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@slimehater‘s sketch request- idk if this counts but it’s the idea I had haha
Rimmer, master of persuasion, is not gay (apparently)

How many times do you think Bruce used the “you’re fired” card when he was arguing with Dick? Like maybe the first 3 times Dick actually got hurt and left Bruce, but by the 4th time Dick’s like “lol okay” or “stop using that as an argument, its not”. 

It gets to the point where everyone knows that’s just Bruce’s way of finishing arguments, but of course now no one believes him and they even make fun of him. When he’s arguing with Jason he gets close to saying it but Jason just snorts and keeps the argument going. 

When the bat kids fight around Bruce, he hears things like “shut up Drake, or I’ll fire you!” and the classic “that’s IT YOU’RE FIRED!” “NOT IF I FIRE YOU FIRST” 

He’s just so tired, his kids are little shits. 

I want you to stay (Newt x Reader)

Newt x Reader oneshot

Summary : The reader is worried about no longer being able to travel with Newt when she finds out he is self conscious about his scars. 

Word Count : 2103

Warnings : Fluff and little angst :) 

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Time is a funny thing. No matter what happens in the world, time ticks on. You can break every clock to have ever existed and time itself would be unharmed. It plays by its own rules, unforgiving and merciless to your pleas for it to stop and come to a standstill.

The afternoon breeze blew into your face, as cold and as brutal as the waves which crashed into the front of the ship just beneath you. You could taste the salt which hung in the air, yet you didn’t mind it so much. In fact, you enjoyed the reminder of how you were still here when you expected yourself to be anywhere but because time was running out, and no force on Earth could stop it.

Newt’s manuscript was almost finished and only a couple of finishing touches, by you, needed to be added. For years, you had travelled with Newt acting as an assistant and editor both. You found the creatures fascinating and, as years went by, you slowly began to find that Newt was even more interesting.

Shaking your head out from your thoughts you sighed, if Queenie was here she would be sending you that look, half amused yet half pitying. “Just talk to him, hon’.” She’d whisper to you occasionally in passing on those times where she caught you completely immersed in your own thoughts, usually whilst in his presence.

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alec: i got the juice™

aline: spill it

alec: i have now the power to declare that my previous heterostraight brother is no longer part of the heterostraights

raj: heterostraight im

aline: was he ever

aline: wait scratch that he kissed his own sister,,, you cant get any more heterostraight than that

raj: how can you outgay such heterostraightness tho

alec: im glad you asked

aline: omg

raj: did u catch him frenching the High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane? Cause that’s natural even the straightest man would fall for such glittery glory

aline: if you look thirst in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of raj

raj: stfu. @alec when will you finish typing omg

aline: its going to be gay, just wait

alec: so, you know how that weirdo vampire who’s bff with Orange Is the New Shadowhunter girl? hes living with my Man (who is Magnus Bane, so please @raj back off) so everytime i go i have to see him,, and he never stops talking n shit, but he told me something v v interesting about the Big Vampire Boss and how he got a hold of Jace so i was??? mm?? my brotheR?? why is he friendly with not one but two (2) vampires?? but i left it because i dont look for the drama, i wait for it and im walking back in the Institute and I see??? raphAEL SantiaBEGONE and MY BROTHER?? standing IN CLOSE PROXIMITY and Talking without arguing?? and im ready to march over and find out if we are in the upside world or smth but thE SPOTTED JACE???? KISSES?? RAPJAEL??? ON THE CHEEK??? AND SAYS??? “TELL SIMON I PROMISE I’LL SEE HIM TOMORROW???” 

alec: and this is the story of how my brother has been dating Raphael and Simon behind my back

aline: I C O N I C ™


aline: hold up, i thought you and magnus hadn’t started the dating thing yet, what were you doing there?

raj: OH SHIT

raj left the chat

alec: that snake



alec left the chat

“I’m rich. So expensive”

I wish BigHit would adopt this hair style for Yoongi instead of the same hair cut he’s had since I NEED U era. *suga shrug* へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ

Okay so heres the story about meeting Aleks!!;

So i came up to him at the table right and i was like hey Aleks and hes like hey how are you (btw hes so fuckin polite its concerning) and i was like good whatever blah blah and i asked him to sign my poster and for a photo. While he was signing my poster i told him that he stopped me from making a lot of bad decisions in my life and that i’m very thankful and when i was saying this he stopped signing and he was just looking into my fuckin eyes and i was SO shakey i really didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable but when i finished he just didnt respond for a minute and was just looking at me (and at this point im like fuKC I FUCKED UP HES PROBABLY LIKE WTF) but then he goes “im so happy that i stopped you from doing the really shitty things but sometimes you gotta do the kinda shitty things to be happy” and i cried.

Life of Reading

You know that feeling you get after reading an amazing, emotional, heart stopping, complete with an extremely bitter sweet, soul torturing book? The one that broke your heart after you’ve closed the back cover, but you’re happy that its over only because of how utterly destroyed that book made you? The kind where years from now when you think about rereading it just because of how brilliant it was, you can’t even look at it because you know the secrets and betrayals and the love that was so electrifying that you will never be the same person after you finished this adventure. You still want to find something that makes you feel as strongly as the one you just lived through. And then you wish that you could erase the memory just to read it again,but those feelings are just too important to let go of. You just want to be able to experience such an incredible and adventurous life for the first time again. This is the feeling that I will forever be grateful at having been allowed to feel all because of an author that could write such an amazing life wanted to share with the world.

also this is unrelated to everything but stop calling jack stupid for missing something in a playthrough like you realise it’s possible to kindly point it out without being an asshole yes?? Just because he doesn’t automatically know where everything is and how to work everything doesn’t mean he’s stupid, and you’re not smarter than average because you finished a level faster than he did or whatever. They’re video games, chill. come talk to me about how stupid he is when y'all build your own computers or know as much about music as he does ok like he’s actually super fucking smart this isn’t even me being too nice or w/e like the dude knows his shit and just cause he missed a gun in one episode of a game doesn’t mean he’s slow, now shush and let my son enjoy games and have fun, you know, like you’re SUPPOSED TO


“What do I do, Mother?” Loki asks, shaking his head in desperation. “Mood swings, tears, shouts, cries. And she won’t stop cleaning!”

Frigga just laughs. “You’ll be fine, my love. Y/N is just getting near her time, she’s nesting. When is she due?”

Loki sighs. “Before the Earth’s moon finishes its cycle.”

His mother titters. “Any day now then.” Loki glares at Frigga, who just laughs again. “This is my first grandchild, Loki. Not to mention, the first royal child between an Asgardian and a Midgardian. I’m allowed to be excited.”

“Don’t you mean a Midgardian and a Jotun?” Loki mutters snidely.

Frigga frowns a little, but continues. “Support Y/N. She needs you now, more than ever. Everything is about to change for you, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without that little baby of yours. Trust me.”

Fun Fact: I simply found this picture in my archives one day; I had completely forgotten about its existence. I don’t even remember when I drew it, although the file says it was created on the 5th of May. I am spooked because never before has a finished image like this been completely wiped from my memory as this has done, and I’m lucky to have stumbled upon it because otherwise it would have disappeared into the recesses of existence.

So here y’all go. A hidden Chara of strange origins; stop being so freaky child jeezles.

gingertearjerker  asked:

magnus sings to himself while working, and they're always like. either obnoxiously overplayed songs, or old, /old/ work songs that everyone knows but no one knows how they know them. taako always finds it charming at first, but much less charming after magnus finishes working, and he's still mumbling it to himself even though magnus stopped singing it 4 hours ago. (?)

I have a bunch of good taagnus asks that ive just been hoarding for when im in The Badmoods so im just gonna post em bc its valentines day??? the perfect time for some good taagnus????

bless all yall who sent me these


Owari no Seraph x Tokyo Ghoul

Mika is part Ghoul while Yuu is a Ghoul Investigator

Have some non chibi crossovers. Ehehe….^^; This was fun…Anyways comic looking page pose was from Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 136: Concealed Prison. The one scene with Kaneki and Hide. I will say no more or else it might be spoilers to someone else. 

Soooo let me do a brain dump here on what was on my mind while working on this AU! And if you don’t want to read it you can skip it (and miss out on it) and check out my other crossovers! (in their chibi form! *squishes their cheeks*)

Other Crossovers:  
Neon Genesis Evangelion | Kagepro |  Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! | Attack on Titan

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a gift to say thank you to one of the best friends i could ever wish for: elsian <3

i’ve had a really tough time these past few months when it’s come to drawing and life and believing in myself, and not once has my personal cheerleader failed to do everything to try and keep me going - even when i’m being difficult and positivity seems like it’s on the top of a mountain. it’s easier when someone is giving you a boost.

I stopped working on the Innocence VA notes when I had only the past lives left (well, if you disregard the world building-ish stuff from the very beginning of the script that I also want to translate) and I’m just man, I should get back on that; at least finish it up so there’s not just one stinking part left incomplete.

…But those translations are so much trickier than the dumb, short, fun ones.

based off xx

He’s been working all day, and now his hands are covered in paint and all he does is lie down, listening to the track on his record player finish, stop, restart from the beginning. Angel is ecstatic when his lover rests next to him, softly turning to look. Wordlessly, he presses a kiss to the other’s lips, soft and hesitant as ever.