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Something Unspoken Part 2

You guys, Part 1 is my most popular post so I have to say than you so much for the feedback it means the world to me. I hope you guys like part 2 just as much, and let me know if I should make a third, and most likely final part!


Something Unspoken Part 2

I have to wait a few days before I can see what Peter has planned for our date. The day after our little encounter we had to speak with the Nova Corps about another mission which takes about a week before we’re finished, and even after we take a few more to ourselves; our energy completely wiped from the consecutive fighting. I had to get involved at one point, fighting off a band of rouge officers that had been a larger group than expected meant Peter had to reluctantly hand me a gun in the middle of battle. I still remember the look on his face as he opened the secret door underneath the hull of the Milano as he came to fetch me.

“We need every person we can get out there. Can you do it?” I remember him asking.

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🍂 ☇ 06 | halloween prompts *:。

*pls do not send in any more requests, my pals!!*

➸ member: soonyoung.

➸ word count: 950

phrase 7: im not saying im scared, but can you please sleep in my bed tonight + setting 4: a thunderstorm.

Some people found comfort in the rain, in the large, silver beads that grew heavy near the bottom of a cloud before they broke the cotton, pouring through to earth like a tropic waterfall. It could have been the way the droplets sounded when they tapped against the windows, a distant patter disguised as white noise, lulling and sombrous and dragging your eyelids to black.

Soonyoung always fell asleep quickly during rainfall. He would be out like a light, ashen fringes waving across his forehead, feathering his eyelashes. Occasionally a few stray tufts would spring from the crown of his head, fluttering delicately as his chest caved before languidly rising in a relaxed loop. You liked lying there, with your ear placed against his heart, hearing the soft pattern it hummed while your arm wrapped across his stomach.

Hell, he could even sleep through thunderstorms; the lightning, the low threatening thunder and the sordid bellows of wind that slapped each building like a tidal wave. He’d still be knocked out.

You on the other hand, you were always wide awake.

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anonymous asked:

I love your MirrorAU! Could you write Qui-gon seeing Obi-wan struggling and instead of trying to get him to Fall, he tries to help him cope? I'd just really love to see Jedi!Obi-wan with Sith!Qui-gon, and Obi-wan not Fall.

“…Where are we going?” Qui-Gon glanced over his shoulder at the Jedi standing in the cockpit doors, Obi-Wan looking drawn and a bit pale as he stared out at the space passing by the ship. He’d been asleep when Qui-Gon had carried him to the ship in the temple hanger but had clearly woken some time between then and now.

‘Alright, he’s speaking again…’ The other man stood from the chair and moved to the other man, cupping his narrow face in a broad hand. “Somewhere you might feel better.”

The other was visibly confused but to tired to argue even as Qui-Gon tucked an arm around his shoulders and drew him against Qui-Gon’s broad chest.

“Somewhere?” He questioned against the ridiculous expensive silk of the Sith’s tunic.

“Its clear that…the temple was making you…ill.” Qui-Gon started slowly, almost haltingly as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Thought everyone wanted me to fall…” Obi-Wan questioned as he fisted his hands into the silk.

“Fall, not break. That was breaking you.” Qui-Gon teased long copper hair strands with his fingers, feeling the silky texture. “I was not seeking a mindless puppet.” He grumbled.

Obi-Wan blinked. That almost sounded like the Sith cared.

“…So were are we going?”

“My summer home. Its on one of Serenno’s moons, a gift from my former master.”

Obi-Wan blinked at that, shifting against the warm chest he had become familiar with. Some dying part of him wondered if this was how his Qui-Gon would have felt to be close to, this warm and nice smelling.

The rest of him just tiredly leaned against this Qui-Gon. “And the other sith lords just agreed to let you take me away…?”

“You are mine.” The arms were now wrapped possessively around the copper haired. “They have no say.”

“Ah…” Obi-Wan had nothing to say to that.


Obi-Wan slept an entire day and an entire night cycle.

Qui-Gon contemplated waking him, watching the Jedi sleep in the middle of the bed, curled up on his side with his knees pulled up to his stomach. In the end he decided against it and had let him as the day of Serenno’s moon passed by slowly with rain falling outside the home.

He filled his day with checking on the house, sparring, having his own meals and hearing about the local towns before he joined his Jedi in bed, pulling the slighter body against his. He had been about to drop of to sleep himself when Obi-Wan had shifted and curled around him, burying his sleeping self against the sith in quiet, sleeping need.

‘I’m getting soft.’ Qui-Gon grunted as he adjusted his hold ever so slightly for boths comfort.

He woke alone in bed, to the sound of the fresher.

He’d loath to admit it even to himself but he was relieved when Obi-Wan followed him around for the start of the day before sliding away and going outside to the gardens, actually doing something after eating.

He kept a discreet eye on the Jedi from a window, watching him sit at a pond and feed the fish in it pellets, sun warming the others exposed freckled skin.

Now things could go back to normal with no one else around.

It also brought Qui-Gon to a revelation.

He didn’t want this Obi-Wan to fall.

He still wanted to keep him for sure, wanted to own him as he always wanted to own his own universe Obi-Wan. But he no longer wanted green eyes to turn yellow.

“This is not good.” He grumbled before mentally calculating if he could get away with claiming he wanted to keep a Jedi ‘pet’.

Yes…that would convince some.

A power display. Holding Obi-Wan as his ‘pet’. Qui-Gon smirked a bit to himself and looked back out to see Obi-Wan roll his leggings up before dipping his feet in the pond, smiling a bit at the fish nibbling at his toes.

“…No one should shine that brightly in the Force.” The Sith grumbled to himself.

pandastearoom  asked:

Have you heard about Sonic Adventure 2: Repainted?

I’ve always found “random memes everywhere” mods to be kind of boring.

There’s plenty of people out there who love them but after a certain point for me when there’s too much of this on screen at the same time it goes from le funny to le dumb pretty fast.

I think in the case with SA1 and SA2 it’d be funnier to just randomise all of the existing textures in the game or removing random files rather than replacing them. These games can do some funny things when you take away textures.

Here’s some examples I’ve had in the past:

Stardew Valley: Shane marriage dialogue

@spectrevakarian​ I took a look at the wiki and I don’t think Shane’s marriage dialogue on there is complete, and I have a tendency to take the proverbial ball and run way too far with it, so: here’s all of Shane’s dialogue once you’re engaged/married.  This is all taken directly from the dialogue game files (EngagementDialogue, MarriageDialogue, MarriageDialogueShane).

The wiki’s actually pretty spotty with a lot of the characters’ dialogue so maybe I’ll do this for all the romanceable characters.

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anonymous asked:

Your art is absolutely mesmerising and inspiring. Because of you I want to try my hand at watercolour...But I am too afraid to try, to be honest. I have always only drawn with pencil and colourpencils...So going to watercolour is a huge step for me. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start with it, but has zero knowledge with it?

Thank you!!
This is actually a lot like what I was like before I started watercolour - I only ever did pencil-work and NEVER coloured my work. If ever, it was with coloured pencil so I could rub it out. 

My advice of how to get started?

Just do it. 

Seriously. Don’t be driven by this idea that you have to create a stunning piece with magical colour combinations and mixes. Seriously, my advice is to grab a piece of paper and go nuts. Experiment with mixing colours, blending, splashing water, splattering the brush, using a lot of water, using little water, using dry-brush, spreading the paint and water, adding even more colours and mixing it all up – go crazy! 

I recommend this to start off, because chances are, the first time you experiment with watercolour, you will make a muddy hell of a mess of colour. But from that mess, you will find parts that are beautiful and aspects of watercolour that you just fall in love with. From that mess, you’ll see what textures you can create spontaneously, you will see what colours can mix and blend, and you will find parts of it that you LOVE and want to carry on further with exploration and experimentation. That’s what it was like for me. I had never experimented or even had interest in watercolour, but I did this ‘explosion of colours’, using ALL the colours from my palette and for sure, there were some parts were grey and brown/murky and ugly. But from the random, spontaneous mess, I loved how blues and red, two colours that were so far from each other, were able to mix together and create this beautiful mix of colour and texture. To this day, it’s probably very evident how much I love my blues and reds.

Watercolour is such an experimental and spontaneous medium. The fear of stuffing up won’t ever go away (I think), but if you take that sort of fear and use it to just DO it, to just experiment and go wild, you will find yourself quickly falling in love with the medium, and wanting to keep on learning and experimenting. 

Cold Hearted (BTS AU) | Chapter 5

Genre: Post zombie apocalypse

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Will contain:  Violence, Mentions of blood and death and the gross stuff, Fluff, Angst, smut (Wiggles eyebrows.) and major character death.  

Synopsis: The world was once booming with sound, streets full of people, there was always just, something. Lights, the lights that made people feel safe in the dark. But that world soon got took over with silence and darkness. Leaving people alone with creatures they did not know would even exist.

A/N: I kind of like this chapter, things get interesting from now. I have only read this through once. Sorry for mistakes.

Word count: 2.5K +

Chapter 6

Originally posted by imaginesbts


 You allow your body to slowly wake up, feeling the happiness creep up inside you as your body fully awakens. Last night felt like a dream. You hope it wasn’t. Oh god what if it was?

You sit up in bed, looking over to the other side of the room and spotting Jimin curled up in his own bed. If there is one thing you love doing, it’s waking him up with his favourite bowl of fruit in the morning. It always seems to make him happy for the whole day.

Stretching your arms and letting out a quiet yawn, you finally make your way out of your bed. Sliding on your sweater and lacing up your shoes. You feel the butterflies as you make your way down the stairs, surprised when you enter the kitchen to see no Jin.

Shrugging this off you decide to make up the bowl for Jimin yourself. While you drop each strawberry in the bowl, you feel arms slowly wrap around your waist, he pulls you back into his chest as his lips press softly against your neck. Recognising his lips instantly, you relax. It wasn’t a dream.

Turning in his arms, you come face to face with a tired looking Yoongi. He gives you a small smile as he dips his head. You close your eyes, happy when you feel his lips on yours. It only lasts a few seconds before he pulls away.

“Good morning beautiful.” His voice is groggy.  

“Good morning.” You smile and reach up to brush some hair from his eyes. He needs a haircut. You still can’t believe this is the same guy who treat you so coldly when you first arrived, and now you feel nothing but butterflies when you even think of him.

You go to kiss him again, suddenly interrupted when the sound of the front door flying open causes you to jump apart. Who the hell was making so much noise? Yoongi frowns and makes his way out the kitchen. You watch as his expression changes to sudden shock, then sadness. Why sadness? This makes you curious as you find yourself walking into the hall.

You make your way, only to have your breath come to a halt at the sight in front of you. No way. You can’t hold the tears back as you throw yourself into his arms.

“You’re back.” You cry.

“I told you I would be.” Jungkook whispers in your ear, dropping his bag to the floor to pull you close to him. You clutch to him like you never have before.

“I have so much to tell you.” You respond, feeling him freeze up for a split second, you brush it off as you take yourself out of his grip. Turning to Yoongi, only to find he’s gone. You are about to shout for him when Tae comes running down the stairs.

“Kookie!” He shouts, you catch a glimpse of tears in his eyes as he practically jumps into the boy’s arms, knocking him back into the wall as Jungkook laughs. “You didn’t die!” Tae speaks.

“Well I almost did, but I’ll tell you about that later.” You’re curious at his words.

“Tae are you imagining things again.” You turn to see Hoseok coming down the stairs, rubbing at his eyes, clearly he has only just woke up. You try not to laugh as you wait for him to realise. Watching in amusement when he lets his eyes focus and they go wide. “Holy shit.” He whispers out.

Jungkook walks to him, pulling him into a smaller hug than you and Tae.

“Yeah, I have so much to tell you.” He pulls away from Hoseok who just nods.

You find yourself pulling on Jungkook’s arm, wanting him closer, he shakes you off, making you frown. “Let me see everyone first okay?” He smiles at you, but it isn’t the same as before. You decide to go with he’s just tired. You take this moment to really look at him.

He wears the same clothes as he did when he left, only now they are dirty, you notice blood spatters cover him, the thought making you shiver. His hair is longer and has a wavy texture to it, it also looks matted, you know it’s with blood. He has a few cuts on his face that seemed to have started to heal, they aren’t recent which makes you relax a little more.

While you stare at the boy infront of you, you completely miss Namjoon walking by until you hear his voice.

“Your bag looks heavier, that’s promising.” He smiles as he pulls Jungkook into a hug patting his back proud of what he sees.

“You’ll love it! But first, where is Jin?” You only get more curious of his journey but you know you need to be patient. You remember Jimin upstairs. He hasn’t mentioned him. Maybe you should wait for him to surprise him.

“Oh, he’s checking our crops.” Namjoon tells him.  You watch as Jungkook nods, just making his way outside. You look through the window as you see him stand behind Jin with a smile on his face, laughing when the older man notices him and literally knocks him to the ground in a hug.

You all laugh in the hall at the sight. Namjoon makes his way outside as he helps them both up. He speaks to Jungkook as he nods. They both walk off and you find yourself disappointed. But you get him for the rest of the night so you guess it’s okay. As everyone starts leaving the hall, you remember the one man who you wanted to see this morning. Yoongi.

You don’t need to think of where he would be as you sneak your way past Jin into the forest. There’s an area near the weapon hut that you knew he would often sit. Usually with his weapon as he waited for a Lurker, but as of recently, none have been in sight.

Finding your way slightly past the hut, you see a figure roaming the woods with their hood up. You smile as you make your way towards it. As you get closer you feel cold, you feel scared and you don’t know why. You stop moving. Completely frozen as you realize the figure has blonde hair. That’s not Yoongi. While you stand frozen you notice his weapon is a gun. You need to get the hell out of here.

You step back, your body shaking and your breath quickening out of fear. You need to tell the others. Not even thinking, you turn your body and run. You need to find them. Warn them.

You keep running as tears pool your eyes, only thinking about the worst outcomes.

You don’t even realise you’re running the wrong way, you are running away from the house only panicking more. For a moment, you blink, suddenly colliding with someone else.

“Whoa.” You recognise the voice as panic still runs through your body.

“Y-Yoongi, Run…I…they-” He watches you with shock.

“Baby shh, okay, slow down. Breathe.” You shake your head, only breathing faster.

“But we need t-” You speed the words out again. Shaking his head Yoongi cups your face with both his hands, his eyes looking into yours.

“Breathe…” He whispers. The feeling of his hands on your face makes you begin to relax, you focus on his eyes as you try to steady your breathing. “What’s wrong?” He questions.

“There’s someone in the forest. They’re not with us.” He doesn’t speak as he takes your hand in his, pulling you with him as he makes his way back to the house. Wait, why was he this far into the forest anyway? Why isn’t he speaking to you?

As you walk back into the house, Yoongi leads you to the living room.

Namjoon sits with Jungkook and they are quick to look at you. You catch the frown on Jungkook’s face. Not understanding why until you feel a thumb gently stroke you hand in a soothing way. You’re still holding Yoongi’s hand. You drop it and step away from him. You catch the sad look on Yoongi’s face, but you know he would understand eventually.

“What’s up?” Namjoon speaks.

“She saw someone not from us in the forest.”

“What!” Jungkook shoots out of his seat. Odd?

“I saw him, He was in a black hoodie, Blonde hair.” Jungkook’s eyes widen slightly and you frown, turning to Yoongi who only frowns with you.

“I uh, I need to get something from my bag to show Namjoon.” He gives you no time to respond, he’s out the door in seconds.

“Do you trust that?” Yoongi asks Namjoon.

“I have to for now. I’ll be careful.” He looks between you both. “Why were you holding hands?”  

“Oh. Um…I ran with her in the forest, she wasn’t fast enough.” He accepts your answer with a short nod, leaving you two alone. It’s awkward for a few seconds until Yoongi breaks the silence.

“So are we telling them?” Yoongi asks. You just look at him, he sighs. “Fine, we will just see where this goes.” You feel shy as you gently place a kiss on his cheek to thank him.

“Ah fuck this.” He mumbles, grabbing your wrist and dragging you upstairs, you swear you see someone out the corner of your eye but you ignore it. He drags you to your room as he slams the door open, only to shut it again by pressing you against it. “You have no idea how frustrating it is being around you.” He crashes his lips to yours.

Instantly you grab at his hair. This kiss was different than the other two. This one was showing what you both wanted. His hands find their way to your waist as he brings you closer. Breaths were getting heavy and you could feel him slightly through his jeans as he pressed you further into the door. You were ready to suggest something until someone cleared their throat.

“So like, should I leave?” You push Yoongi away as you stare at Jimin who only has a smirk on his face.

“Jimin what the fuck!” You shout.

“Oh well sorry for being your roommate. But I knew.” You just look at him. “I’ve always known he liked you, it was obvious with the way he hated you and Jungkook together. I won’t tell anyone by the way. It’s been fun watching you grow closer. But what I just saw was gross.”

You and Yoongi just look at each other then back at Jimin. You are lost for words.

“I can help you sneak him in here so you don’t sleep alone anymore?” Jimin offers.

“I knew you were my favourite.” Yoongi’s words cause you to laugh. Then you remember Jungkook.

“Jungkook sleeps here…” You cautiously state.

“He can leave, Jimin is here now.” Yoongi’s words piss you off a little.

“Well, no he usually sleeps with me.” He scoffs.

“Yeah not happening.” You can’t help but roll your eyes. “He can sleep in Namjoon’s room, just tell him you think it’s best since he has stuff he needs to speak to him about.” You think his words over, deciding to agree. You really wanted to try things with Yoongi and it wasn’t going to work if you barely see each other in the day. You need him at night.

“Jungkook?” Jimin questions. He doesn’t know.

“He’s back.” You tell him. Watching as his eyes go wide.

“Where is he?” You don’t even know that yourself.

“I don’t know, I’ll find him and bring him here for you okay?” Jimin nods eagerly causing you to giggle at him.

“I should go find him then.” You haven’t seen him in a month, and as odd as he seems to be now, you need to hear all about it, and just know he was okay alone. Oh, and then bring him to Jimin.

“I’ll be training.” Yoongi looks at you. Smiling a little, he kisses you lightly before he leaves the room. You look a Jimin.

“Wipe that smirk off your face.”

“Oh come on. He has never been happy, it’s nice.” You feel the butterflies you have been having recently again at the thought of even making him happy. Shaking off the feeling you make your way down the stairs and outside. You know Jungkook went this way.

“Oh Kooks!” You shout. “Come on, why are you being a little dick for. I’ve missed you!” You sing the last bit like you’re amazing at opera. You feel sadness wash over you when you hear nothing back. Should you give up?

As you turn to go back to the house, rustling behind you makes you spin back, feeling on edge.

“Its’s only me.” You relax as you see Jungkook emerge from behind some trees.

“Why are you being weird?” You question.

“How much do you trust me?” You think this over. A little annoyed he didn’t answer your question.

“With my life.” You respond. He smiles that smile he always did. Finally. His face reads something you can’t quite point out, but your words have made him happy.

“Come with me. You need to keep this a secret.” He holds out his hand, you gladly lace your fingers with his as you think of your own secret. He’s going to be mad you didn’t tell him. Curious as he takes you deeper into the forest you speak up.

“What is going on.” you question.

“Look I need you to know that I am doing nothing wrong, I am only helping.” Why do you feel scared at his words? You don’t speak as you only follow him deeper. Eyes widening when you notice the same figure you saw earlier on. This time his hood down, showing his roots peeking through his blonde hair.

“No, Jungkook we need to-” He cuts you off with a small smile.

“He needs help. He isn’t bad.” You’re an idiot for it, but you trust his words. Letting him stand you right infront of the figure who sits on the floor. Your eyes watching with caution as he stands up. You can’t help but stare at his beautiful features as he smiles at you.

The man has piercings in his ears and his blonde hair hangs slightly in front of his eyes, still showing a bit of his forehead as his hair parts in the centre, but just barely. He looked harmless. But was he? If Jungkook trusted him, then maybe you should too.  But why is he hiding him?

“Let me introduce you to Hoseok.” Now that’s just confusing. “But to make it easier, call him Wonho.” You Look at Jungkook, his next words making you regret coming here.

“He’s from the gang Namjoon stole from.”

What the fuck has Jungkook done.


 A/N: Just incase you are confused…Jungkook is acting like he doesn’t know about Yoongi and the reader 💕

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 6/??)

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex.

Previous Chapter: 5

Word Count: 2503

After a much needed rest, you woke up the following morning to a small shake on your back. Just who in the world was able to come into your bedroom? You know for certain you had locked the door once Jaebum left and you definitely knew Jackson was not dumb enough to come talk to you now. Opening one eye to see who the intruder was, the sight of Natalie hovering above you caused a low groan to purposefully leave your lips. “I’m not in the mood to talk Nat. Come back when I can actually digest your bullshit excuse over some coffee and pancakes.” Reaching for the sheets to pull over your head, they were quickly pulled back from the other girl as she sat down on the bed.

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squaredemlemons  asked:

15/19?? :O

It took me a while, I know but I finally finished! It’s the fourth part of Against a Wall Kiss, / Against a Locker Kiss / Last Kiss 

But it’s finally here! My ranting below. I hope you enjoy!

19. Jealous Kiss
Words: 2331

Marinette kept her gaze on her open notebook with her hands between her legs when the teacher dismissed the class. The pages were blank and she felt numb, but she didn’t want to lift her eyes. She didn’t want to see Adrien’s back, walking away. She just wanted for him to leave the classroom so she could wait a few minutes and then walk to her house.

She doesn’t want to have to walk in front of him to leave the room, because it hurt. It hurt so much that she could feel her soul bleeding. They haven’t talk to each other in three weeks. Three agonizing weeks, and she can barely look at him when they are fighting the forces of evil. Three weeks since they… realize it.

All Alya and Nino knew were that neither of them were handling the break up well. They didn’t understand because one day after school they were just as lovey-dovey as they always were and then the next day they were heartbroken.

Marinette remembers all the tears and the pain and the apologies they both shared. She said she was sorry, he said he was sorry. He said he forgave her, she said she forgave him. But it wasn’t that easy. They knew the trust was damaged, even if it was because they were so madly in love that they have fallen for each other twice.

They have decided, of course, to take some time, but as the nights with insomnia came one after another and another, she started to think that maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Maybe Adrien would decide that he couldn’t forgive her after all. Maybe she didn’t deserve him. Maybe she didn’t deserve this. Maybe she had to move on, even if it meant leaving her heart shattered behind.

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Fort Autism 1

Welcome to Fort Autism, 100% inspired by @autasticanna and the “Camp Autism” series! Fort Autism is not just a pillow fort, oh no, but a safe haven for those seeking refuge from the neurotypicals, a castle where you can enjoy things with fellow autistic people without judgement from the outside world, a fortress of safety against the loud noises, Bad textures, and teachers who take away your stim toys…… it just happens to be made of pillows! So come on in and tell me all about your special interests! I love a good infodump

FAQ- frequently asked questions

What programs do you use?

I mainly use paint tool Sai for the bulk of the actual drawing while I use Photoshop CS6 for enhancements (textures, color changes,resizing text)

What brushes do you use?

I made a post about this a few months ago click here to find out!

Do you use textures/screen tones:

I do and I would say 95% of my textured art is just me adding noise to the picture if your not sure what that means click here to my super short tutorial about it  

What tablet do you use?

A Cintiq 12 and also a Cintiq companion when I’m away from home.

Can I use your art?

Why yes, you can for pretty much everything anything but steal credit or make a profit off of it and no you don’t need to ask my permission first just do it :)

Can I use your AUs or ideas form your AUs?


Do you take requests or commissions?

At this time I’m not :( sorry

What’s your age?,location? sex?, gender?

I’m a 26 year old  Northern Virginian cis female.

Have you ever drawn <insert character name here>?

I tag all my Hetalia fanart with aph <insert country name> or 2p <insert country name> (minus the bracts) make use of the search function on my blog to find what your looking for and if you come up with nothing then I haven’t drawn that particular character 

How come your spelling and grammar is so bad?

Well I’d say 75% of it is because I’m dyslexic and the other 25% is laziness. This is my hobby blog not my portfolio so I’m not really interested in going over everything with a fine tooth comb or even a large tooth one.

Also no I do not have a portfolio blog though I really should…

Can I message you?

Sure you can! I’m more likely to respond if you send a message with your screen name than just a anonymous just because I don’t like clogging up my blog with a lot of questions I think most people come to my blog for my art and not my stunning personality ;)

Also if you send me a compliment anonymously I totally read it and get all the nice warm fuzzies just because I’m not posting for the reason I stated above doesn’t mean I don’t apprentice them very much and thank you all for sending them :)

fic: unzipped | emma x rupert

His hands went over every inch of her, leaving no area unexplored to his fingers as he stroked her firmly through the thick fabric. He could feel himself quickly losing what little patience he had left when all he could think about was how this dress was the only barrier between him and her bare skin.

Emma must have felt the same, because she reached behind to grab one of his wandering hands, dragging it across the back of her thigh until placing it over the exposed zipper.

Unzip me,” she commanded in a raspy whisper.

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anonymous asked:

Can you talk a bit of your art process? Or show a bit please? Thank you. You are a great artist

oh man this has been sitting in my messages forever I’m sorry

In terms of the actual stuff I use to draw, I do all of my digital artwork in Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Most of my digital drawings have 3 basic layers, (a sketch, an underpainting, and the final layer) (although I usually have more than that, for things like palettes or to separate different elements of the drawing. but there are 3 basic layers that I work with). I actually picked up that technique from a book about oil painting, but it’s still damn useful for digital art

Okay I’ve got some stages of an AC drawing I did that can help to illustrate some of what I’m saying, so I’m going to post those here too so that these words hopefully actually make some kind of sense

I generally start with a pretty rough sketch - like, I work on it enough that all the proportions are more or less right and everything is where it’s supposed to be, but I don’t bother to make it look pretty. It all gets covered up later on in the painting anyway. I know some people do away with the line sketch stage altogether for their digital portraits, but for me I find it helps me to establish proportions and some of the layout, and it’s easier for me than trying to just start blocking out the lighting of a face or whatever it is I’m drawing. It kind of changes for each drawing, depending on the level of detail or realism I’m going for, but the sketch generally takes between 30 minutes to two hours to get right. Like I said though, most of my sketches for this kind of drawing are actually pretty ugly on their own. 

The next thing I do it set the sketch layer to ‘multiply’, and put another layer underneath it and fill that with a solid background colour. Then I grab two shades - one lighter and one darker than the base colour - and start blocking in the basic lighting for the drawing. It’s still really messy during this stage, just big round brushes and messy scribbles, but it helps to establish the basic light and dark areas of the picture. Once I’ve got the first two light/dark shades down, I can start working in the darker shadows and brighter light areas. If the drawing is in colour, then I also have to consider things like different areas for different colours, and colour saturation and creating a somewhat unified palette (which I am really bad at, don’t take colour theory advice from me), but since 90% of my art is greyscale I can usually just focus on light and dark. I kind of just keep working away at it for a while, using large and medium brushes and focusing more on things like the larger forms and lighting areas instead of detailing or texture. Eventually (usually 1-2 hours for this step) I have a decent underpainting that is basically what I want the final drawing to look like in terms of colour, composition, and light/dark values, minus detail work. It generally looks like this:

 The last stage is the most time consuming (like, usually 2-3 times longer than all the stuff before), since it’s when create a new layer over everything I’ve done so far and zoom in to 100% on the drawing and start working on all the small details that I’ve been ignoring up to now. Things like hair/skin/fabric texture, small shapes in the shadows, seams, more accurate folds in the clothing, stuff like that. When I’m doing the underpainting I focus more on drawing the impression of things, so that it kind of looks like what it’s supposed to be if you don’t look to close, but when I’m detailing I go over the entire drawing again and fill in all the small stuff I skipped over earlier. And I really do mean the entire drawing - there are very few, if any, areas of the sketch and underpainting that aren’t covered up or worked over during this part. By the time I’m done (and honestly this stage generally takes between 6-15 hours, so it takes a lot patience. once it took 50 hours for a huge detailed drawing RIP) it looks like this:

From there I sometimes do minor tweaks to the drawing by adjusting things like levels, contrast, colour intensity etc with adjustment layers and really, really transparent overlays, but at this stage it’s pretty much finished! Sometimes I deviate from this kind of process a bit to try out different effect, but this is what I’ve used for all of the digital art that I’ve posted on this site

also here’s a gif since I’ve always wanted to make one like this, and it shows the difference between some of the stages better

Last Auction Heroes
  • I don’t know if I’ve openly admired Viggo’s fancy ass sword before but, damn, he’s got one fancy ass sword. He seems more the type for decorative swords than functional anyhow. 
  • Is it just me or does the hair texture look more fantastic than usual? I can’t stop staring at the twins’ hair…
  • Haaaa, so Hiccup goes to daddy for money…
  • On a side note srs stuff is goin’ on but I can’t look away from this:
  • So, at this moment it seemed as though Hiccup was finally giong to take this serious threat home… to Berk… you know the island full of viking warriors with far more experience in everything else besides dragon riding. But no, he’s just here for the money.
    • At least he got Gobber
  • “Oh don’t look at me like that, son”
    • I’m sorry Stoick but–

what the shit kind of look is this? Has Hiccup looked at you like this often?? Is it not a puppydog look he often gives you when he wants his way but a look that promises MURDER?

You seem familiar stoick. Familiar and appropriately worried.


  • SLAP A BITCH ULGERTHORPE (Snotlout could do a lot worse than Blonde, I’ll give him that much)
    • Oh shit he gonna get it later
    • Boof
  • I don’t think Tuffnut had to summersault over that bush. But he chose to
  • I’ll take a thousand more, please
  • So how did Viggo jump from seeing the twins to seeing Ulgerthorpe as with them?
  • Okay, so already at this ‘coming to a head’ moment in the episode my momentum from the last is starting to wane…
  • Once again, I’m feeling a little confused as to how Hiccup feels so confident to say things like ‘fool proof plan’ when it’s not only obviously not foolproof–particularly for a guy like Hiccup–but relatively simple against someone like Viggo. Much as I felt at the end of least season’s finale, it seems Hiccup’s being ‘dumbed down’ to make Viggo look like a more clever villain. Reckless, shallow planning coupled with overconfidence…
  • And, once again, its a foreshadowed saving grace helps them.
    • Fortunately we are well into the “fool me FOUR TIMES shame on ME” so this’ll all get brushed into wonky TV-show characterization
  • Grump was 100% the highlight of this episode. Like the full on reason I could enjoy it (and blondlout). So was Gobber getting to get all rough and tumble like the good olde days.
  • I will admit… the very ending helped ease my opinion with some lovely wet-hair animation and Astrid/the gang rescuing Hiccup and the looks they give each other. I just really like unspoken reminders of how far Hiccup’s come, emotionally, with his peers.

One more to go, kids

Justin wake up hun

Justin’s ability to see the good in everyone and be so forgiving is honestly his best and worst trait. I understand that he all of the sudden wants to be there for everyone who gets continuous hate because he knows how crappy it feels to have the entire world at your throat, but he should remember that it’s because of his hard times that he was able to learn lessons and even grow to the person he is today. I’m all about love and being kind to everyone and being forgiving but in order to grow in life you have to go through things the hard way sometimes. Kylie has appropriated black culture more than a few times, it’s been a continuous thing for her and black people are tired of it. She’s not learning so guess what- she gets dragged. Idk why Justin feels that it’s his place to play savior in instances where he doesn’t fully grasp the true reason of why people are upset. It’s not just about a fucking hairstyle, it’s about the fact that when white people do it it’s a fucking trend but when black people do it we are literally oppressed because of it. As a young black woman who’s had natural hair all her life I relate to the oppression of a “hairstyle” 100%. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been picked on or frowned upon because of the style in which I choose to wear my hair. I remember being 7 years old at the playground and I wanted to play with some of the girls there (that were white) and they wouldn’t let me play with them because their mom’s said they couldn’t. I asked why their mothers would say something like that and they said it was because the way my hair was styled ( in cornrows) it made me look ghetto and ghetto people where unsafe to play with. It broke my heart. I remember being so sad and hating my hair and the fact that it wasn’t long and silky and straight. Flash forward to today. I’m 20 years old and I’m a cashier at a retail store in the mall. I’ve overheard at least 10+ customers telling some of my colleagues that they would rather wait in line than have me check them out because I might get oil on their clothes and ruin it or because my hair makes me look “unapproachable” and uncivilized because it’s “wild and unkept” and I look “homeless” or like something “exploded on my head”. So as much as I love Justin. NO, it’s not just a hair style and YES it is a big deal that Kylie thinks it’s okay to even post a picture like that and have the audacity to caption it “I woke up like dis” like no you didn’t. My people are turned away from jobs and judged and made fun of over hairstyles and textures so you damn sure can’t take them and start a new fucking trend and get praised over it and I’m just supposed to let it happen, miss me with that. That’s why we’re mad. No ones coming down on Kylie for the hell of it. She fucked up, and just like you Justin, she has to learn.

Did you know that I’m not her? And I partially agreed to the wait because I didn’t believe you existed in the first place. But in the slight rare possibility that you did, you would definitely not want me. Because I’m not ‘her.’ I choke on soft words like ‘want’ and ‘need’. I hate flowers, red boxes of unpredictable strangely textured chocolate, balloons that take months to die and everything Valentines Day. I’m sorry but to me The Notebook and Pretty Woman were just okay. I am the one fairies tell you to stay away from, I was never Cinderella, I was the evil stepmother. I was never the princess, I was the fire breathing dragon. I was Ursula, I was The Wicked Witch of the West, yet you chose to knocking on the door of this castle of my heart, unaware that an invisible fortress had been built due to much more pain and experience than a sting.

My first love on Earth cheated on me, visiting me on holidays bearing beautifully wrapped gifts of empty promises tied with bows the colour of wishful thinking and then leaving me. An egg can’t produce without a seed and winter came, then summer, then spring, then fall and I guess mine took the option to leave because although mummy said I was beautiful, and that it wasn’t my fault, it still felt like incarcerated incidence so beauty, to me, was incomplete.

So I stepped outside to bask in the sun only to find you sleeping night after night in front of the door of my cold heart, who led you inside? I was terrified. I’d never been this close but all you wanted to do was show me that we shared the same old wounds. For some strange reason you felt like heels click three times. I was a relentless unpredictable storm. I guess those other men were made of hay because I huffed and I puffed and the spirit of your big body howls wouldn’t go down. I hated the way my heart became a defiant teenager and listened to you instead of me.

It’s hard to breathe when anyone gets close. Stay close. And just let me inhale your exhale. Even when I punch you with my words, stay close. Even when I cut you with my fears, stay close. Look at my chilling eyes and remember, look at my bleeding knees and remember, I fell for you and it took my thirty three years to let that pain die so that new hope and new life could resurrect.

And when God removed the scales from my eyes, I remember looking at you and finally understanding the meaning of the word behold. I remember the first time looking into your eyes was like staring at the back of the moon only to find that it shines, too. You wear patience like a tailored suit.

All I can do is thank God and your mother for raising a man that I never believed could exist.

—  Janette McGhee Watson “I Waited For You

Little Mix - “These Four Walls”

I have only been left once. I don’t really remember, with much specificity, what was said. Here is what I do remember: sitting on the floor, my back against the cold metal bar of my bed frame, my toes buried in the carpet, my knees tucked close to my chest. This reeling sense of change; this reeling sense of stasis.

The problem was not exactly that I was sad. The problem was not exactly one of a broken heart. I guess I would say that the problem was that suddenly the future was taken away from me, and the past became unfathomable. Nothing I pictured could happen as I pictured it; everything I thought had happened seemed suddenly so delicately subjective. When that happens, all you really have is now, and here.

There is a kind of sadness that is not just an feeling that you feel right here, right now, but that is right here, right now. The entirety. The location. There is a kind of sadness that pulls you under and all there is is a swirling now around you, because if the future is gone and the past is gone then all you have is just your bare feet on the cold floor, just the prickle at the back of your throat, just the sound of your own breath in the stillest silence of an empty kitchen, just three in the morning fingers clutching a tangled comforter like it’s the only thing keeping you from sweeping away because maybe it is. 

There is a kind of sadness that is not just a feeling but also a place. There is a kind of sadness you can live inside of because there is a way that someone can seem to take everything from you except what you can grasp with your hands and see with your half-closed eyes. There is a way that, briefly, that can feel like maybe that’s all there is. Just these four walls, and me.

You will not get swept away. The world will expand, eventually. A new future will creep into your imagination; the past will develop sharper detail. The world will have dimension and texture again and you will see it and you will feel it. A tiny room can seem like it’s the whole world, but eventually you will step outside of it.