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Selfless Love - part 6

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 960

Warnings: Language

A/N: Hope you like it, it’s the slowest slow burn ever…

Selfless Love - Masterpage

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Asking you out proved more difficult than he had thought. How do you ask your best friend out on a romantic date? He tried to rehearse it in front of his mirror, but Sam caught him and teased him endlessly. His natural response was to go to the gym and punch something.

“What’s happening between you and Bucky?” Natasha asked with a knowing grin as you walked down the hall toward the training room.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, Nat. It doesn’t suit you.” You bumped your shoulder with hers. “I’m not blind, I know he likes me and I like him too, but we’re… taking it slow.”

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Study Dates (3/4)

Summary:  Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker.

Word Count: 1,041

AN: i hope you guys enjoy :)) btw, i loOooove tom in this sweater im

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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Finals week was finally here. It came out of nowhere and caught Y/N completely off guard. Even after her study sessions with Peter after school, she’d come home and take a nap before looking over her notes for the rest of the night. However, the one day that she decided to take a break, she almost overslept and arrived at school a couple minutes before the first bell rang.

“You’re in, man! You’ve got all this action with Y/N and now you’ve got a date with her! Get in there, son!” Ned punches Peter’s arm after he spilled the beans over what happened over the last week.

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Dragon Lady (Natasha Romanoff x reader)


1. A Natasha x reader where you’re a shield agent with a huge crush on Nat and you also hiding a huge secret that you’re a dragon and can turn into one and when you accompany the team on a mission and Natasha is in danger you reveal your true nature to save her and the team but afterwards you fly away afraid that they’re no longer going to accept you and Nat finally tracks you down a week later to tell you to come back with a fluffy ending please 

2. Can you write a dream I had? I was Natasha’s long-term girlfriend going to an avenger’s party, I had got this little, kinda revealing, red dress to wear for her but was nervous about it and the party, it was the first time I would meet the team. She encouraged me to have confidence to wear it, everyone was a bit shocked she had been dating someone for so long and how comfortable, sweet and almost flirty we were. 

You had worked with Natasha Romanoff before, back during her days at SHIELD and before she became an Avenger.  Back when she and Barton were the team to find yourself working with, if not only because they always won their battles, but because they were far and away the most fun to be around even in the midst of extreme danger. There were a few times when your lives hung in the balance, and you worried that the secret of your mutant powers would be given away out of pure necessity, but so far, you had managed to keep it from both SHIELD and the Avengers.  The most important of them all, however, was Natasha; you feared the loss of her in your life more than the rest.

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Thor: Ragnarok; yet another review by me :)

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I really went to town on this one so grab some snacks, go to the toilet and get comfortable! (not on the toilet of course, unless you want to I guess?)

ALSO: Spoilers! (obviously but if you haven’t seen the movie then what are you doing really) And I do not own any of the gifs used in this. Credit to the amazing owners!

I’m writing this about a week after I saw the movie, so apologies if I don’t go into detail as much or if I don’t remember everything correctly. Normally I do this the day after but I’m still in college and I had my internship so I’ve been running after toddlers and changing diapers all week. Also sorry if this seems rushed and chaotic. I’ve literally scrabbled out all the thoughts in my head that I wanted to share with you.


First of all, I knew almost nothing about the movie going into the cinema. I love Marvel and their work but I find that they show quite a lot prior to the release of the movie (teasers, videos and such) so literally all I saw was the trailer and a few pictures. I also couldn’t help myself when I came across some twitter reviews of the movie and so I read those as well. Apparantly it was one of the funniest Marvel movies yet. AND MY GOD WERE THEY RIGHT!

After I saw the movie I did my homework of course, watching every video or interview I could find and spend quite a lot of time on the tumblr tag.

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I was pleasantly surprised when the movie started. The first two Thor movies had a Shakespearian vibe and had quite a dark undertone. But when Chris Hemsworth started narrating within the first scene I thought to myself “They’ve gone down a different road with this one, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it.”

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I loved the change between Loki and Thor’s relationship. In the previous movies (including The Avengers) Loki clearly felt hatred towards his brother and his only desire was a throne. But in this movie it seems as if their “love-hate” relationship has become almost “standard” and they can laugh and joke about it. Which Taika did brilliantly. They came across as actual siblings! My sister and I could relate to quite a lot, it was great to see this new side of their relationship. I also felt a clear change in Loki. Maybe it was because of the new sense of humor and scenes like “Let’s do “get help” or “I’ve been falling for thirthy minutes” but I really feel like Loki missed his brother and enjoyed spending time with him. I’ve always thought of Loki as a really misunderstood and interesting character. (This movie caused my 2013 Loki/Tom Hiddleston obsession to come back with vengeance.) I was so glad Loki made it back to the ship at the end of the movie (I’m not gonna go into detail for those few poor souls who haven’t seen the movie yet). I really think he has a lot more to offer and I’m so excited for his reunion with the other avengers! AND THAT ONE SCENE WHERE HE WAS LOOKING AT THE TESSERACT HAD ME LIKE “ASHLDSLHGDG BABY NO WHAT QKHQFKSHFDS”
His change in general is stunning. Like, in 2012 he was running around with aliens basically trying to destroy the world and in 2017 we find him casually chilling watching theater and eating grapes. This guy I swear. Also, let’s not forget that in The Dark World, he did protect Jane?! I believe that deep down Loki has a good heart, he just has some daddy issues and he really wanted a crown.

Also, let me just take this time to appreciate Tom Hiddleston. He is an absolute amazing actor and he is so sweet and charming and caring toward his fans?! Plus he’s absolutely gorgeous ain’t he?

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ALSO I JUST WANNA THANK TAIKA WAITITI FOR WHAT HE DID WITH THOR’S CHARACTER! This new, funny, charming Thor is literally what I’ve been dreaming of. Don’t get me wrong, Thor has always been an amazing character but the way Chris played him in Ragnarok was the best Thor I’ve seen so far. I also totally get why they cut his hair. At first I was like “What? They can’t cut Thor’s hair?! He’s Thor? He is the hair?!” but the more I heard Chris and Taika talk about it the more I understood. In order to completely re-create this character there had to be physical changes. And it turned out I was okay with it. (and it must’ve been so practical for Chris as well) (now I feel sorry that Tom still has to wear the wig hahahaa sorry bby)
I’m really looking forward to see more of Thor in Infinity War, especially since his powers are now at their peak! I was absolutely shocked when Hela broke his hammer but eventually it made sense. With Mjölnir there Thor would’ve never discovered how powerful he actually is.

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Let’s not forget about our precious baby Bruce Banner! When I first heard Hulk was gonna be in the movie I knew it would be great. His introduction was also amazing (Loki saying “I’ve gotta get off this planet” though?????) and I’m so glad I finally found out where he’d been all this time! I loved that we had a talking Hulk in this movie and that he could show other emotions besides “smash!” The scenes with Hulk and Thor in Hulk’s room were absolutely amazing! But Mark as Bruce was of course also amazing. I loved the fact how he went from “oh my god I’ve been the Hulk for two years? My absolute worst nightmare has come true omg no” to “yep imma cosplay Tony Stark for ya’ll! You see these tight pants? Ya I’m Tony Stark hi”
And also, Bruce Banner has seven PhDs. Let that sink in for a moment. I barely graduated high school and I’m attempting college while this guy just casually strolls around WITH 7 PHDS.

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And these new character? OH MY GOD! When I first saw Valkyrie I was like “yas this is what I’m talking about” She’s so badass! I especially loved that her battle outfit wasn’t “revealing” or “sexy” like I’ve seen with many female warriors. And Korg oh my god I absolutely laughed my ass off with this guy! I really hope we see more of him in upcoming movies! What makes it even better is knowing that Taika actually played him. And Hela? Man, I loved her! I’d seen Cate Blanchett in LORT (duh, also one of my all time favs), and a few other films and I was quite surprised to hear she’d joined the MCU but my god did she do an amazing job! Isn’t she also absolutely gorgeous?! And Hela, oh my god. I almost screamed out for the entire cinema “SISTER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN SISTER? HOLY SHIT!” she was an amazing villan. And to have her kill off the warriors three, just like that?! I thought it was brutal and I hated to see them go (Zach Levi is bae okay) but it was a great way of showing how powerfull she was and what kind of impact she was going to have on Asgard!

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Prepare because I’m about to hit you with a mad Jeff Goldblum appreciation post (I’ve been grinning like crazy knowing I got to write this)

Let’s talk about perhaps even my favourite thing about this movie: Jeff Goldblum. This is my favourite person on the planet, okay? My all time favourite movie (trilogy) is Jurassic Park and ever since that movie I have loved Jeff Goldblum. Watching him in interviews, you realise that every character he plays, somehow IS Jeff Goldblum. His acting is truly amazing so is his personality. If you are not familiar with his other work I strongly suggest you catch up! I cannot tell you how stoked I am to see him play Ian Malcolm again in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (but that’s a story for another time)

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By watching all these interviews for Thor:Ragnarok I got to know his personality more and I’ve come to love and respect him even more.
The Grandmaster was a great character and earned quite a few laughs from the audiance. I loved his look and his personality in general. When he killed that one guy with his stick of disaster he made it seem so casual like “well, poof! He’s dead now!”
It were lines like “I pardon you…from life!” and “Lord of thunder” that had me losing it and I want to thank Marvel for casting Jeff Goldblum, they could not have made a better choice.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I loved this movie? Taika did an absolute amazing job! There was a lot of improv in this movie which turned out great! Ever since I saw Ghostbusters I was excited to see Chris Hemsworth do more comedy.
The images, colours, music (that led zeppelin though???!!) it was all amazing! From the details in Hulk’s room to the once again the gorgeous Asgard!

There is so much more that I could say but I won’t because I’m already hitting 1.400 words so… If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you do! It really is worth the time and money, it also provides you with a good laugh, what more could you want?

Request are of course more then welcome ! (Reviews, imagines, headcanons, whatever do have another week of taking care of tiny little humans so it’ll be a while before I get them done!

An Introduction - Loki x Reader

My notes: It’s my first time writing a fanfic for a looong time so please forgive me for anything in general, I tend to write in first person on my own stories but I decided to try 2nd person for once so I hope everything’s all good for the moment! Also a writer needs motivation, so I would really appreciate it if anyone gives constructive criticism and if they would like me to continue!

Part 2 

You’d had enough. You weren’t going to stand for another day inside watching movies and shows to pass the time any longer. As much as you enjoyed it, you needed some fresh air. Unplugging your phone from its charger and sliding on some loose boots, you made your way downstairs to get something small to eat. Deciding to walk your way to the park a quarter of an hour away, and just spend a couple of hours in your local town grabbing something to eat for lunch and just to browse around.

You made your way out the door and through the short-cut to the park. It was always nice and relaxing as cliché as it sounds, especially on school days as there weren’t the screams of little children to be heard or the smell of weed from the teens; just the occasional dog-walker and flocks of pigeons in the trees. Though the route there wasn’t as much. You were accompanied by a cemetery for most of the walk there, peaceful and quiet. But it’s always been like this, an unnerving silence.

Looking to the left, you see a couple at a grave, and a man sat down on a bench behind them. He wore a simple black suit and had his black hair slicked back. When the couple left, he stood, but he stayed by the graves side, and continued to walk past them. He seemed to pause as you continued to walk, but still watch in the corner of your eye. He turned his head to look over his shoulder, without realising you had started looking again; you both make direct eye contact.

You’re eyes widened as he continued to look at you, with a somewhat emotionless expression. Speeding up, you moved your eyes away and continued to focus on the path in front of you.

“I didn’t mean to stare, the heck’s wrong with me?”

You ended up whispering out loud, with this mix of paranoia and regret striking. The silence of this quiet path becoming more apparent.

Finally reaching the open gates to the park, you walk through and try to shake off this unnerving feeling of being watch. A few steps into the gates, you stop and take a peek behind you. No-one. You breathe a silent sigh of relief and hope for the best. The hushed environment helped you relax, breathing in, and out, you look forward and start to walk again.

Walking past a band stand, which is usually full of children climbing on top of it, has been replaced by birds pecking away at an unfinished pasty. When the rest of the park comes into view, an empty park is revealed, or so, you thought it would.


It’s not empty. The man you had seen earlier and, who had also apparently seen you, was somehow on the other side of the park, lying back on a bench. You run through your head of how something like this could happen, and your only conclusion was that he ran around the path outside of the park, and into the other sides’ gate, purely to freak you out. You weren’t though, of course there was that small thought of magic, but that’s due to you reading too much, so you try to brush it off and think of more realistic possibilities. You were, kind of curious about him.

Continuing to walk along the path, knowing too well that if he doesn’t move, you will have to approach him soon enough to get to the road leading into town. You try to push out this uneasy feeling in case of the likelihood he decides to speak; you’d rather not sound anxious, if you could help it.

“Help me, now!” you whisper to yourself. Luckily for you, you managed to make your way quiet a way closer to your destination, distracting yourself by watching the birds, but the thought instantly came back as you look up to see him lean forward and look towards you.

Deciding it would be better to sit down for a while, you take a seat at the nearest bench, hoping him and his mysteriousness would leave, despite the curiousness growing more. You take your phone out from your pocket and look at the time, looking back up towards where the man sat and seeing that he had gone.

“Are you trying to avoid me?”

You’re eyes widened as you turned to look behind. To your right was that puzzling, smart-looking man, wearing a face of confusion, as much as your own.

“How did you-?”

Stumbling off your words, he sat next to you on the bench and looked in front.

“I think you know.”

Still trying, and failing, to calm yourself down, you attempt to speak again.

“Why are you following me?”

You managed to string out an un-mumbled sentence without having to stop to question yourself.

“For some, rather odd reason, I was drawn to you. I’m not too sure why, I think there’s a lot more that’s not being shown.”

He pauses for a moment and looks towards you with this small smirk tugging on the corner of his mouth.

“I guess you could say I’m just curious. I apologise if I frightened you.”

He seemed to have gotten rid of this more, emotionless barrier. You continued to look at him, and confusion grew on your face yet again.

“Who on earth are you?”

His smirk stuck to him like glue and a chuckle came out. He began to stand up and took a step in front of you.

“Please forgive me. My name is Loki; others tend to call me the God of mischief, and you are?”

He held his hand out, and half regrettably, half optimistically, you took it.

“I’m <y/n>.”

The hero and the dreamer

Allegro & Staccato part 4 - Annie celebrates 700+ lovelies


Warnings: Some angst and some fluff y’all.

Word count: 3.696

Summary: Steve comes back from a long mission and you’re there to pick up the pieces.

A/N part 1: It’s the third part to the followers celebration: the meet-up. It’s based on two songs. The lyrics are from this song and the other scenes are inspired by this song. I highly recommend you listen to both of them.

A/N part 2: This is also a part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester.

Part 1: the chance encounter

Part 2: The fighter and the lover - Bucky x reader - ANGST

Part 3: The make-up aka “The sinner and the saint” – Tony x reader – FLUFF

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Wonder Woman: A Marvel fan's perspective

I’ve just made it back from the local premiere of DC’s Wonder Woman and I want to share my impressions with the internet right away! I’ll do my best to keep it spoiler-free, because I really want people to go and see this film.

I don’t want to be one of those fans who starts a review with I’m not a fan of her music, but, but I think my perspective is very much influenced by my taste in comics, and I want to disclose that right away. I’ve read maybe a couple of dozen DC trades in my time, including a healthy dash of Wonder Woman, but I’m nowhere near appreciating the breadth and depth of the canon in the way I do with Marvel. I’m the Marvel fan who sat through the credits getting excited over the special thanks given to Lee, to Rucka, to Wein. I nearly fell out of my goddamned chair when I realised the screenplay was credited to one Allan Heinburg. THAT’S RIGHT, TRUE BELIEVERS, YOUNG AVENGERS ALLAN HEINBURG! (And it shows, so if that’s your jam, hie thee to a cinema, stat!) So maybe I’ve missed some stuff or maybe it’s given me some insight. I don’t know. All I know is it was a fucking great film and I’m usually a judgemental bitch about this stuff, so take from that what you will.

In a sentence: Wonder Woman is an excellent origin movie which doesn’t overly linger on the foundations of its story, and which pays credit to its setting and the history of the character whilst managing to make reasonably meaningful statements about the bigger picture in war, through a decently intersectional feminist lens, and almost devoid of the male gaze.

I don’t know very much about the decisions made in changing the setting of Diana’s origins from WWII to WWI. I wondered if it was something to do with being less on the nose with Gal Gadot’s Israeli heritage, but as it happens, there were some strikingly vivid depictions of the German instruments of biological warfare, perhaps more so than I’ve even seen in WWII films. Perhaps it was merely to differentiate between Diana and Captain America; perhaps it was to show a global war with more immediate physical impact upon civilians and fighting people. I would say this: it worked, it was fine, and the setting it gave to the world outside Themyscira when we got there was rich and deep.

The Themyscira of Wonder Woman was, oh blessed relief, a Paradise Island filled with women of different races and body types, up to a point – they were presented as very much a warrior people, and unfortunately, there were no fat women in the foreground. The geography felt real and lived in, and the island, cut off as it was, seemed to make sense. The costumes were not something I was thrilled about from promo shots, but in motion seemed to work much better: the desaturation of Diana’s costume appeared to be to portray it as colourful leather, and it flexed and moved quite well with her body in motion (and boy, did she get a range of motion!). The Amazons of Themyscira, absent of the male gaze, absolutely did practice the art of fighting in skimpy clothing, and wore makeup – some of them, lots of makeup – but the camerawork rigidly avoided the male gaze. They emoted, they argued, they fought and they loved – the only part which irked was the total absence of body hair. But god, at least some of them weren’t white! And her mother had WRINKLES and THIN SKIN AROUND HER COLLARBONE and SCARS. These are things I’ve never seen in a superhero film before.

The fights were excellent to my untrained eye. The clash between traditional and modern weaponry wasn’t as viciously overwhelming as I’ve seen it in some iterations of the comics, but that was probably to the benefit of the film: the Amazons gained in perceived competence when they were able to use their weapons well even when appearing outgunned. This also allowed for the only obviously gay moment, meta aside – subtle enough to presumably get past censors worldwide, but still very clearly a moment between female lovers to any viewer who regards gay people as human. (Look! This is what happens when you let Heinburg write stuff! He’s going to stick gay heroes in it and everyone’s going to have a good time.)

Steve Trevor – Chris Pine, didn’t know that until today – was pretty decently cast (my main issue being that he looked a bit All American to pass for a German soldier) and genuinely well acted. He swayed between wide-eyed innocence and awkward heroics brilliantly, clearly realising from the outset that he represented all of the wider world to Diana, and as such had a responsibility to her. Unlike the dryer DC films, the cinema where I watched, with a full house, was often shaking with laughter – unlike during the Marvel films I’ve watched, there wasn’t one cheap shot. Instead, the humour came from actual wit, not quips – this was war, there wasn’t any time for quipping. The wit was inferred by the audience. Here, a small sample: Diana sees Steve bathing. He is embarrassed and goes to cover himself, but not quickly enough. She stares for a while and asks him if he is considered to be an average member of his sex. His palpable despair at the nature of the question got perhaps the biggest laugh of the entire film (he bluffed that he was “considered an above-average specimen” initially, but that streak of toxic masculinity was soon knocked out of him).

Diana, meanwhile, was genuinely a good fit. Again, having seem promo shots, I was halfway to despair – she really does have a slight figure, and I don’t think all the hard training in the world would bulk her up all that much. But oh, how she must have trained – she was no stuntwoman like some of the Amazon actors around her, but her muscles were clear and defined, and she carried a weight through the cinematography. A fall from on high would be met with a camera-shaking THUD into the ground. There were loving close-ups showing a lot of bicep when she hefted great weights above her head. Her thighs wobbled! Again, this shouldn’t be news in 2017, but it hasn’t happened yet in Marvel. Her accent was great – I presume it’s her natural accent, and that the other Amazons were supposed to match to her? Unfortunately, some of them slipped into British English from time to time, to my well-trained ear, but it was really pleasing to hear a non-American American icon sounding… non-American. There was possibly a little unintentional humour to be taken from the fact that her key name ‘Steve’ didn’t sound very natural to her tongue, and tended to come out more as 'Stieff,’ but it was kind of sweet, the film didn’t linger on it, and it wasn’t really an issue. Her portrayal of Diana oozed charm and demanded respect. This was a young Diana, certainly – a Diana whose people are still keeping secrets from her, who wants to charge into battle and take the head of the enemy leader – when the battle is World War One – who believes extremely firmly in her gods even when her countrywomen might doubt – but whose groundings as a great leader are being found throughout the film. Gadot was utterly convincing as the ingénue who knows more than every man in the room put together. A balance was found with disarming ease in the script – she knows nearly every language and outfoxes the British government – but she genuinely doesn’t see the point in trousers, and just about screeches with delight the first time she sees a baby.

On sex: my partner, who’s ace-spec, said she felt a little alienated by the obvious inclusion of a sex scene. Me, I’ve read some Wonder Woman, and I think I would have been a bit insulted if there hadn’t been any explicit attraction between Diana and Steve at all. In every iteration of the story, it’s still the story: the first Man to the Island Of Women brings with him War, and the young Diana flees her mother’s rule, falling for him and fighting for justice. I believe that the film could have managed without a sexual attraction between the characters, but I think it’s a worthy nod to the history and a decent element of complexity for both characters, especially given the minor character reveal for Steve which takes place just as they’re getting close to one another. The film isn’t lost to slow gazes into each other’s eyes – it’s more clever than that; it uses small ideas to represent big ones. Sex is here because war is here. Glory is here but so is pain. And there are other joyful nods to her comic continuity: for those who it would really upset, I feel I must make it clear that her traditional origin story is here, but so is her New 52 origin. (I didn’t have to dig to know about the conflict there - the Marvel fans heard DC readers screaming over that one). Despite my misgivings the moment it became clear that the film was going to Go There, it wasn’t made into something which wouldn’t work outside a feminist reading – more that Diana’s people are more emotionally complex than she knows, that even the most loving of mothers can keep secrets. It didn’t rankle, and I’d really thought it would. And Etta Candy was there! And the named villain she kept coming up against was Dr. Poison! Honestly, to my untrained eye they both seemed PERFECT. Etta was a fabulous blend of side-eying quirky realness, who got to throw out nice little jabs about corsetry and getting The Vote which kept us very firmly rooted in the time period. Dr. Poison was wide-eyed genius and vulnerability – the perfect locus for the film’s musing on whether war is inevitable, whether humans are driven to destroy one another by their own ambition and pride. With incredibly few lines she gave a commanding performance. I won’t go further into defining roles played by other actors, because there’s a nice few surprises here and there – I’ll say this: the casting is great, and some Marvel pitfalls of overly screen-perfect costuming and dehumanising armour were deftly avoided.

Where the film truly shone to me was in its intersectionality. I’m SURE they could have done more, they could always do more. But given that this was a Wonder Woman film, and that we were bound to get a pale Diana and Steve, it did so much within that! From the minister played by David Thewlis, who (without comment) walked with a cane, to Etta’s charmingly full-figured portrayal – overlooked and overworked by Steve, a plot thread they didn’t pull hard on, but which added depth to the characters and their social networks, and which felt very believable. Crowd shots were incredible for this: a sea of soldiers with white faces, and amongst them, near the centre of the shot, a black soldier, for this was England during the war, and not America, and our forces weren’t explicitly segregated. His uniqueness in the image made him the focus, not the novelty. There were older women staffing the medical services, there were soldiers in tam o’ shanters, there were even Canary Girls for one very distinct shot, and I had to tell my English girlfriend who they even were. And here’s something I’m annoyed with Marvel for again – the ease with which this film handled everything, when Marvel can’t even get Carol fucking Danvers on the screen after god knows how many box office crushing successes. I don’t know if there’s any version of Diana’s origin story where she and Steve join forces with a ragtag group of international fighters, but my god, if this is how DC are going to handle characters who seem suspiciously like Marvel’s Howling Commandos, they can fucking have them. It was great. It never touted American exceptionalism, and there were some fantastic callouts, like Diana trying to find out who destroyed the way of life of The Chief, played by Eugene Brave Rock, and finding, simply, that he could point to his sleeping ally, Steve, and say “his people.” Yes, yes, yes. Saïd Taghmaoui was outstanding as Sameer – the sort of person who flourishes in historical accounts and novels of the time, but who we never seem to get on screen – a highly educated man who manipulates and fleeces others, because he wanted to be an actor – but he was “the wrong colour.” Ewen Bremner – Spud, from Trainspotting, as Charlie, fell a little flatter for me – there was nothing inherently wrong with his portrayal, but speaking as a Brit, I think the world has enough cowardly drunken Scots characters, even if they’re brimming with sadness and complexity in response to a world gone mad. DC Bombshells has a Steve Trevor who explicitly suffers from PTSD, rather than transferring trauma into a more minor character – probably this wouldn’t have been something they could manage in a two-hour film, but it was a shame, and it was a little dehumanising, as he was the only Scottish character, even if he was totally believable. Steve certainly had his moments of vulnerability, which I very much appreciated, even so.

Cinematography-wise, I think the film fell into some familiar traps. There was an irritating amount of blue and orange, though it wasn’t half so pronounced as other action films of the last decade, and there was a wonderful scene where the colour scheme was used as a fakeout and faded into glorious bright golds. Still, the hyper-colourful ending credits were a tantalising reminder of the richer, more fully-realised world we could have had. The sets, however, were fantastic, and felt grimly realistic throughout the war scenes. The single tiny point I thought seemed historically off to me turns out to be something I was wrong on – pebbledashing for the exterior of buildings, iconically used on 1930s homes in the UK, was actually used in the 1910s for outbuildings. There are probably costuming, accent or set design mistakes somewhere in the film – in a production of this scope, there always are – but I couldn’t find them, not once.

Score was fine – it’s not what I go to the cinema for, but it seemed like it was used well and in all the right places. A couple of bits were good enough that I briefly wondered if it could be Howard Shore – it wasn’t, it seems to have been a bit designed by committee, which I suppose is par for the course with these things and why I liked Shore so much in the first place. The ending theme’s composed by Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, however, and performed by Sia! I have no idea if it was good – as always happens at my local cinema, they brought up the lights straight away and everyone started talking loudly.

Essentially, whether it’s a perfect film and whether it will stand the test of time is a different question as to whether it’s a good Wonder Woman film, which it absolutely is. Were the themes clever? I would say they were consistent, and not guilty of overreach. Wonder Woman is at its heart a narrative about whether humanity and civilization should be worth the time of a godlike figure from a paradise civilization, and, by association, for ourselves. It wasn’t hammered home, if that’s not your kind of thing, and it’s handled better than your average war film. Was it improved by a screenplay written by a gay writer who usually handles the small screen, and who’s written for comics in the past? My god, yes – and was it improved by its direction by a woman – Patty Jenkins – known for her work with intense female actors? Yes! Should you go and see it? If you like films or comics, it’s definitely worth it.

Something Like This? - Stiles Stilinski Smut

-Wow, okay, umm, so you wondered and I gave it a shot? I hope it’s something like you wanted :)

Request: I was wondering if I could request a Stiles smut where you have like a wet dream about him and he finds out and helps you live out what you dreamt thank you so much

Warning: Smut…

Well, okay…


*You lay on the bed, your hands tangled in Stiles’ now grown out hair while his lips continued to kiss the inside of your thighs, moving further up to your core, your tugging at his hair nudging him on as you hummed in appreciation. You told Stiles what you had always wanted to try, and he seemed to be more than up for a little bit of teasing and using his tongue and mouth in places they had never been before.

“Like this?” he asked, breathing over your entrance, the hot air fanning your already wet skin before his lips pressed against the top of the area, nudging your collection of nerves when you let out a whine.

“Yeah, just like- ah,” you whined again and he only smirked to himself, enjoying the power he had over you before he focused on giving you all the pleasure in the world that he could. Once you told him you were close, he withdrew, planting his lips on yours and you ignored the taste of you, swallowing him up, trying to thank him the best you could before you felt him sink into you, letting you get used to the new addition, but then he started to move, and you felt it.*

You quickly sat up in your bed, breathing heavily and looking around. The sun had lit your room up, and once seeing the clock you fell back with a frustrated groan.

You didn’t finish…

In a few hours, Stiles was round for another day of doing nothing but trying to escape reality. You never really planned out your dates, mostly just met up at someone’s house, hung out, watched a movie, ate popcorn, made out on the couch or bed you watched said movie on, etcetera.

“Stiles, do you-“ you paused, already having cut the making out in two, but the question had been bugging you, “Do you ever have, like-“ you paused again and tried not to ramble while explaining what you wanted to say. He looked at you weirdly for a second before smirking.

“Wet dreams?” he asked and you nodded, blushing a little. “Of you? And me?” he added and you nodded again. “Of course I do,” he chuckled, winding his arms further around your waist. “I have a hot girlfriend, I can’t help it,” he told you, smiling as you bit your lip, knowing you had to keep on track. “Why? You have one?” he asked, smiling wider.

“W-Well I think so?” you said, unsure, so your statement came out more as a question while you folded his collars back down.

“Yeah? You want to talk about it?” he asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous as well, fiddling with the edge of your shirt at your back.

“I don’t-“ you cut off, running a hand through your hair, sitting back on his lap, “I’m not sure I do,” you said, looking back up at him, sure that your face was red.

“We don’t have to. Only if you want to,” he assured you, rubbing the tops of your arms with a small smile.

“Well I guess-“ you drifted off and he shrugged his shoulders, keeping his eyes searching your face. “Okay,” you nodded, not knowing what would happen once you did.

“All right,” he smiled.

“Well, you asked if I fantasised about anything,” you started and he nodded, urging you to go on, “so I told you I did,” you added and his eyebrows raised.

“So what do you fantasise about?” he asked.

“You’re my first,” you shrugged, “so you know, your fingers,” you played with the said parts, “you mouth,” you added, glancing at the pink lips which were now stretched into a smaller smirk. “all over me.”

“Go on,” he whispered, moving his fingers under your shirts and lightly tracing your body with them.

“We were making out, and you led me to my room, and-“ he cut you off with his lips, doing as you said. He picked you up, kissing you with just as much passion while carrying you to your room, before he laid you on the bed, hovering above you while you smiled, leading him and taking his shirt off, then feeling his hands trace every inch of your beautiful skin, marvelling at you. How did he get so lucky?

“What now?” he asked breathlessly, pushing you shirt up and you leaned forward to help him take it off. His fingers danced across your stomach, waist, hips, pushing into your jeans, the other helping to unbutton it while he lightly rubbed you over the material of your underwear, while you leaned your head back.

“You- you slipped my jeans off, and-“

“I think I know it from here,” he smiled, kissing you while you helped him pull your jeans off, and rid him of his own, discarding the items of clothing onto the floor. You let out a small whine while his hand sipped under your underwear and he bit your sound in half, kissing you deeply, not leaving time for any formalities. He simply felt the state of you, then circled his fingers before slipping one into you, making you gasp, while he let out a surprised groan, each of your movements and release of noises sending him closer and closer to the crucial point.

He started to pump his fingers faster while you tried to grab his back, dragging your fingertips down  his shirt, pulling it lower on his torso before he withdrew his hand and undressed his top half, kissing his way down your body, giving your chest exclusive attention before it wandered to your stomach, which was when you started to feel the bunch push against your skin, making itself known, gravitating to Stiles’ lips before they detached. You let out a soft sigh, feeling his hands at your thighs, before you suddenly felt the usual feeling of his lips on your skin, but somewhere else. Somewhere you hadn’t felt his lips before. And it was heaven.

“Oh my God-“ you gasped, his tongue joining his lips while you tried not to move too much, though you were in too much bliss at that moment. You tangled your fingers in his hair, tugging on it, letting him know how much you liked what he was doing. He continued while your back arched off from the bed and you bit your lip to keep quiet, but he continued, squeezing the skin of your thighs at random points while you kept tugging on his hair, trying to encourage him more, even with your voice, moaning and breathing lightly. “Stiles-“

“Something like this?” he asked, his breath hitting your soft, vulnerable skin and you nodded quick, whispering out a positive answer before you felt his tongue enter you.

“Uh, Stiles-“ you cut yourself off as he knew you were about to be relieved, so he pulled himself up and his lips met yours after he did his best to wipe them, but you didn’t care, just pulled him into you further, feeling one of his hands caress your waist, the other leaving while you wound your legs around his bare waist.

“I love you,” he said while he pulled back to grab some air and you grinned, pulling him into you once more.

“I love you too,” you told him before kissing his jaw, going to his throat, down his neck, when you felt his waist lift up, and felt his head turn before he connected you to him, deeply, in a swift motion. You let out a groan, which came out a lot more pleasured while you nodded for him to move and he did so, rocking his hips back and forth while you practically clawed at his back, pushing out your breaths in time with him. All he was focused on is your pleasure as his hands roamed your body, caressing, massaging and kissing, so there was no moment of silence for you. It was filled with happy, elated, euphoric sounds that pressed themselves through your lips and onto his skin or into his mouth.

When you both started your descend, he continued to kiss you, whisper soft words into your ear, making you smile and try not to laugh from the absurd position. He had made your dream literally come true.

“Thank you,” you sighed, his lips sucking on a spot on your neck, while your eyes rolled into your head from the positive, tingling sensation that was being sent up and down your spine.

“I guess, thank you,” he chuckled, coming out breathy, before placing a last soft kiss on your skin and lifting his head, smiling at you.

“How about next time we do yours?” you asked, turning the two of you around before he reached down and wrapped you in the covers with him.

“I’m up for that,” his smile widened. “All I need is you,” he added, making you flush, burrowing your head into his shoulder, but he let out a small chuckle, winding his hands around your waist, letting you lay on top of him, while he twirled a strand of your hair, breathing in your scent, losing himself in the moment. “Something like you wanted?”

Everything I wanted,” you replied quietly.

- so there’s some fluff, not too much though… I still have a proper full on fluff with this sarcastic little shit coming up so look out for that. Sorry for bing inactive, but first proper week of school and all, and getting the hand of everything. Ugh. Whatever. Request away if you want! :) -


Overprotective - Bucky x Reader

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, bestfriend!Tony x bestfriend!Bruce x Reader

Word count: 2019

Prompt by anonymus: Hi 💖 I have a request, a bucky x reader where reader is a computer engineer in the Stark Tower and works with her bffs Tony and Bruce (they call themselves the Science Squad). Reader and Bucky have a crush in each other and when Bucky flirts shyly with reader Tony and Bruce stop him because they see reader as their little sister and they want to protect her. They’re like her overprotective big brothers. HAPPY ENDING AND FLUFF PLEASE 🙇 💖

Warnings: fluff, overprotective Tony and Bruce

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A/N: I really loved this request, I hope you guys like how it turned out!♥

“Alright, let me help you. How about we build it into the part of the eyepiece that’s right above here?”, you suggested and pointed to a part in the headpiece of the iron man suit. Tony, Bruce and you had been working on a body warmth sensor for the suit, so it couldn’t only detect people it actually sees, but also inside a building, to some extent at least. “Good idea.”, Bruce nodded with acknowledgement and Tony carefully tried to move it to the place you had just pointed at. “We’re so close, this has to work.”, Tony was still concentrated on putting the sensor into place but he also seemed excited to try it out. “Alright, I got it.”, he declared, “Let’s try this thing!”, Tony said with excitement, and Bruce smiled with excitement as he put the prototype of the new headpiece on Tony’s head.

“Y/N, would you please go behind that wall?”, Bruce pointed to a wall of the room and you walked out, hoping that the sensor you had built together worked. As a computer engineer, you were very self-critical, but your best friends Bruce and Tony were never hard on you. You were much younger than them, and they treated you like you were their little sister, it was always fun to work with them, since all of you were interested in the same field of work, and you could combine your knowledge and ideas to work more efficiently and as a team. When you walked around the corner to stand where you were ordered to, you saw Bucky walking in your direction, and his face lit up when he saw you. You had had a crush on him for quite some time now, he was always very sweet towards you and very honest, he had talked to you a lot about his past, he told you that you made him forget the pain. Your heart jumped as he came closer, none of you had ever tried to make a move on each other, which was also due to Bruce and Tony. They were the best friends you could ask for, but when they acted like they were your dads, they got really overprotective and would often get in your way when you were talking to Bucky.

Before he came to stop in front of you, you called: “I’m in position!”, so Bruce and Tony could start the test. Then you turned back to Bucky, and when he greeted you with that cute smile, you felt the butterflies in your stomach. “Hey, Y/N. What are you guys working on?”, he asked with genuine interest. “It’s a body heat sensor, so you can see if someone is in a building, it’s for Tony’s suits, it’s a little big, so we’d have to make it smaller for it to fit, but we’re just testing a prototype right now.”, Bucky’s grin grew wider the more you were talking: “I love how passionate you are.”, with a sheepish grin, he asked, “So, how hot is my body now, doll?” You chuckled and were about to respond, when you heard Tony’s voice: “Way too hot to be near her, metal arm. By the way, Y/N, it works!”, you rolled your eyes at Tony’s comment. This happened all the time whenever the two of you were flirting in the slightest way, even when you were talking. As much as you liked them, it annoyed you how protective they were over you. You knew they didn’t mean to harm you, but you were old enough. “Yeah, I noticed, Tony. Way to kill the mood.”, you smirked at Bucky, but before you left, you brushed his hand on purpose for a subtle flirt, and then you laughed: “Sorry Bucky, I guess Daddy’s calling. We’ll talk later.”, you winked. “Definitely not alone.”, Bruce said when you opened the door, loud enough for Bucky to hear.

“Please, guys, I just want to talk to him.”, you sighed as you entered the room. “I think you wanna do more than just talking, young lady.”, Tony commented. You felt like you were caught, you knew Tony was right and you blushed a little, although you tried your best to hide it, Bruce noticed, “That tells me Tony was right.”, he laughed.

“Hey, the sensor worked!”, Tony exclaimed, and you were glad that they finally stopped teasing you about Bucky, “And all thanks to our great computer engineer.”, he continued and patted you on the shoulder, it made you feel a little proud. “The Science Squad strikes once again!”, you cheerfully announced and gave your best friends a high-five. The Science Squad was a nickname that had emerged over the time the three of you worked together, and you really liked it. It made you feel like you were a part of something, and that with your two best friends. “Seriously though, we need T-Shirts with that.”, you turned around and walked towards the door, “Let’s work on making it smaller tomorrow. I’m starving.”, you announced. “Don’t talk to the Frozen Boy again!”, Tony shouted when you were already out the door. “Technically, Stark, he’s older than you.”, you responded and rolled your eyes once again. They just couldn’t let it go, could they?

When you were sitting on the couch having dinner, you saw Bucky walk into the room and smiled widely. “Come sit here.”, you invited him and patted on the spot next to you. He sat down next to you and smirked. “I’m guessing the sensor worked?”, you sighed. “Yeah. Again, I’m sorry, they’re really overprotective.” You and Bucky talked for a while, you were laughing a lot and sometimes subtly flirting. Talking to your crush still had you feeling butterflies every time he said something flirty or complimented you. After he’d laughed about a joke you’d made, he took the remote in his hand and looked at you with his beautiful blue eyes. “Would you like to watch a movie with me?”, sometimes, he was still shy around you, like whenever you’d look into each others eyes for a long time, or when he asked you to do something with him. “I’d love to.”, you smiled and he put on a movie. After a couple of minutes, you shyly leaned your head on his shoulder, and he looked at you and smiled happily. He even did this super old trick where he yawned to lay his arm around you, and you thought it was super cute. Suddenly, someone turned the lights in the living area on.

“What’re you guys watching?”, Tony said and sat next to Bucky, removing his arm from your shoulder. “Let’s watch something else.”, Bruce said and made space to sit between you and Bucky, he took the remote from his hand and switched to another channel. Even though you loved your best friends, at this moment, they made you very angry. You were so mad at them, they always had to chime in when you and Bucky were talking or doing anything together, they made it impossible for the two of you to ever be alone. “Uhm…”, Bucky ran a hand through his hair with an unsure expression on his face. “I’m gonna go to bed. See you later, doll.”, he glanced at you as he stood up and gave you a helpless smile. “Nu-uh, we’re the only ones that give Y/N nicknames, right, doll?”, Tony laughed.

You had enough. You really loved them, and you loved working with them, but they were taking it too far. You quickly got up from the sofa and stormed into your room. Angrily, you slammed the door and sat down on your bed to feel tears streaming down your face. You felt kind of helpless, you had had this crush on Bucky for such a long time, and things seemed to be going well between the two of you, but whenever one of you made the slightest move Tony and Bruce had to come in and ruin it. It made you sad and it drove you crazy, you really liked him and you actually felt like you had a chance with him, but there was no way anything was going to happen with the two men in the house.

You heard a shy knock on your door, and it slowly opened to reveal Tony and Bruce. “Please, leave me alone, you’ve done enough.”, you begged, but with evident anger in your voice. “Y/N, we’re here to tell you that we’re sorry.”, Bruce began, taking a step closer to your bed. “It’s just that we don’t want you to get with just any guy. You’re our little sister after all.”, Tony let Bruce do the talking, he knew that he would just make an inappropriate joke and ruin the whole situation, but seeing his best friend cry like that made him feel bad about what happened. “Well, you’ve reached your goal, he’s probably not going to want to ‘get with me’ anymore.”, you spat out, still upset. “He’s not just any guy to you, is he?”, now it was Tony to ask the question. “No, he’s not.”, you replied as you felt more tears coming, “But you wouldn’t understand.”, you were bitter. Bruce carefully placed a hand on your back. “Hey, Y/N, that’s not true. Why do you think we’ve come to talk to you?”, he cleared his throat before he went on, “We care about you, that’s all. We really do, but, and I think I speak for Tony as well, we have noticed that the two of you really like each other. We’ve made a mistake.”, Bruce stopped speaking and pulled you into a hug. “We’re… we’re sorry, Y/N. We would be very happy, if the two of you would… you know. Agh, this is hard for me.”, Tony admitted, “Our little one growing up.”, he sighed, and you didn’t say anything for some time. The tears stopped coming and you stood up, slowly. “Thanks, guys. It might’ve been too late, but… I still appreciate it.”

You walked out of your room to get something to drink and cool down after crying. In the kitchen, you saw Bucky, who was standing at the sink. Shyly, you approached him: “What are you doing, Bucky?”, you gave him a small smile as he looked at you. He looked at you in shock. “Y… Y/N, I…”, his reaction confused you. You had expected to be rejected or for him to talk to you as he always did, but you wondered why he’d be shocked. “Uhm… I was filling a vase with water, because, I…”, he paused and cleared his throat as he pulled something from behind his back: “This is for you.”, he looked at the floor shyly as he handed you a red rose. You couldn’t help but smile at the sweet gesture, you were surprised and euphoric. “I’m glad you… didn’t give up on me.”, you confessed, and as he looked up at you, he gave you a genuine smile. “I’d never give up on you, on us, I… I don’t think I could.”, he stuttered. “Tony and Bruce talked to me, and… they apologized. They saw how much you meant to me.”, you explained, “Bucky… I like you, a lot.”, you admitted and bit your lip. He took your hands in his, the rose gently poking on your skin as he still had it in his hand. You could feel your heart jump, and you could feel the butterflies in your stomach again. This time, you knew this was happening, it was finally happening. You had anticipated this moment for such a long time, and here you were, having confessed your feelings to your crush, and you knew he shared them with you. “I’ve had feelings for you for a long time now, doll.”, he smiled and leaned in to kiss you, his rich, soft lips pressed on yours for a slow, passionate kiss. “I love you, Bucky Barnes.”, you whispered against his lips. “I love you too, Y/N. I’m so glad this is finally happening.”

Cupcakes- Scott Lang

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You had set up your own bakery after finding great trouble in putting your degree into any actual use. They had always taught you that once you got a degree you were certain to get a job in that field and everything was sorted for life. That was complete rubbish. You left university, got rejected from every job as you had no ‘real life’ experience. It was a catch-22. You needed experience to get a job, but you couldn’t get experience without a job.

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bloody-bee-tea  asked:

“Okay wait. Can we stop joking around like we’d ever actually date? It’s really starting to hurt…” for the dialogue prompt, either with IronFalcon or IronPanther (or both ;))

Okay, so, I’m writing this… second thing to getting home, lol. Because Marvel is Bullshit and I needed to write some good things for Steve Rogers.



Steve didn’t expect Tony and Sam to already know each other - though, at least they weren’t secret best friends or something. Still, it was odd to introduce Sam to Tony, and then have Tony and Sam shake hands and start talking about the wings, like they were picking up an old conversation.

Which, well, they were, but still. It had been weird.


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Bucky: Poor Party Planning

This is another Bucky thing. Not even the thing i’ve been working on. But i did steal paragraphs from the other thing because it is like 5000 words and that’s too many words probably maybe. 

“Party this week everybody. Well. Gala.” Tony declared, standing before the coffee table and the group collectively winced. Gala was Tonys word for a party but with media present, he never used it in any other context, even if there actually was a gala. He called those just parties.

“Tony.” Steve began, giving the man a level look, only to be cut off by Natasha.

“Steve.” She warned and the man seemed to pause, meeting her eyes with a speaking look before closing his mouth and sitting back in his arm chair.

You looked up at Bucky, his gaze staring out the window at the skyline slightly dreamily. This was one of the few times all of you were in New York, in the tower. These days, you mostly lived at the compound, did business there. The tower was less a thing now. Probably since Ultron. That kind of messed the place up a little.

“Hunter.” You whispered in his ear sharply and he instantly became alert, eyes searching the area for threats while you smirked. After a minute, and once he was sure, he gave you a displeased look and you giggled softly.

It had taken you months to train him for that word. Perhaps a year. Every time there had been a situation, like someone about to shoot at you or him or your friends, you’d had to shout “Bucky, hunter.”.

It had been exhausting. And by now, every time you said “hunter” he’d instantly go battle ready. You’d definitely planned it and by the time you realised that you’d used a similar tactic as the Soviets, you were in too deep.

“What, Y/N?” He grumbled, eyes still half distracted and fleeting, searching the area.

“There’s a gala.” You whispered back, ignorant to the rest of the conversation. Whatever was being said now was just cake icing. Sometimes the best part. You probably should be listening.

“What? Why? When?” He whined, hand unconsciously pulling you closer like a shield.

“What and why are both because we have to give the media something every so often, it can’t just be “Y/N posted a photo of Bucky” or “Sam tagged Steve in this meme”. Sam, please stop that, you’re old now, leave it to the kids.” Stark sighed, dropping onto the couch beside Wanda, who rubbed his shoulder understandingly.

You hid a snort in Buckys bicep, glancing up at him momentarily, amusement lacing his carefully inexpressive expression.

“Look, you two. All of you. Tony is right. Zemo was a crisis. Ultron was a crisis. Honestly, T’Challa was a bit of a crisis. No one tell him. And I don’t doubt there are more crisis on the horizon. So, lets up our image because I have no doubt that we’re going to need it.” Sam sighed, offering Tony a commiserating nod and the group mumbled assent, eyes a little downcast.

“When?” Bucky grunted out sullenly and you rubbed your forehead. Of course, he would fall for the guilt trip. Of course, you’d have to go too.

“The seventh.” Tony offered, tone brighter now that he knew Bucky would be making time. Bucky making time meant that Steve and you would both go. And if you went, Wanda would and she would drag Vision. And Sam would follow Steve. That was nearly half the team and if Natasha is anything, she’s one for obligations.

“Is there a theme? Where is it? Are there invite cards with all the information I need or?” You asked, glaring at Bucky’s hand where it sat on your waist. You felt the grip soften some, barely holding on as if he felt your stare.

“Yes, Y/N. You’ll get an invitation. But let me say, right now, that neither of you two are drinking.” You opened your mouth to protest, Thor also with his mouth open, but Tony held up a hand. “We can’t risk it. You guys are ridiculous when you’re drunk. Barnes will not be fighting and Y/N, you will be chained to the wall with a five foot chain if you don’t act like a normal person.”

You scoffed, only to gasp at Buckys understanding expression. He shrugged as if in agreeance and you growled. Today was not his day.

“That is rude.” Wanda sighed and Tony rolled his eyes.

“I am stating a fact. That Y/N acts irresponsibly and without thought when she is drunk, or put under social pressure. This party can only have one of those issues. We need good records and she has to be there. So get it done.” He huffed out, moving sharply to his feet and exiting. You felt the group deflate some.

Rising, you headed round the back of the couch, fingers running through Buckys hair before you exited, feeling his gaze on your back as the door shut behind you.

“Why is he such a butthole?” You sighed, peeling back the blankets and dusting off your feet. Bed dirt was your worst nightmare. Is. Is your worst nightmare. Excluding hidden memories and shadows.

“You know why he’s like that.” Bucky sighed, running his fingers over his stubble thoughtfully.

“Leave it, it’s hot.” You mumbled absently and he smiled at you. “But does he have to be like that?”

“You can’t always have things your way.” Bucky muttered, sliding in beside you.

“Don’t I know it.” You groaned, cuddling into his body and pressing your cold hands to his belly, feeling him flinch at the icy touch. Super soldier? Yeah right.

“You two have to be cool tonight, okay. I can’t… Have either of you behave… As usual. We’re under a lot of heat.” Stark advised nervously and you glanced at Bucky.

“We’re always on our best behaviour, you just never understand, you visionless punk.” You sniped, then grinned.

You get that one? You laughed and Wanda returned the amusement, showing her gaze Vision himself as he brought her a drink.

“Nice one, Y/N. Good work.” He replied sarcastically, already turning away, stress obvious. You exchanged a look with Bucky.

“He’s really tense.”

“He threatened you with chain.”

“You should probably beat him up for that.”

“I won’t.”

“Boring. And it won’t be huge.”

“It shouldn’t be anything at all.”

“You said should.”

“Because I had no idea you were planning on doing this, you just handed me a drink. How was I supposed to know you’d spiked it?”

You stared at him for a moment, uncomprehendingly before your eyes widened.

“No way are you forcing me to take the fall for this. It’s us or nothing. Are we not dating seriously?” You demanded, glaring at the Winter Soldier, who suddenly looked very interested in his fancy shoes.

“I am not in this dress for Tony, Jamie. You owe me.” You ground out and he sighed, eyes trailing over your body appreciatively.

“I’m going to wish you weren’t in that dress.” He sighed resignedly, thinking forward. You gave him a saucy smirk.

“You already wish I wasn’t in this dress.” You flirted and he grinned, pulling you against his chest lovingly. A flash went off and your vibrant smile faded. Right. Cameras.

“Come on, Doll, let’s get you all liquored up.” He offered, eyes understanding at your less enthusiastic face.

“Here he is!” Wanda appeared at your side, her mind link making her the biggest eaves dropper. You smiled up at Thor, his arm wrapped around Janes shoulders as she looked around the room somewhat critically.

What is with all these camera people? Haven’t they seen enough?” She complained, wrinkling her nose some and you quickly touched her elbow, eyes warning. She gave you a puzzled look and you smiled happily just as a flash went off in your faces. “Yeah, I know.” She ground out and Thors expression fell some.

You really felt for the guy.

“Hey, if its any consolation, three floors down is Tonys hidden home theatre, it’ll be empty since none of us Avengers ever get any while there are cameras here. I’m sure once the recovery op is in play you two could sneak out for a movie. A little R&R?” You offered sympathetically but she squared her shoulders. With a serious shake of her head, you watched all her earlier antagonism melt away.

“Alcohol me, Odinson.” Bucky cut in, holding out a glass half filled with scotch. Of course, he’d specifically find scotch, instead of one of the billion champagne glasses floating around.

“Impressive.” You whispered aside to him and he winked at you, before handing you a glass of pink liquid. “You are a godsend.” You marvelled, kissing his cheek.

After scanning the area, and locating Stickler Tony Stark and Buzz Kill Cap, the pair of you held out the glasses, letting the demigod fill them to a three quarter level. Tony would assume you were drinking human alcohol. Then he couldn’t be mad because it is his own fault he didn’t stop it.

“Do you need more? I can get you more?” Thor offered delightedly, ever the respectful peer pressure friend. You shook your head, smiling as you took in Wandas mind, her feet draped casually over Visions lap as the two of them sat, staying out of the mess. She felt content. Though there was an edge of worry that you ignored, since it was about you.

“Thank you, TO, but let’s see how we go first. Jane can be the judge.” You stated decisively, meeting the other womans eyes. You could not rely on any one but her, she’d judge it clinically instead of as someone involved or someone wanting to get their friends very drunk despite the rule that says not to.

With her short nod and smile, you took a sip then linked your arm with Buckys, pulling him off into the crowd to walk and preferably not mingle. You could already feel a warmth in your belly.

“Tony, tony, bo-bony, banana fana fo-fony, fee fi mo-mony. Tony.” You sang out as you neared him and watched him flinch. “Care to dance, big boy?”

You felt Bucky’s presence at your shoulder enlarge and you rolled your eyes. Every time he actually managed to get drunk, he became insanely jealous and protective. Whenever he was sober, he gave you constant freedom, ready to accept the day you woke up and found someone better, someone normal.


Drunk Bucky was your everyday, while everyday Bucky was drunk you.

“I think Tony would rather not dance.” He intoned ominously and Tony nodded surely.

“I definitely don’t want to dance. Are you two drunk? You really are!” He burst out, hands covering his face in horror and you rolled your eyes at Bucky, who was busy glaring at a man that probably glanced in your direction. “How the hell did this happen? Where is Thor? I’m going to kill him. And you two. Did you even think about what you might be doing here? What consequences there could be for your actions?”

Steve appeared beside the man and gave him a sympathetic look.

“Please, get her out of here, Steve. I can’t make her but you can and she’s going to ruin this.” He ground out, staring off into the crowd that the small group of you edged.

“Y/N?” Steve asked gently and you scowled. Why did you have to leave? Why would Bucky get to stay?

Steve took a step closer to you, then you saw a shadow fall over the other man, though it didn’t really cover him.

“No no, Steve.” Bucky rumbled and Rogers sighed, giving the Ironman a helpless look. You were currently invincible thanks to your ex-con shield. Also lover.

“Then keep an eye on them. Natasha too, please?” Tony whined angrily before storming off into the crowd. You lost him within seconds.

“The plan isn’t working, James. New plan because Tony is mean. You romance me on the dance floor.” You grinned and Bucky laughed, pausing to glare dangerously at something behind you. Taking your hand, he cleared a wide path, muttering threats as he led you into the music.

“More alcohol, my lady, my friend?” Thor asked at Buckys shoulder, definitely a little tipsy but still reading the situation pretty well if his positioning was anything to go by.

Jane gave you a smile before taking her boyfriends hand, talking quietly and leading him away before either of you could respond. You watched them walk away, then spun around to face Bucky, leaping at him blindly and feeling his arms wrap around you.

“My girl.” He gloated in your ear and you giggled, eyes closed as you snuggled closer to him. Half releasing him, you settled your feet on the ground and let the super soldier lead you through a slow dance, despite the pounding music. You smiled up at him adoringly and he tugged on a lock of your hair. Another flash surrounded the two of you and your grip unconsciously tightened on his hand, only for you to notice the golden splotches. You tensed nervously and they got bigger, spreading and taking up a little more space.

“Ignore them, they’re not an issue, I’ve got you.” Bucky whispered and you nodded, burying your face in his soft shirt.

“Yes, Sargent.” You muttered, feeling his fingers find your chin and pull you from the expensive clothed hideaway. Your eyes met his slightly glazed ones and you felt a spark fire in your chest.

“I love you. So much.” He murmured, forehead meeting yours as the two of you swayed. You felt yourself relax, the rest of the room falling away.

“I love you too. Also so much.” You grinned and he snorted, pressing his lips to yours firmly, both of you ruining the kiss with your smiles.

The pair seemed more than in love, and they weren’t the only ones feeling the love.
Last night, the invitations to the Stark party were finally cashed in, and all the promises have been kept. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are partners in crime once more, Y/N Y/L/N and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes are madly in love, Clint Barton didn’t attend, Wanda Maximoff and Vision are more than friends and Sam Wilson beat James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes in an arm wrestling competition.

“It goes on but I’m not one to gloat.” You gloat, giving Tony a superior look.

“Okay, I’m sorry. You weren’t a disaster and you stopped Barnes from murdering anyone. Thank you.” Tony sighed, rubbing his forehead and you beamed at him. Jumping to your feet, you pressed a kiss to his forehead and left the magazine, darting out the doors.

“Bucky!” You shouted, bounding along until you turned a corner and screeched to a halt. A girl smiled up at your boyfriend, hand on his arm. Your eyes quickly assessed the man, his brow furrowed and the small tilt he had that leant away from her, even the bead of sweat on his forehead.

“Jamie!” You shouted, voice both delighted and viciously sharp. You didn’t even look at your boyfriend, instead stared down the agent who had gone pale. You watched her take a step back and you growled.

“Y/N.” Bucky answered, relief filling his voice. You couldn’t help looking at him and seeing both a warning and actual happiness at your arrival. You blinked then, looked beside him to refocus on the attempted thief, to see her speed walking down the end of the corridor.

“Hey!” You yelped, darting forward only to be caught in James’ arms, twirling you in a circle and kissing you deeply. You felt yourself fall into him, body melting.

“I won’t forget her face.” You warned softly and his shoulders bunched.

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