just take it al up front

Sh*t Evgeni Malkin does:
  • Decides to buy Alien/Predator sculptures in Dubai and have them shipped to Pittsburgh to guard his driveway

  • Puts a scarf on the sculptures when it snows

  • Wears rocket shoes over the sea

  • Cuddles lions

  • Gets kissed by dolphins

  • Takes a polar bear selfie

  • Swims with a whale shark

  • Dresses like a sultan while in the Burj al Arab in Dubai

  • Flexes while wearing just a towel and being pelted by sprinklers (also at the Burj al Arab in Dubai)

  • Tours bunkers of former communist Soviet leaders

  • Takes photos with the Stanley Cup….while using a urinal

  • Catches a hammerhead shark….then has it stuffed

  • Paints teddy bears

  • Takes photos mocking drunk friends

  • Dresses like this 

  • And this 

  • Pretends to be a sculpture

  • Plays with actual sculptures

  • Shoots large guns

  • Visits bath houses (complete with authentic Russian hat)

  • Embarrasses himself in front of dignitaries

  • Falls asleep in flower beds

  • Beats up small children

  • Takes selfies with the goal cam

  • Plays himself in odd Russian movies

  • Wears 4 sets of pool floaties simultaneously

  • Has a crystal Stanley Cup

  • Wears eyeball glasses

  • Hangs from the guns of tanks

  • Thinks everyone looks better with his face

  • Owns Halloween

  • Wins

Grocery Store

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader, Damian Wayne x sisterly!Reader

Summary:  Tim lost Damian at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you.

Key: Y/N= your name

“Y/N! Sweetie I need you to run to the store,” your mom shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah Mom, I’ll be right down!” You turned off your music and stampeded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Here’s the list, remember the roast beef this time, and you can grab some ice cream if you have money left over,” your mom ran through her list then she slapped some money into your hand and sent you on your way to the grocery store. 

As you left your car, you looked over the list for dinner and strolled into the store. You meandered though the fruits, grabbing bananas, on your way towards the meat section. You over heard two boys arguing over onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions,” the small boy stated pointedly.

“It literally says right here that he needs white onions,” the older boy pointed to the list, on his phone, in his hand, “so we’re getting white.”

“Well I like red.”

“Good thing I didn’t ask your opinion.” You chuckled and watched the smaller boy slapped ‘Drake’. “Ouch, you demon.” He was greeted with a tongue sticking out. “Real mature,” he said rolling his eyes.

While the exchange was humorous to you, you had to carry on shopping, your mom wouldn’t want to be waiting forever.

“Master Tim, I’m quite busy taking care of Master Bruce at the moment. Do you mind picking up Master Damian from school and grabbing the makings for dinner,” Alfred asked Tim over the phone.

Tim groaned silently, “Yeah Al, no problem. Just text me the list.”

Tim hated driving Damian home from school. He had to sit in the car and listen to Damian complain about how wrong his teachers were and how ignorant his peers were. It was the absolute worst.

Tim pulled up in front of the school. “Damian, get in.” Damian glared at Tim for a minute then slipped into the car.

“Where is Pennyworth?”

“He’s with Bruce, so you gotta deal with me and we have to go to the store.” Damian groaned. Tim just rolled his eyes and drove to the store, listening to Damian complain.

They walked in and began the search for ingredients. The boys started with vegetables.

“Okay, white onions…” Tim scanned the aisle and walked to the onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions.”

After a debate over what onion to get, Damian decided he no longer wanted to shop with Tim. So when Tim went to to pick up bread, Damian went to find where the ice cream was.

“Damian, put this in the cart,” Tim reached behind him to hand the bread to the boy, “Damian don’t be an ass.” Tim turned around and found the cart abandoned.

Tim sneered to himself, Good riddance. That was until he realized Alfred would kill him if he didn’t come back with Damian.


You had grabbed the last thing on the list and did a quick self-checkout to find that you still had money left over. “Sweet! Thanks momma,” you cheered and skipped on over to the ice cream aisle. When you got there, you found the small boy from the veggie section looking over the ice cream selections.

“Hey there,” you waved. He glanced at you then back to the ice cream. “So, you more of an vanilla or a chocolate kinda person?”

He looked at you and quirked his head like a dog. “Mint chocolate.”

“Hey, that’s my favorite,” you squealed, “have you seen a container? I’m dying for some.”

“No, they seem to have run out,” the little boy snapped.

“It’s okay…um…” You stood there awkwardly, waiting for his name.

“I am Damian Wayne.,” he puffed his chest out proudly, “What’s your name?”

You were surprised to find this young Wayne wandering the store by himself, but you didn’t really question it. “I’m Y/N. You wanna see what else they got?”

He stood thoughtfully for a second then shrugged his shoulder, “Sure.”

You grabbed his hand and felt him stiffen. You gave him a smile and he loosened up. You steered your cart down the aisle, talking to Damian about the best ice cream flavors.

Losing hope that Damian was still even in the store, Tim zoomed up and down almost every single aisle in the store. He scanned them for the short devil and was coming up empty.

“Ugh,” he shouted at the couple of people in the aisle. “Sorry,” he blushed. He ran to the next aisle. When he got there, he heard Damian talking to someone the next one over. Bolting into the ice cream section, Tim saw his demonic brother with a very cute girl.

“Damian! Jeez, I’ve looked through the entire store for you. Come on, we have to get this stuff home to Alfred,” Tim complained. He grabbed at Damian’s shoulder, but he pulled back.

“If you were looking very intently, how could you take so long to find me,” Damian grinned.

“Because I didn’t want to,” Tim sneered, “come on.” 

Tim turned to you. “Sorry for him, whatever offensive things he may have said.”

You glared at him, “He was a perfect gentleman, thank you very much.” You watched as he blushed.

“Y/N, this is, unfortunately, my somewhat sibling, Tim Drake,” Damian leaned in closer to you, “He’s idiotic.” You giggled at his comment.

“Well, Damian, it was a pleasure to be your ice cream buddy. Maybe we’ll find each other in the ice cream aisle again sometime?” You stuck out you hand for him to shake it.

He grabbed it and shook. Then he looked at Tim, “Drake, get out your phone.”

“Wha-what, why?”

“So you can get Y/N’s number, and I can stay in contact with her. She’s more tolerable than the entire Wayne household,” Damian rationalized.

You blushed. You didn’t realize how much he liked you and it was nice. “Sure, here,” you grabbed Tim’s phone and typed in your number, “Call me anytime Damian.” You ruffed his hair. Tim waited for him to chaste you, but nothing came. “Bye guys!”

You called your mom as you left the store, “Sorry it took so long mom, had to take care of a boy who was left alone. I’ll be home soon.”

Tim glared at Damian. “I can’t believe you.” Damian just looked at him with a smug little smirk on his lips. Tim snatched his collar, “Come on!”

Tim dragged Damian to the checkout then to his car, never taking his eye off the boy.

Tim’s phone seemed to be Damian’s, seeing how often he was on it with you. “Damian! I need my phone back, I have to call someone! Damian!” Tim stormed through the manor yelling for his phone. He finally found Damian in the library, but before he could yell at him he overheard the conversation.

“Y/N, why are you so interested in Drake? I told you he’s an imbecile and not very mannered.” Damian listened to your response. “Well, I guess he may have some good qualities, but they are usually masked by his stench.”

Tim scoffed and Damian heard. Tim didn’t bother waiting for him to stop talking, “Dude, hand me my phone. I have to make a call.”

“No Drake, you can see I’m on the phone!”

You heard some grunts on the other side of the line, ending with Damian yelling in the background. You assumed that Tim had won the fight over the phone. “Hey, Y/N, Damian says bye but don’t go yet. Just give me a minute.”

You listened to the sound of feet, guessing he was walking to a more private place to talk.

“Sorry, I was hoping to clear the air on how my brother portrays me so, maybe, we could go out sometime? I mean you’d get approval from the hardest Wayne.”

You busted out laughing, “You’ve got a lot of damage control to do.”

‘Til Next Time

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Reader starts a new job next door to a brewery, which Jensen just happens to be the owner of. 

Word Count: 4395

Warnings: SMUT, NSFW, light bondage, drinking, Dom!Jensen, Sub!Reader

A/N: This is an RPF fic with a few slight changes to real life details, just go with it. I wasn’t going to release this until I had at least attempted to write another chapter to this, but since it is RPF Appreciation Day and someone requested I work on this next, here you go. This fic was inspired when this photo was posted about a month after I started a new job next door to a brewery. Thanks goes to @wi-deangirl77 for the read over, for making sure I stuck with this and for listening to my daily musings about Jensen, the brewery, and where my daydreams were leading my mind to. 

*As always, feedback keeps me writing. Please feed my muse.*

The decision to take the job is easy. It is closer to my dream job than anything else ever has been, but it is still so far off from being in the career I want to be in. Yet, somehow it just seems right.  

The back entrance just happens to be right across the alley from the new brewery that had just opened up 8 months ago. It is a big hit in town and a huge tourist attraction.  A distillery in the middle of downtown with a bar and restaurant attached. Yep, instant success. Actually, that has nothing to do with why the job seems right. The brewery, as a matter of fact, is very annoying. There is constantly construction work being done in the alley, which means it is noisy and very distracting from my work. Although the construction workers aren’t all that bad looking, so I’ll deal with it.

Day two of the new job and I’m late getting to work. Off to a bang up start. I pull into the parking lot and as I am hurrying into the building I look over at the distillers and see the owners of the brewery standing outside talking. I smile and nod, but don’t say anything as I hurry past to get inside, not wanting to make a bad impression on the first week.

I wanted to stop, or at least slow down slightly. To gawk if only for a second at the marvelous specimen of a man that was standing just over 10 feet away. I wanted to smile, say hi and perhaps if I was lucky strike up a conversation. Sigh, maybe next time, if there is a next time. I have to be realistic. Owners don’t always stop by on a regular basis. Sometimes they are more like investors who stop by once every couple of years to make sure things are still running smoothly. It is highly possible I will not catch even the slightest glimpse of him again for several more years. I am hopeful though that I am wrong and that he will not be that type of owner.

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Love and Protect

Request:  Could you do a cute Bjorn imagine?? Maybe where the reader is pregnant and he is really protective of her??

Being with Bjorn was difficult at first. You two were constantly at each others throats. It wasn’t because you hated each other, it was because you two were so alike. And it just brought you two together in the end. You two met when he came back to Kattegat and he noticed you were helping Aslaug with his younger brothers. He didn’t know what it was, but he felt drawn to you in a wonderful way that he couldn’t help but fall in love with you.

After two years of going back and forth, he married you and within a month you were pregnant. If you thought he was protective before, he was even more now. One thing that he always lived by was the protection of his family. 

Before you were pregnant, you could remember multiple times that he would barely leave you alone. Especially around other men that he knew for a fact that found you attractive. 

And you weren’t going to stop him from protecting you. You felt loved and safe when he did these things. There was a time, when a man thought it was a nice idea to touch you without consent. At first, you pushed him away and when he kept forcing himself on you was when Bjorn took matters into his own hands. 

Quite literally. 

The man left with his face black and blue with blood camouflaging his face. You couldn’t recognize him after that. 


Now he wouldn’t let you left a finger. If you tried to stand up to get a drink, he would rush to get it for you and sit you back down. Or when you would try to clean around the cabin, he lay you down and put some plush fabric behind you to make you comfortable. 

And you let him do this. Because you loved to be pampered.

It was in the middle of winter, and you two were making your way to the main hall to have the last meal of the day. He had a hand wrapped around your waist and would press a kiss to your hair every now and again as you walked from your home. 

As you walked into the main hall, you were greeted by Ubbe and Hvitserk running up to you. 

“Y/N!!” They yelled joyfully with their arms wide open.

Immediately, Bjorn reacted.

“Woah!” He got in front of you and grabbed both boys in his arms and lifted them up in the air. Their laughter was infectious and you smiled and laughed with them. Bjorn walked over to were his father and step-mother sat and put the boys down as you followed behind him with a hand on your stomach. “I believe these belong to you, father.” Bjorn grinned at his father who grinned right back. 

He stood as he saw you and walked over to you. 

“Y/N! You look beautiful.” He sat his hands on your arms and looked down at your round stomach before placing a hand there to feel the life inside you. “Healthy and active, I see.” He looked from you to Bjorn, who had already poured some ale for himself and you, back to you with wide smile on his face. 

“Yes, the baby loves to move. Keeps their mother up all times of the day.” Bjorn jested. They both laughed as you made your way to Aslaug, who was holding baby Sigurd. She smiled at you as you sat down. 

As you all talked, a plate was placed in front of you by Bjorn. It didn’t phase you, as you just dug in automatically.

Tags: @raekenimages @agonybcrn @holy-minseok 

A/N: I am taking tags and if you want to be tagged in anything, let me know. Whether it be just specific ones or all of them. 

AX 2017: FMA Live Action Footage Description

| My descriptions of the clips shown during the panel at Anime Expo. It’s by no means a complete list, but these are the scenes that I remembered the most. Also excuse the dumb descriptions and comments on some, I was shook ok. |

  • Ed running like a derp away from the alchemy wall sticks and then getting smacked in the face with one. Once he falls to the ground, another one pierces where he was just standing before the smack.
  • Those alchemy dogs attacking Ed and he slices their legs off with his lancer and some cool moves. He misses one and it jumps to attack but Al takes him down.
  • Ed is thrown up in the air bc of the wavy ground that Cornello creates using alchemy. Thanks to the stone Cornello basically jiggles the ground without touching it.
  • Ed face bloody and dusty/dirty after running around fighting Cornello’s Philosopher’s stone alchemy. 
  • Roy takes Cornello’s stone and sets fire to it with a snap in front of Ed who struggles to get free from the MPs holding him. Ed realizes it’s a fake when it disintegrates
  • Riza ordering a firing squad to get in position to fire. she’s wearing her brown undershirt and takes her place at the center front of the squad with one knee on the ground and her rifle in position - she yells ‘Fire!’

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the weird & the feared, pt. 16

words: 2240

warnings: none!

tags: @itsjaynebird @cianagiovannini @vaisabu@tiredofthisgeneration@fuckthatfeeling@ivarsvalkyrie @burningsunshin3@readsalot73 @rockyrascal@britt-janssens @thinemineours @guardianofthestars25@kittyhorror777@wavesofjoy@angelica61692@hornyorca@ivarthefuckboy@lazycaucasian @yosifkavinsky@jadert15@chrystalcaper @florenceivy


i’m gonna try to take the ten minutes to update the story page for this tonight but let me know what you think of this next part. 

Originally posted by thegrungechild

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1D Plus Sized Series // Rose Petals Pt. 1 (Harry) 

“I can do this, if Rebel Wilson can kick ass, so can I” I encouraged myself in front of the mirror of my trailer. “You. Will. Kick. Ass” I repeated.

Yeah, but everyone’s gonna see your rolls and your boobs and your thighs, not to mention your stretch marks and cellulite. Jesus aren’t you scared?

Of course that little demon inside me would remind me of all my goddamn insecurities. Damn her to hell.

I mean, it’s a sex scene for Christ sakes, do you really think you can pull off a sex scene?? With Harry Styles? HA

Shit, she’s right. I can’t pull off a sex scene with Harry. Not for my first movie. I’m gonna have to tell the director that he’s either going to have to change this scene or get someone else who looks like me to do it because I am not…

“Are you ready?” Harry asked, startling me as he came into the trailer.

“Don’t they teach you how to knock in England, Harold??” I teased, closing my robe, hugging it towards my body

“Sorry” he said lowly, “I’m just… I’m really nervous. It’s my first sex scene and I don’t want to mess up” he rubbed his most likely sweaty hands together. The director was nice enough to let me and Harry get to know each other before tackling the sex scene. Which sort of helped because Harry and I have gotten close and the scenes were so natural that it didn’t feel like acting. “I just want to get it over with.”

See, he doesn’t even want to see you naked. Who would want to.

Oh, please shut up you stupid…

“You ok?” Harry asked, striding closer to me. “You’ve got that contemplating look on your face. Your eyebrows are all furrowed to the point that it’s already creating life long wrinkles.” He chuckled. I simply bit my lip and nodded at him before turning around to get my script off the dresser. I heard Harry sigh, “have you gone over the script?”

“Yeah, about 100 times,” I chuckled nervously. “Joe’s… interesting.”

“I thought the same thing. Hopefully we get it right the first time.” Harry stated, letting out a long breath I didn’t know he was holding in. He walked out of my trailer without so much as a goodbye. I tied my robe, fixing the curls over my shoulders before walking outside. As soon as I opened my trailer, my personal assistant, Rizzo handed me a shot of whatever.

“Chug it, quickly” she smiled. Without so much of a thought process, I brought the small glass up to my lips, swallowing quickly, letting the vodka burst into my system to boost my confidence just a little. “I know you’re nervous, but trust me, you’ll be fine. You’re a damn good actress for a beginner.” I smiled at her, absorbing her affirmations to help cool my nerves.

She guided me onto set, calling a makeup artist over to just go over my makeup one more time before shooting the scene. Harry was standing in the corner, getting his makeup looked over as well. 

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Ralbert- Closet

Neither Albert nor Race were as drunk as they lead everyone else to believe, in fact they weren’t drunk at all. Just tipsy enough to have the courage to pull each other into a closet. At first they just stared at each other, or rather in the general direction of each other because it was too dark to see. Then Race chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“Us.” Race whispered. He reached his hand out and clumsily found his was to Albert, cradled his face in his hands, and kissed him softly.

Albert smiled in the kiss and wrapped his arms around his neck. He pulled back and leaned their foreheads together. “I can’t believe we’re becoming one of those cheesy romcoms you love so much.”

Race laughed and pulled him closer by the waist. “Albert, we’re queer best friends, who grew up with each other, kissing in a closet at a party. We’re either a corny teen movie or a bad fanfic.”

Albert stifled a laugh, “I’ll take your word for it, Racer.”

Race kissed Albert’s nose before burying his head in the crook of his neck, holding him tight.

They didn’t hide away with the intentions of having sex, they just wanted to be mushy with each other without anyone knowing. Their little hookups happened more than they’d like to admit. They were usually 100% sober but alcohol made both of them annoying tactile and all of the rooms were either blocked off of full, so they resorted to the next best thing.

Albert kissed the back of Race’s head and stood there for a moment, taking in the fact that they were holding each other in a dark closet with hundreds of people partying just outside the door. He let out a little chuckle and pulled away to sit down, tugging on Race’s hand to tell him to sit too.

Race plopped down in front of Albert then pulled him in his lap. He wrapped his arms around his waist before planting a soft kiss on the back of Albert’s shoulder. “Al?”

“Hm?” Albert hummed, slumping down to lean into Race’s chest.

“Be my boyfriend.”

Race internally flinched at the feeling of Albert tensing in his arms. He sat up and turned around, pulling himself out of Race’s lap, “Tony-”

“C’mon, Albert.” Race grabbed his hand. “There shouldn’t be any shame in what we’re doing, but if we put a title to it then we won’t have to sneak around.”

Albert watched Race’s thumb trace small circles in his palm. He laughed, “You know how ironic you asking me out in a closet is?”

“It’s symbolism.” Race pulled Albert back into his lap and laid a soft alcohol-scented kiss on his lips.

“Damn, talk rhetoric strategies to me.”

Race snorted and pulled back to jokingly hit Albert on the shoulder. “I’m serious! C’mon it’s all we need to finish our cheesy story.” He planted another kiss on Albert’s cheek, then a trail of kisses going down his jawline to his lips.

He went to kiss Albert’s other cheek, but Albert turned his head to ram their lips together. He pushed himself further into Race’s lap and wrapped his legs around his waist. Cradling Race’s face in his hands, he pulled back only when they needed air.

“So is that a-”


Albert grinned as he watched the smile spread across Race’s face. Race pulled him closer and smushed their lips together, only stopping to breathe or smile as they got lost in each other’s arms.

They weren’t sure how long they were sitting on the floor kissing and talking, but after a while they could hear the party winding down outside. The plan was for Albert to leave first and then to text Race when the coast was clear. Everyone knew he takes breaks during parties to get away from socializing, so seeing him coming out of a closet wouldn’t be too strange. But when he reached for the door, it opened for him.

They both froze as Specs, Finch, and Romeo came into view. Neither of them were less clothed than they were when they came in, but their hair was a mess and their necks were shamelessly marked up.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Race stood and put his hands up, “But we didn’t do anything besides a little making out.”

The three newsies in front of the door stared at each other, the blankets they came for long forgotten. Romeo was the first to speak.

“Albert’s gay?”

“Ace, but uh.” He walked out of the closet. “Surprise.”

Race snorted and followed his boyfriend into the hallway. He intertwined his fingers with his, “Surprise again.”

“Well anyway,” Specs cleared his throat, “The drunks are settling down for a movie if you loverbirds want to join.”

Race and Albert nodded before helping the three carry a bundle of blankets and pillows to the living room. Race dropped the announcement nonchalantly as he entered and everyone offered sleepy cheers to Albert’s embarrassment.

Alone, Until I Get Home (3/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: Hopefully I’ll have the next chapter finished by next Monday, but my students’ art show is next Wednesday, so this week is sort of a last-minute-scramble-to-get-ready sort of week, so it may take a bit longer :)

Also posted on: AO3

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anonymous asked:


165. “Why did you choose me?”

Even after 50 years of marriage, Alec still had his doubts. He was getting older, his hair was greying, his face was lined with wrinkles and he groaned when having to get out of his chair, something that Magus found adorable but Alec hated it. It was a consent reminder that his days were coming to an end, that his days with his husband were coming to a close. Alec could feel himself being grumpy, Magnus would leave the milk out and he would snap at him. Magnus would leave the front door unlocked Alec would snap. Clothes left on he floor, snap. Magnus getting home late, snap. But Magnus being his happy-go-lucky self just ignored it, he would lean over and give Alec a kiss then continue on hs way. But it was one such night that Ale snap turned into a fight. 

“God Magus! How many time do I have to tell you, Lock the front door!” Alec yelled slamming the door behind him. Magnus was sitting on the lounge reading and didn’t even look up as hs husband raged into the room.

“Good evening my love.” He said softly not taking his eyes of the book in his lap, ignoring Alec’s tone. But Alec wasnt having it. 

“No. Its not a good evening. My husband keeps leaving the front door open.” Alec snapped throwing his bag down. “How many times do we have to go over it Magnus?” Magnus still didn’t look up, but his hand twitched with annoyance 

“I dont know my love. But I’m sure you will tell me” He said, his hand tightening on his book. 

“Yes I will! and I will keep reminding you! I’m not always going to be here!” He yelled. Magnus threw down his book, blue magic sparking at his finger tips. 

“You think I don’t know that! You think I don’t know that in 20, 30 years I’m going to be alone again!” Magnus yelled, the vase next to him shattering.   

“The why did you choose me?” Alec yelled, “You could of had a nice immortal husband…or wife! Something that could stay with you!” 

“Oh dont start!” Magnus said brushing past Alec and walking into the kitchen to pour himself a drink. “We are not having this conversation again. We are married, I picked you case closed.” She said uncorking a bottle of wine. 

“and you regret it sometimes, I can tell. I can see it.” Alec snapped. Magnus rolled his eyes, then slammed down the opened bottle of wine.

“Fuck you! I have put up with you yelling at me for the last year. So when my husband decides to come back give me a call. In the mean time go fuck your self” He yelled rushing to the door throwing it open, then in the shimmer of a portal he was gone, leaving Alec standing in the kitchen with a pool of wine forming on the floor from the broken bottle.  

I Wrote this Poem Just to Show it

Character: Alexander X Reader
Prompt: Reader is best friends with the journalist who runs the school paper. Every week, you write a new poem for them to publish, and it eventually draws the attention of a certain someone.
Word Count: 2,126
W/T: Teasing?
A/N: Honestly the only reason this story came to be was because I was in the mood to write poetry, ngl. Hope y'all enjoy!


“I’m telling you, Y/N, you’re poems are amazing.” Your best friend, Hercules Mulligan, exclaims, hastily typing it into the same format as you had written it. “Oh whatever, Herc.” You huff, leaning back in your chair and setting your feet on top of the desk. “You only ever wanted me to do this because it gave you one less column to fill out in your campus newspaper.” “Okay, maybe at first.” He admits, eyes still glueing themselves to the screen. “But once the ‘Campus Caller’ took off, people started to give me feedback, and they all really loved your work!” “That’s fine and dandy, Herc, but I still wish to remain anonymous.” You deadpan, tossing the apple you were going to eat around in your hands. “Hey, no food near the laptop, missy.” Hercules warns, taking one hand away from his typing to shoo you away.

Giggling, you tuck and roll onto the floor from your chair, stopping yourself against the edge of Herc’s bed frame. Sprawling out on top of his layers of clean and dirty clothes, you mindlessly stare at the ceiling fan, watching it go round and round. “You know you don’t have to be here, Y/N. I really just needed to type up the poem.” Hercules states, still not looking over to you. “But you said you would take me out to eeeeeeaaaaaatttttt.” You complain, rolling over defiantly, half of your body now hidden beneath his bed. “Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” He asks himself aloud in a rather monotone voice. “No. I’m not doing this again, Herc. You’ve promised me food for the past three poems, and what do you know? I haven’t gotten food.” “But then people will think that we’re datinggg.” He whines, his fingers clacking away on his keyboard. “As if. Everyone basically knows about you and Peggy, Herc.” You spit, watching his face grow pink. “And besides, your basically my brother, that would be weird. I’ve got my eye on somebody else, anyway.” “Oh? And who is that, might I ask?” He inquires, half aware of what he just asked. “Well if you must know, then it’s-”

You are quickly cut off by a series of sharp and forcefully knocks on the door, each set coming in a triplets, followed by a familiar voice calling out Hercules’ name. Recognizing the voice, you quickly pull yourself all the way under the bed, burying yourself slightly in some of his laundry. He didn’t need to know you were here.

“Alex what the hell. Wh-” Hercules starts, but is cut off by Alexander, forcefully closing his laptop on him. “Don’t what the hell me, Hercules. You didn’t tell me you could write!” Alexander exclaims while you watch his feet shuffle around from your position, his dark blue jeans swaying slightly with his movements. “Excuse me?” Hercules deadpans, obviously confused by his friend’s accusations. “Don’t play dumb with me. You literally write this newspaper of yours on your own. How could you not tell me that your a poet?!” Alex scoffs, his words sounding more and more passionate as he rambles on. “I’m not?” Hercules answers, his words coming off as more of a question than a statement. “Oh really? Then explain this.” Alexander counters, clearing his throat as to read off of last week’s “Campus Caller”.

“Is it true
That the stars are merely
Orbs of orbiting gases
Far, far away from us?
Or are they something more?

Are they something we can’t quite grasp
Something that’s on the tip of our tongues
But yet
Still too far away to understand?

Are stars our past
Shining down upon us
Through the blackening abyss
That is our future?

Or are they are future
With our hopes and dreams
Among a sea
Of disarray
And despair?

Is it true
That the stars
Are something I’ll never
Become apart of
No matter how hard I try?

Am I forever earthbound
Upon this shrinking planet
Forever cursed
To never be apart of
What I wish to be?

Is it true
That the stars
Are only
For me?

Or will I be able
To share these
And ideals
With someone beside me?”

His words seem to flow from his mouth like a coursing river, each one alive with emotions he put behind them. You close your eyes for a moment, taking in his melodic voice, melting a little bit as he speaks so highly of your poetry.

"Hate to break it to ya, Alex,” Hercules interrupts, jarring you back to reality, “but I don’t write that column. I have a friend who does that.” You silently curse Herc for getting ready to throw you under the bus, ready to punch him. “You’re kidding.” Alex huffs, his feet shifting again. “At least tell me who writes these marvelous works of art.” “You see that? That little word right there in spot of the author’s name? What’s it say?” “…Anonymous.” Alex answers, sounding upset. “That means they don’t want to be known. See how that works?” Hercules finishes, his voice laced with sarcasm. “But why can’t you just tell me? I’m just one person, Herc!” Alex pouts, refusing to give up on this. “Because,” Hercules huffs, standing up from his seat, beginning to push Alexander back out the door, “I know that you’ll seek said person out, and badger them about their writing. So no, I’m not going to tell you who it is. Anything else you wish to know?”

“Whatever, I’m going to rant to Y/N.” Alex scoffs, storming out of the dorm. The sound of his footsteps fades away, and you pull yourself out from underneath of Hercules’ bed, stretching your legs to relieve them of their cramps. “Thanks, Herc.” You smile sheepishly, taking his outstretched hand, letting him pull you into a standing position. “Yeah, but you better go after him though, he’s ready to blow at any moment.” Hercules suggests, his eyes glancing towards the window across the room. You quickly stride over to the windowsill, staring down at the lush campus itself, 5 floors below you. Almost too perfectly timed, a small figure barges out of the bottom of the building, his shoulders hunched. “He could have a storm cloud hanging over him if this were anime.” You state, blinking at the disappearing Alex. “Just go after him.” Hercules chuckles, gently nudging you to the door as well. “Okay, okay.” You groan, walking through the doorway. “Have fun with your boyfriend.” Hercules calls out after you, making your cheeks flush pink.

Deciding against the elevator, you fling yourself down the fire escape stairs, your footsteps echoing against the concrete as you fly from floor to floor, racing against Alex. Knowing that the first place he would go to would be your dorm, you opt for the next place he would automatically go to; the college cafe. You eagerly fling your backpack over your shoulder, your books and keys humbling themselves up inside as you take off for the main building, your pace breaking into a dead sprint. Adrenaline begins to wash over you as you begin to near your destination, the top of the building peaking over the horizon. Your breathing heavy, you slow your pace as you approach the familiar glass doors, the dim lighting and wavering scent of coffee making you feel calmer.

Gingerly, you press your hand against the smudged glass, the smell of coffee becoming stronger than before as you step into the small cafe, faint jazz music hitting your ears. Luckily, Alexander was nowhere to be found, so you let out a sigh of relief and take the same table you always do when you come here.

Happily remembering you already completed you papers for your classes, you dig your favorite notebook out of your bag, it’s slightly tattered edges and worn look bringing a small smile to your face. Turning to the folded page you left off on, you quickly finish the poem you had started last week, writers block preventing you from doing so earlier.

“A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body

What is love?

In simplest terms
A feeling
A simple smile
That clicks
With someone
That no other smile has before

What is love?

As some might explain
An emotion
A sense of longing
For someone to return
From an overseas trip

What is love?

Is a change of heart
The innocence of a child
Giving the sinner
A new perspective
On life
With a simple question

What is love?

A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body
Your face growing hot
And your nerves
Tingling with a sensation
That you had not known
Up until this moment

What is love?

A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body.”

You smile, satisfied with your final draft. Inspiration now flooding through you, you start to begin another poem, but the jingling of the front door catches your attention. You glance up to find Alexander, his eyes scanning across the cafe. You smile and wave your hand, motioning for him to come over. His glare softens at the sight of you, and his shoulders become a little less hunched as he strolls over to take the seat next to you.

“Hey Ale-woah, you look like you’re about to murder someone.” You laugh, scooting over slightly in the booth. He raises his eyebrows in agreement, huffing out a sigh of frustration. “It’s just-” “Hold on a sec.” You interrupt, readjusting the way you were sitting, propping your hands up on the table and leaning your chin into your palms. “Alright. Go.” You giggle, smiling warmly. Alexander chuckles, his eyes seeming to search for what words he wants.

“Okay, it’s about Herc.” “Ahh, the living, breathing teddy bear. Yes, go on.” You joke, earning an eye roll. “Well, you know about the newspaper he does? Campus Caller? There’s this column he has in it, it’s dedicated to poetry. You know how I love poetry, it’s what I live for. Anyway, I went to him, ecstatic that he wrote! I didn’t know he had it in him to write so vividly, so immensely! But he admitted that he had someone else write that column for him. I asked who it was, determined to find this person. But he refuses to tell me! Honestly, who does that to a person?! Who willing holds the key information that allows someone to meet the person they’re meant to be with?! The person that could very possibly be their soulmate?! The person who could change your life forever? The p-” He freezes, his eyes widening as his body tenses up.

“What? What is it Alex?” You ask, becoming very worried by his sudden stop. His eyes lock upon yours, a look of mystery and astonishment whirling around in them. “Alex?” Say again, unsure of how to react to his change in attitude.

“Kiss me.”


Kiss me.“

"I-uh-Al-!” You stutter, quickly cut off by Alexander placing his hands on either side of your face and pressing his lips against yours, a surging current sparking between your abrupt connection. Heat flooded your face as you returned the gesture, his rough lips feeling soft against yours. You leaned into his hands, melting at the touch. Alex pulls back inches, leaning his forehead against yours, catching his breath. He quickly takes one of his hands from your cheek, grasping for the notebook sprawled out on the table. He begins to flip through them, his eyes hungrily taking in each and every word scrawled across the pages. “Why did you never tell me you were so fluent in poetry? I recognize this style of writing anywhere. Thank god you left your notebook open-can I keep this?-otherwise I would’ve driven myself mad. That is, if I weren’t alrea-Oh my god, when did you write this? How did you write this? How did you get it to read so fluently? How on earth di-” Alex excitedly rambles, flipping through the lined pages like a child in a candy store. You roll your eyes at his abundantly happy babbling before leaning over and placing another warm kiss against his lips to shut him up.

“I love you, Alex, but you talk way too much.”

For The First Time

Request: Hii love all of your work!!! could you do a Bellamy imagine with the song for the first time by the script? Canon pls ?

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: this is a song-fic.

Originally posted by blakesmurphy100

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine

The taste of ale felt rough against your throat. But you almost didn’t care. Well actually, you didn’t. Life had gone down hill since Pike had come home. He’d left you, ran away but of course that wasn’t Pike’s fault. Just the way things worked out.

After fight after fight, he finally decided that you two were done and now you were left wondering if that had been the right thing. You hadn’t been on your own for a long time, you hadn’t wanted to but apparently he had, and now here you sat, drinking yourself into a stupor in your bedroom. A bedroom you’d once shared with him but now share with no one.

It was empty. And quiet. Leaving you to only focus on your own thoughts, which were slowly killing you.

How had things gone so bad?

It felt silly, being so upset about a boy. But he’d been the only constant in your life and no one else had. He’d been your rock and everything in-between and now you were left wondering, were you really that undesirable? Because it seemed every time you managed to find someone, they left. No matter how hard you tried, or how hard you tried to change yourself, it always ended the same.

“What a life this has been.” You laughed dryly, bringing the cup up to your lips.

You paused when you heard a knock on your door. Pulling the cup from your lips in a panic, you wiped at your mouth. “Come in!”

What surprised you was to see Bellamy standing there, a look you couldn’t read on his face as he held up a bottle of alcohol.

Sit talking up all night

“Mind if we talk?”

It was odd. Bellamy and you had never been the closest but he was good company. And you knew that you weren’t the only one going through a tough time. Gina, his girlfriend had just died and you’d heard he’d handed in his guard uniform. It was clear he was conflicted. Complicated.

Complicated was the last thing you needed right now, but for some reason you invited him in.

Nodding, he stepped in, viewing your room before setting down the bottle and taking a seat on the chair in front of you. Looking down at your nearly empty up, you downed it, swallowing it quickly. “So what brings you here?” You asked, looking down at the tiny bit of ale left in your cup.

Bellamy shrugged; “don’t know. Something just told me.”

“Told you to visit me?”


You laughed, shaking your head.

Saying things we haven’t for a while, a while yeah

Grabbing the bottle, you gestured it over to him. “To shitty lives.” And soon, the alcohol was running down your throat.

He laughed when you offered it to him, before following the gesture. “To shitty lives.”

Once he was finished drinking, you bit your lip; “sorry about Gina.”

“Sorry ‘bout B/N.”

You nodded, trying to hide the distaste you felt at the mention of his name. You two sat in front of each other. Two people that had never shared one personal thing between each other before, and spilled everything. Everything that had been bothering you, everything that had been bothering him. And it felt good.

Better than you thought it had.

You always bottled your feelings. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or something else, maybe just Bellamy’s presence, but something compelled you to tell him just like something had compelled you to let him in.

We’re smiling but we’re close to tears

Bellamy had actually managed to make you smile. Which you couldn’t remember the last time you had. You managed to make him laugh, genuinely laugh, and it felt good.

“Didn’t know you knew how to have fun,” you commented, taking another sip of the drink. Bellamy chuckled, shaking his head as he leaned back against the chair. 

“Didn’t know I could.” He bluntly replied, “with the world the way it is, there isn’t much time for laughing or drinking.” His eyes gestured over to the almost finished bottle into your hands and you rolled your eye.

“I don’t know, i’m really liking the world right now.” Your comment had slipped, and it surprised you. Were you genuinely happy? It seemed to shock Bellamy as well, but you almost didn’t care as much. Bellamy was great company. Really great company. And he had a compelling side to him.

You hadn’t known Bellamy but even after just a bit, you felt you knew him now.

Even after all these years

You’d always pictured Bellamy as serious, brooding and a heavy weight on his shoulder. Anytime you’d seen him, you’d never seen him smile. You didn’t necessarily blame him, he was right, this world was fucked. But it was a shock, and you loved it.

We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting

Taking the bottle back from his hands, you finished it. Taking a deep breath, you stood, throwing the bottle aside. Bellamy stared up at you in confusion as you grinned down at him.

“What do you say we get out of here?”

Bellamy raised an eyebrow: “how are we suppose to do that?”

You walked towards him, extending your hand.

For the first time

“Let’s just disappear for a while.”

For the first time

Age is just a number - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Age is just a number

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,510

Warnings: Age gap (nothing happening underage)

Prompt: can you do a Dean x reader. she’s 17 and she saves the Winchesters asses on case and Dean thinks she’s beautiful & way older than her age and flirts big time with her, than later when the boys bring her to a bar and she tells them her age and dean kind of sad. Then she goes and lives with them. Then when it’s her 18th birthday Dean brings her out to a field and they sit on the impala and he finally gets the chance to kiss her because he fell in love with her. And smut in the back of the impala.

A/n: Super sorry it took so so long to have this up! It was written but I never had time to actually upload it!

“Seems like we finally got the Winchesters. Well isn’t that a great turn of events huh?” the demon chuckled, sharing a look with his partner.

“Lucifer will be very happy to find out” the other chuckled and Dean merely glared at him, fighting against the roped that held him.

“That is if you ever get to make it out alive outta this place” Dean gave them a tight smile and they laughed.

“Oh really? And what do you think will stop us huh? You don’t seem all that-” he was cu off before he could complete his sentence a knife – looking like an angel blade – was plunged inside his chest and in and instant killed him.

“Oh sorry. Were you saying something?” you tilted your head to the side, looking at the dead body on the ground.

“What the…” the other demon looked down at the body then back up at you narrowing his eyes “You little-”

“A-huh-huh did mommy tell you not to curse? Does a bad thing for the soul” you smirked as he growled at you. He lunged himself at you but you managed to dodge him, taking hold of his one hand and bringing it behind his back andstabbing him the chest.

“Too bad, who knows where you might end up now” you pouted fakely down at him.

“Oh but I know were you will end up” another one growled as more demons started to circle you.

“Really? Cause I don’t think I told anybody how I planned on going to see Civil War hm” you shrugged and the just glared at you, although Dean snickered a little.

“Come on now fellas. Why hurt each other when I can take the boys and we’ll be on our merry way?”

“How about no? And how about you leave before you break a nail sweetheart, this ain’t a job for little girls” one snickered and your face got completely serious.

“Oh now you’re asking for it. I tried to play nice but you- just won’t let me rest. As you wish now” with a snarl they al lunged at you, one after the other. Just when you had managed to kill three more and before you could take he anger blade out you were grabbed by two other and held by your hand you were pinned to the wall. You growled at the third that came in front of you with a cocky smirk.

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The Steiner Brothers (The Schuyler Sisters Parody)

Hi, MidCin fam! I’m finally back from the dead finals week! ^-^

I actually wrote this parody quite a while ago (Like, in November or December.) and I hadn’t had time to record it until now (Conveniently after finals. Yay! :D).

For those of you who don’t already know this about me: I love Hamilton (it has become an unhealthy obsession, LOL :b). So, I decided to write yet another Hamilton parody based on MidCin’s OG Stein trio. This song is basically my headcanon of what the brothers’ epic entrance would be like. xD

While writing and recording this song, I couldn’t help but imagine Byron, Albert, and Nico doing the Schuyler Sisters’ “WORK” pose:

Originally posted by god-i-hope-you-are-satisfied

Note: I apologize if the audio gets wonky/loud sometimes. Also, I got too excited when singing “Work” in the chorus, so I went a little too fast/off-best there. :P

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy my tribute to the Stein Bros. Happy listening! :) <3

Here’s the original song if you don’t know it. “The Schuyler Sisters” - Hamilton: An American Musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZdrzOdd8Kw

Also, here’s my very first MidCin/Hamilton parody if you haven’t heard that yet: “Princess of Wysteria” (“Alexander Hamilton” Parody): http://rimalupin.tumblr.com/post/150760060791/i-honestly-dont-know-where-this-came-from-or-how



There’s nothing rich nobles love more

Than sending off their sons to the castle’s front door

They pull up in their carriages and gawk at the princess in her study

Oh just hear them talk

I told her, “Give Louis a chance: he’s a keeper.”

Uh oh, someone else is tryna seek her

Check out Nico, Albert, and good King Byron

Travel to our country just to visit the princess at


Work, work


King Byron!


Work, work


Sir Albert!


And Nico!


Work, work

The Steiner Brothers


King Byron!








It’s great to see that you’re both in town


It’s good to see you too, Nico


C’mon Al, turn that frown upside down


Would you just shut up, Nico?


Men: look around, look around

We’ve made it to the palace’s front door


Front door


King Byron




Allow me to escort you through the door


Don’t trip me; don’t you dare!


The party starts in an hour or more


I assure you we’ll be there


Look around, look around-


Your Majesty, remind me what we are here for


Wait, is that the king?!


Sir Albert, we’re here to take care of work (COMPANY: work, work)

We’ve got some business here, some work (COMPANY: work, work)

We’re in Wysteria for work (COMPANY: work, work)







Ooh, there’s nothing like a ball in the city

Men looking fine and the ladies looking pretty

Excuse me, sir, I know it’s not funny

But your garb tells me that your daddy’s got money

What brought you to the city with your cape and eyepatch

You hunting for a princess or a possible match?


Byron, get behind me


Leo, quit your yapping

I’m Her Majesty’s tutor, you can trust me


I haven’t introduced myself properly

So, in short, I’m from Stein and I’m the king

I wanna talk to the princess on this occasion

So listen to my declaration:


We ain’t here to play: we need to take care

Of matters that are mostly legal


And when I meet with the princess here (COMPANY: Unh!)

I’mma compel her to include Stein in the sequel




Look around, look around: we’re about to change things for the better now


Look around, look around: we’re about to change things for the better now


History is happening: if we unite our powers together we’ll be the greatest countries in the world


The greatest countries in the world!


I haven’t introduced myself properly (look around, look around) ((hey, hey, hey, hey))

So, in short, I’m from Stein and I’m the king (we’ve made it through the palace’s) ((hey, hey, hey, hey))


(Front door) I wanna talk to the princess ((look around, look around)) on this occasion

So listen to my declaration: ((we’ve made it to the palace’s))


We ain’t here to play: we need to take care (look around, look around)

Of matters that are mostly legal (we’re about to change things for the better now)


Look around, look around

We’re about to change things for the better now

History is happening: if we unite our powers together we’ll be


The greatest countries in the world (the greatest countries)


The greatest countries in the world!


Work, work


King Byron!


Work, work


Sir Albert!


And Nico!


Work, work


The Steiner Brothers


Work, work


We’re in Wysteria for work (work, work)

Hey (work, work)


Woah-ah! (work, work)


Hey (work, work)

We’ll be the greatest countries


The greatest countries

In the world!


The greatest countries in the world!

A knight in a shining armor

Originally posted by middleearth2asgard

Summary: you´re in Laketown and counter some unwanted attention. Fortunately one particular dwarf happens to come to the rescue.

Warnings: mild harassment, angs ( maybe )

requested by @xxbyimm

This is my very first fic, so be gentle with me. English isn´t my mother language so any errors that might occur,  don´t be offended. You have been warned.

It was already way past midnight, when you finally had a chance to close up the tavern where you were working. When the Master of the Laketown had welcomed those dwarves in here, people were so exited, not only because Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarves promised to the people of this town their fair share of the treasure, but also because….well, let´s face it, there wasn´t that many reasons to celebrate in these days.

You stretched your arms with a groan, your body was aching and you couldn´t wait to get home, make yourself a warm bath, maybe a glass of wine and try to relax. You finished up cleaning the tables, made sure there was no one in the kitchen area before you started put out the candles.
You stepped out the tavern, lock the door behind you and turned around looking up to the sky where thousands of stars twinkled at you with a heavy sigh.The air was cold and your breath turned into a small cloud of mist front of your face as you pulled your dark blue-cloak tightly around you and started walking towards your home. Chilly wind came across the lake and got caught up in your raven black hair twirling them into your face. As you swiped your wild locks off your face so you could see where you were going, you heard from behind something you vaguely recognise as a male voice…..very drunk male voice. Great, late night party boys wasn´t exactly what you needed right now. 

You start walking little faster, you didn´t have any desire whatsoever to deal with drunken men anymore. Dealing with them while you were working was quite enough.
Ever since you lost your parents one night to drunken robber six years ago, you avoided drunken men like plague whenever you could. Which was funny, considering that you were working at the tavern, but there was no choise really. When your parents died, Alfrid approached you and gave you two choices: either start working at the master´s tavern or leave this town. Leaving wasn´t an option for you, you had lived your whole life, 20 years of it, in Laketown. So there you were, busting your ass off in the last place you wanted to be, tolerating drunken people and their harrassments all day long, week after week, year after year. Oh, how you were longing to be somewhere, anywhere else!

A male voice snapped you out of your thoughts, it came lot closer than you expected. You turned around and saw a group of three men walking or rather wobbling towards you.
“ ´mere! ” one of the them waved his hand suggesting that you should walk up to them.
You could feel your hair in the back of your neck rising. You turned on your heels as fast as you could and started running towards your house. But you couldn´t get far enough when you hit a solid figure at full speed causing you to fly backwards to the ground. Groaning you held your hand at the small of your back and slowly looked up. It´s was one of Alfrid´s little buddies, Bruno. He was clearly drunk as a skunk, that stupid, eerie, wide grin on his face staring at you. That stare was somewhat unnerving. You didn´t take your eyes off of him while quite slowly you tried to get up and make some distance between you two. You were glad that the other three guys were focusing at the moment just to standing on their feet rather than chasing you.

“ Where a lovely lass like yourself have such a hurry? ” man in front of you slurred. He was trying to steady himself by grabbing nearby wooden pole and took one more step towards you.
You could smell the strong scent of ale and vomit from him as he approached you making you want to gack.
“ I´m on my way home Bruno. I´d a long day and wish to be able to relax before going to sleep. ” your voice was a little unsteady when you answered. You were getting anxious by the minute.
“ That´s a fine plan lass. ” Bruno grinned revealing his yellowed and half-broken incisors. Now you definitely wanted to gack. “ How about I help you to relax? I have just the thing for you. ”
Your brown eyes went wide.Was he insinuating what you thought he was insinuating? You needed to get out of here!

“ Come on pretty lady, it´s going to fun. Just the two of us. ”
You took another step back holding your cloak tightly in your hands trying to prevent showing him something he might take as a encouragement. “ Umm…no thank you. I think I´ll pass. ”
Your answer clearly wasn´t  the one he wanted to hear, because the next thing you know, you´re slammed against a building wall on your left and his ale-smelling breath hovering over your face. “ I know you want it, I´ve seen how you looked at me all night long at the tavern. ”
“ Please…don´t. Let me go. ” you tried to reason with him one last time, as you felt panic starting to rise inside you. You needed help and you needed it fast.

Thorin was sitting in a corner of the room by the window, goblet on his left hand while his pipe was in his right hand. He was getting tired all the commotion his company was creating at the moment. Sure, they were very merry people but when they got drunk it just went overboard and it´s was little too much what Thorin could handle right now. He watched absent-mindedly how his younger nephew climbed on to the table and started singing quite loudly and dancing at the same time. Thorin was sure that the poor table wasn´t able to handle Kili´s dancing much longer, the way it was creaking and swaying. Bofur, Bombur and Ori was sitting around that same table clabbing their hands encouraging him and singing along with him.

Thorin puffed a small amount of smoke from between his lips and turned his gaze back to the window, when Balin came to sit next to him.
“ They certainly are having fun. ” old white-haired dwarf mused holding his own pipe lighting it up.
“ Yes, they certainly are. Hope it won´t come back to haunt them with a vengeance in the morning. ” Thorin chuckled looking at his oldest adviser and friend. Balin smiled but didn´t reply to that. He could tell their leader was tired and silent company was something Thorin appreciated more in times like these.
“ Why don´t you go get some rest? Me and my brother can watch over this lot. ” Balin said after a moment of silence. Thorin glanced him from the corner of his eye before sighing. “Are you sure? ”
“ Yes Thorin, I am. You look like you could use some sleep. We wouldn´t want you to collapse before we get to the mountain, now would we? ” Balin argued looking at Thorin firmly. He knew Thorin could be a stubborn as a mule in heat but this wasn´t something Balin was going to negotiate with his king.

Thorin was about to say that he really wasn´t that tired but when he saw Balin´s look on his face, he knew he had lost the argument before it had even started. “ Fine. ” He huffed putting out his pipe and drank las of his ale. “ Just make sure those two troublemakers doesn´t start anything. ” pointing at his nephews who were now both on the table dancing and singing their hearts out. Balin nodded and bit his king good night. 

Thorin stepped out from the room just in time, when there was a loud noise that indicated that the poor table had finally given in under Fili and Kili and everyone was laughing out loud to the two rascals. Thorin walked outside and inhaled the cool fresh air into his lunges. He cherished the quietness around him. Not that he didn´t enjoy his men´s company but time to time it was too loud and rare moments like these….he really valued them.  Thorin folded his arms behind his back and was about to start walking towards the inn where their rooms located when he heard something.  He stood still, holding his breath and listened. For a second he thought he heard wrong and was about to move when there were the noise again. Thorin turned his head slightly trying to pinpoint which direction it came from. When the shout came louder, he took off running towards it.
Laketown was quite a labyrinth with all those piers zigzagging every direction possible.

Thorin slowed down when he came around a corner and watched as anger started to rise in his chest upon what he was seeing.

You struggled against Bruno, who had you pinned  between himself and a wall while trying to to haul your skirt up. “ Don´t be like that lass….We´re just gonna have some grown-up fun. You wanted to relax, right? ”
“ Stop it! Let me go! ” you yelled in anger hitting your fists against his chest, but it had a little effect. His hand went up inside your garment stroking your side roughly and his lips attacked on your neck. Tears started to form in your eyes as you prepaped yourself mentally what was going to happen when all of sudden Bruno howled in pain and was yanked off you violently. Your knees gave up under you and you fell to the ground shaking and holding your left hand over your mouth and closed your eyes. When you opened your eyes again, you couldn´t believe what you were seeing. 

Bruno was on his knees in front of a person….very angry person. He had his large hand around Bruno´s throat and almost an animalistic growl made it´s way from the depths of the person´s chest as he stared at Bruno right into his wide opened eyes. “ Is that your way treating a young woman??! ” Bruno whimpered and tried to say something but the hand on his throat prevented him to say a word. 

That voice….you had heard it somewhere before. You lifted your gaze from your assaulter to the person towering him. From the strong legs, to the sturdy middle and broad back, all the way to his muscled arms and to his dark locks. His back was turned towards you so you couldn´t see his face clearly. In your dazed condition you didn´t focus on what that  person was  talking about to Bruno, only sound of it. Oh, that deep voice, you could listen that voice all night long for the rest of your life.

Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder and that made you jump. “ I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to scare you. Are you alright? ” you heard that honey like voice purring into your ear and when you finally managed to focus your gaze to your savior´s face, you let out a small gasp. The most beautiful, sapphire  blue eyes were staring at you with a concerned look in them.  "Lass….? “
You blinked couple of times before you found your voice. ” Yes…yes, I´m alright. “ you answered offering a little nervous smile for your rescuer.
He smiled back at you and hold out his hand. You took it and he helped you to stand up. Straightening your skirt and fixing your messed up hair quickly, you looked at the person front of you. He was quite handsome. ” May I ask my valiant saviors name? “

” Thorin Oakenshield, at your service. “ Thorin answered small smile in his lips and bowed his head slightly. ” And may I ask who did I just so valiantly saved? “ smile in his face turned into a smirk as he straightened his back. You chuckled before gave him your name. ” Y N, at yours. “ bowing your head and then looking up to him, Thorin´s eyes were sparkling in a way you did not know was even possible. ” Y/N…..lovely name, for lovely lass. “ The way he said your name almost made you moan. Oh, that voice was going to be the death of you. 

” I must thank you properly what you did…..“ you started but were cut off by Thorin raising his hand to silence you. ” There´s no need for you to do that. I did what any lucid man would have done. “  Thorin looked into your brown eyes like he was trying to summon your very soul to the surface. ” Besides, it´s not like I will leave damsel in stress into her own fate. It´s goes against my nature and what I was taught to do. “
” Oh, so you do this quite often….rescuing damsels in stress? “ you couldn´t help your own little smirk forming into your lips when you said that. 

” I don´t know about that. Only when I see a cute damsel in stress. “ Thorin replied back to you winking. Winking!! Oh goodness, you were a goner for sure. You hadn´noticed that at some point, Thorin was coaxing you to walk beside him.
” Can I confess something? “ you were suddenly feeling rather bold, althought your voice told Thorin you were little unsure, if you were crossing a line with him.
” Sure, confess anything you want, I don´t mind. “ Thorin smiled whispering to your ear.

” Hmm, you might regret that later. Don´t you know that you shouldn´t say that to a woman who wants to talk? “ you took side-glance to him and noticed that one-sided smirk creeping on his face again.
” Well, I guess I´ll have to take my changes then. With your little confession what´s the worst thing that could happen? “
” Who said it was little? “ you stopped on your tracks putting a fake pout on your face.
"I´m sure it isn´t as little as you are, lass. ” Thorin mused placing his hands again behind his back and continued walking forward.
“Now you´re saying I´m little? ”
Thorin stopped looking back at you, letting his gaze wander over you. “ Mmmm, little and cute, quite a interesting combo, I might add. ”

You laughed shaking your head amused, starting to walk again. You were enjoying your little chat with the dwarf king while gazing the stars above you.
“ And you are handsome and gallant. Every woman will throw themselves at your feet. ”
“ You think so? I sure hope not, I´m not planning on taking a catch on every woman who throw themselves at my feet as you put it. ”  Thorin said to you with that low, husky voice of his while staring at the distance.
“ Oh, but you don´t have to catch every woman, just the one woman. ” you said smiling and winked.
Thorin hummed slowing down his pace looked around. You had come to the Laketown´s main gate which was also the very border of the town, and a long pier that led from the town to the shore was now disappearing to the darkness.

“ And do you have someone particular in mind? ” Thorin asked shifting his gaze back to you which made you slightly nervous. “ Maybe…”
“ Do tell. ” he looked at you and his baritone voice vibrated throught the air hitting to your very core.
“ She´s little, cute, sort of damsel in stress. ”
Thorin tilted his head before reaching out cupping your face and rubbing his nose against yours.
“ I like the way you think. ”

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32 genji or mercy

¿Por que no los dos?

Send Me Valentine’s Day Prompts!

32. Dancing

Mercy had all but tuned the music out as she scrolled through the agendas on her phone, trying to figure out how much tonight would set her back. There was still the forms and filing on the civilian cases from the Hollywood incident, post-mission check-ups with all members of the team, and countless emails from scientists all over the world on ethical applications of biotic technology. “The lab will still be there when you get back,” Winston had said as she frowned at different dresses D.Va had picked out for her, yet still she was compelled to at least get some of her scheduling done while she was at this silly party.

 She only glanced up from her phone to do a bit of people watching. She had to admit, Hal-Fred Glitchbot threw a great party. D.Va and Lúcio, well-adjusted to fame and flash, were taking pictures with Thespion 4.0 and Hisao Takahashi, grinning and eagerly chatting with each other. Winston had managed to get into a private conversation with Dr. Al-Shahrani (the Dr. Al-Shahrani!) and was discussing lunar geology over a shared banana bread pudding. McCree was surreptitiously hoarding hors d’oeuvres to take home with Pharah running interference for him (or maybe she was just flirting with the waitresses while he swept half the canapes into a doggie bag–it was hard to tell), and Tracer and Emily were tearing it up on the dance floor. She glanced back down at her phone when someone stepped alongside her.

“Surely you are not working tonight of all nights, Dr. Ziegler?” Mercy glanced up from her phone to see Genji standing in front of her. His appearance was so sudden she fumbled and nearly dropped her phone but Genji easily caught it. She gave him a brief glance up and down. She thought her first words to him would be “Hello Genji” or “Enjoying the party, Genji?” but instead she just incredulously blurted out “You’re in a suit.”

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droughtjoy 2017 fic: stuck in a moment you can’t get out of (gen, theon + jon, davos, bran)

for prompt 21: Bran warging into Theon to talk with Jon or Dany. Either he warns them about the Night king, or is the one to tell Dany when Jon needs her help beyond the wall. Bran could also warg into Theon to tell Jon to forgive him, either because he’s been tortured enough, or because he saved Sansa, or because he saved Bran’s life all those years ago. Bonus if Theon doesn’t remember anything afterwards, is all confused and has somewhat of a Reek scene, but Jon, Dany, or even Davos are there to help him! (submitted by @scribe-n-scribbles)

uhm. spoilers up to 7x04/5, bran is probably not being very considerate by warning into real living people. warnings: past abuse/torture, theon’s really not fine, survivor’s guilt in spades, someone throws up if that kind of thing upsets you. title from a u2 song. somewhat h/c-ish at the end.

This, Davos thinks, is some awkward silence.

Then again, he can imagine why Jon and Theon Greyjoy would not be talking to each other, and he doesn’t really know what in the seven hells he could say in order to improve the situation. The dragon queen not being here and Tyrion Lannister being off to plan for contingencies somewhere aren’t making it any better, and at least Lannister could maybe coax from them some kind of conversation –

But he has a feeling it’s really not an option without him around, and so Davos eats his – admittedly very good – food and keeps his mouth shut even if there’s a lot he could say about how Greyjoy is barely tasting his meat before shoving it in his mouth, or how he hasn’t refilled his glass yet, and how he’s resolutely looking down at the plate.

He has a feeling Jon might have been harsh on him before, but he knows Jon’s not over his brother’s death and most probably never will be –

The problem is that neither is Greyjoy, from what Davos has heard during the northern campaign and from what he’s heard here.

Hell, he doesn’t even feel like finishing his food, not with doom and gloom hanging over them like shadows, and it’s not a comparison he makes easily, but he hasn’t grown up in poverty and kept his family afloat in poverty for a hell of a long time to waste a good meal when it’s put in front of him, so he shrugs and goes on.

He has just drunk some of his ale and Jon has cleared his throat and asked him something about how long does he think this blasted battle might take –

And then Greyjoy’s glass shatters on the ground.

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hi! Could u maybe write something where stanny is sick and bill comes over to cheer him up and brings him matzah ball soup and ginger ale for his stomach and is just super sweet? thank you ((:


Bill Denbrough just kept finding himself there, didn’t he?

There he was, on the Uris’s front porch for the second time in two weeks, holding a plastic container of soup in one hand and a six-pack of soda in the other.

Oh, and Stan’s homework. Because that’s why he was here. Definitely.

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The Hangover

This is all the fault of @musicalheart168​. She wanted to see very, very drunk Gal, which happens so rarely it’s practically a national holiday. This is about the second “yay, we saved the world and not dead” celebration party. 2k.

Gal groans into his pillow and then squints against the daylight. “Wha - ?”

There’s low laughter from next to him. “Do you remember any of last night?”

He rolls over and comes face-to-face with a very amused Dorian, whose kohl is smudged and who’s in need of a shave. Looks like it was a big night for both of them. He tries, “First drink. Something ‘bout…” The headache kicks in, then. “Oh, fuck me.”

There’s a high, amused noise, and Gal realises Dorian is laughing, his face half-buried in Gal’s neck. He reaches up and puts a hand on Gal’s forehead. Warm healing magic emanates from it, with a tinge of ice - Dorian’s personal hangover cure. “You were a revelation, by the way. I’m honestly sad you missed it.”

“What did I… do?”

“Where would you like me to start? With the lecture on Divine Galatea - ”

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A way with words

Word count: 1941
Pairing: Alexander x Reader
Au: Modern Highschool
Warnings: swearing, No idea, pls tell
Summary: After a stressed day, your excited to meet you long time tumblr crush, and it takes an unexpected turn. (I will think about this later, i just wanna upload this rn.)
Note: Have fun. I had. XD Y/T means your tumblr name.

“Fuck this shit.“The school was horrible today. Or to put it better, your social studies lesson was horrible. Everything was going well, you had put on your favourite outfit, you had managed to eat something before school and the teacher was strangely fond of your contribution to the class. But then Alexander Hamilton happened. You couldn’t stand him. He was an arrogant loudmouth who could never shut up. But that was not the problem. The things he said weren’t wrong, and sometimes they were even brilliant. But if a single person disagreed, he would start a huge debate, which mostly ended up in blatantly hurting that person. Just like today, where he started a huge fight with Thomas and James, two close friends of you. And as it started to get personal, you intervened, since your teacher, Mr. Washington didn’t even bother to. But as Alexander saw you standing up for you friends and simultaneously his rivals, he completely lost it. “I didn’t think that you completely lack of common sense. But since your siding with these two assbutts, you obviously do. I thought better of you.”

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