiekins, you’re driving.”

“I don’t do beaches.” she whirled around to the raven haired boy who had finally spoken, he quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Well, Holden Caulfield, did you miss when I said it wasn’t a choice?”

She finally turned to face the only person who hadn’t spoken. Kevin simply raised his hands in mock surrender. Veronica turned on her heel to walk to her next class, before tossing her dark hair over her shoulder to look back and say one last thing,

“You can bring lover boy if you want.”


Saturday finally came and everyone piled into Veronica’s Rover, Archie behind the wheel. Everyone had gotten a chuckle out of Joaquin, who showed up in his leather jacket and a pair of neon green swim trunks. Veronica was in charge of the playlist, causing Jughead to roll his eyes on more than one occasion, but he couldn’t be too upset with Betty in a swimsuit curled at his side. Way too many bass heavy dance songs later, they had finally arrived. Veronica set up the umbrella, emblazoned with images of watermelon that Veronica had defended as “very summer!” Archie the towels and blankets, and Joaquin the cooler, as Kevin and Betty dragged Jughead into the water. Betty stopped suddenly, popping onto her toes to tug off Jughead’s beanie and toss it at Archie. He mumbled in mild discomfort before she grabbed him by the hand and tugged him into the lukewarm ocean. Veronica and Archie soon followed, Veronica testing out the water as Archie barreled in, diving headfirst. Jughead chuckled at the scene before he felt a torrent of water smack his chest.

“Did you splash me on purpose, Elizabeth Cooper?” Jughead mock glared at her.

“What if I did, Forsythe?” she said innocently, with a glint in her eye.

“That’s it, you’re going DOWN!” Jughead scooped up his girlfriend and began to wade deeper into the water, his girlfriend clutching at him and squealing. After they reached a point where the water was past Jughead’s navel, he flung his girlfriend into the water.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Mr. Jones” Betty said mischievously, wading towards him. He was trying desperately not to drool at the sight of her beautiful body in that tiny blue swimsuit. He smirked at her, only to suddenly have a face full of water.

“A splash war? Really, Bets?”

The splash war ensued for several minutes, progressively getting closer and closer to their friends, Veronica screeching as she got splashed, Archie laughing at her misfortune only seconds before getting a face full of salt water himself. Jughead dove under the water as Betty tried to splash him again, coming up nearly pressed against her. Instead of splashing her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, smiling down at the giggling, out of breath woman before him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bounced onto her tippy toes, creating ripples in the water around them as they kissed. Kevin let out a wolf whistle as Betty pulled back. Jughead’s pupils had blown and his hair was a mess. Betty couldn’t get enough of the sight. After a few moments of staring intensely, Betty broke the silence,

“At least I’m not the one ruining our moment this time.” They both chuckled.

“One sec love, I’m going to go get a drink.” He kissed the tip of her dripping wet nose before wading to the beach. He winced as his feet hit the hot sand. He noticed Joaquin was still sitting on the beach, texting.

Jughead grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler, chugging a few gulps before flopping down on the green beach towel under the umbrella.

“Water’s nice.” He commented, looking at the other boy. Joaquin didn’t look up from his phone as he responded,

“I’m not a big swimmer.” Jughead shrugged,


A brief awkward silence ensued. Jughead took a few more sips of the cool water before trying again. He stared at the scene in the water, Veronica on Archie’s shoulders and Betty on Kevin’s, both trying to push each other into the water, all four laughing.

“Kevin is a good dude.” Joaquin looked up at his phone finally, taking in Jughead for a moment before nodding slowly. Jughead continued.

“You can get out you know. You’re young, and if I talk to my dad, they might let you out.”

“What if I don’t want out?” The response made Jughead shake his head. As he stood, he looked at Joaquin one more time,

“If you really care about Kev, you’ll at least consider it. I know what that life does to people. He deserves better, and I don’t know you, but you deserve better too. Everyone does. Just think about it, ok? You know where to find me.”

With that, Jughead dropped his empty water bottle into the trashbag and returned to the waiting arms of his girlfriend.

“What was that about?” Bety’s hand rose to gently caress his face, concern in her blue-green eyes.

“Just family stuff. It’s all good.”  He kissed her forehead, before running and tackling Archie to dunk him under the water.


A few hours later, after a small fire had been made, Betty and Jughead walked hand in hand down the beach, away from their chattering friends.

“I gave Joaquin an out.” Betty stopped, turning in front of her boyfriend to face him.

“Did he take it?” she asked tentatively, worried that he might suddenly clam up. Talking about the Serpents still wasn’t easy for him, even after she had met his father.

“Not exactly. I told him to think about it.” Jughead paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I don’t want him to wind up like my dad. Kevin deserves better than the life my mom had.”

Betty rubbed his arms, both warming and soothing.

“You’re a good guy, Juggie. You tried, he knows you’re there. But the next step is up to him.”

Jughead pulled her into a tight embrace, leaving a lingering kiss on the top of her still wet, blond head.

“Thank you.” He whispered into her hair.

“For what?” she pulled back slightly so that she could see his face, while still staying in his arms.

“Keeping me afloat.” He said simply.

They shared a long, gentle kiss as the first shooting star of the summer fell in the sky above them.

I Don’t Wanna (Kevin Owens x Reader)

Context: Kevin just made one of the biggest mistakes in his life. Will Reader leave him forever?

**A/N: ** Kevin Owens needs more fanfiction but I digress. The song choice for inspiration is “I Don’t Wanna” by Aaliyah.

**S/B: ** This was written a month ago and I just had it sitting in my drafts. So, I’m releasing it now.

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“…When we hooked up

We sat down

Made and agreement

We vowed that

That we’d always be together

Do whatever

We said that

No one ever get between us…”

      It had started earlier on with the screaming and then the tantrums. Eventually, the once peacefully home had become a war zone.

      Kevin had let his temper get the best of him yet again. He had lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg, ended his on-screen friendship with Chris Jericho and thought that the best way to handle his anger was by taking it out on you. Shit, he thought. It resulted in three bags filled with your belongings being packed and you leaving the apartment earlier that day.

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Shameless; I vent about my issues with the show in relation to character development and story

Need to vent: if you don’t give a fuck about anything Shameless related or just don’t want to read ramblings please feel free to ignore.

I am marginally enjoying S7 I feel like the show Is getting back to its roots like it feels closer to the Shameless i watched in S1, it’s not anywhere near as good but it’s got like a faint echo of what it was and that’s mainly because there doing more stuff in the house and around the neighbourhood which I love because the show isn’t just about people who live together it’s about a family and it’s like S6 forgot that people live in their house (granted they temporarily lost the house) and things happen there
Story wise the show is so far from where it used to be I legitimately hardly recognise the characters anymore
Fiona: I am so glad that Fiona is taking care of herself and is loving herself but whatever happened to the Fiona that loved her family. I get that she’s probably gonna balance out at the end of the season but it’s like in one month (the time between S6 and S7) she became an entirely different character but it’s like this new Fiona literally doesn’t fuck with her own family anymore whatever happened to “Gallaghers stick together”?
Debbie also has undergone some unfamiliar changes from very early on. Ever since she raped Matty she’s been a different person IMO I never would have predicted her forcing herself on someone much less an unconscious person she was always the wise beyond her years one like what you’re assume Fiona was like. Granted I could be missing somethings where Debbie is concerned
Carl: had some great moments but all around he sort of tumbles into storylines and through character development his “I need some direction” line was good because yeah Carl really does his character has been a wild card and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but the wild card had to have direction you can’t just stick that kinda label on a character and not give it a purpose I feel like TPTB only did that because it would justify his sporadic plotting 
Lip: Has been the only character to maintain a level of consistency from S1 to now and I literally have no idea how. Might have to do with the fact that his character is generally boring.
Svetlana came on to Shameless with such a deep role. Isidora Goreshter was cast as “Russian prostitute” her role was integral to the development of Gallavich and Mickeys development. She took on a life of her own because you can’t think Gallavich without think about her being forced to rape Mickey and then to see her move from just rape tool to mother of Mickey’s child a product of rape to a pillar in Mickey’s life however now she’s just reduced to jokes about being Russian and jokes about being sold into prostitution is really upsetting because we know she’s more than just part of the Thrupple™ she has a part in the story that’s deeper than just lols and passing comments about her father.
Kevin and Veronica where originally Fiona’s support system they helped her take care of the kids and the house and provided Fiona with a coparental unit and now they’re just “What crazy misadventures can Kev and V get into this season while also being relevant to the plot.”

This whole show is a cluster fuck, sorry for the massive post, it’s been a source of irritation for a while like even though we had issues with Wells you have to admit that when he was show runner things at least were coherent season to season.
No I didn’t forget Mickey and Ian I just need to completely organise my thoughts on gay matter and also I knew it would be another massive post.

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How mickey would introduce ian. I'm sure you can work with that.

Fic A Day In May- Day 8

How Mickey Introduces Ian (in different scenarios)

Joey Milkovich: The Milkovich Household

Joey walks into the Milkovich kitchen. Mickey is going through the mail and Ian is sitting near by reading. Both tense up when Joey comes into view. 

“Sup.” He says to Mickey grabbing juice out of the fridge and drinking straight from the carton.

“Thought you and Iggy were on a run.”

“Nah, Jamie and Tony went instead,” Joey answers then looks to Ian. “Who’s this?”

Mickey puts down his papers and looks between Joey and Ian uneasily. Ian puts down his book and stares at Mickey. 

“It’s uh.. Gallagher. You know…Lip’s brother.”

“Oh duh. Ian right?”

Ian shakes his head at Mickey and answers Joey. “Yeah. Lip’s brother”

“Shit you were with Mandy right? Thought you two broke up. Me and Iggy caught her Gallagher hopping. Oh shit you knew about that, right?”

"Ha yeah. It was after we were together. We’re still friends.” Mickey looks down at his papers again as Ian and Joey converse. 

“ Oh cool. Yeah she’s working though. Didn’t Mickey tell you?”

Ian turns to Mickey waiting. Mickey looks at Ian then looks away quickly, scratching his head uneasy. 

“No he didn’t” Ian is staring at Mickey, scowling. “Guess I should get going then” Ian stands up to leave. 

“Okay man. See you around." 

Mickey hears the door slam and he sighs. Joey sits down near him. “So what we got?” 

Mickey hands Joey the stack of mail. “Why don’t you look through these. I”ll be back later.” 

Mickey leaves to follow Ian, yelling apologies at him until Ian cracks a smile and stops for Mickey to catch up.

They fuck in the Gallagher’s empty kitchen that day.

Dina: Upstairs at The Alibi i.e “Mickey’s business location”

"Look I just got to put new sheets on and then we can go” Mickey says, tossing old sheets in a pile and grabbing a basket of new ones. 

“I told Jon we’d be there by now” Ian says following Mickey from section to section.

“Well fucking tell Jon you’re gonna be a little late. This will only take a few minutes.”

One of the girls comes up the stairs and sets up her station. 

“Hi Mickey.” She says to him then looks at Ian. “Who this?”

“This is Ian. Ian, Dina. Dina Ian.” Ian smiles politely. 

“Hello Ian.” She holds out her hand and Ian shakes it. She turns to Mickey still keeping her eyes on Ian. “He customer?”

Mickey stares at her as Ian starts laughing. “What? No he’s not a fucking customer” Mickey says grabbing Ian to bring him closer to him. “Go back to doing whatever the fuck it was you were doing.” Dina turns back and giggles as she walks to her station. 

Later that night Mickey fucks Ian in Jon’s bathroom, roleplaying. Mickey’s the high paid escort Ian’s the business man who didn’t mean to fall in love.

Keaton (ex/current Junkie/Drug Mule): Outside Keaton’s house

“Thanks for coming. I swear this is the last run I do. After this I’m giving Jamie or Tony, or someone else the responsibility.” Mickey promises Ian. 

“I’m surprised your dad still makes you do it. You know since you’re gay and all”

“Yeah well I am the best at doing this shit. Iggy and Joey were never great at Math and fucking Tony and Jamie hate talking so,” Mickey trails on “but fuck it. It’s not my fucking problem anymore. I’m done after this.” Mickey looks to Ian and nods. “You ready?”

“Ready as I’m gonna be." 

Mickey takes that answer as a confirmation and bangs on the door loudly then waits a few seconds and does it again. He stands back waiting. He pulls his arm back and bangs on the door even louder.

"Come on Keaton I know you’re in there shithead! Open the fucking door!”

When he door still doesn’t open Mickey yells louder pounding on the door as he speaks “Look if you don’t open the door I’m breaking it down and stealing whatever shit you have in there to pay for the drugs you owe”

It’s then that Keaton finally opens the door. 

“Fuck took you long enough.” Mickey says as Keaton appears in the doorway. “You got the stuff or what?" 

"Yeah, yeah”

Mickey’s eyebrows raise and he stares at the man, “..well…”

“Oh right. Umm come in" 

Mickey checks his back pocket to make sure his gun was where it was supposed to be in case Keaton tried anything. He follows Keaton inside, Ian closely behind him. 

Keaton places the drugs on the table and Mickey sits down on the coach. 

"Wait,” Keaton stops. “Who the fuck is this?”

Mickey looks at Keaton and then at Ian. “Oh this is I- Curtis.. he’s new.” 


“Yeah just showing him the ropes. My dad wants to take on new dealers instead of just keeping it in the family” Mickey says as he starts counting. 

“Oh” Keaton nods his head.

“I’m learning so much” Ian says with blatant sarcasm but Keaton was too high to notice. 

“Alright. Looks like it’s all here.” Mickey says and Keaton starts packing it in a small suitcase for him. When he’s done Mickey stands up and holds out his hand. “Nice doing business with you. As always.” They shake and Mickey ushers Ian to the door. 

“Well that was fun.” Ian laughs as they hear the door close. 

“Come on, man. Lets go home.”

“My home or your home?”

“Which would you prefer?”

“Depends,” Ian says. “You still got that old monopoly game?”

“You want to come to my house to fucking play monopoly?”

“Not exactly,” Ian smirks mysteriously.

Later that day they fuck like they’re rich folks, rolling and bathing in hard cash.

Bar Patrons: The Alibi

The two boys walk to The Alibi together. Mickey usually goes alone, before or after work but this time Ian decides to go with him. 

“Look, I’ll see you afterwards it’s not a big deal. I’m just going to have a few drinks, talk with the guys, and that’s it.” Mickey tries to talk Ian out of it before he heads out the door.

“If it’s not a big deal then why don’t you want me to go?”

“Cause I know you don’t like what I do so I’m just trying to keep you from not being exposed to it.”

“That’s not what you’re worried about.”

“The fuck are you talking about?”

“You know what I"m talking about.”

Mickey bites his lips in frustration, shaking his head. 

“You don’t want to have to call me your boyfriend to people at the bar. It’s always ‘this is Gallagher’, ‘this is Ian’, ‘you know him why do i have to tell you?’. Who am I to you Mickey? That’s what they want to know when they ask you. ”

“Well I just don’t fucking like labels.”

“Look I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do. You don’t want to call me your boyfriend that’s fine just…let people know I’m there with you, for you.”

Mickey is quiet.

Ian rolls his eye. “Fine. Whatever. I’ll be at my place.”

Ian grabs his jacket and pulls it on, walking past Mickey.

“Wait! Wait. Alright, fuck,  you can come with me.”

So that brings the boys to walking to the Alibi, Mickey suggesting other bars on their way there. They get to the door and Ian’s phone rings. 

“Shit it’s work. Umm why don’t you go in. Get us some drinks.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. It’ll just take a minute.”

Mickey walks through the doors and sits down at the bar. He orders two beers. 

“Wow, Mick. You drinking for two?” Tommy jokes. “You’re not pregnant are you?”

Mickey stares at him and shakes his head as Kev pours him the beers he ordered. 

“So what’re we talking about?” Mickey asks taking a sip.

“Oh Kermit here was explaining why having 25 cats..was it 25?”

“26” Kermit corrected.

“Right. Why having 26 cats was actually healthy”

“My grandmother lived to be 109 and she always had 26 cats in her house.” Kermit explained.

“I don’t think that has anything to do with the amount of cats in her fucking house." 

"Okay who’s more trustworthy. Cats or Dogs?” Kev changes the conversation slightly.

“Gotta be dogs. They’ll jump in front of a bullet for you. Cats will just watch you get shot and lick your blood afterwards.” Kermit interjected.

“Yeah but with cats you have to earn their trust. Dogs will just give it to anyone. I respect that.” Mickey states. “Don’t get me wrong. Dogs are loyal and all that shit. I’m just saying.”

“Well what would you rather own?”

“Dog” all except Mickey say. 

“Both” he says, putting his beer down. “If you can get the cat and dog to live together alright you get the best situation”

It’s then that Ian walks in, pocketing his phone. 

“Hey, Ian! Cat or dog?”

“What?” Ian asks as he takes a seat next to Mickey, who side eyes him. 

“Which would you choose? Cat or dog?” Kevin clarifies

“Both, ” Ian says. “You get the-”

“Best of both situations” the rest of them say.

Ian looks at them confused. 

“So what brings you here?” Tommy asks

“I’m here wi-,” Ian looks at Mickey and sighs, “Just thought I’d stop by.” Ian answers and Kev looks between him and Mickey. 


Mickey looks at Ian and whispers. “Call go okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.”

“Are you mad at me for something?”

“No I’m not mad. This mine?” Ian asks pointing to the other beer by Mickey. Mickey nods and Ian takes a big sip. Chugging most of it. 

“You serious right now?” Mickey is smirking. 

“What?” Ian asks innocently. 

“Alright, Carrottop. You want to be properly introduced?”

Ian opens his mouth to answer but Mickey stops him. 

“Okay. Everyone. Tommy, Kermit, Kev and whoever else gives a fuck. This is Ian”

“Yeah Mickey we know. ” Tommy says. 

“…My boyfriend.” Mickey says throwing his arm around Ian and pulling him close, smiling at the younger man. 

Kevin looks between Tommy and Kermit and back at Ian and Mickey. Ian looks at Mickey surprised then sits up straight and kisses Mickey square on the mouth. He pulls away whispering a “Thank you.”

“Fucking finally!” Kevin yells. “Damn. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear one of you say that. Shit" 

Kevin holds out his hands to Kermit and Tommy. “Looks like you two owe me fifty buck.” 

They both unwillingly pull out their wallets and hand the cash to Kevin.

"Fuck you guys.” Mickey shakes his head trying to hide a smile. 

Ian scoots his stool closer to Mickey, wrapping his arm around him and they stay like that until they have to leave. 

That night they fuck like lovers, devouring each others souls and bodies. Relishing in the bliss of love. Smiling and carefree. Never wanting another body between them.