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Oh!! I really liked the Yandere Daughter one!! Can I have Parent S/O accidentally walking in on Yandere Daughter yelling at their s/o who is on the ground, crying? Maybe we could have Parent S/O capitalized then Younger s/o be lower case?

I’m glad you liked it!

Y/D= Yandere Daughter

S/O= Mother

s/o= Yandere Daughter’s Girlfriend

S/O had been strolling around the halls. Allen was out buying groceries and she was a bit worries about her daughter’s girlfriend. She heard screaming and crying from down the hall. S/O walked in to see her daughter screaming at the other girl, who was on the ground in tears. Cuts and Slashes. Just like I had been battered and bruised. “Y/D stop it right now!” she commanded. “But Mom-” her daughter whined, only to boldly cut off by her mother. “No! Just stop it! I can’t let another person get hurt like this! Is this what you call love?” S/O asked, watching the fear become more apparent. “Mom I-” Y/D started off, but only to be interrupted once more. “You said you loved her…does this look like ‘love’ to you?” her mother protested, pointing at s/o’s cuts. “Mom please…I’m sorry I didn’t know…” Y/D apologized softly, feeling ashamed of herself. “Well now you did. Time to fix this…how about you start off by helping heal her physical wounds?” her mother offered, handing her the first aid kit. I can’t let her turn into a freak like Allen…no more monsters.

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

Does anyone else ever get that feeling where you’re worried you’re bugging the people you speak to and consider friends? Like for no reason at all? Like you could be mid joke, mid conversation, chatting with a group of friends and then suddenly feel like you don’t really belong there and people just feel sorry for you?

I’m doing this a lot recently.

the world was wide enough 

two sad boys sit in a puddle

i don’t know if i’ll ever get used to drawing fanart but ham got me through finals and aaron burr makes me cry


Added gag gem of Chantal Janzen’s last performance (dutch production) you might have missed so I translated this bit for y’all to enjoy! (x)

fuck sentence starters.

’ i dont know if i need a hug or to fuck. ’
’ you know what? fuck this shit. ’
’ are you out of your fucking mind? ’
’ do i look like i give a fuck? ’
’ i wish i had a fuck to spare but i don’t. ’
’ you’re fucking stupid, honestly. ’
’ you know what, fuck you dude. ’
’ fuck you right back. ’
’ you did not just say that, you fucker. ’
’ what do you think i am, just a fuck? ’
’ i’m just another fuck to you, huh? ’
’ i really just want to fuck right now. ’
’ please stop using fuck in every sentence. ’
’ you use the word ‘fuck’ a lot, you know. ’
’ you are a fucktard but a cute fucktard. ’
’ you have lost every bit of my fucking respect. ’
’ if you say ‘fuck’ one more time, i swear. ’
’ do you wanna fuck or what? ’
’ someone else wanted to fuck you? ’
’ please stop telling me about your fucks. ’
’ do you ever not go around and fuck? ’
’ all you do is eat, sleep and fuck. ’
’ seriously, how to you stand to fuck that much? ’
’ did you fuck anyone last night? ’
’ i know i’m a good fuck, so whatever. ’
’ i will fuck you up, don’t even try. ’
’ don’t get fucked up today. ’
’ you will get fucked up if you don’t shut up. ’
’ what did you just fucking say to me? ’
’ why don’t you fuck off? ’
’ seriously, fuck you. ’
’ fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. ’


(Headcanon that Lance ends up talking about memes during his conversations with Coran about their home cultures… turning Coran into a fellow memer…)


( ̄▽+ ̄*) stress relief scribbles lmao


frisk doodles



Right? Cold beer. Grown men on skates. What’s not to love?


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two)

Monsta X as Dads
  • Wonho: Son if you don't stop this inst-- o-oh I'm sorry, n-no please don't cry *panics and starts tearing up*
  • Shownu: *refer to Monsta X Ray episode 5*
  • Minhyuk: Here, come to daddy, princess. *picks her up* Aww, my baby is so cute just like me~
  • Kihyun: I swear to God, I'll turn that wifi shit off if you don't stop this right NOW
  • Hyungwon: *doesn't say anything, just craddling his daughter to his chest*
  • Jooheon: Liked my rap, son? Well, you gotta be like dad then. High five, buddy.
  • I.M: *is the baby*
How to Turn Dreams into Reality

1. Tell someone else what your hopes and dreams are - and what you plan on doing to get you there. Speaking out our plans and goals helps us commit to persevering.
2. Put it on your calendar and carve out some time to invest in your dreams – every day, if possible.
3. Start with something small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s also motivating to see yourself succeed (and that becomes more likely if you start with baby steps.)
4. Leave reminders everywhere to motivate you to “keep going”.
5. When you feel like giving up – just stop and focus on “right now”. Doing that will stop you thinking up a whole book of excuses!

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice
金剛山寿一 (???)
ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice (CV: ???)

*NSFW, headphones advised! ( • ᴗ • ) ✨

Release Date: May 26th, 2017.