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i recently hit a huge milestone & reached the 2nd birthday for this blog, so i wanted to do something cute to give back & say thank you !!! with that being said, under the cut you’ll find 828 quotes that can be used for character musing tags ! they’ve been categorised into different labels ( eg. the baby doll, the lothario, the vixen, the cataclysmic, etc ) so some quotes may appear under more than one category. i do, however, recommend checking out all the categories !! they were just listed by my own interpretation and definitely aren’t limited to a certain label in the slightest. the pronouns used are simply what was used in the original line but can obviously be changed to fit your character. depending on personal preference, some may be a little too long but can be shortened down pretty easily. a general trigger warning is to be placed for these as they do reference some sensitive topics ( drugs, alcohol, sex, etc ), as the tags on my blog do. i believe that covers it all !! if you find this useful, please do like and/or reblog ! also, please let me know if you’d like to see a part two of this ! you can find the lyric version of this right here for more suggestions !!

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redwall in chronological order
  1. Lord Brocktree
  2. The Legend of Luke: In the Wake of the Red Ship
  3. Martin the Warrior
  4. Mossflower
  5. The Legend of Luke
  6. Prologue and epilogue to Mossflower
  7. Outcast of Redwall
  8. Mariel of Redwall
  9. Prologue and epilogue to Martin the Warrior
  10. The Bellmaker
  11. Salamandastron
  12. Redwall
  13. Mattimeo
  14. Pearls of Lutra
  15. The Long Patrol
  16. Marlfox
  17. Taggerung
  18. Prologue and epilogue to Lord Brocktree
  19. Triss
  20. Loamhedge
  21. Rakkety Tam
  22. High Rhulain
  23. Eulalia!
  24. Doomwyte
  25. The Sable Quean
  26. The Rogue Crew

i just thought this would be a good reference to have in the fandom, especially for people who are interested in a chronological rereading, like me!

About #MakeJaalBi, the unpopular opinion

Now what I’m going to say is my own opinion. And I know I might get a lot of hate from this. Maybe even lose subs, but one cannot let that stop them from speaking their mind.

The #makejaalbi tag has been exploding since it was announced that he was going to be available to only Female Ryder. Many felt cheated about this decision by bioware and EA, understandably. But you must remember, that they promised nothing about making Jaal a Bi option.

Yes there were sound files, but this is a technique they use for VA’s, recording all content, and then seeing how it fits in. If it doesn’t then it is scrapped or not used. The sound files on Jaal are not an indication he was meant to be a Bi option. One should also notice that while M!Ryder had sound files, there were none found from Jaal’s VA referring to M!Ryder as a romance, which could mean that none were ever recorded by him. Which will making patching in a Bi romance impossible unless they re-record. It’s not me being a bitch. It’s me stating a fact.

And before people attack me for hating homosexuals or bi people, I myself am Bisexual, not one of your hated “straights”. My own best friend is a long time lover of this series, and just so happens to be gay himself. I asked him how he felt about this when the tag was blowing up with hate and all he had to say was:

“It’s disappointing that Bioware did not accurately represent all of their fans within the game that above all else, provides a choice for gamers to play themselves in the game. But even though I do not agree with the fact there were so few M/M options, that does not cover over the fact that they did do something wonderful.”

What he was referring to was the Gil Brodie romance. A character that was open about his sexuality, and felt no shame for it. And even gave the option to want to start a family together with M!Ryder. A FAMILY.

A homosexual couple raising a child together, referred to in the game. In the world today there are still many people who see this as a monstrosity. But Bioware said ‘fuck you’ to anyone who thought the idea was too “out there”.

If that is not a leap forward to many in the LGBTQ society, then what the hell is?

I had never thought about it that way myself before my friend explained it to me, and it just amazed me. There were people arguing about representation in the game, but look at what they are missing! A gay couple wanting to start a family, no shame, nothing stopping them, Gil’s own best friend agreeing to be the surrogate for their child.

And also, how many people would be outraged by a #MakeSeraBi, or a #MakeDorianBi campaign? But that’s not the same right? It’s wanting to change their orientation, a big part of their character.

Being gay was a big part of who they were. Dorian’s own story arc was about his sexuality and his struggles with his family because of it.

But for some reason, being straight can’t be part of someone’s character. To many it seems to be homophobic to even suggest it. Why? Surely ones sexual orientation, whether they are Bi, Gay, Straight, other, should be respected? Why is there such a stigma against straight characters, and for that matter, straight people.

Why is it acceptable to attack straight characters. Just for being straight?

I would have thought, of all the people in world who would support respecting ones sexual orientation, not pressuring anyone to be anything else but themselves, it would be my fellow LGBTQ’s.

But what do I know? It’s not like I was holding out for a character. I wasn’t hoping for a certain character to be romancable by F!Ryder. Well, you’re wrong. I had been hoping to romance Cora Harper, but she ended up only available for M!Ryder. But I’m not starting a campaign to change who she is. Because I love who Cora is, and I would never want her to change.

So take this rant for what you will. If you don’t agree with me, I’d love to have your side to the debate, or if you are angry with what I have said then I’m sorry but this is my opinion on the matter, and no amount of hatred or “reporting” or blocking my channel is going to change that.

Thanks for reading. -Rose

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There are two types of Tumblr-taggers
  • The ones who go all Instagram: #beautiful #pretty #aesthetic #girl #boy #ootd #potd #followforfollow #likeforlike
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So, this is like my best current art from DA, which I decided to spread around, since it’s a pity to be just on one site.

This one is from March, done on the same day as Martins’ post about his departure. (and a day before Tobias’ birthday.)

Name one song you think goes with this one. (or a few, that’s ok)

Mine -  https://youtu.be/NplKADtgO-A  :( 

Read at your own risk.

I can’t believe there is always BS that pops up in the Scorbus tag from people that just don’t get it. It boggles my mind how low people can sink especially now when someone said only straight people refer to Scorbus as queerbaiting. Are you fucking kidding me? I feel like I am watching comedy become less funny. By the logic only straight people believe Cursed Child is queerbaiting,that’s basically stating JKR could have ended the book with Albus and Scorpius together and straight people wouldn’t mind. It’s nice to know queerbaiting thinkers are limited to straight people. You can have your own opinions about the play but when it comes down to stereotyping people, that’s not okay and never will be in any way, shape or form. 

Why are the hater’s so adamant on saying male friendships can be as deep as Albus and Scorpius? I like to ask you this, why does every male dynamic in Harry Potter have to be friendly? Why isn’t that question being raised? Why can’t we have one male relationship be gay where the two boys (Albus and Scorpius) love each other wholeheartedly and literally can’t live without each other? Why is same gender relationships always a problem? Why not pose the same questions for opposite genders? It seems to me like if people support two people of opposite genders as a couple, no one complains but the moment a gay pair is shipped, there is a sudden outburst. 

Whether you choose to believe it or not, no matter what the sexuality you are, Cursed Child is QUEERBAITING. Pretending it never happened or being completely blindsided to the reality of the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. I would really appreciate if those who want other’s to think there wasn’t queerbaiting to stop forcing their views on others. That’s not going to happen. Each person is entitled to their own freedom of speech. Everyone has a different perspective.

You are trying to tell me, Albus and Scorpius separating and having an entire staircase sequence dedicated to them is a friendly moment, where they are broken beyond repair. They mean the world to each other and neither is stable without the other to a point Scorpius is depressed and Albus telling Delphi he is destroyed by Scorpius;s absence . Let’s not forget the line, ‘Both full of unhappiness.’ The separation was meant to make these two realize there is no life for them unless they are together.

What about the moment when Scorpius saw Albus talking to Delphi and a part of him not liking it? That’s also friendly? Right? If it was truly about the fact he doesn’t want to be replaced as a best friend, he wouldn’t have shut her down into coming with them. He doesn’t want her around. He feels something for Albus otherwise the part of him not liking it would have not been scripted. Each line is for a reason. 

Not only was Scorbus beautifully built as a gay love romance, they were set up from the very beginning with smiles toward one another before Albus even approached him. After finally meeting, thing’s would be the same anymore for either one. Explain to me why Scorpius wanted to go on adventures with him while knowing the decision’s weren’t positive but regardless, following him everywhere anyway. 

Moving on to the hug on the train. Albus initiated this particular hug and considering it’s their first hug, Albus hugged him with fierceness and it was held for a beat. Also keep in mind, they awkwardly dislocated. If the hug was so friendly, why would they awkwardly end it unless it had another meaning? Friends do hug each other. It’s normal. Apparently, not for Albus and Scorpius because it wasn’t an ordinary hug. 

Albus threatens his dad about what would happen if he doesn’t stay away from Scorpius followed by tears at the thought of not having Scorpius by his side. That’s intense for a father/son relationship. Albus can’t stand not having Scorpius in his life which is why telling him they have to separate ways was the most painful thing. Even Scorpius didn’t take the news very well. He was crying his heart out because of the forced distance between him and Albus.

At the library, Albus gave Scorpius a speech about he makes him stronger and toward the end he says, “when my dad forced us apart-without you- he clearly had more to say here. However, he cut the sentence short. That’s when Albus realized he has a special place for Scorpius in his heart. Scorpius responds with, “I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.” They are complete when together and incomplete when they are not. It’s in canon.

Delphi told Scorpius, him and Albus belong together and that’s the honest thing anyone has ever said in the entire play because it’s the truth. Albus and Scorpius do belong together and both know it. Albus realized it at the library, a little sooner then Scorpius. They hugged and Scorpius remembered it was the second hug Albus gave him. He keep’s tracks of his supposed friend’s hugs. So friendly, not……..

Scorpius was heartbroken when Albus left him. Why would the script say heartbroken? Surely, other words could have been the choices like devastated, sad, broken, etc…..heartbroken is typically used for couples once a relationship has ran it’s course. Interesting enough, the word was given to Scorpius in a scene where Albus had to let him go. In no way is that coincidental. Again, there is a purpose.

Who can forget the scene with Scorpius and Snape? Snape tells him, “You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?” He even tells him to think about Albus because all it takes is one person and then Lily was brought up into the equation to describe the concept of Scorbus and we know Snape loved her and Lily loved him at one point. That was done on purpose. 

Albus told his dad, Scorpius is all he needs and when Harry attempts to encourage him to talk to other people, all Albus needs is Scorpius. That’s another thing. Neither Albus or Scorpius want to interact with others expect each other. If you’ve paid close attention, they are inseparable and are constantly together. They are joined by the hips.

Scorpius was the one that went to the library to see Albus and in doing so made Albus say, “If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.” He begged Scorpius to hide inside the invisibility cloak with him to not be caught. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Scorpius didn’t oblige. Professor McGonagall saw them on the map and instead of busting them, she smiled to herself and said, “Well if you are not here, you are not here.” She walked off leaving them there. 

The third hug was in the water, a difficult task and Scorpius still managed to hug Albus. He delivers this line, “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” He is way too happy to see Albus and was happy. He just went for the hug because he needed it and after such a long time, this is the first time Scorpius initiated a hug which shows they have come a long way. 

Delphi pointed the wand at Albus and he didn’t care whether he lived or died. He told her to do her worse and she pointed the wand at Scorpius to kill him and that’s what frightened Albus the most. She went crucio on Scorpius and Albus begged her to stop and that he will commit to whatever it is she needs him to do because seeing Scorpius at the verge of death and in pain bothered him. It also makes you think. Of all people and everything in his life, Scorpius dying is the worst thing that can happen to Albus.

Finally, we get a fourth hug (second hug initiate by Scorpius) and when Albus said, “What’s this? I thought you said we don’t hug.” And while hugging him, Scorpius says, “I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us I had inside my head.” Well, they are best friends now. So what new version can he possibly mean other then the inevitable boyfriends version? They can only go beyond friendship and not as anything less then a friendship. There you have it. He see’s Albus as boyfriend material.

The play was queerbaiting to the max because after all was said and done, Rose popped in Scorpius’s mind out of nowhere and he formed a fantasy of her even though they only spoke once, had no build up, and were basically dead. She even rejected him and yet we are supposed to believe they are the love story. It was unnecessary. The worst part is, she was only around to force heteronormativity which was beyond abnormal. Albus and Scorpius are the victims. Plain and simple.

There are enough male friendships in Harry Potter and the one and only time two males were undeniably gay based on the evidence in text (far from a friendship) they had to be stripped away from their will to be boyfriends. It was forced upon them. Albus and Scorpius didn’t ask hetero BS to come in between their non friendly love. 

The play should be called: The cursed child, the victims of heteronormativity. I haven’t seen worse queerbaiting in my life. Not making Scorbus canon is despicable, disturbing, disrespectful, homophobic, and horrifying behavior from the writer’s part. 

If the writer’s didn’t want a gay couple and were afraid if they took the risk, no one would watch the live show let alone buy the book, Albus and Scorpius shouldn’t have been written so gay and approved by JKR as such only to be played in the end for no reason at all. The queerbaiting was intentional.

Cursed Child writers reeled the Scorbus fanbase along for the ride in false hope they would become more then a friendship because everything was leading up to that climax and pretend Albus and Scorpius weren’t in love with each other. You can’t erase their history just because your (everyone involved with cursed child) biased writing’s attempt to brainwash us into falling for Albus and Scorpius being straight failed. None of you could have done a worse job. 

In conclusion, the play received backlash because of the writer’s poor decisions, as it should because the stunt that was pulled against Scorbus getting their right ending was cruel and deceitful. Next time if you don’t want gay characters, don’t sink so low to lead the reader’s on and instead, try writing the friendship properly without gay undertones if that was your intention.



theres so much going on here i dont know where to start

I wonder whether it’s purposeful that Rimmer and Weedle refer to Farah as “The Woman” when another detective show (which shall remain nameless because I don’t want to start shit in the tags) also has a character referred to as “The Woman” but who is entirely defined by her relationship with the titular white male detective.

As opposed to Farah, who has her own motivations and goals and god help anyone who tries to distract her, Dirk Gently included.

Sort of a Rant
  • Referring to my Overwatch post of the girl squad wearing Met Gala dresses, I really appreciate all the nice tags/comments said about it!!! But, there's just one thing I want people to understand. I reallyyy don't want to have to bring this up, but I just want clearance on the subject.
  • So, for those tagging about the shippings, correct me if I'm wrong, but, a few of you apparently think it's too heterosexual??...I just thought these shippings were cute : ^))?? And everyone of course is abide to their own opinions about shippings and what not...But, really?
  • A person tagged something about how the characters are all gays and lesbians and I should stop shipping them. Listen, not everyone agrees/thinks that way, so please don't tag that in my post. Also, I should feel free to ship who I want. Does sexuality have to be the subject matter of the post??
  • If it makes you feel any better I use to be a big fan of widowxtracer (which I have made a post of recently), but Tracer has a girlfriend now, which is perfectly fine with me! There's nothing wrong with people still shipping widowxtracer either way. I just don't really base shippings on only their race or sexuality. Then again, that's my opinion.
  • I acknowledge the kind reblogs having to do with the dresses, but please don't put tags that have to do with the sexuality of the characters and what/how I ship. If the tags were meant to be jokes, then I apologize again.
  • Thank you

a quick style evolution timeline i compiled yesterday for fun! i’ve never done one of these – it was super interesting to go back through my old stuff. just thought i’d share with you guys because i know that some of you draw as well. i recommend making one of these timelines w/ your own work if you haven’t before! & tag me in it if you do, i’d love to see!

p.s. just for reference, 2010 i was a junior in highschool. now i’m 24!

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can I have a list of all the mass effect au chapters?

Honestly it’s kinda a hodgepodge of items with no particular rhyme or reason. But let’s see what we can do.

Mina’s writing:

one | two | three | Steps to PurgatoryA Distant Shore | and what I am just this second deeming the N7 Hoodie Era: A Home Once and For All | four | five | six 

There’s also this wonderful piece by @ragingserenity

I use the “pjo mass effect au” tag for everything on my blog, so that’s where the art ends up as well.

And that’s everything I know about I think? For now.

Alana sings some Sincerely Me

((Well, here ya go, me singing a bit like I said I would for 100 followers.

Also, that ending bit refers to my own sister, not Zoe))

To kind of delve more into @bigbrotherflops post, being referred to as “the trans houseguest” or the “transgender girl” is without a doubt not okay. You can say just say Audrey, and if you need to clarify that she is trans for whatever reason, you can still use her name and reference that she is trans.

As a nb trans person, I know that being labeled in such a depersonalized way is really uncomfortable. I’m sure Audrey would not want to be referred to as “the trans hg” with no mention of her name, especially when she told Steve she would rather not be referred to as transgender at all and just as a woman.

And in my experience when a lot of y'all cisgendered folks hear “trans” you automatically either on the surface level or subconsciously think “oh, she was a born a ‘man’” or some transphobic micro aggressions you don’t even realize you’re guilty of. And to be clear, trans people don’t always want to be referred to as trans. They just want to be. They just want to be seen as a man. As a woman. As non binary.

I’m not saying trans people aren’t proud, or owning who they are, but they get to choose when, where, and to whom they reveal that information too. I know it’s important to have visible trans people like Laverne Cox, Audrey, Chaz Bono, Peppermint, etc, in media. I’m not saying that’s not important but the majority of every day trans people just want to live their lives as the gender they are without everyone judging them. And it’s just very dehumanizing to be referred to as just “The trans hg” instead of “Audrey, the transgender hg”

Sorry for the essay but that’s my tea!

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I'm pretty sure this is the post that scumdeathwarthogpunk is referring too: cisnowflake(.)tumblr(.)com/post/160664985656/goy-gevalt-cisnowflake-ethicalcringe Since they were too much of a fucking asshole to send it to you, I went looking instead. Just so you can make up your mind about it/ease your mind.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. Here’s the link.

I’m going to now go through the accusations and break down the post as I go, from my own perspective. I’ll tag both @cisnowflake as it concerns him, and @ethicalcringe as that’s their post.

Okay, so the “Kekistan” flag is a pretty famous meme. That’s… not particularly noteworthy of anything.

This is a separate image from the top one. I have no idea where this is from on cisnowflake’s blog, or whether it’s even from his blog in the first place. There’s no link here to prove anything. 

ethicalcringe may have just been trying to compare a stupid meme flag with a genuine Nazi flag, but that makes it look like cisnowflake reblogged a Nazi flag when there’s no proof that he’s done so. It looks to be put up there in a deliberately vague manner.

Anyway, that background doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a dumb meme.

cisnowflake himself says that it’s just a meme and mocks ethicalcringe. Fair enough.

ethicalcringe completely dismisses his explanation and then describes post screenshots, which we’ll now go through, breaking down each of ethicalcringe’s accusations. (I’m going to split the images up so we can look at them post-by-post).

  • “reblog from fascists”

Well, fash-metal is a fascist, that’s true. I disagree with his choice to deal with her and it’s pretty common knowledge that I think that she’s utter scum, but I can’t throw stones here, as much as I disagree with his choice. I follow a radfem TERF so I can see what they say to each other, despite me not agreeing with feminism and the fact that I support trans people – both of those opinions being very open, honest and well-documented. That doesn’t make him a Nazi.

  • “support and vote for far right candidates”

That includes the last post and this post. Cisnowflake clearly didn’t vote for Le Pen as he’s not French. I didn’t like Le Pen or Macron. I understand why he supported her over Macron, just as I understand why others supported Macron over her. It’s a complicated situation. If he said that he wanted to support Le Pen because he likes her being far-right or because he hates minorities, then that would be a cause for concern. This doesn’t make him a Nazi.

I don’t understand what importance this has to anything. Trump isn’t “far-right.” Voting for Trump didn’t automatically make anyone a Nazi. He clearly says here that voting for Clinton would have ended up in the same situation (whatever it is in context, and from the curse he’s obviously not happy about whatever happened that Trump did), so this is pretty meaningless and clearly doesn’t make him a Nazi.

  • “joke about the murder of leftists by a right wing dictator”

It’s dark humour against communism. Dark humour is fine. It can be tasteless, but it’s not evil, and opposing the evils of communism definitely doesn’t make him a Nazi.

ethicalcringe finishes that post with:

Well, yes, it is. Nothing there makes him far right. 

cisnowflake responded with:

Okay, fair enough.

ethicalcringe countered in individual paragraphs, so I’ll go paragraph by paragraph.

“Neonazi buzz words”? Macron is all of those things. He was a financial investment banker before going into politics. I don’t understand how any of those words are “neonazi buzz words.” 

Le Pen also isn’t a Holocaust denier. She’s said some offensive things, absolutely, but she doesn’t deny the Holocaust and called death camps the “height of barbary.” So that accusation isn’t true. Far-Right? Yes, I’d agree Le Pen is. But pretending that cisnowflake supports Holocaust denial? Absolutely false.

On that note, with the massive amounts of antisemitism and support for communism in my usual Left party in the UK, I’m supporting our Right party for the first (and hopefully last) time. That doesn’t mean that I’m a right-winger. I’m just being a pragmatic Leftist.

No, as Know Your Meme said (my first link), it’s about a bunch of shitposters being dumb about making shitposting an ethnicity and generally being edgelords. 

But I mean, ethicalcringe is accusing someone who isn’t a Nazi of being a Nazi. That’s why so many don’t take “That person’s a Nazi!” seriously and just something to laugh at, because accusing someone random of being a Nazi is just a meme at this point, which I genuinely do find highly offensive, considering that there are real Nazis around.

Like that.

TL:DR; cisnowflake isn’t a Nazi, although I disagree with his decision to follow fash-metal for obvious reasons – she is a little Nazi, sorry, the Holocaust denial, other antisemitism, white supremacist beliefs and “I don’t agree with Hitler and the Nazis about everything” just does not wash with me and her “I’m totally not a Nazi, guys” nonsense – when you search his blog for the word “Nazi,” there are plenty of examples of him saying how terrible Nazism is, as well as being against diluting accusations of Nazism, and you can’t just claim that he’s a Nazi unless he clearly and genuinely has Nazi views of his own.

ethicalcringe is entirely unjustified in calling him a Nazi, and I’m much more offended by them abusing what Nazism actually is than cisnowflake happening to follow one person so he can see what they believe whilst very obviously being against what they believe.


Coming off my little hiatus from this blog to post my own varsity jacket tutorial!

I’ve been scouring for one and I’m like “screw it, I’m gonna make one” and it turns out it’s a lot easier than I thought. The only difficult part is what to put on the back :“) I’ll be going back to the hiatus after this and occasionally coming back to post more tutorials. I just have no time for trading and anything other than maintaining my town.

I’d also like to thank @sokecrossing because without their sweet Love Wins varsity qr (which is in my “acnl clothes” tag), I wouldn’t have decided to make my own version 😅

My Stage Management Kit

Alright, so some of my regular followers might have noticed that I have a silly tag system (or they’ve just noticed random tags that don’t seem to make sense).  For general theatre posts, often tech, I tag “techrider.”  For resources and references, I tag “pencilcup.”  And for most of my own posts, I tag “smkit.”  You know, to be cute.  But this time, I’m actually posting about my SM kit, and I’m pretty stoked, so I might just tag all three ‘cause what the hell, it’s my blog and I can screw with the system all I want.

Meet Samson:

Samson is a product of Artbin, made of a durable cloth material with (I discovered) luan siding.  Notice the sweet rolling luggage-style handle and the nice big snaps keeping the two pieces together.  The top has its own carrying strap, and the bottom (wheels attached) has two comfortable handles for hauling this beast in and out of my trunk when moving spaces.  Hopefully won’t have to move him much this summer, he’s not light.

Let’s open him up!

First glance does not do it justice–it is quite deep.  But let’s check out that neato zipper-pocket on the top flap:

That pocket is basically the size of the entire flap, but for now I’m just storing my headband and desk/clip/LED light.  ($10, Barnes & Noble, super sturdy bright light, I highly recommend it!)

Alright, and as for the rest of the top bin…

Bubba Zips, my stage management buddy, is coming along for the ride.  He loves the upgrade.

Time to unpack!

Here’s everything that fits comfortably in the top:

1.  Huge 4″ D-ring trapper keeper (regular binders are typical in stage management, but keep in mind that we’ll be in the elements this summer).
2.  Ruler, protractor, scale rule.
3.  Hole-punch.
4.  Spare water bottle.
5.  Bubba Zips.
6.  Umbrella.
7.  Clean rags.
8.  Main tape supply (spike, gaff, drafting, glow).
9.  Spike stick with scissors attached (thank you, Techblr!).
10.  Tape measure.
11.  Electric pencil sharpener.
12.  Gerber tool.
13.  Stun-gun (told you, public park).
14.  Personal medical kit.
15.  Outdoorsy things (bagged).
16.  Craft/sewing kit (bagged).
17.  Extended medical kit (bagged, large).
18.  Shakespeare reference book.

Moving on to the bottom, because we have a long way to go…

Electronics/etc. (shoe)box, office supplies box, office supplies bag, hardware box, toolkit, hygiene box, feminine hygiene bag, three packs of gum.

The pink-tab boxes (Artbin or something similar, I shopped around quite a bit) are fantastic.  Deep, sturdy, very strong.  The bags are nice as well, waterproof, clear-ish, and they smell awesome.

Basic toolkit:

…with more hardware-type things.  I’ve got rubber bands, glues, flashlights, lighter, spare screwdrivers, clips, a boxcutter, and one of those cool marker/cutter combo things.  Also a pen light, because you can never have enough little lights at the park.

This here is my electronics/et cetera box.  It includes (pictured above) another damn flashlight, spare scissors, fishing line, “other” tape, a table-clock, an AUX cable, and an iPhone cable (I don’t even have an iPhone…).  Pictured below, we have a box of batteries (AA, AAA, D), a speaker (compatible with the AUX cable), a Master Lock & keys, headphones, a USB-power adapter, and a flashdrive.

Next, we have a plethora of office supplies.  Post-its, tacks, sticky-tack, staples, clear and double-sided tape, eraser-heads, more rubber bands, tabs, paperclips, binder clips, page protectors, pens/pencils/highlighter, pencil sharpener, erasers, and a stapler.

Let’s see if I forgot anything…

Oh yeah, that quick-flick finger-moistener and the gluestick and white-out.

Next, the bag:  It contains less-used office supplies, like Elmer’s glue and a spare stopwatch, plus lots of stickers/labels.  Also a pack of notecards, and a pack of thank you cards, because you never know when you will owe someone a proper thanks!

Next up, hygiene…extra important when you’re working in nature!

Basic feminine hygiene is in an easy-go bag.  Here, we have Carmex, Wet Ones, Gold Bond, lotion, powder-scented antiperspirant, Colgate wisps, make-up wipes, facial tissue, a pack of bobby pins with hair-ties and barrettes wrapped around it, a scrunchie, a pack of Q-tips, Tide to-go sticks, and a brush/mirror combo.  Now let’s look under some of these things:

There’s also hand-sanitizer, baby powder, Listerine tabs, toothpaste, floss, a pencil-sharpener for makeup, a nail-clipper, tweezers, a lint-roller, and some cotton balls.

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for taking the tour.  Oh, and you know that tiny box of brads I forgot to pack yesterday?  Well, I packed away all the stuff again after these pictures, and realized I forgot that stupid little box again…so here it is, all alone.  Bubba is so disappointed in me.

anonymous asked:

Oh ok I get it now. Your tag said secret side blog and I thought you meant side blog on your main, not side blog like secondary account. My bad. Thanks for clarifying!

Oh, haha, I can see where that misunderstanding came from now lol xD

Yeah, I just kinda refer to any blog that isn’t, well, this one, as my “side blogs,” regardless of whether they are actually blogs made under this account or under their own accounts. Sorry for that confusion!

Yeah, I have, like… nine blogs technically. This one, which I have two “side blogs” for - the witchcraft aesthetic one and my “personal” one. Then I have six other blogs on their own individual emails / accounts, for various “topics” and purposes. Well, seven technically, but I can’t remember the flipping email for the other witchcraft one! D:<

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He gets it now.

*posts this at 3 am and runs away* ok I’m gonna try and promote my fics more often so here’s one I wrote up real quick. I needed to write something in absence of my other fics so here’s this, I have no idea what message this is supposed to send so lol