just take all my money now

intense slightly fucked scenarios to consider

  • you just won me with the highest bid @ an underground prostitution/trafficking ring auction, now what????
  • your dad owes me a shit ton of money so i kidnap you (his kid) as leverage to make sure i get what i want but hey… now i kinda want you instead
    • PLOT TWIST: your dad owes me a shit ton of money so he offers you up instead and i take him up on it 
  • i’m with my friends and you come home late dressed like a slut so why don’t i fuck you like one in front of all of them to teach you a lesson

So in case you guys missed it, I was terminated from my job yesterday- because of the harassment case with my coworker. You can read what happened with my coworker here (x
and a full account of my exactly HR decided to fire me (unfairly) here (x)
and heres a link for a tweet back in july about the issue (x)

I’m really hesitant to be asking anyone for money, pride first of all and fear of harassment second of all- but I’m in a really bad situation right now. I currently have no work at all, and did not see this coming in any form. I’m looking into appealing this, but it could take 3-5 business days just for a case worker to get in contact with me. I’m also looking into unemployment, but that also takes time. 

I’m currently trying to apply for work but it’s November and barely 3 weeks until thanksgiving so most work I can find is seasonal only and pays almost half of what I was making. I have a lot of bills coming up, electric, gas, internet, as well as money for gas and groceries. I should be good for rent for november, but I’m not making any money so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make decembers rent at all…

My parents want to move me back home but that would require breaking my lease which is gonna cost me $1500 (and I doubt I’ll be able to continue to afford this place no matter what job i get).

I’m doing everything I can to get back up on my feet but I could use a little bit of help in the meantime. If you feel like throwing $10 my way, that would help so much- even just to get some food until i can find a new job. 

If you can donate, my paypal is ashleymcclintic@gmail.com. 
My redbubble is here (x) -I don’t get much from sales but it’s at least something
I also can sell prints if you want, just send me a message for pricing and which ones you want.

If you can’t donate (trust me I get it) please RT to spread the word. I’m not one to beg others for money, but I don’t have any savings and I have no idea how I’m going to make rent or pay any of my bills without a job. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been almost three years since the release of the last professor layton game and i'm still not over it. like i can't believe that there aren't any more professor layton games. i can't believe how abruptly one of my favourite franchises ended. i want more professor layton games. please. pretty please. just take my money already !!!
the signs as børns lyrics

Aries: “And every night my mind is running around her // Thunder’s getting louder and louder // Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle // I can’t let you go now that I got it” - Electric Love

Taurus: “So save that heart for me // Cause girl you know that you’re my destiny // Swear to the moon, the stars, the sons, and the daughters // Our love is deeper than the oceans of water” - Past Lives

Gemini: “So take me to the paradise // In your eyes // Green like American money // You taste just right // Sweet like Tennessee honey” - American Money

Cancer: “Clouds are rolling by // I open my mouth and I breathe them right in // All my thoughts stoop away // but I can’t stop thinking ‘bout your face // I can’t stop thinking 'bout your face” - Clouds

Leo“Candy, she’s sweet like candy in my veins // Baby, I’m dying for another taste …. Rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me // Feel your energy rushing through me” - Electric Love

Virgo“I’ll make a living, trying to get away // 10,000 fathoms, under a tidal wave // It can never pull me away // No way! // Under water // Time is standing still” - 10,000 Emrald pools

Libra“Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // Wanna feel that stream of dopamine // You sip what the devil’s drinking // Hot as hell and I’m thinkin’ // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain // Baby, baby, baby can you take away my pain” - Dopamine

Scorpio: “Ooh, it’s raining, it’s pouring // I picture you in the morning // The hot water and the steam // Oh the way you feel between // Both my hands on your hourglass” - Holy Ghost

Sagittarius“Saw her walking on the side of the road, on the sidewalk chalk from my balcony window // First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows” - Seeing Stars

Capricorn“Immaculate creation // Overnight sensation // God you really outdid yourself with this one // She’s an overnight sensation” - Overnight Sensation

Aquarius: “It’s inevitable ain’t it? // You left without saying // I hope the cracks in the pavement, // Lead back to you baby // Back to you baby” - Dug My Heart

Pisces: “Drive through the timezones // Escape out of my mind’s own home // I lost you not long ago // Heaven knows I’m miserable // Hell takes all the credit though // 'Til the day is done” - The Emotion

Salty Headcannon

I recently thought of this GerIta headcannon where Italy just teases Germany about WW2. Like, imagine them out in public, riding the bus:

Italy: Ludwig, when were you supposed to go on that business trip to America’s house?
Germany: Tomorrow. Why?
Italy: Well I was hoping to borrow a couple marks. I saw this new strudel place that sells strudels with Bavarian cream in it! It sounds really good!
Germany: Ehh…sorry Feli, not this time. Money is super tight.
Italy: Awwwweh but you always say that! C'mon, just this once?
Germany: Nein. I have to be very careful about my money because of all the reparations.
Italy: Repa-what? Oh! Is it because you tried to take over the world twice now??
Germany: …ya.
Italy: So….everyone’s still pretty mad at you, huh?
Germany: ….yep.
Italy: It’s okay……….I FORGIVE YOU!!! *proceeds to snuggle hug the fuck out of him*
Germany: *trying to keep him away* Stop it.
Italy: No no, you let me love you sauerkraut!
Germany: *starts to smile* Enough already!
Italy: ~You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery channel~
Germany: *LMFAO*

It’s cute :3


Hi, everyone!
It’s me - deadBatter!

If you want order some commisions - please read this:

I got really hard times and sadly right now I need quite a lot of money to pay my bills  :C

But I can’t just ask my dear followers donate for nothing!
So I officially start taking commissions for homestuck glasses! 

Right now I can make Terezi and Sollux glasses but in a month or so I get all what I need to start making Dirk shades again(and Dirk glasses shaped phone-charms, oh golly they r cuties!)! 
If you want some very special glasses - you can ask me and maybe I can craft them!
Also when I finish with large recent commision I can take orders for homestuck troll horns(standart and fantrolls) or any other horns and some other cosplay props like masks and stuff
 soooooo stay tuned!

and prices:

Sollux’s glasses = 26USD
Terezi’s glasses = 29USD
Shipping = 10USD

To order something - send me a note here and I’ll answer any questions. Payment goes via paypal. 

following and reblog highly appreciated!
Thanks for your attention!

7 Months In - What’s changed?

I started a ketogenic way of eating on February 26, 2016. I was not consistently on plan throughout the full seven months, resulting in “only” a 40-pound weight loss (I’ll take it!).

I thought this morning a lot about what has changed for me from the beginning of this year to now. 

1. I sleep all the way through the night now. I used to wake up regularly at about 4:30 each morning, just because that’s when my body decided I should awaken. I would be so tired that I would eat a big breakfast for the energy I needed, and the carb spike and subsequent crash left me even more tired. It was a vicious cycle.

2. We’re actually saving money on our food budget. Since we plan our meals ahead of time and cook everything from scratch, we are eating better and spending less than we were on convenience foods. In-season vegetables and cheap beef chucks are your friends!

3. I’m down 40 pounds (duh, this is a gimme item). The scale is a nice reminder of where I was and where I’m headed now.

4. I fit into a bunch of the clothes in my closet now! It’s pretty amazing to go shopping in your own closet and to donate items that are still in good condition that you can no longer wear because they’re too big on you. That has literally never happened to me before.

5. I don’t eat breakfast anymore. January of this year (2016), I would to wake up hungry every morning and eat breakfast pretty much first thing. Now I’m not hungry until about noon each day, so I don’t eat breakfast anymore.

6. My back pain is gone. Minor back pain that I had for years slowly but surely has disappeared over these last 7 months. I forgot what it felt like to be pain-free on the regular.

7. I’m looking forward to going to an amusement park! We’re taking the kids in our family to Disneyland this year and for the first time in a long time, I am actually really looking forward to it. I know I can handle the walking, and I know I can fit into the seats. I will be able to keep up with the kids, and that is a feeling that is priceless.

8. I have tons of energy. I mentioned we cook dinner from scratch every night–I always strived to do that before I started eating LCHF, and I was always exhausted when I got home from work. Even the thought of prepping, planning, shopping, and cooking daily seemed daunting, and when we would order pizza (again) I would feel like a failure, back in my old life earlier this year. Not anymore. I can go go go like I used to and not get all cranky.

9. My numbers are better. I had pre-hypertension at the beginning of this year, and my most recent checkup showed 119/72, which is in the normal range. I expect my BP to get even better as time goes on. Although I am not diabetic, My A1C is down to 5.6, which again, I anticipate will only get better.

10. My mood is significantly more even. I used to have mood swings and I used to get annoyed a lot, especially in social situations. 

11. I don’t get headaches anymore, ever. I used to get 4-5 a week, ranging from minor to moderate, enough to need to take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I now never, ever get headaches. 

12. I am in a good mood all the time now. This is kind of an off-shoot of number 10. I wake up happy, I go to work happy, I end the day happy.

13. I don’t get “the shakes” or become hangry anymore. Back at the beginning of this year, I would get ravenous and if I didn’t eat I felt like I was going to actually die. I would get shaky (low blood sugar), I couldn’t focus, and I would snap at people. Now I can feel when I am hungry, and I will eat if I can. If it’s a really inconvenient time for me to eat, I can wait, sometimes for hours, and it’s not a problem.

14. My acne has completely cleared up. Facial acne, body acne, any acne. Gone.

Keep in mind that I started reaping most of these benefits within the first 5 weeks of eating keto (numbers 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.) It’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come. Slowly but surely, my life has improved in major ways.


Just really wanted to get more attention for my commissions because i know have less than 6 months left until I graduate high school and start college. I feel like all of my commission posts spread but no one takes the offer, but now I’m begging. Art is something that I really enjoy and know I can do as a means to get money while I look for small part time jobs. I really need people to take me up on my offers because I don’t want to get to college and put not only myself, but my mom in debt, especially because I have 2 younger siblings. 


Icons- $5

Busts- $10

Full Body- $15



Some fucking asshole completely shattered my window. It’s worse now all the glass as fallen into the door and I have absolutely no money to fix it and its illegal to drive until it’s fixed.

So ill be taking commissions, my bf will help me have it up by today.

Thank Fuck it smashed my window and not my brother. He was sitting there when it happened and it just missed him…

so before we found out what the deal with todd and pararibulitis was, my theory was that he did have it, still, and was faking his recovery - just brute-forcing through attacks through sheer force of will - just so Amanda wouldn’t worry about him (she had enough to deal with, after all) and to take the strain off his parents

anyway it turns out he’s actually an asshole, which is fine, but now he DOES have it my money’s on him pretending not to have it for a while anyway out of general guilt / martyrdom / to save face because WOW HOW EMBARRASSING WOULD THAT BE “hey i faked this thing for ages but hey surprise i have it for real now”

  • Aries: "When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay"
  • Taurus: "I twirl on them haters, albino alligators"
  • Gemini: "Earned all this money but they never take the country out me"
  • Cancer: "I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making"
  • Leo: "Okay, ladies, now let's get in Formation, cause I slay"
  • Virgo: "I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag"
  • Libra: "If he hit it right, I might take him on a flight in my chopper"
  • Scorpio: "I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it"
  • Sagittarius: "El Camino with the seat low, sippin' Cuervo with no chaser"
  • Capricorn: "Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper"
  • Aquarius: "I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin')"
  • Pisces: "I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag"

hi guys!

long story short. my horse just had a pricey vet visit, I had to get a new tires and a power steering belt on my car and now I’m $300 in my overdraft. yay.

I’m trying to make some money to lessen the blow by selling and making earrings. all the above earrings are either for sale or can be replicated. I’m also doing custom orders. I got some faux druzy in that I want to use!!

I’m selling/making all pairs for $15 a pair (+$3 S/H) which is a steal but I rly need the money. I take PayPal. my paypal is hannahstheworst@gmail.com

yikes so I just decided not to do this exam because I’m really ill right now. My friends are suggesting that I should talk to a professional again which I’m not really feeling rn since only have bad experiences, but it’s worth giving a second try. 

Now I’m not sure how to feel. I’m sort of in the middle of nothing bc I’m waiting for approval from the police to be able to work which could take like… an entire week more. So I have literally nothing to do besides not spending money and set up a plan for what’s to come. I’m thinking about starting up commissions since that’s basically my only occupation atm. Not that I’m financially in trouble, not at all, it’s just that I’d just like to occupy myself with something and I love art soo. yeh. 

A little turbulence but we’re going steady. 

  • Stephen King: hey, remember that book you liked?
  • me: yes?
  • SK: remember the main character, the really cool kid with the special powers?
  • me: yes!
  • SK: would you like to read a sequel about them?
  • me: YES
  • SK: a whole new adventure. and now they're all grown up!
  • me: YESSSS
  • SK: and everything is sad now!
  • me: ye-wait, what?
  • SK: yeah, remember all that amazing potential they had?
  • me: y-yes?
  • SK: WASTED! haha, but srsly, their lives are a mess
  • me: no
  • SK: most the people they knew in the last book are dead!
  • me: noooo
  • SK: and they're still REALLY fucked up about that stuff I put them through. y'know, where things kinda looked like they turned out okay? haha, SURPRISE, no, that shit was traumatizing.
  • me: whyyyy
  • SK: look, do you want to read it or not?
  • me: just take my money, you sick bastard

don’t worry guys, it’s nothing Actually Serious that’s happened, it’s just a little inconvenience

ok so, my tablet has been broken for months and i havn’t been able to afford getting a new one. but klara, you might ask, how come you’ve still been uploading art then? 

well, my sister has borrowed me her tablet almost every time i’ve asked for it so i have still been able to draw and post stuff! but now she just told me that she’s not really comfortable with me having it all the time since she wants to use it too, and she feels bad taking it back from me when i’m in the middle of a drawing. (understandable)

so, now i don’t have a tablet and i have no money to buy one, not even an old used one. this isn’t really a big problem worth making a post about i guess, but i really like drawing and posting on here, it’s very stress relieving, and i love you guys’ feedback.

so i guess i’m asking for donations? just so i can buy a cheap used tablet. my partreon is appulsprite and my paypal is lemonytrickster@outlook.com if you want to donate! in the mean time i probably wont be posting much, unless i use my phone to color, which usually makes it overheat and hurts my fingers, so probably don’t expect a whole lot of digital art on here in a little while. 

In desperate need of help. Please read! 

As you are aware, I am in college. It’s still my first year and haven’t had the chance to get documentation of my disability. As it stands right now, I don’t have any proof and nor do I have the money or insurance to go to someone to get it. Talking to the student disability service team, they said that I would need to take a psych evaluation so they can give me the proof I need to give to my professors stating that I have reading comprehension issues and dyslexia. Now, I’ve had these issues since I was in 2nd grade. Even since then I haven’t been able to get what I needed. Only classes to “help” which didn’t. Now here I am a college student falling behind and can’t get help from the professors because they don’t care/believe me. I fail quizzes/tests because I’m not fast at reading and/or remember what I read there for resulting in terrible grades. The evaluation is $500… $500 I don’t/won’t have because I don’t have a job anymore and my family filed for bankruptcy.  Please if you could spread the word and help out a little bit I would be forever thankful.

If you wish to donate my Paypal is melodyscotch@gmail.com
If you would like a commission please IM me on here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I’ll do just about anything with provided references. 

Important Update:

Alright guys so I want to go ahead and make a post that all my roleplay accounts will probably be a bit inactive or will be inactive completely for a week. I will be on when I can or well when I want to xD if I am honest but, the reason why is because tomorrow I’m taking a bus to Michigan to go see @mysouldivided / @icetigerprince!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

I’ll be up there for a week with her and we get to meet for the first time x3. Of course, there will be pictures and videos probably so you might see them. >u< I’m super excited and I hope you guys don’t mind the inactivity but, this needs to happen. She’s my best friend in the entire world and we’ve been dying to see each other. I’ll be on before I leave, of course, and will reblog this a few times so that everyone sees so I apologize if you see this a fuck ton. 

I love you guys and I’ll see you guys when I can!