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supercorp fanfic masterpost

due to the shitfest that was comic con (except u katie mcgraff, u my main hoe) I’ve decided to post all my fav fics to boost the morale in this fandom bc even tho melhoohaa hurt my feelings i would die for supercorp
also, im VERY sorry to the people who keep asking for me to post this and its taken about 7 years, I’m just a busy lady ok
p.s. im a smut whore so ur welcome for a section dedicated for pure sin at the end

Giant by @coeurdastronaute
90k+, ongoing, this is my fucking FAV, lena and kara meet in high school but not a high school AU, and its super angsty and L O V E honestly. 

my youth is yours by @lynnearlington
182k+, ongoing, my other fucking favvvvv! literally marked my soul and id read this everyday if i could bc never in my life have i read a fic that made my heart hurt this much ily writer

you are the fire (and i’m gasoline) by @lenacorporations
80k+, completed, literally read this is a day and holy fuck THE BEST! pls go and read this if you haven’t. childhood au its so damn cute

It’s in the Stars (It’s been Written in the Scars/On our Hearts) by @homodramatica
201k+, ongoing, another fav!!!! seriously fucking read this now. its like angst and fluff and smut all wrapped up in a supercorp love fest and i fucking ride hard for this fic

Learning Control by FrostedLimits
24k+, completed, kara can’t control her powers in the bedroom and lena is more than happy to help, also periwinkle kryptonite is cool

Mercy by Rykeral
329k+, ongoing, literally the longest and also the SLOWEST burn of all time, like I’m talking slow but its got everything like angst, fluff, action and lenas just a fucking badass.

Paranoia Incarnated by @justmickeyfornow​​
86k+, ongoing, kara gets infected by this stuff and gets uber paranoid and needs to hear lenas heartbeat to calm down and lena doesn’t know karas supergirl and its super cute and angsty FUCKING READ THIS NOW EVERYONE I’m telling ya

Jealous of the way (you’re happy without me) by @blood-inthefields
17k+, ongoing, karas a jealous hoe but its super sad tbh

Supergirl In Training by @wtfoctagon
70k+, completed, if u haven’t read this are u even a supercorp fan?

the heiress, the girl of steel, and the man who fell to earth by @littlekbrother
66k+, completed, LISTEN HERE this is one of my favs and mon-el is actually a good character basically everything supergirl should actually be and you need to fucking read this.

They only lack the light to show the way by @jennysparksandtheauthority
45k+, ongoing, SUPER BABIES

Lipstick On Your Collar by Remyroo17
52k+, completed, lena and kara have a baby together and ITS SO GOOD

The Day Lena’s Earth Stood Still by SuperTweety
60k+, ongoing, kara is lenas assistant, she’s weirded out about aliens but then they make sweet love and its gAY

You’re Never Alone, Lena by HEDA_OWNS_MY_SOUL
79k+, ongoing, lenas a fucking badass and kara and lena love each other

You Wanna Be Friends Forever? I Can Think of Something Better by @myheartisbro-ken
93k+, ongoing, kara and lena just support each other so much i fucking love this fic

Breathe by @silent-rain91
114k+, completed, kara and lena broke up 6 yrs ago and kara finds out they have twins, kara also has a penis but its cool don’t worry guys, one big happy family and oh so much angst

Worlds Between Us by @lycanhood
38k+, completed, lena and supergirl are friends with benefits and angst ensues, also red k kara hello

At Least I Got You in My Head by @queenghostling
25k+, ongoing, this is the saddest thing ever tbh, lena self harms and lillian’s a fuckhead. lena and lucy for a little bit supercorp endgame apparently. TW for self harm and sexual abuse.

i’ll love you till my breathing stops by @poiperoi
41k+, ongoing, boarding school au, and karas just a big fat alien and its so cute.

Impeccable timing by @thatsgaydanvers
22k+, ongoing, lena gets preggers before meeting kara and kara is overprotective and cute af

The Liar Game by @ladyptarmigan
75k+, ongoing, slow burn uphill battle supercorp, still haven’t finished but I’m already hooked!!!! 

Invictus by @annien
43k+, ongoing, lena takes kara to an arcade and kara stripteases for lena and its cute ok

it’s easy (when i’m with you) by @falsealarm
17k+, ongoing, kara accidentally kisses lena and then they are horny little teenagers but also super fluffy idk its a good mixture ok

Protective Custody by @thatsalotofboobs
23k+, completed, lenas in protective custody with kara and its just a big gay sleepover and then they bang.

Not Afraid to Fall by @prettyaveragewhiteshark
38k+, completed, lena and supergirl are sex buddies and angst ensues bc kara and lena love each other also sky sex???

You Wanna Be Friends Forever? I Can Think of Something Better by @myheartisbro-ken
93k, ongoing, this is just a big gay slow burn and lenas just in love with kara and they are cute okay read it

In Rao’s Light by @letswreakhavoc
41k+, ongoing, lena makes a sex room and its just pure sin ur welcome

Red Earth & Pouring Rain by @automaticheartache​​
10k+, ongoing, karas on red k to admit her feelings for lena and its a mess but its a good mess

Super Crush by @dophroll
44k+, ongoing, young pure love help this is cute af, time skips and sin

Bite me… by @kassebaum
13k+, completed, kara makes kryptonite bracelets so she can bang lena

If you don’t love me, pretend (just for a few more hours)… by Khrat9
24k+, completed, kara and lena bang all the time and realise they love each other bc obviously

Restraint by DaniJayNel
17k+, completed, lena basically becomes a kryptonian and gets to finally bang kara at the DEO

Firsts by writerstealth
17k+, completed, supercorp love story told in a series of firsts!!!!!

Duality by @mssirey
36k+, completed, start is pure sin but gets fluffy, supergirl and lena have LOTS of sex and kara and lena love each other idk man its good

Three Days by Silent_Specter
42k+, completed, ANGST AND ACTION AND LOVE

we are what we pretend to be by C_AND_B
kara and lena fake date but like who are they kidding

i’ve just seen a face (i can’t forget the time or place where we just met) by karalovesallthegirls
kara gets drunk and licks lenas neck a lot

In This World, And The Next by @stennnn06

If the Suit Fits by @littlekbrother
lena knows about kara before she comes out as supergirl and designs her suit!!

I’ve Been Outed by SwanQueen4tw
karas outed as supergirl bc of a puppy

The more you know by @spaceman-earthgirl
lena accidentally tells alex she had sex with kara

It was her all along by @spaceman-earthgirl
alex sees texts on karas phone and tries to find out who it is

There for all to see by @spaceman-earthgirl
just realised how many fav one shots i have from this author so just go read everything she has really lol I’m not kidding you won’t be disappointed

Jealous by 8ounce
lenas jealous of mon-el and tries to make kara jealous with supergirl

Oopsie! by Emiko_Scarlet
lenas pregnant and get hurts and karas dramatic obvs

wonderful electric (cover me in you) by @falsealarm
fluff and smut, just read it its cute 

here we are, two helping hands by @falsealarm​​
I Can See You In The Dark by GreyPallet & Sperryjayne
you are everything (please touch me) by PerkyMetalhead
A Dream Reality by ManyaZorEL
Heatwave by yesverygoodallright
Unraveling by gentlesin
Not a Fantasy by wallofcrazy
hands-on approach by exprsslyfrbidden
not quite a damsel by blatant_sock_account
Thunderbolt by chooseredemption
Unavoidable Dreams by C_AND_B
40,000 feet by @kassebaum
All I Want by breakerone
Welcome home by Callmesnowy68
Snapping by freedombeats89
Not so secret by freedombeats89
need you by @icaruslena
That’s how you say thank you by @silent-rain91
Kara Danver’s Most Successful Press Conference by @pendragn
the one where they’re only friends by blatant_sock_account
The Unsuccessful Capture of a Luthor by @nevertobeships
Love & Nudes by loopt
This Place is a Shelter by @trashbb
Yellow and Green by yesverygoodallright



lmao I forgot I made this so I finished it.
this was just a little inside joke I was discussing about sugar daddy Viktor being extra af

highlight reel summary
  • seokjin: i stole some random girl's notebook and read it even though the girl was within calling distance and i definitely could have returned it
  • jungkook: i was going to do this epic wheelie in the hospital corridor before this girl stopped me wtf
  • yoongi: im filming a 'no smoking' cf
  • namjoon: i stood here on this bridge for who knows how long watching this girl struggle with posters until realizing that i should probably help her rn
  • taehyung: wait i paid for your shit then you snob me? i didn't even get to finish my ramen wtf
  • jimin: fuck my hyung is cute... wait but that girl is kinda cute too... the fuck...
  • hoseok: when i was 8 my mother abandoned me and this cake just triggered me wtf it's not even my birthday tag your shit pls

the first time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks stressed. she’s over studying with isak and isak is trying to patiently explain one of the questions to her, but eventually isak decides they need to take a break and he heads to the restroom. even drops the comic onto the textbook she’s glaring at. it’s of a cat ripping a biology textbook in half and yelling, “screw your logic, i do have nine lives!” sana looks up at him and is surprised, but the small smile that graces her lips is touched.

the second time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks sad. the girls and boys are over at isak and even’s apartment and they’re having a small pregame, and sana’s been staring at her phone for a while now and she looks a little emotionally exhausted, and she keeps glaring at the drink that’s been set in front of her mindlessly, and so even busies himself with a pen and a napkin and then drops it onto sana’s lap before sitting next to her. it’s of a cat drinking milk and knocking a beer bottle off the table, where it falls and hits the head of another passing cat. sana looks over at him and smiles at even crookedly.

the third time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks angry. she’s talking heatedly to the girls in the hallways and then storms off, presumably to biology, which even only knows she has next because of isak. even quickly draws something on his notebook paper and casually makes inside the empty classroom, save for sana, and drops the paper on her desk. it’s of a cat with steam coming out of its ears and another cat frantically trying to blow it away. sana’s expression dissolves into an exasperated one, then she laughs, a little quietly. even doesn’t miss the way her shoulders slump.

the fourth time even draws sana a comic, it’s when she looks scared. she’s making her way off the tram when even’s waiting for his own, and she looks shaken and lost. behind her walks an older man, maybe in his sixties, angry-looking and glaring at her back, but he walks the other way. even narrows his eyes and makes his way over to her and asks if she’s okay. sana’s good at composing herself, even will give her that, and she tells him she’s fine. even offers to walk her home, and sana lets him; the next day, even slips a comic into her locker. it’s of a cat that looks like its alone in a dark room, scared and confused. in the next frame, a couple of cats have turned on the light, revealing that the cat has been surrounded by friends all along.

the fifth time, sana draws even a comic. he’s just said goodbye to isak and he’s on his way out of the school to wait for him to finish his last class when sana stops him. she looks happier than usual, brighter. she hands even a folded paper and then rolls her eyes and even’s confused expression. “just take it,” she presses, and so even does. “open it when i’m gone,” sana warns, and then she leaves, and so even opens it. 

it’s clumsily drawn, not at all at the level even draws, but it’s clearly of a cat filming a couple of other cats roughhousing. there’s only one that’s colored in – a yellow one – and underneath it, the words “they miss you, too” are printed neatly. 

even clings to the comic for days afterward.

Saying Things

Peter Parker x Reader

So this is for the precious, most adorable person @dej-okay because she deserves only good things.

Summary: You’d lost count of how many times you’d thought of kissing him. You had never let yourself imagine that maybe, he thought of it, too.

“Or how badly I’ve wanted you like this,” and he didn’t have to explain what he meant…”

Warnings: None. Just A LOT OF FLUFF AND CHEDDAR CHEESE. Words: 3.6k

“Parker,” you cautioned as he not-so-gingerly picked up the beaker that was mostly full of blue liquid that resembled and even smelt a little like Windex, shaky hands bringing it over to your side of the lab table, mixture sloshing around the insides, goggles beginning to steam up around his eyes from how heavily he was breathing, tiny rogue hairs from fallen waves at his forehead fluttering as warm puffs of air escaped from the spaces between funny eye wear.

It had taken the two of you nearly half an hour to mix the contents in said beaker just right, waiting for the telltale appearance of that crystal blue to color the glass and signal the correct chemical change.

You’d both laughed excitedly as you’d watched with anxious eyes, two pairs of goggles level with the table; forgetting that you were still holding glass tubes and going in for a high five, catching yourself with a sheepish expression just in time. He’d offered an air five instead.

“Peter, carefully,” you urged when the clumsy boy caught a sneakered foot on the corner of the table, neon blue peeking at the edge of its container as it swayed inside, nearly raining down on top of the shiny black below it.

“I know, I know, I’ve got this,” a tiny smirk following his words, and you found yourself believing him despite the sound of glass clanking together as he began pouring that blue liquid into the compound you’d just finished mixing up. The puffs of air fogging up both of your goggles stopped as blue hit green and you held your breaths, the whole feel of him changing when that red precipitate formed in uneven clumps at the bottom of the beaker. Bubbly laughter spilled from his lips in a rush of air as the tension released from his lungs and the smile that lit up the whole of his face kept you from doing the same, kept you from breathing, and you weren’t sure if you would ever be able to bring yourself to draw air into tingling lungs again if he were going to smile like that around you, at you.

Because he was looking at you with the sun in his eyes and happiness making up the whole of his features in a way that warmed your heart entirely and made your body feel sluggish and uneven like the mess of chemicals in that beaker. The longer you looked, the more aware you became of how the color of your cheeks must match the color of that clump, and oh, but his eyes were glowing, and you were glowing, and his lips were pink and stretched prettily across white, mostly-even teeth in that charming way that only his lips could.

And that was the first time you realized that Peter Parker was someone that you could kiss. Peter Parker was someone you wanted to be kissing.

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cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

anonymous asked:

How about a sad Tony that has to face the Rogue Avengers alone because the Guardians are in a mission and the Avengers are mean with him, but then the guardias return?

(what is wrong with me. I said short. This isnt short! :D hope you like it anyway.)

Tony isn’t an Avenger anymore. Or more like he never was one.

Fury told him that he was just a consultant. Always was. That he was never a real avenger and just sort of their mechanic. Sure Iron Man was great. Tony Stark? Not so much.

And now he was back to being their servant. Just a month ago Fury got the avengers back to the tower. They weren’t criminals anymore but still under a sort of arrest.

They could leave the tower but there would always be police unit with them. (Not that they could’ve stopped an angry captain america. But whatever.)

Still. They were back and Tony doesn’t know how Fury did managed that but he did. Even Barnes was there. Still frozen but in Tonys home.

And he couldn’t do anything about it or he would never be an avenger.

“Sir? Sergeant Ross on the phone.” says Friday in her monotone voice. Tony looks down at that.                

“Alright. Lets hear him.” says Tony but he doesn’t stops working. He needs to finish Clints bow today and after that he has to look after Barnes again. And Natasha wants her new jacket by tomorrow.

Tony shuts his eyes.

“Stark? Did you already read Furys report? Is there anything we can do?” asks Ross and he sounds already annoyed. Tony sighs.

He turns around and see the four folders from Fury. He hasn’t even started.

“Uh…No i have other things…and…” stutters Tony and he groans mentally. Normally he would’ve a sarcastic remark but he is…he is just tired.

“I don’t care. I need something to hold it against them.” says Ross again and Tony has to shut his eyes again.

Like kill my mom? Or keep that a secret?

“Yeah…i will do it after…” starts Tony again but Ross on-hooked already.

“Sir? Mister Quill send another message.” says Friday this time and Tony wants to scream.

“I bet about the new taser for him. I know.” says Tony and makes a gesture with his hand. He doesn’t have the time to read Peters message. Doesn’t matter how much he likes his silly letters.

He doesn’t have the time.

“Okay Friday it’s already after lunch. I have to check on Barnes.” says Tony and Friday shuts the workshop down.

Tony goes over to the elevator and can’t help himself but reads Peters message anyway. He smiles. He misses him so much. All the Guardians. Sometimes they visit him to get new tech but they write him everyday. Even Rocket.

The elevator stops and Tony sees Barnes in the corner. He sighs. Its his task to look after him and to make sure that he puts a new system in him. When he doesn’t have those words in his brain anymore Tony can wake him up.

He studies the results and nods. Looks good, but its still not enough to wake him up. He needs to be sure or the winter soldier would do something really bad again.

And…then its Tonys fault. Again.

“Sometimes i wish i could kill you…” says Tony towards Barnes. He isn’t sure if Barnes can hear him, but he hopes he doesn’t.

Sometimes i wish everything would’ve gone another way. Sometimes i wish we could have been friends, Barnes. You seemed like a nice guy when you didn’t fight me.

“Maybe you would like to think over your words again.”

Tony is so close to screaming at that but he only does a little whimper.

“What are you doing here?” asks Tony when he calmed himself down again. Steve shrugs.

“Looking after him. And hearing you threaten him.” says Steve and he looks so disappointed in Tony.

“Hm.” says Tony and puts the results back on the table.

“Is he ready?” asks Steve when Tony sits down on that chair.

“No.” is Tony only answer and this time he jerks away when Steve hits onto the table in front of him.

“Damnit! Tony you said it would only take you days! Now its been weeks.” says Steve and he is angry. Tony is so glad the shield isn’t with him or he would’ve freak out.

“I-i’m sorry.” says Tony and tries to busy himself with the results again.

“Ey Stark!” says Clint now. Tony hasn’t seen him enter the room. But it doesn’t matter.

“Hm?” says Tony again and he doesn’t look up.

“Where’s my bow?” asks Clint and Tony sighs. He forgot it in the workshop. And its not finished either.

“Not ready.” says Tony softly but Clint groans.

“Dude you have like what one task and you can’t even do that?” says Clint and Tonys next breath is a bit watery.

“He hasn’t finished Buckys process either.” says Steve and Tony makes himself smaller.

“Man i know that he got old but that he doesn’t even remember to do the things we tell him.” says Clint and he laughs at that.

Tony wishes he could go now. But is afraid to move. What if Steve beats him again?

“I told you we should find another mechanic.” Wanda stands in the doorway and her glimpse is so cold. Tony can see a bit of red in her eyes and he looks quickly away.

“Yeah i think Shield can help us.” says Clint now and Tony wants to laugh. Wants so say: yeah and who pays for everything you want or destroy? Or: yeah try and find a genius like me!

But he just swallows. He is done.

“Ohhh looks like we are a bit late for the party.” says now someone and Tony gasps. Peter stands there and he looks angry.

Oh no, thinks Tony, he is also angry at me. Fuck he should’ve done his taser first.

“Quill.” says Steve and he even rolls his eyes. The Avengers and the Guardians aren’t friends. At all. But the Guardians work together with them sometimes. Its how they’ve met.

“Where is the raccoon.” snickers Clint and when Rocket shows up a moment later he hisses at Clint. Tony would like to smile at that but he is still afraid.

“Hey Tony.” says Peter and then goes over to him. He lays his hand on Tonys shoulder. Tony holds his breath.

“So what exactly are you doing here?” asks Peter and Tony wants to explain that he was just looking for Barnes and then he would go back in his workshop and do the bow. And the taser. And Natashas jacket.

But Peter doesn’t look at him. He looks at Steve.

“We talked to Tony about a few … disagreements.” says Steve and Rocket snicker at that.

“Looked more like you threaten our friend.” says Rocket and he hops on Clints shoulder. The archer doesn’t flinch but Tony can see Rockets sharp claws in Clints shoulder.

“And if you do that again we might have to hurt you. Drax you would like that, right?” says Peter and Drax grins.

“I want to take the Captain. He looks like he could use a punch.” laughs Drax at that and Steve frowns at that.

“I will remember that. So if you are going to yell at Tony ever again or only say something that we don’t like, we will take care of you, do you understand me?” says Peter and when Clints start to open his mouth Rocket claws him again.

“He should just finish his job.” says Wanda now and in a blink Gamora his behind her. Her sword at Wandas neck.

“He can do what he wants. He isn’t your employee. You should feel lucky that he even does a single thing for you, after what you did to him, witch.” says Gamora and Wandas eyes glow red.

“Try harder. You know your little magic isn’t working on me or Drax.” says Gamora grinning. And she is right. Tony doesn’t know why but its useless.

“Okay stop! I don’t understand why you are so angry.” says Steve and Peter turns to him.

“Because you treat our friend like shit! And i won’t let you do that anymore. So be thankful if he helps you, but if he doesn't… well tough luck.” says Peter and when he holds his hand up, Rocket jumps back to the ground and Gamora puts her sword away.

“Alright.” says Steve even though he looks still so angry.

A moment later Tony is alone with the guardians. He is still shaken a bit.

“Oh uh… i will start with your Taser now.” says Tony and when he wants to stand up, Peter holds him down.

“Nope. Wanna tell us what that was?” asks Peter and Tony shakes his head. He isn’t even sure what it was.

“Alright. Tony you know that you are an avenger, too right? You can tell them to go fuck themselves. You should take a break when you need it.” says Gamora and she smiles at him.

“I’m not…” says Tony and looks down at his hands. They shake.

“What?” asks Rocket and jumps on the table right in front of Tony.

“I’m only a consultant.” says Tony and he sounds as bitter as he feels.

“I hate humans.” says Drax.

“I am Groot.” says Groot.

“Yeah i hate humans but Peter and Tony.” says Drax then.

“A consultant? Fuck that. You are right you aren’t an Avenger.”  says Peter and he claps Tonys shoulder.

Its hurts even more when somebody else says it outloud.

“Because you are a guardian of the galaxy.” finishes Peter and Tony looks up at him.


“He means if you want. You are welcome on our team.” says Gamora and Rocket climbs onto his lap.

“We are already a weird family. So you should join.” grins Rocket and Tony laughs watery.

“Really?” he asks because of course he wants that!

“Really. And for now. Forget about those idiots. What do you want to do?” asks Peter and Tony shrugs.

“Still need to finishes Clints bow. And Natasha’s jacket. Your taser. Oh and Ross told me i should read…” says Tony and he knows that he babbles.

Drax laughs.

“Wrong. You need to watch a movie with us.” says Peter and Groot shrieks at that.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah and eat ice-cream.” laughs Gamora and Tony can’t believe his luck.

And when he cried when he gets is official guardian jacket, well nobody needs to know.

Besides Peter who kisses him silent, when Tony stars babble again.

anonymous asked:

You know that "who you should fight" meme? Could you do a BSD version of it, if it's not too much to ask?

(Ngl this may be the best thing I’ve ever answered)



Atsushi: You win(?)

  • Walk right up to him and beat the ever-loving shit of him. He’ll apologize to you. An easy fight, just don’t slip in any tasteless orphan jokes, it’ll have the opposite effect intended and he’ll take you the fuck out with the pure intent to prove he’s worthy. You could beat him but the psychological weight of crushing someone so innocent will ensure that you never feel right again. Fight him if you have no soul.

Dazai: You lose

  • He’ll turn the whole affair into a big joke. If you, by some stroke of luck, actually hit him, he’ll probably just say ‘harder daddy’. The psychological effects of brawling Dazai will be devastating either way. DO. NOT.  FIGHT.

Ranpo: You win

  • Honestly, it’s hardly worth your time. He hasn’t eaten anything but chocolate cake and cheap lollipops for the last six years, not to mention any form of physical exercise. He’s got pale-ass noodle arms and a muffin top (don’t believe the official art’s lies. The bitch eats solely from a candy shop and looks like he just topped off a cycling session with Jillian Micheals? Get the fuck out). Just don’t bring a Jolly Rancher shiv because he’ll eat the damn thing. Undoubtedly fight, just be prepared to book it like a fucking librarian after you knock him out because the rest of the ADA will come after you.

Kyouka: Depends 

  • Look, fourteen’s a shitty age even when you’re not dealing with pressing morality crises.There is nothing Kyouka wants more in this world than to dial herself, let Demon Snow rip and raise her kill count to thirty seven. But all you gotta do to keep her at bay is debate on morality like Matthew fucking Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil. If you can successfully hold her back with discussion on ethics (and how hers will be jack-shit if she slaughters you) you have a slim chance of victory. A great fight if you need to practice for speech class.

Kunikida: You lose

  • You might think victory’s as simple as tossing his notebook in a nearby water fountain and watching him flip a lid, but this is an absolutely awful tactic and the inside of your head will be decorating the sidewalk in mere milliseconds. He beats Dazai’s band-aid wrapped flanks on the daily and he won’t hesitate to destroy yours. If you fight, at least your cause of death can be listed as ‘blonde beefcake’s rippling biceps’.

Kenji: You win

  • Just feed him a few bowls of Spaghetti-o’s before you deck him and the little blonde bitch won’t stand a chance. You can smack him back into the cultist backwater rice paddies he crawled out of easy as smacking a crippled fly. A perfect fight for abusing a fourteen year old without getting into too much trouble. 

Fukuzawa: You lose

  • You might think you could dress up in a kitty costume and sneak up to him. And you could. It would be easy, in fact. He’s so focused on the cuteness he won’t notice any maliscious intent. Despite this his reflexes are simply too quick and he’ll still take you the fuck out when you make your move. A bad fight from all angles. You’ll have to fend off his adopted, dysfunctional ADA children too. Just don’t.


Akutagawa: Depends (99.5% losing chance. risky.)

  • Yeah, you’re fucked. Akutagawa won’t even wait until you initiate, he’ll be the one attacking you, probably over something minor and stupid like the color of your pants is personally offensive. Rashomon will be slicing and dicing you into a smoothie for cannibals before you know what hit you. The only way you make it out alive is if by some stroke of luck Dazai happens to be in a one hundred mile radius and Akutagawa’s senpai-radar starts going off. Fight only if you bring My Chemical Romance vinyls to punt at him; they’re his biggest weakness .

Chuuya: Depends (99.75% losing chance. Cross thy fingers and pray)

  • Facing Chuuya is a bigger risk than that board game. He’s practically impervious to all close-up melee and he’s too small of a target to be hit with anything from afar. You might think you’d have a fighting chance if you knocked his hat off; after all, that’s basically all he is. A hat rack prone to alcoholism. But that fury will only make him stronger and he’ll crush you like you’re a cum-covered Dazai body pillow. As with Akutagawa your only glimmer of hope for survival is if bandage-kun happens to be close by because Chuuya will prioritize and leave your now crippled ass in the dust that he punted you in. Only fight while intoxicated. (Both of you. Not just him. It’s more fun that way. Much like Turkish oil wrestling but with more gravity.)

Mori: You lose

  • If you want to fight him you’ve obviously got a death wish and I’m not going to stop you. There’s easier ways to go though, man. Easier ways. His expression won’t even change when he whips out that scalpel (I don’t believe that man’s ever been to medical school) and filets you like a fresh caught tuna, on its way to a B-rated fast food join. Your body’s gonna get left on the pavement for the stray dogs. (No, I’m not gonna finish that joke. Low hanging fruit. I have some dignity.) If you want to die that bad, just go see if Dazai will suicide with you. It’ll be significantly less painful

Elise: I fucking dare you

  • I mean, you probably could take her out, she’s like seven. Mori will let her play skip rope with your small intestine after she’s recovered. Rest In Peace if you even consider it.

Kouyou: You lose

  • I don’t know what would inspire you to be so stupid. She’ll just let out a dignified little chuckle and shove that umbrella sword so far up your ass you’ll be tasting acid rain for months, and she’ll do it all in the most ladylike way possible. Unless you’re ready for your innards to end up in a teapot, served with chocolate-coated orange wafers at tea break, just don’t fight.

Oda: ???

  • He’s fucking dead. What are you gonna do, kick his headstone, maybe plant some weeds over his grave? Just don’t mention the burnt orphan soup, or he’ll literally rise and put you in his coffin instead. If you’re willing to dabble into necromancy, knock yourself (or him, in this case) out.

Q: Haha

  • I get why you’d want to fight him, I really do. He looks like a miniature Cruella Deville on an acid trip. But you just don’t have a chance. Hit him. Go ahead. As soon as you so much as brush him he has the power to destroy your shit like it’s never been destroyed before. Will annihilate you from the inside out. The deadliest emo thirteen year old there’s ever been; avoid at all costs!!!

Higuchi: You LOSE

  • You might think you have a chance because she doesn’t have an ability. But you’re gravely mistaken. Higuchi is bitter. Higchi is ruthless. Higuchi does not give a fuck about anything other than getting Emotagawa-senpai to notice her. She has nothing, nothing to lose and she will not rest until she’s pulling your tonsils through your asshole in the hopes that Akutagawa will give her a thumbs-up for slaughtering you. DO NOT fight. She stands to lose nothing and gain everything.


Hawthorne: You lose

  • You might think that you’d have a fighting chance because he’s a priest and priest’s aren’t supposed to wreck people’s shit but he will see your sins and you won’t even see him coming. Try to punch him his ability is literally activated by injuries. Knocks you out with a psalter hymnal and ships you off to Bible camp while you’re unconscious.  Only fight if you have never sinned, not once, ever.

Steinbeck: Depends

  • If you’re from the city he’ll destroy you. Farm boys always tear apart city people no questions asked. If that fact doesn’t dissuade you then just prepare yourself not to be freaked the fuck out when he jack-knifes his own neck and starts sprouting flora. As long as you keep your cool you’ve got a 30/70 chance. Only fight if you bring a metric fucktonne of weed killer.

Poe: You win (biggest douchecanoe award, but that’s about it)

  • Physically, sure, you could sneeze within fifty feet of his pasty ass and take him down. But really? Do you really want to hurt him? He’ll stare right into your soul with those sad, sad eyes and wonder just what he did to inspire such bitterness in you. If you can still fuck him up after that then you’d best kiss your spirit goodbye because it’s descending to the seventh level of fiery hell as you read this. Plus, honestly, there’s no true triumph against a man whose best bud is a raccoon. That’s just too rad. If you can deal with the pressing moral consequences and a pissed off  raccoon, go for it. (You monster)

Mitchell: You win

  • All you have to do is push her hospital bed down the stairs and pretend it was an accident. Her comatose ass can’t do a thing to stop you. Fight if you’re ready to run from angry hospital staff.

Fitzgerald: You lose 

  • You know, this sentient sack of Benjamins deserves it, in all honesty, but don’t try. Him and his power suit will kick you into the next millennia before you can say ‘old sport’. Prepare to be crushed by capitalism.

Melville: You win

  • He’s like eighty and his ability’s a goddamn floating whale. As long as you don’t throw down at Sea World, you’re good. Fight as long as you’re not in front of an assisted living facility; the CNAs will think he’s a resident and defend him.

Lovecraft: Depends

  • Attack him while he’s trying to nap and he’ll be too lazy to get up. Otherwise… yeah, just google ‘Cthulhu’. You’ll get the idea. Don’t fight: there’s no beating weaponized tentacle porn.

Montgomery: You lose

  • Go right ahead and try, she’ll whisk you away to her Melanie-Martinez ass torture dimension and let Anne mop the floor with your teeth. It’s kind of like challenging God. Unless you want to spend eternity in an unsexy rip-off of the 50 shades Red Room, DO. NOT. ENGAGE.

Twain: You win

  • Twain’s all talk, anybody that walks around with their titties hanging out 24/7 is definitely trying to distract from something. In this case he’s trying to fool people into thinking he’s not a dictionary-definition pussy. Rip the heads off his muppet babies and he doesn’t even have an ability anymore, the schmuck. Fight when you’re looking for a quick self-esteem boost. 

Alcott: You win

  • This poor woman does not deserve to be tortured anymore than she already is by the weight of her own social awkwardness, but if you really insist: make a derogatory comment and she’s basically down for the count already, no physical contact necessary. If you really want to dominate, just steal her glasses and she instantly morphs into a significantly less foxy Velma Dinkley. Also significantly less prone to self defense. An A-1 fight for when you’re looking to cement residency in Hell.


Ango: Depends

  • You would think his beanpole ass would be an easy target. You’d be wrong, though. So very wrong. He’s been chugging tomato juice like it’s his job for the past forever and he’s got a snazzy pair of handcuffs he’s just dying to break out. If you sabotage basic safety features on his car, though, he’s a goner. Just sneakily unbuckle his seat belt while he’s driving and you’ve basically defeated him right then and there. A good fight for practicing strategic tactics and subtle vehicle vandalism.

Fyodor: You lose

  • Just ask A how that one turned out. Actually, ask anyone in the manga what throwing down with Fyodor entails. (Unless you only watch the anime, then just wait for the season three that we’re probably not getting) He’ll escort you personally to the gates of hell with a flick to your forehead. Then he’ll step right over your still-warm corpse and start playing the cello with that unnecessarily wide leg-spreadage. Mess with this sentient ushanka hat and he’ll uSHANKa you.

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oh boy oh boy anon christmas is coming early this year lets get the show started


- jake is the little spoon no questions asked

- one night jake just plopped himself in front of rich, curled his legs up and wrapped richs arm around him and rich was like :00!! and pulled jake against his chest while snuggling into him

- rich is very competitive

- one time the squip squad went to hilltop or someplace like that and he goes beast during laser tag theres no mercy whatsoever he will shoot anyone. one time jake was like “hey you wanna team up?” and rich was like “haha yeah sure :)” but he shoots jake and sprints off and jake is like BRO!!! rich will not put up with teaming up he is a lone wolf and he will win this game on his own

- he wins every time and everyone just groans 

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Headcanon that FAHC Ryan is the best person to take to a bar. Whether its one person trying to drink themselves silly or a group of two or three trying to have fun, Ryan will always tag along to supervise. Since he doesn’t drink, he’s good to have as a designated driver, of course, but he’s also a very good protector. He’s a fearsome fighter and just his presence is usually enough to deter drunkards from picking on his inebriated friends. And if his friends are the ones to start a fight, Ryan will be there to finish it, clean them up, and get them home to get patched up. Ryan isn’t particularly fond of alcohol and its effects on people, but he can’t stop his friends from drinking. What he can do is take the bottle away from them when they get to a regrettable point, and everyone knows that when Ryan cuts you off, it’s time to listen to him and get home because as heartless as he seems, Ryan will take care of you when you can’t function for yourself.

BTS as things I've said during finals
  • Jin: I've been in this class for two years and the only thing I learned was that Ethan can eat a whole lemon in two minutes
  • Yoongi: I stopped studying once my Spotify free trial ended
  • Hoseok: *had two weeks to do an essay* *started the night it's due*
  • Namjoon: I should've listened three years ago
  • Jimin: If anyone gets 100% I will hunt them down and I'll probably cover their doorknob in Vaseline so they know what it feels like to have victory slipping away from them
  • Taehyung: The only thing I did to prepare myself was watching all seasons of Haikyuuu in two days
  • Jungkook: Why get an A for 'awful' when you can get an F for 'fantastic work keep it up!'
Ask Nicely

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon requestSam (or Jared 😉) with a Daddy kink please and thanks you 🙏🏼  - @spontaneousam

Word Count: 2,530

Warnings: all the smut, daddy!kink, dom!Sam, a little bit of edging, oral sex (female receiving), Sam’s monster cock, cursing, dirty talk, tiny bit of breeding!kink, barely any plot. *shrugs* fluff at the end, though, as per usual, a touch of angst.

A/N: I went with Sam, since I’ve written two Jared pieces recently. Plus, this seems more along the lines of a Winchester thing. I have never written daddy kink before, at least not like this. Holy wow. I hope this is okay. I’m really nervous about posting this. Also decided to add this to my Smut-entine’s Day masterlist because I included a few kinks in here. This shit is fucking raunchy. I’m not sorry. 

You flinched as the door slammed shut and Sam’s boots pounded toward your bedroom. Pulling the towel from your hair, you ran your fingers through it quickly. You hadn’t gotten dressed yet, Sam would be happy about that at least. He threw your door open without knocking, whatever, it was his room too.

“Hey, you okay?” You took a tentative step in his direction before he closed the gab between the two of you and crashed his lips into yours.

“No.” He spoke between kisses.

You let it go, not wanting to push the issue. The hunt had gone bad somewhere along the lines, that much you could tell. Sam’s mouth was hot, and he smelled like beer. His kisses were needy and demanding, and you knew what was coming next.

“Gonna make you mine, baby girl.” He grunted, hoisting your legs up around his waist before tossing you back onto the bed. “Lose the towel.” He stood at your feet.

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so ive read all of 17776 that I can so far

and going through the tags I see people wondering how their immortality even works if old people can become young again and theres no children and etc and what would happen if aging just froze like youd think it would and how are all of these things consistent and etc

and once again I bring back the whole “Growth and Aging are two different processes” truth

Growth is what happens when you go from Child to Adult, its your body producing growth hormones to telling your cells that ‘hey, next time you regenerate, regenerate in this new bigger way’ and ur cells are like “k”. This period of time is commonly called puberty because its main goal is to get you from child to fully mature finished adult, and it stops for most people around roughly 25 years of age, so when your 25, you’re usually done and in your prime of life

Aging only starts to happen after you’ve finished your Growth phase, the only reason old people look different from adults in their prime (25 year olds) is NOT because their body is sending out different signals, but its literally just the physical wear and tear and eroding away of your body from the world and the elements and just living and existing, old people look old because they have existed for so long and their cell regeneration can’t keep up with it so eventually they just erode away and die, kinda like a rotting fruit

So, that said, to me it seems obvious that the “immortality” in 17776 is just the basic “You no longer experience any physical wear or tear in your body, everything is kept in its prime, all children grow up to be 25, all old people are renewed back to their 25 year old selves” with an added dose of “children dont exist anymore because nobody can get pregnant anymore, anyone who was pregnant or had kids had them, they grew up and that was it”

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wait what does kyungsoo have that other's dont?👀

!!! ok so this is gonna be really long bc like there’s gonna be a lot of pics and translations (all of them are from @fydk-translations !) but here it is, the one thing that ksoo have that others dont is….

Churro King’s ultimate love and support!!

okkk so i’ve been thinking about it and how ksoo’s basically one of their most loyal customers like?? apparently it started by one of kyungsoo’s fansites sending kyungsoo some churro trucks since like aaages ago back even back during his cart filming

i actually have no clue when this was

cart filming!! 

during its okay its love

okay aNYWAY…. i think ksoo must’ve taken a liking of them?? bc as we know he started to order them for basically like EVERYTHING but it started to become really apparent ever since he ordered one for sehun and baek

ok so i wont be posting anymore pics of the food trucks but what really got my attention is their instagram caption everytime churro king updates. at first it was just simple information about the food truck and how ksoo sent them you know but i think as time pass…. they got fonder of ksoo……… like……… their captions…… are so sweet….

like that time when exo prepared food for exo-l and then ksoo prepared churros

‘we love you #DoKyungsoo’ ‘We are always supporting you #D.O.Best’ uh?? i wrote the caption

he sent like a lot for his film projects but honestly their instagram captions are like the best thinG????

like during his shooting drama for positive physique he sent one but he doesnt want anybody to know its him so they went all

like… bro…. same i would be upset too

and then during room no7 ksoo reserved the truck for two days

‘We are even fonder of him …… from Cart til now’ ‘whenever he or EXO appears on TV, we stop to keep watching’ my heart??? burst???? tears????

after two times being sent in churro king went for room no7 set again…. BC SEHUN SENT THEM!!!!

smh sehun only gave them 1 hour to prepare and i know that its probably like a customer satisfaction thing that they actually need to do it but ‘It’s not for just anyone after all, but Kyungsoo’ DAMN BOI!!! ME!!!! SAME!!! ‘You’ll be up late; have strength to the end.’ *shaking* i….. i ghost wrote it…….. every night i thought of this……….

and during with god filming, ksoo sent one in too when he actually finished his parts of the movie. apparently here, they were reserved for both room no. 7 and with god and….. look at this gem……..

THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH!!! THIS WHOLE, look at this!! ‘He’s really quite delicate and warm’ uhm yes ‘His message of encouragement was concise, and the design simple like it. But his warm heart is quite clear in the short message.’ this!!!!! !!!! thiS WHOLE SENTENCE basically summarizes ksoo, that he’s a man of few words but you always know he has good intentions and he says what he needs to say. honestly….. this warms me so much like………. i dont even know how to explain it???

HONESTLY, churro king truck…… they love ksoo…… they love ksoo SO MUCH theyre basically an EXO-L they first got called in from fansites to support ksoo but like a dream come true it’s ksoo who started calling them…… they got closer to ksoo, getting to know him, getting fond of him………… and like wow for real ult goals…. and seriously thanku so much for churro king adklfs this might seem really funny but jokes aside they take good care of ksoo so thankyou a lot:(((( wow:((( my heart hurts

Not My Dean

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

A/N: For my darling nugget @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt 4 All Challenge. The prompt is bolded. Beta’d by actual angel @amanda-teaches. I tried something a little different (for me at least) let me know what you think! Please? No seriously I die for feedback I’m trying to get better at this racket and I can’t without it okthanksloveyoubye. ;) Enjoy kiddos! (ps if you feel like subjecting yourself more often, tag lists are open)

Words: 1,650

Warnings: Few swears, monster-related hostage type situations, smidgen of angst. Nothing crazy though, it’s all pretty PG-13.


“What the hell?” You were groggy and sore. Why the hell were you groggy and sore?

“Y/N? Hey, are you alright?”

“Sam?” You tried opening your eyes, only to find darkness. Scrunching your nose, you realized you had a blindfold on. That would explain the dark. As you slowly started to come to, you realized your soreness came from your hands being tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of a chair. Not to mention your pounding head. Best guess was you were hit with something. Hard.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you hurt? Like hurt, hurt?”

“Uh, no. No, I don’t think so. My head might be bleeding or maybe was bleeding? But it’s not bad. Where are we? I have a blindfold on. Do you have a blindfold on?”

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Reggie x Reader: We Could Happen (One Shot)

(A/N: SHOUTOUT TO @trashyemonerd​ for this request and I am so sorry it took so long I have finished this story days ago but COMPLETELY FUCKING FORGOT I AM A TRASH but I hope you enjoy it)

Plot:The one where all Reggie needed was a chance you were afraid to give.

Originally posted by riverdalebish

“Good morning, sunshine.”

You rolled your eyes, internally groaning, when you heard the all too familiar voice from behind your locker door. You quickly took your Pre-Calculus book as quickly as possible and slammed your door shut. As expected, the cocky football captain was already leaning his shoulders on the locker beside, seemingly not minding the fact that the owner of said locker has been trying to get past him for the last thirty seconds.

“Hello, Reggie,” he also didn’t seem to mind your lack of enthusiasm.  “,here for your daily schedule of annoying the ever loving fuck out of me?”

“You wound me, darling,” he leaned back and dramatically fisted his white shirt in mock offense. Although, his award winning smile managed to stay on his face, showing you how misleading it was.

You rolled your eyes once more, hoping to God it will not get stuck at the back of your head from the amount of times you seem to roll your eyes at him. You turned your back at Reggie and started walking away, not wanting to get dragged at his silly games so early in the morning.

“Sunshi – Sunshine, wait!” You huffed, trying to will yourself not to listen which was proven fruitless considering the difference in your leg span.

“(Y/N).” You were given no choice when Reggie forcibly stopped you in your tracks with two hands gripping your shoulders tightly. “I –“

“I don’t want to be late, Reggie –“

“Just listen to me!” your eyes widened at the tone of his voice, looking around, and thanking God, when you saw that most of the students have already went inside their respective classes.

You are so late.

It didn’t matter anyway, not when Reggie was hastily dragging you away from the main campus but towards the football field.

“Reggie, stop!” You harshly pulled your hands back, wincing from the sudden sharp pain, making him effectively look back to you. When he noticed how you held your hands and the pain in your face he was quick to take your damaged wrist and checked it for any serious injury.

He sighed in relief. “Sorry.”

He seemed so sad when he started to put a bit of a distance between you two that you actually felt bad. “It’s okay I just – I had Calculus and I … I didn’t want to miss it since I’m shit at –“

“Why don’t you like me?”

You felt your heart tighten. When you looked up at him he was already sitting on the ground, looking at everything and nothing altogether, staring at his hands that were tightly wounded together in front of him.

He looked so beautiful with the 8 o’clock sunshine that you bit the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from confessing right then and there. You wanted to tell him, how wrong he was, how much you liked him, and how you fear the day he will finally get tired of you and stop pursuing you because, believe it or not, you had a heart too. And Reggie Mantle took it in his own annoyingly persistent manner.

“Why do you?”

Your insecurity that had built up over the past few months finally broke away.

That seemed to catch him off guard as his neck nearly snapped from looking at you too quickly. “What?”

You sat beside him hugging your knees close to your chest. It was now or never. “Am I a joke to you, Reggie?”

Reggie didn’t stop staring at you, studying you, wondering what he did to make you ask a question as horrible as that. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Reggie’s mind was running. Was it him? What did he do? He was pretty sure he had been loud and clear with his feelings for you, literally. (Screaming it at the whole cafeteria that he was asking you out and any other boy can go fuck off and is only wasting their time was probably not the best idea but still.)

Was it one of his teammates? They do tend to run their mouth which you could’ve misunderstood but if it was them then Reggie would not let it go this time, not when it comes to you.

Was it one of your friends? They never did like him and the feeling was mutual but he didn’t think they’d stoop so low as making you think he was only playing with you.

“I just …” Reggie’s mental murder streak was stopped when he heard you speak, “It’s weird. It was like our whole lives I was a nobody to you and for me you were just a dumb jock that bullies my friend every once in a while and then suddenly … suddenly it was – you are –“

“Sophomore year, don’t you remember?”

This time it was your turn to stare but he wasn’t looking away. “We just lost a game, my first game as the team captain and … and I was –“

“Beating the shit out of a tree …” You stopped your jaw from gasping when you remembered.

“… who did nothing wrong to me.” He finished with a shit-eating grin.

“Reggie, enough!” You wrapped your arms around his waist from his back and dragged him away from the tree that had a huge and bloody dent in its trunk. But you underestimated his weight causing the two of you to fall to the ground.

You prepared for the impact but Reggie was thankfully a boy full of instincts and managed to turn the both of you around so he landed on the ground and you landed on his chest.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, obviously dishevelled and confused.

You could feel all the blood in your body rush to your head when you saw how close your faces were from each other and how he seems to know your name and how he probably thinks you’re a creepy stalker that has an altar of him in your room where you perform blood sacrifices – so you quickly pushed yourself away from him.

“What the hell were you doing punching a fucking tree like that, dumbass.”

You tried to calm yourself by berating him and even if he did look confused he managed a chuckle, as if being woken up from a dream, and shook his head.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, sitting up with you. “, wanted to release some frustration.”

“By beating the shit out of a tree who did nothing wrong to you?”

You two at you stared at each other in silence, before he started cracking up and you doing the same.

“Yeah that kinda sounds dumb when you say it like that.”

The two of you laughed some more and despite being in the woods where monsters and serial killers could rest at the middle of the night the two of you actually felt comfortable and safe with each other. When the silence stretched out long enough to be awkward you decided to cut it off with a knife.

“Come on, let me fix up that hand of yours,” you stood up first and held out your hand for him which he took immediately

“You really are nice, aren’t you?” he snickered. “I mean I’ve heard the rumours of sweet lil’ (Y/N) but I never thought—“

”Shut up,” you lightly punched him in his arms.”I expect you to be kicking ass next game and you can’t do that with fucked up hands.”

“Well, as thanks,” you were shocked when he didn’t let go of your hands even when you started walking. He didn’t seem to notice and you really didn’t mind. It wasn’t everyday you get to hold hands with Reggie Mantle. “, let me reserve you a front seat next week. Best view.”

The two of you stared at each other for what felt like forever but was only a few seconds in real life. You snorted, and looked away.

“Just win the bloody game, captain.”

“You remembered …” you whispered, in shock.

“Not really something you can just forget.”

“Considering we never even talked like normal human beings after it, it wasn’t that unlikely.”

“I,” he scoffed, rubbing the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed. “Unfortunately, I’m not good with having crushes. I kinda … I panicked and didn’t know how to, uh … talk to you … properly.” 

His eyes widened when he saw you biting down the impending laughter that was about to explode from your mouth. ”In my defense, I never had a crush before so … I’m sorry?”

You can feel another urge to laugh and coo from how cute the big bad Reggie Mantle looked with a flushed face while simultaneously trying every angle possible to not look in your eyes.

“Uhm … I know you don’t like me that much right now but I swear to you I’m not joking when I said I like you. “ He cleared his throat, looking straight at you making you feel more flustered than you have ever been your whole life but you didn’t have the heart to look away. “And I know I am probably shooting for the moon and you are totally out of my league but a boy can dream, right?”

You were shocked by his words. You never thought Reggie Mantle, of all people, would be that good with words. You weren’t a mind reader but you know a genuine confession when you hear one.

You decided right then and there that the two of you deserved a chance.

“I eat breakfast at 5 am every Sunday at Pop’s.”


“Exactly what I said,” you felt a sudden surge of confidence run in your veins.

It’s a pretty huge confidence booster when the infamous resident asshole of Riverdale High decides to drop his ‘I’m-a-jerk’ act and confesses to you. You didn’t even bother to bite back the smile that exploded in your face.

You leaned towards Reggie and decided to end his torture as you gently gave him a peck on the cheeks.

“Do what you want to do with that information.”

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Angsty request here! Scenario: The chocobros are fighting against some Imperial Army troopers and they're just about to finish the last one off. As they go in for the final attack, the enemy uses the chocobros s/o as a human shield. It's too late to stop mid-attack, and their s/o is seriously hurt (almost fatally but not quite). How would the chocobros react: when it happened, with the other chocobros while their s/o was recovering, and after their s/o had healed?

*Comes sliding in the Angst* Angst check list is ready! I’m ready! Let’s do this!



Noctis froze in shock, his sword piercing through your sternum, as you stare at him in the eye a look of shock and horror on your own face. The Prince quickly released his sword, reaching out to catch you, as Prompto shot the MT within the face, stunning it long enough for Noctis to moved you both out the way.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Noctis cried, holding you tightly. He hardly heard Ignis call for a tactical retreat, nor when Gladiolus removed you from his arms. Everything was a complete blur as he moved after the others to a safe heaven.

“We have to wait an see Noct.” Ignis replied, resting a hand on the man’s shoulder.

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Bang PT 2

Rated: Hella Smut

Bang PT 1 

He was already close to the door and you were hoping that bastard walks faster so he can leave your sight. You don’t want him to be anywhere near you because how dare he stop your orgasm. Probably can’t finish what he started hah, you smirked at your own remark. 

He notice that you were smirking and he knew he wasn’t done with this chase yet. He reached the handle and instead of opening it, he locked it. You were just staring at him, how quickly he moves when he wants to grabbing a chair and making it lean towards the window door handle. Well holy fuck, he really wants no one getting in. Your imagination was running wild with vivid memories of how his tongue slowly made its way down your neck as if he  was trying to taste every skin cell on you. The wetness of his tongue made you close your eyes for just a brief second and you wish you hadn’t. When you opened them you saw Saeran in front of you, slowly stripping as if he was provoking your imagination of what his cock would look and especially feel inside you. 

“You see Princess, only this” he grabbed his bulge through his pants “can make you see heaven” he grinned giving a devilish laugh. Funny how the devil himself could possibly know what heaven looks like. You continue to pierce your eyes through him watching how his fingers slowly unbuckles his belt. He slid of the belt and walked towards you signaling yourself to extend your arms “ Lets play a game babe, lets see who foils first” he grinned while wrapping his belt around your wrist. You were willing to play his game even if it meant playing with your best friends brother. What Saeyoung doesnt know wont hurt him right? 

Saeran guided you to the couch and you sat down wondering what in the world he was going to do to you. He leaned in licking his lips and you breathed in heavily taking his scent into your body. You expected him to give you a passionate kiss when in reality, he only kissed your forehead. He smirked and leaned in closer to your ear “Remember princess” he dragged out the s as if it tasted like sweet honey to him “You don’t deserve this for now” and you were feeling your pussy beg for mercy. Why did you agree to this game. He walked to the table in front of you and he took of his shirt quickly and you noticed his tone yet lean body glistening with sweat. You swore you already saw heaven just by looking at him but when the light hit him perfectly, you noticed all the scars he had all over his body. Your heart was yearning for him while your pussy wanted his cock, you were very conflicted of how to take this. The scars he had look deep but you were taken out of your haze when you heard him moaning. 

He was just in his boxers having his hand playing with his cock. You could see him slowly stroking it through the fabric and your body was going to lose it. When you notice the bulge growing bigger, you let out a soft moan just imaging it plunging inside you. “Do you want my cock baby? Does your pussy want to feel how my cock slowly stretches you out?” He was tilting his head back a little moaning in pleasure with just his own hand. He grabbed the hem of his boxers and slowly pulled it down and you noticed his pre cum on his v-line and another moaned escaped from your mouth. You were losing control you needed to touch yourself, to relieve yourself from the pleasure he was making build up inside of you. He kept lowering his boxers till his whole cock sprung out. 

“Holy fuck” you whimpered impressed with his length. You were like a dog panting for its treat. He kept stroking himself and the room was starting to fill with pleasured moans and pants. You envied him of how he can have his release. “Fuck (y/n) go faster baby please” he started to stroke his length even faster and you swore to the lord almighty you were going to fucking lose it if he continue talking the way he is. “(y/n) please, fuck please make me feel good, tease me baby please” and he started to slow down and only rub his tip gently. The moans coming out of your mouth was unintentional but the growing pit in your stomach was becoming too much. He noticed you closing your eyes and how your skin was flushed with just a hint of pink everywhere on your body. Your nipples were erect and ready to be sucked on. 

His cock was already twitching and you knew he was going to cum and you were waiting for his v line and abs to glisten with his seed. You were just imagine how good his skin mixed with seed will taste. However, your dream was shattered when he stopped his own orgasm to walk slowly towards you with his erect cock. God he looked beautiful. He kneeled down infront of you biting your inner thighs harshly and you let out a sharp shriek.

 “(Y/N) IS THAT YOU!!! WHERE ARE YOU !!!!?? WE ARE GOING TO LIGHT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE SOON AND THEN THERE WILL BE FIREWORKS HURRY UP LETS GO ILL WAIT FOR YOU BY THE TREE” you heard Saeyoung screamed but thankfully he ran off not wanting to miss the fireworks. 

 Your mind was brought back to reality when you felt hot kisses being trailed up your inner thighs. “ I wish you a merry christmas” he sang while kissing your inner thigh, giving it one big lick “I wish you a merry christmas” and he slid his tongue all the way to your pussy lips “And a haaappyyy new” he licked your panties and you felt the tip of his tongue play with your clit through the cloth. “Hahahahaaaha” you looked down at him and notice his sunset eyes turn darker. 

“Let the games begin”