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is it alright to ask what a packer is?

it’s a wiener thingy for people who want a wiener. There’s also ones called pack and play!

cept the one i want is a stp (stand to pee) packer! 

The link is nsfw, i mean it’s a wiener so ofc it is, so click at own discretion

edit: there’s also a smaller size for peeps who want that too (says for youth)

The Monkees in London

Here is a sort of masterpost type thing of the Monkees’ time in London in June/July 1967. This was the only significant time all four Monkees spent in the UK during their heyday, and obviously being from the UK and spending a lot of time seeing bands in London this stuff interests me.

The boys arrived in London on the 28th of June, coming just across the water from Paris. The very next day they held their first ever group press conference at the Royal Garden Hotel, which is overlooking Kensington Gardens (which is basically attached to Hyde Park).

The Royal Garden Hotel/Press Conference:

By coincidence, last summer I was in Kensington on the anniversary of the Monkees stay there. Here’s a post I made at the time, showing the hotel as it was in 1967 compared to how it is today.

The Shows:

The Monkees played five shows at Wembley Arena (known until the late 70s as ‘Empire Pool’) over the next three days: one on Friday 30th, and two shows each on the Saturday and Sunday, to crowds of 10,000 at each show. Lulu was the support act, and the poor girl apparently copped some flack from the audience as she was rumoured to be involved with Davy at the time.

Here is what Lulu thought of each of the boys, transcribed by me from Flip magazine, February 1968:

“To be quite honest I had a pre-conceived notion that Davy might be a bit big-time and sure of himself because of his professional attitude. I was wrong. When I got talking to him at Wembley I soon realized that he is overwhelmed by it all and just a little bewildered and before he went out to face the audience on the second night with all his relations down from Manchester to see him, he was as nervous as a kitten. He introduced me to his sister on that evening and we spent some time talking together about him. The family is immensely proud of him and the way he helps his father. He obviously has a very deep attachment to his family.”

Peter can get incredibly wound up about a subject, and suddenly right in the middle of our shopping spree [with Micky Dolenz and Samantha Juste] he got involved in an argument with Micky about fate and whether our lives are all mapped out for us. Fortunately, it was not too serious and a clash of opinions like this is soon over.”

“Peter is one of those people who have a natural gift for helping keep the conversation going–Mike, for example, does not and if he is in an untalkative mood you won’t shift him. Mike is a lot more deep than you realise–there’s a little piece of himself which he is keeping to himself and no one is going to get a look at. He was always polite and very much the Southern gentleman and he has a wicked dry sense of humour, but you don’t very often get past the door marked 'Private’ in his mind.”

Micky is really lovely. He’s a marvellous ham at times and just clowns around the whole day. To watch him handle the press is a treat–he turns an embarrassing question with a good humoured crack and immediately gets the reporters on his side.”

A few fun facts about the shows:

  • Mike and Micky wore black armbands in support of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger who’d recently been busted for drugs.
  • Mick Jagger’s face was also shown on the big screen while Davy performed “I Wanna Be Free”
  • According to a review by NME of the final show, Keith Moon was in attendance and, before the show started, stood up and shouted “we want The Who!”

Party with the Beatles / Micky in Hyde Park:

On the 3rd of July, the day after the Monkees completed their Wembley shows, Brian Epstien threw a huge party for the Monkees at the Speakeasy Club in London. This was also the party that Micky and Peter introduced the Beatles and Eric Clapton to STP.

Info courtesty of @psychojello. Full post HERE:

Peter remembers: “Micky and I are meeting the Beatles at a London club called the Speakeasy. And in come George and John singing to the tune of “Hare Krishna” “Micky Dolenz, Micky Dolenz, Dolenz, Dolenz, Micky, Micky.” And Paul is with Jane Asher, and the other guys didn’t bring anybody, and I had just done some STP which was an LSD-type psychedelic drug. I mentioned it to John and he said, “We heard that’s no good. Mama Cass told us not to take it.” But he said, “Okay”. So I went back to the hotel and I got some. Popped one down his throat. I guess he was alright because he seemed to survive. I don’t think I’m responsible for “Strawberry Fields” though.“

Here’s who attended: The Monkees (minus Davy, who was out of town to visit his family) and the Beatles (but not Ringo because Maureen was having a baby), Pattie Harrison, Jane Asher, Cynthia Lennon, Samantha Juste, Phyllis Nesmith, Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Eric Clapton, The Who, Procul Harum, Mickie Most, Frank Allen of The Searchers, Manfred Mann, Barry Miles, Jeff Beck and others.

Around 3:30am, George Harrison started a jam session with his ukulele, with Peter Tork playing banjo and Keith Moon playing drums on a table. Not too shabby! The party ended around 6am.

The following morning, after the party, Micky went wandering through Hyde Park and ended up singing to a bunch of fans.

“Who is the most incredible, the most unpredictable pop star of ‘em all? Well at the risk of offending supporters of other members of the Monkees, it’s Micky Dolenz who currently holds the title. And it’s all because he put on the most incredible, most unpredictable pop performance of all time when the boys were in London.”

guys, disney didnt censor the lgbt content in gravity falls bc “its bad for the children” its because gf airs in countries where being gay is illegal and disney channel could be banned from those countries for having it on tv. stop saying its bc “disney things gay is inappropriate for kids” just stp

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Is attempting to diffuse an emotional situation through humor a common INTP trait?


But all NTPs do it, not just the introverts.

STPs can do it too, but their humor is a bit different… more earthy, less use of Ne-Ti/Ti-Ne seeing the potential for absurdity in a situation.

mbti types as idols/singers

xSFP: Classical Diva—spends a lot of time on their image, loves the luxury life with cosmetics, fashion, surgery, and the paparazzi.  Avoids criticism, but loves getting praise from fans.  Probably enjoys the tour because it lets them connect with audiences.  Likely to indulge in the social and recreational activities of fan interaction.  SFPs generally do not prioritize transforming music or culture, but rather showing how the performance can turn ordinary material into something special.  Underneath the surface, SFPs will be surprisingly calculating and driven to play the biggest stages, sell the most records, and advance their career through television or other opportunities, as they tend to be the most aware of the connection between persona and reality.

xSTP: Rock band! Spends a lot of time honing their craft, focused on technical proficiency.  STPs are likely to work within the bounds of a specific style or genre, with the focus being on pushing the limits of that genre, such as improvisation in jazz.  STPs probably enjoy touring most of all types, especially getting to hang out with their friends on the bus.  Like the SFPs, the STP idol enjoys their physical comforts as well, and will probably try just about anything once, “just to see.”  STPs may not enjoy the crowds as much as the SFPs, but they will really appreciate getting to meet individual fans.  Underneath the surface, you’ll find a master craftsman who enjoys the music more than the atmosphere.

xSFJ: Mother hen—SFJs become idols because they want to reach people, on an individual level and connect to them through the music.  SFJs tend to enjoy a new twist on a classic genre, such as using children’s songs as motifs in a classical piece or interpreting religious music on rock instruments.  SFJs enjoy the touring in so far as they’re able to connect with others and see people they know.  They’ll make sure the reservations are made and that everyone has their special orders at each stop.  SFJs may be pressured into indulging on tour, especially if the people around them are doing it.  Underneath the surface, you’ll find a surprisingly aware leader who knows how to get out of any bind.

xSTJ: The supporting artist—STJs fall into a strange category, simply because mostly, they don’t really want the spotlight.  When they get their solos, they’re surprisingly engaging and knowledgeable, but they tend to feel more comfortable working as part of an ensemble than as a solo star.  Though many STJs enjoy reflecting on traditional music, like SFJs, STJs are masters at blending the old and the new.  However, where SFJs tend to draw on inspiration related to their community and family, STJs tend to think in more universal terms, and STJs often serve as the managers—the brains behind the operation, so to speak.  Yet underneath the surface, the STJ believes their music does say something interesting that they want you to hear.

xNFP: Coffeehouse performer—Got into music because it was how they could express their own emotions—it wasn’t just the tune, but what was underneath that tune that spoke to something authentic about human experience.  The NFP idol does what he or she wants, developing a distinct persona that is authentic and true to the individual.  Generally, however, it’ll be less traditionally luxurious than the SFP, but rules like “only Fair Trade coffee” may be just as opulent in a different way—they’ll indulge if they’re motivated to do so. The NFP idol will attempt to transcend genre because they believe that music is at once a commonality and a particularity.  They’ll tour, because that’s a great way to experience the breadth of music, but they’ll want to do it on their own terms—whether that’s intimate venues and off-beat locations, or clubs with historical reputations.  Underneath the surface, the NFP idol there as much to discover and experience music as to play it—and you’ll get whatever the NFP decides to give you.

xNTP: I don’t know if I like it—Not your typical idol, expect lectures on the history and technique behind each piece.  NTP artists have reasons for what they’re doing, and you’d better have your browser open simultaneously to Wikipedia, TVTropes, and a list of logical-rhetorical devices if you really want to understand.  Like the NFPs, NTP artists tend to challenge musical norms (for better or worse), though while NFPs tend to be skeptical of artificial distinctions like genre, NTPs tend to prefer and enjoy this sort of classification.  NTPs will enjoy touring, though it won’t be the traditional rock experience—ENTPs will try something new every night, while INTPs can be pressured into doing so.  Underneath the surface, however, the NTP idol really wants to fit in—all of that lecture is to explain where exactly they do. 

xNFJ: My music reaches people—A list of NFJ artists is a list of people who gave something to others through their music.  Like the SFJs, they get into music because they want to reach others, but while the SFJs tend to limit their scope to a particular genre or community, the NFJ thinks in systematic, universal terms.  NFJ idols will succeed because they know who they have to know to get there: they know who they have to suck up to, who they need to bribe, and who they need to subvert.  However, NFJs have very particular definitions of success, often defined very personally, which may not seem evident to others.  NFJs will enjoy the luxuries when they choose to tour—which they do on their own terms for their own reasons—and the decision of what to do when will be dictated by this grand vision.  However, underneath that exterior, if the vision isn’t coming to pass, NFJs may experience major self-doubt and overindulge.

xNTJ: My music changes the world—Finally, the NTJ artist.  Reading any list of NTJ artists reveals the scope of innovation and challenge contained in NTJ music.  Like the NFJ, NTJs have particular visions that their music reveals, but where the NFJ’s music is often geared to specific communities, the NTJ’s aim the whole of art.  NTJ music is very precise—such that even changing a small bit may lead to a misunderstanding of the whole.  Thus, NTJ artists are highly sensitive to criticism, especially stemming from a poor performance: where the NTP would write off a bad night, the NTJ may feel threatened by poor feedback.  Like the SFPs, NTJs want that spotlight, and often want those luxuries (though recognize them more as symbols to others than as pleasures in their own right), but they want to be acknowledged for their brilliance most of all—if called ordinary or passé, they may overindulge like the NFJs. 

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[Time Sensitive] (16, ftm, missouri) Mens restroom "etiquette"? I just recently got my stp in the mail the other day and now that I know how to use it I want to use it out in public when I go out with friends (who know I'm trans) tomorrow but idk crap (hehe) about mens restroom "etiquette" for lack of a better word (like urinals and stuff). Or just in general. I pass really well (binder, haircut, the whole nine yards) and I really want to be able to "do my business" confidently. Thanks.

Autumn Says:

Biggest men’s restroom rule: When going to use a urinal do not use a urinal that has a urinal that is occupied next to it. You always want one urinal between people. If this is not possible, exceptions can be made. If the exception is made, and even if it isn’t, when you are doing your business, don’t look at other people. Its kinda weird to have some random dude look at you when you pee.

 Personally I don’t like making eye contact with anyone. But if you want to assert your dominance over everyone, by all means make eye contact with EVERYONE.

its so infuriating how girls are socialised to never talk about their bodily functions and basically to just pretend that they’re fucking blow-up dolls who don’t excrete waste…. like you know people joke about girls shitting unicorns whatever…. thats not even a joke legit so many cis girls have such problems going to the fuckn bathroom bc they dont want people to hear them peeing. dont get me started on girls who wont eat in front of boys?? girls who pretend that they dont fart?? girls who get fkn urinary/bowel problems bc they dont wanna go in public……. its just generally fucked!!