just take the lettuce

Guns, Roses and Care

AN: gotta give backstory

Installment: [2]


The first day she met him was outside of a shady club that she had no business at but it was summer vacation and she had been drinking. She was dressed in all black, from the makeup to heels that she couldn’t walk in. The girls she came with had disappeared and her stomach was aching…

She stumbled against the brick of the club. It was called Deadly Sins, the light were flickering. The air smelt of gas, smoke and liquor. Opal eyes lifted to the star littered sky, she tried ignoring the man cat-calling her.

“You’re not looking too hot,” one said, a cigarette hanging from his lips. His dirty hands touched the sleeve of her jacket. She jerked in response so hard that she nearly fell.

Suddenly the club doors opened and two men walked out. One was holding a gun and the other was on the other end. “Where’s my money?” He tilted his head. “Don’t bullshit with me.”

“S-Sasuke, come on! I got it. I got the money!” The lanky guy begged. “I just need till tomorrow.”

This Sasuke man pressed the gun to his forehead. “There’s no tomorrow-”

“Stop!” Hinata shouted. She stumbled onto the gravel. “Don’t shoot him!”

The men that had been watching froze as a drunk woman grabbed Sasuke’s arm. “Who is this?” He asked the other men dressed in black.

Hinata took a deep breath and pulled five dollars from her bra. “Take it. Give him till tomorrow!”

Sasuke lifted a brow. Everyone was surprised when he put the gun down. He caught the woman before she fell. “Where are your friends?”

“I’m Hinata,” mumbled the woman. “I want to go home please…”

He adjusted the woman and turned to his men. “Kill him quickly.” He waved before dragged the limp girl to his car.

Hinata hadn’t woken up at home. She had woken up in a hotel, still completely clothed and totally hungover. She reached over for the orange juice that was on the counter. Opal eyes fell on a note that read: “You Owe Me.” The signature read: S.U.

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Depression salads (just taking a bunch of lettuce leaves and dipping them into dressing of choice) are underrated and also the only way I’ll ever eat the last small leaves on a romaine heart

anonymous asked:

Klaine + always putting the lettuce back on a shelf in a different aisle please! (Would love it if it ends up being on completely ridiculous places like in the hardware section or soap or dog food, etc)

>>repeatedly comes into the shop I work and picks up a lettuce then halfway through the shop decides they don’t want the lettuce and puts it back on the shelf next to them regardless of what aisle they’re in

Oh my

What do I want to eat tonight …


Oh Junior’s Cheesecake, yum

Not reasonable, so unreasonable …

Maybe if I take just a salad?

Oh look, half-price on the lettuce, this is it, it’s Fate, I have to get that salad, and I will lightly season it, and then I will be allowed to splurge on the cheesecake

Good adulting, Kurt

What else do I need?

Right, light bulbs

I already have carrots that I should eat in the fridge don’t I

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[493] Kagami/Kuroko: KNB

(for my spoiled saughter)

“Kagami-kun… I’m starving-”

“Shut it.”

“But the recipe said-”

“Hell if I know! Maybe it takes forty minutes in their oven…”

Kuroko was quite possibly one of the most impatient guests he’d ever had. For the past hour he’d listened to him whine and whine again, staring up at him with those big blue eyes as if begging to be fed, hovering around the counter and peeking at the food every few minutes. Meanwhile, Kagami stood at the stove clutching the spatula like a bat, with half a mind to smack him over the head with it.

“Ahh… It smells nice…” Kuroko sighed, slumping over the counter beside him.

“Tsk… Find something else to do with your mouth besides run it…” Kagami grumbled, boiling over as quickly as the pots.

However, after musing over it a moment, Kuroko lifted himself off the counter and stood on his tippy toes, Kagami paying no mind to him as he mixed the stir fry vegetables. Suddenly, the clang of metals echoed through the flat as fried vegetables flew up and hit the ceiling, when Kuroko unexpectedly blew into Kagami’s ear.

With a shudder, the the redhead jerked away, seething as he angrily waved a spatula at him.


“But Kagami-kun, you said to do something else with my mouth.”

“Kuroko, you bastard! Didn’t it occur to you to shut it?!”

“…No. That never occurred to me.” he answered honestly.

At his rope’s end, Kagami’s shoulders sank in defeat, and he dragged a hand over his face in frustration. Shaking him off simply wasn’t an option. He’d just have to do the next best thing.

“Take this and chop the lettuce…” he muttered listlessly, handing Kuroko a knife and a bowl of greens.

“Yes sir.”

“Do it quietly…” he pleaded, making Kuroko’s voice drop to a whisper.

“Yes sir.”

So, I’m at the self-checkout at the grocery store, right, and there’s no label on my lettuce. And there’s no lettuce in the search for item bit, either. So, I’m thinking, do I just take the lettuce and run? I mean, I’ve scanned my other items, I’ll pay for those. It’s 75 cents. Are they going to notice if I just slide the lettuce into the bag? But I freaked out that I’d get in trouble so I chose tomatoes instead and weighed the lettuce but one lettuce is heavier than one tomato so I ended up paying $2.84 for a lettuce that should have cost me 75 cents. Morally, I think I probably did the right thing… But, like, logically? I’m such a dumbass, aren’t I?