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how bill, stan, eddie, and richie met headcanons

bill & stan:
they were sitting beside each other in class when bill noticed stan doodling pictures of birds in his notebook. being who he is, bill thought his best icebreaker would be pointing out the rooster he had drawn and stuttering out that it was “a nice cock” in an attempt to say ‘a nice cock-a-doodle-doo’. a wide eyed stan just giggled and bill didn’t quite understand what he’d said until later when stan explained it was a rooster.

bill & eddie:
after eddie’s father died at a very young age, he was left feeling alone and scared of the world because of his mother. he was left out of the games in school and gym/recess because thats what his mother wanted. so while sitting on the sidelines while everyone played, bill saw eddie all alone and sat beside him. they started talking and eddie didn’t even mind bill’s stutter.

bill & richie:
one of the first days of kindergarten, bill and richie were doing warmups in the gym, which consists of a few jumping jacks and running one lap around the room. some kids ran clockwise and others ran counter-clockwise. of course, the two boys collided and were knocked down onto the floor. instead of crying, they just started to giggle. 

stan & eddie:
they were in the same group for science class and really didn’t talk too much until their teacher pulled out a ginormous syringe and eddie had mistaken it as needle for shots. he panicked and stan leaned over to ask if he was okay. he talked with eddie quietly until he calmed down.

stan & richie:
the first day of preschool, richie met stan and decided it would be a good idea to bite his finger. he then proceeded to tell the teacher that it was actually stan who bit his finger. stan was sent to time out and missed almost all of recess. the next day, stan proceeded to bite richie’s finger and told the teacher that now richie had bit his finger. he received the same punishment. eye for an eye.

eddie & richie:
were sitting in separate desks when richie decided to shoot a spitball at the teacher. at first, eddie thought it was disgusting and didn’t want to tolerate it but then he did it again and eddie couldn’t help but giggle. richie noticed eddie giggling at him and did it again so he could hear the other boy laugh again. that time he ended up getting caught and the teacher believed both of them had done it. they argued with each other in time out. eddie still hasn’t gotten over it.

if Aaron Rodgers takes a knee I will finally truly love a football player again

I never really had a true OTP until I found Sterek. I really liked some other pairings, even one or two that I called OTPs, but they weren’t, honestly. They weren’t my One True Pair.

But then I found Sterek. I heard legend of two characters whose chemistry was so undeniable, whose connection was so profound, that they had an entire fandom just for them. I saw gifsets and fic recs and so many headcanons on their tag that I felt like I knew them before I even started watching the show. (And tbh I still feel like I know them better than the show does, as many of us do).

Sterek just pulled me in the way no pairing ever had, or ever will. Even my first and forever love, Supernatural, has no pairing that can, to me, truly compare.

So now, the show that spawned Stiles and Derek has ended. But Sterek won’t. Sterek will never end, because we have given it life. Sterek has been put in motion and will keep going until long after we can remember where it began. Sterek will forever have a special place in my heart.

Sterek is eternal.


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
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September 16, 2017

Today marks 365 days since I started my weight-loss journey. Some of these photos I was very reluctant to post because I’ve never enjoyed showing my body or made myself so vulnerable on social media, but this is me and where I am today. There’s so many things I want to say and share about this past year, but I think what’s most important is that I’m happy and healthy. I had great support from friends and family, fought through tons of self doubt, and kept looking towards the finish line the entire time. They weren’t lying in health class, it really is all about eating right, drinking lots of water, and working out. As of now I have lost a total of 95lbs. A year ago today I made a choice, and I will never turn back. To the girl from a year ago, I want you to know that you were beautiful no matter what size you wore or what you weighed on the scale, and I’m glad you decided to change your lifestyle so you could be healthy and work on your physical and mental health. If only you could see now how much better you feel about yourself and about life. I hope I can share this and inspire some people no matter what it is they’re trying to achieve in life right now. Stick with it and believe in yourself. You can do it! ✨💪🏻🎉

Love yourself just as you are or love yourself as you change yourself. Your own happiness and health (mental or physical) are whats the most important.

@ everyone who has an accent that makes it impossible to pass as a native speaker: i love your accent and i’m so proud of you for learning a new language and being brave enough to use it. it’s difficult and requires a lot of effort. people might make fun of the way you speak but your accent is something that should be respected. it means that you have worked hard to learn something new and that’s beautiful. your accent is a mark of strength, courage, determination, and unwillingness to give up. don’t ever feel ashamed of your accent. be proud of it.

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM


thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.