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Some people really don’t have much emotion when exciting things happy. Your hyper ass get upset cause you’re more excited than them and they’re just like “yeah it’s cool!” Jesus take the wheel 😫😬





also bonus another lady (character) sporting a new haircut..

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The Usage of the Word “T’hy’la” or Lack thereof

So, a while ago I had this discussion with a fellow Trekkie about how canon K/S exactly is. When I brought up the Motion Picture Novel and the scene where Spock thinks of Jim as his T’hy’la, his final argument was (apart from the infamous footnote) that the word never actually made it into the series or movie franchise, and, therefore, couldn’t have been that much of importance.

But since I will fight anyone over this matter I thoroughly thought about this discussion, because he had a point. I mean the book still stands, but why didn’t Roddenberry or anyone else include the word? It seemed to be important enough and it became famous in the fandom almost immediately after it’s creation.

It took me a while, but then I re-watched WoK and the penny finally dropped.

Spock never used Vulcan Vocabulary with his captain (well duh, I know, but hear me out), because as far as we know Jim doesn’t understand Vulcan. 

And what is more: T’hy’la isn’t exactly a simple word. Due to it’s emotional intonation it’s probably a word derived from high Vulcan and it doesn’t even have a proper Standard translation. It is therefore loosely translated as: “Friend, Brother, Lover” since the word itself incompasses all three of them, but in Standard it’s untranslatable, because there is no comparism. (We, read: the fandom, translate it as soulmate, since this is probably very close. But this was never made official.)

So yeah, no point in confessing feelings that reach this deep to someone who wouldn’t understand the proper vocab, got it. 

That doesn’t mean that Spock never made Jim clear what he was to him. As I said, it took me some time, but I finally realized that Spock DOES use the word, he even says it directly to Jim. He just uses the Standard translation.

1. Superior officer = Brother (in arms)

2. Friend

3. I am yours = Lover

I could kick myself for not realizing this sooner. HE ACTUALLY DOES SAY IT! I mean, of course I’ve known since forever, that they love each other, but that Spock actually uses “T’hy’la” in the franchise is news to me.

This means exactly two things: that I am incredibly stupid sometimes (how many times did I watch this movie? 10?) AND that I can rub this under everyone’s noses. 


The voltron fandom has been divided for so long

But I believe

Whether you are anti-shaladin or a Shaladin shipper

Whether you love Sheith or wish that Klance would get together

Whether you believe the ages are canon or think there is no solid confirmation

We can all come together over our mutual agreement that has been resurfaced…



kogasaku for @snepdragon​! (๑ơ ₃ ơ)


Okay but wHAT IF Shiro shows up with Matt and Matt shows how smart and competent he is and Lance starts to feel like an 8th wheel and that Matt should just take Blue because he’s OBVIOUSLY MORE QUALIFIED AND has pidge’s brother and shiro’s friend and he looks like a fighter and leader and Lance just feels ashamed and like he doesn’t belong so he just takes a pod and leaves.

But what if nobody notices. Maybe some off hand comments, but there’s always an excuse. Then, they need to form voltron and they can’t find Lance so they ask Matt to step in, but Blue doesn’t allow it. She won’t have another paladin because she is so fiercely loyal. But they need voltron. So the black lion forces her.

And they all like Matt as the Blue lion pilot, but the Blue lion is all like fuck no. And she flies off to find her paladin. But like shit hits the fan, because now Lance has been captured by Lotor and Blue has to accept Matt until they can rescue Lance.

But it’s Coran who gets pissed at everybody for they way they are acting when they aren’t rushing to find Lance. They are all like “the universe is more important than one person” and Coran is all like “but lance is the Blue paladin because all of you are more important than the universe. And you shut him out and made him feel unwanted. Shame.” And they were all like fuck. And Matt was all like, yeah. I’m not Blue. Let’s go save Lance. And they agreed.

And I don’t know. Throw some Klance in there because OTP is very important.

And yeah…this got out of hand. I just wanted a little langst…

As a Yugyeom bias I just want everyone to know I quit…I am just…lord jesus take the wheel.


Please take them back to Korea before I have a heart attack for the 5th time this week. Sincerely, me.

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Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

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*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*

Resonant of the tropical artwork both Zedd and Payne had been teasing earlier in the week, “Get Low” takes you on a trip to paradise inspired by its house bass and fantastical production. With Payne’s mature pop performance and the song’s sultry lyrics like, “Let’s just enjoy the trill / I’ll take over the wheel and give you the touch you’re missing,” the new track feels like the soundtrack to a summer getaway.
—  Billboard about Get Low (via thedailypayne)

Book!Alec only knew of Magnus’ past relations with Camille from word of mouth yet took this as enough evidence to slander Magnus’ character and become completely distrusting of him for two books (give or take).

Show!Alec saw Camille actually kiss Magnus when they were just getting started with their relationship but had the common sense to recognise that it was against Magnus’ will and gave him an opportunity near the end of the episode to explain himself before jumping to conclusions. Show!Alec also didn’t feel threatened or uncomfortable when Magnus relayed to him how he had struggled with turning Camille in to the Clave because of their past and encouraged Magnus to be open and honest with him about everything, including his past relationships with other people.

Jesus, take the wheel! This show is just too good. What did we do to deserve this masterpiece? :’)

How the YOI dance battle really got started..
  • Yuri: *downed already well over a dozen glasses of champagne*
  • Yurio: *angry lil kid* You should slow down, old man.
  • Yuri: You're that kid that shouted at me. ...You should drink up.
  • Christophe: He's a kid Yuri.
  • Yuri: *waits until Christophe turns his back* Have just 1.
  • Yurio: *takes champagne*
  • Victor: Hey you wheeled away earlier. You never said you competed. What's your name?
  • Yuri: *looks at Victor,then drink, then Victor, then drink.. Downs drink* No offence. I love you. I honestly don't love anyone more. But you are 2 drinks too early. I'm not sober and I'm still too sober to deal with the fact the man I love, Victor, has asked me my name.
  • Victor: *helps Yuri down two more drinks* Hi, I'm Victor but you already know.
  • Yuri: *turns to Yurio* Hey kid, I forgot. What's your name?
  • Yurio: It's Yuri!
  • Yuri: *surprisingly serious*................. There can be only one. I challenge you.
  • Yurio: You backed out of the final.
  • Yuri: *places head in Victor's neck without warning* How mean is he?!
  • Victor: *rarely caught offguard, currently caught off guard, blushing wildly*
  • Yuri: *with zero warning* We will have a dance battle here. Loser loses the name Yuri.
  • Victor and Christophe: I wanna join.
  • Yuri: Bitch I will take on everyone - don't try me. I mean I am drunk as fuck but if I can dance as sexy as Victor I can die happy.
The New Girl

 Word Count: 3350

A/N: this was requested, and I had a lot of fun writing it. Be careful tho lol because there are some… interesting and kind of inappropriate names… don’t be too confused, you’ll understand if you read it, haha. Much love! Also I’m back after what feels like 10 years lol

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    “Welcome to Riverdale, a town with pep.” Y/Ns mom read as they passed the sign, and Y/N sighed, choking back tears that were threatening to spill. She stared out the window watching as trees and houses passed by her in a blur, trying her best to observe her new home. “Y/N, are you okay sweetie?” Her moms voice called, and she faced the front of the car, giving a soft but fake smile.

    “I guess so, why?” she asked, and her mom shrugged, looking back at her daughter for a split second.

    “I don’t know, you just looked like you were in one of those sad R&B music videos from the early 2000’s, that’s all.” she said, and Y/N looked at her confused, to which her mom noticed through the rear view window. “Or is that too early for you to remember?” she asked, and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Maybe you’re too young.”

    “I know what you’re talking about mom, I just didn’t think I looked that emo.” she mumbled, and her mom chuckled to herself.

    “You may not think you look like it, but you’re definitely starting to sound emo.” she mumbled to herself, thankfully Y/N didn’t notice. Her mom sighed softly to herself, looking at her daughter through the rear view window again, watching as she sulked and stared outside.

    “Y/N, sweetie, I know you’re upset about the move, but we will be okay. We just needed a fresh start, away from your school, away from the house, and away from your father.” she said, watching as Y/N swallowed hard.

   "I know… I just miss James and my friends, that’s all.“ she said, wiping the tear that strayed from her eyes.

    "James is always welcomed to visit, same goes for your friends.” her mom tried to reassure, but Y/N shook her head.

    “They’re 16 and we live hundreds, even thousands of miles away!” she spat, her voice shaking slightly.

    “You and James can make a long distance relationship work, I believe in what you two have.” her mom said softly, but Y/N just huffed.

    “Doesn’t matter, we broke up because we knew we couldn’t make it work, we are too young.” she said, more tears falling, and her mom slowly nodded her head.

    “I’m sorry honey, maybe you’ll find someone new out here.” she replied quietly, her grip on the steering wheel tightening. She just wanted to take her kid away from their old life, it wasn’t a nice one and Y/N and her deserved better. She deserved better.

    After a few minutes more of driving, her mom pulled up into a driveway, and Y/N looked up from her phone, observing the nearby neighbors. In the house next to her she watched as a red-headed boy walked out of his house, a guitar in hand. His gaze caught hers for a split second before a blonde and a raven haired girl ran from a car parked in front of the house to him, bringing his attention to them. But then she saw another boy walk out of the house, and just like the first one his eyes met hers, although this time her breath caught in her throat and neither of them looked away.

    “Home sweet home.” Y/Ns mom called, parking the car and Y/N jumped out of the car, eyes still on the boy in the neighboring lawn. The boy wore a grey crown beanie on his head, and wore dark brooding clothes. He was tall and seemed like he had gone through some shit, but she could see he was sweet, although it seemed like he didn’t show that side of him often. The boy smiled softly, and she returned it, not noticing the blonde making her way towards her.

    “Did you just move here?” She asked excitedly, and Y/N snapped her gaze from the boy who had really caught her eye.

    “Betty, calm down, you’ll scare the poor girl.” The raven haired one said, and Y/N smiled sweetly, as to not look bitchy towards the two girls who were obvious just trying to be nice.

    “Oh hello girls!” Her mom said excitedly, closing the car door.

    “Hi!” The girls said in unison, and Y/N rolled her eyes, earning a chuckle from the dark haired boy.

    “I’m Stephani Wishings, and this is my daughter Y/N Wishings, we just moved here, in fact, this is our first day here.” her mom said cheerily, hoping that the four kids standing in front of her would be friends with her daughter. She looked towards the ginger and smirked, he definitely seemed Y/Ns type, James was pretty similar to him.

    “Hi Y/N, I’m Betty Cooper.” The blonde said, and the raven haired one smiled too.

    “Veronica Lodge, happy to be your friend!” she said happily, and Y/N smiled softly.

    “I’m Archie Andrews,” the ginger called, making his way towards the group with the dark haired boy behind him. “And this is-”

    “Uh no, I can introduce myself, I know how to talk.” he said, making Y/N chuckle slightly. “I’m Jughead Jones the third.” he said, extending his hand to which she gladly accepted.

    “It’s nice to meet you, Jughead.” She said sweetly, and then quickly looked to everyone else. “It’s nice to meet all of you.”

    “Y/N sweetie, we should probably start moving stuff into the house, you can talk to your new friends when we’re done.” Her mom called, and Y/N turned to her and nodded. Stephani looked at her daughter still holding hands with the tall Jughead boy and gave her a suspicious look, to which Y/N realized what it was about. She looked at Jughead and pulled her hand away, blushing as she backed up.

    “We’ll be at Pops diner later tonight around 8, you should join us.” Jughead said, and Y/N nodded.

     "I’ll be there.“ she quickly replied, and everyone nodded.

    "She’ll be there if we’re done with moving boxes and such inside!” her mom called, and Y/N faced her new friends, mouthing “I’ll be there either way.” The teenagers laughed and she made her way inside, smiling to herself.

• • •

    “You made it.” Jughead said, and Y/N turned towards the booth where the boy was sitting, walking towards him.

    “I did, I have to admit though, I got lost trying to find my way here.” She said, taking a seat and the boy laughed, closing his laptop.

    “We all do every once in awhile, don’t sweat it. Anyways, you’re new so you have an excuse.” He said, and Y/N blushed slightly, a comfortable silence falling between them.

    “Where is everyone else?” Y/N asked, and Jughead checked his phone for messages and opened it up, texting his friends back.

    “They…” he started, typing away on his phone, and then setting it down. “They said they’re on their way.”

    “Oh okay, good.” she said, and Jughead chuckled.

    “I’m sorry hanging out with just me is so terrible.” He teased, and Y/Ns face drained, panic setting in that she’d given him that impression.

    “N-No, not at all it’s just…” she trailed off as Jughead gave her an amused look, and she realized he was only kidding. “I mean yeah, absolutely awful. You’re the worst.”

    “Same to you, new girl.” He said, and a waiter came over, placing a basket of fries between the two.

    “These are on the house, Pops says welcome to the neighborhood.” the waiter said kindly, giving a smile to Y/N, and she returned it. The waiter leaned down to Y/Ns ear, checking to make sure Jughead could still hear what was being said. “He also says to watch out for this one, says he’s complete trouble with writing skills that could kill and a look that can make all the ladies swoon.” Y/N chuckled and the waiter left with a wink.

    “Thank you!” She yelled towards Pops who was behind the counter, and he gave her a nod in response, then she turned back to Jughead.

    “Anyways, as I was going to say before I was given that all important warning, thisnew girl has a name, you know. Or did you forget already, it wouldn’t surprise me.” she joked.

    “I haven’t forgotten,” he started, faking offense. “You’re… Jack Kanoff?”

    “Oh my god, no!” Y/N said, chuckling at his odd guess.

    “No? Damn… hmmm, are you Hugh Jazz?” he asked, a smug smile plastered to his face as Y/Ns burnt red.

    “Close, but no.” she said, taking fries in her hand and popping them in her mouth. “Wanna give it one more go?” she asked, and he nodded, pretending to think hard.

    “Y/N Wishings, that’s the name I was looking for.” he said, and she nodded her head, giving a quiet and slow round of applause for the beanie clad boy.

    “I’m proud you finally got my name right, Ben Dover.” Y/N said with a wink, making Jughead laugh so much he choked on his fries.

    “Did I just hear you tell Jughead to bend over?” Archie asked, sliding into the booth next to Jughead, and Y/Ns face burned bright red again.

    “That’s what I heard too.” Veronica teased, sitting by Y/N followed by Betty.

    “We were just calling eachother by outrageous names, that’s all.” Jughead said, winking over to Y/N, who for the first time since she had gotten to Riverdale, felt her stomach flutter. She was catching feelings for the raven haired boy, and she was…okay with it? Maybe he’d be the one to replace James, sure James and her were in love, but sometimes good things end so better things could come. She’d always love James, sure, but maybe, just maybe Jughead Jones would be her new love.

    “If you want to keep your crush on our very own Jughead Jones a secret, I’d refrain from staring too long.” Veronica whispered, snapping Y/N out of her trance, and she panicked realizing that she had in fact been staring.

    “Oh, uh, thanks. I kinda zoned out there.” Y/N whispered back, and Veronica nodded understandingly.

     "I don’t blame you, he might be the towns black sheep but he’s one handsome son of a bitch, gets it from his dad.“ Veronica said, and Y/N chuckled slightly with Veronica. ”If it makes you feel any better, Archie, Betty, and I were talking about how Jughead wouldn’t stop talking about you when you left for your house earlier, boy definitely is crushing on you, which is weird because before, we were almost certain he was incapable of any emotions at all. He’s usually so… neutral.“ Betty leaned in as well, smiling at Y/N.

    ”Very true, he’s kinda emo.“ She teased, and the three of them laughed, making Archie clear his throat.

    "What are we talking about, ladies?” He asked, and the three of them separated, putting on their most innocent looks they could.

    “None of your business, Archiekins.” Veronica said, giving a smile towards Betty and Y/N. For the rest of the night, the five of them joked around and ate, enjoying each others company’s and at the end, Y/N smiled to herself as she got up from the booth, she had definitely found her new best friends.

• • •

    Y/N had been in Riverdale for 2 months now, and she was the happiest she had been in awhile. Sure Riverdale was going through some… rough patches as her mom would put it, but she had friends that made her feel like she belonged. When she was with them, she forgot about her old school, her asshole dad, and her old shitty and depressing life. Tonight was no different, Veronica, Betty, Archie and Kevin were going to go clubbing, and had somehow talked Jughead into joining. At first, Y/N was skeptical, and she knew her mom wouldn’t go for it, but she decided a fun night with her friends would be worth the punishment she was sure to receive once her mom found out where she had gone.

    “Look at you!” Veronica exclaimed as Y/N walked out of the bathroom, and all eyes fell on her, Jugheads breath catching in his throat. Y/N made her way out of the bathroom in one of Veronica’s dresses, a sparkly black, tight dress which was something Y/N would never go for, but Veronica made her, and she was kinda glad she did. She was wearing heels, again something she’d probably never do, and her nails were painted as well. She decided since it was a night out, she was going to go with makeup, and went with her signature winged eyeliner and mascara, but added a little something new, a red lip.

    “You look amazing!” Betty said, walking over and giving her a once over, making Y/N smile. She noticed Jugheads stare, and she felt herself melt, although she wasn’t one to let it show, she stood taller and more confident and glanced around the room at everyone dressed up.

    “We ready to go?” Y/N asked, and everyone nodded.

    “Let’s get our party on!” Kevin exclaimed, opening the front door, and everyone shuffled outside, Y/N and Jughead walking together in the back of the group.

    “You look great.” Jughead said quietly, only loud enough for her to hear, and she blushed.

    “You don’t look bad yourself, you clean up nicely.” She said, and they climbed into the back of Archie’s truck, the engine starting and Jughead took Y/Ns hand, and she leaned into him. They made their way to the club and somehow got in even though they were literally a group of 6 underaged teenagers.

    Betty and Archie hit the dance floor, Betty a giggling mess with Archie’s hands on her waist looking all to happy to be dancing with the perfect girl next door. Kevin and Veronica had hit the bar, and were soon also on the dance floor as well, all eyes on them. Y/N and Jughead on the other hand were standing in a corner, sipping on Dr. Peppers and Rum, and talking to eachother.

    After an hour of chatter, Y/N felt her drink kicking in a bit and she felt an urge to dance. She excused herself and got two new drinks, hoping to drunken Jughead up enough to dance with her, and walked them back to him. She handed him his drink and they both took large drinks, shudders coursing through the two new drinkers.

    “Let’s dance.” Y/N blurted out, expecting Jughead to be completely against the idea, but he just shrugged.

    “Usually I’d say ‘hell no’ but dancing with you doesn’t sound all that bad, so why the hell not.” he said, taking her free hand in his, pulling her to the dance floor, Y/N giggling the whole way.

    “Look at you go!” she laughed as Jughead got down, swaying himself to the beat of the song, and Y/N did the same.

    “Look at you, I didn’t know you could dance Willie Stroker.” he teased, and she rolled her eyes, giggling.

    “We back at that?” she asked, and Jughead nodded, his beanie-less hair bouncing around. His face went from playful to serious, and Y/N gulped at the look in his eyes. She had seen it before, but from her ex James.

    “I have to tell you something.” Jughead said, grabbing her free hand, and she nodded, hoping he was going to say what she thought. Before he could say anything though, a tug at her shoulder spun her around, and she gasped.

    “Y/N, I found you!” James said, pulling her into a hug, and Jughead stood confused. Y/N didn’t know what to do, she didn’t hug him back and he pulled away, looking down at her worriedly.

    “James I-uh. What are you doing here? How’d you find me?” She asked, backing up slightly towards Jughead who placed a hand on her waist. James noticed and his face hardened, looking at Jughead, but when he looked back towards Y/N, it softened.

    “It doesn’t matter how I found you, but I’m here because the past two months without you have been hell. I love you, Y/N, and I miss you so damn much. I know you feel the same, you were so heartbroken when you left, and I knew in that moment you truly did love me and that we had something real. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to get back together.” James said, looking hopefully down at the (y/h/c) girl.

    “What’s going on here?” Veronica asked, and it was then Y/N noticed her, Archie, Kevin, and Betty were watching as this whole mess unfolded.

    “Y/N, can I steal your attention for a second before you answer him?” Jughead asked, and James folded his hands into fists, his jaw clenching.

    “No, you may-” he started, but Y/N interrupted him.

    “James, chill. Jughead, of course.” She said sweetly, turning to face the raven haired boy.

    “What I was going to say, was that I’m falling for you, Y/N. I have been ever since you moved here, ever since we first locked eyes through your car window. And I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way, although I could have sworn you did since the beginning, just like me.” he said, and Y/Ns stomach fluttered, and her heart swelled.

    “Why you little-!” James yelled, starting towards Jughead but Archie intervened, pushing him back. James ran a hand through his brown hair, and Y/N looked back at him, and she didn’t feel the spark in her chest she used to feel looking at him. It was gone, it belonged to Jughead now.

    “James, you should go home.” She said quietly, realizing the whole club was now staring.

    “Not without knowing I still have you! You haven’t gone and replaced me have you, with this emo!” he yelled, and Jughead rolled his eyes, his jaw now clenching. James was right, he was just a weird dark child, Y/N would no doubt go with James.

    “Don’t call him that!” Y/N yelled. “I’m sorry James, but I don’t feel that way towards you anymore.” She said quietly, and Jughead perked up. She turned to face him, and handed her drink to Archie, who also took Jugheads. She placed both her hands on the sides of his face and smiled.

    “Please don’t do this Y/N, you’re drunk, you can’t think straight.” James said rudely, but she ignored him.

    “Jughead Jones the Third, I’m falling for you too, and I have been since the very beginning.” She said sweetly, and he smiled, leaning closer to her.

    “I’m not seriously about to lose the love of my life to some skimpy loser namedJughead, am I? What the hell is this bullshit? Honestly, Y/N, I thought you had better taste-” James was cut off with a slap to the face, and when he looked up, he saw Y/N angrily staring at him. She quickly turned and kissed Jughead, his hands sliding to her waist.

    “I think it’s time you leave.” Archie said, and James rolled his eyes.

    “This isn’t over, Y/N. You’ll see soon enough you still love me, and that your wasting your time with that weird ass guy.” he called as he backed up, and Y/N held up her middle finger while deepening the kiss with Jughead. They pulled apart and Jughead laughed.

    “Damn I got lucky you moved here.” he said, and she nodded her head.

    “So did I. I traded an dick for a wonderful guy.” Y/N said, and Jughead chuckled.

    “Damn right you did.” He said cockily, and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Care to dance again?” he asked, taking his drink back from Archie and she did as well.

    “Absolutely.” she replied, dancing again and he laughed, Archie, Betty, Kevin and Veronica joining them, the six of them dancing the rest of the night away.

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okay just to be cheesy for a sec, but I feel like Harry’s just got such an old soul, but combined with a perfect finger on the future, like he just gets what works and what doesn’t, and what’s up and coming, and how far he can push the envelope while still bringing people in to him. I know that whatever he does is going to be amazing, but 70s-inspired British rock just feels so in his wheel-house. I feel like he’ll just take this vibe, and when people listen to it, it’ll feel familiar and nostalgic, but also feel like something no one’s ever heard or done before, and I just can’t wait to see it all happen when he’s ready :’)