just straight winning



“What is it, Baatar? Was there something  you needed?”

I’m gonna sketch some more Avatar characters I think. ACk help I think I made her too attractive /scoots away

Oh my GOD. I have not played much dragon age, just absorbed it through my dash, but I just learned Solas is straight. This is possibly one of the gayest elves I’ve ever fucking seen and you’re telling me he’s straight??? Bioware what are you doing…

I’m disappointed in the number of people who think it’s okay to bully people over how they voted.

Especially with people who voted third party, since they could easily turn the argument back on you and point out that the 2 party fuckfest we get stuck with every election cycle is partially the responsibility of people perpetuating that mentality through bullying exactly like this.

The only vote you control is your own. You can disagree with other people’s choices, but you don’t get to tell them to fuck themselves because they stuck to their beliefs and voted accordingly.

dont play cards against humanity with white people