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The Blind Date Pt 1

AN: So my lovelies! I have started another fic because it was driving me crazy and had to be let loose. Have no fear, Eat This pt 5 will be coming soon, but in the meantime see what you think about my newest AU sort of Rae fic. As always below are the darlings that have asked to be tagged for my fics, if you’d like for me to add you to or take you out of this list just let me know! And as you already know feedback is always appreciated! 

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Guys please read this. Our town needs help

Dario Bartoli, an incredible boy in my community was murdered four months ago today. He was walking through a local park and was jumped by a group of men. His mom started a petition to get cameras into the parks so that no one has to fear for their lives while simply walking home at night. It would just take a few seconds to sign this petition we need so many more than we have already and I know the tumblr community could signal boost this and help make sure this horrible heart breaking situation doesn’t happen to anyone of our youth EVER again