just take a photo like that

look, i love that the studyblr community is so encouraging! everyone here wants everyone else to do their best, and that’s wonderful to see. but the focus on challenges like 100 days of productivity isn’t always as productive as you think, so here are three reasons i’ve decided to stop - plus some alternatives you can try!

1. not everyone’s honest with it!

of course everything you see on this website is curated to show the “best” possible situation - i do it myself! but i’ve spoken to so many people who felt so pressured to produce something every single day that they’d just lay out all their rewritten notes at the weekend and take seven sets of photos so that they could keep up with the challenge. now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that - everyone’s entitled to post what they want on their own blog, after all. but that sets a benchmark that just isn’t realistic to follow.

instead, try: being open about your blog!

if you’re worried about spreading a false image of yourself, show people what actually goes into your posts! for example, this “aesthetic” post that i made has hundreds of notes, but in reality? it’s staged for the #studyspo look. posting things like this makes me feel less “fake” about arranging my photos. especially as someone with a lot of younger people following me, i’m working on being more honest about what goes on “behind the scenes”!

2. you need a break!

some people can work constantly for 100 days straight, and my hats go off to them. but for most of us mere mortals, working so hard for so long will lead to burnout. trying to work without any kind of break or relief for over three months just isn’t healthy - you need to let yourself be human! this goes double if you’re making the studyspo-type notes that are popular here - you can’t spend every single day of your life striving to reach an unrealistic aesthetic.

instead, try: giving yourself days off!

if you still desperately want to do 100 days, give yourself five or six days a week to work and one or two off. you’ll still get to that 100 day milestone, but you won’t have to sacrifice your mental or physical health to do it.

3. bad days happen!

sometimes you’re not in a place to work. maybe you’re going through a rough relationship, or your pet is sick, or you’re getting over an illness. either way, the 100 days mentality can make it seem like you have to work even when this happens. that’s not a healthy mindset, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do that. sometimes work can help you distract yourself from these things, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

instead, try: 100 days of intention!

tumblr user @maryplethora came up with a fantastic alternative to the 100 days of productivity challenge, called 100 days of intention or 100 intentional things. the basic concept is doing something that will benefit you for 100 days as opposed to studying all the time. this is a far healthier way of motivating yourself, and recognises that not all of life should focus on your studies!

* of course, not everyone has this experience! however, these are the reasons that i personally found it unhelpful after a time. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and you’re more than welcome to tag me in any responses you might have!

lmao i just ran into Gerard again while getting breakfast…he was in line so when i walked past i kinda put my hand on his shoulder and he turned around and we were like ‘heyyyy good morning!’ but i kept walking but then i thought ‘oh i might as well asked him if i could come take photos again today at his signing’ so i went up to him again and i was like ‘Gerard, would you mind if i take some more photos today at your signing’ and he was like ‘i dont mind AT ALL’ and gave me a smile…so i was like ‘THANK YOU!’ and then i asked how he was if he was well rested or jetlagged still and he said he had a good sleep and i was like ughh i didnt i kept waking up and then i had to pee all the time (yup i told him that for some reason??) and that i was worried about waking up my friend and he was like OH NOOOOO lmao and then i told him i needed coffee for my headache lmao it was the most random conversation weve ever had but yeah then i was like ‘well ill see you later!’ bc i didnt wanna hold him up 

lmao i swear i have the most random run-ins with Gerard here its funny tho


if the losers club had instagram accounts

he only has the followers he does bc richie promoted his instagram on his meme page (but none of them are active)
he’s had an instagram for a while but just started using it bc of the other losers
he’s not good at taking selfies
photo captions are so pure “look at this thing!! it’s called a fidget spinner haha xD” or some wip poetry
beverly likes all of his photos (bc they’re all of her anyways)
richie comments on all of his photos
he follows a lot of celebrites and cooking pages

@kfrances was throwing some alice-referencing quotes at me to type up in sammy’s wall-scribbly font and she provided a really good one. took it a step further and edited it on a wall in the game.

whats with the splatter at the end? oh y’know, just… thinkin’ about alice and susie and getting so frustrated he punched the wall. nothin’ special :P

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shiro's haircut: a new take on a military cut, questionable but stylish from the right angles. // kuron's haircut: a mistake.

SNDJFGHDNDK I must admit……… you’re not wrong :’D The floof is too short. If it’s like this, it looks like his hairline is too far up:

I’m okay with his hair not being 3-colored anymore but… pls redo the floof ;A;


Someone special came in today so I decided to finally take some photos of my bravely collection.

I do have some larger Squeenix Promo posters but they were badly curled up 😩

ALSO I know some people asked me about Ringabel’s journal; I found it on a japanese flea market site and someone who lived in Japan was nice enough (keyword: made me pay them out the ass for it) to buy it for me.
Just know that it took me 2-3 years of searching for Bravely stuff to actually find one for sale after they sold out so…..yeah.

I don’t like the fabric the plush are made of but they are nicely ma- EDEA NO.

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Melanie Scrofano today! She is just as cool and beautiful in person. 😍 I was with a few Earpers from Calgary and they mentioned to her about the event taking place on the 30th up in Cowtown….I alas am unable to attend because you know, work, and she was like “Fuck it! Does he know you are!?” and I was like 🙊 because I mean it’s Melanie! Anyways she says I must go, so I must! 😉

Also my face always looks funny in professional photo op’s so I’m going to go hide now! 🙈

It’s funny how Links merch picture just looks like one of the many photos Rhett has taken of him while he’s not noticing to show him off… I can see Rhett thinking “oh Link looks so great today on that pose I really want to take a picture, but ever since that sleeping picture on the plane he doesn’t like me taking pictures of him anymore… Oh, I know, I will just pretend to take a picture because of the merch and ask him to take one of myself as well” lol

Karamel fam I know that Ken has been going around twitter saying stuff about Supergirl but let’s just calm down. 

Ken has been very unreliable before, and just because he is on set doesn’t mean he hears all the dialogue and sees every scene. Just like us, he is on the outside. 

He has been wrong many times before, and I always take what he and other paps say with a grain of salt. The only definite type of spoilers to rely on are photos. The he said she said of it all is wrong a lot of times, not just with Supergirl but with other shows as well.

It’s best if we just ignore him for now and work on theories to bounce off each other. Putting too much stock in things like this just makes people anxious and upset, when there is no reason for it because these things are not proven to be true.

Every one take a deep breath and continue your normal blobbing.

Love you fam, stay happy!

Dating Viola DeWynter and Shaundi Would Include...
  • things were a little awkward at first because of the whole johnny thing
  • but with your help the two of them were able to resolve their differences
  • and they figured out that not only do both of them really like you, but they really like each other
  • so since you all love each other, why not date?
  • you will get so much love and affection from them holy shit
  • cuddling with them in bed is so great
  • sometimes viola will draw you and shaundi just doing cute little domestic things because the two of you are the loves of her life and everything you do is beautiful to her
  • viola would probably take lots of artsy photos of you that shaundi would put all over her social media 
  • you’re the hottest partners in the world tbh
  • i feel like they’d both like to just go on walks from time to time with you, taking in the sights of steelport
  • you all alternate in who decides on the dates, but no matter where you go you’ll have fun with them because they make everything great
  • you all look flawless as you walk down the red carpet for shaundi’s events, like nice
  • you honestly have some of the prettiest gfs in the world i wish that were me

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Gideon comes thru with a hobrien photo of the infamous baseball night on set! I just love that they were out in the dark & rainy weather playing catch. Who's the other guy & is he taking their picture? He doesn't look like he has a glove to play. People guessed it was Ian, but I can't tell.

Looks like someone who can be CROPPED OUT!

i hate when apps know that i’m screenshotting something. when i screenshot something, that’s me acting outside your realm of understanding, app. i am beyond what you consider the observable universe. you’re not supposed to perceive me. we don’t know when god screenshots the earth. we don’t know when he’s like, “okay i’m just gonna take a pic in case i ever want to add dinosaurs back to something later and don’t remember how.” and if we did, we wouldn’t act all smug about it like, “hey, you wanna share that post? you could just click here to share it.” no, man. you didn’t catch me. i screenshotted this for my own reasons. what’s next? i can’t take a photo of my computer screen with my phone out of laziness without being shamed by the printer i don’t own?


I visited Maui for a week and I was inspired by how beautiful the beaches, the clouds, and the sunsets are. It reminded me of Destiny Islands, so I made Kingdom Hearts cut out art and took photos <3 I made these by drawing in my sketchbook, cutting them out, and waiting for the wind to be friendly enough for me to take a proper photo with my phone. I got hella sunburnt, but it was worth to get these shots <3

things that i like

1. rainy days, wearing a big cozy sweater with fluffy socks underneath, getting a cup of coffee or just a hot drink and sipping it while hearing and watching the rain drops hit my window and just feeling warm inside

2. friends, who tell you the truth about yourself, who compliment you, who criticize you for your own sake, who are always there when you need them, who are always there to make you feel good, to make you happy

3. dogs, dogs that wag their tails when they see me, dogs that put their paws on my shoulders, dogs that run around with their tongues out of their mouth, small dogs, big dogs, just dogs in general

4. cats, cats that purr when you pat them, cats that get sleepy when you pat them a bit too long and they just put their head on your legs and fall asleep, cats that lick you, just cats

5. long nights, when you’re outside with friends or just to do work and it’s time to go home, you get into a car or another vehicle and you’re just a bit sleepy so your eyes begin to close a bit and you just can’t wait to get to your warm cozy home and sleep

6. music, music that you listen to when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re just trying to relax, they all give a different vibe and make the moment more enjoyable, songs that you just can’t stop listening to because you loved it, songs that just make you more happy inside

7. art, art that may have a deep meaning, art that just look good to your eyes, art that just makes you go ‘woah’, art that you just wouldn’t even imagine

8. scenery, scenery that you wish you could save in your brain for later to look at, scenery that just can’t be captured into a photo, scenery that just takes your breath away

the weirdest thing about being ace is the not-actually-sexual sexual frustration. I get all fluttery about people’s faces and bodies the same way I get fluttery about great art. No I absolutely do not want to do the frickle frackle with them but it still feels like my lungs are being compressed what the fuck man

here’s a mood…..a gay mood…I want to be at the ocean at night time, the beach is totally empty except for me and my girlfriend, and it’s dark enough to give the beach a completely different atmosphere but light enough that we can still see pretty okay. both of us have cameras because we’re artsy and sentimental and we take turns taking candids of each other, photos of us gazing out into the expanse of the sea, our hair whipping around our faces in the breeze, our eyes catching and shyly flitting away. my girlfriend takes a selfie of us and kisses my cheek right as the shutter clicks. neither of us wore sandals but that’s okay because the water is far too cold to be wading in at this time of night. I sing something haunting just for fun and it echoes over the water and my girlfriend is watching me with a faint smile like I’m a magical creature and the most ethereal thing she’s ever seen. which is silly because of course, she’s the more ethereal thing I’ve ever seen too