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I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.


The aptly named MundaneMatt and why he's the most misogynistic feminist I have ever seen.

Someone I follow reblogged this post and at first I thought this guy was just an idiot. I mean come on, he justifies booth babes saying it helps the local economy and he admits that he has tried looking for booth babes that will jerk guys off in the back rooms of the conference.

I thought this guy was just some idiot with a blog but as it turns out, he has a youtube too. So I go and look at his channel and see this video in response to Anita Sarkeesians Kickstarter campaign and the controversy surrounding it. When I say ‘response’ what I really mean is MundaneMatt calling Anita Sarkeesians a bitch. I’m not going to link the video because he doesn’t deserve the ad revenue but it’s easy to find if you look. Instead, I’ll just show you some quotes from it.

“Somehow you were somehow able to fanagle this video series of yours from a six thousand dollar donation pledge to a one hundrend and on thousand dollar basically shopping spree that you’re going to get to go on now.” -Our buddy accuses Anita of using all the kickstarter funds to go on a shopping spree. She’ll probably spend it all on tampons, women, am I right?

'No one really gives two flying rat shit fucks what the holy goddamn fuck you think" “I personally think you’re just a loud mouth woman who doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up” - This is a twofer and a fairly self explanatory one at that.

He goes on to admit he’s a misogynist, which to be quite frank, shocked me a little. He claims that women in video games have been portrayed in a sexist manner for years and since more and more women are playing video games, they don’t care.  Now that one makes sense because after-all, black people weren’t allowed to sit at the front of the bus but that didn’t stop them from using the bus at all!

Just to clear things up he states in the blog post that he’s “all for feminism” which as he is a self declared misogynist, is an interesting statement. 

He finishes off his little masterpiece rant with Make something worth while instead of just ranting like a bitch”

Normally I wouldn’t draw attention to morons like this but he actually has a small following of other morons.