just take it al up front

Sh*t Evgeni Malkin does:
  • Decides to buy Alien/Predator sculptures in Dubai and have them shipped to Pittsburgh to guard his driveway

  • Puts a scarf on the sculptures when it snows

  • Wears rocket shoes over the sea

  • Cuddles lions

  • Gets kissed by dolphins

  • Takes a polar bear selfie

  • Swims with a whale shark

  • Dresses like a sultan while in the Burj al Arab in Dubai

  • Flexes while wearing just a towel and being pelted by sprinklers (also at the Burj al Arab in Dubai)

  • Tours bunkers of former communist Soviet leaders

  • Takes photos with the Stanley Cup….while using a urinal

  • Catches a hammerhead shark….then has it stuffed

  • Paints teddy bears

  • Takes photos mocking drunk friends

  • Dresses like this 

  • And this 

  • Pretends to be a sculpture

  • Plays with actual sculptures

  • Shoots large guns

  • Visits bath houses (complete with authentic Russian hat)

  • Embarrasses himself in front of dignitaries

  • Falls asleep in flower beds

  • Beats up small children

  • Takes selfies with the goal cam

  • Plays himself in odd Russian movies

  • Wears 4 sets of pool floaties simultaneously

  • Has a crystal Stanley Cup

  • Wears eyeball glasses

  • Hangs from the guns of tanks

  • Thinks everyone looks better with his face

  • Owns Halloween

  • Wins

Grocery Store

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader, Damian Wayne x sisterly!Reader

Summary:  Tim lost Damian at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you.

Key: Y/N= your name

“Y/N! Sweetie I need you to run to the store,” your mom shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah Mom, I’ll be right down!” You turned off your music and stampeded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Here’s the list, remember the roast beef this time, and you can grab some ice cream if you have money left over,” your mom ran through her list then she slapped some money into your hand and sent you on your way to the grocery store. 

As you left your car, you looked over the list for dinner and strolled into the store. You meandered though the fruits, grabbing bananas, on your way towards the meat section. You over heard two boys arguing over onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions,” the small boy stated pointedly.

“It literally says right here that he needs white onions,” the older boy pointed to the list, on his phone, in his hand, “so we’re getting white.”

“Well I like red.”

“Good thing I didn’t ask your opinion.” You chuckled and watched the smaller boy slapped ‘Drake’. “Ouch, you demon.” He was greeted with a tongue sticking out. “Real mature,” he said rolling his eyes.

While the exchange was humorous to you, you had to carry on shopping, your mom wouldn’t want to be waiting forever.

“Master Tim, I’m quite busy taking care of Master Bruce at the moment. Do you mind picking up Master Damian from school and grabbing the makings for dinner,” Alfred asked Tim over the phone.

Tim groaned silently, “Yeah Al, no problem. Just text me the list.”

Tim hated driving Damian home from school. He had to sit in the car and listen to Damian complain about how wrong his teachers were and how ignorant his peers were. It was the absolute worst.

Tim pulled up in front of the school. “Damian, get in.” Damian glared at Tim for a minute then slipped into the car.

“Where is Pennyworth?”

“He’s with Bruce, so you gotta deal with me and we have to go to the store.” Damian groaned. Tim just rolled his eyes and drove to the store, listening to Damian complain.

They walked in and began the search for ingredients. The boys started with vegetables.

“Okay, white onions…” Tim scanned the aisle and walked to the onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions.”

After a debate over what onion to get, Damian decided he no longer wanted to shop with Tim. So when Tim went to to pick up bread, Damian went to find where the ice cream was.

“Damian, put this in the cart,” Tim reached behind him to hand the bread to the boy, “Damian don’t be an ass.” Tim turned around and found the cart abandoned.

Tim sneered to himself, Good riddance. That was until he realized Alfred would kill him if he didn’t come back with Damian.


You had grabbed the last thing on the list and did a quick self-checkout to find that you still had money left over. “Sweet! Thanks momma,” you cheered and skipped on over to the ice cream aisle. When you got there, you found the small boy from the veggie section looking over the ice cream selections.

“Hey there,” you waved. He glanced at you then back to the ice cream. “So, you more of an vanilla or a chocolate kinda person?”

He looked at you and quirked his head like a dog. “Mint chocolate.”

“Hey, that’s my favorite,” you squealed, “have you seen a container? I’m dying for some.”

“No, they seem to have run out,” the little boy snapped.

“It’s okay…um…” You stood there awkwardly, waiting for his name.

“I am Damian Wayne.,” he puffed his chest out proudly, “What’s your name?”

You were surprised to find this young Wayne wandering the store by himself, but you didn’t really question it. “I’m Y/N. You wanna see what else they got?”

He stood thoughtfully for a second then shrugged his shoulder, “Sure.”

You grabbed his hand and felt him stiffen. You gave him a smile and he loosened up. You steered your cart down the aisle, talking to Damian about the best ice cream flavors.

Losing hope that Damian was still even in the store, Tim zoomed up and down almost every single aisle in the store. He scanned them for the short devil and was coming up empty.

“Ugh,” he shouted at the couple of people in the aisle. “Sorry,” he blushed. He ran to the next aisle. When he got there, he heard Damian talking to someone the next one over. Bolting into the ice cream section, Tim saw his demonic brother with a very cute girl.

“Damian! Jeez, I’ve looked through the entire store for you. Come on, we have to get this stuff home to Alfred,” Tim complained. He grabbed at Damian’s shoulder, but he pulled back.

“If you were looking very intently, how could you take so long to find me,” Damian grinned.

“Because I didn’t want to,” Tim sneered, “come on.” 

Tim turned to you. “Sorry for him, whatever offensive things he may have said.”

You glared at him, “He was a perfect gentleman, thank you very much.” You watched as he blushed.

“Y/N, this is, unfortunately, my somewhat sibling, Tim Drake,” Damian leaned in closer to you, “He’s idiotic.” You giggled at his comment.

“Well, Damian, it was a pleasure to be your ice cream buddy. Maybe we’ll find each other in the ice cream aisle again sometime?” You stuck out you hand for him to shake it.

He grabbed it and shook. Then he looked at Tim, “Drake, get out your phone.”

“Wha-what, why?”

“So you can get Y/N’s number, and I can stay in contact with her. She’s more tolerable than the entire Wayne household,” Damian rationalized.

You blushed. You didn’t realize how much he liked you and it was nice. “Sure, here,” you grabbed Tim’s phone and typed in your number, “Call me anytime Damian.” You ruffed his hair. Tim waited for him to chaste you, but nothing came. “Bye guys!”

You called your mom as you left the store, “Sorry it took so long mom, had to take care of a boy who was left alone. I’ll be home soon.”

Tim glared at Damian. “I can’t believe you.” Damian just looked at him with a smug little smirk on his lips. Tim snatched his collar, “Come on!”

Tim dragged Damian to the checkout then to his car, never taking his eye off the boy.

Tim’s phone seemed to be Damian’s, seeing how often he was on it with you. “Damian! I need my phone back, I have to call someone! Damian!” Tim stormed through the manor yelling for his phone. He finally found Damian in the library, but before he could yell at him he overheard the conversation.

“Y/N, why are you so interested in Drake? I told you he’s an imbecile and not very mannered.” Damian listened to your response. “Well, I guess he may have some good qualities, but they are usually masked by his stench.”

Tim scoffed and Damian heard. Tim didn’t bother waiting for him to stop talking, “Dude, hand me my phone. I have to make a call.”

“No Drake, you can see I’m on the phone!”

You heard some grunts on the other side of the line, ending with Damian yelling in the background. You assumed that Tim had won the fight over the phone. “Hey, Y/N, Damian says bye but don’t go yet. Just give me a minute.”

You listened to the sound of feet, guessing he was walking to a more private place to talk.

“Sorry, I was hoping to clear the air on how my brother portrays me so, maybe, we could go out sometime? I mean you’d get approval from the hardest Wayne.”

You busted out laughing, “You’ve got a lot of damage control to do.”

Choking On The Heat (Usnavi de la Vega x Reader)

Author’s Note: I made myself cry with this during midnight. Also, thank you @hamlltvn for helping me with this fic and calling me satan through it. Also, yes. I wrote that rap part. I know, it’s awful. Blame Poppy, she wanted me to keep it.
This is kinda the sequel to another Usnavi fic I did called ‘For Better Or For Worse’ which you can find in my masterlist!

Summary: Usnavi has one last thing to do before he closes the shop, something he has refused to do for a year. (i can’t do it better than this)


Word Count: 1,978


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Alone, Until I Get Home (3/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: Hopefully I’ll have the next chapter finished by next Monday, but my students’ art show is next Wednesday, so this week is sort of a last-minute-scramble-to-get-ready sort of week, so it may take a bit longer :)

Also posted on: AO3

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First Time With Them: PENTAGON SHINWON

| Yuto || YanAn || YeoOne || Kino || E’Dawn  || Hui |

/ BTS // GOT7 // SF9 // WINNER // KHH /

  • Hey ho another fluff ball
  • Would definitely take you out on a date first
  • Like the cute-but-cliché kind
  • You’d be eating ice-cream and all
  • But then you’d notice that he’s initiating a lot of PDA
  • Which really wasn’t al that bad but just unusual
  • And then you’d have to rush home since he spilled juice/tea/coffee all over himself
  • Him taking off his shirt in front of you because he feels comfortable around you
  • After noticing your furious blush he’d decide to tease you some
  • However to his surprise you didn’t give up easily
  • So you kissed him and as he bit your lips, pulling at it- you moaned
  •      Which turned him on
  • The two of you haven’t even noticed how you got to the bed and all clothes were gone
  • However, he knew to consider himself lucky that your pain tolerance was high
  • Since he forgot that he was your first because of his lust-clouded mind.
I Wrote this Poem Just to Show it

Character: Alexander X Reader
Prompt: Reader is best friends with the journalist who runs the school paper. Every week, you write a new poem for them to publish, and it eventually draws the attention of a certain someone.
Word Count: 2,126
W/T: Teasing?
A/N: Honestly the only reason this story came to be was because I was in the mood to write poetry, ngl. Hope y'all enjoy!


“I’m telling you, Y/N, you’re poems are amazing.” Your best friend, Hercules Mulligan, exclaims, hastily typing it into the same format as you had written it. “Oh whatever, Herc.” You huff, leaning back in your chair and setting your feet on top of the desk. “You only ever wanted me to do this because it gave you one less column to fill out in your campus newspaper.” “Okay, maybe at first.” He admits, eyes still glueing themselves to the screen. “But once the ‘Campus Caller’ took off, people started to give me feedback, and they all really loved your work!” “That’s fine and dandy, Herc, but I still wish to remain anonymous.” You deadpan, tossing the apple you were going to eat around in your hands. “Hey, no food near the laptop, missy.” Hercules warns, taking one hand away from his typing to shoo you away.

Giggling, you tuck and roll onto the floor from your chair, stopping yourself against the edge of Herc’s bed frame. Sprawling out on top of his layers of clean and dirty clothes, you mindlessly stare at the ceiling fan, watching it go round and round. “You know you don’t have to be here, Y/N. I really just needed to type up the poem.” Hercules states, still not looking over to you. “But you said you would take me out to eeeeeeaaaaaatttttt.” You complain, rolling over defiantly, half of your body now hidden beneath his bed. “Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” He asks himself aloud in a rather monotone voice. “No. I’m not doing this again, Herc. You’ve promised me food for the past three poems, and what do you know? I haven’t gotten food.” “But then people will think that we’re datinggg.” He whines, his fingers clacking away on his keyboard. “As if. Everyone basically knows about you and Peggy, Herc.” You spit, watching his face grow pink. “And besides, your basically my brother, that would be weird. I’ve got my eye on somebody else, anyway.” “Oh? And who is that, might I ask?” He inquires, half aware of what he just asked. “Well if you must know, then it’s-”

You are quickly cut off by a series of sharp and forcefully knocks on the door, each set coming in a triplets, followed by a familiar voice calling out Hercules’ name. Recognizing the voice, you quickly pull yourself all the way under the bed, burying yourself slightly in some of his laundry. He didn’t need to know you were here.

“Alex what the hell. Wh-” Hercules starts, but is cut off by Alexander, forcefully closing his laptop on him. “Don’t what the hell me, Hercules. You didn’t tell me you could write!” Alexander exclaims while you watch his feet shuffle around from your position, his dark blue jeans swaying slightly with his movements. “Excuse me?” Hercules deadpans, obviously confused by his friend’s accusations. “Don’t play dumb with me. You literally write this newspaper of yours on your own. How could you not tell me that your a poet?!” Alex scoffs, his words sounding more and more passionate as he rambles on. “I’m not?” Hercules answers, his words coming off as more of a question than a statement. “Oh really? Then explain this.” Alexander counters, clearing his throat as to read off of last week’s “Campus Caller”.

“Is it true
That the stars are merely
Orbs of orbiting gases
Far, far away from us?
Or are they something more?

Are they something we can’t quite grasp
Something that’s on the tip of our tongues
But yet
Still too far away to understand?

Are stars our past
Shining down upon us
Through the blackening abyss
That is our future?

Or are they are future
With our hopes and dreams
Among a sea
Of disarray
And despair?

Is it true
That the stars
Are something I’ll never
Become apart of
No matter how hard I try?

Am I forever earthbound
Upon this shrinking planet
Forever cursed
To never be apart of
What I wish to be?

Is it true
That the stars
Are only
For me?

Or will I be able
To share these
And ideals
With someone beside me?”

His words seem to flow from his mouth like a coursing river, each one alive with emotions he put behind them. You close your eyes for a moment, taking in his melodic voice, melting a little bit as he speaks so highly of your poetry.

"Hate to break it to ya, Alex,” Hercules interrupts, jarring you back to reality, “but I don’t write that column. I have a friend who does that.” You silently curse Herc for getting ready to throw you under the bus, ready to punch him. “You’re kidding.” Alex huffs, his feet shifting again. “At least tell me who writes these marvelous works of art.” “You see that? That little word right there in spot of the author’s name? What’s it say?” “…Anonymous.” Alex answers, sounding upset. “That means they don’t want to be known. See how that works?” Hercules finishes, his voice laced with sarcasm. “But why can’t you just tell me? I’m just one person, Herc!” Alex pouts, refusing to give up on this. “Because,” Hercules huffs, standing up from his seat, beginning to push Alexander back out the door, “I know that you’ll seek said person out, and badger them about their writing. So no, I’m not going to tell you who it is. Anything else you wish to know?”

“Whatever, I’m going to rant to Y/N.” Alex scoffs, storming out of the dorm. The sound of his footsteps fades away, and you pull yourself out from underneath of Hercules’ bed, stretching your legs to relieve them of their cramps. “Thanks, Herc.” You smile sheepishly, taking his outstretched hand, letting him pull you into a standing position. “Yeah, but you better go after him though, he’s ready to blow at any moment.” Hercules suggests, his eyes glancing towards the window across the room. You quickly stride over to the windowsill, staring down at the lush campus itself, 5 floors below you. Almost too perfectly timed, a small figure barges out of the bottom of the building, his shoulders hunched. “He could have a storm cloud hanging over him if this were anime.” You state, blinking at the disappearing Alex. “Just go after him.” Hercules chuckles, gently nudging you to the door as well. “Okay, okay.” You groan, walking through the doorway. “Have fun with your boyfriend.” Hercules calls out after you, making your cheeks flush pink.

Deciding against the elevator, you fling yourself down the fire escape stairs, your footsteps echoing against the concrete as you fly from floor to floor, racing against Alex. Knowing that the first place he would go to would be your dorm, you opt for the next place he would automatically go to; the college cafe. You eagerly fling your backpack over your shoulder, your books and keys humbling themselves up inside as you take off for the main building, your pace breaking into a dead sprint. Adrenaline begins to wash over you as you begin to near your destination, the top of the building peaking over the horizon. Your breathing heavy, you slow your pace as you approach the familiar glass doors, the dim lighting and wavering scent of coffee making you feel calmer.

Gingerly, you press your hand against the smudged glass, the smell of coffee becoming stronger than before as you step into the small cafe, faint jazz music hitting your ears. Luckily, Alexander was nowhere to be found, so you let out a sigh of relief and take the same table you always do when you come here.

Happily remembering you already completed you papers for your classes, you dig your favorite notebook out of your bag, it’s slightly tattered edges and worn look bringing a small smile to your face. Turning to the folded page you left off on, you quickly finish the poem you had started last week, writers block preventing you from doing so earlier.

“A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body

What is love?

In simplest terms
A feeling
A simple smile
That clicks
With someone
That no other smile has before

What is love?

As some might explain
An emotion
A sense of longing
For someone to return
From an overseas trip

What is love?

Is a change of heart
The innocence of a child
Giving the sinner
A new perspective
On life
With a simple question

What is love?

A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body
Your face growing hot
And your nerves
Tingling with a sensation
That you had not known
Up until this moment

What is love?

A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body.”

You smile, satisfied with your final draft. Inspiration now flooding through you, you start to begin another poem, but the jingling of the front door catches your attention. You glance up to find Alexander, his eyes scanning across the cafe. You smile and wave your hand, motioning for him to come over. His glare softens at the sight of you, and his shoulders become a little less hunched as he strolls over to take the seat next to you.

“Hey Ale-woah, you look like you’re about to murder someone.” You laugh, scooting over slightly in the booth. He raises his eyebrows in agreement, huffing out a sigh of frustration. “It’s just-” “Hold on a sec.” You interrupt, readjusting the way you were sitting, propping your hands up on the table and leaning your chin into your palms. “Alright. Go.” You giggle, smiling warmly. Alexander chuckles, his eyes seeming to search for what words he wants.

“Okay, it’s about Herc.” “Ahh, the living, breathing teddy bear. Yes, go on.” You joke, earning an eye roll. “Well, you know about the newspaper he does? Campus Caller? There’s this column he has in it, it’s dedicated to poetry. You know how I love poetry, it’s what I live for. Anyway, I went to him, ecstatic that he wrote! I didn’t know he had it in him to write so vividly, so immensely! But he admitted that he had someone else write that column for him. I asked who it was, determined to find this person. But he refuses to tell me! Honestly, who does that to a person?! Who willing holds the key information that allows someone to meet the person they’re meant to be with?! The person that could very possibly be their soulmate?! The person who could change your life forever? The p-” He freezes, his eyes widening as his body tenses up.

“What? What is it Alex?” You ask, becoming very worried by his sudden stop. His eyes lock upon yours, a look of mystery and astonishment whirling around in them. “Alex?” Say again, unsure of how to react to his change in attitude.

“Kiss me.”


Kiss me.“

"I-uh-Al-!” You stutter, quickly cut off by Alexander placing his hands on either side of your face and pressing his lips against yours, a surging current sparking between your abrupt connection. Heat flooded your face as you returned the gesture, his rough lips feeling soft against yours. You leaned into his hands, melting at the touch. Alex pulls back inches, leaning his forehead against yours, catching his breath. He quickly takes one of his hands from your cheek, grasping for the notebook sprawled out on the table. He begins to flip through them, his eyes hungrily taking in each and every word scrawled across the pages. “Why did you never tell me you were so fluent in poetry? I recognize this style of writing anywhere. Thank god you left your notebook open-can I keep this?-otherwise I would’ve driven myself mad. That is, if I weren’t alrea-Oh my god, when did you write this? How did you write this? How did you get it to read so fluently? How on earth di-” Alex excitedly rambles, flipping through the lined pages like a child in a candy store. You roll your eyes at his abundantly happy babbling before leaning over and placing another warm kiss against his lips to shut him up.

“I love you, Alex, but you talk way too much.”

Age is just a number - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Age is just a number

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,510

Warnings: Age gap (nothing happening underage)

Prompt: can you do a Dean x reader. she’s 17 and she saves the Winchesters asses on case and Dean thinks she’s beautiful & way older than her age and flirts big time with her, than later when the boys bring her to a bar and she tells them her age and dean kind of sad. Then she goes and lives with them. Then when it’s her 18th birthday Dean brings her out to a field and they sit on the impala and he finally gets the chance to kiss her because he fell in love with her. And smut in the back of the impala.

A/n: Super sorry it took so so long to have this up! It was written but I never had time to actually upload it!

“Seems like we finally got the Winchesters. Well isn’t that a great turn of events huh?” the demon chuckled, sharing a look with his partner.

“Lucifer will be very happy to find out” the other chuckled and Dean merely glared at him, fighting against the roped that held him.

“That is if you ever get to make it out alive outta this place” Dean gave them a tight smile and they laughed.

“Oh really? And what do you think will stop us huh? You don’t seem all that-” he was cu off before he could complete his sentence a knife – looking like an angel blade – was plunged inside his chest and in and instant killed him.

“Oh sorry. Were you saying something?” you tilted your head to the side, looking at the dead body on the ground.

“What the…” the other demon looked down at the body then back up at you narrowing his eyes “You little-”

“A-huh-huh did mommy tell you not to curse? Does a bad thing for the soul” you smirked as he growled at you. He lunged himself at you but you managed to dodge him, taking hold of his one hand and bringing it behind his back andstabbing him the chest.

“Too bad, who knows where you might end up now” you pouted fakely down at him.

“Oh but I know were you will end up” another one growled as more demons started to circle you.

“Really? Cause I don’t think I told anybody how I planned on going to see Civil War hm” you shrugged and the just glared at you, although Dean snickered a little.

“Come on now fellas. Why hurt each other when I can take the boys and we’ll be on our merry way?”

“How about no? And how about you leave before you break a nail sweetheart, this ain’t a job for little girls” one snickered and your face got completely serious.

“Oh now you’re asking for it. I tried to play nice but you- just won’t let me rest. As you wish now” with a snarl they al lunged at you, one after the other. Just when you had managed to kill three more and before you could take he anger blade out you were grabbed by two other and held by your hand you were pinned to the wall. You growled at the third that came in front of you with a cocky smirk.

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Cooking By The Book UsUk

Not crack I swear

Yes. I am lazy town memes trash fucking square up and throw a punch if u dare m8. But this is no crack fic this is an actual normal fic.. sorta i guess.. ENJOY.

“Arthur really, you don’t have to bake the cookies. Mom said she doesn’t mind baking them this year.” 

Alfred saw Arthur’s shoulders slump in defeat. He sighed and hugged him from behind, resting his head on Arthur’s shoulder to take a better look at the destroyed kitchen in front of them.

“It’s just… I really wanted to impress your family Al, didn’t you say that the Christmas dinner was very important to your family?” 

Ah, so that’s what had the Brit cooking since dawn. 

“Arthur just because you can’t provide the cookies doesn’t mean you’ll ruin the dinner. Everyone will still love you, I just know they will.”

Arthur didn’t reply and that said plenty to Alfred. He sighed, his sweet and adorable English boyfriend clearly wanted to bake the cookies no matter what so as a hero he had to help him. He removed himself from the smaller man and turned him around to get a better look at his face.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll help you. How hard can it be if we do the cooking by the book, right?” 

No matter how tiring it was to get a decent batch of cookies by the end of the day, getting to look at Arthur’s cheery expression made it all worth it to the American. 

Alfred would do anything for Arthur and vice versa, that much was clear for both of them. Alfred could only hope that when Christmas came around, Arthur would do the biggest thing Alfred could ever ask from him, which was to be his forever. 

Gahh so fluffy and sweet I gave myself cavities sheesh. 

Amama Shahidina (Oliver-centric; G)

Summary: Missing (and badly needed) scene from 4x13. The moment Nyssa is declared Ra’s al Ghul, she decides to take matters into her own hands regarding her marital status, calling upon Laurel and Felicity to be the witnesses.

Ships: Laurel & Nyssa, Laurel/Nyssa, Oliver & Nyssa, Oliver/Felicity

A/N: The title translates into “in front of two witnesses” in Arabic. Just to be clear - we’ve seen in the show that the League operates with a pseudo-Islamic kind of faith (the evil kind that does not line up with actual Islam), so the process of divorce is loosely based on that - “loosely” being the operative word. It’s by no means identical and that’s deliberate. Just fyi.

Read at AO3

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“You are Ra’s al Ghul,” Oliver says as he hands the ring over to Nyssa. At the same time, he takes the lotus from her.

“Thank you, husband.”

He’s heard that word many times in the last day alone, and even now he has to conceal his wince as Nyssa puts the ring on.

“Ra’s,” the League members say in unison, kneeling immediately. Oliver bows his head, following suit, not just in respect but in shame for handing the ring to Malcolm in the first place.

Then the moment passes and Oliver clears his throat. “If you’ll excuse me, Nyssa… my sister needs the Lotus.”

To his surprise, Nyssa shakes her head. “We have one matter to attend to – my first decree as Ra’s al Ghul.”

“Nyssa, Thea is dying,” Laurel starts to say, and perhaps even more unexpectedly, Nyssa beckons for Laurel to join them.

“This will not take long. I require your presence, Laurel. As a witness.”

But Laurel doesn’t budge, instead folding her arms in defiance. “Is that an order?”

And somehow Nyssa softens a little – Oliver can tell from the way her shoulders become less rigid and the hardened steel in her eyes seems to disappear in an instant.

“No. Merely a request.” After a moment’s thought, Nyssa adds, “A request from a friend to bear witness to something important.”

Laurel sighs and with reluctance, she says, “Fine.”

“Miss Smoak, your presence is also required, if you please,” Nyssa adds. When Oliver meets Felicity’s eyes (her brow is furrowed in a deep frown), he tries to nod assuringly at her, and she wheels herself forward alongside Laurel. John steps forward too, and when Oliver gives him a nod, John goes to stand over Malcolm, make sure he doesn’t try anything.

“I remember you told me once that if you ever became Ra’s, you would do away with the whole kneeling thing,” Laurel comments. “You said it was demeaning.”

Nyssa nods. “Indeed it is.” She turns to address her army. “On your feet.” Then her gaze drops to Malcolm still keeling over in pain. “Apart from you, As-Saher.”

“Nyssa,” Oliver begins, but she holds her hand up to stop him.

“Al-Saheem, ana ismi Nyssa bint Ra’s al Ghul, wa amama shahidina: talaq, talaq, talaq.”

“What…” Felicity says, clearly as confused as Oliver is.

“It means she’s divorced you,” Laurel says before Nyssa can say anything. Oliver and Felicity both raise their eyebrows together in surprise. “What? I do read, you know.”

Oliver looks Nyssa in the eyes. “Is that true? Did you just -”

“Under League law, it is customary for the male to undertake the divorce proceedings, and only then at the behest of Ra’s himself. Since I now hold that title, I call for a change in that ancient custom - and an end to a marriage I never wanted to enter into.”

“That makes three of us,” Felicity says under her breath.

“All of us,” Laurel adds.

“I did not think it possible for this to happen without the death of As-Saher,” Nyssa says, “but it did.”

“Which means you’re not going to try and kill him?” Oliver asks.

“To kill him now would be mere gluttony.”

“It would,” Oliver agrees.

“You’re going to wish you killed me, Oliver,” Malcolm wheezes, “because when I get my hands on you -”

His words are cut off, however, as John punches him in the face and knocks him out.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for years,” John says, breathing heavily.

“So have I,” Laurel and Felicity say at the same time. Oliver shakes his head.

“So… does this mean you’re going to stop calling my future husband your husband?” Felicity asks. Oliver smiles, then (there’s something about Felicity being possessive that always totally does it for him), and so does Nyssa.

“Gladly, Miss Smoak. Gladly.”

“Good,” Felicity says, “because my future sister-in-law’s life is kinda hanging in the balance here.”

“Let’s go,” Laurel says. But Oliver watches as Nyssa catches Laurel’s sleeve.

“I will make things right, Laurel. I promise.”

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4/4 Jealousy

Requested: Ye

Author: Brit


  • ugh I tried to make things different. sorry
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It had been a long night. You were on tour with the boys since Michael invited you and you had been keeping yourself busy with work. You were doing a lot of tour photography for their new book, which was unbelievably tiring. They boys were even more tired than you after they came off stage that night. Michael’s eyes drooped, but as soon as he came backstage he planted a sloppy kiss on your cheek. You smiled at his exhaustion and the five of you collapsed onto different couches around the tour bus.

Nobody wanted to admit they were tired so Luke decided to put on a movie. Michael and Luke were sitting on one couch while you, Cal, and Ashton sat on the other. At some point during the movie, almost everyone fell asleep; everyone except Michael. He was scowling at the scene across from him. You were fast asleep with your head on Calum’s shoulder and your hand limped over Ash’s knee.

“Luke,” Michael nudged the dozing blond, “Luke, wake up.” Luke jolted awake and rubbed his eyes. He looked up at the guitarist with confusion. “What does that look like to you?” Michael asked, gesturing to you and the other two.

Luke shrugged. “I don’t know,” He mumbled, wanting to go back to bed, “I see three sleeping people. I should be one of them.”

“No,” Michael scolded, “That’s my girlfriend, in between two of my best friends.”

“They’re just sleeping.”

“She’s cheating on me.”

“What? Mikey, you’re crazy.”

“Well, why else would she be asleep on Calum’s shoulder?” Michael was exasperated.

Suddenly a female voice spoke up, interrupting the guitarists. “Maybe because I was tired and just kinda fell asleep on Calum’s shoulder,” You said, unimpressed.

Your boyfriend laughed nervously, “Hey, you heard that?” You nodded. “Well,” Michael smacked his lip, “I suppose you’re not cheating on me then.”

You got up and sat on his lap. “You’re stupid, Michael,” You laughed. He smiled and kissed you. You pulled apart from him and turned to Luke. “Hey, Lukey,” You joked,” You’re looking good today. Wanna make out?”

“I hate you, Y/N,” Michael ruffled your hair and kissed you again.


You were waiting for your best friend after school. You and Ashton always walked home together since you lived close to each other. You glanced at the time on your phone as you noticed the after school crowd thinning out. Ashton was later than usual and you started to worry.

Just as you were about to call him, you spotted him talking to some girl by the front door. You scrunched your nose in disgust. Who even is that? He was laughing and she was twirling her hair with her fingers. You had seen enough stupid Rom-Coms that said that was a sure way to flirt.

He waved goodbye to her and walked over to you. You realized you still had a look of repugnance on your face and quickly snapped out of it. You plastered on a huge fake smile and swung your arm around him. “Hey, buddy!” You chirped, overly cheerful, “How was your day? Did you talk to anyone interesting? Who was that girl? Are you dating anyone and not telling me? Did you have a good lunch?”

Ashton threw his head back, laughing like an idiot. “Slow down there, Y/N,” He chuckled and brought you close, “Is my best friend a little jealous?”

“No!” You snapped, “Of course not. Are you dating her?”

“Y/N,” Ashton said smiling, “I can’t tell you that.”

You started to get overwhelmed with feelings. You were mad at him for being so vague and guilty at yourself for feeling mad and – you just didn’t know what you were feeling. “Ash!” Your voice was high and squeaky, “Just give it to me straight. I can handle it.”

You walked in silence for more than half the walk home. You felt awful for jumping on him like that, but you thought it was his job to tell you big things like this. After moments of quiet, you spoke softly, “Ash…”

“She’s on the prom committee,” He talked over you, “She’s doing a random survey to see what the theme should be. We’re not dating. I just thought it was funny to see you all flustered.”

You punched his arm, “You’re a jerk!”

“And you were jealous!”
“Yeah! I was so don’t do it again!”

“As long as you never do the same to me, Y/N.”


Calum didn’t quite know what he was getting into when he first started dating you. You were both in college. He was the classic frat boy who held a permanent smirk on his face. You were the classic bookworm who would roll your eyes at him from afar. It was all cliché and boring on the outside. The jock goes for the nerd and they fall in love after her hesitation and his persistence. But you didn’t like cliché. You liked exciting and new. So what Calum saw on the outside when you first met, wasn’t exactly what the real story was.

One unusually quiet night, Calum was sitting in his frat room, playing bass after you turned down a date night. You had seemed to be flaking on him more regularly. He stared out the window and saw your dorm from across the way. He squinted as he saw a 2nd floor window slide open. He could faintly see a girl climb out and scale the building with some help from her roommate. The girl jumped onto the ground and landed flat on both feet. She looked around and then started sprinting. She held a little brown cloth bag with not much in it. Calum realized that girl was his bookworm girlfriend and panicked.

He threw on some shoes and dashed out the door to find her. He was stopped multiple times along the way, delaying his exit by at least 15 minutes. He hopped in his car and started to drive. He drove in circles for about an hour out of town until he pulled over to take a piss. There were woods so he decided to take a leak on one of the trees.

As he unzipped his pants, he saw a light coming from deeper into the woods. He walked slowly to investigate and came to a campsite where you were sat in the middle of a bunch of bearded outdoorsy dudes. You were all laughing, drinking, and having a great time, which infuriated Calum, though he wasn’t sure why. “Y/N, what the hell?” He shouted and your eyes widened at his presence, “Do you even know these guys?”

“No,” You said simply and went back to chatting with them.

Calum wasn’t having any of it. “Well then, what the fuck are you doing?” He snarled, “Get back to campus! God, I can’t believe you blew me off to hang with a bunch of campers.”

You stood up and held your ground. You let out a deep breath and yelled, “You’re holding me back!”

Calum whipped around and scrunched up his face. “What?” He spat, “I’m holding you back?”

“Yeah, you heard me,” You growled, “You know, just because I don’t like the party scene doesn’t mean I don’t crave adventure! All I want is to explore and do things that other people don’t. You’re holding me back from that.”

“Oh please.”

“I think you’re jealous!” You smirked, “I think you’re jealous because I’m actually doing interesting things every night and you stick to the same routine.”

Calum sighed, “Maybe, you’re right. I mean, partying every single night isn’t fun. I want to do what you do.”

“Well, maybe you should’ve thought about that,” You began to back away, closer to the camp, “You should leave, Cal.”


“Hey, hey, Luke,” You teased as the two of you were watching a boring movie.

“What?” He asked, willingly pulling his attention away from the big screen.

“Wanna know something?”

“Sure, Y/N.”

“I’ve never lost a game of Clue before.”

“Like the board game?” He asked and you nodded with pride. He smirked and pulled you close, “Are you challenging me?” You nodded again and jumped off the couch to grab the game. “Good,” Luke sighed, “This movie sucked anyway,” and he turned off the TV.

You called up the other three boys and had them come over because two is just not a sufficient number to play Clue with. As soon as they al arrived, you set up the game in front of the fire. “I’ll beat you, Y/N,” Michael winked, “Winner takes Luke’s heart.”

“In your dreams, Clifford,” You laughed and started the game.

About halfway through the game, you started to get nervous. You felt Luke creeping in close. The way he wrote down everything every player was doing made you feel anxious. He definitely had a strategy. But he wouldn’t beat you. You never lost.

After about an hour and a half of playing, it was neck and neck between you and Luke. Unfortunately, your boyfriend made it to the end first. He correctly guessed the weapon, the room, and the murderer, and anger took over in you. “Looks like I’m the keeper of my heart,” Luke gloated, “And more importantly… I beat the undefeated!”

You growled to yourself and stormed into your room, leaving all the boys clueless as to why you were so mad about a stupid game. You slammed the door and that was the cue for Michael, Calum, and Ash to leave. Luke said goodbye to them then rushed into your room. “Y/N,” He said softly as you glared at him from your bed, “What’s going on? I didn’t think you would take the game so seriously.”

“Ugh!” You groaned and flopped into the pillows, “This isn’t about the game.”

Now Luke was extremely confused. He didn’t think he did anything to upset her except win. And he surely didn’t think she mad about Michael’s prize for the winner. “Um,” He stuttered, not sure of what to say.

You didn’t wait for him to speak. “Don’t you see, Luke?” You questioned, “You have everything you could ever want yet you don’t see it. You’re living your dream, you have the best friends, and I kind of love you a lot. I’m just tired of always having to wait back here for you, doing absolutely nothing. I’m jealous of everything you get to do; everything you get to be.” He was silent for a moment before you started speaking again. “Trust me I know it’s stupid that a game I’ve never lost triggered this, but,” You trailed off, “Just let me have Clue! Let me have one victory!”

Luke crawled into bed with you and cuddled into your shoulder. He kissed your skin softly and whispered, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I really am. From now on I’ll help you achieve your dream. I’ll do everything in my power. I promise.”

“Thank you, Luke,” You smiled and kissed his nose, “But you have more power than you think. Maybe don’t use all of it. I want to earn it a little.”

“Alright,” He chuckled, “And we’ll pretend this game of Clue never happened. You’re still undefeated.”

You hugged him and giggled, “Now that I’ll take!”

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Love Nest- pt2- 1p2pCanAme poly foursome

Al corners Alfred after his shift at the science museum, and he smiles down at him. There’s something enticing about Al to him, but Alfred already has two really great boyfriends. Courting another- one that neither Matt nor Matthew had met- seemed like a bit hard to swing… or at the very least embarrassing for Alfred. He’s really bad at dealing with relationship things which is rough for a guy in a polyamorous relationship. In those tight black jeans, Al is making it especially hard for Alfred, and then he flashes a grin so teasing and flirtatious that Alfred’s ears turn bright red.

“So hot stuff,” Al says, voice practically a purr. “Have you thought anymore about that date night I offered last time?”

“Weren’t you just teasing me about that and bein’ a jerk though?” But Alfred blushes darkly- he knew the other had been serious.

Clearly, Al detects the lie too, and he puts a hand on Alfred’s hip. His expression is one of hurt and frustration. “You know it was real. And you flirted back. Look, if you’re not interested, all you gotta do is say as much.”

“It’s… I mean it’s not that I’m uninterested or whatever but…” Alfred huffs and shrugs. “It’s just…”

After a moment of quiet, Al’s eyes go wide. “You have a boyfriend don’t you…? Fuck me…” He takes a step back and he runs a hand through his hair. “That’s why you were so reluctant to flirt back…”

“Well yes and no…!” Alfred says as he grabs Al’s hand, trying to pull him back. “I mean technically I have two boyfriends—“ Al starts to interrupt, looking a bit startled, but Alfred talks louder over him. “AND I kinda have to introduce you to them first. We, uh, we only date people we all like…”

“Oh…” Then Al’s surprise fades into naughty excitement. “..ohhh lemme meet the boys then~”  

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Sick Days ~ jack Johnson Imagine

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine super cute where you are sick and Jack J (who is your boyfriend) takes care of you?? Thanks and have a nice day honey!!

Here You go Babe ! Thanks for sending the request !

I sat at home in my bed lounging around, coughing non stop I didn’t have any medicine to take so I texted my boyfriend asking if he can bring me any !

I was very Aggravated at this moment, I hate when he does this because I don’t want to be the cause of their new song getting a delay on the release or the song not being what everyone wanted because Jack was out getting me thing’s that I need .

an hour has passed and I’m not getting any better, I have used up 2 entire tissue boxes and almost vomited 2 times . Just as I was about to drift into a sleep I heard the front door open My body filled with excitement I have never been this excited to take some medicine . 

Jack soon came into the bedroom “Hey doll, I got you medicine, Ginger ale and wawa’s chicken noodle soup “ he said walking towards me placing all the item’s he has purchased on the end table .

“thank you “ I said reaching for the ginger ale but Jack stopped me “no no no I’m taking care of you Let me open the medicine than you can take it “ he said passing me the medication and ginger ale .

“You feeling better ?” jack asked .’yes I am thank you For the soup and medicine “ i said “no problem, but the treatments not over “”Oh really” “yeah it’s massage time “

jack said placing both my legs on his lap and he started to rub my feet it felt so great “aww thank you “ I said “gimme kiss “ He said in a baby voice “No I don;t want to get you sick “ i said “oh right, I’ll give you a kiss “ He said giving me a kiss on my cheek .

“that’s not gonna make a difference but whatever “ 

The rest of the day jack was so sweet and caring I am so lucky I think I found myself a keeper . 

'Little Clifford Little Hemmings'

requested by anonymous

summary: Michael’s son and Luke’s daughter were in the same year at school and they are becoming more than friends

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Technically, this makes no sense canonically.

“Are you getting all this, Prongslet?”

“Yeah, Sirius. I know how to work one of these things.”

The camera angle shifts and bounces a bit as Harry adjusts the camera angle. The picture refocuses on Sirius Black, backdrop of the back garden of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. The back door, painted a dark blue, is open a smidge, and there’s a bucket placed in front of a smiling Sirius.

“Very well,” Sirius smiles widely and clasps his hands together. “Hello, everyone. I was nominated to do this ALS ice bucket challenge by the lovely Nymphadora Tonks, and hope to inform everyone that I am also going to donate ten thousand Muggle pounds, roughly two thousand galleons, to the ALS foundation which does excellent work.”

There’s a pause as Sirius takes a few seconds to brush hair behind one ear. Discretely, Harry makes the slightest of hand gestures and the back door opens just a smidge more.

“Without further ado,” Sirius goes to pick up the bucket of ice and water before him, but before he makes it, the back door bursts open and out charges Remus, holding a bucket of ice water of his own and dumps it over Sirius before Sirius has even bent over to get his bucket.

For a second after the water hits him, he freezes, mouth open a bit in shock and hair hanging around his face like an icy, wet curtain. He makes a surprised sound and says, “You bloody traitors.”

Remus laughs loudly, throwing his head back before producing a towel from behind his back and wrapping it around Sirius’ shoulders. The white t-shirt Sirius is wearing sticks to his skin and one can make out the tattoos on his chest through the soaked material.

“Now,” Remus says, eyes still twinkling as Sirius grumbles and shakes his head like a dog, “I believe you have one last thing to do.”

“Yes,” Sirius says with a long suffering sigh, “Get a divorce.”


“I kid, my dear Moony. But with all seriousness, ha, I challenge all of the Weasleys, by blood or by name, and Kingsley Shacklebolt, our dear Minister. Oh, and Remus Lupin!”

And before Remus could splutter and react, Sirius lunges for the bucket he originally put out and dumps it unceremoniously over Remus’ head, who accepts his fate much quicker than Sirius did.

“Are you happy now?” Remus asks, brushing the wet fringe from his face. Sirius grins, “Immensely. But just for the record, when I said you make me wet, this is not what I meant.”

Remus’ shoulders shake with laughter and Sirius throws the towel over Remus’ head.

The video cuts out with the sound of Sirius’ laughing and Harry saying, “I don’t know if I can put that line in the final cut.”

As the video fades to black, Tonks chuckles to herself and calls down her mum to rewatch footage.

Come back to me

A/N: This idea for this fic hit me when I saw the promo for the upcoming Arrow epsiode -  3x21. This will be a two part fic,

Title: Come back to me
Rating: M for Angst
Pairing: Oliver/Felicity

Diggle closed the door quietly behind him, his footsteps echoing on the tiles beneath him as he made his way down the stairs into the open living room of Thea’s loft. One scan of the room, he spotted who he was looking for, sitting at the kitchen island.

Felicity’s fingers danced along the stem of the wine glass as she stared into the fireplace across the room, her thoughts swirling around in her head. She was trying to ignore the big fat elephant in the room. Well, note technically in the room, but in the bedroom above, resting. God, when did things get so complicated?

“They were complicated from the moment we started this job.” Diggle said, sliding into the stool next to her.

Felicity looked up startled and gave Diggle a wry smile, “I said that out loud didn’t I?” She shook her head, before raising the wine glass for a sip. “How is he?”

Diggle looked at her, his eyes not missing the slight shake in her hands or the fact that her eyes looked everywhere but at him or the fact that she had taken to biting her lip. Most of all, it was hard to miss the anxiety in her eyes. “Why don’t you go up and check on him?”

Her eyes widened as Felicity mulled over that, “I can’t.” “Why not?”“I just-” She paused. “I don’t think I am ready to see him yet.” 

The first time she saw him, it was through a CCTV cam. A state of the art, high definition CCTV that Palmer Technologies had installed throughout the building.

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It’s great to see you again... I think (Steve Rogers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter) [Part 1/2]

Request:  Hi! Love your stories they aré amazing and lovely like you. May i request a one shot for Steve where Peggy comes back all better to see Steve again. And Steve spends all his time with her now and never with you anymore. You get mad and think something might be happening with them again and his feelings will come back. But your a master assassin and have nothing to be jealous of but you can’t help it because of the way Steve looks at Peggy. Thank you so much if you can ❤️❤️❤️❤️


A/N: This is such a funny request! Thanks anon :) (but let’s just say that I am bad at fulfilling requests so sorry in advance (and I am sorry about that sentence because I just have the feeling it is gramatically incorrect)) Hope this is what you’ve asked for. If not, you can always contact me again and tell me what was wrong/what should be perfected. I finally founded some time to write this, even though I feel like rubbish today. Hope you all enjoy this one :) As always, [Y/N] is your name :)

I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in the text. I’m still learning for my cpe which I’ll take this or next year (it’s organised from school :) And I seriously hope that I’ll be able to 

I decided to split this into two parts. Message me if you would like to read the next part since that just makes me really happy and makes me realise that you actually enjoy reading this :)

Prompt: From the stories you’ve heard, you always thought that you and Peggy Carter would get along fine. Just not when jealousy was in the way.

Your p.o.v.

Standing in front of you was someone you would have never expected to meet in real life. How could that ever happen, she lived in another time! No no, you were just imagening that she was standing there. You pinched your skin, trying to wake up from the weird dream you were having. You flinched, actually being hurt by what you just did. You looked up, seeing that the girl - no wait, woman - was still standing there, in front of you, taking in her new surrounding, unaware of your presence. Al you could really do was watch her with a strange face and yell for the first person who popped up in your head.


That had happened a week ago. You were happy that you could actually meet the famous Peggy Carter, but that feeling changed rather quickly after she came here. You weren’t really sure how, only that it had to do something with Howard Stark. 

But ever since she came here Peggy and Steve had been hanging out non-stop. It mostly consisted of him showing her around New York of today, and them drinking coffee at starbucks, which was - according to Peggy - a weird, but statisfying liquid to drink. When you heard that, you had to make sure to ask if she ever had coffee before. It sounded like she had never even heard of, which was not true, she just didn’t acknowledge it as real coffee. Whatever. That was her opinion, not yours. 

The thing was, however, that Steve and Peggy were constantly around each other. You had no reason to be yealous of them, heck you were even happy for your best friend, Steve. He had missed Peggy loads, and to actually be able to talk to her again was something you had wished to happen to him for a long time. That it happened was a whole other thing. It wasn’t that you weren’t happy for him, because you sure were. However, without meaning it, you had felt something too that you didn’t want to feel.

Due to the time spent with his old lover, your best friend barely had time to be around you left. And you missed that. You missed to be talking to him, watching old movies and slowly cathing up to the ones he missed while being in the ice. You missed the random looks you both shared and the inside jokes you had created over time. You missed him.

You had developped a small crush on him shortly after both of you became friends. You never admitted it, not wanting to ruin your friendship. The basic cliché of every love story. You had read about it a lot of times and almost every time the best friends endeed up together. If it didn’t happen, it was in your story. That was just how your life happened and thus you decided to stop about it. Besides, it was just a silly crush, nothing major. At least that was what you thought. Over time, the both of you grew closer together, and it wasn’t untill now that you realised that your crush had never went away. It only grew bigger.

You heard the elevator’s door open, followed by a sound of shared laughter. Steve and Peggy both walked in, neither of them acknowledging the fact that you were sitting in the living room. Not that you were that hard to miss. You just sat on the couch, huddled up in your favourite blanket, rereading Harry Potter for what might have been the twenty thousandth of time. You watched at them as they walked to their rooms. As they walked past the living room, you noticed Steve’s smile and the way he was watching Peggy.

O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. 

Why were you even yealous in the first place? You had a perfect live, were a crime fighting superassasin in the avengers team and had a supermegaawesome best friend. Whose ‘hey-we-haven’t-been-dating-yet-but-we-had-set-our-first-date-around-seventy-years-ago-so-maybe-that-counts’-girl was here. Maybe they had even passed the stage of being just friends and picked up where they left off. It wasn’t like you would know it since you hadn’t been talking to either of them for a couple of days.

Plus, you and Steve were just friends.

So maybe there wasn’t any reason to be, but you still were left here, in the living room, not only feeling jealous but also alone. You sighed, crawling out of your blanket - somehow you always got stuck in it when you were reading - and picking up your book. You walked back to your room, not in the mood to do anything anymore - not that you were in that mood before that day - when you suddenly walked into someone. You recognised him even before you saw his face, because that’s the effect your friendship left on you. He caught you by your wrists, making sure you didn’t fall on the ground - except for the book, which fell hard on the floor. You looked up at him, in shock of what just happened. Before he could question anything, you freed yourself of his grip, picking up the book before walking back to your room. However, before you could have even set a step he grabbed your arm again, slowly turning you back so you were facing him.

“Are you alright?”

Is that it? No “Heys!”, no “We should hang out again sometime”, no “I missed you loads”. Just asking if you were alright. You didn’t even realise tears were forming up in your eyes when one slowly rolled down your cheek.

“Yeah I am.”

You freed your arm again. and looked him one more time in the eye.

“Now, shouldn’t you go back to your girlfriend? Do stuff, for instance your number one priority of the week, ignoring me?”

It was out before you even realised what you said, before he could take in what the words meant. What you truly meant by them. You muttered a small goodbye and turned around to walk to your room.

Why did you have to make everything so complicated every time?

What are the odds!! Part Five

Hi everyone :)
So here is the final part of What are the odds!! I’m not as happy with it as i would of liked to be so for that i am sorry!  i just hope i haven’t disappointed you all with the ending!! Thank you to everyone who’s read it and also who’s sent lovely messages about it, i really didn’t expect anyone to remember it with it being so long between parts three and four so it was amazing when so many of you did. So thank you :) i hope you like it.

Previous parts below





Rae slammed her fist down onto her alarm clock before rubbing her eyes sleepily.
Why had she agreed to meet up with Chloe and Izzy so early, especially when she knew all they wanted to do was talk about Finn and his apparent flirting.

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Waiting On The Post

Camila’s boyfriend is in the army. He’s been deployed for awhile. Sending and receiving letters is the way they communicate. Camila awaits the mail everyday on her apartments front steps. She is greeted by the elderly mailman Al. They became friends and chat about the weather, gossip about the neighborhood and even her boyfriend. He always gloats over his wife. She loves the cheery old man. But one day he doesn’t show up. Instead there is a female replacement. Everything changes when she takes over Al’s mail route.

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Of Crowns and Commoners 1/?

Chapter One: The Lass

A royal who feels lost.

A young woman looking for home.

Perhaps they can find what they need in each other…


Prince Killian and commoner Emma canon-divergence AU.
What if things had happened a little differently…

Also on AO3 and FF.NET

Mead, rum, ale; Emma Swan smelled of all of them. Her cotton skirts wore the stains of tankards spilled by accident or drunken exuberance. The dress that had been freshly laundered just hours earlier now clung to her skin and beneath her apron the purse heavy with coins from her toil hung from her belt by a thick cotton cord, each swing against her hips reminding her of why, in spite of the difficulties, she had continued to work in the tavern these past few years.

But by god it was hot; even more so than usual for a spring evening.

Sweat soaked the fine strands of blonde along her hairline that had escaped the braid she had made so hastily that morning. They stuck to her forehead and she found herself regularly pushing them out of the way in between filling glass after glass with ale and liquor. It was always like this at The Rabbit Hole when a ship came into port, which during the spring was almost every other day.

The tavern was the closest to the docks, with the swinging sign clearly visible from the wharf. So sailors, thirsty for a drink - and usually something more from a willing lass - flooded the small establishment almost every evening. They brought with them their loose lips and wandering hands and a woman had to be light on her feet to avoid their clutches.

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