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This was the biggest #fanartfriday yet!!! A four-parter!!! You all completely surprise me each week and I am just blown away!!! Make sure to check out ALL the art and tap on the pics on Insta to see the artists!! 💜😱👏

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Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite quest of the series or one that really stood out for you?

hmmmmm well i specifically remember 3 sidequests because they really changed how i precieved the game overall

first one was shooting those ghouls into space. i sat there for a full 5 minutes in disbelief because i went through so much shit and and they actually did end up going to space. i was half expecting to be bethesda’d and them blowing up or something.

also the one where the ncr ranger “ghost” has you go to nipton, or basically just going to nipton in general i guess. again i thought i’d be bethesda’d! a lot of npcs talk about how terrible and evil the legion was but i wasnt really expecting it to be showcased in anyway, so it was really surprising to have this linear pathway of people crucified surrounded by fire leading to a building filled with corpses. it was a nice, awful surprise.

and the atomic tango one with fisto just because it made me realize they were willing to make raunchy jokes, which i just wasnt really expecting, but appreciated. i remember laughing out loud at dr kleins opening dialogue for a couple of minutes which no game has really done for me before.

I need more Baze and Chirrut origin stories asap please and thank you

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

Dead cold hands.


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.

Honestly, I just want one of the other Alien characters, like J’onn or Mon El, to be like “same sex relationships were actually pretty standard on my planet” after hearing Alex come out, and be like “humans are the only race to have assholes thinking it’s weird”, “homophobia is a shitty human construct” etc

I know people are discouraged that sherlock didn’t just say he’s gay in the scene about irene but the one thing to remember is that it wasn’t his moment. sure, john was putting the focus on sherlock but it wasn’t actually about sherlock, it was about john expressing what he needed to express. not only was it narratively not the time yet, it also would have been emotionally inappropriate to confront any of this in that moment. instead, sherlock went along with it as far as john needed to say his piece and begin to heal. they will get there but they’re not there yet, there’s still a whole lot more for us to get through first. 

Pidge ft this really cute outfit I saw on my dash (plus the model was cute too)

off to sleep


Friendship grows in special ways, but when a man and a beast bond, they can be inseparable. Even for life.

I finished The Last Guardian a while ago, as well as watched Jacks play through, and man! What a BEAUTIFUL game it has been! And in a recent poll I wanted to stream, and @therealjacksepticeye​ himself told me to do: “Whatever your heart leans more towards :)”

My heart was leaning toward Trico! And to follow my personal goal to draw you, Jack, in every long play though / games I personally like that you’ve played!


podcast aesthetics: the black tapes

“a demon? why does it always have to be a demon?”